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									                                                  Whether you are enjoying a Saturday
   May to July 2007                               lunch with family in the garden, watching
                                                  your favourite sport in one of our cities
                                                  stadiums, or visiting your favourite birding
  Mei tot Julie 2007                              site, please count the birds you see
                                                  during any time of the day and submit
                                                  your bird list.
From the Programme                                Our bird club is serious about making this
   Co-ordinator                                   event a long-term success. Accordingly
                                                  four official outings are planned on this
“Never in the history of ornithology has a
                                                  I am inviting every birder and bird club,
technological revolution occurred with
                                                  who happens to be in the Gauteng region
such lightning speed and profound impact                     st
                                                  on the 21 of July 2007, to join us in
as the arrival of the digital camera.
                                                  making this event a huge success and the
“Birdwatcher’s      Guide      to   Digital
                                                  beginning of a summer and winter
Photography”, David Tipling, 2006.
                                                  provincial annual social event.
I hope to see you all at the Digital Bird
Photography course held from the 11 to
   th                                             “The observation of birds may be a
13 of May.
                                                  superstition, a tradition, an art, a science,
                                                  a pleasure, a hobby, or a bore; this
                                                  depends entirely on the nature of the
“Man has always been aware of birds,              observer.”Watching         Birds”,    James
and they still supply material and
                                                  Fisher, 1941.
inspiration for recreational, intellectual,
and scientific pursuits, as well as fresh
                                                  One cannot please everyone all the time,
eggs for breakfast. “Ornithology: an
                                                  but great effort is made to visit new,
Introduction”, Austin L. Rand, 1974.
                                                  unexplored venues and venues suitable
                                                  for    the    ostrich-watcher,    novice,
Join us for an early morning walk at
                                                  intermediate and experienced birder.
Austin Roberts‟ Bird Sanctuary and
thereafter a breakfast at the Blue Crane
                                                  Please note that this programme is
                                                  available on the website:

The Gauteng 100 km Birding Census is
different to Birding Big Day, in that teams
                                                  I enjoyed putting this program as set out
do not compete directly with one another,
                                                  below together and hope to share some
but collectively try to see as many species
                                                  great birding venues with you. I trust you
as possible within 24 hours within a 100
                                                  enjoy the outings; evening meetings and
km radius from Church Square, Pretoria.
                                                  events arranged.
Please come and participate. It is easy
and great fun. All you need to do is select                Peter Wilgenbus
any area where you want to bird for any
part of the day.                        

          Bird Ringing                           Special Events & Courses
          Voëlberinging                           Spesiale Geleenthede &
Sat 05 May     Rietvlei Dam NR
Sat 02 June    Pretoria      Botanical         30 Apr – 06 May Sasol BLSA National
               Gardens                                         Bird Week 2007
Sat 07 July    Groenkloof NR                   11 – 13 May     Digital  Bird  Photo-
                                                               graphy Course
         Evening meetings
         Aandbyeenkomste                          Weekend Outings - 2007
                                                  Naweekuitstappies - 2007
Tues 08 May    Margi Brocklehurst:
               Free    Me     Wildlife         15 – 17 Jun         Matongomane Lodge,
               Rehabilitation                                      Barberton
Tues 12 June   Doug Newman:                    13 – 15 Jul         Bosveld       Paradys,
               Bird Vocalisation &                                 Marble Hall
               Call Behaviour                  08 – 12 Aug         Limpopo
Tues 10 July   Chris Patton:                   21 – 24 Sep         Limpopo
               Little Known Birding            19 – 21 Oct         Manketti, Lephalale
               Spots in SANparks               14 – 17 Dec         Swaziland

           Day Outings                         Directions to all venues and useful
          Daguitstappies                       contact details are provided at the end of
                                               this programme.
Tues 01
Sat 05
               Little Eden Resort
               Pretoria      Botanical
                                                             MAY 2007
Sat 12         Faerie Glen NR                  30 Apr – 06 May Sasol BLSA National
Sun 20         Austin Roberts‟ Bird            Bird Week 2007
                                               “March for the Penguins” This is
Sat 26         Walter Sisulu Botanical         nationwide awareness program about
               Gardens                         penguins, marine, shore and water birds.

June                                           The following outing is on the Tuesday, a
Sun 03         Buffelsdrift, Elandsriver       public holiday being Worker‟s Day.
Sat 09         Tswaing Crater
Sat 30         Seringveld                      Tues 01 Little Eden Resort            07:00
                                               Day Outing:        Ernst Retief
July                                           Good bushveld and riverine birding with
Sun 08         Bronkhorstspruit Dam            Striped Pipit and Half-collared Kingfisher.
Sat 21         Gauteng 100 km Bird
               Census                          Braai facilities are available.
Sat 28         CWAC
Sun 29         De Tweedespruit Area            Sat 05 Rietvlei Dam NR
                                               Bird Ringing:   Rihann Geyser

Sat 05 Pretoria BG                07:00            Sun 20 Austin Roberts’ BS          07:00
Morning Outing: Ernst Retief                       Morning Outing: Peter Wilgenbus
The Botanical Gardens present a range of           This bird sanctuary has nine small
interesting birds in a very relaxed                perennial dams attracting a wide variety
environment.                                       of water birds and other birdlife. These
                                                   can be observed from the bird hide, the
Entrance fee of R35 is payable.                    restaurant and on a guided walk.

Tues 08          Free     Me    Wildlife           Join us for a two-hour casual walk in the
                 Rehabilitation                    sanctuary and a sumptuous breakfast at
Margi Brocklehurst is the founder                  the Blue Crane restaurant thereafter. A
member of Free Me Wildlife Rehabilitation          table for 15 people has been reserved.
Centre, since February 1997.                       Costs are R65 pp, including the entrance
She has lived in South Africa for 32 years
and feels more South African than most             Please contact the outing leader before
other South Africans do. She has a                 hand to finalise the number of people.
passion for Southern African wildlife.

           Fri 11 – Sun 13
 Digital Bird Photography Course

Phillip Stapelberg is an avid birder and a
passionate photograher. He is a director
in a birdwatch and photographic travel
and safari company specialising in birding
related tours into Africa and Madagascar.

He regulary talks to bird clubs, where his
gallery of photographs are well received
and admired. Philip received a certificate
award in wildlife “Photographer of the
year in 2005”.

His experience and commonsense tips
will help us taking better photographs of
birds and breaking down the barriers of a
jargon-filled world of digital photography.
                                                   Sat 26 Walter Sisulu BG          07:30
The course includes theoretical lectures           Morning Outing: Leon Kay
on Friday evening, practical lessons on            The Botanical Gardens present good
Saturday morning with feedback in the              highveld birding with Verreaux‟s Eagle
afternoon and an early morning field trip          and Fairy Flycatcher.
on Sunday. Costs are R250 pp for club
members.                                           Entrance fee is payable.
Sat 12 Faerie Glen NR                 07:00        Rigtingaanwysings na alle plekke en
Morning Outing: Stephan Terblanche                 kontakpersoon besonderhede word aan
Bankenveld and mixed woodland species              die einde van hierdie program gegee.
can be seen within the Pretoria city limits.

                                                  macadamia,    pecan    nut    and   riverine
           JUNE 2007                              forests.

Sat 02 Pretoria Botanical Gardens                 The Barberton Bird Club will be joining us
Bird Ringing:   Ernst Retief                      and show us some of their prime birding
Sun 03 Buffelsdrift               07:00
Day Outing:      Faansie Peacock                  Accommodation consists of self-catering
This 430ha bushveld venue lies on the             chalets with double bedrooms and rooms
Elandsriver east of the Rust de Winter            with single beds, all with ensuite
dam and has a bird list in excess of 350          bathrooms. Costs are R450 pp for the
species.                                          weekend.

Braai facilities are available.                   Sat 30 Seringveld                    07:00
                                                  Day Outing:        Dewald Swanepoel
 Sat 09 Tswaing Crater              07:00         Good broad-leaved woodland on sandy
Day Outing:       Dewald Swanepoel                soil with rocky ridges offer easy road-side
This nature reserve is centred on a               birding, including Tinkling Cisticola and
100,000 year old metreorite crater. The           Pretoria Short-toed Rock-thrush.
thornveld, broadleafed woodland and the
salt rich vlei area attract an interesting        Birds do have wings and can fly.
array of bushveld and water birds.                Accordingly, there is no guarantee that
                                                  birds mentioned in this programme will be
Entrance fee is payable.                          seen again at any particular venue.

Tues 12       Bird Vocalisation &
              Call Behaviour                                 JULY 2007
Doug Newman is currently employed as
Membership Manager for Birdlife SA.               Sat 07 Groenkloof NR
                                                  Bird Ringing: Johan Snyman
Bird call recording has always been an
integral part of his birding and he has           Sun 08 Bronkhorstspruit Dam 07:30
been experimenting with recording                 Day Outing:       Pauline Leinberger
techniques for over 15 years.                     Good highveld, grassland and water birds
                                                  with specials, Blue Korhaan and Water
Doug has a very keen interest in the              Thicknee.
science of bird vocalisation and has been
a serious birder for many years.                  An entrance fee is payable.

        Fri 15 – Sun 17                           Tues 10          Little Known Birding
 Matongomane Lodge, Barberton                                      Spots in SANParks
                                                  Chris Patton was born in and went to
Mantogomane Lodge is situated in the              primary school in Northern Ireland. He
valley close to Barberton slightly elevated       emigrated with his family to South Africa
with spectacular views of the Barberton           in 1982.
Mountains bordering Swaziland.
                                                  He has a Masters in environmental and
 This area is excellent bird watching             geographical science from UCT and has
country, which can be seen along a 45             worked for SANParks since 1998, where
minute    walking  trail around   the

he is a project manager in the Tourism
and Business Development Department.                 Useful Contact Details
         Fri 13 – Sun 15                                    Bookings & Enquiries
                                                            Besprekings & Navrae
   Bosveld Paradys, Marble Hall
                                                   Rynetta Coetzee          012-347-8343
                                                   or                      083-235-5871
Bosveld Paradys lies in an area of
excellent mixed bushveld of Acacia and
broadleafed woodland and close to the
Arabie dam.
                                                               Outing Leaders
                                                   André Marx               083-411-7674
There are a number of hiking and game
viewing trails on the property; and for the
more adventurous, there are hills to climb
                                                   Andre van der Walt        012-346-2386
and nearby dams to explore.
Camping and very good accommodation
                                                   Dewald Swanepoel          082-556-1682
consisting of two single beds per room
provides for a great group birding
atmosphere. Full use of all kitchen
                                                   Ernst Retief              072-223-2160
facilities are available, only take along
own bedlinen.
                                                   Faansie Peacock           084-535-1207
We are inviting our satelite bird club in
Groblersdal to join us during the
                                                   Leon Kay              083-277-7693
 Accommodation is R175 pp sharing for
the weekend. Camping is available at
                                                   Stephan Terblanche        083-635-7651
R95 pp for two nights.
Sat 21 Gauteng 100 km Bird Census
                                                   Pauline Leinberger       012-807-6898
Is it possible to collectively see 400 or
more bird species in a 24-hour period
within our region?
                                                   Warren Waterson        012-832-1264
We have arranged four official outings on
this day:
                                                      Spesiale Geleenthede & Kursusse
                                                          Special Events & Courses
Roodeplaat Dam NR        Ernst Retief
                                                   Adele van Vuuren         012-347-7932
Rietvlei Dam NR:     Peter Wilgenbus
Northern Farm:            André Marx
Suikerbos Rand NR: Dewald Swanepoel
                                                                 Bird Ringing
Please forward your bird list electronically
                                                   Chris du Plooy           083-262-7996
by using the Bird Monitoring (PCC)
program (available on the website) to
                                                   Johan Snyman              082-451-3305
Ernst Retief at:
                                                   Rihann Geyser             082-440-7230

Sat 28 CWAC                                       In order for you to plan your annual
The Winter Co-ordinated Water Bird                birding calendar, all weekend outings for
Counts usually takes place on the last            the year are provided.
Saturday of July.
                                                  Kindly diarise the dates for these outings
If you would like to participate or have          and please make your reservations in
access to water areas, which should be            good time, so as to assist the organiser in
covered, please contact Andre van der             finalising the outing programme.
                                                  The committee reserves the right to
Sun 29 De Tweedespruit             07:00          change venues, which may become
Day Outing:        Warren Waterson                unsuitable and therefore cannot accept
De Tweedespruit conservancy falls within          any reservations, or enquiries of any
the Dinokeng area northeast of Pretoria.          camps, until listed in the quarterly
Good road site birding with access to             programme.
various private farms promises an
interesting day of birding.                       Where possible, the fair mix of camping
                                                  and fixed accommodation at reasonable
                                                  prices should appeal to everybody.
  Additional Information
                                                  Full payment is required to confirm your
Bird Ringing
                                                  booking. Payments should be made by
Ringing starts at dawn and usually lasts
                                                  direct transfer or deposit with the
until about midday on the first Saturday of
                                                  reference code given to you by the
each month. The bird-ringing group
                                                  organiser. Do not make arbitrary deposits
invites members to join them for ringing
                                                  or make a deposit without first booking
and new recruits for training.
                                                  with the organiser.
Evening Meetings
                                                  Please birng firewood or charcoal along
Meetings start at 19:00, usually on the
                                                  to every weekend outing.
second Tuesday of each month. Tea is
served afterwards. Please note that all
                                                  Bookings and enquiries should peferably
meetings are held at the Sci-Enza Centre,
                                                  be made via e-mail.
University of Pretoria, Hatfield.
                                                  The BLNG bank account and contact
Morning & Day Outings
                                                  details of committee members appear on
Morning outings end at about 12:00.
                                                  the inside front cover of Laniarius.
Please bring a breakfast basket and
drinks along.                                     Appeal for Birding Venues, Outing
                                                  Leaders, Organisers & Speakers
Day outings last until mid-afternoon.
                                                  We are always looking for new and
Please bring a picnic basket and chairs
                                                  unexplored birding sites.
along. Braai facilities are available at
certain venues. Entrance fees are
                                                  We have a core group of experienced
sometimes payable.
                                                  leaders who are happy to lead outings, so
                                                  even if you can only arrange a venue,
Weekend Camps
                                                  your help will be greatly appreciated. We
Our monthly weekend or long weekend
                                                  would like to invite volunteers to contact
outings cover a wide range of habitats
                                                  us, should you wish to lead an outing.
with a spread of close and distant places.

Almost all venues have dirt roads, which          Braaigeriewe is by party plekke
are accessible with normal sedan                  beskikbaar. Toegangsfooie is soms
vehicles. Birding is often done on foot.          betaalbaar.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
Junior Birders                                    Akkommodasie wissel van basiese
Families are welcome at all outings,              kampering tot redelike luukse akkommo-
although not all venues are suitable for          dasie. Bespreek asb. minstens 4 weke
small children.                                   voor die tyd sodat die organiseerder die
                                                  reëlings betyds kan finaliseer.
Whilst non-members are always welcome             Volle betaling word gevra om besprekings
to attend any event, first preference will        te bevestig. Betaling moet deur direkte
be given to paid-up BLNG members.                 oorplasing of deposito gemaak word met
                                                  die kode wat deur die organiseerder
Administration fees of R20 pp is payable          verskaf sal word. Moet asb. nie betaal
by all non-members attending outings.             voordat u dit met die organiseerder
For weekend outings, an administration            bespreek het nie.
fee of 20% of the camp costs is payable.
                                                  Bring asseblief hout of houtskool saam na
                                                  elke naweekuitstappie.
   Bykomende Inligting
                                                  Besprekings en navrae moet verkieslik
                                                  d.m.v. e-pos geskied.
Voëlberinging begin teen sonop en duur
tot vroegmiddag, gewoonlik die eerste
                                                  Die BLNG bankrekening en kontak-
Saterdag van elke maand.
                                                  besonderhede van komiteelede verskyn
                                                  op die voorste binneblad van Laniarius.
Die voëlberinging-groep nooi lede uit vir
voëlberinging en veral om nuwe lede op            Versoek        vir      Voëlkykplekke,
te lei.                                           Uitstappieleiers, Organiseerders &
                                                  Ons is altyd op soek na nuwe en
Vergaderings    begin     om     19:00,
                                                  onbekende voëllkykplekke.
gewoonlik op die tweede Dinsdag van
elke maand. Tee word na die vergadering
                                                  Ons het „n goeie groep van ervare leiers
                                                  wat graag uitstappies na nuwe plekke sal
                                                  kan lei. Jou hulp om „n plek te kan reël sal
Let asb. daarop dat die vergaderings
                                                  waardeer word.
plaasvind     by    Sci-Enza       Sentrum,
Universiteit van Pretoria, Hatfield.
                                                  Ons wil graag vrywilligers versoek om ons
                                                  te kontak, sou jy self „n uitstappie wil lei.
Oggend & Dag Uitstappies
Oggend-uitstappies eindig teen 12:00.
Bring asb. „n ontbytmandjie en iets om te
                                                  Omtrent al die voëlkykplekke het grond-
drink saam.
                                                  paaie, wat toeganklik is met normale
                                                  sedan motors. Voëlkyk word meestal per
Daguitstappies duur tot laatmiddag.
                                                  voet gedoen. Dra asb. gemaklike
Bring altyd „n piekniekmandjie en ‟n stoel

                                                   Faerie Glen NR
Junior Voëlkykers                                  From the N1-N4 interchange, travel south
Gesinne is altyd welkom by uitstappies,            on the N1 towards Atterbury road. Take
alhoewel nie alle plekke geskik is vir jong        the M11 Atterbury road off ramp and turn
kinders nie.                                       left. Continue past the Menlyn shopping
                                                   centre and turn left into General Louis
Nie-Lede                                           Botha drive. Drive to where the reserve is
Nie-lede is altyd welkom om enige                  sign posted on the right hand side.
geleentheid by te woon. Lede sal
voorkeur geniet, waar beperke aantal               Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
mense toegelaat word.                              From the N1 south, take the N14 west
                                                   towards Krugersdorp and continue for
Administrasie fooie van R20 pp is                  about 41 km. At the Muldersdrift 4-way
betaalbaar vir alle nie-lede, wat                  robot intersection, turn left into R47,
daguitstappies      bywoon.        Vir             Hendrik Potgieter road. Continue for
naweekkampe is die administrasie fooie             about 3,5 km and turn right into Handicap
20% van die kampkostes.                            Street. Continue for about 1,5 km and
                                                   turn right into Malcolm Street. Follow the
                                                   signs to the Botanical Gardens. Total
             Directions                            distance from the N1-N14 interchange is
                                                   approximately 46 km.
Directions to outings are as accurate as
possible. Please consult a map, prior in           Buffelsdrift, Rust de Winter
leaving for any outing.
                                                   Take the N1 north towards Polokwane
                                                   and turn off at the Rust de
Sci-Enza Centre, University of Pretoria
                                                   Winter/Pienaarsriver off ramp. Turn right
From Lynnwood Road turn into the main
                                                   and continue towards the town Rust de
entrance of the university at Roper Street.
                                                   Winter. From the Boekenhoutkloof
Pass through the security entrance, turn
                                                   crossing, drive for 10 km and turn right
left onto the Circle Road which guides             onto a dirt road, sign posted Dave &
you around the campus. This road will              Marie Buffelsdrift. The entrance to the
turn right at the first road leading to the
                                                   reserve is about 1km down the road.
right. Pass the Engineering block and turn
                                                   Distance from the N1-N4 interchange is
right at the corner of the Nature Sciences
                                                   approximately 95 km.
Building and then left at the Mathematics
Building, then right at the Old Agricultural       Pretoria Botanical Gardens
Building. Park around here. The Sci-Enza
                                                   From the N1-N4 interchange, travel east
Centre is the white building on the left.
                                                   on the N4 towards Bronkhorstspruit/
The entrance is around the corner facing
                                                   Witbank. Take the Watermeyer road off
                                                   ramp and turn left. Turn immediately left
                                                   again into Cussonia road. The entrance is
Little Eden Resort
                                                   on the right hand side. Park and meet in
Take the R513 Pretoria/Cullinan road
                                                   the car park area.
towards Cullinan and turn left when
entering Cullinan. Turn right into the first       Austin Roberts’ Bird Sanctuary
road and continue. Having passed the
                                                   At the R21 Fountain Circle, take the
golf course, turn left at the 4-way stop,
                                                   George Storrar road. Travel east and
sign posted KwaMhlanga. Continue for
                                                   cross the Koningin Wilhelmina road. The
13 km and turn left into a dirt road, sign
                                                   road now becomes Middel Street. Turn
posted “Little Eden”. Sign the register.
                                                   left at the Blue Crane restaurant road

sign into Melk road and meet in the car            The entrance road is found on the right
park in front of the restaurant.                   after 14 km, sign posted “Bronkies”.
                                                   Meet just before the low level bridge (not
Tswaing Crater                                     at the entrance). Total distance from
From the N1 north, take the Pyramid off-           Pretoria is about 70 km.
ramp. Turn left and travel west for 6,5 km,
until you reach the T-junction on the old
R101 Pretoria/Warmbaths tar road. Turn
right and travel fro 1,5 km. Turn right onto
                                                   Rigtingaanwysings word so akkuraat as
the Soshanguve road. Continue along this
                                                   moontlik aangegee. Raadpleeg asseblief
road for 12 km, until you reach the T-
                                                   altyd „n padkaart, voordat u „n uitstappie
junction with the Mabopane road. Turn
right and travel for 16 km. Look out for the
Tswaing sign and turn left on the dirt
                                                   Sci-Enza Sentrum, Universiteit van
road, immediately before the small road-
                                                   Pretoria, Hatfield
side shop. Continue for 1,5 km and meet
                                                   Vanaf Lynnwoodweg draai by die
at the entrance gate. The total distance
                                                   hoofingang van die Universiteit van
from Pretoria is approximately 50 km.
                                                   Pretoria, op die hoek van Roper- en Lynn-
Seringveld                                         woodweg. Ry deur die sekuriteitshek en
                                                   draai links op die Ringpad en volg die
From the N1 north, turn off at the
                                                   Ringpad soos dit jou rondom die kampus
Zambezi road offramp. At the robot, turn
                                                   lei. Die Ringpad draai na regs by die
right on the R513 towards Cullinan.
                                                   eerste pad wat na regs lei, volg steeds
Continue through the first set of traffic
                                                   die     Ringpad.      Ry    verby     die
lights and through two four-way stops.
                                                   Ingenieurswese Toringblok en draai na
Continue for 4 km and turn left on the
road signposted “Kameelfontein”. Travel            regs om die hoek van die Natuurweten-
                                                   skappe-gebou en draai dan links by die
for 11 km and turn right onto the gravel
                                                   Wiskunde-gebou. Die pad draai regs om
road Bynespoort road. Meet on the left
                                                   die       hoek      van      die      Ou
hand side of the road at the clump if large
                                                   Landbouwetenskappe-gebou.         Parkeer
trees. Total distance from Pretoria is
                                                   hier. Die Sci-Enza Sentrum is die wit
approximately 20 km.
                                                   gebou aan jou linkerkant. Die ingang is
De Tweedespruit Conservancy                        om die hoek van die gebou aan die
the R513 Pretoria/Cullinan road towards
Cullinan and turn left when entering
                                                   Little Eden Resort
Cullinan. Turn right into the first road and
                                                   Neem die R513 Pretoria/Cullinan pad na
continue. Having passed the golf course,
                                                   Cuillinan. Draai links, wanneer jy Cullinan
turn left at the 4-way stop, sign posted
KwaMhlanga. Continue for 13 km and                 binnekom. Ry verby die golfbaan en draai
                                                   links by die 4-rigting stop, rigting
turn left into a dirt road, sign posted
                                                   KwaMhlanga. Na ongeveer 13 km, draai
“Little Eden”. Wait on the left hand side
                                                   links op die grondpad met die naambord
of the road. We will be traveling from here
                                                   “Little Eden”. Teken die register.
further to De Tweede Spruit.
                                                   Faerie Glen NR
Bronkhorstspruit Dam
                                                   Vanaf die N1-N4 wisselaar, ry suid op die
Take the N4 east to the Bronkhorstspruit/
                                                   N1. Neem die Atterbury afrit en draai links
Delmas/Groblersdal off ramp. Turn right
                                                   op die M11. Ry verby die Menlyn winkel
onto the R42 towards Delmas. Turn left
                                                   sentrum en draai links in Genl. Louis
after 4 km to Delmas, still on the R42.
                                                   Bothastraat. Volg die naamwysers na die

reservaat met      die   ingang   op   die         oor die Warmbadpad, en ry 12 km tot by
regterkant.                                        ‟n T-aansluiting. Draai regs en ry 16 km.
                                                   By die Tswaing/Soutpan teken, net voor
Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens                    jy 'n klein winkeltjie bereik, draai links op
Vanaf die N1 suid, neem die N14 wes na             'n grondpad. Die ingang is 1,5 km verder
Krugersdorp. Na ongeveer 41 km, by die             aan die linkerkant. Totale afstand van
Muldersdrift verkeerslig kruising, draai           Pretoria ongeveer 50 km.
links op die R47 Hendrik Potgieterweg.
Na 3,5 km, draai regs in Handicap straat.          Seringveld
Na 1,5 km draai regs in Malcolm straat en          Vanaf die N1 noord, neem die Zambezi
volg die padwysers na die Botaniese                pad afrit. Draai regs op die R513 rigting
Tuine. Afstand vanaf die N1-N14                    Cullinan. Ry deur die eerste stel
wisselaar is omtrent 46 km.                        verkeersligte en deur twee vierrigting stop
                                                   strate. Ongeveer 6 km verder, draai links
Buffelsdrift, Rust de Winter                       op die Kameelfonteinpad. Ry vir 11 km
Neem die N1 noord na Polokwane en                  en draai regs op die grondpad,
draai af op die Pienaarsrivier/Rust de             Bynespoortpad. Ontmoet by die groot
Winter afrit. Draai regs en ry rigting Rust        bome aan die linkerkant van die pad. Die
de Winter. Vanaf die Boekenhoutkloof               totale afstand van Pretoria is ongeveer 20
kruising ry vir 10 km verder en draai regs         km.
op die grondpad met die naamwyser
Dave & Marie Buffelsdrift. Die ingang is           De Tweedespruit Area
omtrent 1 km verder. Afstand vanaf die             Neem die R513 Pretoria/Cullinan pad na
N1-N4 wisselaar is omtrent 95 km.                  Cuillinan. Draai links, wanneer jy Cullinan
                                                   binnekom. Ry verby die golfbaan en draai
Pretoria Botanical Gardens                         links by die 4-rigting stop, rigting
Vanaf die N1-N4 wisselaar ry oos op die            KwaMhlanga. Na ongeveer 13 km, draai
N4 na Bronkhorstspruit. Neem die                   links op die grondpad met die naambord
Watermeyer weg afrit en draai links. Draai         “Little Eden”. Wag hier op die linkerkant
onmiddelik weer links op Cussonia weg.             van die pad. Ons sal saam van hieraf
Die ingang tot die Botaniese Tuine le op           verder ry na De Tweedespruit.
die regterkant. Parkeer en ontmoet in die
parkeer area.                                      Bronkhorstspruit Dam NR
                                                   Neem die N4 oos na die Bronkhorst-
Austin Roberts’ Bird Sanctuary                     Spruit/Delmas/Groblersdal afrit. Draai
Vanaf die R21 Fonteine sirkel, ry oos op           regs op die R42 na Delmas. Draai links
George Storrar weg. Kruis die Koningin             na Delmas na 4 km, steeds op die R42.
Wilhelmina weg. Die pad word nou Middel            Die pad na die dam is 14 km verder aan
Weg. Ry aan en draai links by the Blue             die regterkant by die Bronkies teken.
Crane restaurant teken in Melk straat.             Ontmoet net voor die laagwaterbrug (nie
Parkeer en wag in die parkeer area voor            by die hek nie). Totale afstand vanaf
die restaurant.                                    Pretoria is ongeveer 70 km.

Tswaing Crater
Ry met die N1 noord en draai links by die
Pyramid afrit.   Ry 6,5 km tot by ‟n
T-aansluiting op die ou R101, Pretoria/
Warmbadpad. Draai regs en ry ongeveer
1,5 km.      Draai weer regs op die
Soshanguve-pad. Volg hierdie pad bo-


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