Hot Work Permit - Feb 06

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					                                  HOT WORK PERMIT

                                        Required For

  all work activities which could generate sparks, flames or heat in a restricted area such as:
        o In a tank farm;
        o Where dangerous goods have been stored;
        o Adjacent to vessels bunkering;
        o Hazardous dust areas; or
        o It could also apply to specified areas which due to its location, may be hazardous.

Organisation of Permit
The Task Supervisor (GPA or Contractor) is to ensure the Hot Work Permit is organised at
least 24 hours prior to the activity.

Risk Assessment
A risk assessment is to be developed by the Task/Site Supervisor for all hot works in specified
areas as indicated above. A copy of the risk assessment is to be attached to the Critical Lift

Permit Issuer
The Hot Work Permit will be issued by the Port Safety Coordinator.

Personnel Involved in the Critical Lift Permit Development
The following personnel; will be involved in the Hot Work Permit development.

        o Task/Site Supervisor;
        o Port Safety Coordinator; and
        o Permit Receiver.

Permit Display
The Hot Work Permit is to be signed where appropriate and held by the Permit Receiver for the
duration of the hot works.

Permit Hand Back
Once the hot works is complete, the permit is to be signed as complete and handed back to the
Port Safety Coordinator for filing.

       For further information, contact Peter Jones, GPA Safety Co-ordinator
                            (08) 9964 0580 or 0409 640 539

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