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									    New & Topical                                                                                                                      Flower Carpet Amber

    SPRING 2009

    Flower Carpet Amber
    The first Flower Carpet rose released in New Zealand in the early 90’s took the country
    by storm, selling in its thousands. Flower Carpet Pink marked the beginning of a
    new era in rose growing. It was tough, flowered for months and didn’t require fussy
    spraying or pruning. Nearly twenty years on, the latest, and haled as the greatest, in
    the Flower Carpet series is Flower Carpet Amber. Amber possesses all the attributes
    of its seven predecessors. But it’s even tougher, more disease resistant and performs
    beautifully throughout the country - even in hot, humid climates. Amber is one of the
    earliest Flower Carpets to flower, producing masses of blooms from early spring until late
    autumn. And with its gorgeous soft colours, ranging from rich golden amber to soft pinky-
    apricot, it’s bound to create a whole new fashion era in the garden. Order now for October delivery.

                                                         Lavender Leigh Series                                  Lavender ‘Pat Leigh’

                                                         Bred in Nelson, this brand new series of lavender
                                                         is ideal for New Zealand conditions and prides
                                                         itself on superior form and performance. The
                                                         first of the series to be released are all Lavandula
                                                         stoechas types with large ‘wings’. Early flowering
                                                         ‘Myrleigh’ has rich, deep purple florets topped
                                                         with very large, soft mauve wings. ‘Vanessa Leigh’
                                                         features striking soft merlot coloured wings over
                                                         rich magenta florets. ‘Pat Leigh’ sports the unique
                                                         colour combination of pale lemon wings against
                                                         soft purple florets. Pale lemon coloured ‘Lemon
                                                         Leigh’ has been bred for the senses with a delicious
                                                         lavender scent infused with a citrus overlay! Turn
                                                         to page 28 for more info on lavenders and watch
                                                         this space in Go Gardening Summer issue for two
                                                         new English lavenders for summer!

4                      spring’09
                                                                                         Scabiosa ‘Sublime’

                                                                                       Scabiosa Sublime
                                                                                       New Scabiosa ‘Sublime’ will stop visitors
                                                                                       in their tracks with its fluorescent lime-green
                                                                                       to yellow foliage, especially when it produces
                                                                                       masses of contrasting pale lilac-blue flowers
                                                                                       over summer. ‘Sublime’ is a great little weed
                                                                                       suppressing groundcover for well drained soil in a
                                                                                       sunny spot and especially good for coastal areas.
                                                         Telopea ‘Wirrimbirra White’

                                                                                       Heuchera Citronelle
Telopea                                                                                Inject a little light into gloomy areas with new
                                                                                       Heuchera ‘Citronelle’. Beautifully scalloped
Wirrimbirra White                                                                      chartreuse foliage responds to heavy shade by
                                                                                       becoming even brighter! Low growing ‘Citronelle’
A cultivar of the stunning red flowered waratah,
Telopea ‘Wirrimbirra White’ produces apple green                                       makes an ideal edging plant, filler for the front of
buds, which open to spectacular creamy-white flower                                    borders, or accent in a mixed container or hanging
heads in spring. Growth form is similar to, but less                                   basket planting. Dainty flower spikes appear in
vigorous than red waratah. Waratahs require well                                       summer. Plant in well composted soil in full to
composted, unfertilised soil with perfect drainage and                                 semi-shade.
plenty of sun. Their flowers are amongst the best cut
flowers, lasting for several weeks in a vase.                 Heuchera ‘Citronelle’

    Serruria The Fairy
    Although not new, this spring is the first
    time Serruria ‘The Fairy’ has been
    available in good numbers – so don’t
    miss out! ‘The Fairy’ grows into a small
    50cm high shrub and produces clusters of
    the most delightful, deep pink, feminine
    flowers in late winter to spring. It requires
    plenty of sun and well composted free
    draining soil in a frost free area.

                                                                                                                       Serruria ‘The Fairy’

                                                                                                                               autumn’09      5
                                                                                                                                                  ‘Great Balls of Fire’

                                                                                      Callistemon Great Balls of Fire
                                                                                      Callistemon ‘Great Balls of Fire’ is a new selection of Australian
                                                                                      bottlebrush sporting flamboyant flamingo-pink new foliage. ‘Great Balls of
                                                                                      Fire’ grows to 1.6m high and wide with a very tight, compact bushy habit.
                                                                                      It is very tolerant of clipping making it ideal as a low to medium hedge or
                                                                                      topiary specimen. Plant in full sun to semi-shade in well drained soil and clip
                                                             Coprosma ‘Plum Hussey’   hard in early spring to prompt a wonderful display of fresh new foliage.

    Coprosma Plum Hussey                                                              Yates Nature’s Way Range
    Brand new Coprosma ‘Plum Hussey’ produces an amazing colour effect                Yates Nature’s Way range has carved a path
    with fresh lime green new growth contrasting with deep plum mature                for gardeners serious about helping
    foliage. Colours intensify in full sun or cold weather. ‘Plum Hussey’ grows       the environment. Smart new
    to a dense 2m x 2m bush with a slightly pendulous growth habit making             packaging reinforces the
    it good for filler or mass planting, hedging or screening and container           importance of this range
    planting. Best planted in full sun and well drained soil.                         for those who prefer nature
                                                                                      friendly solutions. Look for
                                                                                      Yates Nature’s Way range
                                                                                      in these lovely new earthy
                                                                                      coloured containers to solve
          Fruit trees for any garden ...                                              all your gardening problems...
          Urban Gardens

                                                                                        Gevillea Lady O
                                                                                        Grevillea ‘Lady O’ forms an attractive compact mound, 1 – 1.5m high
                                                                                        x 2m wide, with masses of bright red flowers year round in mild districts.
                                                                                        ‘Lady O’ is frost and wind hardy and requires a sunny position with well
                                                                                        drained soil and a light trim annually in spring. It is a great choice for
             Apple tree in pot          Citrus tree in pot      Espalier Quince
                                                                                        exposed banks and as filler planting in shrub borders where it will attract
          Home Orchards                                                                 nectar feeding birds.

                                                                                        Grevillea ‘Lady O’

             Dwarf Pear Tree           Raspberry picking          Citrus tree
          Trees are available from
          Garden Centres nationwide.
          for stockists and more information.

6                        spring’09
                                                                                                             Pittosporum ‘Golfball’ (pvr)
                                                                                                           An exciting new generation of dwarf pittosporum

Haxnicks Grow Tunnels
These fantastic new portable grow tunnels from Haxnicks help                                                     Hebe ‘Black Panther’
establish spring crops faster by protecting them from the extremes.                                          Stunning dark foliage and deep purple flowers
The simple one-piece tunnels open like an accordion - easy to set
up and fold down after use. Tunnel ends open easily to allow vital
air movement. Choose from a fleece, poly or net tunnel depending
on your requirements. All tunnels are 45cm wide x 30cm high x
3m long and are made from UV stabilised materials with rust proof
galvanised steel hoops.

                                     Strawberry Mix
                                     Tui Strawberry Mix contains all the essential nutrients to get
                                     your strawberry plants off to the best possible start. Fast acting       Boronia ‘Blue Waves’ (pvr)
                                                                                                             Stunning new form of the popular red boronia
                                     fertiliser encourages quick establishment and healthy growth after
                                     transplanting. Slow release fertiliser sustains growth and added
                                     potassium promotes flowering and fruiting. Saturaid® re-wetting
                                     granules are also included helping spread water evenly through to
                                     the roots and aiding in water retention during dry summer months.

                                        Apple ‘Blush Babe’

                                                                                                          Leptospermum ‘Merinda’ (pvr)
                                                                                                          Fantastic small shrub with vibrant magenta flowers

    Apple Blush Babe                                                                                            Beautiful Plants for
    New dwarf Apple ‘Blush Babe’ ticks all the                                                                  Beautiful Gardens
    boxes. It produces full sized, well flavoured,
    juicy red apples on a cute dwarf tree, ideal                                                                       Available at your
    for small gardens, containers, potagers and                                                                       Garden Centre now
    clipping into topiary. ‘Blush Babe’ also has high
    natural disease resistance, making it ideal for
    organic gardeners, and is self-fertile. Plant in
    well drained, well composted and fertilised soil
    in a sunny, sheltered position.

                                                                                                                                        spring ’09       7

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