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Horsley & Cecil Park Report

    115 The Crescent Fairfield • PO Box 802 Fairfield 2165      Ph: 9726 4100   Fax: 9724 6115    www.chrisbowen.net

Are we getting                                                                  Chris Bowen
                                                                                writes ...
a doctor soon?                                                                                 There has been
                                                                                               a great response
Chris Bowen provides an update on the
                                                                                               from people in and
campaign for a doctor for Horsley Park.
                                                                                               around Horsley Park
‘We are continuing to work to                                                                  to the petition to
get a doctor in Horsley Park,                                                                  have Herceptin
as well as a pharmacist.’                                                                      placed on the
‘I’ve had discussion with several                                               Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
doctors who have made enquiries
about opening up at Horsley                                                     This drug helps about 25% of women
Park,’ said Chris Bowen.            FLASHBACK                                   who have breast cancer fight the cancer
                                                                                off and can stop it coming back.
A Development Application
was lodged with Fairfield Council                                               At the moment, it is not on the PBS, and
for some new shops in Horsley                                                   women are paying on average $66 000
Park Shopping Centre, which
                                                                                for one year's course of treatment.
would be ideal for a new doctor’s
surgery and chemist.                                                            While on the subject of cancer, it is great
                                       Hopefully we can look forward
Fairfield Council has recently         to some further positive                 to see the Our Lady of Victories Social
given approval for this                developments on this issue soon.         Group organising another ‘Australia’s
Development Application,               It’s been a long wait for the            Biggest Morning Tea’ at Horsley House,
meaning that construction              people of Horsley Park, but we           with the proceeds going to cancer
can start immediately.                 will hopefully see a doctor soon!        research (for more information please
                                                                                see page 4).
  The story so far…                                                             As you can read on this page, our
 6 June 2005: People raise the need for a doctor at Horsley Park with           campaign to get a doctor at Horsley
 Chris Bowen during a Mobile Office at Horsley Park.                            Park continues. I’ll provide you with more
 9 June 2005: Chris writes to everyone in Horsley Park requesting               news on this as it comes to hand.
 them to sign a petition calling on the Federal Government to declare
 the Horsley Park an ‘Area of Workplace Shortage’.                              In early May I attended an Anzac Day
                                                                                commemoration attended by students
 July 2005: The Federal Department of Health writes to Chris letting him
                                                                                from Marion Primary School and Horsley
 know the area has been declared an ‘Area of Workplace Shortage’.
                                                                                Park Public School (see page 6).
 August/September 2005: Chris takes out adverts in the two
 magazines for GPs asking them to consider opening a practice at                As always, if I can be of help with any
 Horsley Park. A number of doctors contact Chris to discuss the option.         matter, please feel free to contact me.
 10 October 2005: Chris presents 631 signatures to Federal
 18 January 2006: A local pharmacist applies for a pharmacy license
 to practice in Horsley Park.
 25 January 2006: DA is lodged with Fairfield Council for new shops
                                                                                Chris Bowen
 including an ideal location for doctor’s surgery.
                                                                                Federal Member for Prospect

                             NEED NEW HEADING
                                                                                       Marie lends
Support breast cancer sufferers:                                                       a hand
                                                                                       For the past three months
Put Herceptin on the PBS                                                               Horsley Park student Marie
                                                                                       Scarfone has been doing
Local MP Chris Bowen is encouraging everyone in Horsley Park and                       work experience in Chris
Cecil Park to support the campaign to give more breast cancer                          Bowen’s office.
sufferers’ access to the drug Herceptin.
                                                                                       ‘I really enjoyed it. It was a great
                                                                                       opportunity to see how our
                                                                                       Federal MP works for us,’
                                                                                       said Marie.

                                                                                       ‘During the time I spent at Chris’
                                                                                       office I certainly learnt a lot about
                                                                                       government and politics.’

                                                                                       WORK EXPERIENCE: Marie
                                                                                       Scarfone recently completed some
                                                                                       work experience in Chris’ office.

PETITION: Chris collecting signatures for the Herceptin campaign.
To date Chris has collected more           (PBS) we are giving those with HER-2
than 25,000 signatures for his             positive breast cancer a much better
                                                                                       kits available
Herceptin petition.                        chance at survival.
                                                                                       Free information kits are
Herceptin is not supplied on the           ‘I would encourage everyone to sign         available on the following areas:
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for         this petition that will then be tabled in   • Pensioners and Seniors;
all stages of breast cancer and incurs     the Federal Parliament,’ said Chris         • Youth issues;
a cost of $66,000 for one year of          Bowen.
                                                                                       • Veterans;
                                           Approximately 20 to 25% of women            • Superannuation; and
Breast cancer is the most common           diagnosed with breast cancer each           • The Environment
cancer amongst women in Australia.         year have HER-2 positive breast
                                           cancer, which is a more aggressive          There is a also information on the
Herceptin has resulted in significant      form of the disease.                        'Do Not Call Register'.
improvements in survival, disease
progression and the quality of life for    Herceptin greatly reduces the risk of       Please phone Chris Bowen’s
women suffering from breast cancer.        breast cancer returning by blocking         office on
                                           HER-2 a protein associated with             9726 4100
‘This is often a matter of life or death   cancer growth.                              to place
and at a cost of $66,000 for one                                                       your order.
year’s treatment of Herceptin, it is an    For a copy of the petition please
almost impossible cost to meet,’           phone Chris Bowen’s office on
Chris Bowen said.                          9726 4100.

By having Herceptin listed on the
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Tassie, teas and tours for
Our Lady of Victories Social Group
The OLOV Social Group and                 greatly appreciated and can be made    We invite the community of Horsley
friends have had an exciting              by contacting either Theresa on 9620   Park and Cecil Park to join us for any
return to 2006.                           1570 or Josephine on 9620 1680.        of our functions and please feel free
                                                                                 to bring along your friends.
In January we had a group travel          We would also like to invite all
to Tasmania for 10 glorious days.         businesses in the Horsley Park and     Thank you to our regular supporters
                                          Cecil Park areas to unite with our     who give us a reason to continue
Then in February 122 members our          community in this worthwhile cause.    with our work.
community and their friends joined
us for a cruise on the Georges River.
This was a wonderful day renewing
friendships and welcoming others
back after the Christmas break. We
were even treated to entertainment
by some of our local talent.

In March we toured Garden Island
including the Naval Museum.

On Thursday 25 May we will hold our
Morning Tea for Cancer Research at
the Horsley Homestead. Last year
was a big success with $5500 being
raised which placed us in 9th position
in the Western Suburbs. A certificate
will be presented to recognise the
efforts of our community at this year’s
morning tea.

Any donations towards our                 OUR LADY OF VICTORIES SOCIAL GROUP: Members of the OLOV
raffle/chocolate wheel would be           Social Group enjoying the cruise along the Georges River in February.

Tribute to the late Bob Stein
This was an extract from Chris            industries in its early years.         thing he cared more about than his
Bowen's speech to the Federal                                                    community was his family: Lorna,
Parliament on 9 February 2006.            In 1981 Bob suggested to Fairfield     Drew, Megan and grandchildren.
                                          City Council that the former council
Today I wish to inform the House of       chambers on Horsley Drive at           Bob Stein was not a passenger
the achievements of Robert Stein.         Smithfield be purchased and turned     in life. He believed in making a
Bob Stein died in January this year       into the Fairfield City Museum and     difference. His life can be an
and in this, the first sitting week of    Gallery. Council wisely accepted       inspiration. His deeds, of course,
the year, I want to inform the House      Bob's suggestion, and the Fairfield    will not die with him; they will live
of Bob's achievements and pay             museum is a wonderful facility that    on. … His legacy will certainly live
tribute to him. Bob was born in           many residents and visitors to the     for as long as his family continues
1928. He was born into a family of        city have utilised …                   his tradition of service. I express my
Smithfield pioneers. Even in 1928                                                sympathy in the House, as I have
his family was one of our area's          In 1991 Bob was declared Fairfield     done privately, to his family. May
long-standing institutions having         Citizen of the Year, an achievement    Bob Stein rest in peace.
been major players in the local wine      that has not fallen to many.
industry, which is now extinct, but                                              For a full copy of the speech
                                          … Bob cared deeply about his           please contact James in the
which was one of our area's major         community. I dare say that the only    office on 9726 4100.

Labor to abolish foreign                                                         Protecting
apprenticeship visas                                                             children from
An incoming Labor Government will        Instead of helping young                Internet porn
abolish the Federal Government's         Australians into work, Mr Howard
foreign apprenticeship visas, which      is making it harder for them by         Many parents have raised
are ruining the job prospects of         encouraging employers to hire           concerns about their children
young Australians.                       foreign apprentices instead.            accessing violent and
                                                                                 pornographic sites on the
The Government brought in the            Coupled with the industrial relations   Internet.
Trade Skills Training Visa (subclass     changes – it is a one-two punch on
471), giving apprenticeships to          wages, conditions and security for      Labor has a plan that all Internet
unskilled migrants, rather than          Australian workers.                     Service Providers (ISPs) must
young Australians.                                                               offer a filtered ‘clean feed’ Internet
                                                                                 service to all homes, schools and
                                                                                 other public Internet points
                                                                                 accessible by children.
Building a stronger community                                                    This ‘clean feed’ system would
with Peace and Community Teams                                                   prevent users from accessing any
                                                                                 content that has been identified
A Labor Government would set up the Australian Peace and                         as prohibited by the Australian
Community Teams (A-PACT) to give young people the opportunity                    Communications and Media
to help build stronger local communities.                                        Authority, including sites
                                                                                 containing child pornography,
A-PACT will also help foster civic       • Literacy, numeracy, and
                                                                                 acts of extreme violence or
pride and good citizenship amongst         computer skills in schools;
                                                                                 cruelty, and X-rated material.
Fairfield’s youth.                       • Vital food supplies, medical care,
                                           and affordable housing delivered      Internet filter software just won’t
‘This initiative would be a great
                                           by international aid agencies;        do! Almost two-thirds of parents
boost to local community groups
                                         • Basic repairs and maintenance of      don’t have Internet filters on their
like Meals on Wheels and St Johns
                                           essential infrastructure;             family computers.
Ambulance,’ Chris Bowen said.
                                         • Conservation and environmental        Research shows that the
A-PACT work could include                  management projects; and              exposure of children and others in
helping with:
                                         • Post Emergency response clean         the community to this sickening
• Basic health care and health             up and redevelopment activities       content can lead to aggression
  awareness campaigns in remote            in regions affected by natural        towards women and child abuse.
  Australian communities;                  disasters.
                                                                                 Last year a Government report
                                                                                 confirmed that the technology to
                                                                                 implement mandatory filtering by
                                                                                 ISPs is feasible. Overseas British
                                                                                 Telecom and Telenor are already
                                                                                 employing this technology.

                                                                                 Labor would also look to put extra
                                                                                 resources into the Net Alert
                                                                                 program to promote Internet
                                                                                 safety and strengthen ties with
                                                                                 international law enforcement to
                                                                                 bring publishers of illegal content
                                                                                 to justice.

MEALS ON WHEELS: Chris with volunteers at Meals on Wheels discussing Labor’s
A-Pact policy.
         COMMUNITY CORNER                                                                   NEWS IN BRIEF
Remembering those                                                                           Saluting their service:
                                                                                            Australian Defence Medal
who saved Australia                                                                         Australia will recognise the service
                                                                                            of current and former Defence
                                                                                            Force personnel in the electorate of
Over 600 local residents met at                Cosgrove, who made time for the
                                                                                            Prospect, with the Australian Defence
St Marys, Fairfield and Smithfield             event on the night before he flew to
                                                                                            Medal (ADM). Eligibility has been
RSLs to honour the heroes of the               North Queensland to head up the relief
                                                                                            extended to those who have:
Kokoda Trail.                                  effort in the aftermath of Cyclone Larry.
They saw the documentary film                                                               • died in service;
                                               ‘It’s important we thank the heroes of
screening - The Men who Saved                                                               • been medically discharged with
                                               Kokoda while they are still with us. The
Australia - by ABC Four Corners                                                               a compensatory impairment at
                                               legend of Kokoda is one that needs to
journalist Chris Masters.At St Marys                                                          the time of their discharge,
                                               be taught to current generations,’ said
RSL we were joined by General Peter                                                           rendering them unable to serve
                                               Chris Bowen.
                                                                                              the minimum qualifying period; or
                                                                                            • due to some Defence workplace
                                                                                              enlistment policies of the time,
                                                                                              were unable to serve the minimum
                                                                                              qualifying period.

                                                                                            Application forms are available at
                                                                                            www.defence.gov.au or from
                                                                                            Chris’ office on 9726 4100.

                                                                                            Parliament on ABC 630AM
                                                                                            ABC NewsRadio – Sydney
                                                                                            630AM – broadcasts live
                                                                                            proceedings from Federal
GENERAL COSGROVE VISIT: Chris Bowen MP with General Peter Cosgrove,
                                                                                            Parliament. This gives Australians
Chifley MP Roger Price, and President of St Marys RSL Sub-branch Paul Martyn-Jones.
                                                                                            the opportunity to obtain a unique
                                                                                            insight into the policy decisions
                                                                                            that affect their country and lives.
  Chris in Canberra                                                                         You can listen live to NewsRadio at
  These are the speeches that Chris has made    • Trade Practices Amendment (National       Sydney 630AM or on the Internet
  since the last Horsley-Cecil Park Report:       Access Regime) Bill – 8 Dec 2005          at www.abc.net.au/newsradio
  • Fairfield Community Aid – 10 May 2006       • Economy Trade Performance – 5 Dec 2005    2006 Parliament sitting days:
  • Export Market Development Grants            • Welfare reform – 1 Dec 2005
     – 10 May 2006                              • Mr Robert Gerard (Reserve Bank Board) –
                                                                                            22-25, 29-1 June      House of Reps
  • Electoral and Referendum Amendment Bill       1 Dec 2005
     – 29 March 2006                            • Reserve Bank Board – 30 Nov 2005          June
  • Cancer Australia and Herceptin              • Human Rights – Falun Gong –               13-15, 19-22          Both Houses
     – 28 March 2006                              30 Nov 2005                               August
  • Prime Minister's Visit to Vietnam           • Battle for Australia (Smithfield RSL) –   8-10, 14-17           Both Houses
     – 1 March 2006                               28 Nov 2005
  • Millennium Development Goals                • Motion on Notice (Petrol Prices) –
                                                                                            4-7, 11-14            Both Houses
     – 27 February 2006                           28 Nov 2005
  • Taxation – 27 February 2006                 • Research and Development –                October
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration              10 Nov 2005
                                                                                            9-12, 16-19           Both Houses
                                                                                            30-2 November         House of Reps
     Amendment Bill – 15 Feb 2006               • Work Choice Bill – 3 Nov 2005
  • Tribute to Bob Stein – 9 Feb 2006           If you would like copies of any Chris’      November 6-9          Senate
  • Student Assistance Bill – 9 Feb 2006        speeches in Parliament please phone         27-30                 Both Houses
  • Future Fund Bill – 7 Feb 2006               his office on 9726 4100 and they can
  • Human Rights in Iraq – 8 Dec 2005           be posted to you.                           4-7                   Both Houses
Local schools mark Anzac Day                                                         Refurbishing Marion
Horsley Park Public School and            most important day in our calendar,’
                                                                                     Primary School
Marion Catholic Primary School            Chris said.                                During Term 1 four classrooms
had a joint ceremony to mark                                                         at Marion Catholic Primary School
Anzac Day.                                ‘As always, the students at both           in Horsley Park were enlarged
                                          schools conducted themselves with          and refurbished.
‘I was pleased to be able to attend       great dignity, and it was a ceremony
the event and it great to see the two     that would make our diggers proud.’        These were the original classrooms
schools coming together to mark this                                                 built in 1986 when architects and
                                                                                     school planners appeared to believe
                                                                                     that small children needed small

                                                                                     The Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and
                                                                                     Year 3 classrooms have been enlarged
                                                                                     from 56 square metres to 88 square

                                                                                     Other improvements include:
                                                                                     • New wet areas added;
                                                                                     • Glassed withdrawal area for each
                                                                                       pair of classroom;
                                                                                     • Old ‘mission brown’ exposed
                                                                                       beams painted in a primary colour;
                                                                                     • New carpet laid;
                                                                                     • Colourful noticeboards installed; and
COMMEMORATING ANZAC DAY: Marion Primary and Horsley Park Public
School’s commemorate Anzac Day. Back Row from left to right: Mrs Helen Klein,        • Weather affected timber skylights
Fr Mario Zammit, Chris Bowen MP, Mr Mark Greentree, Mr Max Plant.                      replaced with aluminium framed
Front Row from left to right: Jana Zabakly, Michael Vassallo, Tommas Marasco,          glass.
Taylah Hancock.
                                                                                     Each group of students only spent a
                                                                                     week out of their room while the
                                                                                     builders completed the painting and
Vicki carries Games baton                                                            carpeting. At the same time Years 4,
                                                                                     5 and 6 classrooms were also
Vicki Fontana was chosen to carry         as she and her family deal with the        repainted and recarpeted.
the Queens Baton in the lead-up           recurrence of breast cancer.’
                                                                                     The next stage in the School’s
to the Commonwealth Games for
                                          ‘I know it was a special experience for    improvement plan is a new
her contributions over the years
                                          Vicki, her family and supporters, and I    Administration Block.
to Club Marconi, Italian Seniors
and the Fairfield communities.            wish her well for this personal battle.’
                                                                                     For most of the school’s 24 year life
                                                                                     the staff room and administration
On 25 January, a day she will never
                                                                                     offices have been housed in a red
forget, Vicki carried the Baton along
                                                                                     brick house that was once the
Neil Street, Merrylands to thunderous
                                                                                     presbytery for the Parish Priest at
applause from hundreds of supporters
                                                                                     Horsley Park. Work on this new
from the Italian Seniors Club and
                                                                                     building is expected to begin soon.
Ladies Auxiliary.

Local MP Chris Bowen congratulated
Vicki on her achievements.

‘It was an honour to nominate Vicki
to carry the baton and be present
watching her carry it with such pride,’
Chris Bowen said.
                                          PASSING THE BATON: Chris with
‘Vicki’s determination to carry the       local Commonwealth Games Baton             BIGGER: One of the new classrooms.
baton was made all the more special       Relay carrier Vicki Fontana.

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