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Magical Memories of the Great Lakes Medieval Faire

                                 Through a Child’s Eyes

“Are we there yet?”

Finally! It seems like we‟ve been in this car for days… Wand,.. tiara,.. tutu,.. I‟m ready to
go. WHOA! Is that a real castle? It is? Coool. Our backyard isn‟t this pretty. Wow…
is that the Queen? She‟s gorgeous. Maid Marion wants me to help find Robin Hood?
But I‟m only 6…
Ooh! Fairy wings! Are these real? They are? I like the pink ones, they‟re sparkly.
Really Mom? I can have „em?

I‟m hungry. Ooh, cool fries. Waffle fries, haha that‟s funny. That girl thinks I‟m a
Princess! She curtsied to me! My name? Sarah. Dad! Did you hear that? She called
me Princess Sarah!

Gotta tie my shoe. I can tie my own shoes. Let‟s ride that spinny thing! The Crows
Nest? Yeah, that one. Wow. These guys are strong.

Joust? What‟s that? Mom they‟re gonna crash! Whew, that was a close one.

Can we go to the Fairie Forest? Please Mom? Can we, please? Yay! Look! It‟s Peter

…Do you remember the Days of Old? Yeah, so do we…

                     July 5-6: A Mid-Summer Knight’s Dream
        July 12-13: A Medieval Fantasy: Fairies, Unicorns and Men of Steel!
          July 19-20: Celtic Celebration: Pipes, Drums and Shenanigans!
        July 26-27: Pirate Invasion: Pirates, Vikings and Warlords! Oh My!
               August 2-3: Roman Holiday: Wine, Romans & Togas!
                        August 9-10: Barbarian Beer Blast!

                            You Can‟t See it All in One Day!
                            Don‟t Travel Far, Travel in Tyme!

The 16th Annual Great Lakes Medieval Faire produced by Phoenix Productions takes place
tickets and more information can be found at or call 440-474-4280
Saturdays and Sundays July 5th through August 10th. Located at the Medieval Fairgrounds
just 7 miles south of I-90 on State Route 534 at the Geneva, Ohio Exit #218. Gate Admission
is $19.95 for adults, $5.95 for children ages 5 ñ 12 and those 4 and under are admitted free.
Advance discount tickets and more information can be found at or
call 440-474-4280.

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