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					                                      Fact Sheet

                                    Hair Styles
                                        By Tar Gel

When using shampoos and conditioners for hair mix them up a bit. For example, if
your hair is chemically treated use a conditioning shampoo and a normal conditioner
so you so you don’t weigh your hair down.

Drying and straightening- always use and dry small meshes and sections of hair when
styling, it make your hair easy to handle of manage. Usually starting from the nape or
bottom of the neck and working your way up to the top.

Colouring- When lightening dark hair remember that lightening crème will lighten in
stages or layers from red to orange-copper/gold and then blonde before the hair turns
to jelly if the colour has been on too long.

Adding colour- never put very dark colours on the hair before filling it with the correct
undertone first or your hair will turn green or have a kaki look to it.

Adding soft strips of colour can be very attractive for instance a nice violet in blonde
hair can give an illusion of thicker hair.

If hair is thin and blonde colour the under layer of hair from the top of the ears to the
nape in a darker colour and it will create the illusion of thicker hair.

Always take a picture of the style you have chosen or like to the hairdresser to
communicate exactly what you want and then there is less room for error or
disappointment. Ask what is required to achieve the hair style that you want when
you are at home.

When pinning your hair up with bobby pins overlap them and place them in an X
position in the hair and they will stay in for hours. Do not tie elastic bands too tightly
in the hair as they will cause breakage.

If you have green hair after swimming? After shampooing and conditioning balance
the effects of chlorine by mixing cranberry juice with water and rinsing your hair with

The quickest trick to shiny hair after washing and conditioning, give the hair a rinse
with cold water. The temperature will close the cuticle of the hair making it flat and

If your hair is dry and unmanageable and you have no leave in conditioner try putting
your normal conditioner from the shower in a water spray and add water. Give it a
good shake and spray it in your hair.

Dry or style your hair before you apply makeup

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