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Hair removal.
All those hours plucking, lathering and shaving
or dreading your next wax are a waste.
We hate to break it to you, but you are often          Wendy Gilbert-Grey, the oWner of hairstop.
just as hairy a few days later. Permanent hair
reduction isn’t just for Hollywood starlets or elite
athletes anymore. It’s simple, affordable – and if
you choose the right team – it really works.
   “The real difference is this - at Hairstop our
results are guaranteed,” says hair removal
specialist Wendy Gilbert-Grey.
   It’s hard to imagine anyone more qualified to
make that claim. With 15 years of experience
behind her, and a wall
packed with international accreditation and
commendations, Wendy was trained to rigorous
US standards as an
electrologist and cosmetologist. In other words,
she is seriously focused on your follicles, and has
the expertise to solve your hair problems –
   You might have been promised permanent
results before, but Hairstop is the unrivalled
leader in the field, with the confidence to assure
you of the outcome. The difference? Well, we all
know technology goes out of date as quickly as it
is released (just ask anyone who is still lugging
around an early iPod or chunky mobile phone!),
so a lot of operators out there are putting
untrained staff to work on out of date equipment
– meaning patchy, imprecise results at best – and
pain and scarring at worst.
   At Hairstop Wendy has invested in state-of-
the-art equipment and is devoted to training
herself and her staff, so they’re constantly on top
of new advances. Only the latest technology , the      patient UnderGoinG hair remoVal treatment
most advanced hair removal system to date, is
used. The team are also trained in other methods
of hair removal and can develop the best plan for
you depending on your hair type, colouring and
the area to be treated.
   Conveniently located in Edgecliff, in Sydney’s
eastern suburbs, Hairstop combines world-class
technology with true professionals at the helm,
giving you a guaranteed recipe for achieving
flawless, hair-free skin!

For more information.
hairstop Clinic
2/201 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW.
(02) 9362 8399


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