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In Loving Memory of by fjhuangjun


									In Loving Memory of

Sr. Mary Cecile Deken, O.S.B.

October 19, 1927

February 1, 2009

“We are called to holiness in every vocation, and each vocation is
holy and good. But I want people to know that religious life can
bring great happiness and great fulfillment, and marvelous
opportunities for personal growth. It’s a way of life that can give
you all of that . . IF that is what God is calling you to. We must pray
for God’s guidance.”
                                                       Sr. Mary Cecile
                     Our Saint
           Sr. Mary Cecile was the epitome
            Of all God intended us to be.
          Ever humble and willing to serve
         She gave of her life without reserve.
RCIA, hospital visits, organist, CRHP, Faith Formation,
        Yet never too busy to stop and listen.
       When life shattered once joyous hearts
 She gave comfort and helped them make a new start.
      She did not shun work that had to be done,
      Although it was not in her job description,
     But joyously performed the most menial task
      As if the Lord Himself had lovingly asked.
     It was always inspiring to hear the pleasure
She got from working our Festival’s Hidden Treasure.
      When spending time with this beloved nun
      You had the feeling you were the only one.
    We have our very own saint now, Mary Cecile,
                 TO BE OUR MODEL
  And help us face life’s challenges, imagined or real.

                  Hilda Buck 3/2/09
Evening found little Thomas sad and jaded.
His faith in what adults told him had faded.
His best friend said, “You’re not very bright
If you believe in a fairy tale or sprite.”
What was said about the Easter Bunny & Santa Claus
Shook his tiny world and made him stop and pause.
So, to his father he went to get answers clear
To those childhood beliefs he held so dear.

“In church, Father talks about saints with such zeal.
Tell me, Dad, do they exist? Are saints real?”

The father saw his son was saddened, almost ready to cry
So he thought long and hard before he made his reply.

“Son, saints don’t wear halos; they don’t sprout wings.
They’re ordinary people doing ordinary things.
But they do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
They try to be like Jesus each and every day.”

He paused and realized his explanation had not succeeded
And knew a different approach was needed.

“Son, you ask do saints exist; are they real.
Sit down, boy. Let me tell you about Sister Mary Cecile.”

                        By Larry Weber
It saddens us at St. Lawrence Parish to
   announce the death of Sister Mary
     Cecile Deken, OSB on Sunday
 morning, February 1st. Sister was our
    Director of Religious Education,
Pastoral Associate and self-proclaimed
  “fixture”. We will miss her greatly.
Please keep her, our faith community,
 her family and those she touched by
    her Christian life in your prayers.
Please join us to celebrate the life and
  ministry of Sister Mary Cecile at a
            Memorial Mass
             St. Lawrence
      Monday, February 9, 2009

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