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					                                                                                         "Hope always spreads her
                                                                                        wings in unfathomable seas."
                                                                                                              Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you noticed something different                      FormFitting Offers New Support
about the Wings logo?                                     for Medically Underserved
                                                          By Nancy Daevel
The beautiful winged bird in flight remains. The
wings are still made up of hundreds of feathers and       I remember when my surgeon                mastectomy care items to women
each feather still represents an individual patient, a    removed the b a n d a g e s a s i f i t   who are medically underserved.
family member or caregiver. When those feathers are       w e r e y e s t e r d a y. Mastectomy.    Wigs, hats and scarves will be
overlapped in relationship to one another it makes it     Yes. Breast Cancer. Me. I mourned         available in the Wings Corner
possible for “Wings” to soar. It is the relationships     my loss in those early private            Boutiques. At no charge to the patient.
which give sacred meaning to the name Wings. But          moments. Then I began to move
now you also see a new vibrant teal color, a modern       forward with the help of my team to       Experts feel that the rate of recovery
shape, a decade of hope tag line and the number 10!       heal. I lost a breast. Not my spirit.     and quality of life for patients could
                                                                                                    be impacted by their sense of self.
If you guessed that Wings Cancer Foundation is            Phyllis, a coworker, had been             This program will not only meet
getting ready to mark its 10th Anniversary, you are       diagnosed a short time before.            patients’ needs but is a means of
exactly right!                                            Breast Cancer too. We shared              ongoing support to restore their
                                                          experiences and drew strength from        self-esteem. It will aid in
From its humble but welcomed beginnings in 1996,          each other as we traveled down            reshaping and maintaining
with just two staff members and no volunteers,            similar paths.                            their positive self-image.
Wings has grown to three locations, with over 250                                                   Items that will fit their form
fabulous volunteers, nine contract employees with a       I was fitted for a breast prosthesis      without revealing their loss.
wide array of expertise, and 8 dedicated full time        and mastectomy bra. She was not.
employees serving the entire Memphis and north            She said it didn’t matter, but maybe      I think of Phyllis and how
Mississippi community! In no way could Wings’ Co-         it did.                                   she could have benefited
founders, Sandy Patterson and Brenda Wiseman,                                                       from FormFitting and wish it
have realized the important mission Wings would be        I ordered a cranial prosthesis, or wig,   had been available for her.
fulfilling in 2006.                                       knowing that soon I would need to         Because she did matter. We
                                                          wear one. She did not. Saying that        all do.
Today just like in 1996, Wings and all its staff and      it didn’t matter as she modeled her
volunteers strive to continue offering information,       hot pink cap. Perhaps it did.
compassion and hope to any one touched by cancer.                                                       For more information about our
All of our programs and services are still offered free   Our insurance covered a portion of            FormFitting program and Wings
of charge and there are many individuals,                 the cost for these items, and I could         Corner Boutiques please contact:
corporations, artists and pharmaceutical companies        afford to pay for my designated
we must thank for making our dreams a reality.            share. She could not. Today, there is a        Sally Hensley - East Memphis
                                                          program that would help women like                901.683.0055 ext. 1159
During the next twelve months, Wings will observe         my friend.
this important milestone in many different ways. We                                                        Belinda Rimer - Midtown
look forward to seeing you for many of them. After        FormFitting, a new program through                    901.322.0447 or
all, you are the driving force behind Wings whether       the Wings Cancer Foundation, was
you are a patient, family member, caregiver, or           developed for those in need of                 Latania Gillespie - Southaven
volunteer. We value your ability to face uncertainty      assistance. Funded, in part, by a                     662.996.1083.
and difficult times with great courage. Our hope for      grant from the Memphis PRO, it will
your future as well as Wings’ is that a decade from       provide     vouchers    for   post-
now we will all be together to celebrate 20 years of
friendship and working together.
Wings Cancer Foundation provides hope, education, research & support without charge to anyone touched by cancer.
                                                EAST MEMPHIS - 100 N. Humphreys Blvd., Memphis, TN 38120 - 901.322.2984
                                                     SOUTHAVEN - 7668 Airways Blvd., Southaven, MS 38671 - 662.996.1083
                                                          MIDTOWN - 1588 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 38104 - 901.322.0447

Volume X, Number 1 2006                                                  
Wings Volunteers ~ Flying High                                        Wings volunteers: Visit patients in the hospitals,. Provide clerical
By Gigi Fernandez Lee, Volunteer Coordinator                          and clinical assistance. Bake cookies and other snacks. Call, visit
                                                                      and write to patients and families. Sew, knit, crochet and other
This New Year, Wings Cancer Foundation celebrates its tenth           crafts. Provide music and sing. Collect child friendly toys and
year and for eight of those years, volunteers have been               books. Participate in community events. Invite other people to
instrumental in delivering hope and support to cancer families in     volunteer. Attend volunteer meetings to update their skills.
the Mid South.
                                                                      This tenth anniversary of the Wings Cancer Foundation, the
The focus of the first two years of the volunteer program was on      Wings Volunteers at Humphreys, Midtown and Southaven will
spreading the news that a cancer support network was being            “Reach New Heights.” Through training sessions in various areas,
formed. Through the initiative of Lois Pezdirtz, Brother Livy         they will turn on and tune in to help out!
Cope and eight other patients, this group grew, (and is still
growing) into an organization composed of cancer survivors,           The 2005 Lois Pezdirtz Volunteer Service
caregivers and friends.                                               Award Winner ~ Peggy Evensky!
In order to promote volunteerism in the cancer community, we
adapted the National Volunteer theme, “Inspire by Example”.           Just the mention of her name causes one to smile and think
Volunteers like Mary Kirkland, Eddie Frazier, Sarah Griffin, Jo       uplifting thoughts, and of butterflies, colors, beauty, laughter and
Buck, Juanita Brown, Eileen and Marvin Posner, Pat Simmons,           a contagious joie de vivre!
and Peggy Evensky served as our
community champions for outreach.                                                             Cancer diagnosis transforms many people
Through publications, television, radio                                                       to lead more positive and healthier
and community events they represent                                                           lifestyles. Peggy Evensky's cancer
Wings to inspire other men and women                                                          survivorship enlarged her love of life. In
touched by cancer.                                                                            1999, Peggy signed up to be a volunteer for
                                                                                              the Wings Cancer Foundation. She stated
Volunteers celebrate everyday that they feel                                                  her reason as giving some of her "sense of
good; days that they do not have to have                                                      humor and love of life" with the hope that
cancer treatments, birthdays, anniversaries                                                   another person's cancer journey may be a
and travels near and far. They cherish                                                        little bit easier. In 2000, Peggy became the
milestones of their lives. They also grieve                                                   first chairperson of the Wings Cancer
the loss of other volunteers, the patients                                                    Foundation Board of Directors. In many
that they have come to know, the                                                              ways, Peggy's passion for life and beauty
                                               Gigi Lee & Peggy Evensky, Clinic Volunteer and reflected the Board's accomplishments
recurrences of the disease in themselves              Member of the Board of Directors
and others. Coping successfully with life’s                                                   during her term. The Wings Labyrinth
uncertain turns is a challenge                                                                              Garden opened to anyone in
that volunteers face openly                                                                                 the community, and many
everyday at Wings. “Looking                                                                                 funding opportunities became
into the wolf’s eyes” as one                                                                                available because of Peggy's
caregiver put it. It takes a special                                                                        leadership. She has also hosted
kind of courage to serve in this                                                                            Wings parties in her beautiful
capacity. We currently have                                                                                 home. She truly gives of her
over 100 clinic volunteers, 15                                                                              time, talents and treasure.
hospital     volunteers,       The
Memphis Sewing Guild, a teen                                                                          Virtually everyone would seize
summer volunteer program,                                                                             the opportunity to do
and a partnership with Saint                                                                          something good for someone
Agnes Academy Upper School,                                                                           else, especially for someone in
spanning the ages 10 to 80.                                                                           need. It is the right thing to do.
                                                                                                      But there is only one Peggy
Counting the hours that our                                                                           Evensky whose selfless service
volunteers      give   to    the                                                                      is a thread that weaves through
community is a very simple task.     2005 Volunteers who attended the Volunteer Awards Ceremony &     her very being. Whose love of
Each volunteer clocks in and                 Luncheon held at Brooks Museum in November.              butterflies and laughter add
out whenever he/she reports for                                                                       color to Wednesday afternoons.
“duty”. This year, active volunteers gave a total of 7,090 hours.    Whose joy and unabashed support of cancer survivorship is so
But how does one begin to put a value on holding another contagious. Whose mascara runs every time she hears another
person’s hand in the treatment room? A hug on Chemo story of a life that is touched by Wings.
Graduation Day? Eating a home baked cookie when everything
else is intolerable? Putting on a turban in one’s favorite color Thank you, Peggy, for all you give to Wings. You are a blessing to
without going to an expensive boutique? Hearing a hopeful story us all!
from a volunteer who has sat in the very same chair? A cup of hot For more information about the Wings volunteer program,
tea to warm the body and oftentimes the soul too?                    please call the Volunteer Office at 901 683 0055 Ext. 1215.
We appreciate all of our volunteers who help make our

                                                                                       The Gift of Art
mission a success. Thank you!
     “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

    Board Members                       Jo Buck                  Sharon McGee
   Carole West, Chair             Carolyn Caldwell               Annemie Miller       Spring will be here before we know it and with the
 Jackie Falls, Vice Chair           Regina Carson                    Pat Mogan        beautiful trees and flowers, also comes Mother’s Day
 Virginia Klettner, Sec.           Sheryl Cassibry               Alice Murikan        and Father’s Day. What great reasons to have a
  Dr. R. Louis Adams              Mathew Cherny                   Joan Newman         portrait made!
    Dr. Anita Arnold              Rhonda Church                      Pat Okeon
        Ann Bailey                   Ludy Conrad                   Ginger Parks       Wings has arranged with Jaffe Studio, for you to
     Steve Bearman                Sheila Crenshaw              Jacqueline Parmele     receive a family portrait at a very special price. Best of
        Anise Belz                 Mimi DeMarco              Marvin & Eileen Posner   all, the special price of $200 for either of the following
          Jo Buck                 Rebecca Dorroh                  Shari Reisner       offers is given to Wings Cancer Foundation. You will
      Bob Chandler                   Jenny Dyson                  Mary Rentrop        make your check made payable to Wings Cancer
    Peggy S. Evensky                   Mike Ellis                Shirley Rooker       Foundation and remit it to Jaffe Studio to reserve your
       Susan Faber                  Peggy Evensky                  Jay & Renee
       John Fisher                  Betty Forrester                Schwartzberg
Rabbi Micah Greenstein             Donald Garvey                   Pat Simmons
                                                                                      You may select one offer from the following:
   Jeanette Hollowell                 Wally Ginn                   Louise Sklar
    Jerry Kronenberg                   Jan Ginn                     Joyce Smith
        Ted Okon                   Penny Glatstein                Bonnie Smith
                                                                                      1. 12x12 Fine Art Black and White Family
     Rod Robinson                   Lorita Goforth                Brenda Smith        Relationship Portrait – A true work of art for any
  Gloria Sangster-Fort               Janis Habbaz                  Janice Smith       décor that expresses the render and poignant feelings
  Kay Usdan-Saslawsky              Jo Anna Haines                  Mindy Sorin        in special relationships. Includes design consultation,
     Sharanjit Singh                Doe Hamblen                  Marjorie Stoner      sitting fees, image selection presentation, and one
     Dr. Kurt Tauer               Brenda Hellums                     Jim Sulcer       12x12 inch fine art relationship portrait of your
      Anthony Testa                 Clifton Hollis                Neva Sullivan       family. Relationship portraits are made at Jaffe Studio.
      Julie Wharton                  Sam Holmes                 Aleks Szlachetka      The regular price of this portrait is $499.
Wyvonia Woods Harris                  Anita Hsia                Katherine Tatum
 Steve Coplon -ex-officio           John Hudson                  Marjorie Thorp       2. 11x14 Natural Color Family Portrait – Mr. Jaffe
 Reid Evensky -ex-officio             Wes Jackson              Mary Anne Tipton       will create a stunning masterpiece that will become an
                                     Jane Johnson               Dorothy Trotman       heirloom that is cherished for generations to come.
       Volunteers                    Lida Kennon                     Suzy Voye        Includes design consultation, family session, made
     Charles Allen                Janis Kimbrough                    Jan Vrsek
                                                                                      either in the studio or at the location of your choice
      Sudie Alston                  Mary Kirkland                  Delia Wages
  Rodney Baumgardner                Carol Knodel                   Wilma Walk         (within 40 miles of Memphis), image selection
   Ann Cobb Beach                   Tricia Kulinski                 Mary Webb         presentation, and one 11x14 inch natural color
    Noriko Bellinger                  Ruby Lanier               Harold & Shirley      portrait of your family. The regular price of this
    Joyce Billingsley                 Jean Logan                     Weinman          portrait is $450.
Jim & Carole Blackburn               Nina Manley                   Irene Woods
       Frank Blair                Valerie Matthews               William Yeargin      This offer is available to families photographed during the
   Opal C. Blaylock              Katherine McCann             Dick & Laurel Young     month of May 2006.
     Juanita Brown               Janell McCormick
                                                                                      Please call Jaffe Studio at (901) 682-7501 to schedule
                                                                                      your appointment as soon as possible. Due to the
 Food for Thought                                                                     value and the time sensitive nature of this special offer,
 by Anita Vincent, Wings Nutritionist                                                 appointment times are limited.
 The New Year is a great time to begin eating healthier. Two
 ideas - both found in this simple recipe - can help. Eat more                        This is the perfect reason to have the portrait made
                                                                                      that you have been thinking about (or putting off); at
 vegetables, eat less meat!                                                           a greatly reduced price and best of all, the entire $200
 Baked Pasta Primavera Casserole                                                      is given to the Wings Cancer Foundation to further
 1 (16 oz.) jar pasta sauce (try Prego Organics)                                      our mission of hope, education, research, and
 1 c. shredded mozzarella cheese (about 4 oz.)                                        support, free of charge, to all those touched by
                                                                                      cancer, no matter where they receive their care.
 1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese
 1 bag (16 oz.) frozen Italian-style vegetables, thawed                               “A portrait is a way of feeling, of touching, of
 8 oz. whole grain pasta - ziti or penne - cooked and                                 loving. What you catch in an image is
                                                                                      captured forever…it remembers little things
 (1 extra c. shredded mozzarella cheese for topping)
 Preheat oven to 350. Combine first 5 ingredients in 2 1/2
                                                                                      long after you have forgotten everything.”
                                                                                                           Adapted from quote by Aaron Siskind
 qt. casserole. Top with 1 c. mozzarella cheese. Bake
 uncovered 30 minutes or until heated through.
Ten Tips on Calling It Quits                                         material available from reliable sources such as the American
by Gene Osborne, PhD                                                 Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and the
                                                                     American Heart Association.
If you are a cigarette smoker, making a commitment to quitting
would be the best resolution you could make this new year for        5. Learn about your habit.
your health. The negative health risks associated with cigarette     Before you quit, study your smoking habit for several days. Learn
smoking are well known. It increases our risk for many leading       when your desire to smoke is the highest. Identify situations in
causes of death such as heart disease and cancer; it complicates     which you think it will be most difficult to resist the desire to
the treatment we receive for many other diseases such as high        smoke. The more you understand your smoking habit, the better
blood pressure and diabetes; and it even makes our recovery from     your chances of successfully breaking it.
common illnesses such as colds and flu more difficult than it
would otherwise be.                                                  6. Choose a quit date.
                                                                     Procrastination leads to failure. If you continue to put off picking
What is also well known is that quitting cigarette smoking is one    a quit date, the chances are that you never will. Give yourself
of the most difficult behavioral changes that a human being can      enough time to plan and to use the tips being outlined here, but
undertake. Mark Twain once jokingly remarked that “quitting          the sooner you take action the better your chances for success.
smoking is easy…I’ve done it a thousand times.” Twain’s
comment underscores the addictive nature of nicotine and             7. Set rewards for yourself.
cigarette smoking. Nicotine is considered by many experts to be      Nicotine is a stimulant. Each time you take a puff, your habit is
as addictive as heroin or cocaine. For that reason, many smokers     reinforced by the nicotine dose you receive. If you hope to break
who manage to quit for a brief period of time often end up           that cycle, you must also plan to reward yourself for not smoking.
returning to their habit. The social and psychological aspects of    Improved health may be its own reward at some point in the
the smoking habits make it even more difficult to break.             future, but that is hardly motivation enough when you really want
                                                                     to have a cigarette. Therefore, it is important to set short-term
Despite this difficulty, there is reason for optimism. There are     rewards for yourself. What will you do for yourself for being
good reasons to believe that a resolution to quit smoking is a       smoke free for one day? One week? One month? It is a good
resolution you can keep. However, like many other resolutions,       idea to set up a reward schedule for up to six months. After six
your chances for success will depend directly on the amount of       months, new habits become well-ingrained and have a good
planning you put into your efforts. If used, the ten tips listed     chance for success.
below will help increase your chances for success.
                                                                     8. Develop a support system.
1. Discuss your plan to quit with your doctor.                       Like any difficult task, quitting smoking is hard to accomplish
Your doctor can be your most important ally in your fight to quit.   alone. You should work on developing a support system to help.
He can help you understand the personal benefits of quitting for     As mentioned earlier, your doctor can be an important part of
you. He can also keep you informed about any adjustments that        that support system. Others who are going through the same
might need to be made in medications or other medical                experience can also help. You should also share your plans with
treatment you might be receiving. Most doctors can also provide      family members who can support your efforts. However, be sure
valuable educational materials or refer you to resources that can.   they share your goal. Family members who continue to smoke
Most importantly, your doctor can recommend a quit smoking           themselves may not be the best source of support.
aid that would be best for you.
                                                                     9. Plan for difficult times.
2. Choose a quit smoking aid.                                        From Tip # 5 above, you will learn that your desire to smoke will
Your chances of quitting successfully will be increased if you use   be higher at certain times and in certain situations. The more
some form of quit smoking aid such as nicotine gum, patches, or      you plan for these situations, the better your chances for success.
medications such as Zyban. Which product will work best for you      Sometimes you can plan for these situations by avoiding them.
is dependent on a number of factors. Discuss your situation with     For example, if everyone in your lunch group smokes during your
your doctor to pick an aid that is best for you.                     lunch break, it may be a good idea to make other plans for lunch
                                                                     for a few weeks. Sometimes you can simply plan alternate
3. Take a quit smoking class or join a support group.                activities. If you usually smoke while watching television in the
Even with a smoking aid, you can increase your chances for           evening, for example, plan to have popcorn or other low calorie
success further by enrolling in a quit smoking class or joining a    finger food around as a substitute.
quit smoking support group. Such classes and groups increase
your knowledge about what to expect in the quitting process. You     10. Develop new habits.
can also learn a great deal from others who are going through the    Finally, work on developing new habits to take the place of
same process. Ask your doctor for a referral to one of these         smoking. Concentrate on new habits that are healthy and
classes or groups or call your local hospital for assistance.        incompatible with smoking. Beginning a new exercise program is
                                                                     always a good idea, but start slowly and with your doctor’s advice.
4. Make a list of the benefits of quitting.                          Stress-coping strategies such as relaxation techniques and deep
The more you believe that the pros of quitting outweigh the cons,    breathing exercises are also good ideas.
the more likely you are to take action and to stick to it. Most of
us have knowledge about some of the health benefits of quitting,     Setting a goal to quit smoking as a new year’s resolution is one of
but there may be many other benefits we have not even                the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family in this new
considered. Before you quit, sit down and make a list of the         year. By using the ten tips outlined above, you can increase your
benefits of quitting for you. Talk to your doctor and family         chances of being successful and enjoying many healthy and happy
members to help make your list. If you do not know a lot about       new years in the future.
the consequences of smoking, read some of the free educational

  I see your pain
      And want to banish it
        With the wave of a star,
  But have no star.

  I see your tears
      And want to dry them
        With the hem of an angels gown,
  But have no angel.
                                                                                             Jim and Kathy Watson

  I see your heart fallen to the ground                                         Dear Wings Golf Friends and Supporters,
      And want to return it
        Wrapped in cloths woven of rainbow,                                     Happy New Year! 2006 is here and believe it or
  But have no rainbow.                                                          not May is just around the corner and so is the
                                                                                4th FOURTH ANNUAL WINGS GOLF
  God is the One                                                                SCRAMBLE! We want to thank you for your
                                                                                past support. We are looking forward to seeing
    Who has stars, and angels, and rainbows,
                                                                                you again this year. 2006 is a very special year
  And I am the one                                                              for WINGS – our 10th ANNIVERSARY – and
    God sends to sit beside you                                                 we hope you will be at the scramble to celebrate
       Until the stars come out                                                 with Wings the beginning of another 10 years
          And the angels dry your tears                                         of education, understanding, compassion and
            And your heart is back in place,                                    hope.
               Rainbow blessed.
                                                                                We are deeply grateful to Armstrong
                                  By Ann Weems
                                                                                Relocation/United Van Lines and Jim & Kathy
                                                                                Watson for their contribution as Title Sponsors

        Look Good...Feel Better
                                                                                of the Wings Golf Scramble the past three
                                                                                years. They have graciously agreed to hold that
        For women in cancer treatment. And in charge of their lives.            sponsorship again for 2006. We join the
                                                                                Watson family in grieving the loss of Kathy
                                                                                Watson and Mr. Jim’s sister, Alma Viktor, who
                                   Look Good…Feel Better is a free, non-        both died of cancer this year. Both women
                                   medical, brand-neutral, national public      were an integral part of the golf scramble and
                                   service program founded in 1989 and          we will remember and celebrate their memories
                                   supported by corporate donors to help
                                                                                on Monday, May 15, 2006.
                                   women offset appearance-related changes
                                   from cancer treatment.
                                                                                We hope to see you at the Wings Golf
                                   Cosmetologists give helpful information      Scramble. Join us at our new location –
                                   and tips on dealing with special needs for   COLONIAL          COUNTRY          CLUB      on
                                   skin care and makeup while undergoing        MONDAY, MAY 15, 2006. We will have two
                                   treatment. Each two-hour, hands-on           golf courses to play, great food and drink, and
                                   workshop includes a 12-step skin             most all fun while helping Wings Cancer
                                   care/make-up application lesson,             Foundation achieve its mission of providing
                                   demonstration of options for dealing with    hope, education, research, and support free of
                                   hair loss, and nail care techniques.         charge to any one touched by cancer.
   East Location          Southaven Location          Midtown Location          Please see the form in this issue to make your
 2:00pm - 4:00pm          2:00pm - 4:00pm             2:30pm- 4:30pm            reservations today.
Monday, February 6       Monday, February 13         Monday, February 20
  901.322.2984             662.996.1083                901.322.0447             Wishing you a par-fect game!

 Call individual locations for more information and to make a reservation.      Anthony Testa, 2006 Scramble Chairman
    Offered in partnership with the American Cancer Society. No Charge.         Marlene Gerson, Director of Development
 4th Annual Wings Cancer Foundation Golf Scramble is on the MOVE
                                                           A New Location
                                                         A Great Title Sponsor
                                Armstrong Relocation/United Van Lines

The Event: The 4th Annual Wings Cancer Foundation Golf Scramble
The Course: Colonial Country Club 36 Hole Course
Colonial offers the 3rd ranked course in the state of Tennessee, also the top-ranked course in the Memphis Area by Memphis Business Journal.
The Date: Monday, May 15, 2006
The Players: You and your friends, relatives, and business associates

        More time slots with two 18 hole courses and all day to play!
What, When, and Where?
The 2006 Wings Golf Scramble, presented by Armstrong Relocation/United Van Lines is scheduled for Monday, May 15, 2006,
at a new site for Wings – Colonial Country Club!!
Last year there were almost 300 golfers making up 72 teams and this year we will be able to accommodate twice the players with
the opportunity to double the funds raised for Wings! Our organization provides hope, education, research and support without
charge to anyone touched by cancer.

Who can sponsor?
You and your organization, friends, and/or family! Last year, participating sponsors raised over $100,000 in support of Wings.
This year we encourage you to consider a sponsorship equal to last year or even better, if at all possible. Your continued
participation increases the opportunities for individuals in our community to receive the services they need to effectively cope with

Why should you participate?
This a great way to entertain clients, family members, and friends while making an amazing impact on those in our community
touched by cancer. The golf scramble is one of Wings’ greatest sources of financial support. Because of your participation, the
programs and services provided by Wings will continue to meet the needs of the ever-increasing numbers of people touched by

How do you select a sponsorship?
Simply select your sponsorship level, complete and return the enclosed sponsorship agreement with your payment by April 3, 2006
– don’t forget to mark your shotgun preference! You may email, fax, or mail your agreement.

Really Important
We encourage you to purchase tee/green signs “In honor of” or “In memory of” a loved one. This is a great way to fill the course
with messages of hope and inspiration. Pass the opportunity along to your other golf partners - it will be meaningful for them,

                                  Thank you in advance for your continued support of Wings.
                    By helping, you enable Wings to serve as an ally to every cancer patient and their families.
          For questions please contact - Marlene Gerson at 683-0055, Ext 1317 or

                                    Wishing you a HOLE IN ONE on Monday, May 15, 2006!
Sponsorship Information
Company Name:                                                               Contact:
Address:                                                                    Phone:
Fax:                                                                        Email:

Sponsorship Level (For questions please contact - Marlene Gerson at 683-0055, Ext 1317 or

     Title (Sold)             Platinum ($7,500)        Gold ($5,000)            Silver ($2,500)             Bronze ($1,500)

     Putting Contest (Sold)     Practice Range ($1,500)        Beverage Cart ($1,500)      Team Sponsor ($600)   Tee/Green Sign ($125)

     Hole-in-One (call for information)       Closest-to-Pin (call for information)

Team Member Information
Shotgun Preference (check one):               ___8:00 am        or         ___1:30 pm

           Team Member Name                   Team Member Address                                   Team Member Phone

Shotgun Preference (check one):               ___8:00 am        or         ___1:30 pm

           Team Member Name                   Team Member Address                                   Team Member Phone

Tee/Green Sign Information
Donor Name:                                                       Donor Address:
Donor City, State ZIP:                                            Donor Phone:
Message (limit 10 words):

Please send acknowledgement of my gift to:

Name:                                                                       Address:
City:                                                             State:                     ZIP:

Payment (check one)

     Check enclosed in the amount of _________                             Charge to MasterCard                  Charge to Visa
Credit Card #:                                                             Credit Card Expiration Date (month/year):      /

Signature of Cardholder:
            Thank you for helping us spread the gift of hope!
              Wings Cancer Foundation provides hope, education, research & support without charge to anyone touched by cancer.
  We appreciate gifts from the following donors to the Wings Cancer Foundation. Your contributions make it possible for us to offer our programs
  without charge to anyone touched by cancer. The following represents donations recieved October 4 through December 31st.

  "The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-
  tape parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that does not lessen our possible impact, for there are
  scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along; people who will appreciate our compassion, our
  unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give.
  Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the
  smallest act of caring, all of which have a potential to turn a life around. It's overwhelming to consider the
  continuous opportunities there are to make our love felt." ~Leo Buscaglia
Celebrations                          Delia Wages
                                         Ann & Chuck Thresto
                                                                            Rick & Jody Avery
                                                                               Gail & Wis Laughlin
                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Steve Brown
                                                                                                                     Susan & Richard Faber
                                                                                                                                                          Paula Crocker
                                                                                                                                                             Joe Lackie
                                                                                                                                                                                                Peggy S. Evensky
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg
Recovery of
     Dorothy & Frank Adcock           Recovery of Fran Weingarten           Ann Bailey                            Jo Buck                                 Dale Crowe                               Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
   Mrs. Constance Adcock                 Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Goldstein           Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg             Joe Lackie                         Peggy & Sidney Evensky
Recovery of Michael Alperin           Our 50th Wedding Anniversary             Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                Crye Leike Golf Scramble                 Marilyn Mendelson
   Stanley & Razelle Wender              Harold & Shirley Weinman           Carol Bakowicz & Staff                Dr. & Mrs. Luis Bueno                      Sam’s Club Foundation              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faber
Recovery of William Bernatsky         New Florida home of                      Martha Pegram                         Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes        Dr. Karen L. Curtis                      Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
   Allen & Barbara Borodkin               Razelle & Stanley Wender          Rosemary & Lynn Ballinger             Liz Burgess                                Sarah Blackburn                       Mr. & Mrs. George Falls
Debbie Booker                            Eddie & Marcia Moskovitz              Sonny & Linda Adney                   Joe Lackie                           Dr. C. B. Daniel                      Susan Faber
   Shirley Rooker                     Birthday of Bert Wolff                Frank & Connie Balton                 Dr. & Mrs. John Burnett                    Bettye Goddard                        Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg
Albert Bozof                             Arlyne Schwartz                       Beverly & Stephen Balton              Karen & Phil Pedigo                  Dot & Carl Davis                         Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
   Allen & Barbara Borodkin                                                 F. John Barzizza                      Dr. & Mrs. George Burruss                  Gail & Wis Laughlin                Mr. & Mrs. George Falls
Birthday of Jo Buck                   Celebration by                           Lisa, Mac & Molly McCormack           Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams               Dwight Davis                             Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
   Peggy & Sidney Evensky              Education                            Mr. & Mrs. Paul Barzizza Family       Rebecca Campbell                           Robert Half International             Susan & Richard Faber
   Reid & Trudi Evensky               Birthday of Dr. Lee Schwartzberg         Lisa, Mac & Molly McCormack           Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler         Tish Davis                            Jackie Falls
   Sarah A. Griffin                      Sarah A. Griffin                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Barzizza            Colleen & Larry Capstick &                 Logan & Sue Williams                  Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg
   Virginia H. Klettner                                                          and Family                       Family                                  Michael & Ali Deutsch                    Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
   Dr. & Mrs. Russell Patterson III   Grants                                   Lisa, Mac & Molly McCormack           Gail & Wis Laughlin                     Gail & Wis Laughlin                Dr. & Mrs. William Fancher
   Kay & Shelly Saslawsky               Biogen Idec                         Dr. & Mrs. Scott Baum                 Bill Carlisle                           Beth & Jack Dewald                       Karen & Phil Pedigo
   Carolyn Schabel                                                             Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Ralph & Gale Ramey                      Ralph & Gale Ramey                 Bobbie & Dave Ferraro
Joan Cannon                           Honorariums                              Dr. Anita Arnold                   Lane & Lou Carrick                      Peggy Dobbs                              Sonny & Linda Adney
   Ed Cannon, Jr.                     Mr. & Mrs. Ben Adams                     Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Gail & Wis Laughlin                     Michele Cook                       Mr. & Mrs. Dick Fisher
Recovery of Betty Dilley                 Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Steve & Debra Coplon               Melanie Carter                          Mr. & Mrs. Allen Donald                  Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
   Gloria & Jack Schaffer             Dr. & Mrs. Lou Adams                     Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             John Fisher
Recovery of Herbert Evensky              Susan & Richard Faber                 Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Mr. & Mrs. Nap Cassibry                 Deborah D. Dorman                        Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg
   Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Mr. & Mrs. George Falls               Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                  Shirley Bartles                       Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
Birthday of Melinda Gomez                Mr. & Mrs. Kermit B. Kaiser, Jr.   Dr. Howard Beale                      Sheryl & Napo Cassibry &                   Carole West                        Miriam & Jim Fitzpatrick
   Arlyne Schwartz                    Dr. R. Louis Adams                       Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton   family                                  Debbie & Paul Dorman Family              Sonny & Linda Adney
Bessie Gooden                            Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Steve Bearman                            Suzanne, Billy, & Will Plyer -          Karen & Phil Pedigo                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Folk
   Bessie Gooden                         Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Claire & William Cox                       Suzanne, Billy, & Will Plyer          Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Anniversary of                        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Adams                  Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Dr. & Mrs. Edward Cattau                     - Claire & William Cox           Dr. & Mrs. Barry Fortner
     Mr. & Mrs. Barry Greene             Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Dr. & Mrs. Danny Becker                  Karen & Phil Pedigo                  Dot Dorsey                               Dr. Anita Arnold
   Peggy & Sidney Evensky             Constance Adcock                         Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Cavitt                   Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh
Recovery of John S. Haire                Frank & Dorothy Adcock             Marsha Beliew                            Linda Wilson                         Katie & Bill Dorsey                      Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey
   Matt & Liz Curland                 Dr. Frank J. Adcock, III                 Ralph & Gale Ramey                 Dr. & Mrs. Greg Chandler                   Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
Recovery of Neil Harkavy                 Frank & Dorothy Adcock             Anise Belz                               Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams               Dr. Ted Gaylon                           Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler
   Jerome & Evelyn Makowsky           Sheila Adcock                            Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Bob Chandler                               Karen & Phil Pedigo                Pat & Don Frahm
Georgean Hendrick                        Frank & Dorothy Adcock                Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg          Peggy Drinkard                           Ramona Chapman
   Laura Freeman                      Laine Agee                            Fran Benderman                        Bob Chandler                               Carole West                        Carmen Freeman
Birthday of Jeanette Hollowell           Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Sonny & Linda Adney                   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                Rick & Lisa Duerr                        Sonny & Linda Adney
   Jo Buck                            Dr. & Mrs. Steve Akins                Dr. Stephen A. Besh                   Dr. Steve Charles                          Gail & Wis Laughlin                Rosemary Freer
Anniversary of                           Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Steve & Debra Coplon                  Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan &             Mr. & Mrs. Bill Dunavant                 Richard Freer
     Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Kay             Dr. Derene Akins                         Dr. Anita Arnold                   Hampton                                    Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Inez & Gerald Fried
   Fay & Buddy Jason                     Drs. Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes        Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey         Alyssa Chase                            Mr. & Mrs. Buck Dunavant                 Peggy & Sidney Evensky
Anniversary of                        The Steve Akins Family                   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Pamela Chase                            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Elizabeth Galfsky
     Mr. & Mrs. Stuart LaVene            Susan & Richard Faber              Gracia Bevilacquo                     Becky Schultz                           Mr. & Mrs. John Dunavant                 Gail & Wis Laughlin
   Jerome & Evelyn Makowsky           Mr. & Mrs. Donald Aldridge               Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes         Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gardner
Recovery of Kim Lovett                   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Mr. & Mrs. Bob Black                  Janet Churchill                         Mr. & Mrs. Woodson Dunavant              Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
   Sharlyn & Robert Dirolf            All Our Friends                          Susan & Richard Faber                 Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Dr. Lynn Gayden
   Hal Lovett                            Gail & Wis Laughlin                Drs. Johnetta & Marty Blakely         Libbee & Rick Clifford Family           Joe Dyer                                 Dr. Russell Patterson, III
Recovery of Barbara Lurie             Dr. & Mrs. J.P. Anderson                 Dr. Anita Arnold                      Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                  Joe Lackie                         Aileen Gayoso, M.D.
   David & Patricia Okeon                Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Suzanne, Billy, & Will Plyer -       Evelyn Echols                            The Tillmanns Family
   Dr. & Mrs. Charles Plesofsky       Mr. & Mrs. Bob Appling                   Steve & Debra Coplon               Claire & William Cox                       Sonny & Linda Adney                Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gill
   Gloria & Jack Schaffer                Carole & Vic Feisal                   Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Susan & Richard Faber                Mr. & Mrs. Doug Edwards                  Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Anniversary of                        Miss Dot Arata                           Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Mr. & Mrs. John Coates                     Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Mr. & Mrs. Trow Gillespie
     Evelyn & Jerome Makowsky            Carole & Vic Feisal                Mr. & Mrs. Earl Blankenship              Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams               Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ehrhart                 Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
   Gloria & Jack Schaffer             Dr. Marsha Armstrong                     Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Ellen Cockrell                             Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Latania Gillespie
Recovery of Hardy Mays                   Dr. Russell Patterson, III         The Rusty Bloodworth Family              Carole West                          Dr. & Mrs. Bob Eiseman                   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler
   Rosalie C. Rudner                  Linda Arnett                             Susan & Richard Faber              Rene & Paul Cockrill & Family              Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton   Robert Givens
Recovery of Samuel H. Mays               Joe Lackie                         Kirk & Ann Craig Bobo                    Gail & Wis Laughlin                  Joyce Elder                              Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler
   Steve & Rachel Shankman            Mr. & Mrs. Damon Arney                   Gail & Wis Laughlin                Elaine Colmer                              Ralph & Gale Ramey                 Jane & Mike Glenn
Birthday of                              Susan & Richard Faber              Dr. & Mrs. James Boswell                 Susan & Richard Faber                Mr. & Mrs. Ed Eleazer                    Ramona Chapman
     Rev. Dr. James Netters           Dr. Anita Arnold                         Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Steve Coplon                               Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Dr. Betsy Glenn
   Wyvonia Woods Harris                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         Lisa Bowles                              Dr. Anita Arnold                     Mr. & Mrs. George Ellis                  Dr. Russell Patterson, III
Birthday of Marilyn Notowich             Steve & Debra Coplon                  Ralph & Gale Ramey                    EI, Inc. - Christian, Mike, Alice,      Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Susan & Josh Gnuschke
   Sue & Bud Balkin                      Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri         Mr. & Mrs. Barry Bragenzo             & Pri                                   Louise & Mike Ellis                      Gail & Wis Laughlin
Betty Robinson                           Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes      Mr. & Mrs. Steve Coplon                    Laurel & Cady Reisman              Dr. Lawrence Gordon
   Shirley Rooker                        Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Mr. & Mrs. Cloude Bragonza               Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis                  Ted Martin                            Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton
Sandra Sperry                            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes         Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri           Mr. & Mrs. Fargason Erb               Dr. & Mrs. Neuman Goshorn
   Warren & Sandra Riggs                 Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bridges                Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey              Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Birthday of Sonny Spiro               Mr. & Mrs. Lin Askew                     Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Becky Schultz                        Mr. & Mrs. Mason Essell               Barbara Gray
   Mrs. Myrna Klazmer                    Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Lida & Walter Bross                      Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg             Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler
Recovery of Margaret Tapper           Norma & Olin Atkins                      Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                Rev. & Mrs. C. Phil Esty              Donna & Howard Green
   Margaret Tapper                       Sonny & Linda Adney                La Shay Brown                         The Cornaghie Family                       Susan & Richard Faber                 Sonny & Linda Adney
Recovery of Josh Thomas                  Carole & Vic Feisal                   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan &             Reid Evensky, Esq.                    Charlotte Greene
   Stanley & Razelle Wender           Laura Austin                          Myra Brown                            Hampton                                    Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Ralph & Gale Ramey
Mary Anne Tipton                         Earlene Woodruff                      Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Misty Craft                                Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
   Shirley Rooker                                                                                                    Joe Lackie
HONORIUM CONT.                          Jonathan Quinn                   Grinder Family Volunteer               Malcolm Knolton                       Sherry Phillips                        May Cille Salon
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Wolf                  Laura Richards                        Scholarship Fund                     Ruby Knolton                          Dr. Seth Kaufman                       Ed & Tena Grinder
  Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Ned & Eleanor Rooks                 Ed & Tena Grinder                   Larry Kosten                          Patricia Belle Piper                   Rev Otis Sangster
Dr. Tom Wood                            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sims              Nancy & Greg Grinder                   W. H. Smythe III                      Louis & Sharon Shanks                  Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Fort
  Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Albert & Norma Lee Smith            Brenda & Freddy Grinder             Hugo Kumitz                           Ida Marie Price                        R.L. “Bob” Saunders
Chuck, Melanie, &                       Jan Brackstone Stein                Renee & Danny Grinder                  Dietmar Strieder                      Carol & Ken Ingram                     Margaret McCann
    Jackson Woodall                     Margaret & Charles Stewart          Megan & Brett Grinder               Annie Lazar                           Con Puckly, Sr.                        Fairy Benjamin Scott
  Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Trena & Doc Street                  Susan & Dan Grinder                    Ellen & Sammy Salky                   Roger & Becky Schultz                  Rosemary H. Cianciolo
Earlene Woodruff                        Ruth Taube                          Charles & Frances Hardy             Iva Lee                               Margaret Qualls                        Leon Shaneen
  Tom & Martha Pegram                   Mrs. Jimmy White                    Jason & Keren Miller                   Rebecca & Q Karnes                    Mrs. Arlyne Lovett                     Stanley & Razelle Wender
Dr. George Wortham                      Bret & Dorothy Whitley              Vickie Rhudy                        Mary Lehman                           Lawrence Rathheim                      Lynn Smith
  The Tillmanns Family                  Gladys & George Whitley             Stallings & Associates                 Richard Freer                         AP Supply Company                      Ginger & Tony Graves
Sudie Wright                            Dr. & Mrs. Stan Whitley             Linda & Robert Wiles                Bobette Adler Levy                       Mr. & Mrs. J. Gary Comella          Mary Smith
  Sudie W. Alston                       James Williams                   Leon Grusin                               Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Mr. & Mrs. Giles Coors III             Thelma C. Morgan
Kim Merritt & Christy Wright            Bob & Elise Wilson                  Ellen & Sammy Salky                 H. Kirke Lewis                           Jo Ann Dickson                      Helen A. Smith
  Joe Lackie                            Dr. & Mrs. James Wiygul             Kay & Shelly Saslawsky                 Wayne Ferguson                        John Getz                              Martha J. Nowlin
Randy Wright                         Gary Burno                             K. K. & Van Weinberg                   Marcia & Bill Levy                    Lenahan, Smith & Bargiachi          Sara Smith
  Joe Lackie                            Chester & Artie Jean Webb        Mary Habecker                          Lloyd Long                               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nanney               Dr. Linda M. Smiley
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wyatt                Sidney Butler                          Dr. Johnetta Blakely                   Gene & Ruth White                     Ann Poteat                          Sandra Kennard Sollinger
  Linda Wilson                          Dr. Johnetta Blakely             Virginia Haight                        Nellie Sutherlen Lutterman               Eugene Saxon                           Joe & Fran Foley
Jamie Young                          Maurice Caldwell                       Lee & Dawn Roberts                     Mr. & Mrs. Waymon Carter, Sr.         Southwestern Distributing              Jo Ann Heckathorn
  Faye Lawrence                         Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman          Henry Haizlip                             Mr. & Mrs. Allie Robards              United Liquors Corp                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henley
                                     Herbert Chambers                       Virginia Steele                     Mike Maceri                           Catherine “Kay” Reed                      National Distribution Systems
In Kind                                 Dr. Seth Kaufman                 Charles “Butch” Hall                      Agnes M. Cianciolo                    Dr. Johnetta Blakely                   Ann Russell
Helen Blatt                          Veta Chappell                          Janet Kirby                         Edna Maclin                              Carol & Stephen Boaz                L.E. Spencer
Donna Bodron                            Rebecca & James Chappell            Eloise K. Roux                         P J & Jim Smoot                       Frank & Virginia Buck                  Jan Scrape
Hope Butler                          Viola Cohen                         Judith Hampton                         John Manser, Jr.                         Wendy Burrell                       Anne F. Stern
Bob Chandler                            Linda & Steve Simon                 Dr. Seth Kaufman                       Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Campbell, Jr.      Stephen & Beth Rossen
Barbie Van Eaten                     Brenda L. Coleman                   J. Alan “ Skip” Hanover                Glen Maxcy                               Kathy Carter                        Aunt Susie
Women on Mission,                       Waddell & Associates, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Eiseman          Anita Hays                            Larry & Pam Coley                      Dr. & Mrs. Mark Reed
   Ellendale Baptist Church          Phoebe Delores Cook                    Peggy & Sidney Evensky              Danny McClellan                          Debbie Desrochers                   Wilton Sutherland
Jo Harvey                               Charles W. Cook                     Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman                Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman               Sandra & Richard Furr                  Dr. Johnetta Blakely
Maureen Mackay                       Patricia Cox                           Jerome & Evelyn Makowsky            William McClusky                         Mrs. John J. Garrigus               Bruce Swords
Yvonne Pounds                           Roseleigh Garden Club               Eddie & Marcia Moskovitz               Gloria G. Daniel                      Tom & Allison Garrott                  Kathryn Swords
Shirley Rich                         James Craddock                         Ellen & Sammy Salky                 Jay McDonald                             Sarah A. Griffin                       Randy & Marcia Swords
David Silberberg                        Dr. Johnetta Blakely                Kay & Shelly Saslawsky                 Marcia, Corky, Alex & Hayes Hora      Jo & Larry Harshbarger              Margaret E. Tatum
Lilliam M. Walk                      Bonnie Craig                           Mr. & Mrs. Avron Spiro              Edward McGowan                           Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lazarini               Katherine L. Tatum
In honor of my mom, Doris Gerita        Larry & Martha Butler               Dr. & Mrs. Danny Weiss                 Hazel & Eddie Clem                    5E Surgical Oncology Unit,          Ted Tatum
Eason - Kim Schwam                   Sallie Craigen                         Stanley & Razelle Wender            Elizabeth McKinnon                         JoAnn Littlejohn RN head nurse       Katherine Tatum
                                        Dr. Linda M. Smiley              Evelyn “Dot” Hardin                       Ron & Angela Brown                      & all the staff                   R. Lee Taylor II
Memorials                            Patricia Ann Curtis                    Dennis & Judy Shorter               Linda K. McMahon                         Steve & Kathy Metz                     Dr. & Mrs. Edward S. Kaplan
Stuart F. Acree                         Mr. & Mrs. Don H. Downing        Dr. Sam Hardison                          Cindy Dickinson                       Charles A. Neale                    Ruth Topolosky
   William & Cindy Rosson               Dr. Linda M. Smiley                 Chester & Artie Jean Webb           Sharon McMullen                          Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri             Annette Jacobson Frankel
Mildred Adams                        Debbie Dawson                       Jeff Harris                               Billy Joe McMullen                    Dr. & Mrs. Russell Patterson III       David Taro Frankel
   Charles Adams                        Laura Dawson                        Faye Lawrence                       Mary Meredith                            Dr. & Mrs. Guy Photopulos           Etta Mae Torry
Nancy Averett                        Dorothy Dellile                     Herbert Glenn Harwell                     Dr. Linda M. Smiley                   Mrs. M. L. Reed                        Dr. Linda M. Smiley
   Ben B. Harrell                       Dr. Seth Kaufman                    Bob & Lisa Hoyle                    Nettie Milam                             Dr. & Mrs. Mark Reed                Grace Turman
Paul Battles, Jr.                    Janice Dodd                            Edward A. Kizer                        Dr. Johnetta Blakely                  Tom W. Scott                           Mrs. Julia Patterson
   Ray & Betty Travis                   Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman             Kathryn C. Summers                  Shirley Francis Milnor                   Dr. Linda M. Smiley                 Eva Louise Tutor
James O. Beasley                     Margaret Ann Downy Dorian           William Hawkes                            William H. Milnor                     SunTrust Bank                          Bob & Sandy Hathaway
   Dr. & Mrs. Mark Reed                 Ellen Reisser                       Mrs. William Bond                   Theresa Moore                            Jane & Jim Wells                    Morris Tutor
Cynthia Benthal                      Harrell Doty                        Dennis S. Hays                            Dr. Johnetta Blakely                  Kimiko & Jerome Zarth                  Mabel Tutor
   Jesse Benthal                        Carol Bagwell                       Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Hays               James H Moore                         Don Reynolds                           Claudia Ungren
Manuel Berkowitz                        Peggy & Larry Barton             Ruthie Hearn                              Marcia, Corky, Alex & Hayes Hora      Paul & Diane Mendelson                 Paul Welting
   Fay & Buddy Jason                    Jo Buck                             Dr. Linda M. Smiley                 Hale Murphy                           Emogene Reynolds                       Michael Usdan
Verna Berryhill                         Garner Bryan Byars Jr.           Pat Heffernan                             Jo Buck                               Virginia W. Steele                     Kay & Shelly Saslawsky
   Dr. Johnetta Blakely                 Melanie Carter                      Horace & Linda Clark                Orbdellar Nathaniel                   Janet Lykins Rich                      Flournay Vance
   Palmer Machine Works, Inc            Frances & Aaron Farris           Edwin Hill                                Dr. Johnetta Blakely                  Marjorie & Boyce Bradford              Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. Owen
Shirley Bienvenue                       Betty Fletcher                      Peggy & Sidney Evensky              Mrs. Neely                               Brian J. Donnelly                   Edna Vaughters
   Mrs. Dorothy Cottam                  Mary & Joseph Gill               Janice Hill                               Sarah A. Griffin                      Luanne & Harold Lawler                 Virginia W. Steele
Mary Jo Dietz Bobrik                    Sarah A. Griffin                    Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman             Leons Netters                            Mrs. Don W. Morgan                  Alma Watson Viktor
   Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. Owen              James & Quay Hudson              Harlan Hoffman                            Wyvonia Woods Harris                  Noel & Martha Tabor                    Mary & WE Carver
Dorothy Boren                           Beverly B. Jones                    Regina Carson                       Mary Nohsey                              Marion B. Woodall                      Betty & Ronnie Cooper
   Elizabeth Beard                      Larry Marsh                      Connie Howe                               Dr. Johnetta Blakely               Wanda June Rich                           Mollie & Jack Curlee
Tommy Bost                              Juanita Richardson Massengill       Laura Sanders                       Barbara O’Brien                          George Gillespie                       Patricia & Stephen Curlee
   Betty Bost                             and Family                     Frances Liberto Ilsley                    Jeff & Alexandria Moye             Barbara Richardson                        David Daniel
   Angie & Eric Garner                  Reba McComic                        Sharon Brown                        Ann Ondo                                 Dr. Linda M. Smiley                    Mr. & Mrs. Harry Goldsmith
   Vicki & Ricki Marshall               Richardson Brothers                 Lillian Cara                           Jo Buck                            Mary Riggs                                Jerry & Martha L. Hunter
   Reverend & Mrs. Jeff Pruett          Peggy Weaver                        Anice Engelman                      Gigi Palmer                              Dennis Baer                            Jheryl Meeks
Terri Bouie                             Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler        Greg Hallman & Michael Baskett         Jan Brackstone Stein                  Sally & David Barcroft                 Jim & Peggy Murphy
   Dr. Johnetta Blakely              Lenore Drager                          Naomi Harty                         William Travis Pannell III               Mr. & Mrs. James Bongard               Ruch Clinic
   Dr. Seth Kaufman                     Mr. & Mrs. Jay K. Schwartzberg      Allen Hearin Hilzheim                  Charlie & Nat Marks                   Edith Caywood & Bill Thomas            Nancy & Joel Silverfield
Billy Boyd                           Frances Dunlap                         Sandra Ilsley & Family              David Parmele                            Paula Grabon                           Trena & Doc Street
   Sharon Anderson                      Mullins United Methodist         Robert V. Irwin                           Mr. & Mrs. James Foshee               Susan & Frank Inman                    Supper Club
   Judy Faggard                           Crossroads Class                  Dr. Robert Irwin                       Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Watson               John B. Maxwell, Jr.                Jerry Wallace
Addie Maie Boyd                      Benita Dunlap                       William Jackson                           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Watts                Mid-South Imaging                      Margaret & Robert Pearce
   Larry & Linda Boyd                   Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Rosengarten      Ernest & Amy Bowling                Susan Parnell                            Mr. & Mrs. Henry T V Miller         Dr. James A. Wallace
Cathy Bradbury                       Mary Pearl Dye                      Janice, a loving & courageous sister      Chester & Artie Jean Webb             Diane & Norman Noe                     Virginia W. Steele
   Rayna Bomar                          Marjorie & James Chapman            Dr. & Mrs. Mark Reed                Dr. Sam Patterson                        Jim & Anna Kay Poe                     John C. Whitsitt
Annie Branch                         Glenn Earls                         Ethel Jenning                             Mrs. Lorenzo Adams                    Julie & Jim Raines                  Shirley Bienvenu Wallin
   Dr. Johnetta Blakely                 Dr. Johnetta Blakely                Mae Katherine Buford                   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Warren & Sandra Riggs                  Sylvia S. Kirschner
Paula Brandon                        Karen Finley                        Mark Johnson                              Community Foundation of               Joan Spector                           Mrs. James R. Martin
   Dr. Linda M. Smiley                  J. Kavin Finley                     Joseph & Carla Fahhoum              Greater Memphis                          St. Benedict at Auburndale             Ms. Mary Torode
Ronald Brees                         Vicki Fisher                        Carl M. Jones                             Gwen Dula                             Dr. & Mrs. Rod Webb, Jr.            Kathy Watson
   David & Pat Brunstad                 John Fisher                         Melanie Carter                         Sharon D. Minor                       Dr. E. Jack Wohrman                    Jo Buck
   Tina Gault                        Mrs. H.T. Fort                         Col. Darrell Lindsey                   Melissa Dula Reddoch                  Dr. E. Jack Wohrman, Jr.               Patricia & Stephen Curlee
   Jason & Bethany McBride              Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Fort            Jeff Jones                                Florence S. Fink                      Mike & Willie Wood                     Mr. & Mrs. Harry Goldsmith
   Blanche McCall                    Billie Fowler                          Carol & Jerry Hughes                   Jenny & Billy Frank                   Mr. & Mrs. William Zarfoss             William & Louise Hall
   Dick & Beth Peterson                 Dr. Johnetta Blakely             Joyce Junior                              Beth Hall                          William G. Robbins                        Charlie & Frankie Hromada
Earline Brown                        Dr. Richard Frankel                    Dr. Seth Kaufman                       Beth & Carrick Hill                   Robert & Hazel Graham                  Jim & Nancy Jarboe
   Beth Brown                           Dr. Jay D. Krasne                Gladys Kaufman                            Marcia, Corky, Alex & Hayes Hora   Kendall Robertson                         Dr. & Mrs. Russell Patterson III
Charles Brown                        Samuel W. Fry                          Mrs. Fred Bailey                       Lewis McDonnell                       Stephen A. Adamec                      The Staff of Dr. Isaacman, Gayle,
   Mrs. Julia Patterson                 Dr. Derene Akin                     Joe & Mary Ann Broome                  Mr. & Mrs. David McDonnell         Adam Robertson                              Woodie & Donna
William Buford                       Randy Frykholm                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Eiseman          Mr. & Mrs. Henry T V Miller           Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Campbell              Daniel Skolnick & Arthur Moskaluk
   Mae Katherine Buford                 Michele Cook                        Marsha Frommel                         Dr. & Mrs. Russell Patterson III   Donna Robison                             Trena & Doc Street
John Owen Burgess, Jr.                  Faye Frykholm                       Don & Cynthia Jordan                   Fred & Patsy Roberts                  Williams Family                     James R. White, Jr.
   Cissy & Waldrup Brown             Elroy Gellerman                        Annie Miller                           Rosalie C. Rudner                     Walter & Frances Wood                  Mrs. Jimmy White
   Mrs. Henry Carlton III               Stanley & Razelle Wender            Dr. & Mrs. Charles Plesofsky,          Mrs. Lester M. Sewel               Betty Rohrbacher                       Victoria Wilk
   Terry & Al Clairborne             Virginia Taylor Gibson                 Dr. & Mrs. William Priester III        Dr. Linda M. Smiley                   Kristi Duckworth                       Vivian Foltz
   Pauline & William Cobb               Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams              Janice Shubert & Linda Courtney        State Volunteer Mutual Ins Co         Ramie Edwards McCrory               Gale Williams
   Mrs. Richard Downing                 Lafayette L. Draper, Jr.         Lanerae Kessler                           Shirl & Larry Taylor               Grady Rooker                              Williams Family
   Margaret Dyer                     Sharon Gillespie                       Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hyman                 Laurie & Edward Walthal               Shirley Rooker                         Walter & Frances Wood
   Mrs. Edwin Felker                    Rebecca & James Chappell         Rabbi Nehemiah Kibel                   Alberta Peoples                       Larry Rotheim                          Bobbie Wooten
   Haywood High School               Nancy L. Grant                         Fay & Buddy Jason                      Dr. Linda M. Smiley                   Keith Headley & Edie Adwell            Dr. Linda M. Smiley
     Class of 1970                      Phyllis G. Taylor                Adron Robinson King                    Mary Anne Perdue                      Dorothy Rucker                         Kenneth Don Wray, Sr.
   David Hilliard                    George Green                           Otis & Susan Jones                     Gladys & George Whitley               Beverly McCormick                      Anne R. Wray
   Janice & Kenneth Johnson             Shirley Sanders                     Gayle Senter                        Jane Perdzock                         Dorothy Russell                        Martin Zeitlin
   Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman           Dean Grinder                           April & Dale Strand                    Joseph E. Perdzock                    Dr. Linda M. Smiley                    Eddie & Marcia Moskovitz
   Pat Neely                            Mrs. James (Jim) Dickey
                                                                                                                        Steve & Debra Coplon               Nancy M. Bailey                          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Liberto
  According to the Torah, the Temple Mount is the holiest place on                                                      Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey         Nevara Bailey                            Harold & Joyce Luster
                                                                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Angelina V. Barnett                      Brian Maglothin
  earth. Adjacent to it lies the Western Wall. The Kabbalah states                                                   Claudia Towell                        Kristine M. Barrett                      Letra T. Malone
                                                                                                                        Joe Lackie                         Donna & George Barton                    Betty Mason
  that the presence of God will always dwell at the Wall. For this                                                   Dr. Roland Toyos                      Dr. & Mrs. Scott Baum                    Stephen G. Mazak
  reason, people of all faiths have                                                                                     Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton
                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Bob Tremayne
                                                                                                                                                           Ann Cobb Beach
                                                                                                                                                           Anise & Ronald Belz
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Diane M. McCommon
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sharon A. McGee
  been pilgrimaging to the Wailing                                                                                      Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Linda Bennett                            Leo J. McKittrick
                                                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Troutman            Betty Bennett                            Dr. & Mrs. Thomas McNeel
  Wall for centuries, to cry out to God                                                                                 Karen & Phil Pedigo                John & Barbara Bingham                   Mary A. Melton
                                                                                                                     Donna Tubbs                           Candice Birdsong                         Jerry Michie
  to heal them from all their ailments.                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Barbara P. Black                         Karen Miles
                                                                                                                     Lura & Steve Turner                   Latonya Black                            Mary Ellen Minger
                                                                                                                        Joe Lackie                         Sarah Blackburn                          Shirley Montgomery
  Wings Volunteers collected your                                                                                    Anita Vaughn                          Pat Blackwell                            Col. Jesse W. Moore
  prayers and Dr. Seth Kaufman of                                                                                       Dr. Russell Patterson, III
                                                                                                                     Pege Vaughn & Family
                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Johnetta Blakely
                                                                                                                                                           Shirley Bonds
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Laura & Robert Myrland
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bob & Martha Neal
  The West Clinic placed them in the                                                                                    Susan & Richard Faber              Allen & Barbara Borodkin                 Toya Neloms
                                                                                                                     Tony Veltri                           Robin Boyd                               Bill Newcomb
  Wall during his December visit.                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Bobby Bradford                           Valerie De’Laine Newman
                                                                                                                     Ann Vining & Family                   G.L. Bradley                             John & Christina Ogle
                                                                                                                        Karen & Phil Pedigo                Linda Brantley                           Olive Branch Ladies Golf Assoc.
HONORIUM CONT.                              Dr. Cathleen Schanzer                 The Morris Stallings Family        Mr. & Mrs. Harish Vishria             Sandra A. Brashier                       Andrea Owens
Dr. Cheston Reed, Jr.                          Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Susan & Richard Faber              Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes      Breast Cancer Eradication Initiative     Sandy Patterson
   Karen & Phil Pedigo                      Dr. & Mrs. Heymore Schettler          Mr. & Mrs. John Stallings Family   Allan Wainscott                       Dianne Y. Britton                        Dr. Janice P. Pazar
Mr. & Mrs. B. Rentrop                          Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Lisa, Mac & Molly McCormack        Rosemary H. Cianciolo              Wendy Broderick-Smith                    Mrs. Harry Phillips
   Karen & Phil Pedigo                      Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Ruby Steed                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Walker              Deborah Brown                            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Platkin
Varney Reynolds                                Dr. Anita Arnold                      Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Myra M. Brown                            Janice A. Porter
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler                Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         Virginia Steele                    Tomm Waller                           Dorothy Dyess Bryce                      Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Posner
Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                     Steve & Debra Coplon                  Sarah Blackburn                    Rosemary H. Cianciolo              Charlotte Burns                          Barbara Pratt
   Dr. Anita Arnold                            Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis             Tomm & Debby Stephens              James W. Ward                         Janice Burr                              Edwin Pritzke
   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh                  Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Rosemary H. Cianciolo              William & Mary Walls               Wendy Burrell                            Betty J. Raber
   Steve & Debra Coplon                        Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Gail Stevens                       Mr. & Mrs. William Harold Ware        Joan M. Campbell                         Claire J. Reid
   Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri                  Dr. & Mrs. William West               Sonny & Linda Adney                Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Rebecca Campbell                         Greg Reno
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                    Dr. Lee Schwartzberg                  Pat Stevens                        K. K. & Van Weinberg                  Saralyn S. Cepak                         D. T. & Janet Roberts
   The Tillmanns Family                        Mr. & Mrs. George Falls               Sonny & Linda Adney                Suzanne, Billy, & Will Plyer       Louise Chaman                            LaRue A. Rodda
Dr. William R. Richli                          Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes      Tracy Stewart                           - Claire & William Cox           Jamie & Shelly Chandler                  Christine A. Roelke
   Dr. Anita Arnold                            Kenneth & Vicki McAlpin               Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer           Shirley & Harold Weinman              Wendy Clark                              Shirley Rooker
   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh                  Joanne & David Reagler             Jennifer Stewart                      Mary L. Horton                     Erma Cohen                               Colin J. Ruthven
   Steve & Debra Coplon                        Becky Schultz                         Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler    Dr. & Mrs. Al Weir III                Patricia & Earl Connolly                 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Salmon
   Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Ricky & Mary Shoaf                 Julie & Kevin Stonebarger             Dr. & Mrs. William West            Liz Conway                               Bruce G. Salvant
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Willie White                          Gail & Wis Laughlin             Dr. Alva B. Weir, III                 Glen Copeland                            Kay & Shelly Saslawsky
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler             Buddy Schweig & Lisa Kanter           Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stovall        Annette Jacobson Frankel           Erica Cowan                              Linda Schwend
The Tom Ricketts Family                        Laurel & Cady Reisman                 Jo Stovall                         David Taro Frankel                 Jan Craig                                Mary Ann Sharpe
   Susan & Richard Faber                         & Ted Martin                     Mr. & Mrs. Matt Stovall            Virginia Wells                        Nell Crawford                            Elizabeth Shaw
The Ed Roberson Family                      Karen Scott                              Jo Stovall                         JoAnn Webber                       Mary F. Crigger                          Velecia R. Shelton
   Susan & Richard Faber                       Joe Lackie                         Trena Packer Street                Carole West                           Crye-Leike Golf Scramble                 Dianne Shook
Patsy & Fred Roberts                        Kathy Shannon                            Joe Lackie                         Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Jan Culbreath                            Sharanjit Singh
   Sonny & Linda Adney                         Gail & Wis Laughlin                Traci, Mark & Carter Strickland       Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Curtis Neal Davis                        Wally & Sharon Sisk
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Robilio                   Dr. Susan Sharpe                         Gail & Wis Laughlin             The West CIinic Doctors & Staff       Ammie L. Davis                           Betty H. Smith
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                      Linda Wilson                       Kaye Strong                           David & Patricia Okeon             Elizabeth Dawkins                        Dr. Brad Somer
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Robinson                    Janet Sheahan                            Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Kay & Shelly Saslawsky             Hector Delgado                           Mr. & Mrs. Marc Sorin
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                      Carole West                        Dr. & Mrs. Henry Sullivant         Debbie & Garnett West                 Helen B. Deneka                          Melissa Speer
Mr. & Mrs. Cooper Robinson                  Charlie & Rebecca Sherman                Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Joe Lackie                         Tonita K. Derrickson                     Dr. Martha Stephens
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                      Gail & Wis Laughlin                Judy Sumner                        Dr. & Mrs. William West               Michael L. Drake                         Tracy Stewart
Charlotte Robinson                          Dr. & Mrs. Bhogi Sheth                   Como Bunko Club                    Susan & Richard Faber              Darnell Echols                           Jennifer Stewart
   Sonny & Linda Adney                         Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes      Christy Swindle                       Mr. & Mrs. George Falls            M. Emmons                                Linda Stoltz
Rod Robinson                                Mr. & Mrs. David Shores                  Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Kay & Shelly Saslawsky             Peggy & Sidney Evensky                   Chelsea Stovall
   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg                 Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Helen Swindler & Christina Adney      Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Reid & Trudi Evensky                     Kathy Stubblefield
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                    The John Shumacher Family                Sonny & Linda Adney             Olivia Westmoreland                   Arlene Favazza                           SunTrust Bank
Carolyn Rogers                                 Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Mr. & Mrs. John Synder                Olivia Westmoreland                Joyce Fisher                             Dr. & Mrs. Kurt W. Tauer
   Carole West                              Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sievers               Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams          WestRogers                            Annette Jacobson Frankel                 The Goldsmith Foundation
Shirley Rooker                                 Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton   Dr. Kurt Tauer                        Joe Lackie                         Ella Frazier                             Cynthia Y. Thomas
   Arleene Cullum                           Thomas N. Simmons                        Mimi & Graham Griffith          Julie Wharton                         Beverly Fryar                            Ruby Thompson
Lisa Rose                                      Sarah Blackburn                       Mary Louise Merrill                Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Diane Gaines                             Veronica Tronolone
   Joe Lackie                               Patsy Simonton                           Edward & Julia Morrow              Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Jena M. Gallo                            Donna Tubbs
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Rote                           Mr. & Mrs. Kermit B. Kaiser, Jr.      Becky Schultz                   Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wharton               Genetech BioOncology                     Carolyn Turner
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                   Sharanjit Singh                          Mr. & Mrs. Ray E. Young            Susan & Richard Faber              Demetrius Georgopoulos                   Sheila Underwood
Mary Rothe                                     Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Dr. Kurt Tauer & Staff             Dr. & Mrs. Benton Wheeler             Herb & Marlene Gerson                    Gloria Mae Wade
   John Rothe                                  Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Sharlene & Rick Anderson           Dr. Anita Arnold                   Jeff Green                               Mr. & Mrs. Ben Washington
Carolyn & Smokey Russell                    Dr. Linda & Elizabeth Smiley          Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         Augusta Greene                           Loretta Watson
   Sonny & Linda Adney                         Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis                Dr. Anita Arnold                   Steve & Debra Coplon               Rabbi & Mrs. Micah Greenstein            Gail Weesner
Rosanne Russell                             Dr. Linda M. Smiley                      Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis             Mrs. Marilyn L. Haas                     The West Clinic
   EI, Inc. - Christian, Mike, Alice, Pri      Dr. Anita Arnold                      Steve & Debra Coplon               Wayne & Ronda Kirkpatrick          Betty & Mack Hamblen                     Steve West
   Becky Schultz                               Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Peggy & Sidney Evensky             Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey         Debra Harney                             Susan M. West
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Steve & Debra Coplon                  Mr. & Mrs. George Falls            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              John G. Harris                           Dr. & Mrs. William W. West
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Saffel                          Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis             Dr. & Mrs. William West            Steven C. Harris                         Betty Wetter
   Linda Wilson                                Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey      Drs. Brady & Emmy Lou                 Connie & James Hart                      Julie & Michael Wharton
Gaye & Charles Saint                           Dr. & Mrs. William West               Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg          Whitehead                        Terri Haynes                             Dr. & Mrs. Ben M. Wheeler
   Sonny & Linda Adney                      Mr. & Mrs. James Smith                   Dr. & Mrs. William West            Linda Wilson                       Murray & Anna Heimberg                   Mary Adele White
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Salky                          Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Jim Taylor                         The Ken Whittington Family            Sally Hensley                            Rosa Lynn White
   Peggy & Sidney Evensky                   Dr. & Mrs. Herb Smith                    Susan & Richard Faber              Susan & Richard Faber              Jack & Mary Jo Higginbotham              Gerald Whitehead
Gloria Sangster-Fort                           Drs. Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes     Gracie Taylor                      Wilkinson/Chimenti Agency             Dr. Thomas D. Hodgkiss                   Venicellon Williams
   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg              Melissa Smith                            Carole West                        Joe Lackie                         Emily A. Hoffmann                        Chondra D. Williams
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Dr. Indu Tejwani                   Melissa Williams                      Teresa Holmes                            Mr. Bobby J. Wilson
Dr. Joseph Santoso                          Nancy Smith & Family                     Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes      Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Houston                Marta Wilson
   Rebecca Campbell                            Susan & Richard Faber              Anthony Testa                      Weese Williams                        Dr. Arthur Houts                         John L. Windless Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Santoso                   Dr. & Mrs. Bradley G. Somer              Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Sonny & Linda Adney                Emma Huffman                             N. J. Woods
   Dr. Anita Arnold                            Dr. Anita Arnold                      Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer           Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Williamson           Mabel G. Hughes                          Bobby Zinser
   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         Dr. Tapan Thakur                      Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Karen L. Humphrey                      Wings Staff & Volunteers
   Steve & Debra Coplon                        Steve & Debra Coplon                  The Tillmanns Family            Jane & Walter Wills                   Bette A. Hurdle                          Jo Buck
   Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey         Mr. & Mrs. Clay Thomas                Gail & Wis Laughlin                Toya A. Jackson                          David & Patricia Okeon
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams          Janice Wilson                         Larry Jackson                          Wings Volunteers
Kay & Shelly Saslawsky                      Ann & Darryl Sparks                   Lyndell Thomas                        Como Bunko Club                    Sue L. Jackson                           Elke & Frank Forester
   Marlene Gwathney                            Laurel & Cady Reisman                 Jean & R. G. Hoppe              Becky & Spence Wilson                 Gina & Thomas Johnson                  Mark Wiseman
Kay Usdan-Saslawsky                              & Ted Martin                     Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd Thomas               Ginger & Tony Graves               Nadine Jones                             Ralph & Gale Ramey
   Susan & Richard Faber                    Melissa Speer                            Gail & Wis Laughlin             Chris Wiltse                          June L. Judd                           Brenda Wiseman, R.N.C.
   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg                 Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Mary Jean Thomas                      Gail & Wis Laughlin                Lisa Kanter & Buddy Schweig              Sarah Blackburn
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Ralph & Gale Ramey              Wings Cancer Foundation               Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman                  Dr. & Mrs. William West
Dawn Sawyers                                James & Whitney Sperance              Stacy Thomas & Debbie Litch           LeAnn Ables                        Denise Kelsoe                          Dr. Dan Wissinger
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler                Ramona Chapman                        Joe Lackie                         Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Kathy Kenney                             Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton
Jo & Chris Schadrack                        “J T” Spicer                          Ruth Thompson                         Tom Adams                          Jim Keras Nissan                       Dr. & Mrs. Frank Witherspoon
   Sonny & Linda Adney                         Richard & Dorothy Spicer              Chris & Rita Giannini              Marcus Alexander                   Virginia Klettner                        Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Schaefer                  The Spivey Eye Clinic                 Doris Threets                         Mary & Ellis Alford                Mr. S. J. Kopald, Jr.                  Mr. & Mrs. James Wittenberg
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                      Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Evelyn Lincoln                     Amgen Inc.                         Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Kulpeksa            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Schaff                     Mr. & Mrs. Dan Springfield            Dr. & Mrs. Todd D. Tillmanns          Mrs. Jennifer Argo                 Manh Le                                Dr. Rodney Wolf
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                      Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Dr. Anita Arnold                   Dr. Anita Arnold                   Rita LeDoux                              Stephen & Golden Bearman
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         Maxie Bagwell                      Gigi Fernandez Lee
HONORIUM CONT.                        Jeanette Hollowell                          Dr. & Mrs. Mohan Karve                   Chyral K. Crawford
Rabbi Micah Greenstein                   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg                 Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes         Al Elchols
   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                    Dr. & Mrs. Seth Kaufman                  Paul Frye
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Mr. & Mrs. Ed Horn                             Dr. Anita Arnold                      Shelly Gourley
Sarah Griffin                            Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis                      Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Chris Graue
   Rayna Bomar                        Linda Horn                                     Steve & Debra Coplon                  Doug Haley
Mr. & Mrs. Walton Griffin                Dr. Anita Arnold                            Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis                Allison Hatcher
   Susan & Richard Faber                 EI, Inc. - Christian, Mike, Alice, Pri      Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri            Pamela Herbin
Sharon Grimes                            Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            John Huddleston
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Becky Schultz                               Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Kimmie Johnson
Richard Guizlo                           Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Jerry Jones
   Joe Lackie                         Dr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Houts                  Dr. Ray Ke                               Dennis Jones
Betty Gwaltney                           Dr. Anita Arnold                            The Tillmanns Family                  Don Kelly
   Mary R. Weinberg                      Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh               Debbie Kelly                             James Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Jan L. Gwin                   Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Carole West                           Evelyn Lincoln
   Mr. & Mrs. Bill Seawright             Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                    The Kemmons Wilson Family                Lawrence Madison
Marilyn Haas                             Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler                Susan & Richard Faber                 Debbie Mallory
   Peggy & Sidney Evensky             Peggy Hudson                                Jessica Kent                             Brian Malone
Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Haguewood               Ralph & Gale Ramey                          Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Bill McGaugh
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Adelaide Huey                               Dr. Sunny Khamapirad                     Chris Morganeli
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Halperin                 Gail & Wis Laughlin                         Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Vincient Nichols
   Peggy & Sidney Evensky             Dr. & Mrs. Allen Hughes                     Dr. & Mrs. Jaswant Khanna                Marguerite W. Page
Traci Hampton                            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                      Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes         Duane Porter
   Becky Schultz                         Gail & Wis Laughlin                      Peter Kim                                Glenda Proffett
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Dr. Randall Huling                             Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Becky Rollinson                    The Pink Ribbon Open was held in May and was very
Mr. & Mrs. T. Handal                     The Tillmanns Family                     Dorothy Kimbrough                        Emy Scott
   Jo Stovall                         Annette Humble                                 Sudie W. Alston                       Craig Sellers                      successful. Funds were granted to various local
Evelyn G. Lincoln                        EI, Inc. - Christian, Mike, Alice, Pri   Drs. Michael & Jennifer Kinnard          Diane Shannon                      clinics, hospitals, support groups including a grant to
   David Brooks                          Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Cherie Sheehan
Leonard & Shirley Harper                 Becky Schultz                            Ronda Kirkpatrick                        Keith Stephenson                   Wings. Pictured are (from left) Wings representatives
   Patty & Kenny Henry                   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Audrey Stevens                     Sally Hensley, programs coordinator, and Sandy
Linda Harriott                        Betty Humphreys                             Virginia Klettner                        Gwathney Chevrolet Body Shop
   Ralph & Gale Ramey                    Ralph & Gale Ramey                          Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Mark Via                           Patterson, excutive director and Kirk Mathews,
Wyvonia Woods Harris                  Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Hussey                        Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Robert Wardlaw                     president of The Breast Cancer Eradication Initiative.
   Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                   Mr. & Mrs. Preston Klinke                Lonnie Webb
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis                         Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Pattie Whitlock                     Ed Murray                             Charles Peete
Mr. & Mrs. Mason Hawkins                 Steve & Debra Coplon                     Shaletha Knox                            Amanda Wilbourn                        Becky Schultz                         Dr. & Mrs. William West
     and Family                          Dr. Anita Arnold                            Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Donna K. Williams                      Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Larry Perlberg
   Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh               The Dennis Koerner Family                Willie                              Dr. Monica Natarajan                     Susan & Richard Faber
Mr. & Mrs. Mason Hawkins                 Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Susan & Richard Faber                 Brian Winford                          The Tillmanns Family               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Peschel Family
   Kay & Shelly Saslawsky                Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                    KPC Performance Media                 Dr. James Linder                       Toya Neloms                              Susan & Richard Faber
Dr. & Mrs. Radwan Haykal                 Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler                Joe Lackie                            Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton       Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Angela Pettinger
   Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes      Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Jabbor                    Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Kriger              Jeni, Jamie & Lilly Linkous            Brooks Norman                            Ralph & Gale Ramey
Candy Hayth                              Karen & Phil Pedigo                         Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Gail & Wis Laughlin                    Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pettit
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Tammie James                                Jerry Kronenberg                      Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lomax                 Take Note                                Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Elizabeth Henderson                      Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler                Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg           Karen & Phil Pedigo                    Gail & Wis Laughlin                Sandra Pettit
   Beth Brown                         Jay & Renee Schwartzberg                       Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Drs. Tom & Diane Long                  Dr. & Mrs. Patrick O’Sullivan            Carole West
V. Keith Hendrix                         Marlene Gwathney                         Lorine Kruger                            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                 Karen & Phil Pedigo                Mr. & Mrs. John Phillips
   Dr. Katherine Grace Hendrix        The Frank Jemison Family                       Martha J. Nowlin                   Vickie Longer                          Ted Okon                                 Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Patty & Kenny Henry                      Susan & Richard Faber                    Dr. & Mrs. Larry Kuhn                    Joe Lackie                             Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schwartzberg        Dr. Guy Photopolus
   Leonard & Shirley Harper           Jennifer & Joe JenningsFamily                  Peggy & Sidney Evensky             Dr. Varna Love                            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Guadalupe & Jim Willis
Lisa Hiatt-Todd                          Gail & Wis Laughlin                      Dr. Billy Kutteh                         Dr. Russell Patterson, III          Mr. & Mrs. Billy Orgel                Dr. & Mrs. Guy Photopolus
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Sally Johnson                                  The Tillmanns Family               Leann Lovett                              Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Dr. Anita Arnold
John Hiltonsmith                         Sarah Blackburn                          Mr. & Mrs. James Lackie Family           Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler        Jennifer, Chris & Jack Oswalt            Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Dr. Robert Johnson                             Joe Lackie                         Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Lowe                   Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Steve & Debra Coplon
Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Hines                 Steve & Debra Coplon                        Susan & Richard Faber                 Dr. Anita Arnold                    Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Owens                   Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey
   Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri               Mr. & Mrs. Nat Landou                    Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh             Jo Stovall                            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
Donna Hines                              Guadalupe & Jim Willis                      Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes         Steve & Debra Coplon                Dr. James H. Owens                       Dr. & Mrs. William West
   Ralph & Gale Ramey                 Dr. Robert Johnson & Staff                  Dr. & Mrs. William A. Lankford           Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey             Bettye Goddard                     Cynthia Pinkston
Dr. & Mrs. Tom Hodgkiss                  Nanette Quinn                               Dr. Anita Arnold                      Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer               Dr. Arnel Pallera                        Ralph & Gale Ramey
   Dr. Anita Arnold                   Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Johnson                   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh         The Jim Machin Family                     Charles Adams                      Kim & Johnny Pitts
   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Dr. Anita Arnold                            Steve & Debra Coplon                  Susan & Richard Faber               Dr. & Mrs. Arnel Pallera                 Gail & Wis Laughlin
   Steve & Debra Coplon                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh                  Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey         Rhonda Maddox                             Dr. Anita Arnold                   Mr. & Mrs. Billy Plyler
   Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey                  Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Joe Lackie                             Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
   Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                       Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Dr. & Mrs. Arsen Manugians                Steve & Debra Coplon               Mr. & Mrs. Paul Portis
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Dr. Shawn Johnson                              Dr. & Mrs. William West               Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri             Dr. & Mrs. Raed Imseis                Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
Emily Hoffman                            The Tillmanns Family                     Dee Dee & Ned Laughlin                Marie Hansom                              Dr. & Mrs. Genaro Palmieri         Donna Prevost
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Carolyn & Jake Jones                           Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Sonny & Linda Adney                    Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Faye Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. Hamp Holcomb                  Sonny & Linda Adney                      Felix & B. G. Laughlin                Marion Quinlen                            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Ellie & Buddy Prude
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             The Kaiser Family                              Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Carole West                         Laura Palmertree                         Sonny & Linda Adney
Renee Holley                             Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                   Ned & Anne Laughlin                   Impact Marketing                          Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Debbie & Marty Pryor
   Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler       Lisa Kanter                                    Gail & Wis Laughlin                   Joe Lackie                          Dr. & Mrs. Genaro M. Palmieri            Gail & Wis Laughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hollis                Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes            Dr. Ron Lawson                        Dr. Santos Martinez                       Dr. Anita Arnold                   Kim Purser-Smith
   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams             Dr. Robert Kaplan                              Rebecca Campbell                      Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes          Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Becky Schultz
                                         Stephen & Golden Bearman                    Bettye Goddard                     Linda & Walter Mathis                     Steve & Debra Coplon               Dr. Karen Quigley & Dr. Ed Luce
                                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Lawson                 Ralph & Gale Ramey                     Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
                                                                                     Dr. Anita Arnold                   Janice McAffee                            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Sheppie Quinn
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                 Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Karen & Phil Pedigo
                                                                                     Steve & Debra Coplon               Tonya McDonald                         Dr. Genaro Palmieri & Staff           Dr. Mohammed Rafieetary
                                                                                     Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Carole West                            Mrs. Rosemary Ozanne                  Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Margaret McGee                         Jennifer Parker                       Delia Ramey & Mary Hill
                                                                                  Wendy & Jerry Laybourn                   Ralph & Gale Ramey                     Joe Lackie                            Ralph & Gale Ramey
                                                                                     Ralph & Gale Ramey                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Haynes McNeill       Stephanie Parrish                     Dr. & Mrs. Brooks Ramsey
                                                                                  Gigi Fernandez Lee                       Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                 Martha Black                          Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. William West            Mr. & Mrs. Tom McPherson               Dr. Gary Passons                      Teresa Randolph
                                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Paul Lee                      Mr. & Mrs. Kermit B. Kaiser, Jr.       Drs. Eisenstatt, Usdan & Hampton      Ralph & Gale Ramey
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. William West            Charlotte & Bill Milnor                Dr. & Mrs. James Pate                 Mr. & Mrs. Woody Ray
                                                                                  Bonnie Legg                              William H. Milnor                      Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams
                                                                                     Becky Schultz                      Dr. & Mrs. Pervis Milnor               The Bill Patrick Family               Betty Ray
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Karen & Phil Pedigo                    Susan & Richard Faber                 Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler
                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Al Lehman                  Dr. Anna Mize                          Dr. & Mrs. Russell Patterson          Mr. & Mrs. Bill Razzouk
                                                                                     Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Dr. Russell Patterson, III             Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Adams                Susan & Richard Faber
                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Greg Lehman                Drs. Shamim & Moin Moinuddin              Mr. & Mrs. George Falls            Dr. Jarvis Reed
                                                                                     Peggy & Sidney Evensky                Drs.Cecile & Joseph G. Fenyes       Sandy Patterson                          Rebecca Campbell
                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Dick Leike                 Monday Morning Volunteers                 Dr. & Mrs. William West            Dr. & Mrs. Jarvis D. Reed
  Wings received a check from the Sherry Park                                        Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Arleene Cullum                      Dr. James Patterson                      Dr. Anita Arnold
  Memorial Golf Tournament sponsored by Crye-                                     The Bill Levy Family                  Betty & Howard Moore                      The Tillmanns Family                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh
                                                                                     Susan & Richard Faber                 Ralph & Gale Ramey                  Janice & Honorable Charles Pazar         Steve & Debra Coplon
  Leike’s Germantown Poplar branch office. The                                    Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Lieberman           Bill Moore                                Dr. Anita Arnold                      Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey
  annual tournament is named for the founder, Sherry                                 Karen & Phil Pedigo                   Ralph & Gale Ramey                     Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh            Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
                                                                                  Evelyn G. Lincoln                     Brenda & Bobby Moore                      Dr. & Mrs. Mark Reed               Kim & Darlynn Reed
  Park, a former managing broker who lost her battle                                 Marcia Allen                          Ralph & Gale Ramey                     Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey            Ralph & Gale Ramey
  with cancer in 1995. Pictured are (from left) Dan                                  Christopher Anderson               Janet & Roger Moore                       Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer              Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Reed
                                                                                     Bob Bailey                            Ralph & Gale Ramey
  Quinley and Sherry Hulen, tournament co-chairmen                                   Brad Balletine                     Judy & Homer Moore
                                                                                                                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Benton M. Wheeler          Dr. Anita Arnold
                                                                                                                                                               The Richard Pearson Family               Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Besh
  and Wings representatives Sally Hensley, programs                                  Greg Barclay                          Ralph & Gale Ramey                     Susan & Richard Faber                 Steve & Debra Coplon
  coordinator, and Marlene Gerson, director of                                       Jim Bledsoe                        Mr. & Mrs. Jack Moore Family           Trina Peery                              Drs. Sylvia & Steve Richey
                                                                                     David Brown                           Susan & Richard Faber                  Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer                 Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Tauer
  development.                                                                       Tony Che
                                                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                             MEMPHIS, TN
100 NORTH HUMPHREYS BOULEVARD                                                                                PERMIT NO. 03983

  The mission of Wings Cancer
  Foundation is to provide hope,
education, research and support to
    anyone touched by cancer.
 If you recieve duplicate mailings
 please help share our mission by
    passing one on to a friend.

     East Memphis: 901.322.2984                       Midtown: 901.322.0447                         Southaven: 622.996.1083
                    Women With Wings                                                   Moving Toward Health
            Open to all women touched by cancer.                  Three part fitness series designed specifically for cancer patients.
   East Location: Meets on 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6:00pm
                                                                                         Exercise for Strength
                      Wings of Hope                                                  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
   Cancer support group open to all patients and families.                                9:00am - 10:00am
  Midtown Location: Meets on the 3rd Thursday at 10:00am                             Shelby Farms Visitors Center
  Southaven Location: Meets on the 4th Tuesday at 4:30pm
                                                                                         11:00am - 12:00pm
                           Prayer Circle                                           DeSoto Athletic Club - Southaven
  Through prayer, meditation, & soothing music we will seek to
                                                                                          Yoga for Relaxation
strengthen the spirit, calm the emotions, enhance the enjoyment
                                                                                       Tuesdays 12:00pm - 1:00pm
               of each day, & offer our concerns.
                                                                                      Shelby Farms Visitors Center
              East Location: Thursday at 10:00am
          Midtown Location: Wednesday at 12:00pm                                          Tai Chi for Balance
             Southaven Location:Tuesday at 9:00am                                     Thursdays 12:00pm - 1:00pm
                                                                                      Shelby Farms Visitors Center
                        Life’s Tapestry
 Open to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one from cancer.                                 Nutritionist
       Call individual locations for more information.                  Registered Dietitian to address your nutritional needs.
                                                                  East Location: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 9:30am - 2:30pm
                       Resource Center                            Southaven & Midtown Locations: Check with Programs Coordinators
         Includes a lending library of cancer resources.
                         All Locations                                                Nutrition & You Monthly Topics
                                                                  Call individual locations for schedule. Open to all patients and families.
                         Labyrinth                                               Feb - Love Your Heart Healthy Diet
One-third mile contemplative walk. Walking the labyrinth can           Mar - Eating to Manage Side Effects From Treatment
      quiet the mind, reduce stress and open the heart.                        Apr - Food Myths and Misconceptions
                  East Memphis Location                            May - Eating to Overcome Fatigue During and After Treatment

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