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					               Hi there, 

                                           Thank you for your interest in Theaterfun, the 
       premier children’s parties and Theater specialists! 

We are offering a great business for anyone who wants to work from home and make a 
good living. 

 This opportunity deals with children and the arts; it is called Theaterfun, where we go 
into schools – preschool and elementary and also community centers and offer high 
quality enrichment classes in Theater and Manners.  We also offer high quality Princess 
and Pirate theater birthday parties on the weekends. 

                          Theaterfun was created to provide a good income working either 
               full time or part time, while also bringing the arts to children through 
               theater.  In fact our mission statement is “to nurture children’s self esteem 
               through the performing arts”. So, as you can see it is a win­ win for us and 


Theaterfun is in operation in several cities and I have been operating my own in San Jose 
for over 10 years and have experienced first hand the joy and delight in children as they
find “their voice” through theater, pretending and creativity.  TheaterFun is dedicated to 
bringing the power of the performing arts to your child. 

               I am writing you because there are currently Theaterfun Licenses available 
               in your area, but they will not last long.  If you want to pursue going 
               forward, I will send you an application. Once you have been accepted and 
               you qualify to move forward we will send the License agreement and a 
               detailed package of everything that  is available to you as a Licensee. 
               This is an opportunity  that will not only be a wonderful experience for 
               you but more importantly you will be helping to instill creativity and self­ 
               confidence into this and all succeeding generations of children! 

               We are excited about your interest in becoming a TheaterFun Licensee. 

I am also sending along a partial list of everything in the packages. 

                Complete Theaterfun packages start at $4995 and up to $8990, depending 
       on the supply packages purchased.  You have a choice of getting both fabulous 
       opportunities: the unique and creative Birthday Parties and the outstanding theater 
       and Manners School Workshops and Assemblies, or you can pick one or the 
               Initial cost for the Theaterfun License is $4995. In addition to the Initial 
       cost after the first year there is an Annual License fee of $495. 

                Additional optional charges for supply packages are as follows: 

1)  Birthday Party Package, this includes Fairy, Royal Princess and Mermaid 
Princess Packages. Each package contains:

   ·   Costumes for 25 children for Fairy, Mermaid and Royal Princess,
       (Complete list available)
   ·   Adult sized Fairy Wings
   ·   Adult size Mermaid costume
   ·   Original orchestrated and narrated stories on CDs,
   ·   100 "Princess" Coloring sheets....to get you started
   ·   100 glitter tattoos..to get you started
   ·   a Tiara and Wand example - as give-away to birthday child
   ·   10 wands
   ·   10 Tiaras
   ·   Ribbon, hot glue gun and flowers to decorate wand and tiara "give-
   ·   Plush Fairytale book to put original Fairy, Mermaid and Royal Princess
       stories in
   ·   Props to fit each fantasy story,
   ·   Complete instructions and the needed paperwork…
   ·   Plus much more! ­ $2995.00

2) Theater and Manners Classes and School Assemblies Package:

   ·    Step by step instructions on how to get into schools, the
       scripts to use, brochures and all the necessary paperwork.
   ·   Instructions on how to hire and train potential “leaders”,
   ·   Complete curriculum for a 4 week, 6 week and 8 week Joy of
       Theater Class, Improv, Theater 101 class, plus Fairy Tale
       Theater class.
   ·   Magnificent costumes for our In School Theater "Warrior
       Prince" Workshops which keep your business running during
       the summer! This package has beautiful medieval costumes
       and props for 35 children, an orchestrated and narrated
       soundtrack along with a medieval story book to keep your
       stories in
   ·   Complete instructions for the "Improv Assembly"
   ·   Teacher (Leader) Binder with inserts for "Improv Assembly"
   ·   4 ft. by 8 ft. collapsible and portable puppet stage
   ·   A book on theater games for children
   ·   Story book for the puppet shows and performance
   ·   Beautiful brochures
   ·   Theater certificates for children after completion of each 4,
       6, or 8 week session
   ·   Annual curriculum
   ·   Teacher (Leader) binder filled with Role sheets, etc.
   ·   "Onstage" Newsletter to send home to parents
   ·   ….. Plus more! 

One of the most sought after classes is the Manners Class and we include

   ·   Curriculum and complete teacher instructions for
   ·   Manners, Inc classes for children (ages 7­10) and
   ·   Manners for Little People Classes (For children ages 4­7)
   ·   Recaps for the children to fill out during or after each class
   ·   Manners Certificates after completion of class
   ·   Beautiful brochures
   ·   Plus much more! ­ $1995.00 

3) Both of above packages when purchased together $3995.00 – a savings of 

This is a very flexible business and can be changed and added to continually! 
There will always be children, so there will always be a need for children's 
parties and school theater and Manners classes! 

If you have questions please call us at 408.778.6231 

              Again, we are excited about your interest in becoming a TheaterFun 
       Licensee!  Check us out at www.theaterfun.com

Carol Romo
Director Of Dreams

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