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                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1
                                                                                                  May 1, 2008!

 Over 170 registrations received during the first hour
  of online summer camp registration in March
 154 girls earned the Girl Scout Gold, Silver and
  Bronze Awards this year
 More than 1500 girls donated over 16 tons of items
  during Goodwill’s “Good Turn Days”
 Pictured to right: Girl Scout Cadettes make the Girl
  Scout Promise to serve and live according to the
  time-honored values of the Girl Scout Law

                                                           1384 girls served in summer 2007 programming
                                                           2183 individuals served through Camp Mary Elizabeth public
                                                            swim program
                                                           2008 membership year kickoff orientation attended by 100
                                                           Over 1000 adult volunteers trained to date for leadership and
                                                            program delivery
                                                           282 troops learned about healthy living while participating in the
                                                            fall 2007 product sale
                                                           Long-range property planning began in April
                                                           Pictured to left: Girl Scout volunteers enjoy fellowship while
                                                            learning outdoor skills at Troop Camping training

 Over 250 membership recruitment activities held
 Targeted program activities conducted with middle school girls
  in 3 counties; in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs, Salvation
  Army, YMCAs and churches; at 26 summer outreach sites;
  and within the Dept. of Juvenile Justice and state detention
 Membership outreach grants approved to date total over
 New Web site scheduled to appear in May
 Pictured to right: Community Development Managers learn
  how to involve more girls and families in Girl Scouting during
  inaugural Inter-Council Hispanic Initiative Conference hosted
  by Mountains to Midlands

Building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
                  Cookies are ready, set….gone, but there’s lots to celebrate!

                                                           the 000
                                                       Mo 1,
                                                   tar ver 2 kies
                                               e S o oo           .
                                           Blu ped of c diers
                                             i p es          l r    s!
                                           sh ox r so s fo oop
                                              b ou nk r tr
                                                 to Tha ou

                                                                   Left: Girl Scouts,
                                                                   volunteers and staff
                                                                   worked together to
                                                                   make this year’s sale
                                                                   a success

                                                                     Below: Girls learn
                                                                      financial manage-
                                                                     ment skills through
                                                                        their cookie sale
Above: Girl Scouts made booth                                             responsibilities
signs at February’s Haywood Mall
cookie kickoff rally                                                                                 Above: Girl Scout Seniors
                                                                                                     from across SC presented
                                                                                                        cookies to Gov. Sanford
                                                                                                         during Legislative Page
  Right: Girl                                                                                                    Week in March
Scouts taped
    spots at
    Radio to
 booth sales
                                                                      Right: Lucas McFadden,
                                                                    WIS-TV host, tries a cookie
                                                                     recipe with Girl Scouts on
                                                                    “Live with Lucas!” morning
                                                                             show in Columbia

                                          2008        4 girls sold 2,000+ packages
                                         Cookie      17 girls sold 1,500+ packages
                                                     44 girls sold 1,000+ packages
                                          Sale      390 girls sold 500+ packages
                                         by the     715 troops/groups participated
                                                     councilwide average of 196 packages
Above: Blue Star Mothers & Fountain
                                        Numbers                       sold per registered girl
       Inn Guardsmen load cookies
   Below: Girls send a message to our
                                                                                                      GO G
                 service men & women
                                                                                             Coming Soon:      !
                                                                                      2008 Fall Product Sale

                                                                                     Observe and Conserve;
                                                                                    Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

                                                          Page 2
               Congratulations to our 2007-08 outstanding girl leaders!

      Girl Scout Gold Awardees                                          Girl Scout Silver Awardees
Andrea Bickley,       Chapin Juliette Girl Scout                  Ashlynn Austin         Lexington Troop 218
Courtney Brezinski    Easley Troop 443                            Jocelyn Boulware       Chester Troop 3187
Caryn Cortez          Easley Troop 594                            Amanda Brogdon         Sumter Troop 5111
                                                                  Renada Chisholm        Chester Troop 3187
Kimberly Davis        Chester Troop 3187
                                                                  Celina Collins         Greer Troop 78
Shynequa Elam         Chester Troop 3187
                                                                  Takiyah Collins        Lexington Troop 218
Amanda Finney         Columbia Troop 1242                         Hayden Cross           Taylors Troop 659
Meghan Haller         Greer Troop 427                             Holly Ellis            Heath Springs Troop 3671
Kiamesha Halsey       Chester Troop 3187                          Lindsey Foley          Greer Troop 78
Amanda Hassan         Columbia Troop 1477                         Britney Frazier        Lexington Troop 218
Danielle Herring      Easley Troop 515                            Monica Fric            Greer Troop 78
Kristina Humphries    Lancaster Troop 624                         Emily Frierson         Columbia Troop 1242
Johanna Izett         Irmo Troop 1345                             Jennifer Gaines        Greenville Troop 515
Amanda Johnson        West Union Troop 671                        Jessica Gaines         Greenville Troop 515
Erin Kelly            Spartanburg Troop 142                       Ana Gibson             Greer Troop 78
                                                                  Shannon Hardy          Chester Troop 3187
Heather L’Ecuyer      Columbia Troop 1242
                                                                  Megan Heijjer          Greer Troop 78
Kristin Leskoske      Irmo Troop 1196                             Kaitlyn Hemphill       Spartanburg Troop 20
Marisa Markwardt      Simpsonville Troop 17                       Kara Hoffman           Greer Troop 78
Katherine McInnis     Columbia Troop 1242                         Kayla Holcomb          Taylors Troop 659
Holly Meeks           Easley Troop 433                            Lakin Hynes            Sumter Troop 5111
Emily Schrank         Greer Troop 427                             Brittany Jackson       Roebuck Troop 3061
Caroline Washnock     Greer Troop 17                              Grace Keating          Lancaster Troop 3671
                                                                  Christine Lagror       Simpsonville Troop 376
                                                                  Jenna Lew              Greenville Troop 376
  South Carolina Legislative Pages                                Sarah Maney            Simpsonville Troop 3532
                                                                  Rebecca McCain         Greenville Troop 376
Raven Carroway        Irmo Troop 289                              Elizabeth Minten       Simpsonville Troop 252
Gilvonni Fulmore      Columbia Troop 289                          Elizabeth Moore        Greer Troop 78
Amanda Johnson        West Union Troop 671                        Mary Catherine Pflug   Spartanburg Troop 20
Katherine McCoy       Walhalla Troop 671                          Carla Price            Lancaster Troop 3671
Heather McGowan       Columbia Troop 967                          Metta Price            Lexington Troop 218
Michelle Nuovo        Lexington Troop 983                         Amie Rischbieter       Clinton Troop 305
Leigh Reamer          Chapin Troop 967                            Kathleen Roberson      Spartanburg Troop 20
                                                                  Brenna Schneider       Greenville Troop 659
                                                                  Emily Shull            Lexington Troop 218
                                                                  Allison Soliman        Lancaster Troop 3671
             Look for Ten-Year Pin Recipients,                    Tranyce Spann          Columbia Troop 2232
               destinations Participants and                      Stephanie Strasser     Piedmont Troop 515
            Junior Girl Scout Bronze Awardees                     Sarah Strickland       Greenville Troop 659
                     in the next issue!                           Ti'Kierra Strong       Chester Troop 3187
                                                                  California Torry       Columbia Troop 1242
                                                                  Maren Trofatter        Simpsonville Troop 3532
                                                                  Shia Walsh             Greenville Troop 78
                             Call for applications:               Rebecca Welch          Greenville Troop 659
                        2008 National Young Women                 Kelsey Wood            Simpsonville Troop 376
                               of Distinction                     Stephanie Woody        Simpsonville Troop 252
                                                                  Tarica Young           Wellford Troop 142
                         Recognized as standard-bearers of
                     excellence, 10 Young Women of Distinction
                                will be honored at the
                          National Council Session this fall
                     in Indianapolis. Download application from
                                                      Pictured: 2008 SC Legislative Pages
                                                                                        take a photograph break
                           and submit to council by May 15                          in Columbia’s State House lobby

                                                       Page 3
Scenes from our first year...

                                Summer fun is just ahead at
                                Camp Congaree (Lexington),
                                Camp Mary Elizabeth
                                (Spartanburg) and Camp
                                WaBak (Marietta). See our
                                camp brochure and register
                                online at
                                Left: Mountains to Midlands
                                Board member Zandra
                                Johnson meets Girl Scout
                                Juniors and their leader, Mary
                                Johnston (middle), at
                                Greenville’s Sterling Center in
                                Over 100 girls bowled and
                                donated canned food to a
                                Spartanburg soup kitchen in
                                Midlands Brownies sang
                                carols and collected items for
                                California fire victims in
                                Mountains to Midlands’ SC
                                Legislative Page delegation
                                on the State House stairs in
                                In March, Midlands troops of
                                all ages participated in Girl
                                Scout Sunday activities at
                                           their churches

                                           Girl Scout Daisies
                                           are ready to bridge
                                           to Brownie Girl
                                           Scouting for the
                                           2008 membership

             Page 4
                             Mountains to Midlands

“Mr. Z,” teacher at Greenville’s
East North Street Academy,
guided Girl Scouts in making
exciting science discoveries
Girl Scout Brownie and Junior
troops learned about aquatic life
and deep-sea diving at Ripley’s
Aquarium in Gatlinburg
Girls at Anderson County’s
annual Girl Scout Birthday Bash
enjoyed cake while decorating
and filling 527 gift bags for Meals
on Wheels clients
Hundreds of Girl Scout Brownies
sprouted wings at April’s Camp
WaBak Fairy Myst Festival

The Legend of the Schmooney
literacy activities made learning
fun and encouraged these Girl
Scouts at Welcome Elementary
School to
practice their
new skills by
reading aloud
to elders in
their    com-

                                                                          In May…
                                                               Watch for the debut of the new

                                                                          In June…
                                                            Contest for girls to name the quarterly
                                                                     council newsletter!
                                                             Contest for volunteers to name the
                                                             annual program/training calendar!

                                                   Page 5
                                            Thanks for your leadership!
      To Our Girl Scout Family
On March 17, 2008 I became the new                                                                                            Chair of
President/CEO of Girl Scouts of South                                                                                       the Board
Carolina – Mountains to Midlands.                                                                                               Karen
With Penny Cooper and Pam Hyland’s                                                                                            Mitchell
                                                                                                                                was in
leadership, our trio successfully com-                                                                                          on the
pleted the first phase of realignment.                                                                                      Newberry
With the support of a dedicated team                                                                                          surprise
of volunteers, generous donors and                                                                                        celebration
community partners, and a great staff,                                                                                    of Penny’s
our realignment has been the first                     Above: Kim and Pam share
milestone on our journey to becoming                   thanks and congratulations
a high-capacity council capable of
fulfilling our mission to build girls of
courage, confidence, and character,                                                 Left: Staff honored Pam Hyland and
who make the world a better place.                                                  Penny Cooper’s legacy of leadership
                                                                                    on their last day on the job
As we build on the legacy of the past,
I look forward to the days ahead. To
be successful as a council and as                                                             Below: Director of Program Services
individuals we must work together to                                                         Lynn Arve presents Pam with staff gift
                                                                                               of a spa retreat, including costume!
foster good relationships – the key to
change and “making our world bigger
so that more of our greatness can
show up,” in the words of Meg
Wheatley, national business consult-
ant. We must focus on making new
friends as we develop relationships
across the council, seizing opportuni-
ties to work with each other, connect-
ing girls and volunteers with commu-        Below: Council staff met in Newberry
nity partners from Oconee to Camden
and Gaffney to Sumter.
Our council is working hard to move
forward in providing programs to meet
the needs and interests of girls today.
We are defining a leadership experi-
ence with measurable results. We are
discovering flexible ways for busy
volunteers to serve. We are tapping
new funding resources like the 40 mil-
lion alumnae nationwide. We are pro-
moting a relevant, reinvigorated
brand. We are creating an efficient
organizational structure and govern-
ance system. We will make good on
our promise to young women and to                                                            Above: Director of Volunteer Services
our communities to develop leaders                                                             Marsha Robertson presents Penny
and responsible citizens.                                                                          with staff gift for new golf clubs

My commitment is to our continued
forward progress. Our goals continue        Above: Volunteers and
to inspire us all to do our best. Girl      friends gathered at the
Scouting helps girls discover their         Mauldin Service Center
                                            to wish Penny a happy
potential as leaders. As Mountains to
Midlands we want to build and main-
tain the quality pathways on which
                                             Right: Directors met at
girls can journey toward a prosperous        HQ to honor Kim during
future. Thank you for joining us on this            her first week as
journey.                                      Mountains to Midlands
                              Kim Hutzell     CEO
                          President/CEO                           Page 6
                                                 Thanks for your support!

                                                                                                                 Board of
                                                                                                                Karen Mitchell
                                                                                                                 Vice Chair
Above: Diane Vecchio and Julia Lyons enjoy                                                                     Katrina Williams
Emerald Circle brunch in March
                                                         Above: Troop 428 with 2008 Women of Distinction         Treasurer
Below: Beth Hrubala and Katherine Fulmer                    Chief Patty Patterson, Donna Sorensen, Sarah         Mze Wilkins
at Spartanburg’s WINGS luncheon                               Shuptrine, Linda Stern and Ann Marie Taylor
                                                                                                            Members at Large
                                                                                                               William Barnett
                                                                                                                   Ruth Cate
                                                                                              Left: The      Traci Young Cooper
                                                                                              Girls’           Kathleen Finlay
                                                                                              Choir               Jane Gaino
                                                                                              performed          Mark James
                                                                                              at the           Zandra Johnson
                                                                                              WINGS           H. Robert Mazzoli
                                                                                              in                Cathy McCabe
                                                                                              November          Tom Nuckolls
                                                                                                                  Carol Scott
                                                                                                                 Minor Shaw
                                                                                                                Carol Simpson
                                                                                                                 Louise Slater
                                                                                                                 Mel Stebbins

                                                                                                             National Council
                                           Below: WINGS supporters gathered in Columbia                         Delegates
                                                                                                                 Patty Bock
                                                                                                                 Ruth Cate
                                                                                                                Dee Goforth
                                                                                                                 Kim Hutzell
                                                                                                                 Cora Lister
                                                                                                               Karen Mitchell
Above: Campaign Chair Harriett Ike
presents Emerald Circle scarf to new                                                                          Katrina Williams
member Nancy Finkell                                                                                          Kimberley Wilson
                                                                                                                Terry Yarbro

                                                                                                             National Council
                                                                                                               Ginger Church
                                                                                                                 Kim Neel
                                                                                                                Jean Shew

Above: New Board members and National Council Delegates are installed at February’s Annual Meeting

                                                                       Page 7
Girl Scouts of South Carolina—                                                       US Postage
Mountains to Midlands, Inc.                                                             PAID
                                                                                    Columbia, SC
130 Pinnacle Point Court, Suite 100                                                  Permit #35
Columbia, SC 29223

    Girl Scouts of South                                                       2008 Girl Scout Gold
   Carolina—Mountains to                                                         and Silver Award
                                                                                   May 4 at 2:30 PM
     Columbia Service Center                                                   Clinton First Presbyterian
130 Pinnacle Point Court, Suite 100                                                     Church
       Columbia, SC 29223
          803.782.5133                                                            Camp Congaree
       Mauldin Service Center
       412 East Butler Street                                                      June 8 – July 11
        Mauldin, SC 29662
           864.297.5890                                                        Camp Mary Elizabeth
     Spartanburg Service Center
     349A East Blackstock Road                                                    June 9 – August 1
      Spartanburg, SC 29301
           864.576.2514               Girlz Gear will be open on Saturday,         Camp WaBak
                                                     May 3rd                         Sessions
 5 Independence Pointe, Suite 120                   June 7th                      June 8 – August 1
       Greenville, SC 29615                         July 12th
          864.770.1400                                                         Lego Ocean Odyssey
                                           from 10:00 AM—1:00 PM                     Camp
         Service Center Hours
           M-W-F 8:30-5:30                                                           July 14 – 18
            T-Th 8:30-7:00              coupons available at