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									             Planning The Catholic

                     Holy Cross Parish

    “Do not let your hearts be troubled.
         You have faith in God;
         Have faith also in me.”
                 John 14:1

Revised 11/10/2005
     Planning The Catholic Funeral
      Introduction:                                                    You are encouraged to help plan your
                                                               Funeral Liturgy well in advance in order that your
               We know that someday we will die. The           loved ones may celebrate your life and mourn your
      body that has been the physical expression of            loss. Indeed, you may even wish to consult your
      who we are and how we love will cease to                 family in this planning process. This planning
      function. Nonetheless, the death we expect is            guide is provided to enable you to do so.
      rarely the death we experience. Whether it comes
      swiftly after a long life or slowly while someone        Planning:
      is still young, death is always startling. While
      anticipated, death still surprises us.                            This guide has been prepared to help you in
                                                               planning your funeral. It is important to realize that
               As Catholics we believe that through our        in most cases you will be listing preferences. Even
      baptism we experience a kind of death, to                though the parish staff wishes to be sensitive to
      ourselves and to the world. We were claimed for          your feelings, sometimes for various reasons not
      Christ, we belong to him. Having ‘died’ with             all your preferences can be honored. Please keep in
      Christ in baptism, we believe we shall rise with         mind when noting your liturgical preferences that
      him on the last day. Our physical death,                 the funeral rites take place as part of the Church’s
      therefore, is really a preparation for eternity. It is   overall liturgical life. Therefore, for example, the
      this life of baptismal promise and commitment,           music you choose should be from hymns and
      which we celebrate in the Catholic Funeral               songs you regularly hear during the Sunday
      Liturgy. In this liturgy we remember not only the        liturgy.
      life of one who has died but also the presence of
      the Lord Jesus in that person’s life.                    The Wake And Vigil:

              The Catholic Funeral Liturgy has several                 Historically, the wake receives its name
      ritual moments, through which we do two things.          from the intention of the family and community to
      First, we commend the dead person to the Lord.           ‘stay awake’. A person who loved and was loved
      Second, we console and support those closest to          by the Lord, who had incalculable worth and
      him or her, aid and strengthen the whole                 dignity as a human being has died. We set aside
      community in our faith that on the last day the          time to pray and reflect, to gather and support one
      Lord will recognize all whom he calls his own.           another. We stop what we would ordinarily be
      We commit ourselves to going on, living in faith,        doing to mark this passage. This ‘waking’ or
      hoping in the promises of the Lord until that day        ‘staying awake’ is a holy time. It is marked by
      we all meet around the heavenly banquet table            recollecting not only the life of the deceased, but
                                                               also the work of the Lord in our loved one’s life.
              These ritual moments — from the wake,
      which testifies to the dignity of each human                     Local custom considers the ‘funeral home’
      being through the sprinkling of holy water,              as the place for most of the wake or what is often
      which recalls his or her baptismal promise, until        called ‘visitation’.
      the final commendation and burial, which sets
      aside time and space for the physical remains of                 The Catholic Vigil Service, which
      this child of God — all work together to                 normally concludes the wake, is normally held in
      proclaim our faith that Christ who died for us           the church. This is the place where the baptismal
      and has risen from the dead will not forget his          commitment was made and where the person
      own.                                                     ‘tasted the goodness of the Lord in the Eucharist. It
                                                               can also be the most appropriate place for the final

Revised 11/10/2005
        expression of hope and farewell.                    custom that one of the parish lectors proclaims
                                                            any readings apart from the Gospel, however
                The Vigil Service Can take one of two       you may ask a relative or friend to proclaim the
        forms. If can consist of Evening Prayer from        readings. It is also possible to select certain
        the Liturgy of the Hours for the Dead or it can     hymns/songs. These will be done according to
        be similar to a Liturgy of the Word. In both        the musical talents. The choir can sing the
        cases it consists of a series of psalms, readings   Responsorial Psalm or a hymn in place of the
        and intercessory prayers appropriate for all        psalm.
        Christians who gather. In this service we may
        experience the power of Scripture as never          Vigil Service Themes and Scripture
        before, as it speaks to our need for consolation    Readings for the Funeral and Memorial
        and strength. Scripture unites us with mourners     Mass:
        across a wide variety of Christian traditions.
                                                                    There are a few binders in the office,
               It is also customary, although not           which have the vigil themes and scripture
        mandatory, to add a portion of the Rosary to        passages for the services. Please pick one up
        the Vigil Prayers. Also, music is an important      from the office to choose the readings and
        part of our prayer life and therefore we            return it afterwards for others to use.
        endeavor to have as much sung prayer as
        possible.                                           Music Selections:

                In addition to a formal Vigil Service,              A number of selections are possible
        prayers may be offered at any time during a         from the lists provided for the Catholic Book
        wake. These may be done privately at the            of Worship III and the Glory and Praise
        casket, or publicly in a group.                     hymnals at the back of the binders. On the lists
                                                            there is a selection of sheet music not in the
                A question, which often arises is: ‘May     hymnals.
        I have the casket open during the Vigil Service
        or must it remain closed?’ This depends totally            The parts of the Mass (Holy, Holy,
        upon your wishes. At the Funeral Mass the           Memorial Acclamation and Great Amen as
        casket must remain closed, but during the Vigil     well as the Lamb of God) are usually selected
        Service the casket may be open or remain            in accord with the choir’s ability.
        closed. If it remains closed during the prayers
        then you may wish to have it opened after the               It is the tradition of the parish to have a
        prayer service so that mourners may offer a         choir sing at each Funeral Liturgy. The number
        final good-bye. There is no set custom.             of singers and musicians depends upon the
                                                            season of the year and the time of day. Funeral
                All of these prayers at a Wake or at a      Liturgies are celebrated according to good
        Catholic Vigil Service may be offered by a          liturgical practice, which demands assembly
        priest or by any layperson.                         participation. For this reason rather than a
                                                            soloist/organist alone at the liturgy, which
        Liturgical Information:                             often does not encourage assembly
                                                            participation, the parish custom is to have a
               In planning the liturgy portion of your      choir lead us in sung prayer.
        funeral it is important to do so in consultation
        with a priest. It is possible to choose one         The Funeral Liturgy:
        reading as indicated below. The reading is
        either from the Old Testament or the New                   The Mass of Christian Burial follows
        Testament, excluding the Gospels. It is the         very closely the structure of Sunday Eucharist.
                                                            The Introductory Rites recall the baptismal

Revised 11/10/2005
      promise. The placing of a pall on the coffin, a        Final Commendation and Burial:
      decorated white cloth reminiscent of the white
      robe given each of the newly baptized, symbolizes               After communion the priest addresses the
      his or her new life in Christ...or when there is a     assembly and invites them to commend their
      Vigil Service, the Introductory Rites would be         dead sister or brother to the Lord. This period of
      done on the prior evening.                             prayer is the beginning of the final farewell
                                                             process, which ends in burial or cremation. A
              The Liturgy of the Word includes two or        song is sung while the body of the deceased is
      three readings (your choice), from both the Old        carried from the church. At the cemetery the
      and New Testaments. Between the readings there         faithful take their leave of their dead brother or
      is a Responsorial psalm and prior to the               sister. Before they depart, the mourners pray also
      proclamation of the Gospel there is a gospel           for themselves, for strength to sustain them in
      acclamation. The homily draws a message of hope        their present grief, and for serenity at the time of
      and confidence in the Lord. The homily is not a        their own death.
      eulogy, but rather a reflection on the power and
      presence of the Lord in the Scriptures, in the         Memorial Services:
      Church, and in the life of the deceased. We pray
      for the family and friends of the person who has               When possible the physical remains of
      died, but also for the needs of the wider              the dead person are to be present for the funeral.
      community. We are reminded here that we are not        The body is the outward expression of what we
      isolated in our grief, but bound to all of humanity.   believe and how we love it. It is the body as well
                                                             as the soul that is washed clean in baptism, the
             The Church discourages a eulogy at the          body, which is physically united with Jesus in
      Funeral Mass and prefers that a Eulogy be given        the Eucharist, and the body, which at last is
      at the Vigil Service. However, common custom           anointed.
      often still sees the eulogy given at the Funeral
      Mass.                                                  Cremation:
             A Eulogy ought to be authentic and
      address both the positive and less positive aspects            While the cremation of Roman Catholics
      of the person’s life. In the context of a Catholic     is allowed, it is still preferable in our tradition
      Funeral Liturgy, it ought to bring to mind the         that the physical remains of the person — the
      person’s faith in God and in the Church.               body that was the ‘Temple of the Holy Spirit’ —
                                                             be present for the funeral. After the funeral, the
              The Liturgy of the Eucharist then proceeds     body may be taken for cremation.Note:
      as it would on any Sunday. A song may be sung as       Cremated remains must be interned.
      the gifts are presented and the altar is prepared.                                                      3.
      The celebrant proclaims the Eucharistic prayer (the
      great central prayer of praise for our liberation
      through Jesus) while the worshipping assembly
      responds in acclamation at the appropriate times.
      We pray the ‘Our Father’, exchange the sign of
      peace, and then recite or sing the ‘Lamb of God’.
      There may be a communion song while people in
      the assembly receive communion.

Revised 11/10/2005
                         Funeral Planning Information
        General Information:

        Today’s Date:

                            Your full name     (Include middle name and pre-married name)

        Date of Birth:                                        Place of Birth:

        Year of Baptism:                                      Place of Baptism:

        Places of Residence:

        Employment History:

        Date of Marriage:                                     Place of Marriage:

        Spouse’s Name:                              Living:                     Deceased:

        Names of Parents:

        Names of children, their spouses and grandchildren:

                     Children                         Spouse                                Grandchildren


Revised 11/10/2005
        Names of siblings and their spouses, resident cities (still living):

                     Sibling                               Spouse                         Resident City

        Funeral Director (Company):

        Do you have a will?

        If so, who is the Executor / Executrix?

        Is your Executor / Executrix aware of your wishes for a Catholic funeral?

        Do you wish to be buried or cremated?

        Are you a member of any fraternal organization or club which will play a role in the Funeral Liturgy?

        After the Funeral Liturgy, are you planning a reception in the Church hall?

        If so, would you like the members of the                    to prepare it?

        Have you considered a bequest to Holy Cross Parish?
        (Note: For additional information regarding bequests, please contact the parish office.)

                When the body is to be buried it is customary to have the body present for the Funeral Liturgy
        in the Church and then to proceed to the cemetery. It is possible to have prayers the night before the
        funeral. These prayers are almost always offered in the Church and the body left in the church
        Do you wish prayers the evening before the Funeral?

        Do you wish a Mass of Christian Burial on the day of the Funeral?

        Or a Liturgy of the Word Service (without Eucharist) on the day of the Funeral?

        Will your family arrange pallbearers?

        Where will Burial take place? __________________________________________________________

Revised 11/10/2005

                When the body is to be cremated it is customary to have the body present for the Funeral
        Liturgy in the Church and then to say good-bye at the doors of the Church. If the body is present for the
        Funeral Liturgy it is possible to have prayers the night before the funeral. These prayers are almost
        always offered in the Church and the body left in the church overnight. If the body is not to be present
        for the Funeral Liturgy prayers are not offered the night before.

        Option # 1, With the body present:

        Do you wish prayers the evening before the Funeral Service?

        Do you wish a Christian Burial or a Liturgy of the Word Service, on the day of the funeral?

        Will your family arrange pallbearers?

        Where will the Ashes be interred? _______________________________________________________

        Option # 2, If the body is not present:

        Will the Ashes be present?

        Do you wish a Funeral Mass? __________________________________________________________

        Or a Liturgy of the Word Service?

        Where will the Ashes be interred?

        Vigil Service:

        Vigil Themes: In order to complete this section, please refer to page 41 in the Order of Christian
        Funerals ritual book...available in the office. Vigil Letter:       Page # :

        Liturgy of the Word:

        Book: ____________________________________ Chapter / Verse:____________________________

        First Reader’s Name:_________________________________________________________________


        Book: ____________________________________Chapter / Verse:___________________________


Revised 11/10/2005
       Musical Selections:




       Funeral or Memorial Mass

       Old Testament Reading:

       Book:                                                 Chapter / Verse:

       Reader’s Name:

       Responsorial Psalm: This is normally sung by the choir.

       New Testament Reading:

       Book:                                                 Chapter / Verse:

       Reader’s Name:

       Gospel Acclamation: This is always sung.

       Gospel: Read by the Priest or Deacon.

       Book:                                                 Chapter / Verse:

       Gathering Hymn:

       Preparation of the Gifts:



       Additional Comments:

       Suggested Honorarium / Donations…What should I give?
               The following donations are suggested by local funeral homes. It is stressed that it is a donation.

               Priest:        $ 100.00 — $ 200.00
               Organist:      $ 100.00 — $150.00
               Soloist:       $ 55.00 — $ 65.00

Revised 11/10/2005
        Funeral Reception: Experience has shown that many people will not return for a reception after
        internment, so you may wish to have any reception before. Other considerations may be time of day,
        requirements of the funeral home or cemetery.

        The church or Parish Centre is available for a reception after the funeral. This should be arranged with
        the office beforehand. Holy Cross Parish can provide:

        Coffee Maker, Kettles
        Cups, Saucers, Plates, Cutlery

        Your family or friends are responsible for setting up and cleaning afterwards. All consumables
        (napkins, coffee, tea, cream, tablecloths, etc) are to be provided by the family. (This can also be
        supplied by the Parish at a suggested donation of $1.00 per person.) It is suggested that you may want
        to approach a local caterer to supply sandwiches, etc. Some companies will set up, serve, and clean

        Some suggestions:
        Gala Van Party Supply (will also supply staff, if requested)

        Your funeral home may also supply this service.
        Please check with the Parish Office if you require assistance.

                                 This information will be shared with family members
                                      & held in confidence at the Church office.

Revised 11/10/2005
                     I have made a provision for a future gift to Holy Cross Parish through a:

                            _____ Bequest

                            _____ Life Insurance

                            _____ Other (please specify)

                            I have made a provision in my will for Holy Cross Parish

                     Signature: ___________________________________________________

                     Name Printed: ________________________ Dated: __________________

                     I have made a provision for a future gift to Holy Cross Parish through a:

                             _____ Bequest

                             _____ Life Insurance

                             _____ Other (please specify)

                             I have made a provision in my will for Holy Cross Parish

                     Signature: ___________________________________________________

                     Name Printed: ________________________ Dated: __________________

Revised 11/10/2005

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