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Fun Facts about Kamloops ” “


									 Issue 2, August 2007

Fun Facts about Kamloops...
Kamloops is home to:                Vancouver and 4,387 km (2,726
   • The first European baby         miles) west of Toronto. Don’t
       girl in BC.                  think I would want to try to
    • The first female shop          walk to any of those places!
        keeper in BC.
    • The first Black                Kamloops comes from
        alderman in North           the Secwepemc word
        America.                    “T’Kumlups”, referring to the
    • The only Canadian             flowing together of the North
        hero to have a squadron     and South Thompson rivers.
        named after him
    • The first Chinese mayor        Europeans arrived in Kamloops
        in North America.           around 1811. In 1893,
    • The first Italian Cabinet      Kamloops was incorporated
        Minister in BC.             with less than 1,000 people.
    • The first Native               Today it has a population of
        Member of Parliament        nearly 85,000 and growing.
        in Canada and first          Riverside Park used to be
        Native Cabinet              owned by James McIntosh,        The Old Courthouse, located on 1st and Seymour is owned by the City
        Minister.                   one most influential men         of Kamloops and is seeing new life as a home for the arts in Kamloops.
The annual average of sunny         in Kamloops’ early history.     Thursday nights at the courthouse is Bizarre Bazaar Artisan Showcase.
skies is 2,047 hours, with an       McIntosh was employed
                                    by HBC. He helped build           100 acres right on the river,      Service who wrote recognizable
annual rainfall of 217.9 mm.
                                    some of Kamloops’ first roads,     which was sold to the city after   hits like “The Cremation of Sam
Kamloops has a growing season       developed hydro-electric          his death.                         McGee.” He used to work at
of 166 days. The city area covers                                                                        the Commerce Bank, which is
                                    power for the town, and acted as Kamloops was once home to
311 sq km (120 sq miles)                                                                                 now know as the Brownstone
                                    magistrate. His property includes famous Canadian poet Robert
One of only two places in
Canada where the two national
railways (CP and CN) intersect
in city limits
                                     “     There are strange things done ‘neath the midnight sun
                                                       By the men who moil for gold.
                                                                                                         In 1888 the first electric light
                                                                                                         was installed on the corner of 1st
                                                                                                         and Seymour near City Hall.
                                                   The arctic trails have their secret tales
                                               That would make your blood run cold.                      For more info on the history of
We are 250 km (155 miles)
                                           - written by famous Kamloopsian                               Kamloops visit the Kamloops
north of the Washington border;                                                                          Musuem and Archives.
310 km (193 miles) northeast of
                                                     Robert Service
Reflections on the Summer
The summer is coming to an end      promoted the downtown by              initiatives started this year which   Looking back at the amount of
and with it goes your Central       showcasing all that our great         will continue to grow in coming       work we have done, the obstacles
Ambassador Patrol Team. As          city has to offer. But these day      years.                                we have taken in stride, and the
we finish our last week of patrol    to day activities only touch the      Each member of the CAP Team           initiatives we have begun, I feel
and tie up loose ends, we start     surface of what we have occupied      also undertook a project this         proud of our accomplishments
looking back at what we have        ourselves with this summer. The       year with the intent of improving     and honoured to be able to call
accomplished this summer. In        biggest event of the summer,          our city. This year our projects      myself a member of such a
hindsight, there are many things    Merchants’ Market. I can think of     included research on how our          community orientated program.
that illustrate the difference we   no other festival that showcases      back alleys can be cleaned            We would like to thank all the
have made in our city.              our city in such a multifaceted       up and improved, informing            sponsors and supporters of this
Our active patrols, both on bike    way. Live at Lunch and Live at        business owners of graffiti and        program especially the RCMP
and on foot, have helped the        Nite are two programs that the        encouraging them to remove it,        and Bylaw officers with whom
downtown feel safer and more        CAP Team and KCBIA have put           establishing media connections        we have worked closely. Without
secure. Through the work of         together and these programs have      with local TV and Radio               everyone’s time, effort, and
both the RCMP and Bylaws, and       transformed Victoria street into a    stations in order to promote our      financial assistance, the Central
with a little help from the CAP     stage for local performers to share   downtown, compiling a list of         Ambassador Patrol would not
team, we have noticed a marked      their talent for our community        events and attractions for our        exist.
improvement in the downtown         to enjoy. The Bizarre Bazaar and      city, and looking at street safety    Thanks and we’ll see you next
core. Beyond that we have also      Quest Programs were also new          through improved design.              summer! -by Dan Schwirtz

  Lunch time with Georgia                                                 What we did this summer:
                                                                          Took over 4,440,600 steps or walked a total of 3,328.79 km.
The downtown core has seen          its personal service and relaxing     Biked 2,296.93 km. Made over 3,000 deliveries to downtown
many tourists stroll leisurely      vibe. In the words of Abassador       merchants. Responsed to over 40 calls. Did over 20 ICBC park-
along her streets this summer,      Natalie Lidster, eating at Oops       ing lots audits and checked 1,335 cars. Provided 9 people with
and the CAP team has had the        Café may very well change your        safe walks. Helped many tourists from all over the world find
privilege of helping many of        life! Other favourite lunch hour      what they were looking for. Planned and organized numerous
these travelers find an ideal        haunts include Fratelli Foods,        events and projects. Only had two bike crashes, both on the last
spot to eat. We’re proud to be      Swiss Pastries and El Mariachi.       week of the job. Had a fabulous time exploring Downtown!
able to showcase streets lined      Our team goal is to have sampled
with beautiful trees and talented   the food at every one of the
musicians. However, as we           thirty-nine restaurants downtown,        Language Lessons
have deliciously discovered,        which is an ambition my stomach          Between the members of the CAP team we speak 7
coming from out of town is not      eagerly embraces.                        languages, a skill that comes it quite handy when helping
a prerequisite for enjoying the     As I have discovered, even a             out tourists. Here are some helpful translations to ask if
local cuisine.The CAP team          thirty-minute lunch break is
                                                                             anyone needs a hand.
can be found frequenting local      long enough to enjoy a meal
restaurants and cafes on our days   downtown. Many restaurants               May I help you? English
off and lunch breaks. Not only      are happy to take your order in          Kann ich Ihnen helfen? German
does downtown boast admirable       advance in order to accommodate          Est-ce que je peux vous aider ? French
dining variety, it’s hard to beat   shorter breaks, and others offer         Μπορώ να σας βοηθήσω? Greek
for service and ambiance as         such speedy service that lunch is
                                                                             Kan ik u helpen? Dutch
well. One team favourite is         easily managed in half an hour.
Oops Café, which is loved not       So go ahead and give up the              Posso eu ajudar-lhe? Portuguese
only for its unique iced tea and    leftover tuna casserole for one          Могу я помочь вам? Russian
savory sandwiches, but also for     day and enjoy lunch on the patio!        Posso aiutarlo? Italian

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