Fun and Creative Fundraising Ideas by fdjerue7eeu


									Fundraising Ideas

                    Fun and Creative
                    Fundraising Ideas
                    Here are some easy fundraising ideas you can use in
                    your school. Encourage your students to invent even           Pineland Public School in Ontario held a
                    more exciting ways to fundraise for their peers in            creative fundraising fair. Students sold their
                    Africa. You can also ask your School Parent Association       hand-made jewellery and artwork, hot chocolate
                    to help generate further fundraising ideas.                   and candy bags and set up a mini-stick hockey
                                                                                  net to raise funds.
                    Soccer Challenge
                    Organize a soccer event for the school. The Principal
                    or a teacher plays goalie. For each $5 raised, students     Head or Beard Shaving/Crazy Costume Event
                    get a chance to shoot a soccer ball at the net. It can      Challenge your students to raise a certain level of
                    be done outdoors or in the gym and can be done              money in order for you or a colleague to shave your
                    multiple times.                                             head or beard or wear a crazy costume. Gather
                                                                                pledges before the event. Set a date, time and location
                    Diversity Potluck
                                                                                for the head/beard shaving or costume event to take
                    Organize a classroom potluck or bake sale. Students
                                                                                place and let all participating students know.
                    can ask a parent or guardian to assist in preparing a
                    delicious dish or dessert. Plates of food can be sold to
                    the rest of the school, celebrating a fusion of food that     At Irwin Park Elementary in British Columbia,
                    reflects cultural diversity.                                   students were challenged to raise funds by
                                                                                  their enthusiastic Principal, who allowed the
                                                                                  top fundraising students to shave his head in
                       Grade 3 students at Greater Gatineau School in             return. This exciting initiative was also highly
                       Quebec held a class bake sale and mini bazaar,             successful – raising the highest amount of
                       selling baked items and an array of goods at               donations among elementary schools for
                       their school.                                              Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in 2005!

                                                                                “Rule Out” Day
                    Halloween Party
                                                                                Students pay with donations to break one of the
                    Organize a party for your class, grade or school.
                                                                                school rules for the day. It could be wearing a baseball
                    Charge admission at the door. Optional: give away
                                                                                cap in class, chewing gum or any other rule you think
                    prizes for the best costume.
                                                                                students would love to break.
                    Haunted House
                    Create a haunted house in your classroom. Charge              Last year at Maple Leaf School in Manitoba,
                    admission at the door and explain where the money is          they celebrated a ‘Soup-r Day to Care’, serving
                    going. Create a path for guests to follow, leading them       soup, crackers, milk and cake to students in
                    past spooky sights. Add to the scare factor by having         exchange for UNICEF donations from families.
                    a touch-and-tell section, where guests put their hands        Halloween festivities consisted of various
                    into covered bowls filled with spooky foods like               activities and daily trivia contests, culminating
                    peeled grapes (they feel like eyeballs), thick cooked         with an annual Halloween parade.
                    noodles (they feel like brains) or other scary textures!

                                                                                                                        Fundraising Ideas
Help Build a School –
Bricklaying Ceremony Ideas
Keep students motivated by setting a deadline for
brick collection. After the deadline, each class can
hold its own bricklaying ceremony where students
paste their bricks onto their classroom fundraising

Here are some additional ideas:
• Hold a school bricklaying assembly with a prize for
  the person and the class with the highest number of
  bricks earned;

• Incorporate the bricklaying ceremony into a lesson
  about life as a student in Malawi;

• Turn every 10 bricks raised into an opportunity for
                                                                                  UNICEF/ HQ04-0500/Louise Gubb
  kids to do something fun as a class.
                                                           MALAWI: Children laugh as they exercise together in an
                                                        open field during recess at Chadza Primary School in a rural
                                                                                 district near Lilongwe, the capital.


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