Fall Plant Sale 2008

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					                                     Fall Plant Sale 2008
                           The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
                              featuring drought-tolerant native species

We have over 230 species available for sale this fall. From conifers to herbs, grasses to woody
ornamentals, this diverse inventory should allow you to find interesting plants that will tolerate our
current growing conditions. I want to encourage you all to try some of these water-thrifty species—and
to continue low water-use practices when we return to a more normal weather pattern.

While our focus is on native species, we have also selected exotic plants that perform under adverse
conditions. Seven Japanese maple cultivars, chosen for their foliar texture and fall color, were grown by
the Chaffins of Specialty Ornamentals. Joe is a wizard at the exacting task of grafting. And Flo nurtures
these single-bud grafts until they mature to individual specimens. At McMahan’s Nursery in Clermont
we found tatting ferns, Athyrium filix-femina ‘Frizelliae’. This deciduous fern was discovered in 1857
Ireland on the property of Mrs. Frizell. At the time, tatting was “all the rage.” Scott McMahan loves to
grow rare and unusual plants. A true plant explorer, Scott was the nursery manager at the Atlanta
Botanical Garden before opening his own business. Sheldon Jones of Dogtrot Plant Nursery grew two-
thirds of our available fern species. No one can rival Sheldon, former SBG greenhouse manager, at
producing these luscious woodland treasures.

So what’s my point? We scour Georgia-owned and operated wholesale nurseries to find rare and
unusual plants, as well as tried and true favorites. From Saul Nurseries in Atlanta, Homeplace Gardens
in Commerce, Goodness Grows in Lexington, to Thyme After Thyme in Winterville—our staff searches
the region for that perfect plant. And in these difficult economic and environmental times, we want you
to realize that your purchases are not supporting just the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. You are
also supporting the Georgia Green Industry. These family-owned businesses provide gardeners with a
diverse plant palette. Without your support, these small operations could disappear. And then we’d be
reduced to the same thirty species offered in every chain store across the nation!

Now some of the highlights: Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) both the species and a compact
cultivar called ‘Sputnik’, two dwarf species of oakleaf hydrangea, golden winterberries (Ilex verticillata
‘Wintergold’) and the pollinator ‘Southern Gentleman’, six cultivars of mountain laurel (Kalmia
latifolia), four selections of butterfly bush, and one of my favorite plants of all time—willow-leaf
jessamine (Cestrum parqui). We germinated seed from our bigleaf magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla)
and Sheldon grew American hop hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana), the principle understory forest
species at the Garden, from seed as well. There are six different cultivars of mountain laurel and a
highly adaptable species of hybrid Rhododendron known as ‘Mardi Gras’. Florida leucothoe is on the
list, along with the fabulous—patented—low-growing form ‘Leprechaun’.

There are thirteen species of grasses, sedges, and rushes to choose from. Yes, I’m a big fan! Grasses
add upright structure or clouds of color to the garden, depending on the selection. Nothing rivals
masses of pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) in bloom, especially when covered with early
morning dew. The upright form of switchgrass is topped with open panicles in fall and we have the
green cultivar ‘Northwind’, along with dwarf blue ‘Heavy Metal’, and red-tipped ‘Shendandoah.’ All of
these selections are unperturbed by drought or neglect and behave well in a garden setting. We
couldn’t resist (OK, it was me…) two species of Juncus. ‘Carmen’s Grey’ is a cultivar of California gray
rush that has beautiful blue foliage and a tight, compact habit. Rushes are water plants, yes, but
become quite drought tolerant once established. ‘Afro’ is a spiral form of European meadow rush that
looks like Medusa’s hair.

Our perennial choices number close to seventy, not including the broad selection of natives offered by
our Research & Conservation department. We have eight species and cultivars of Echinacea including
five of the BIG SKY™ series bred by Atlanta-based ItSaul Plants. These coneflowers come in a myriad of
colors and many are fragrant! There’s a new selection of Gaura named ‘Passionate Blush’—with a
compact form and freely blooming habit, it’s sure to become a garden favorite. The hybrid sunflower
‘Marc’s Apollo’ is a Goodness Grows introduction named for the late Marc Richardson. The imposing
stature, neat habit, and lemon yellow blooms bring the last rays of summer to the late fall border.
Salvias are colorful, as well as tough and dependable, so we have eight choices. Two of my personal
favorites are S. uliginosa, bog sage, and S. madrensis, forsythia sage. Forsythia sage blooms from late
fall until frost, has butter yellow flowers, and can reach 10’ high by 5’ wide—definitely a traffic stopper!
Pair this with sky blue bog sage and you have the perfect combination.

Melissa Caspary from our Research & Conservation department has produced over fifty different native
species for this sale. Four types of Baptisia are available, including B. cinerea—native to the coastal
plains and sandhills of the Carolinas. This bright yellow bloomer is an excellent choice for smaller
gardens because it rarely exceeds 12” in height. Two radically different yellow-flowered perennials are
Helianthus spp. Ashy sunflowers are native from Texas to Nebraska, Maine to Georgia. The seeds from
these sunflowers have been used as food and the oil extracted for cooking and soap making. Blooming
from July through September, the 3’ tall stalks produce coarse fibers suitable for use in textiles.
Helianthus smithii is a rare species native to dry open woods in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.
With species as diverse as nodding onion and nodding ladies tresses, Georgia aster to Carolina
jessamine and Maryland meadowbeauty—there is the perfect native plant for the perfect place in your
garden or landscape. All proceeds from the sale of these plants go to support our Research &
Conservation Department.

I’ve had a good deal of experience practicing xeriscaping over the past several years. “Xeriscape” is a
coined phrase referring to planting in ways that do not require supplemental irrigation. Xeri is from the
Greek for “dry.” While there are many native and exotic plants that are xeric, succulents and cacti are
envisioned by most gardeners when they hear this term. And it gives you a chance to broaden your
experience with these adaptable species and their unusual forms, shapes, and colors. We have three
different Euphorbia cultivars—‘Blackbird’, ‘Shorty’, and ‘Tasmanian Tiger’. Spurge adds winter interest
to gardens and containers, forming broad flower heads of chartreuse in early spring. Foliar colors vary
from blue to purple, even variegated. Eight sedum selections made our list, giving you a wide choice of
both showy and groundcover types. ‘Hot Stuff’ is a form of S. spectabile that is billed as “the sedum
we’ve all been waiting for!” You’ll know why when you see it. ‘Limelight’ is a mat-forming type that
looks like small golden pebbles and ‘Major’, a particular favorite of mine, resembles a carpet of
miniature blue pinecones. All in all, we have over twenty species that include Agave, Opuntia, and the
fabulous granite outcrop native, Talinum calycinum. Fameflower has been blooming in my yard since
last May, producing wave after wave of lacy bright pink panicles. Best of all, the flowers open late in the
day—just in time to welcome me home from a hard day on the job!

Most of us don’t equate ferns with drought tolerance, but several species are dependable once
established. It’s impossible to stop Mariana maiden fern, Macrothelypteris torresiana—thriving in full
sun with very little moisture. And Dixie fern, Dryopteris x australis, prefers shade but requires little
supplemental irrigation. Autumn fern is a Georgia Gold Medal winner that performs around the state.
We selected two species of Selaginella, spikemoss, because they’re just plain tough as nails. Frankly,
it’s much easier to overwater them than to give them too little moisture. Many members of this genus
are desert plants that curl into balls during drought cycles, and open like resurrection ferns during the
wet season.

Unfortunately, the selection of locally grown herbs was slim this year, but we did find a rare treat. Hops
vine, Humulus lupulus, would far rather live in the mountains. They will never be as robust—or flower
as extensively—in our Zone 7 heat, but I’ve always enjoyed the specimens growing on the arbors in the
Herb & Physic Garden. They’re perennial, undemanding, and really interesting when in flower. And you
get that wonderful hops aroma! Another rarity is Laurus nobilis, bay laurel. This is the true laurel of the
Ceasars, whose leaves flavor pasta dishes and, when formed into wreathes, adorn champion brows.
While hardiness claims frequently differ, these were propagated from a plant that has been hardy in
our zone (they must be planted in the ground... if containerized, move inside over the winter). The
thymes, rosemary, chives, and lavender are all reliable once they’ve settled in. At SBG, Russian sage
flowers for months whether the summer is wet or dry—just a great perennial. We also have the giant
fuzzy-leaved lamb’s ear ‘Countess Helen von Stein’, an amazingly dependable plant for garden or

Now, why won’t you just try conifers? These dependable cone-bearers have been the backbone of our
xeric display. The State Botanical Garden was named a Southeast Region Conifer Society reference
garden earlier this year—the first one in the state! I adore the dwarf Japanese falsecypress ‘Chabo
yadori’ in both beds and containers. The soft bluish foliage is tipped with yellow and this slow-growing
cultivar will never be taller than 8’—the perfect size for home landscapes or as a mainstay in the
border. We have a few long leaf pines, because no plant sale is complete without them, and my favorite
eastern redcedar cultivar ‘Grey Owl’. This flat-topped selection has beautiful foliage year round and a
neat habit. Try a temple juniper, Juniperus rigida, at wood’s edge or over a potting shed. Centuries-old,
weeping specimens grace temples in Japan and China. Conifers establish easily in well-drained soils.
Just plant and mulch, then stand back and wait. I truly believe you’ll find them worth the investment.

If you haven’t heard, the Georgia Gold Medal Program is now housed at the Garden. Flower Garden
curator Shelly Prescott has taken the lead on this organization of green industry professionals,
university faculty, botanical garden staff, and Master Gardener representatives from across the state.
We will make a concerted effort to have Gold Medal winners available at our plant sales, but I can’t
promise that the entire array of winners from 1994 to 2009 will be available. This fall we have: Salvia
guaranitica (1995), Baptisia spp. (1996), Rudbeckia triloba (1997), Asteromoea mongolica (1998),
Dryopteris erythrosora (2001), Lantana ‘Miss Huff’ (2003), Agastache spp. (2004), Hibiscus coccineus
(2007) and Carpinus caroliniana (2008).

Have fun and choose wisely. Remember that all proceeds from our Fall Plant Sale will go to support the
plant collections at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. As always, we deeply appreciate your

Jeannette Coplin Director of Horticulture & Grounds
                               The Plant List Fall 2008
                       The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
                        emphasizing drought-tolerant native species

GENUS             SPECIES           CULTIVAR             COMMON NAME                SIZE

                                                         DWARF JAPANESE
Chamaecyparis     obtusa            'Chabo yadori'       FALSECYPRESS                  1gal
Chamaecyparis     pisifera          'Golden Mops'        DWARF THREADLEAF CYPRESS      3 gal
                                                         LEMON-SCENTED MONTEREY
Cupressus         macrocarpa        'Goldcrest'          CYPRESS                       1   gal
Juniperus         virginiana        'Grey Owl'           GREY OWL JUNIPER              3   gal
Juniperus         rigida                                 TEMPLE JUNIPER                1   gal
Pinus             strobus                                WHITE PINE                    1   gal
Pinus             palustris                              LONG LEAF PINE                1   gal

Thuja             orientalis        'Morgan'             DWARF CHINESE ARBORVITAE      1gal
Thuja             koraiensis        'Glauca Prostrata'   DWARF KOREAN ARBORVITAE       1gal
Thuja             plicata           'Hoyt'               AMERICAN ARBORVITAE           3 gal
Thuja             plicata           'Pygmaea'            DWARF ARBORVITAE              1gal
x Cupressus       leylandii         'Castlewellan'       GOLD LEYLAND CYPRESS          1 gal

Acer              palmatum          'Osaka zuki'         JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal
Acer              palmatum          'Shaina'             JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal
Acer              palmatum          'Burgundy Lace'      JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal
Acer              palmatum          'Trompenburg'        JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal
Acer              palmatum          'Villa Taranto'      JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal
Acer              shirwasawanum     'Ogurayama'          JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal
Acer              shirwasawanum     'Palmatifolium'      JAPANESE   MAPLE              3gal

Carpinus          caroliniana                            IRONWOOD or HOP HORNBEAM      1 qt
Chionanthus       virginicus                             FRINGE TREE                   2 gal
Magnolia          macrophylla                            BIGLEAF MAGNOLIA              1gal
Morus             alba              'Ho-O'               ORNAMENTAL MULBERRY           1 gal

Agarista          populifolia                            FLORIDA LEUCOTHOE             3   gal
Agarista          populifolia       'Leprachaun'         LEPRACHAUN LEUCOTHOE          3   gal
Buddleia          davidii           'Ellen's Blue'       ELLEN'S BUTTERFLY BUSH        3   gal
Buddleia          davidii           'Mary's White'       MARY'S BUTTERFLY BUSH         3   gal
Buddleia          davidii           'Pink Delight'       PINK BUTTERFLY BUSH           3   gal
Buddleia        davidii           'White Ball'           WHITE BUTTERFLY BUSH      3 gal
Callicarpa      americana                                AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRY      3 gal
Cephalanthus    occidentalis      'Sputnik'              SPUTNIK BUTTONBUSH        1 gal
Cestrum         parqui                                   CHILEAN JESSAMINE         1gal
Clematis        armandii                                 EVERGREEN CLEMATIS        1 gal
Clematis        tangutica         'Helios'               GOLDEN CLEMATIS           1 gal
Euonymus        americanus                               HEARTS-A-BURSTING         3 gal
Exchorda        x macrantha       'The Bride'            PEARLBUSH                 1 gal
Fothergilla     gardenii          'Blue Mist'            BLUE MIST FOTHERGILLA     3 gal
                                                         COMPACT OAKLEAF
Hydrangea       quercifolia       'Amethyst'             HYDRANGEA                 1gal

Hydrangea       quercifolia       'Pee Wee'              DWARF OAKLEAF HYDRANGEA   1gal
                                                         DECIDUOUS HOLLY
Ilex            verticillata      'Southern Gentleman'   (POLLINATOR)              3 gal
Ilex            verticillata      'Winter Gold'          GOLDEN WINTERBERRY        1 gal
Illicium        mexicanum                                MEXICAN ANISE TREE        3 gal
Kalmia          latifolia         'Kaleidoscope'         MOUNTAIN LAUREL           3 gal
Kalmia          latifolia         'Nathan Hale'          MOUNTAIN LAUREL           3 gal
Kalmia          latifolia         'Olympic Fire'         MOUNTAIN LAUREL           3 gal
Kalmia          latifolia         'Pink Charm'           MOUNTAIN LAUREL           3 gal
Kalmia          latifolia         'Pristine'             MOUNTAIN LAUREL           3 gal
Kalmia          latifolia         'Sarah'                MOUNTAIN LAUREL           3 gal
Poncirus        trifoliata        'Flying Dragon'        HARDY CONTORTED ORANGE    1 gal
Rhododendron                      'Mardi Gras'           HYBRID RHODODENDRON       3 gal
Rosa                              'Home Run'             RED KNOCKOUT® ROSE        3 gal
Viburnum        sargentii         'Chiquita'             CHIQUITA VIBURNUM         2 gal
Weigela                           'Looymansii Aurea'     GOLDEN-LEAVED WEIGELA     1 gal

Agastache                         'Black Adder'          BLACK ADDER HYSSOP         4"
Agastache       x                 'Blue Fortune'         ANISE HYSSOP              1 gal
Agastache       foeniculum        'Golden Jubilee'       ANISE HYSSOP              1 gal
Allium          senescens         'Glaucum'              SPIRAL ONION              1 gal
Alocasia        macrorrhizos      'Shock Treatment'      UPRIGHT ELEPHANT EAR      1 gal
Alpina          japonica                                 DWARF GINGER LILY         1 gal
Alsteromoea     mongolica                                JAPANESE ASTER             4"
Artemisia       lactiflora        'Guizhou'              WHITE MUGWORT             1 gal
Aspidistra      elatior                                  CAST IRON PLANT           3 gal
Aster           oblongifolius     'Raydon's Favorite'    AROMATIC ASTER            1 gal
Aster           carolinianus                             CLIMBING CAROLINA ASTER   1 gal
Aster           oblongifolius     'Jane Bath'            BATH'S ASTER              1 gal
Aster           oblongifolius     'Rachael Jackson'      RACHAEL'S ASTER           1 gal
Bergenia                          'Bressingham Ruby'     HEARTLEAF BERGENIA         4"
Beschorneria    septentrionalis                          MEXICAN LILY              3gal
Ceratostigma    griffithii                               PERENNIAL PLUMBAGO        1 gal
Chelone         lyonii            'Hot Lips'             HOT LIPS TURTLEHEADS       4"
Chrysanthemum   x morifolium      'Ryan's Pink'          RYAN'S PINK MUM           1 gal
Coreopsis       verticillata      'Moonbeam'             THREADLEAF COREOPSIS      1 gal
                                                         ZAGREB THREADLEAF
Coreopsis       verticillata      'Zagreb'               COREOPSIS                 1 gal
Dianthus                              'Inchmery'                  HEIRLOOM PINKS              1 gal
Dicliptera      suberecta                                         HUMMINGBIRD PLANT            4"

Echinacea       'Katie Saul'          BIG SKY™ 'Summer Sky'       BICOLOR HYBRID CONEFLOWER   1 gal
Echinacea       'Adam Saul'           CRAZY PINK™                 CRAZY PINK CONEFLOWER       1 gal

Echinacea       BIG SKY™ 'Sunrise'                                YELLOW HYBRID CONEFLOWER    1 gal
                                                                  RED-CONED HYBRID
Echinacea       BIG SKY™ 'Twilight'                               ECHINACEA                   1 gal

Echinacea       'Matthew Saul'        BIG SKY™ 'Harvest Moon'     ORANGE HYBRID CONEFLOWER    1 gal
                                                                  BLACK-CONED HYBRID
Echinacea        'Emily Saul'         BIG SKY™ 'After Midnight'   ECHINACEA                   1 gal
Echinacea       pallida                                           PALE PURPLE CONEFLOWER      1 gal
Echinacea       paradoxa                                          YELLOW CONEFLOWER           1 gal
Epimedium       x versicolor          'Sulphureum'                BICOLOR BARRENWORT          1 gal
Epimedium       x youngianum          'Niveum'                    FAIRY WINGS                 1 gal
Eupatorium      dubium                'Little Joe'                LITTLE JOE PYE WEED         1 gal
Farfugium       japonicum             'Giganteum'                 GIANT LEOPARD PLANT         3 gal
Gaura           lindheimeri                                       WAND FLOWER                 1 qt
Gaura           lindheimeri           'Siskiyou Pink'             PINK BUTTERFLY FLOWER       1 gal
Gaura           lindheimeri           'Whirling Butterflies'      WHITE BUTTERFLY FLOWER      1 gal
Gaura           lindheimeri           'Passionate Blush'          BUTTERFLY FLOWER            1 gal
Helianthus                            'Marc's Apollo'             MARC'S SUNFLOWER            1 gal
                                                                  GOLD LACE SWAMP
Helianthus      angustifolia          'Gold Lace'                 SUNFLOWER                   1 gal
Heuchera        villosa               'Autumn Bride'              HAIRY ALUM ROOT              4"
Hibiscus        x                     'Lord Baltimore'            ROSE MALLOW                 2 gal
Lantana                               'Miss Huff'                 MISS HUFF LANTANA           1 qt
                                                                  LITTLE VOLCANO BUSH
Lespedeza       liukiuensis           'Little Volcano'            CLOVER                      1 gal
Oxalis                                'Jade'                      JADE SHAMROCK                4"
Oxalis          crassipes             hardy pink                  PINK WOOD SORREL             4"
Phlomis         fruticosa                                         JERUSALEM SAGE              1 gal
Pulmonaria                            'Roy Davison'               LUNGWORT                    1 gal
Reineckia       carnea                                            CHINESE REINECKIA           1 gal
Rohdea          japonica                                          NIPPON LILY                 1 gal
Rudbeckia                             'Herbstonne'                SHINING CONEFLOWER          1 gal
Salvia          madrensis                                         FORSYTHIA SAGE              1 gal
Salvia          guaranitica           'Argentina Skies'           ARGENTINA ANISE SAGE        1 gal
Salvia          guaranitica                                       BLUE ANISE SAGE             1 gal
Salvia          x                     'Indigo Spires'             INDIGO SPIRES SAGE          1 gal
Salvia          uliginosa                                         BOG SAGE                    1 gal
Salvia          leucantha             'Santa Barbara'             MEXICAN SAGE                 4"
Salvia          vanhouttei                                        BRAZILIAN SAGE               4"
Salvia          guaranitica           'Black & Blue'              BLACK & BLUE SAGE           1 gal
Sarracenia                            'Dana's Delight'            HYBRID PITCHERPLANT         1 qt
Sarracenia                            'Judith Hindle'             HYBRID PITCHERPLANT         1 qt
Sarracenia                            'Scarlet Belle'             HYBRID PITCHERPLANT         1 qt
Sarracenia      leucophylla           'Tarnok'                    TARNOK PITCHERPLANT         1 qt
Symphiotricum   ericoides                                         WHITE HEATH ASTER           1 gal
Veronica                              'Sunny Border Blue'         VERONICA                    1gal
Viola          labradorica                         LABRADOR VIOLET              4"
Zephyranthes   candida                             WHITE RAIN LILY             1 qt

   Native Plants from SBG
   Reseach & Conservation
Allium         cernuum                             NODDING ONION                4"
Anemone        virginiana                          TALL THIMBLEWEED             4"
Asclepias      purpurescens                        PURPLE MILKWEED              4"
Aster          cordifolius                         HEART-LEAVED ASTER           4"
Baptisia       alba                                WHITE WILD INDIGO            4"
Baptisia       alba                                WHITE WILD INDIGO           1 gal
Baptisia       australis                           BLUE WILD INDIGO            1 gal
Baptisia       bracteata         var. leucophaea   LONGBRACT WILD INDIGO       1 gal
Baptisia       cinerea                             GRAYHAIRY WILD INDIGO       1 gal
Ceanothus      americanus                          NEW JERSEY TEA              1 gal
Cephalanthus   occidentalis                        COMMON BUTTONBUSH            4"
Clinopodium    coccineum                           SCARLET CALAMINT             4"
Coreopsis      gladiata                            COASTAL PLAIN TICKSEED       4"
Coreopsis      major                               GREATER TICKSEED             4"
                                                   DWARF MOUSE-EARED
Coreopsis      auriculata        'Nana'            COREOPSIS                    4"
Cunila         origanoides                         COMMON DITTANY               4"
Decumaria      barbara                             WOODVAMP                     4"
Echinacea      purpurea                            PURPLE CONEFOWER             4"
Erythrina      herbacea                            CORAL BEAN                  1 gal
Euonymus       americanus                          HEARTS-A-BURSTING           1 gal
Eurybia        hemispherica                        SOUTHERN PRAIRIE ASTER       4"
Gelsemium      sempervirens                        CAROLINA JESSAMINE           4"
Helianthus     mollis                              ASHY SUNFLOWER               4"
Helianthus     smithii                             SMITH'S SUNFLOWER            4"
Heuchera       americana                           AMERICAN ALUMROOT            4"
Hibiscus       grandiflorus                        SWAMP ROSEMALLOW             4"
Hibiscus       coccineus                           SWAMP HIBISCUS              1 gal

Kosteletzkya   virginica                           VIRGINIA SALTMARSH MALLOW   1 gal
Lobelia        cardinalis                          CARDINAL FLOWER              4"
Lonicera       sempervirens                        TRUMPET HONEYSUCKLE          4"

Mimulus        ringens                             ALLEGHENEY MONKEY FLOWER     4"
Monarda        clinopodia                          WHITE BERGAMOT               4"
Packera        tomentosa                           WOOLLY RAGWORT               4"
                                                   EASTERN SMOOTH
Penstemon      laevigatus                          BEARDTONGUE                  4"
Phemeranthus   teretifolius                        QUILL FAMEFLOWER             4"
Physostegia    virginica                           OBEDIENT PLANT               4"
Pycnanthemum   pycnanthemoides                     MOUNTAIN MINT                4"
Rhexia         mariana                             MARYLAND MEADOWBEAUTY        4"
Rudbeckia      laciniata                           CUTLEAF CONEFLOWER          1 gal
Rudbeckia      triloba                             BROWNEYED SUSAN              4"
Sabatia        angularis                           ROSEPINK                     4"
Sarracenia     flava                               YELLOW PITCHERPLANT          4"
Silene           regia                               ROYAL CATCHFLY                4"
                                                     EASTERN FRINGED CATCHFLY
Silene           polypetala                          or FRINGED CAMPION           1 gal
Spiranthes       cernua          var. odorata        NODDING LADIES TRESSES        4"
Symphyotrichum   georgianum                          GEORGIA ASTER                 4"

Symphyotrichum   pilosum                             HAIRY WHITE OLDFIELD ASTER    4"
                                                     RUE ANEMONE or MEADOW
Thalictrum       thalictroides                       RUE                          1 gal
                                                     AARON'S ROD or SOUTHERN
Thermopsis       caroliniana                         LUPINE                        4"
Tradescantia     hirsuticaulis                       HAIRYSTEM SPIDERWORT          4"
Tradescantia     ohioensis                           OHIO SPIDERWORT               4"
Trichostema      dichotomum                          FORKED BLUECURLS              4"
Vernonia         angustifolia                        TALL IRONWEED                 4"
Zephyranthes     atamasca                            ATAMASCO LILY                 4"

     Ornamental Grasses,
      Sedges & Rushes
Carex            laxiculmis      'Hobb'              BUNNY BLUE® CAREX            1 gal
Carex            morrowii        'Ice Dance'
Carex            morrowii        'Silk Tassel'       SILK TASSEL SEDGE            1 gal
Carex            oshimensis      'Gold Strike'       JAPANESE SEDGE               1 gal
Hakonechloa      macra           'Aureola'           JAPANESE FOREST GRASS        1 gal
Juncus           inflexus        'Afro'              BLUE MEDUSA RUSH             1 gal
Juncus           patens          'Carmen's Grey'     BLUE RUSH                    1 gal
Muhlenbergia     capillaris                          PINK MUHLY GRASS             1 gal
Panicum          virgatum        'Heavy Metal'       HEAVY METAL SWITCHGRASS      3 gal
Panicum          virgatum        'Northwind'         NORTHWIND SWITCHGRASS        2 gal
Panicum          virgatum        'Shenandoah'        SHENANDOAH SWITCHGRASS       2 gal
Schizachyrium    scoparium       'The Blues'         LITTLE BLUESTEM              1 gal
Sporobolus       heterolepsis                        PRAIRIE DROPSEED             1 gal
Stipa            tenuissima                          PONY TAIL GRASS              1gal

   Cacti &
Agave            americana                           AMERICAN CENTURY PLANT       3 gal
Agave            americana       'Variegata'         VARIEGATED CENTURY PLANT     1 gal
Agave            lophantha                           THORN-CRESTED AGAVE          1 gal
Euphorbia                        'Shorty'            DWARF SPURGE                  4"
Euphorbia                        'Blackbird'         EVERGREEN SPURGE              4"
Euphorbia                        'Shorty'            HYBRID SPURGE                1 gal
Euphorbia        characias       'Tasmanian Tiger'   VARIEGATED SPURGE             4"
                                                     RUDOLPH'S RED-NOSED
Euphorbia        x martinii      'Waleuphrud'        SPURGE                        4"
Opuntia          humifusa                            DEVIL'S TONGUE CACTUS        1gal
Opuntia                          'Thornless Blue'    THORNLESS OPUNTIA            1gal
Sedum                            'Harvest Frost'     HARVEST FROST STONECROP      1 gal
Sedum            makinoi         'Ogon'              GOLDEN JAPANESE SEDUM        1 qt
Sedum            alboroseum      'Mediovariegatum'   STRIPED SEDUM                1 gal
Sedum              makinoi              'Limelight'              LIMELIGHT STONECROP        4"
Sedum                                   'Postman's Pride'        SHOWY STONECROP           1 gal
Sedum                                   'Maestro'                STONECROP                 1 gal
Sedum              spectabile           'Hot Stuff'              SHOWY STONECROP           1 gal
Sedum              dasyphyllum          'Major'                  STONECROP                  4"
Sedum              floriferum           'Weihenstephaner Gold'   BAILEY'S GOLD STONECROP    4"
Sempervivum                             'Oddity'                 ODDITY HENS & CHICKS       4"
Sempervivum        tectorum                                      HENS & CHICKS              4"
Talinum            calycinum                                     FAMEFLOWER                 4"

Ferns & Allies
Athyrium           filix-femina         'Victoriae'              VICTORIA LADY FERN        1 gal
Athyrium           x                    'Ghost'                  GHOST FERN                1 gal
Athyrium           nipponicum           'Pictum'                 JAPANESE PAINTED FERN     1 gal
Athyrium           filix-femina         'Frizelliae'             TATTING FERN              1 gal
Dryopteris         pseudo-filix-mas                              MEXICAN MALE FERN         1 gal
Dryopteris         erythrosora                                   AUTUMN FERN               1 gal
Dryopteris         ludoviciana                                   SOUTHERN WOOD FERN        1 gal
Dryopteris         x                    australis                DIXIE WOOD FERN           1 gal
Macrothelypteris   torresiana                                    MARIANNA MAIDEN FERN      1 gal
Osmunda            cinnamomea                                    CINNAMON FERN             1 gal
Polystichum        acrostichoides                                CHRISTMAS FERN            1 gal
Selaginella        kraussiana           'Aurea'                  GOLDEN SPIKEMOSS          1gal
Selaginella        uncinata                                      PEACOCK SPIKEMOSS         1gal
Thelypteris        decursive-pinnata                             JAPANESE BEECH FERN       1 gal
Thelypteris        decursive-pinnata                             JAPANESE BEECH FERN       1 qt
Thelypteris        normalis (kunthii)                            SOUTHERN RIVER FERN       1 gal

Allium             schoenoprasum                                   GARDEN CHIVES           1 gal
Humulus            lupulus                                         HOP VINE                1 gal
Lavandula          x intermedia         'Provence'                 PROVENCE LAVENDER        4"
Lavandula          x intermedia         'Provence'                 PROVENCE LAVENDER       1 gal
Laurus             nobilis                                         BAY LAUREL              1 gal
Perovskia          atriplicifolia                                  RUSSIAN SAGE            1 gal
Rosmarinus         officinalis                                     ROSEMARY                1 gal
Rumex              sanguineus                                      BLOODY DOCK              4"
Santolina          virens                                          LAVENDER COTTON         1 gal
Stachys                                 'Countess Helen von Stein' GIANT LAMB'S EAR        1 gal
Teucrium           fruticans                                       BUSH GERMANDER          1gal
Thymus             x citriodorus        'Aureus'                   GOLDEN LEMON THYME      1gal
Thymus             praecox              'Splendens'                CREEPING THYME          1gal