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									                       Edina Art Center SUMMER ART CAMPS 2010
                               CAMPS meet Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
     AM camps meet 9:30am-Noon. PM camps meet 1-3:30pm. If you need to cancel out of a class or camp, let
         us know at least 5 days before the first meeting in order to receive a transfer credit or refund.
                         Fee: $69nm/$59m + $8 supply fee. Add $9 for supervised lunch
                     Bring your favorite fruit to share with your child’s class. Thank you!
                        Remember that children must be picked up in the classroom.

    www.EdinaArtCenter.com                                   Main office: 952-903-0580                                     Fax: 952-903- 5781

                                                      J: pm Clay Pots: 4-6yr                              T: am Build a Clay Village: 7-10yr
                                                      Molly Blotz                                         Adama Sow
                                                      Using clay, learn how to make several unique        A fun camp! Create an African Village out of
                                                      hand built pots. Methods include coil and pinch.    clay. You will make trees, animals, huts and
                                                      Learn how to add texture and glaze to your          more. Use colorful glazes to finish your project.
                                                      creations.                                          Work is fired in our kiln.

                                                      K: pm Have Fun with Color: 6-8yr
                                                      Jordan Kammer                                       U: am Clay Sculpture: 9-12yr
                                                      Learn about color and all of the emotions it can    Molly Blotz    See Camp D
                                                      convey. Play with pastels and learn how to layer
June 15-17                                            color, create depth, draw shadows and capture       V: pm Making Great Art: 5-8yr
A: am African Clay Pots: 5-8yr.                       nature.                                             Nicole Mills-Novoa
Adama Sow                                                                                                 Explore the skills that make great art, great.
Join Adama and learn African hand-building            L: pm Clay on the Wheel: 9-12yr.                    Draw without looking at the paper, push paint
techniques. Use these methods to create pots and      Adama Sow          See Camp E                       with wild abandon, and talk about your work to
vessels. Then, put the final touches on your work                                                         develop your own unique vision. Day 3 will end
with colorful glaze.                                  June 29-July 1                                      with a special final exhibition to show your
                                                      M: am Creations in Clay: 4-6yr.                     family and friends the fantastic art you have
B: am Watercolor Landscapes: 7-10yr                   Molly Blotz                                         created.
Lauren Schauer                                        Try Clay! Make a bowl, cup and more using coil
Paint wondrous landscapes using watercolor            & pinch techniques. Learn how to smooth the         W: pm Clay on the Wheel: 7-10yr
pencils and paint. Learn wet on wet, dry on dry       clay for a finished look. Add colorful glaze to     Molly Blotz               See Camp Q
and wash techniques. Students will paint out          complete your creations. All work will be fired in
doors, weather permitting. Bring sun block, bug       our kiln.                                           X: pm Clay Masks: 9-12yr
spray and a wide brimmed hat.                                                                             Adama Sow
                                                      N: am Clay Exploration: 7-10yr.                     Use hand building techniques to create a unique
C: am Clay Garden Art: 9-12yr                         Nicole Mills-Novoa                                  clay mask of your own design. Learn the
Molly Blotz                                           You have the basics of clay down but you want       different ways to depict facial elements. Choose a
Using clay, create a toad or fairy house for your     more! Learn to think outside the box and            realistic or more abstract approach.
garden. Garden stakes and flower pots too if time     embellish your hand built clay creations. Add
permits. Use colorful slip to finalize your work.     funky feet to a pot, a creature to the rim of a cup July13-15
                                                      or bowl. Maybe an unusual handle will be just       Y: am Fairy and Dragon Wings: 4-6yr
D: pm Clay Sculpture: 5-8yr.                          the thing to make your work go from drab to         Lauren Schauer
Molly Blotz                                           dramatic.                                           Lauren will be your guide as you create your own
Learn sculpting techniques & create imaginative                                                           wearable glittery fairy or scaly dragon wings.
works of art using clay. Develop your design          O: am Acrylic Painting: 11-14yr                     Lots of fun artistic techniques to really make your
skills and apply them to your sculpture to make it    Anne M. Spooner                                     wings soar!
awesome.                                              Students will learn how to paint on canvas using
                                                      acrylic paint. Learn everything from proper         Z: am Clay Luminaries: 6-9yr
E: pm Clay on the Wheel: 7-10yr.                      palette set-up to color theory. Different subjects  Adama Sow
Adama Sow                                             will also be explored. Personal expression          Construct a form out of clay. Create a design that
Learn how to use the potters’ wheel to create         encouraged.                                         will allow light to pass through the carved
wonderful bowls and mugs. Decorate using fun                                                              openings. After your luminary has been fired, ask
techniques and glaze for final firing in our kiln.    P: pm Have Fun with Color: 4-6yr                    an adult to place a tea light inside the luminary
                                                       Jordan Kammer            See Camp K                and a lovely warm glow will be cast when lit.
F: pm Drawing Basics: 9-12yr.
Carol Clay                                            Q: pm Clay on the Wheel: 7-10yr.                    AA: am Give it a try! Oil painting using water
Use pencils and charcoal to draw a variety of         Molly Blotz                                         mixable oils: 9-12yr
subjects that will contain depth and texture. You     Try the potter’s wheel and make bowls and mugs.     Carol Clay
will add impact to your drawings while having         You will learn how to center the clay, make pots    Water soluble oil paint is smooth and buttery like
fun using some basic tools professional artists       and also trim when leather hard. Prepare to get     oils, easy clean-up like acrylics. Explore this
use!                                                  messy!                                              medium and create unique paintings that express
                                                                                                          your own personal vision.
                                                      R: pm Clay Ocarinas: 11-14yr.
June 22-24                                            Lauren Schauer                                      BB: pm Fun in the Mud: 4-6yr.
G: am Clay Critters: 4-6yr.                           Design an ocarina using clay. Lauren will have      Nicole Mills-Novoa
Adama Sow                                             examples to show you for inspiration and teach      Clay mud that is. Use real clay dug from the earth
Join Adama and make animals out of clay.              you the techniques needed to make your creation     to make fun pots. Nicole will show you
Maybe a lion, elephant or other wild animal.          produce a pleasant sound when blown. Carving        techniques the professionals use so you too can
Learn fun hand building techniques too!               techniques will also be covered so you can          make awesome clay vessels.
                                                      embellish your ocarina as you wish. Finish with
H: am Clay Dragons: 6-8yr.                            colorful glaze and then fire in our kiln.           CC: pm Beaded Jewelry: 6-9yr.
Molly Blotz                                                                                               Lauren Schauer
Join Molly and create a one- of a- kind fantasy       July 6-8                                            Lauren will show you how to make jewelry using
Dragon using clay. Make your Dragon smooth,           S: am Drawing Pets & Other Animals: 5-8yr           rocks, beads and other findings. Learn wire
scaly or spiky. All work will be fired in our kiln.   Lauren Schauer                                      wrapping and basic stringing. Lots of inspiration
                                                      Using many picture files, draw your favorite        provided.
I: am Abstract Painting: 9-12yr                       animals using amazing techniques that will
Nicole Mills-Novoa                                    enhance your work. Learn about shading and
Learn about famous artists who have worked in         composition as you practice drawing using your      DD: pm Clay on the Wheel: 9-12yr.
abstraction. Learn how color, shape and               eyes. A special canine guest might visit too.       Adama Sow           See Camp E
composition can express the artists’ emotions as
you paint in this style.
                                                    August 3-5
July 20-22                                          QQ: am Clay Tiles: 5-8yr.
EE: am Painting & Drawing Fun: 4-6yr                Adama Sow
Lauren Schauer                                      Make a clay tile unique to you. Use special
A great art camp where you will learn and           carving tools and techniques to embellish your
develop important skills. Draw and paint as you     work. Add colorful glaze to finish your tile. All
explore basic shapes, color and line.               work will be fired in our kiln.

FF: am African Clay Pots: 6-8yr                     RR: am Sock Puppets Rule! : 7-10yr
Adama Sow     See Camp A                            Nicole Mills-Novoa
                                                    We will design and construct the coolest, cutest
                                                    fiercest sock puppets you can imagine…the sky
GG: am Fantastic Animals: 9-12yr                    is the limit! Sock puppets are fun to make and
Michele Green                                       even more fun to play with.
Draw and paint animals both real and imagined.
Michele will share many different ideas that will   SS: am Clay Portraits: 9-12yr.                        August 17-19
inspire you as you create your own fantastic        Molly Blotz                                           AD: am Clay Dinos: 5-8yr
creatures.                                          Make a 3D bust of you or someone else using           Brad Benn
                                                    clay. Express who you really are and develop a        An EAC tradition! Learn how to make a dinosaur
                                                    keen view of the human form and its features.         out of clay. Lots of dinosaur examples will be
HH: pm Sculpture: 4-6yr.                            Learn to use potters tools to carve and create        shown. Glaze your dinos before they are fired in
Denise W. Johnson                                   texture.                                              our kiln. What color will your dino be?
Explore the world of 3-dimensional art. We will
use clay, wire and found objects to build a variety TT: pm Clay Sculpture: 5-8yr                          AE: am Bodies in Motion: Creating Wire
of artworks.                                        Molly Blotz    See Camp D                             Commotion: 7-10yr
                                                                                                          Kate Hegman
II: pm Mix it up: 6-8yr                             UU: pm Clay on the Wheel: 7-10yr.                     Students will use pencil, oil pastel and paint
Michele Green                                       Adama Sow     See Camp E                              when drawing bodies in motion. Once students
Create awesome works of art using a variety of                                                            have completed these drawing exercises we will
materials. Learn to use items you may not have      VV: pm Elements of Art: 9-12yr.                       pull out the wire and the needle nose pliers and
thought you could use in your art. Lots of fun      Henry Taly                                            students will construct a person. They will then
while learning about composition and texture.       Students will work toward a group project and         be able to use plaster strips and paint or fabric
                                                    create individual melamine squares using the          and glue to complete their sculpture.
JJ: pm Clay on the Wheel: 9-12yr.                   theme, who am I? Learn about color and
Adama Sow           See Camp E                      experiment with line, shape, texture, value, form     AF: am Clay Mosaics: 9-12yr.
                                                    and space. Create shapes and forms that have          Adama Sow
                                                    personal meaning. The completed squares will          Design your own clay mosaic. Make tiles that
July 27-29                                          end with a group project displayed on an Edina        you will assemble and grout. Learn interesting
KK: am African Clay Pots: 4-6yr                     Art Center wall. Students will also be able to take   facts about this ancient and beautiful art form.
Adama Sow                                           home a practice tile for their own to keep.
Learn African sculpting techniques and create
wonderful clay pots, hand made by you! Make                                                               AG: pm Clay Pots: 5-8yr
very small pots and perhaps a tall one too.                                                               Molly Blotz
                                                                                                          Surprising results await you in this awesome
                                                                                                          camp. Develop your skills as you hand build pots
LL: am Clay Dragons: 7-10yr                                                                               using clay. Add interesting details like clay feet
Molly Blotz       Camp H                                                                                  or maybe a handle to define your work.

MM: am Basic Painting: 11-14yr                                                                            AH: pm Have Fun with Color: 7-10yr
Lauren Schauer                                                                                            Jordan Kammer        See Camp K
Try painting using watercolors or acrylics.
Explore content, color, composition and depth.
Paint on paper or canvas. Personal projects are                                                           AI: pm Clay on the Wheel: 9-12yr
welcome.                                            August 10-12                                          Adama Sow     See Camp E
                                                    WW: am Clay Critters: 4-6yr
                                                    Molly Blotz                                           August 24-26
NN: pm Clay Studio: 4-6yr                           Do you have a favorite pet? Make a dog, cat,          AJ: am Clay Pots: 5-8yr.
Molly Blotz                                         bunny or frog using clay techniques. Use special      Molly Blotz   See Camp AG
Have fun with clay! Use your fingers to coil,       pottery tools to create one of a -kind- surfaces.
pinch and press clay to make a vase, cup and        Will your pet be smooth or scruffy?
hand print. Molly will show you everything you                                                            AK: am Build a Clay Village: 9-12yr
need to know to make works you will be proud to XX: am Practical Perspective: 7-10yr                      Adama Sow See camp T
show family and friends.                           Kate Hegman
                                                   Learn the basics of perspective through drawing        AL: am Pencil Portraits: 7-10yr
                                                   buildings. Students will then observe, discuss,        Michele Green
OO: pm Feathers and Scales: 7-10yr                 and design their own buildings. Once they have         A great camp for those who like to draw. Learn
Lauren Schauer                                     designed their building then students will transfer    about techniques and materials that will enhance
Do you love animals? Whether it is birds or scaly from pencil to cardboard and learn to construct a       your drawings. Try drawing different subjects
creatures, you will create art that is inspired by model of their structure. They will add color to       too. Lots of inspiration provided.
these wonderful animals. Learn drawing and         their creation with tissue paper and glue.
painting techniques that will help you depict the                                                         AM: pm Art Studio: 5-8yr
unique aspects of your favorite creatures.         YY: am Clay Sculpture: 11-14yr                         Michele Green
                                                   Adama Sow                                              Join in the fun! Three afternoons of art projects
                                                   Design and create a clay sculpture. Learn clay         that will really get your creativity going. Nature
PP: pm Clay on the Wheel: 11-14yr                  methods and proper use of tools to enhance your        inspired drawing, painting and mixed media
Adama Sow                 See Camp E               work. Adama will also share African sculpting          await you in this fun camp.
                                                   techniques. All work fired in our kiln.
                                                                                                          AN: pm Clay Masks: 7-10yr
    Dear Campers;                                                                                         Molly Blotz
    We provide aprons                               ZZ: pm Creations in Clay: 4-6yr                       Learn about both human and animal facial
                                                    Molly Blotz       See Camp M                          features as you decide what kind of mask you
    but they don’t
                                                                                                          will create. Learn correct pottery methods and
    always work. Please                                                                                   techniques to successfully make your unique
    wear clothes that can                           AB: pm Clay on the Wheel: 7-10yr                      design come to life.
                                                    Adama Sow See Camp E
    get dirty.                                                                                            AO: pm Clay on the Wheel: 9-12yr.
    Thanks so much!                                 AC: pm Make Great Art: 11-14yr                        Adama Sow See Camp E
                                                    Nicole Mills-Novoa See Camp V

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