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									                                                                                                                     P 634
                   FIREARMS REGISTRY
                   Paintball Gun Permit

Persons wishing to possess and use a paintball gun         Do I need to do anything prior to lodging my
for use on an approved paintball field must obtain a       application?
permit authorising possession and use the paintball        Yes. If you have never held a firearms licence or permit
gun - clause 58 of the Firearms Regulation 2006.           in NSW, you may need to complete an approved
                                                           firearms safety training course for longarms.
This FACT sheet provides information on the
requirements for obtaining a Paintball Gun Permit.         For training providers contact:
                                                           The Firearms Safety Training Council - 02 94863077,
What does a Paintball Gun Permit authorise?                Sporting Shooters Association Australia - 1300746683,
This permit authorises a person to possess and use a       Your nearest firearms club or the NSW Firearms
paintball gun only on an approved paintball field          Registry.
operated by the holder of a Permit to Conduct Paintball
Games.                                                     When you have completed the safety training course,
                                                           include your certificate with your permit application.
The permit also authorises a person to possess the
paintball gun at the nominated safe keeping address        Yes. You must comply with the safe keeping
and to transport the paintball gun to and from an          requirements of the Firearms Act 1996 in relation to
approved paintball field.                                  your paintball guns.

What is the definition of a Paintball Gun?                 NOTE: Level 1 safekeeping for pump action style
A paintball gun is defined as a prohibited firearm -       paintball guns. Level 2 safekeeping for semi-automatic
Schedule 1 (13)(c) of the Firearms Act 1996 - 'a firearm   paintball guns.
capable of discharging by any means any article known
as a "paint-ball".'                                        What do I need to send with my application?
                                                           * If you do not hold a current firearms licence or permit,
Do the paintball guns require registration?                  you must provide proof of identity totalling 100 points.
Yes. Paintball guns are prohibited firearms and              (See FACT Sheet '100 Point Identification'), and
therefore require registration.
                                                           * A certificate of successful completion of a firearms
                                                             safety training course for longarms (if applicable), and
The acquisition or disposal of a paintball gun must be
via a licensed firearms dealer. A Permit to Acquire is     * Specify the storage facilities and safekeeping location
required to purchase a paintball gun.                        for the paintball guns.

Permit to acquire application forms are available from     How do I complete the application form?
the Firearms Registry. Contact the Firearms Registry or    The P634 'Application for a Firearms Permit' form
email your request from our Internet site.                 applies to this permit. This form is used for a new
                                                           application or to re-apply for a Paintball Gun Permit.
How much will my permit cost?
                                                           Do not send a photocopy of the form, print within the
The prescribed fee for this permit is $75. Payment is
                                                           boxes, do not mark boxes that do not apply, use
made at the RTA when your photo permit is produced.
                                                           CAPITAL LETTERS and BLACK INK; DO NOT USE
What is the term of the permit?                            STAPLES.
The permit will be issued for a maximum term of 5          Mark the appropriate box on the top of the form with an
years.                                                     'X'; either a 'New Application' or 'Reapplication'.

Are there any restrictions on this permit?
                                                           Section A - Personal and Contact Details
Yes. This permit will only be issued to a person 18
                                                           The 'Last Name' & 'Given names' box should show your
years of age or over.
                                                           full legal name. This should be the name on your birth
                                                           certificate, marriage certificate, change of name
Yes. The paintball gun can only be used at an approved
                                                           certificate or passport. Complete all other details
paintball field operated by the holder of a Permit to
                                                           including phone numbers and email address.
Conduct Paintball Games.
                                                           List any other names by which you have been known
                                                           and supply details.

                                                                                                  Vers 1.3   March 2010
Section B & C- Address                     * You agree to the NSW Police Force
Insert your full residential & postal        making enquiries to establish that
                                                                                             Firearms Registry
address here.                                the information you have supplied
                                             in relation to the application is true          Address
Section D - Business, Club,
                                             and correct.                                    Locked Bag 1
Government Agency Details
Not applicable to this application.        Section I - Credit Card Authority                 Murwillumbah NSW 2484
                                           Not applicable to this application.
Section E - Permit Type
                                           Pay at the RTA when your photo
Place an 'X' in the box 'Possess                                                             Telephone
                                           permit is produced.
Paintball Gun' permit.                                                                       1300362562
Section F - Safekeeping Address of         Related Information
Firearms                                   See Fact Sheets:
This section should be completed           '100 point identification'                        Interstate
providing the address at which the         'Safe Storage Level One - Category A              02 66708590
paintball gun will be stored and details   & B Requirements' and
of the arrangements for the                'Safe Storage Level Two - Category C,
safekeeping and storage. (attach a         D & H Requirements', and                          Fax
separate sheet if there is insufficient    'Transportation of Firearms'.                     02 66708558
                                           Checklist                                         Email
Section G - Personal History
Please answer all questions by                                                     
                                               Completed P634 form
marking the appropriate 'Yes' or 'No'                                                        OR
box. If you responded 'Yes' to any of                                              
                                               Proof of ID (if applicable)
the questions, please provide an
attachment with details.
                                               Safety training certificate (if applicable)
Section H - Declaration                                                            
The application form must be signed            Storage facilities
and dated by the applicant in the
presence of a witness. The witness             DO NOT SEND PAYMENT. PAY AT THE RTA
must be 18 years of age or over.
By signing the declaration you are
confirming that:
* You understand the safe keeping
  requirements of the Firearms Act
  1996 and Regulation; AND

* You understand it is an offence to
  supply false or misleading
  information; AND

* All the information provided on the
  application is true and correct and
  you authorise the release of your
  personal information to any third
  party deemed appropriate by the
  Commissioner of Police; AND

Where can I find more information?

The information provided in the FACT Sheet is for general guidance only.
Applicants and licensees should familiarise themselves with the Firearms Act
1996 and the Firearms Regulation 2006, which are available on the NSW
Legislation website -

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