February 20, 2008 Media Release “SLASH CAREERS” TO HIT AUSTRALIA by lindash


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									February 20, 2008                                                 Media Release

                      “SLASH CAREERS” TO HIT AUSTRALIA

With the majority of Australians unhappy in their chosen career, it is no wonder more
and more of us are pursuing multiple careers* in order to achieve career serenity.

Employer Branding expert and Managing Director of Everybody’s Career Company,
Nicholas Ricciuti says a new phenomenon is about to hit Australian shores – “Slash

Mr Ricciuti explains “Slash Career” people are those who already work full time but
pursue another vocation after hours.

“They (“Slash Career” people) have multiple careers and take second jobs so they
can pursue their real career passion further down the track,” he says.

“Today, our work life is being re-defined. People are upskilling, retraining, and
constantly re-evaluating their career identity/ies”.

Mr Ricciuti says the “Slash Careers” trend has spread for a number of reasons.

“Reinventing your career has become more socially acceptable as personal fulfillment
is more highly valued. Career decision making is seen as a series of continuous
choices across the life span, not a once-and-for-all event. Thus, careers may be
viewed as a spiral sequence of all life roles, with changes triggered by factors
ranging from the anticipated (marriage, empty nest) to unanticipated (illness,
divorce, layoff) to "nonevents" (a marriage or promotion that did not occur).”

He continues, “Other reasons people seek change is their initial career was not their
own choice, their original aspirations were not met, or their present career is
incongruent with changed personal values or interests. Longer life expectancy,
changing views of retirement, and economic necessity are also factors”.

Career Consultant Julie Farthing agrees.
“These days we are living and working longer, so the opportunity to reinvent our
careers a number of times is possible. Also, as we grow older we want to do
something that better matches the person we are and the values we believe in,” she

Mr Ricciuti explains, “The trap many people fall into is that they listen to well
intended friends and family, the news on trends for the future, they focus on where
the money is, or just end up in a career by accident because it fell in their lap at a
time of need. “Slash Careers” enable people to identify and then pursue their true
passion, putting them on the path to career serenity.”

“People generally make career decisions based on what they think they know rather
than what is actually true. The “Slash Career” option allows an individual with
financial responsibilities which cannot be ignored to slowly pursue their dream career
and ultimately allow it to become their new career,” he adds.

“The trend is toward longer, healthier life spans resulting in greater emphasis on the
blended life plan. That is, combining leisure, work, and study activities concurrently
throughout life. Examples may be Lawyer/Photographer, Teacher/Model, Plumber/
Share Trader, Marketing Manager/Property Developer or Bank Customer Service/
Interior Designer.”

Mr Ricciuti concludes, “What makes life interesting is exploring possibilities. “Slash
Careers” enables your curiosity to be fulfilled.”

                       Source: www.reinventyourcareer.com.au


*ABS: 1997, 2006

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