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									                              Dream Vacation Raffle

                 Puerta Vallarta Adventure for Two
                 Vamos a la playa! Strap on your sombreros folks, this is a
                 fabulous, six-night Mexican fiesta. Two lucky adult “turistas”
                 will frolic at the all-inclusive Mexican beach
                 resort of Costa Azul, just north of Puerto
Special Events   Vallarta. Enjoy ocean-view
                 accommodations and dine all day and
   5:00 start    night for free. Spend not one peso to
                 enjoy galloping horses on the beach,
                 hiking, snorkeling, whale-watching, boating
                 and more…all excursions through the resort are
                 INCLUDED in your Adventure Package! You’ll
                 be treated to live entertainment, salsa and
                 merengue lessons as well as all the beer and wine
                 you could want. And, to help you really “go native”,
                 we’ve added a five-day crash course in traveler’s
                 Spanish and a one-month pass to Kirkland’s Rock Star Tan Bar so you
                 can stave off sunburn and keep that golden glow going after you come
                 home! Also includes a $900 credit toward airfare and $100 worth of
                 pesos for the shuttle to your hotel. Arriba!

                 We’ve also thrown in a travel basket with a journal to record your
                 adventures, some fine beach reading and a host of airline travel
                 accessories, plus everything you need to send a message in a bottle!
                 Must be used by April 1, 2009. No holiday bookings.
                 See for pictures and more information.

                 Thank you: Costa Azul Adventure Resort, Ken & Connie Caldwell, Todd &
                 Lynnette Apley, Derek & Ali Fialho, John & Andrea McGowan, Annie Price,
                 Tangerine Travel, Ltd., Rock Star Tan Bar

                 Be sure to get your tickets fast...we only sell 100!
                              Tickets are $100 each.
                         Wheel of Fortune                                                                            Wine Ring Toss

Feeling lucky? From 5:00 to 6:45, you are invited to spin the Wheel of                    Cheers! From 5:00 to 6:45, join us in the Regency Ballroom (site of the first
Fortune in the foyer outside of the Grand Ballroom for a chance to win gift               and third Silent Auction closings) for a great opportunity to add to your personal
certificates for restaurants, events and outings valued from $3 all the way up to         wine collection with our Wine Ring Toss! Purchase three chances to “ring” a
$150! Each spin costs $10. Some of our exciting prizes include:                           bottle of fine wine for only $20. We have four categories of wine to be won,
                                                                                          ranging from bottles valued at less than $10 to bottles of wine worth more than
           • A $150 gift certificate for El Gaucho Steakhouse                             $150! A few notable bottles include:
           • A $100 gift certificate for SeaStar Restaurant                                          • 1998 Leonetti Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a
           • A $100 gift certificate to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse                                      sought-after vintage in national wine auctions and valued at
           • A $75 gift certificate for the Kirkland Arts Center
                                                                                                     • A bottle of 2005 Big Papa Cabernet Sauvignon from
           • Movie passes, Everett AquaSox tickets, Museum of Flight                                 Efeste Winery. This bottle has just been made available to
           passes and more!                                                                          the general one of the first to taste this exciting
                                                                                                     new Washington wine!
For one spin of the Wheel, supply your bid number and a $10 charge will be
applied to your account. Prizes will be awarded immediately. The prize you                           • A bottle of the limited release 2003 Mighty Syrah from
receive is a random selection from within the value range you spin on the wheel.                     Billyo Wines. This is a boutique collectors wine valued at
Thank you: Albertsons, Applebees, Bellevue Aquatic Center, Bonefish Grill, Cafe Veloce,
Calabria Ristorante Italiano, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Comedy Underground, Dave &          To receive your three rings, supply your auction bid number and a $20 charge
Katy Bies, Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants, Dinner’s Ready, Dirk & Samantha Muse, Doak        will be added to your account. If you win, you will be able to choose your bottle
Dermatilogics, El Gaucho, Emerald Downs, Everett Aqua Sox, Firenze Ristorante             from the price category in which you win, subject to availability (bottles used for
Italiano, Flo Japanese Restaurant, Fred Meyer, Grazi Caffe Italiano, Hunter & Cynthia     the toss are empty). Your prize is based on the color coding of the bottle you
Hudson, Jak’s Grill, James Blair, Jet City Pizza Co, Ken & Connie Caldwell, Kirkland      “ring”: yellow (wines valued at less than $10), green (wines valued at $10-$30),
Costco, Lumenis, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Matt’s Rotisserie and Oyster Bar, Nickerson     blue (wines valued at $30-$60) and red (wines valued at greater than $60). Pick
Street Saloon, Outback Steakhouse, Papa Murphy’s, Peter Lawson & Karin Treadwell,         up your winnings at the end of the auction in the Check-Out Room.
Pogacha Restaurant and Catering, Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, QFC Totem Lake, Red
Ribbon Gourmet, Rep & Lisa Porter, Rikki Rikki, Ristorante Paradiso, Ruby’s Diner,        Thank you: Deborah Warren & Vanessa Pegueros, Adam Krantz, Marc & Jennifer
Ryan & Stefanie Carr, Scott & Stephanie Curry, Sean & Andrea Keenan, Second Story         Wilson, Rep & Lisa Porter, Larry & Kelley Garcia, Brian Pepin & Danna Redmond,
Repertory Theatre, Shnoo Yogurt, Studio East, Taco Del Mar, Thai Kitchen, Tini Bigs,      Charles & Laura Landau, Pat & Connie Trine, Steve & Janis Rabuchin, Dennis &
Todd & Lynette Apley, Tokyo Japanese Steak House, Tom & Anemone Tiglon,                   Natashia Nicolay, John & Michelle Russell, Tom & Anemone Tiglon, Brian & Jen
Woodinville Thai Restaurant, Yarrow Bay Grill/Beach Cafe, Zebb & Janell Seabrook,         Mueller, Scott & Stephanie Curry, Ryan & Stefanie Carr, Guy & Sonja Feldman,
Zeeks Pizza, Larry & Peggy Schumacher                                                     Tim & Ronda Dever, Al & Mary Lund, John & Sarah Pabst, Ken & Connie Caldwell,
                                                                                          Tony & Tiffany Engelhardt, Derek & Ali Fialho, Eric & Denise Campbell, Dave & Jill
                                                                                          Zimmerman, Brix Wine Cafe, Bob & Mary Koeber, Seattle Wine Co., Efeste Winery,
                                                                                          Denis & Pam Erickson, Meghan & Kelly Foley, Dirk & Samantha Muse, Kristin Adams,
                                                                                          Rick Fisher, Sydne Rataushk, Tim & Lisa Diller, Derek & Suzanne Munson, Nickerson
                                                                                          Street Saloon, Jackie Gayte, Anonymous
              Raffle Basket Extravaganza                                                                    Raffle Basket Extravaganza
Join the party! Throughout the evening we will be selling tickets for our six                                                Baskets for Adults
exciting, jam-packed raffle baskets. This year’s baskets are our biggest ever, filled with
unique collections of items totalling in value between $700 and $2,700! Tickets will
be available beginning at 5 p.m. and sales will continue through the end of the Live         For the Macho Man
Auction, when the winners will be drawn. You do not need to be present to win.               Treat that special guy in your life to a few of his favorite things…maybe that’s a poker
                                                                                             lesson with a pro, including a set of poker chips, cards, dice, and the Poker Player’s
Simply purchase your tickets from the people who are walking around selling them
                                                                                             Bible Book. Or maybe he prefers to chill out on the golf course with a lesson from a
(look for people with arms full of silver bead necklaces), place one of the stickers with
                                                                                             PGA instructor (for one or two people, any level) and think about how to spend his
your bid number on the back of each one and drop as many as you like in to the box
                                                                                             $170 Calloway gift card. Maybe all your guy wants is to kick back with a cocktail after
by your favorite baskets. Tickets are $5 each, 12 for $50 or 25 for $100. Receive
                                                                                             a long day….included here is some Jack Daniels, a bottle of Herradura Tequila and
festive incentives when you purchase at the $50 and $100 levels. Good Luck!
                                                                                             four hand-rolled cigars. For that die-hard sports fan, there are two tickets to a 2008
                                                                                             UW football game, a DVD of the Dawg’s 1991 Perfect Season and four tickets to the
                             Baskets for Children                                            Everett AquaSox. Maybe your guy is looking a little scruffy? Send him off to Weldon
                                                                                             Barber for a haircut, then he can relax with an hour long massage. For the clean
Lions and Tigers and Creepy-Crawlies, Oh My!                                                 freak, there is a complete car wash kit….and for some quality bathroom reading there
Jeepers creepers! This collection of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails is sure to        is the Let’s Go Seahawks book. For no reason in particular, we’ve included a Mariners
make your little one’s eyes bug out. Included in this basket are projects, experiments,      Talking Bottle Opener. And the big finale? A Bucky Beaver Men’s watch is sure to
several books and toys (an entire stuffed zebra family), and even a remote control           make his friends burn with envy!
tarantula! Add to all of this a snow leopard adoption at the Woodland Park Zoo, five         Thank you: Adopt -A- Stream Foundation, Alan & Ying Lim, Autobahn Custom Detail,
passes to the Seattle Aquarium and admission for five to the Reptile Zoo and                 Deborah Warren & Vanessa Pegueros, Everett AquaSox, Ken & Diane Martin, Kimberly
Washington Serpentarium, and you’ve got tons of fun for your little love bug.                Weddle LMP, Kristen Adams, Brown-Foreman, Larry & Kelley Garcia, Molly Carson, Rep &
Thank you: Adopt -A- Stream Foundation, Deborah Warren & Vanessa Pegueros, Denny’s Pet       Lisa Porter, Ryan & Stefanie Carr, Tom Rudy, University of Washington Athletics
World, Dirk & Samantha Muse, Don & Teg Wenker, First Rate Insurance, Peter Lawson &          Department, Weldon Barber
Karin Treadwell, Rep & Lisa Porter, Reptile Zoo and Washington Serpentariam, Ryan &
Stefanie Carr, Seattle Aquarium Society, Steve & Janis Rabuchin, Tim & Lisa Diller, Tom &
Anemone Tiglon, Woodland Park Zoo, Zebb & Janell Seabrook
                                                                                             Ladies’ Day-Off
                                                                                             Babysitter? Check. Dinner? Check. Clean house? Check. A great relaxing day ahead?
                                                                                             Check check check check check!! Go ahead, you deserve it! Start the day with a visit
Fairy Princess Tea Party                                                                     to the Clair de Lune Salon for a haircut, have lunch with a friend at the Dahlia
Complete with everything a blossoming fairy could dream of, this basket will bring           Lounge ($50 gift certificate), then head to Bellevue Square for some shopping ($25
Fairyland to life for your child. She will look magical in her handmade princess             gift certificate). While you are out getting some much needed rest and relaxation,
dresses and fairy wings as she hosts an enchanting tea party on her ver y own                everything at home will be taken care of with a house cleaning gift certificate (good
handpainted table and chairs (call Lisa Diller at (425) 803-0502 for delivery). This         toward carpet, upholstery, area rug, airduct or tile/grout cleaning), a $50 gift
basket includes honey vanilla tea, a tea set, several books and games, a beauty set,         certificate to Month of Meals and a six-month membership to This
princess shoes, tiaras and a magic wand! Finally, capture your little fairy on canvas        package also includes an exquisite pendant necklace, a complete car detail service, a
with a “Funny Face Portrait” by Ann Chase Photography (expires 6/28/08 and is not            one hour massage at Massage Envy, a manicure from Salon Rae in Kirkland, a teeth
valid for High School Senior or Business Portrait sessions). After this busy day, tuck       whitening kit, a one-year subscription to Sunset Magazine, a spa robe, slippers and a
your little one into bed in her Tinkerbell PJ’s (size L). Sweet Dreams!                      one-pound box of chocolates. Ahhh...this is the life!

Thank you: Ann Chase Photography, Art & Susan Colts, Brian & Jen Mueller, Deborah            Thank you: Ben Bridge Jewelers, Claire de Lune Salon, Coit Services, Inc., Eric & Denise
Warren & Vanessa Pegueros, Dirk & Samantha Muse, Guy & Sonja Feldman, It’s A Kid             Campbell, Holly James Salon & Spa, Hugh Gruhn, DDS, Janie Bell, John & Andrea
Thing, Jeff & Amy Neumann, Keith & Chalyce Mourer, Ken & Diane Martin,                       McGowan, Michael Angelos, Month of Meals, Salon Rae,, The Bellevue
Mark & Crystal Jones, Patricia Bakke, Peter Lawson & Karin Treadwell, Rep & Lisa Porter,     Collection, Todd & Lynette Apley, Tom Douglas Restaurants
Tim & Lisa Diller, Tom & Anemone Tiglon, Zebb & Janell Seabrook
                                                                                                                                                  more raffle baskets on the next page...
              Raffle Basket Extravaganza                                                                                  Fund-An-Item
                                                                                               The Donald W. Carson Memorial Scholarship Fund
                 Baskets for Families and Sports Fans
                                                                                             Bucky Beaver Preschool was founded in 1983 in the home of Don and Molly Carson.
                                                                                             It began with one room, one swing set, two teachers (Molly and Pat) and 12 children.
Summer Fun                                                                                   Through Molly’s vision and the support of its families, it has grown to be one of the
Just add sunshine! From beach toys to the Beach Boys, we’ve crammed an entire                premier preschools in the greater Seattle area. In years past, money raised through
summer into one sizzlin’ raffle basket. This collection includes a Radio Flyer Wagon-        Fund- An-Item has been used to remodel and renovate the school, build a sport court,
load of towels, blankets, toys and games, and a picnic basket complete with wine and         play equipment, playhouse, lofts, add the art/science room and storage units, to
tumblers. There are some super-hip Havaiana flip flops (size 9) and even a shark tent        acquire and maintain a bus for transportation to Bucky Beaver’s numerous field trips
when the kids need a break from those UV rays! At the pool, the beach or in your             and to improve teacher pay and benefits, including retirement.
backyard, there is enough fun here to fill up even the longest days of the year!
                                                                                             A big change happened at Bucky Beaver in 2007. Molly’s husband, her partner in
Thank you: Annie Price, Arnold Blinn & Leslie Brewer, Deborah Warren & Vanessa Pegueros,     vision and spirit from the founding of the school, passed away suddenly in April.
Derek & Ali Fialho, Guy & Sonja Feldman, Harvey & Marian Mazinke, John & Andrea              Molly, her family and the Bucky Beaver community have searched for the best way to
McGowan, Ken & Connie Caldwell, Ken & Diane Martin, Majed Al-Sorour & Heidi Jensen,          honor his memory as part of our auction this year. Many ideas were suggested, but
Remlinger Farms, Rep & Lisa Porter, Rock Star Tan Bar, Ryan & Stefanie Carr, Seattle Water   the committee ultimately decided that the best way to honor Don and Molly’s joint
Sports, Steve & Janis Rabuchin, Tim & Lisa Diller, Tom & Anemone Tiglon, Tree Top Toys,      vision is to support the school’s core value of making a Bucky Beaver Preschool
Zebb & Janell Seabrook                                                                       education accessible to all families, regardless of their ability to pay.
                                                                                             Molly always says to the families at Bucky Beaver that they were selected to attend
Super Seahawks                                                                               because they somehow touched her heart. Financial resources are never a
                                                                                             consideration. This means scholarship needs and resources var y from year to year.
Become the ultimate 12th man (or woman)! Gear up, grab a buddy and head to                   The establishment of an ongoing scholarship fund will allow the school to more
Qwest Field with two ROCKIN’ tickets on the “fiddy”. As for the rest of the                  effectively manage the disbursement of assistance across school years while still
schedule? Don’t worry, we got your back! This package is loaded up with Seahawk              keeping alive the spirit of giving and supporting the continued diversity of the school.
memorabilia, fan accessories, all the gear you need for tailgating and a keg of beer
from Lazy Boy Brewing. You and your friends and family will be pumped up all                 A full-ride scholarship costs between $3,000 (for T/Th) and $4,000 (for MWF) per
season long. Tickets are for a mutually agreed upon game in the 2008 season.                 year, per student. Bucky Beaver awards as many as 10 scholarships per year, not an
                                                                                             insignificant number considering that represents more than 15 percent of its income
Thank you: Annie Price, Brian & Jen Mueller, Deborah Warren & Vanessa Pegueros,              from tuition. The school simply cannot survive without significant fundraising for
Dr. DeEtta Gray & Randal Gray, Ken & Connie Caldwell, Larry & Kelley Garcia, Lazy Boy        scholarships, and that’s what this item is all about. Raising your paddle to support
Brewing, Marc & Jennifer Wilson, Rep & Lisa Porter, Scott & Kari Hall, The Seattle           this fund will not just help Bucky Beaver Preschool financially, it will support the
Seahawks, Tim & Lisa Diller, Tom & Anemone Tiglon, Zebb & Janell Seabrook                    continuation of Molly’s vision for the school, honor Don’s memory and keep his
                                                                                             spirit alive at Bucky Beaver for years to come. Most importantly, it will help give the
                                                                                             gift of a Bucky Beaver Preschool education to many children who otherwise would
                                                                                             not be able to attend the school.

                                                                                             How to Participate in Fund-An-Item
                                                                                             During the Live Auction, our auctioneer will invite you to hold up your bid card on
                                                                                             one of the following dollar amounts: $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 and $25. Simply
                                                                                             raise your bid number at the amount you wish to contribue and that amount will be
                                                                                             charged to your account.

                                                                                             Corporate Matching Gifts
                                                                                             If your company has a matching gifts program, you may be able to double your
                                                                                             contribution by submitting your employer’s matching gift form. All contributions to
                                                                                             Fund- An-Item are tax-deductible under our non-profit status.
        Group Bidding for the Live Auction                                                                Group Bidding for the Live Auction
Talk to your friends and agree to bid together to increase your chances of winning these exciting
Live Auction items!

Trips and getaways that can be purchased as a group with one bid                                    Children’s birthday parties:
number:                                                                                                    Item 38: Birthday Party Frenzy
          #3         One Week Wapato Point Family Getaway for six                                          A        Fire Station Birthday Party – 10 kids
          #8         Back To Nature: A Week in Whistler for six                                            B        Rainbow Playground Birthday Party – 25 kids
          #13        Sun and Fun: One Week at the Playa Grande Resort in                                   C        Northshore Gymnastics Birthday Party – 12 kids
                     Cabo San Lucas for two to four                                                        D        Northwest Aerials Birthday Party – 12 kids
          #17        South Lake Tahoe: Ski Escape or Lake Retreat for 10
                                                                                                           E        Northwest Aerials Birthday Party – 12 kids
          #22        Move Magic Dream Vacation with Warner Brother Studios for four
                                                                                                           F        Pump It Up Birthday Party (Weekday) – 25 friends
          #27        Rancho Mirage Escape for six                                                          G        Club Libby Lu Party - $200 gift certificate
          #30        Destination: Arizona for Golf Lovers for two
                                                                                                           H        Rainbow Playground Birthday Party – 25 kids
          #35        Race to the City of Roses: Portland Getaway for two                                   I        Castle Ice Arena Skating Party – 10 kids
          #40        Wine Tasting in Walla Walla for two
                                                                                                           J        California Pizza Kitchen Party – 15 kids
                                                                                                           K        Xtreme Birthday Experience – 13 kids
Adult parties and events that can be purchased as a group
with one bid number:                                                                                Children’s and family parties and events that are for more than one
          #1         Private Dinner at the Brix Wine Café for 10
                                                                                                    individual to purchase (one individual per bid):
          #6         Golf at Aldarra for three
                                                                                                           #2       Redmond Town Center with Cindy & Heidi – four children
          #19        Wine Crush Experience for two
                                                                                                           #16      Off to the Shore with Pat and Heidi – four children
          #21        Private Cooking Lesson with the Third Floor Fish Café for four
                                                                                                           #23      A Day at the Zoo with Pat and Molly – four children
          #24        Wine Essence Tasting with Local Winemaker for eight
                                                                                                           #31      Build Your Own Bear and Enjoy Lunch with Molly – two children
          $25        Golf at Inglewood for three
                                                                                                           #42      Pottery Painting and Ice Cream with Cindy and Heidi – four children
          #28        “Uncork It” Party for eight
          #34        Poker Party with a Pro for eight
          #43        Golf at Chambers Bay for four                                                  Almost Live: sign-up parties for purchase by multiple bidders. One
                                                                                                    person per bid, each bid number may purchase multiple spots:
                                                                                                           #4002    Casino Night Party at the Wilson’s (adults only)
Children’s and family parties that can be purchased as a group with
                                                                                                           #4004    Movie night with Molly & Heidi at the Glovers’ (kids only)
one bid number:
                                                                                                           #4006    Mother’s Day Brunch with Molly at the VanHorn’s (adults only)
          #7         It’s a Pool Party—up to 20 people, kids or adults
          #18        Fun on the Lake—eight guests, kids allowed
          #33        Outdoor Movie Night – Limitless
          #36        Bend it Like Beckham for individuals or a group of 6-12 people
          #41        “Deadliest Catch” Crab Feast Party – up to 20 family and friends
          #44        Hollywood in Seattle – eight people, adults and children

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