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    THANK YOU for your interest in hiring event space at Mt Penang Parklands.

    To help us confirm your booking please complete all of the following questions
    in as much detail as you can, and attach any supporting information. We
    encourage you to read the conditions of hire carefully before completing and
    signing this document.

    The attached application form has been prepared with event organisers and
    patrons in mind, to ensure the smooth running of your event and preserve the
    event site for future users.

    Event approval is subject to other events that may be scheduled at Mt Penang
    Parklands on the requested date(s). To allow enough time for applications to be
    assessed we ask that you submit your application as early as possible. We will
    respond to your application as quickly as possible with a booking confirmation.
    This confirmation will also highlight the conditions of hire.

    For more information or assistance please contact:
    Margaret Paterson, Marketing Manager
    Ph: (02) 4340 1002
    Fax: (02) 4340 1115

    We look forward to hosting your special event at Mt Penang Parklands.

                        16 The Avenue, Mt Penang Parklands, Kariong NSW 2250
                         Phone: (02) 4340 1002    Facsimile: (02) 4340 1115
 Mar 08                                ABN: 55 004 650 406

   Please complete after reading the Conditions of Hire

   1. Hirer’ details
  Position title
  ABN No
  Postal address


   2. Event details

  Event name
  Event Space Required
  Car Park Space Required
  Bump-in date(s) & times
  Event run date(s) & times
  Bump-out date(s) & times
  Likely attendance   (estimated no. of people)

  Is this an annual event?                                Yes   No

   3. Please give a brief description of the event, including the overall
   aims and objectives (submit video and/or photographs if available):

Mar 08
   4. Public Liability Insurance Policy
   Every event must hold a current public liability certificate which has cover for a minimum amount
   of $15 million (any one occurrence).
   Please attach a copy of your policy to this application. Your booking cannot be
   confirmed without this certificate.

  Name of insurer
  Sum insured
  Policy number
  Expiry Date

   5. Fees
   The scheduled fee for your event has been determined by using the current Festival Development
   Corporation fee schedule. Payments should be made by cheque to:
               Festival Development Corporation
               16 The Avenue, Mt Penang Parklands
               Kariong NSW 2250

   Fees are payable in the following manner:
   Payment 1
   A deposit of $1000 is required to secure your booking, and must be paid upon application. For
   events/ functions where total charges are less than $1000, 50 % of the total fee will be required
   upon application.
   Payment 2
   This will be required 2 months prior to bump in. It will be 50 % of the total fee less the $1000
   already paid. For smaller events there will be no second payment.
   Payment 3.
   This will be 2 weeks prior to the first day of bump in. It will be the remainder of the total site fee.
   Payment 2 & 3 will be invoiced.
   Bond payments are not subject to GST and must be paid no later then 1 week prior to the first
   day of the bump in period.
   You may not bump in unless all monies have been paid.
   Our cancellation policy and fee reduction policy are stated in the “Conditions of Hire” document

   6. Is this the first event of this type you have organised?
         Yes        No     If no, please provide brief details of previous event organisation experience:

Mar 08
   7. Advertising Banners and Signs
   Will you be using advertising banners to advertise the event?         Yes          No

   8. Promotional Material
   Where any fee discounting is provided, all promotional material must feature the Mt Penang
   Parklands logo. All material carrying the Mt Penang Parklands logo must be approved by
   the Corporation prior to publication. Please indicate if you want the logo provided to you in
   hard copy or electronic format

   9. Entry Fees/Ticketing

  Will the event be pay for entry?                                         Yes                No
  Will tickets be sold prior to the event?                                 Yes                No
  Will tickets be sold at the gate?                                        Yes               No

   If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please describe eg details of ticket prices,
   where tickets can be purchased etc? Please provide the relevant public numbers.

   10. Fund Raising

  Do you plan to collect money at the event?            Yes         No    If yes, for what purpose?

  Please attach letter of authority from registered charity or organisation on whose
  behalf the money is being collected.

Mar 08

   As the event organiser, you must obtain the appropriate licenses, public liability certificates and
   OHS certificates from ALL your exhibitors and service providers. You must keep these copies as
   part of your event records. Mt Penang Parklands may request these licenses prior to your bump
   in on site. Please indicate by ticking the relevant box if your event includes the following:

  Component                                                        Yes       No       Certificates
                                                                                      On File
  Amusement Devices, includes rides and animal farms
  Entertainers and Performers
  Food Management Plan submitted to GCC
  Food Sales For Public
  Food Provided for Hospitality / VIP / Sponsors
  Beverages Sales for Public: (non alcoholic)
  Beverages provided for Hospitality / VIP / Sponsors:
                                  (non alcoholic)
  Public Address (PA) Systems/Amplified Music
  Extra or Specialist Event Lighting
  Waste Management Plan submitted to GCC
  Waste Management / Rubbish Collection & Removal
  Special Event Liquor License
  Traffic marshalling
  Event Staff
  Media Staff
  First Aid Facilities

Mar 08
   12. SITE PLAN

   A detailed site plan (to scale) for the event must be submitted with this application illustrating the
   overall layout, dimensions of all structures and including the location of the following:
      • Food/drink/merchandise stalls                        •   Dressing rooms
      • Stage/dais                                           •   Production office
      • Sound and lighting towers                            •   Car parking
      • Toilet facilities (including facilities              •   Information/ticket sales booth(s)
        for people with disabilities)                        •   Temporary seating/fencing
      • Access to and from the site, including pick          •   Signage/banners
        up and set down points for transport                 •   Generator location (if applicable)
      • First aid station / Parents Room / EFTPOS            •   Any other relevant information

   Note: An accredited Structural Engineer must certify built structures (eg stages,
   scaffolding etc) and they must meet all applicable Australian Standards.

   13. RUN SHEET
   An event run sheet prepared to specifically cover logistics of the bump in, event day(s) and bump
   out. This document must be provided at least one week prior to the first day of event bump in. The
   document should contain all contact details of staff who will be in charge during these periods, eg
   event organiser, stage crew leaders, security personnel and marquee builder’s and associated
   trades people etc. Mt Penang Parklands will use this run sheet as his first point of contact.

   I hereby certify that the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.
   I also undertake to advise Mt Penang Parklands should there be any alterations or additions to
   the information supplied.

   I have received and read the Conditions of Hire document, outlining Mt Penang Parklands terms.
   I accept these terms as a user of the venue.

   Name of Organisation

   Signature of Applicant                                                     Date        /    /

   Please return this completed form together with payment and other relevant documents (eg
   public liability insurance, sketch maps, running sheet etc). Applications should be forwarded to
   the Marketing Manager at the address below:

   Festival Development Corporation
   16 The Avenue, Mt Penang Parklands, KARIONG NSW 2250
   or Fax to: (02) 4340 1115

   Please double check that you have attached all of the supporting documentation so
   we can respond to you as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Mar 08

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