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					Dedicated to the promotion of original artist dolls as an art form and to the support of the artists who create them

  Art Doll                                                      CDAA Newsletter, March 2008


      Celebration Elf

 Dancing with the Stars

    9th CDAA Annual
    April 24 -27, 2008

On the Cover
                                                 CDAA to experience a
                                                Dutch Touch

                                          Ankie Daanen                          Marlaine Verhelst

                                         These two distinguished doll artists
                                         will share their unique methods of
                                         sculpting and fantastic costume and
                                         fabric techniques -- in a 3-day work-
                                         shop developed specifically for CDAA
                                              to touch your soul. And what I try to              After five years of teaching, I began
     View from Europe                         achieve is to bring a smile with my dolls          searching for an avenue in which to
                                              and to tell a little story.                        direct my creative energy, and my love for
        About Dolls                           A.D. I work hard in trying to create a             music made me go to the conservatory to
      and Doll-Making                         dream create pieces that                study music. I became a music teacher.
                                              people enjoy looking at and pieces they            About this time I visited an exhibition of
        Stefania Morgante -                   want to have as their own.                         doll makers and it was overwhelming!
        in conversation with                                                                     I went back three times. It was at that
                                              S.M. Why dolls? How did this passion               point that I was sure my mission was to
           Ankie Daanen                       develop?                                           become a doll maker and so I did! That
       and Marlaine Verhelst                  M.V. I like it that so many techniques             was about 20 years ago. I started taking
                                              are involved: sculpting, painting, sewing,         a few classes from well-known doll mak-
  We understand that doll making is not       embellishing, and of course collecting             ers, but soon I began to teach myself. I
generally known in Europe as Art. And         materials. I love collecting stuff and visit-      did not want to copy dolls from others. I
yet, within the new Dutch and Belgium         ing stores and flea markets. On top of             wanted to have my own style. In every
Institute of Doll Artists Association there   everything it’s so much fun. Doll-making           new collection of my dolls I try to grow.
is an enormous amount of talent in just       also allows me to travel and meet people           Approximately five years ago, after fifteen
those two small countries.                    all over the world.                                years of sculpting dolls from stoneclay, I
                                              A.D. Even as a child I was always search-          started to work with porcelain. I love the
S.M. Do you see it this way from your         ing for an outlet to express my artistic abili-    charm of the smooth skin you get from
experience?                                   ties, and much of my childhood I spent seated      porcelain and, of course, the longer life
M.V. There are not many new young doll        beside my mother’s sewing machine waiting          cycle of the doll. After a while you develop
artists. Doll making around the world         for leftover scraps of fabric. My mother made      your own techniques and processes.
seems to get most interest from middle-       children’s clothes, and I copied her on the        After finishing the basic model I create
aged women.                                   floor creating ballroom dresses for my Barbie-     the molds, and after the doll comes out
A.D. Good thing that when there is a          dolls. My dream was to follow a profes-            of the mold, I sculpt the doll again. This
great show such as the Art Doll Show          sional artistic career as a ballet dancer,         multi-layered process means that every
in Sevres, near Paris (2006) and the          opera singer or designer. But when the             doll I create has something unique.
Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll           time came to choose a profession, my               My great love for fabric, laces and trims
Artists (DABIDA-2007) there is a lot of       parents did not share in the opinion of           and all my inspiration, imagination and
interest from the public.                     going to an art school, as at that time           fantasy, which is always available, goes
S.M. What is a doll to you?                   they thought it did not guarantee a liv-          into costuming the doll.
M.V. Because a doll is a reflection of a      ing. Instead, I went to an educational
human being, a good doll should be able       academy and became a teacher.
                                                                                                                         continued on page 3...
2   CDAA Newsletter • March 2008
continued from page 2...
 S.M. Do you remember how and when                          eggs with Darwi clay as base for the heads,    the sea, in a beautiful wine-valley.
your passion for doll-making transformed                    cutting and sewing the basic doll costumes     There I like to teach doll making during
into a career?                                             and designing the wooden parts for the the-     the beautiful season periods, as Spring
 M.V. It is soooo long ago. I think it start-              atres that a carpenter will make. The materi-   and the early Summertime. The students
ed when a friend opened a little shop                      als will be shipped to Canada in advance.       learn how to make dolls, in combination
with handmade gifts. Two friends of the                   The workshop is for all levels. For Ankie        with the good things Spain has to offer.
owner of thi shop had little galleries. One               and me it is the first time that we will be      But that’s next year.
step leads to another. I had the advan-                   teaching together in Canada. I was teach-
tage that there was nobody in Holland                     ing before in Ottawa a couple of years           S.M. Is business good for doll makers in
making dolls at that time.                                ago. We are looking forward to meeting           Europe?
 A.D. I sold my first doll at age 10. I                   old friends and to make new friends.             M.V. The market for doll art is not very good in
pulled a balloon over a play ball and                       A.D. Together with my collegue Mar-            Europe nowadays.
glued a face on it....and from wire I made                 laine, we teach two or three times a year       A.D. It is so nice to get inspired by doll artists
a body and dressed it. I could sell two                    an International Master class. The Mas-         all over the world.
dolls for 1 Euro each. For a 10 year old,                  ter Class goes by the name: ‘The Dutch
a lot of money in those days! When my                      Touch’ and is designed to teach Interna-         S.M. What advice for developing
father and I had put the dolls in the trunk                tional students some of the creative and         artists?
of the car we went to bring the dolls, BUT,                unconventional techniques that Dutch             M.V. Practice, practice, practice.
it was over 30 degrees and when we got                     doll makers are renowned for. The               Try to learn as much as you can from the
out of the car to get the dolls out of the                 classes are taught in, and outside, The         doll artists you admire by looking at their
trunk to deliver them...the balloons were                  Netherlands. For next year Salt Lake            work, buying their books, CD, video, or
melted!!! I now have galleries and col-                    City and Tucson in the USA are on the           taking lessons. It will be important at
lectors around the world. I am a happy                     list. (As a service to your readers, there      some point to find a personal and unique
doll maker!                                                are other possibilities as we speak             style. Start a cuttings map for inspiration
                                                           German also.)                                   with pictures from facial and body parts,
 S.M. Tell us about the ‘Dutch Touch’ Theatre               For the moment I am working to fulfil one      hair styles and make up, facial expres-
workshop.                                                  of my dreams. My husband and I have             sions, colour combinations, poses, fash-
 M.V. Ankie and I have already started prepa-              built a new house in Spain, with an atelier     ion styles etc.
rations for this workshop, covering styro-foam             and a guesthouse. It is situated near            A.D. Practice and develop your own style.

    Vendor Sale
    The Vendor Sale is shaping up to be an excit-

                                                                                       Dear Members;
    ing event introducing new suppliers with an
    amazing array of products and supplies to sat-                                     It is with some distress that I submit my
    isfy our delegates and the visiting public.                                        resignation as Vice President to the Board of
    Expect to see a plethora of yarns, beads,                                          Directors/Executive for the CDAA, effective
    ribbons and trims, stitchery supplies, wigs and
    eyelashes. Be inspired by a variety of dried high                                  29 February, 2008.
    quality gourds, tools, finishes and embellish-      Mary-Jane Lovering             Family and business concerns have
    ments. Be enticed by tasty blends of wool             416-487-3533
    batting, felting needles, notions, buttons and          multiplied and I find that I am unable to
    a wide selection of fabulous fabrics including                                     spend the time and effort required to serve
    dupioni silk, batiste, batiks and much more.                                       the      membership to the best of my ability. I

                                                                                       have grappled with this decision over some
                                                                                       months and realize that this action is the
                                                                                       best thing I can do for both myself and
                                                                                       the CDAA at this time.
                                                                                       It is my hope that all members of the CDAA
                                                                                       will continue to come forward to assist with
                                                                                       our Conference in April.

                                                                                       Peggy Wilson

                                                                                                                   CDAA Newsletter     ·   March 2008      3
    WORKSHOPS ‘R’ US!!!!
                                                                                            many 1st-place ribbons at the CDAA
                                                                                            Conference and at other competitions,
                                                                                            as well as being a member of Jack
                                                                                            Johnson’s ‘American Professional Doll
We received over 80 workshop proposals        and her teaching-travels, from the US to      Makers’ Art Guild’
after beginning our search last summer…       Canada to Australia and many others           •        Leslie Samson, president and
then narrowed our selection to the most       around the world.                             judge of the International Association
distinguished, well-versed instructors                                                      of German Angora Rabbit Breeders
possible!                                     Our Canadian contingent comprises             (IAGARB), co-author of the reference
                                              these talented artists:                       book ‘Completely Angora’, and eminent
We are extremely pleased to have The          •        Leslie Bailey, with three of her     felting and fibre teacher
Dutch Touch with us this year!!! Ankie        figures highlighted in the current Art Doll   •        Peggy Wilson, a perennial
Daanen and Marlaine Verhelst are              Quarterly magazine                            favourite, with an established and well-
joining us, during yet another of their       •        Kate Church, fresh from The          deserved reputation as a teacher, mentor
teaching-tours of the U.S. Their classes      One of a Kind Show, plus her on-going         and award-winning figurative-artist.
always fill up, so get your applications in   exhibits at the Petroff Gallery (formerly     •        Edwina Sutherland, a multi-talent-
tout suite!                                   ‘A Show of Hands’ Gallery) in Toronto         ed award winning, published doll artist,
                                              •        Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady, an          who, besides teaching a workshop, is
Our American guests include:                  artist in fibres and quilting, a teacher of   also leading a Round Table. She’ll have
•       Marcia Acker-Missall, already         aboriginal textile arts and crafts, and a     tips and ‘how-to’s’ for members who are
teaching at WOW in New York City this May     Minister                                      new to entering competitions.
•       Diane Keeler, whose polymer-          •        Jacquie Lecuyer, a contributor       With all of this talent, packed into only
sculpting workshop is nearly filled already   to Patti Medaris Culea’s book: ‘Creative      three days in April, our own skills and
•       Julie McCullough, of ‘Magic           Cloth Doll Faces: Using Paints, Pastels,      works will be permanently transformed.
Threads’ fame, fresh from The Original        Fibers, Beading, Collage’, has won            See you soon!
Creative Festival in Iowa                     awards for her work at previous CDAA             Deborah Lobban
•       Gloria “Mimi” Winer, with her         Conferences                                      CDAA Workshop Coordinator 2008
well-known website,         •        Wendy Rinehart, winner of     

                                                                                                New Member Show ’n’ Tell
    Join the Fun!                                                                                      Betty Alleyne

    The Hot! Latin! Salsa! Pin                             Doll Swap! Celebration Elf
                                                                                                         Barefoot Buds!

                                                ...hands out straight
                                                ...puzzle pieces held
                                                ...shouts of laughter,
                                                   sighs of delight,
                                                   giggles a-plenty
                                              ...when pieces fit tight!

               Remember to check off the box on your
               Conference Form for the Pin Doll Swap                                        Celebration Elf’s head is hand sculpted of
                                                                                            polymer clay. He has a wire armature and
                 Contact Donna Sidebottom for further details at:                           Apoxy Sculpt body, hands and feet. He
                                                       is embellished with semi-precious stones,
                                                                                            seed beads and yarns, then hand-paint-
                                                                                            ed with metallic inks and acrylic paints.
4   CDAA Newsletter   ·   March 2008
                                               contact us and ask. We will be happy to

                                                                                              We all joined the CDAA to further our
                                               help you out with it.                          art form, to share our talents, to find like
                                                                                              minded friends and to find joy in this

                                               When one holds a position of some              sharing. There is no room for negative
                                               authority one expects criticism and            politics here. The CDAA is not political
                                               disagreement as well as dislike but this       so there should not be a need to play at
                                               should never be aimed at the member-           it. Let us all Celebrate! ourselves at the
W     ell here we are again, how time
      flies! It seems I just finish writing
my Chair Chat and bam, it is time to write
                                               ship. It has come to our attention that
                                               some negative talk has been dissemi-
                                               nated among the ‘new’ members that
                                                                                              Conference and in all our dealings with
                                                                                              each other.
it again. I hope that life has been spec-      undermine the CDAA as a whole and the          At this time I would like to welcome the
tacular for all of you and that you are all    Conference. Unfortunately we cannot            following new members. Welcome:
awaiting the spectacular events at our         stop the talk, all we can do is ask that
upcoming Hot Latin Salsa Conference.           you disregard these grumblings. The            •   Joy Elizabeth Liddy, Nova Scotia,
The registrations are coming in steadily       members of the CDAA need to stand to-          •   Olga Gradveskaya, St. Petersburg,
and we already have two workshops that         gether and remember that the CDAA is               Russia,
are full. Get in there and do it fast before   founded on supporting one another - that       •   Sharon Brassard, Ontario
your favourite workshop is gone!!              is our Mandate. If you are approached          •   Dorothy Gilbert, Ontario
                                               by a non-member and they talk nega-            •   Elaine Bell, Ontario
There seems to be a question as to             tively about any part of the CDAA be it        •   Kim Parkinson, Ontario
where to get your Conference Booklet.          programs, fiscal responsibility or any         •   Marion Fraser from Ontario
Katuma sent out several eBlasts letting        specific member, please let the Board
you know to go to the website and view         know. We are very willing to answer            I hope to see you all and meet the new
it there or download it if you wish. The       whatever questions you may have. With          members at the Conference !! Arriba !!
registration forms are also on the web-        open discussion and honest questioning
site and you can download them easily          the CDAA will continue to be strong and        Kinga Buday
and then fill them in and send them to         to grow. Our members are wonderful,            President CDAA
our Registrar, Sandra Gillis. If you are       joyful, caring, talented and charitable        <>
having any problem with this please just       and this is how we would like to continue.
                                                                                              you borrow would be appreciated for the
                                                              CDAA                            Art Doll Celebrations! Newsletter.
                                                     Rules & Procedures                       Contact me for requests or suggestions.
                                                                                                        ReBecca Paterson
                                                     for borrowing from                                 CDAA Librarian
                                                        Video Library                                   151 Pleasant Ave.
                                                                                                        Sussex, NB E4E 1Y1

T    here is no charge to borrowing tapes
     but members are responsible for
proper packaging and postage of the
                                               to member.         Note: Canada Post Ex-
                                               press Post Service is recommended.
                                               It is fast, includes insurance, is traceable

tapes and DVDs when returning them             and a bubble wrap envelope is provid-
to the librarian or to the next member         ed.      International Members: Due to                     Russian Doll
waiting to receive them.                       the cost to mail outside of Canada, Inter-            by Olga Gradevskay
You may borrow two tapes for a period          national members are required to cover               Saint Petersburg, Russia
of two weeks, then they must be either         all costs of borrowing videos and tapes.
returned to the librarian, or mailed to        This cost would include postage, Interna-
the next member requesting them. The           tional shippers fees, insurance, Customs
librarian will provide the mailing infor-      declarations and proper packaging both
mation. Always request video or DVD            ways.
in writing by surface or e-mail. Please        Please show consideration to your fellow
include your full name, address, phone         CDAA members and ensure you return
number, name of artist (if possibe) and        the video/DVD in a timely fashion.
title of tape. When mailing them back,         You must be a member in good standing
be sure to include a return address on         in order to receive tapes and DVDs and
the package. Video returns must be             to stay on the waiting list.
insured for $100.00 which will cost you an     Please notify the Librarian when you
extra      $1.00 with the postage and you      receive or mail a video or DVD. When
must       e-mail the Canada Post track-       the tapes have been returned you may
ing number from the insurance slip to          then request another two videos or
the Librarian. This tracking number            DVDs.
is very important as it is your pro-             Please advise the Librarian if you en-                  Artist works in Cloth,
tection if the package is lost or dam-         counter any problem with playing or                       Mixed Media, Wire,
aged. This number will also be used to         viewing the media.                                         and Papier Mâché
follow the tape as it goes from member         A written review on any of the tapes that
6   CDAA Newsletter   ·   March 2008
                                            Yes, it is IMPORTANT to attend
                                          our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
                       One necessary part of the Celebration! Conference is the Annual General Meeting.
                       We gather as a manifested group to review by-law changes needing your vote,
                       discuss policies or decisions needing clarification, and review our financial status.
                       We are a Federally Incorporated Not for Profit Organization and the Federal Gov-
                       ernment requires us to have the Annual General Meeting. It is one duty that we
                       have as members that will affect the organization as a whole in the present and in
                       the future.
  KINGA BUDAY          All the information that you will need regarding by-law changes etc. will be supplied
                       to you here in the newsletter and at the meeting. Please take the time to familiar-
ize yourself with the issues so that the AGM runs quickly and smoothly. To sweeten the pot: two special
raffles will be conducted, one part way through the meeting and one at the meeting’s end.
Please participate in this very important part of the Conference. PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED
have any questions about the AGM, please feel free to ask us anytime. Our contact information:
                       Marlene DeGenova

I am looking forward to seeing you there.
Kinga Buday <>

                                                                                           CDAA Newsletter   •   March 2008   7
      CDAA Traveling                                    ASHTON - SITE OF FIRST CDAA
       Workshops                                           TRAVELING WORKSHOP
           by Peggy Wilson
As the Celebration 2007 Conference
was winding down after 4 days of
incomparable hospitality, informative
workshops taught by talented doll artists
and inspirational dolls on display, to
say nothing of the fantastic friendships,
both begun and rekindled, (and “OH!”
did I mention the marvelous food?) it
was felt that it was a shame to restrict
all this creative energy to a single venue
once a year, and to limit it to a small
                                                          Peggy with dolls                        Kathy White, Katuma McLaughlin
number of the CDAA membership.
The idea of traveling workshops was          In the fall of 2007 I was asked to teach
conceived to help the members of the         the first of the CDAA’s Traveling Work-
CDAA take advantage of teacher-mem-          shops in my home studio in Ashton,
bers from regions outside of what they       Ontario. I love to teach and the prospect
might normally have access to. The fee       of future travel always excites me so
that would be charged these members          how could I possibly say “no”?
would cover the reduced teacher’s fee        The class that I was to teach was my
(reduced by up to 66%). Monies               ‘Creative Cloth Doll Design, From Vision
received from the workshop fees over         to Reality’. I had 12 students sign up
the actual cost would be rolled into         within one day of its announcement so I                                                  tier,
                                                                                                                             n Pelle
the fund that would help to fund future      knew that with students this keen I would                                Kathlee eft to right)
                                                                                                         Kathy White,
workshops. What a great way to share         have a fantastic time!                                             a McLa
the talent that exists within the Canadian   In this class, students develop their own
Doll Artists Association!                    design for a doll and follow that design to
                                             create their own original doll. Students
                    Around                   are taught the basic elements of design,
                &                            proportion, and fabric selection. They

                    Round                    are taught how to analyze their ‘Vision’,
                             e Go

                                             to make informed decisions on construction
                    Table                    and pattern drafting and given tips and        Barbara
                    Events                   techniques on construction throughout
                                                                                                      Ross (fr
                                                                                                              ont) &
                                                                                                                       Carol F
                                             the two day program.                                                                   n (back)
                                             I must say that I had a wonderful group
I encourage all delegates to join me for
                                             of students! A harder working group of
the acclaimed ‘Round Table Event’ at
                                             doll makers would be hard to find. After
this year’s Conference.
                                             the two days of planning, drafting, sewing,
With great effort, I’ve managed to gather
                                             eating, laughing and brainstorming the
an interesting group of speakers who
                                             participants were well on their way to an
will be sharing their tips and knowledge
                                             ‘Original Art Doll’.
with you. You have three choices of the
                                                        Peggy Wilson
eight topics. Topics include learning                   4200 Ashton Station Rd.,
how to make wings, hands, flowers, rib-                 RR3# Ashton, On.,
                                                                                             W Julie Brais (left), Carol Ferguson (right)
bons and cloth dolls or you could ex-                   K0A 1B0
periment with clay, junk drawer and vel-                613 253 3192
veteen. Edwina Sutherland will clarify
the competition criteria so you will be                                 Donation to CDAA Library
more confident about entering CDAA             Special thanks go to Stefania Morgante, our European correspondent, who has
competitions.                                                 donated the following video to the CDAA Library.
The ‘Round Table Event’ is on Sunday
morning and will be followed by a            Elinor Peace Bailey, Doll Making Basics...from basics such as tools needed,
                                             fabric/trim selection, construction of doll, stuffing, sculpting, face painting and much
brunch. Hum!          I look forward to
                                             more, this NEW DVD contains everything that Elinor has learned about doll-making
welcoming you to a morning of fun.
                                             over the past 30 years. Included are 2 1/2 hours of information and instruction on
    Lise St-Germain                          two DVD discs. You’ll feel just like you are sitting with her in her studio!
    Round Table Event Coordinator
  Shopping! With Wendy & Nancy
                                by Wendy Rinehart
 Hello again fellow dollmakers and avid       dina and Queen where the Fashion dis-
shoppers! If your winter is anything like     trict meets Soho and you’ll find bead
we’ve experienced in Orillia, Ontario         stores (Arton Beads is my favourite),
you’ll understand why I haven’t been able     fabric stores and costume shops. There
to get to the big smoke for a shopping        are a couple of blocks of shops chock full
trip. HOWEVER, one of our members             of great stuff! If you don’t mind a little grungy
has come through with a great little          shopping and wading through crowded                 fashion. Truly the heart of Toronto’s
synopsis of a few downtown shop-              (uh, squished) and sometimes dingy                  design scene.
ping areas in Toronto.                        shops you’ll be able to amass your stash                  =================
 A great big thanks to Jolene Klassen for     from a world of feathers and masks, two
                                                                                                   Kensington Market
passing on my dilemma to Nancy Perennec       way stretch fabric in a shop where they
who came through in trumps. So with-          specialize in skating and all kinds of               If you’re looking for bohemian fashions,
out further ado, straight from the pen        theatrical costuming materials, buttons,            don’t miss Kensington Market. You’ll have
of Nancy (with a little help from Toronto     and ribbons. Curry’s Art Supply store               a great time searching through some of
tourism) here is some information to tan-     is there too, so you can pick up hard to            the best vintage clothing stores in the city
talize your shopping taste buds.              find art supplies including armature wire,          hidden amid dozens of tiny shops and
       =================                      paints and pastels. There are book stores           produce stands in a labyrinth of streets
                                              in the area where I was able to pick up a           just west of Chinatown.
Queen Street West                                                                                        =================
                                              book on costuming.
 Also known as the Soho strip, Queen                 =================                             Once again, my thanks to our wonderful
West is one of the hipper, trendier shop-                                                         members and if you have any sugges-
ping scenes in the city. Filled with cool,    Fashion District
                                                                                                  tions, or recommendations for stores in
 upbeat shops selling fashions that range      Located on Spadina Ave. in the heart of            your neck of the woods, I’d love to hear
from grunge to cutting-edge to ultra-chic     Chinatown, Toronto’s garment district               about them and pass them on.
-- Queen West Soho is a goldmine for           has terrific bargains on local fashions, fabric,
the fashion-hungry.                           leathers and furs. Hundreds of local design-       
Travel a little farther west just past Spa-   ers make this the place to go for the latest in                 ============

                                              to make a living, making things. The                cables, and launched Etsy on June 18th,
  My Etsy Experience                          intention from the outset was to offer
                                              viable alternatives to mass-produced
                                                                                                  2005 after only three sleepless months.
         by Nancy Perennec                    objects in the world marketplace, and to            Now, at age two, Etsy has 45 full-time
I have been a member of Etsy for a            encourage consumers to be aware of the              employees with offices in Brooklyn and
couple of years now and while it may not      social and environmental implications of            San Francisco.
be a place to sell and get rich, I            their purchases. They contend that the
experience a wonderful sharing of ideas       connection between producer and con-                     Nancy Perennec
by talking to other members in the forums;    sumer has been lost. Etsy was designed         
while browsing through the stores gives       to help them reconnect, and swing the                    <>
me constant inspiration. I have found         pendulum back to a time when our bread
wonderful friends, fellow artisans and        was bought from the baker, food from the            •	     Jewellery       •	   Books
dollmakers from around the world. The         grocer, and shoes from the cobbler.                 •	     Knitting        •	   Zines
Etsy Labs offer workshops and discussions                                                         •	     Music           •	   Geekery
about all kinds of crafts including puppet    The Etsy vision: to build a new economy             •	     Needlecraft     •	   Ceramics
making, knitting, and selling member’s        and present a better choice: Buy, Sell,
work online. If you’re shopping for some-     and Live Handmade.
                                                                                                  •	     Paper Goods     •	   Pottery
thing unique and different and handmade                                                           •	     Patterns        •	   Clothing
by other artists like yourself, stop by and   Etsy was conceived by Rob Kalin, 27                 •	     Quilts          •	   Furniture
take a peek. You won’t be disappointed!       in early 2005. A painter, carpenter, and            •	     Supplies        •	   Woodwork
                                              photographer, Rob found there was no                •	     Toys            •	   Bath & Beauty
What is Etsy?... and how it began             viable marketplace to exhibit and sell
Etsy is an online marketplace for buying      his creations online. Other E-commerce
                                                                                                  •	     Vintage         •	   Candles
and selling all things handmade. It was       sites had become too inundated with                 •	     Bags & Purses   •	   Everything Else
built for those consumers conscious of        fraud, overstocked electronics, and
the true value of handmade goods and          broken appliances. Ever industrious, he,                 Have you taken the pledge?
their in support of their creators, as well   along with Chris Maguire, 24 and Haim         
as to give all independent artists the        Scoppik, 27, designed the site, wrote the   <>
technology and information they need          code, assembled the servers, spliced the
                                                                                                            CDAA Newsletter   ·   March 2008    9
                                                (Ottawa, ON), Peggy Wilson (Ashton,ON),         Think gossamer wings, delicate

     Pin Dolls by                               and Lyn Huggins (Australia). Comments
                                                received back from participants were
                                                very positive. Generally respon-
                                                                                                limbs, as well as pudgy, fat children
                                                                                                fairies, the tooth fairy, Christmas
                                                                                                elves, pointed ears and flowing hair.

    Starry-eyed                                 dents were happy with the pin dolls
                                                they received and they can’t wait
                                                to participate in the next Pin Doll
                                                                                                The deadline for registering will be
                                                                                                Aug. 1st, 2008 with pin dolls to be
                                                                                                sent by Aug 15th, 2008. This should

    Doll Artists!                               Swap. (Sorry we missed out on last
                                                winter’s swap, but everyone was
                                                working so hard on so many things
                                                                                                give everyone time to recover from
                                                                                                the Conference and yet it will be over
                                                                                                before the pre-Christmas rush. Also

L    ast summer’s Star of Wonder
     pin doll swap was a great deal
of fun. Eight members participated
                                                that the info didn’t get out on time!)
                                                SOOO!!!!! .....the theme for this next
                                                Pin Doll Swap is FAIRIES! Why?
                                                                                                look for a Pin Doll Swap planned for
                                                                                                next winter (PROMISE!), deadlines
                                                                                                in February, 2009.
and a total of seventeen pin dolls              Because I saw an excellent film                 When registering please pro-
were swapped. This was my                                                                            vide your mailing address, your
first ever pin doll swap, both                                                                       CDAA membership number and
as a participant and as a pin                                                                        email. Remember you can send
doll co-ordinator. I had a blast                                                                     from one to three dolls, they
and learned a great deal. I was                                                                      must be 6 inches or less and a
awed by the craftsmanship in                                                                         cheque of $7.00 is required for
these tiny pieces and the gen-                                                                       shipping and handling.         To
erosity of spirit that these ladies                                                                  register contact:
showed by being so giving of
their time and creativity.                                                                                  Joanna Head
We had cloth dolls, a wooden                                                                          Pin Doll Swap Coordinator
doll, felted dolls, and dolls of                                                                                R.R. #2
polymer clays. We had every-                                                                          Rocky Mountain House, AB
thing from dolls with star faces                                                                                T4T 2A2
to a “I wanna be a Rock Star”                    ‘Star of Wonder’ Pin Dolls                                 403-845-3515
doll. The variety was truly amazing.                                                       
Dolls came from all parts of Ontario,           called Fairy Tale a True Story about
one from Alberta and three pin dolls            two little girls who confounded the
came from Australia. Participants were:         world when they took photographs                ‘At the Conference Pin Doll Swap’
Nicole France Ladoucer         (Ottawa,         of fairies in England around the                     Theme: Hot! Latin! Salsa!
ON), Kay C. Adams (Carp, ON),                   time of the second World War. Ever              You don’t have to pre-register for this
Joanna Head (Rocky Mountain                     since, I have wanted to make a pin              one. Just come to the Conference with
House, Alberta), Roberta Russell                doll fairy. Related little folk such as         a maximum of three pins and register
(Kemptville, ON), Jackie Graceffo               gnomes, leprechauns, elves and so                          when you arrive.
(Brampton, ON), Katuma McLaughlin               on, are of course, most welcome-

SURFING THE NET...with Nancy Perennec                          <>
Female Wigging UP-Do:
Great Wigging Technique for Polymer dolls                                                Yahoo Groups of Interest                  South Etobicoke Doll Artists Guild
Wigging Male Figures:                                        
Things are of course different when wigging for some male figures.     Guild/
More patience for shorter hair for sure!                               Cloth Doll Classroom
Fairy Wings with Fantasy Film:                               
Wonderful quick tutorial for making fairy wings using Fantasy Film,
glue, candle, artistic wire and glitter.
Dragon Wings:                                                          Figurative Sculptors:
Wonderful tutorial but make sure you have time for a good read. Nine
pages with comments from others in the group as well. Usses wire       Novice Sculptors:
armature, apoxie sculpt, premo and airbrush techniques.      
Lots of tips, and links here:                                          Leighann Foster: Email:                           
    Book Review                                  From a tiny corner...Downunder
   by Jolene L’Esperance-Klassen
                                          Life in Australia can be harsh at times.      certainly filtering through the system!!
500 Handmade Dolls                        Mother Nature tends to throw a curve           I needed to replenish my supplies of
    Modern Explorations                   that tests our very mettle. In the last two   wool and mohair after the first session,
    of the Human Form                     years, folk around here have weathered        so I phoned my source and mentioned
                                          drought, forest fires and very recently       what I was doing. Fortunately the phone
                                          floods. Stories of people trying to make      call coincided with their company going

M     y favorite Winnipeg book
      store, McNally Robinson had
a surprise for me this week!
                                          ends meet in farming communities finally
                                          touched the pocket books of our local
                                                                                        out of business, and their need to get rid
                                                                                        of inventory. It was agreed that we share
                                          M.P and the Federal Government.               the cost of postage and my budding doll
500 Handmade Dolls -             is a     Filtering down through a ‘Drought             group were on the receiving end of two
picture book that includes the work       Assistance Rural Outreach program’,           big bags of wool and mohair, enough
of several of our CDAA members,           funding was set up to                                            to keep them happily
along with many other           world-    support rural families.                                          felting and creating for
renowned doll artists. This book has      As part of this fund and                                         many months.
nearly 400 pages of inspiration!          through a friend affected
The introduction is by Akira Blount       as such, I have helped                                           And today as I write this
and asks the question “What exactly       establish a women’s                                              article, two car loads
is a doll?” “Traditionally -- a child’s   craft group in an area                                           of ladies have just
plaything, a fashionable woman, a         thus inflicted. I had to                                         left after a wonderful
beautiful child,       an historical      argue that I’d probably                                          morning visit to my
figure.” “Things began to change in       be turning them all into                                         studio gallery -- fund
the 1950’s when a group of artists        doll artists.. but what                                          money supplying trans-
became interested in the doll as an       the hec.. I rose to the                                          portation for a day’s
art form. In the 1970’s and 1980’s        challenge.                                                       outing. Obviously their
another artistic movement - soft                                                                           interest was sparked
sculpture - had a profound impact         It all began last Sep-                                           by seeing what else
on the concept of the doll, redefin-      tember when I made                                               could be offered. They
ing the possibilities and attracting      my first trek north to the                                       have now booked three
even greater artistic interest in the     ‘High country of East                                            more workshops and
art form.”    “Artists Lenore Davis       Gippsland’… o n e of the                                         are venturing into the
and Lisa Lichtenfels use fabric as        most picturesque areas                                           world of polymer clay,
a sculptural material. Their tech-        in A u s tralia. With a car full of gas and   looking forward to creating their first doll.
niques and artistic approaches            a mud map, I began the two hour drive.        After a visit to a bead outlet, a miniature
contributed to the revolution in          I’d been told to watch out for cattle and     dollhouse gallery and a blueberry farm,
doll making. 500 Handmade Dolls           sheep on the road (a practice adopted         they’ll be winding their way back up the
includes Non-traditional, Fantasy,        by land owners to allow their stock ac-       mountain, a converted, budding group of
Cloth, Found Objects, Assemblages         cess to more fodder) also the occasional      doll artists…probably already imagining
and Toys. The doll we thought we          kangaroo. I’d arranged to stay the night      what their first creation will be.
knew is not the only one presented        to get my bearings and experience life            Jenny Romano
in this book.” Published by Lark          in the bush.                            
Books, 2007, I thought it was a
bargain at $29.95.                        I began my sessions with a wetfelt-
                                          ing course, where the ladies made little
                                          bags embellished with gumnut babies…
                                          a course I did at the CDAA conference
                                          several years ago. The following two
                                          sessions at six week intervals the ladies
                                          tried their hand at needlefelting.. Every-
                                          one turned out a cute little pixie head and
                                          hands and amazed themselves with the
                                          most fabulous creations.. all so different.
                                          During the second session we received
                                          visitors! Three community health care
                                          workers who treated us to lunch, (pro-
                                          vided by the CWA ..Australian Women’s
                                          Institute), and a shoulder and neck mas-
                                          sage as we worked. This funding was
                                                                                          CDAA Newsletter • March 2008            11
                                              get me wrong I’m enjoying the job and           at the neck and pull the batting a bit tight
                                              looking forward to watching more tapes/         and wrap the wire. The fusible side helps
                                              DVDS but I do not have the time to              to stop the batting from slipping, a wonder-
               Video                          constantly nag delinquents. Oh and my           ful idea. From the neck, do the arms
                                              idea must be approved by the Board              first, then the body and finally the legs.
               Library                        whom I have not approached yet.                 Once they are wrapped once, go back
                                              But some good news, I get to purchase           to the arms and add batting in areas on
                                              new DVDs for the Library. I have a few          the arms to form them as a regular arm
                                              titles on the list but I would like some        is shaped. Follow through with the legs
                                              input from the membership. I am looking         and the body. This may take a few layers
  Notes from the Library!                     for all levels of instruction and techniques    in spots that need it to form the body,
ReBecca Paterson, CDAA Librarian              that would interest the Doll Artist.            e.g. a fat tummy on a santa doll. Once                     If you go through the latest up to date         it is formed the way you want it, a layer
                                              titles that are held in the Library you will    of batting is laid over the doll to cover
I am a firm believer that when I join         notice CDAA has a very good selection,          all the wrappings of the fusible batting.
an organization I should be involved in       but there is always room to expand ones         You then cut rectangles of cotton lycra
some part. To me it is a learning experi-     expertise.                                      or similar product and stretch across
ence and a chance to make new friends.        Please contact me by email or surface           the body, etc to the back of the body
But I have to admit when I thought of         mail if you wish to sign out any of the         and then sew together. Once all the
offering to take on the Video Librarian       DVDs/Videos, have any questions or              areas are done, your doll will be com-
position it was for selfish reasons. I        suggestions. I am also requesting and           pletely covered and ready to dress. You
really thought it would be great to have      greatly appreciate a short review on            will find that she takes you through the
the tapes and DVDs at my finger tips to       what you have watched to be submitted           whole process in a very orderly manner
watch any time I please. But life is busy     to Celebrations! I would like to thank          and quite easy to understand. I think
and I never seem to have time to sit and      Diane Bennet for this issue’s review.           a beginner up to an experienced doll
watch anything. Last week I decided to                                                        maker can learn from these tapes and I
multi task and watch a CDAA DVD. The                      - A Review -                        would recommend them both.
first time I put one on it was just back               Making Dolls with Dorit                  [[[[[[[[[
ground noise while I was working at the                     by Diana Bennet
sewing machine. I started to watch the        The Dorit Schendzielorz tapes (set of                             Stefania Morgante
DVD more than sewing so that was not the      two) are very well done and very                                has Books/Videos
best place to multi-task. My next try was     informative. The tape on making the                                  for Sale.
while on the treadmill. This was good,        head is needle sculpted using nylon              Please contact her directly for details
made the time go much faster but with         stocking and stuffing. Dorit begins by ex-                   and pricing.
one little problem I couldn’t take notes.     plaining all the supplies required, along               (A little Italian gift if you buy
So now my third time to watch will be         with some of the dolls that she has made                 2 books or more, Stefania)
sitting down with pen and paper to take       herself. She explains the proportions of
                                              the head and starts sculpting the nose          E-mail:
notes on what I found most interesting.
                                              first. She finds that by doing this it makes    Lab Blog:
I’ll have the review for the next issue.
                                              it easier to needle sculpt the rest of the      Dolls/Fabric figurines to collect:
Now that I have tried to watch a DVD I
                                              face proportionally. She then proceeds
fully understand that life can interfere in
trying to set time to view it. I’m pretty     with the lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. Once the
                                              doll face is finished, she then paints the      1) Marthe Le Van, Making Creative Cloth
easy going and have been known to
                                              doll face in detail. She takes you through      Dolls.
bend a few rules, so if you have received
a tape/DVD and find there is not enough       all the steps of coloring your doll’s face.
                                              Although I prefer to needle sculpt a doll’s     2) Patti Medaris Culea, Creative Cloth
time to watch let me know (soonest) and
                                              head with cotton lycra, I found that you        Doll Couture.
I will extend your borrowing time.
What really bothers me is when the tape/      can learn wonderful techniques that can
                                              still be applied to your doll, regardless of    3) Donna Kato,The Art of Polymer Clay
DVDs have been on loan for 6 months+
and still the member has not returned         the fabric that you use. Dorit takes the
                                              fear out of making your needle sculpted         4) Art Doll Quarterly, Spring 2007 Issue
or even contacted me about the loaned
items. In the last issue of Celebrations!     doll.
                                              The Body tape was wonderful and just            5) Loretta Holtz, How-To Book of Interna-
it was announced that a $10.00 late fee
                                              what I was looking for. Dorit begins by         tional Dolls, a guide to making, costum-
would be charged starting the first of
                                              taking wire, measuring the body parts           ing and collecting dolls. 900 photos.
December. That is $10.00 a week which
I forgot to mention. But how can I send       and twisting the wire together to make
                                              a frame for your doll body. She starts at       6) Sally Mavor, You and Me, Poems of
a bill for $120.00+ when the member will
                                              the neck, proceeds to the legs, then the        Friendship. Poems with wonderful dolls.
not return a 39.99 tape? Do you have
any ideas?? My latest idea is listing late    arms, using one long piece of wire. Once
                                              that is done, she then covers that wire         7) Margaret Beal, Fusing Fabric.
returns in Celebrations! Sounds extreme?
                                              with floral tape. Cut fusible batting into 2’   Creative cutting, bonding and
This idea comes after numerous email, phone
                                              strips and begin covering the wire. Start       mark-making with the soldering iron.
calls, and Postcard reminders. Please don’t
                                                                                                 CDAA Newsletter • March 2008             12
                                        F FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  Melissa McEleney
      Tofield, Alberta                    Dancing with the Stars
      Canadian                                          by Jenny Romano

                                     The needle felted couple is called "Dancing with the Stars"
                                     and was made especially for the Nowa Nowa Nude Art
                                     Exhibition which encompassed all mediums from pottery
                                     through to painting. Mine was the only felted creation. I
        Visit our website
                                     sold it at the exhibition.

                                        F FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

                                                    Silk             Ho
                          Beads                                                            Me

                           We are accepting donations for the Conference

Fibers             Pindoll Silent Auction                                                  Wool
                      Let your imagination soar, anything goes...
                                   For further details contact:

                       Donna Sidebottom at <

              ky        Brilliant!                                              Creative
           un                                     Colour

                                                                      CDAA Newsletter • March 2008   13
Judy Skeel
                                                                                                                her mermaid bride should wear things
                                                                                                                special to her, kind of like carrying one’s
                                                                                                                great grandmother’s hankie. So she
                                                                                                                told me she and her betrothed loved to
                                                                                                                check out ship
       A familiar name in the world of                                                                          wrecks on dates
      Doll Art - a new member of CDAA
                                                                                                                and      scavenge
Judy Skeel lives in Ohio with her                                                                               items. Obviously
firefighter husband and has two sons.                                                                           they dated quite
To find her feminine side, she turned to                                                                        a while since she
cloth doll making about 15 years ago.                                                                           has so much.
Initially focusing on lovely ladies,                                                                            She is now one of
Judy advanced to whimsical characters                                                                           Judy’s most pop-
and thanks to having sons she turns out                                                                         ular classes.
the occasional mixed media beastly
being and mentally twisted personal-                                                                            Despite all the           Angel Fish
ity. Altering fabric, manipulating ribbon                                                                       negative myths
                                                                                                                                      the Mermaid Bride
and fabric, detailed face painting and                                                                          about them, early
                                                                       Judy Skeel                                                    This doll began with a
posing exquisite hands naturally are all            Online classes                    accounts of Har- beaded evening jacket
aspects Judy loves in creating figures.               Blog:   pies in Greek from a yard sale.
                                                       <>      Mythology record
Teaching dollmaking began in her home              and completed that looked the same.                          them as beautiful winged women who
studio more than a dozen years ago, and            11 inches in height and made of cloth,                       were tornado goddesses and their wings
now Judy travels to teach at doll and quilt        Destiny wears stiletto heels, fishnet                        carried away the souls of the dead. In
conferences, quilt shops, doll clubs and           stockings and a spider tattoo on one                         Classical Mythology the Harpies were the
on line for Joggles, Doll Street, Lisa’s           breast. Her dress is tattered from mid-                      spirits of the wind when it was especially
Heaven and the Cloth Doll Connection.              night rendevous’ in the woods, which she                     destructive. Three were named ~ Aello
She’ll go anywhere to play dolls!                  continues to engage in at least twice a                      (storm), Celeno (blackness), and Ocypete
                                                   week. Destiny loves her ostrich feather                      (rapidity). I have named this Harpy
Judy was Froudian Artist of the Month              hair, and beaded “spiked” collar. She will                   Aello. A mixed media creation, Aello is
January 2006 at Brian and Wendy                    not tell anyone her se-                                           half cloth woman and half Apoxie
Froud’s web site -- World of Froud. She            crets, which makes her                                            Sculpt vulture. Her wings are fash-
has been published in Doll Crafter and             even more mysterious.                                             ioned with real feathers and she car-
Costuming, Contemporary Doll Collector             Turning the cloth fin-                                            ries fresh water pearls to show her
and Soft Dolls and Animals, as well as             gers on the doll the size                                         gentility.
Patti Culea’s book Creative Cloth Doll             of a Barbie is what she
Faces. Judy has been the publisher for             considers a marvelous                                    The Gypsy Dragon Fish travels the
the Association for People Who Play                achievement!                                             world’s oceans gathering treasures
With Dolls newsletter (APWPWD) for 3                                                                        to admire and trade. Gypsy can be
years.                                             “I always start with                                     seen near sunken ships with friend
                                                   the face first, so the                                   Claret, a Sea Sprite who helps adorn
Judy works mostly in cloth though                  doll knows she is sup-                                   her with fresh water pearls, gems, a
enjoys working with Apoxie Sculpt and              posed to tell me what          A spirit of the wind      star fish bridle and a scull canteen.
polymer clay. Judy says that her dolls             she wants”. Things like                                  The fabric base of the Gypsy Fish
evolve. Her ideas and inspiration could            “Don’t you put that mous-                                was created with a felting machine
come from noticing a garment someone               ey brown hair on MY head”, or “you don’t            using layers of organdy and Gypsy fab-
                        wears, to picking up a     think that ugly fabric is coming anywhere           rics and trims,
                        random found object.       near this body, do you”?! Every piece is            then topped with
                        It’s never the same        unique because they all want to be. “Who            a layer of gold
                        twice. Sometimes it        am I to argue? I’d lose anyway because              mesh. Claret is
                        comes from cleaning        I would never be happy with the piece if I          cloth; she was
                        her studio and stum-       forced something the doll rejected”.                given      Apoxie
                        bling over something                                                           Sculpt flippers
                        she intended to use or     Angel Fish the Mermaid Bride began                  and      covered
                        now sees in a different    with a beaded evening jacket from a                 with lace de-
                        way. “Each doll talks      yard sale. The cuff had beautiful rows of           coupaged to re-
                        to me as we design to-     beads that made the perfect waist band              semble scales,
                        gether. So I rarely plan   for the mermaid tail. But wait...everyone           with an exterior
                        a doll and end up with     does mermaids, why should this one be               spine created of
 “I rarely plan a doll
 and end up with one
                        one that looks just like   special?” Idea! She should get married.             mini mirrors.
 that looks just like I I thought”. Judy says      Judy had never seen a bride mermaid.
 thought”.              Destiny is the only        She began thinking about embellishments                                 Gypsy Dragon Fish &
                        doll she ever sketched     and decided that, on her wedding day,                                     Claret, Sea Sprite
14   CDAA Newsletter • March 2008
                     From the Eds’ desks                                                       Calendar of Events
                  Katuma McLaughlin & Jolene L’Esperance-Klassen
                                                                                             April 10-14, 2008 – Creations in Fiber,
                                                                                             Howard Johnson’s Conference Center,
S    pring is just around the corner and my mind is
     thinking crocus’ and daffodils -- and I do not
even garden! To me the wonder about Spring is
                                                                                             Albuquerque, New Mexico. F o r m o r e
                                                                                             i n f o r mation go to:
the sense of renewal and the return of colour to the                                or to:
land. Spring is when things start to gradually slow                                
down at the store in readiness for the quiet Summer
                                                                                             April 18-20, 2008 - Magic, Mischief, and
months. My projects are cut and ready to go and I
                                                                                             Mayhem: Art Gone Wild, American Style,
have the best intentions in the world of finishing the
                                                                                             Richmond, Kentucky (near Lexington).
projects from last year (and the year before and so       The Crocus - Harbinger of Spring
                                                                                             Visit for all the
on). I am also busy making my pins for the 2008 Conference. I am looking forward
                                                                                             specific information. Any questions - email
to renewing friendships and to meeting many of you at the Conference and enjoying
                                                                                             Annie Hesse at:
what to me has become a great prelude to Spring. See you there!!!
                                                                                             or call: 859-623-2455
Katuma                                                                                       Enchanted Doll Artists Conference (EDAC),
                                                                                             Embassy Suites, Abuquerque, New Mexico.
D    o you feel it?...the rythmn? the beat? Hot! Latin! Salsa! excitement is
     definitely heating up! I express appreciation to the Board of Directors
and the Conference organizing committee for presenting such a fabulous line
                                                                                             contact Rae Sook, 9827 N.
                                                                                             151st E. Ave., Owasso, OK 74055 for more
up of workshops for this the 9th and ‘hottest’ annual Conference of the Canadian
Doll Artists Association. Instructors will converge on Ajax, Ontario from far and
                           near - Europe, the USA, and Canada - each one bring-              April 24-27, 2008 – CDAA (Canadian Doll
                           ing a treasure trove of skill and knowledge to help us            Artists’ Association) Annual Conference,
                           develop our individual artistic objectives.                       Hilton Garden Inn - Ajax, Ontario, Canada
                           I have received advance photos of decorations that                For more information go to http://www.
                           are being prepared for our Hot Latin Pow Wow... and      to download the conference
                           ‘whoa’, are they colorful! The Conference as a whole              booklet or contact Sandra Gillis (T)
                           requires a huge effort on the part of many volunteers,
                           and to each one of you who has a role, large or small, in         April 26, 2008 – Calgary Doll Club Doll,
                           planning and preparation - thank you, thank you.                  Teddy and Toy Sale 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                             Admission $3.00 Acadia Recreation Center,
                           Memberships, new and re-newing came in a great flurry
                                                                                             240 – 90 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta,
at the end of the year. “Whew” -- right Vicki? ‘Sombreros off’ to Vicki Thomson
                                                                                             Canada For more information call Betty at
for maintaining the data base with such efficiency and dedication. It is interest-
                                                                                             (403) 243-3575 or email Carolyn at cbtank@
ing to note that CDAA memberships are now mailed to such far away places as
Russia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Australia, USA, as well as from coast to coast
in Canada.                                                                                   May 13-20, 2008 – WOW New York, New
To all who have submitted newsletter items a big thank-you to you! Much                      York. More information will be forthcoming
appreciated! Some will be included next issue. As I put to bed another edition
                                                                                             May 16-18, 2008 – Think Pink! Conference
of the CDAA Newsletter - I have this sudden, mad desire for corn chips and
                                                                                             from the Doll Gatherers Aurora, Ohio
salsa! Adios! Amigos. See you at the Conference!!!
                                                                                             For more information email Joan Stephens
Jolene                                                                                       at
                                                                                             July 26-30, 2008 – National Doll Festival
                                                                                             (21st annual) Tuscany Suites and Casino,
   A short update from the                                                                   Las Vegas, Nevada
   Coast Character Doll Artists!                                                             Same time and town as UFDC, ODACA
                                                                                             and NIADA National Conventions Contact
  It’s a busy time for the COAST CHARACTER DOLL ARTISTS in North                             information: National Doll Festival, P.O. Box
  Vancouver, B.C. with three exhibits being presented this year. The fifteen                 66823, Scotts Valley, CA 95067 E-mail:
  active members recently completed a workshop in preparation for the               or
  major exhibit in June at the Seymour Art Gallery. Doreen Marlor, reports         
  having such a good time at the workshop, that she forgot to take pictures!                 Ph: (831) 438-5349
  The group is getting very excited about this exhibit and everyone is contrib-              Fx: (831) 439-9142
  uting. Doreen mentioned that she, herself, will have three or possibly four
  pieces finished for the show in June.                                                                d     d     d     d     d

                                                                                                CDAA Newsletter • March 2008                 15
     Beautiful portrayals of mood & emotion                                                A picture is worth a
                                                                                            thousand words!
      by Austrian Doll Artist, Berni Stenek
In the early nineties Berni
Stenek enrolled in a course
to learn modelling dolls. At
that time she didn’t know
about the boom in Art Dolls.
Soon she began to find                                                                            Mona
out more about contem-
porary Doll Art. She was
impressed by the variety
and the high standard.
That is what motivated her
to delve deeper into the
She wanted to know if she
could compete and took                                                                  Samantha - Ericson Award
part in her first International
                                              Group photo with Berni
exhibition. It was there that
she re ceived an award and it
was the beginning of her career.
Through education she has gained
confidence and experience.
For Berni Stenek it is very important
to give the dolls a natural expression
and human proportions. Making
only clay sculptures in the begin-
ning, she now creates only china
dolls.       Emotions and moods have
an effect on the expressions of the
characters. Berni prefers to give the
                                         Max Feenstab, 2002          Ann Katrin                 Angelina
facial features a friendly expression                                                      Best Traditional Doll
rather than a serious one.              zxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxz                                   Moskau, 2006
Berni is invited to make presenta-
tions around the world. She exhibits
her dolls and objects in International
Galleries in Austria, Germany, and
Russia. She also allows her art out
on loan to the German toy
i n d u s try and releases her art for
touring exhibitions.
Representative of many awards she
has received from competitions world
wide, are the Contemporary Doll-Art
award, and the Max-Oscar-Arnold
award of Neustadt for the third time in
succession. Berni resides in Austria.

                                                                                  Elfe, Gold, Mathias Wanke
                                                Passion of Life
                                                                                      Memory Cup, 2006

16   CDAA Newsletter • March 2008
                  Gloria J.‘Mimi’ Winer, Biography of a Doll Artist
Gloria J. ‘Mimi’ Winer has been an original
cloth doll artist since 1983. She has
                                                                             ...and pretty maids all in a row
studied fine arts at the National Acad-
emy of Arts and Design, the School of
Visual Arts, the New School/Parson’s
School of Design, and with                    Pe Ling
Liang of NYU. She studied sculpture
at Monmouth College. She has studied
doll making with NIADA artists Lisa Lich-
tenfels, Bob McKinley, Martha Armstrong
Hand, Mr. George Stuart, Antonette Cely
and many others.
Her work as a doll artist represents the
leading edge of what can be done with
her medium. She is constantly seeking out and
testing new materials, has developed
many new techniques and invented
some exclusive tools. Gloria shares
her information with the doll and craft
world through her columns and
frequent               articles in many Doll, Art
and Cr a f t m a g a z i n e s , h e r w e b s i t e
at       h t t p : / / w w w. m i m i d o l l s . c o m ,
and through the books and pat-
terns she writes with her hus-
band and partner for more than                                         Three beautiful cloth dolls by Gloria ‘Mimi’ Winer
3 0 years. Among their publications are
many instructional patterns and an                          about techniques which can be used to        732-899-0804 or e-mail:
in-depth study of the new clays,                            advance her students’ needle-sculpting            <>
Mimi’s New Clays for Dollmaking.                            and doll making skills - learning to stuff   Gloria will be traveling on her third teaching
Gloria’s doll patterns include lengthy                      smoothly, and to needle-model the torso      tour of Australia in the Spring and early
step-by-step instruction so that even                       and face.                                    Summer, 2008. Please contact her
beginning dollmakers can successfully                       About Her Classes:                           Australian Agent: Dawn O’Keefe at this
complete a doll. They typify her out-                       Gloria will travel to teach seminars. She    website:, or
standing ability as a teacher. She loves                    has not increased her fees in over fifteen   write: 63 Alf’s Pinch Rd., Beerwah, Qld,
sharing her techniques and it shows                         years ($350 U.S. per day, plus expenses).    4519, Australia, Phone (61)7-549-4096.
in all her work. Gloria is in constant de-
mand throughout the USA, Canada                                        Mimi’s Mermaid...catching a warm ocean breeze
and Australia to teach at conferences
and seminars. Gloria Winer’s work has
been well recognized by her peers.
She received a special award
for her contributions to cloth doll
making from the National Cloth Doll
Makers Association, and a Presidential
Award from The National Institute of
American Doll Artists, (NIADA), and for
her contributions to that organization.
Most recently she received the First
Award in Excellence for the significant
contribution made in the development of
the first ‘Masters Magic and Apprentices
workshops’ held at                Maroochydore,
Australia in 2005.
Gloria will be instructing at CDAA Con-
ference 2008. She will guide students
through a three-day workshop ‘Mimi’s
Mermaid’ where the focus will be all

                                                                                                          CDAA Newsletter · March 2008             17

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