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									Citizen Canine Dog Owners’ Association Newsletter                              Volume 2, Issue 3     Fall 2006

Great Fun for
Dogs and People                                                                        by Diana Gault
by Linette McElroy

Have you ever gone by the front field at Beaver
Lake Park and noticed a bunch of dogs energeti-
cally taking turns jumping over hurdles, chasing
after their owners, barking their fool heads off and
generally having a fabulous time? Still wondering
what they heck they were up to? Chances are they              Flyball is an official dog sport, and flyball racing in
were flyball racing!                                          Canada is sanctioned by the North American Flyball
     Flyball is a team sport for dogs that was in-            Association (NAFA). As with other official sports,
vented in California in the late 70’s. To the untrained       there are points and standings and titles to be earned
eye the game appears to be nothing short of pan-              and celebrated. I won’t get into those in great detail
demonium but for those of us who know and love                here, but will say that some of the fastest, and top-
this game, it’s great fun and perfect for well-so-            pointed dogs and teams in North America hail from
cialized, energetic, and ball-crazy dogs of all               and compete right here on Vancouver Island. There
breeds, shapes and sizes—and their owners.                    are many of us who play non-competitive flyball as
     Essentially, flyball is a relay race with 4 dogs         well. It doesn’t matter if you’re
on a team. The course consists of a start/finish              competing or just playing the
line, four hurdles spaced ten feet apart and a spring-        game; flyball is one of the best    In this
loaded box. The hurdles’ height is dependent on               ways to have fun with your issue…
the height of the shortest dog on the team and                dog.
can range between 8 and 16 inches. The dogs                      Victoria is home to several      Clicker Training
must jump over all four hurdles and step on a                 flyball clubs. If you’re inter-     Basics
spring-loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball.              ested in learning more about
The dog then catches the tennis ball and runs back            the sport, you could locate         Chiropractic for
over the four hurdles. When the dog crosses the               one at         Dogs
start line, the next dog goes. The first team to have         region7/flyballclubs.htm
all four dogs run without errors wins the heat. If                Or plan to attend Citizen       plus
you’ve ever seen flyball in action, you’ll have seen          Canine’s upcoming Every-
that speed is fueled by enthusiasm. Flyball racers—           body and Their Dog TALK, on         Sensational Dogs,
canine and human alike—are an enthusiastic and                October 14 where Capital            Sensationalized
often noisy bunch.                                            Comets Dog Sports Club will
   Some flyball teams can complete a heat in less             be highlighting this and other
than 16 seconds – remarkable considering that’s               dog sports.
four dogs, each running a course of 102 feet!
Editor: Joanna Pettit
Production: Jaimee Gadsden

Contributors: Monique Anstee,
                                  September2006                                        President’s Message
Linette McElroy, Dr. Glynis
Newman, Kirsta Thorleifson

Citizen Canine Directors
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                                           stories. Check it out at
                                                                                           B its
                                                                                  Eva Dudzic, DVM, Oak Bay Pet
                                                                                  Clinic—Bite Safety
                                           pass the word along. Congratula-
                                           tions Carol and volunteers for         Mary Anne Leason, PhD, Pet
                                           providing this excellent resource.     Peeves Behavioural Consultants—
                                                                                  Common behaviour problems in
                                           Citizen       Citizen      Canine      Dogs
                                           presents a symposium on
                                           dogs: The “Everybody and Their         Linette McElroy, Capital Comets
                                           Dog Talk” brings together local        Dog Sports Club—Introduction to
Tail Wags: Citizen Canine’s dogs
                                           experts to talk about a variety of     Flyball and Agility
give a tail wag to the following
                                           dog-related topics. Seven different
                                           speakers (including veterinarians      Glynis Newman, DVM, Hillside
Duncan and Rick Braun who  Braun,
                                           and dog behaviourists) will            Veterinary Hospital—Chiropractic
took first place in their division at
                                           address topics ranging from            and Physiotherapy for Dogs
the 2006 Agility Association of
                                           clicker training to chiropractic for
Canada Championship in Burnaby
                                           dogs, followed by an open ques-        Parm Parmar, St. John’s
in August. Duncan is a seven-year-
                                           tion-and-answer session.               Ambulance—Pet First Aid
old Australian Terrier who began
                                              Are you interested in dog sports
training in dog sports a few years
                                           or behaviour problems? Or
ago with Capital Comets Dog Sport
                                           perhaps first aid for dogs? Are you    Update on the Memorial Fund
Club. Australian Terriers are known
                                           wondering about the most effective     for Liam McGuire: Our Spring
for being independent and stub-
                                           way to train your dog or how to        issue of The Scoop carried a
born—not necessarily good traits
                                           keep kids safe around dogs?            memorial notice for Liam McGuire,
for playing agility or flyball
                                           Information on these topics and        friend to many people and pets in
(Duncan’s other passion). And yet
                                           more will be covered.                  Victoria. The notice invited people
this little fellow is also a Flyball Dog
                                               The symposium takes place at       to contribute to a memorial fund to
Champion and second highest
                                           the David Lam Auditorium at UVic       commemorate Liam’s life and
ranked dog of his breed in the
                                           on Saturday, October 14th 7:00         spirit. Donations were to be
North American Flyball Associa-
                                           pm. Tickets are available from         collected to either purchase a
tion! Duncan and Rick are an
                                           Chez Terry (both Fairfield and         bench on Dallas Rd (if contribu-
inspiration to all of us in the world
                                           Cadboro Bay stores), Pets West,        tions met the $2,500 cost) or for a
of dog sports, proving time and
                                           Pup n’ Cup , and Your Pet Pals…as      donation to a local animal rescue
again that it’s not the size of the
                                           well as through the Citizen Canine     organization. The Liam McGuire
dog that matters, but the size of his
                                           website at      memorial fund account was closed
spirit. Way to go, guys!
                                           Cost for the evening is $10 in         at the end of August and $845.00
        Carol Broad who works
                                           advance or $12 at the door.            was donated to Liam’s memory.
tirelessly to find homes for dogs
and cats in Victoria through the                                                  This money will be given to the
                                           Symposium Presenters:                  Nana Foundation, an animal
Victoria Adoptables website, which
helps potential pet owners find a                                                 rescue organization on Southern
rescued or rehabilitated dog or cat        Monique Anstee, Naughty Dogge—         Vancouver Island, which will use
to nurture. This is an amazing             Clicker Training Basics                the money for its rescue and
service for people who are                                                        adoption. Thanks to everyone who
looking for a pet. It features animals     Sherry Antonishen, Smart Dog           contributed.
for adoption from rescue organi-           Training—Deciphering Dominance
zations and the local pounds. It
also lists lost pets, local trainers,
upcoming events, and success
      Sensational Dogs,
                                       ∗ Dog aggression                       gression issues, and three months
                                                                              after getting Tully we added Rhino,
                                       ∗ High prey drive for small animals    our male, to the family. Rhino is
By Kirsta Thorleifson                  ∗ Health problems such as aller-       Tully’s opposite - short and thick
                                       gies, ligament tears, and mange        where she is lean and athletic,
                                       and parvo due to lowered immune        slower to learn where she antici-
Ten months ago, if anyone told me      systems                                pates a command. However he
I would be the owner of one Ameri-                                            is extremely people and dog
can Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), let       The positives outweighed the           friendly, and trying to outgrow
alone two, I would have said they      negatives, and we wanted overall       misbehaviours common to a puppy
were nuts. Yet here it is, ten         to have a smart, active, people-       of any breed.
months later, and I have two                                                               My passion for these
APBTs who own my heart.                                                              dogs has resulted in my
     Late September 2005, my                                                         position as the Vancouver
spouse and I made the difficult                                                      Island Coordinator for
and heartbreaking decision to                                                        HugABull, hoping to help
put down a Malamute/Shep-                                                            educate current and poten-
herd cross that we had adopted                                                       tial pit bull owners about the
only the previous month, due                                                         responsibility they take on
to human and dog aggression.                                                         with this much-maligned
His history was unknown, and                                                         breed. I also strive to show
we did what we felt was best                                                         members of the pit-fearing
for him and safest for every-                                                        public how truly wonderful a
body.                                                                                sound, well-bred pit bull can
    When he was gone, we had                                                         be, and many have “crossed
a gaping emptiness in our lives.                                                     over to the dark side” after
We began searching for a new           friendly dog that would be part of     being loved-on by my people-crazy
canine companion, and saw many         the family. We understood that         dogs! My role also allows me to
pit bulls available for adoption. In   these dogs, due to negative media      liaise with Island shelters and
my thorough research of the breed      publicity, irresponsible ownership,    SPCA’s, temperament test shelter
I discovered the following positive    and over-breeding, were facing         dogs for our program, attend Island
traits common in APBTs:                breed specific legislation (BSL)       events with our informative
                                       throughout the world, but perhaps      HugABull booth, travel to national
∗ Intelligent, loyal, and extremely    that appealed to our love of a chal-   pit bull rescue conferences, and
people oriented                        lenge! Our research led us to          provide advice, experience and
∗ Confident, outgoing, active and      apply for a dog from HugABull          support to those in need of it.
athletic                               Advocacy & Rescue Society, and             I never knew what doggy love
∗ Responsive to training and           we took our Tully girl home on         was until I experienced the
                                       October 31, 2005, after falling        unfailing devotion of a pit bull. The
eager to please
                                       instantly in love. We found that she   complete willingness to please their
∗ Couch potatoes indoors, 4x4          was hard work and total responsi-      humans is what makes these dogs
vehicles outdoors!                     bility; no dog parks for her, and no   everything they are.
                                       off-leash jaunts. But what we did
I also read that there was the         get were all the positives listed  
potential for the following:           above, and more. We went to
                                       Growl classes to help with dog-ag
Supporting Member Profile/Canine Citizen

              Meet Helen Zeilstra and her Dog Riachu
You may have seen Helen and her        swimming for a ball or a stick, but        Helen is one of the corner
7-year-old German Shepherd Dog,        Helen says he’s happiest when          stones of Citizen Canine. She
dog Riachu around Victoria. Maybe      he’s swimming with her.                organizes our Canine Good Neigh-
you’ve run into them at Dallas Road         Besides Riachu, Helen lives       bour Fun Tests as well as other
or one of the other off-leash parks.   with her son and another dog that      community-building events. She
Or maybe you’ve seen them swim-        was left behind by the owner, as       would like to see more work done
ming at Beaver Lake or Thetis          well as four foster bunnies and the    to educate people who are afraid
Lake. Riachu is a very lucky dog       birds in the attic. Riachu’s name is   of dogs and to teach people about
because he gets to go almost eve-      an unusual one and it was chosen       dog behaviour.
rywhere with Helen. She takes him      by her son and his on-line friends        If you do see Helen and Riachu
with her to her work at a group        through a contest. The name            around, make sure to say Hello.
home, and every day they’re out        Riachu was the winner. It comes        She’d love to meet you and your
walking or playing, and talking to     from a Phillipine dialect and it       canine companions.
people.                                means “powerful little mouse.”
     Helen has had dogs in her life       When Riachu was quite young,        Interested in knowing about other
since she was five years old, but      he had some problem behaviours         dog owners in Victoria? Each
Riachu is her first purebred German    and Helen used to meet every day       issue we plan to write about one
Shepherd Dog. Unfortunately            with other dog owners to “talk dog”    of Citizen Canine’s supporting
Riachu has had some medical            and share experiences and learn        members. We’re thrilled to begin
problems and he can’t run very far,    together. Since then she has dis-      with a profile of one of our found-
but resourceful Helen has found a      covered the work of authors like       ing members Helen Zeilstra. Do
way to take Riachu biking with her.    Turid Rugass, Suzanne Clothier         you know someone that we can
 He rides behind her in his own        and Jean Donaldson, and is a huge      write about? Or would you like to
trailer. She says one of these days    help to people who visit Citizen       be featured in this column? If so,
 she’s going to get him a red scarf    Canine’s forum with questions          contact us at
and goggles. Riachu also loves         about training or behaviour. 

                                                                                   more a respected and valu-
                                                                                   able tool for making our pets
                                                                                   healthy and keeping them
                                                                                   that way. You should discuss
                                                                                   its merits with your regular
                                                                                   veterinarian, and if you decide
                                                                                   to seek chiropractic care for
                                                                                    your companion, make sure
                                                                                    that you and your veterinar-
                                                                                    ian are satisfied with the
                                                                                    training and qualifications of
                                                                                    the veterinary chiropractor
                                                                              you choose. To help you, the
                                                                              American Veterinary           Chiro-
My friend suggested I take my         ∗ Jaw or TMJ problems                   practic Association has            a
lame dog for chiropractic treat-      ∗ Event or sports injuries              website with a link to “Search for
ment, but I thought this service
was just for people. Could it help
                                      ∗ Post-surgical care                    an      AVCA        Doctor”       at
with my older dog’s stiffness?        ∗ Bowel, bladder and internal
                                      medicine disorders
                                                                              Dr. Glynis Newman,
Yes! All species of animals can                                               Veterinarian and Veterinary
benefit from chiropractic care.       In addition, chiropractic can be
The bones of the spine (verte-        helpful in the maintenance of joint
                                                                              Hillside Veterinary Hospital
brae) and joints in the legs are
maintained in a specific alignment                                            Dr. Newman will be speaking on
in a healthy animal. The nerves       “its value is far reaching              chiropractic and physiotherapy for
that surround each joint and exit     and becoming more                       dogs at our upcoming Everybody
between vertebrae are in constant                                             and Their Dog Talk on October
communication with the central        and more a respected
nervous system, brain and all         and valuable tool for
organs, including muscle. When        making        our     pets
even a subtle change in that align-
ment occurs, it affects the
nervous system, local muscles,
joints and even distant organs,
glands and body functions. By
correcting the misalignment           and spinal health, and thus in the
through a chiropractic adjust-        prevention of injury in your dog, and
ment, we can return the nervous       in achieving optimal performance
system input and blood flow to        in the canine athlete. In senior
more normal function, thus            pets, chiropractic can be
improving hormone and neuro-          extremely helpful with stiffness,
transmitter levels that directly      difficulty getting up and down,
affect the organs and glands, skin    maneuvering stairs, incontinence,
and joints.                           and general well-being. Frequently,
    Many ailments can be treated      chiropractic care can markedly
with chiropractic:                    decrease the dosage, or even the
∗ Neck, back, leg and tail pain       need at all, for pain-killing drugs
                                      that can have serious side-effects.
∗ Muscle spasms and nerve                  Chiropractic isn’t the cure for
problems                              all conditions, but its value is far
∗ Injuries from slips, falls and      reaching and becoming more and
                                                                when out on a          several hours, but made no

Clicker Basics
                                                                walk, click and        progress. So we decided to click
                                                                feed. Pretty soon      the dog for any warning signs that
                                                                you will notice        he was uncomfortable. At first he
                                                                your dog is look-      showed none so we had to create
                                                                ing at you much        them. One warning signal is sniffing
                                                                more frequently.       so we put cookies into the grass.
                                                                                       Because the dog wanted to find
by Monique Anstee                           How Do I Get Started?                      them he would sniff around—at
                                            You can get a clicker at a pet store       which point we clicked and gave him
You’ve probably heard about click-          or you can use a juice bottle lid to       a much more substantial reward.
ers. They’re thought of as a new and        make a clicking sound. The first           Within the hour, this dog was giving
fabulous training method, but really        thing you need to do is charge your        warning signals again, and we were
they’re not that new. The first clicker     clicker. This simply means teaching        able to move forwards with the
was introduced to the dog training          your dog that every time he hears that     aggression problem.
community in the 1960’s and it was          sound, something good is about to               Actually, the clicker isn’t really
popularized by Karen Pryor in 1985—         follow. Sit on a chair, and click your     necessary; it’s just an easy way to
a whole 20 years ago!                       clicker. Say nothing to your dog and       mark the behaviour you want. Many
     More recently, the clicker has         within one second of the click, give       pet owners and trainers prefer to
gotten the attention it deserves. It is     him a small piece of food. Continue        mark the correct behaviour with
an amazing tool for dog training. The       doing this, but be careful that you        another consistent sound, like the
clicker works because it makes a            don’t fall into a pattern of clicking,     word ‘yes’. As long as the ‘yes’ is
distinct sound and the dog soon             feeding, then waiting five seconds         consistently and correctly used, and
learns to associate the clicking            before you click again. Your dog           is taught by being paired with food
sound with a food reward. This al-          might think that the wait of five          just as the clicker is, then it too will
lows you as a trainer to mark a             seconds is what brings the click on—       work effectively. One advantage that
desired behaviour, and then begin to        we call this superstitious behaviour.      the clicker has over the word ‘yes’
shape whatever behaviours you               All other actions can be unpredict-        is that it is a very distinctive sound;
want.                                       able, but the click is always predict-     however it is something else you
                                            ably followed by food. You’ll know         have to carry and think about. If you
Shaping                                     when your dog understands the con-         are going to use a clicker though,
To shape a behaviour you simply             nection because as soon as you             you must never use it to get your
click and reward the initial steps          click he’ll look at you in anticipation    dog’s attention. The click should not
towards the final behaviour you             of his treat. Then you are ready to        be used as a lure to get attention or
want. After being rewarded for              move onto the next step.                   behaviour. It is always be used to
successive tiny steps your dog will                                                    reward the correct behaviour and
eventually learn the complete behav-        How and When to Use It                     must be immediately followed by a
iour. For example, if I want my dog         If your dog does something that you        treat.
to pick up his dinner bowl and put it       want to happen more often, click
back where it belongs, I will first click   and feed. If you want to teach a           Owner Challenge
him sniffing his empty bowl, then for       complex behaviour, click and reward        So, now that you understand the
his nose touching the bowl, then            all the steps along the way. Or, a per-    basics, give it a try. Get yourself a
teeth on the bowl, then an open             sonal favourite, if you run into a prob-   clicker and load this sound for your
mouth, then the bowl in his mouth.          lem with your dog and he simply            dog by clicking and treating. Then,
After that, I will click walking forwards   doesn’t understand what you want,          see if you can teach your dog to
one step, then I will show him where        pull out your clicker and it will make     touch your hand with his nose or
I want the bowl to go and will click        the process clearer for your dog.          woof on command. To really
movement in that direction. Complex              I recently worked with a dog that     challenge yourself, try teaching him
yes, but it is the clearest way to teach    had been trained by someone who            to close a door. Happy Training
a complicated behaviour.                    punished the dog whenever he               everyone!
     The clicker can also be used for       showed any aggressive behaviour.
simpler behaviours that you might           The result was that this dog gave          Monique owns Naughty Dogge
want your dog to do. One example            absolutely no warning before he            Training and offers a clicker trick
is if every time your dog looks at you      attacked. We worked on this for            class.
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