Failure and Symptoms of AC Compressor

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					Failure and Symptoms of AC Compressor
Compressor clutch or a bad compressor includes poor or no cooling and a noisy or seized
compressor. You vehicle system should be checked by a professional technician
annually. When the climate controls systems are in defroster mode, then AC systems also
operators. All the moisture from the interior is removed by this.

If the refrigerant is low, the cooling of the interior is poor. If the refrigerant is low it can
damage the automobile AC system. It is always better to see that the correct oil is there in
the system. Three different types of air conditioning systems are found on different
vehicle. The design and concept are very similar to one another.

Generally, the AC compressors fail due to many reasons. The time and hours of work,
abuse of the system, refrigerant leaks, fail shorted, Bearing failure or a piston failure.
Sometimes the magnetic clutch is not working when the AC is turned on and the problem
may be a blown fuse or wiring problems.

Bald bearing can create a short. The insulation of the rotor may be damaged and the
compressor will fail to start. Mechanically the compressor locks up and fails to run and
there will be a loud noise for a few seconds until the thermal limiter cuts it off. The
compressor has to be replaced if there is no acid. If a hard short occurs the compressor
torque drops, the compressor will shudder enough to remove the short.

If a filter gets clogged, it should be taken as a failure in the system, other than a
compressor failure. Metal fragments that drop off the compressor clog the filter. In the
old system, mechanical wear needs more torque to start against the system load. The a/c
compressor will buzz loudly for a few seconds and stops.

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