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					WOC Board Spring Retreat – 2/6/2010-2/7/2010
Prof. Sheafe Satterthwaite’s compound (Salem, NY)

Scott’s Intro

It‟s been a great fall. Lots of programming and especially lots of attendance for our
programming. Siberian mountain day we managed to pull together and it was a huge
crowd. There‟s a campus-wide enthusiasm for what we do.
The equipment room has been really active and yet still organized – between Dave A. and
Grace it‟s never worked better. The new computer system has been a big plus.
The climbing wall has come back better than it was before it closed; Lots of people have
been interested and lots of people from outside the board have been active helping out
with it.
Fabulous speakers – 40 people in the Log for John Illig who was great, and Mikael
Stradberg was fantastic (and has invited us send people to Sweden next year).

Individual Pros/Cons

Chandler enjoyed being a JA for the fall and is excited be back on the board.

Abby enjoyed being treasurer this fall, though that work has kind of pushed out her work
as naturalist. But she‟d like to lead more naturalist events this spring.

Fiona has successfully managed risks for the fall, hopes to continue that track record.
Also wants to lead day hikes.

Leah has yet to go caving, but has high hopes for the spring. There are some barriers
which need to be figured out. Remains a goal to get non-outdoorsy people involved on

Allie hasn‟t done as much as she‟d like with the ropes course, but needs to train more
facilitators because there‟s no one else but Chris Fox „11. So she‟s teaching a 4th quarter
PE class.

Brian is looking forward to getting a van license.

Alex led a mountain guide training trip last fall. We‟ve certified three new mountain
guides in the last few months. Would like to ramp it up this spring, although
unfortunately given injury (torn ACL) will probably not be able to lead many trips
personally. Also can‟t lead ski trips due to injury (obtained while teaching tele skiing),
but is happy that lots of people are signed up to check out tele gear.

Joe hasn‟t lead any trips this year yet. The climbing community has rebuilt itself, lots of
people come the wall regularly and want to pursue outdoor climbing. Sufficient number
of IMs and route setters. Wants good representation on the board from climbers (maybe a
3rd position) and to form a separate group which would meet regularly to discuss
climbing stuff; will try to set that up this spring.

Sarah – led one outdoor kayaking trip with Scott this fall, and have had a few regular
kayakers, but it‟s been slow getting more beginners out on the river. Pool sessions have
been great, lots of people showing up.

Elizabeth says the cabin has been good (no damages), but not that popular. Winter
Carnival is in two weeks and will be great. WOC siestas on the lawn in the fall were not a
great success; there was one participant.

Lindsay hasn‟t really figured out wilderness pleasure, but wants to participate in lots
more stuff this spring.

Ali had a lot of fun this fall, led some cool PE classes but didn‟t lead as many trips as she
would like, overnight trips as well as day trips. Wants to lead more day trips this spring,
do more bouldering and climbing, and hopes to lead an overnight climbing trip. Mountain
Day was difficult getting the board on the same page, but overall being President has
been fun and a good experience. Individual meetings with board members have been
useful and wants to continue them.

Dan G. thinks the fall has been good. PE class at Peace Valley went really well.
Mountain biking has been less good due to hurt knee, then winter. The board needs to
stay on task better at meetings but has been good overall.

Grace: new computer system in the equipment room has been good; we need to finish
importing all gear so we can get rid of the paper system

Jon: pleased with snowshoeing, but wishes that more people would show up to snowshoe
races which have actually been great. Thinks there could have been bigger audiences with
better publicity. Wants the board to have a more active presence in entries; talking to
them at snacks about particular events but also about what WOC does in general, and
new board applications.

Dave M. wants to lead more backpacking trips, and hopes other people do the same.

Budget (Abby)

We‟re in pretty good financial shape, no need for bake sales, and we have some money
we can spend. Van repairs have cost more than budgeted. More details on board / in
financial records. $5690 remains in CC account, $5900 in membership account (over 720
member so far this year), $4700 in WOC checking account (aka off-campus slush fund,
used for things like ordering WOC t-shirts, the winter study SOLO course). $300 is going
to Bob Quay fund from mountain day t-shirt sales after subsidizing board schwag.
Joe wants to know if it‟s possible to partition our account into more separate funds.
Specifically, if there‟s a climbing account we might be able to get more money because
the president of FinCom next year is a climber. Answer: possibly?

Ali wants to know if we can buy books for the WOC library under the CC account in
order to spend it down. Answer: we probably can, but CC has been scrutinizing us really
closely this year.

Misc. Updates (Ali and Dan G.)

Pro purchases: board members are encouraged to use our prodeals (cloudveils, OR,
MSR), but don‟t abuse them. Alex has been working on soliciting new memberships (e.g.
Mountain Hardware). If you want to set up new prodeals, talk to Scott. And if you want
to use the prodeals, talk to Scott.

Clark Family Days: we need people to help at the Clark in order to raise $1000 which we
will donate to Haiti. The question is, there‟s a current competition between Williams and
Amherst to see who will raise the most money for Haiti (Partners in Health), which ends
this Friday. Should we donate money now for the purpose of the competition, or should
we wait until April? The board votes to write the check now, and then replenish the
checking account in April when we get the $1000 from the Clark.

4th quarter PE classes begin right after spring break. Think about classes to teach.

Board elections are coming up. Applications go out before spring break and are due after
the break. We‟ll probably use a similar application this year to last year. We‟d like to do
WOC socials to talk to people about joining the board (Abby notes that we still have food
money). Think about positions for next year‟s board, and ideas about the process. And
encourage your friends to apply.

Trail Crew: Scott wants to have a trail crew day in April when we go around and help fix
up local trails. Jon suggests we should reach out to XC runners and Nordic skiers, who
use local trails all the time (in particular if we email those coaches they will encourage
their athletes to help).

The new brochure needs to be finished (Jay‟s project before he graduated).

Equipment room issues: make sure you don‟t allow non-members to take out gear and
make sure you follow all procedures. We‟re missing a Dragonfly stove which wasn‟t
checked out properly and hasn‟t been returned.

(end nighttime meeting – everything that follows is from the next morning)
Brainstorming ideas

Bash Bish falls
Cliff jumping
Celebratory greylock hike (end of classes)
WOC dinners (wocluck?)
Water slide / slip n slide
Morning runs
Stargazing (on Stone Hill or roofs)
Present for Dave Ackerson
Bonfires (w/out campouts – on campus)
Greylock quad singalong
Hang tires on campus for people to play on
WOC social @ Paresky fireplace
Build a treehouse (to replace / improve on the Eph‟s Pond treehouse)
Gourmet backpacking trip
Hammocking around campus (Currier quad / frosh quad have good spots)
Position on board for tree climbing
Ski movie showing
Climb Chapin on non-Mountain Day days
Staff climbing day
Finish WAH! Man
More epic winter carnival ideas
Free skate @ rink (not during winter carnival)
Learn to skate-ski
Ads for WOC shirts
Tie-dye day
Hat knitting day
Midnight ramble (laid-back hike/stroll)
Car camping trip
Backpacking skills refresher
Contact Adam Falk (April fools prank)
Cow tipping (Leah) / petting (Dan)
Trip to baby animal show
Buy a sheep
Climb Makushin Volcano (in Alaska)

Extreme sunrise / overnight hike
Tele skiing email list
Tele Mad River festival
WOC board sub groups (e.g. climbing – also revitalize special interest listservs). Idea that
each board position could also be responsible for developing a non-Board community
centered around their area.
WOC board socials / more parties
Trail crew days – collaborate with Nordic/XC/Crew teams and Hopkins forest caretakers
Bring these brainstorming posters into meetings every few weeks to remind us of our
Separate website pages for each activity
Photo gallery on website
Every board member should commit today to leading one trip this semester. (given the
board policy that every member should lead trips)
Kayaking 101 course/trip.
Advertise snowshoe races.
Better advertise the equipment room, with directions.
Decorate the equipment room
WOC stickers
Encourage people to come to WOC meetings
Encourage people to apply to the board
Special WOC meetings every so often in which we have a lighter agenda and reach out to
Board name tags w/ positions to make non-members feel more welcome
Gauge student interests (?)
Board dinner

Sunday hikes at reasonable hours (not sunrise)
Spring mountain guide training trip
Reach out to people who can co-lead trips (WOOLF leaders)
Explore Hopkins forest hikes
Walk / wading Green River trip
Tuckerman‟s ravine trip (Ali)
Cliff jumping trip
Waterfall exploration
EPIC sunrise hike
More short hikes over Greylock (lots of kids have never climbed it)
Dayhikes from campus
Horse packing trips (Chandler)
Edible plants / naturalist hikes
More on-campus bonfires (Williams After Dark activity)
More schwag for equip. room (hats, stickers, crazy creeks, wool socks “wocks”, etc.)
Meetings in the cabin
Better advertise the cabin
Put ER charges on term bills
Stargazing w/ profs
See if we can get roof access to stargaze (Thompson Chapel?)
Gourmet backpacking trip
Moonlight pond skating (eph‟s pond, or pond by the clark)
Trips to the coast (Cape cod?)
Campfire cooking at Wednesday night campouts
Sunset hikes
BBBBB (bike to bennington for brunch at the blue benn)
Can we do more to make bikes available to people? Can the equipment room have a few
bikes that we lend out? Or can we talk to other groups about borrowing bikes for WOC
biking events, so that people who don‟t own bikes can take part?
Scavenger hunt hike
WOC spooning.
Scott: year-long “trail guide challenge” in which we try to hike every trail in the WOC
Trail Guide.
Training heirs (board members training their successors)
Every three weeks, have each board member spend fifteen minutes after a board meeting
to meet with a group of non-board people involved in their areas (camping, snowsports,
climbing, etc.)

Calendar (incomplete list – see the actual calendar for more)
Ali and Brian will lead a Tuckerman‟s Ravine trip the weekend before Spring break
(March 13-14).
Allie will lead a Bash Bish Falls trip from April 9-11th. Needs a co-leader.
Abby will lead a hike to explore Hopkins forest on Saturday, Mar 6.
Abby - Naturalist event (details TBD) on Sunday, April 11th.
Leah and Dan G will do a car camping trip on Saturday, May 1.
Sara D – epic sunrise hike on April 16th

Budget Requests
Scott suggests $0-$500 to sponsor a shuttle from Adams for the Thunderbolt Ski Race.
Board approves $250.

Scott also suggests $800 to subsidize transportation costs for WOC spring break trips
(grand canyon and red river gorge).
Board approves $200 for Kentucky trip.
Board approves $400 for the Grand Canyon trip.

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Moore