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            Your local solution for computer sales, servicing and training

                              September 2009                                                            Volume 2, Issue 9

                                 Future Proof your PC

                                 Thinking of buying a new PC but don't want
                                 to be left behind with an older version
       In This Issue             Operating System? Microsoft have
  Future Proof your    1
                                 announced that new computers purchased
                                 between June and October 22nd (the
  AntiVirus &          1
                                 release date of Windows 7) will qualify for
                                 an almost free upgrade to Windows 7 from
                                 almost any edition of Vista.
  Update Your          1
                                 This offer applies to Home Premium and
  Free Software        2
                                 above versions of Vista. Ask our staff for
  Upgrade your         2
                                 more information and see if you qualify!         Buy Windows Vista now and get an
  NCS the Total        2                                                          upgrade to Windows 7 when it is
  Solution                                                                        released!
  Contact Details      2

                                                                             collecting your personal
                                AntiVirus & Malware Protection that could belogging your keystrokes or
                              You probably know that there are hundreds         even deleting files at random.
                              of viruses out there, these days, it seems
                              there is a new one released every day. How        How safe if your computer? How safe is
                              can you be sure that your computer is             your data?
                                                                                Come in and talk to us today about our
                              What about Malware? Malware in some               Virus & Malware protection system.
                              cases can be more of a problem than
   NCS is registered with     viruses, but it's not as widely talked about.
   Microsoft as a             Malware is like the evil twin, it's sneaky,
   Registered Partner         insidious and in some cases can cause
   and is able to bring       instant death to computer components.
   you the latest news,
   information, updates,      If your computer has been acting strangely,
   security and free          you may not have caught a virus, you may
   offers.                    have been infected with a small program

                               Update your Skills
                               NCS offer a range of training from basic computer skills, using Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
                               Publisher and even using the Internet and Ebay. Check our website to download a course
                               guide, or contact our office for more information.
                                                                                                        NCS your TOTAL
See our website for free information, practical advice and software.                                    solution!
                                                                                                        Networx Computer
                                                                                                        Solutions offers a total
                                                                                                        range of solutions to your
                                                                                                        home or office needs.
                                                                                                        We offer qualified sales
  Free Software                                   Up to five images can be downloaded per
                                                  day with a free account. A paid
                                                                                                        advice on new computers
                                                                                                        and peripheral
                                                  subscription ($40) will allow you to                  equipment, either for
  This month, Networx Computer Solutions is       download unlimited images, and there are              parts or a complete
  beginning offering free software. This          more benefits. Here's just some of the 645            system.
  software is perfectly legal to download and     million images available.
  comes directly from the publishers websites.                                                          Qualified technical
  Information only about the software will be                                                           service for your computer
  available on our website.                                                                             equipment. Come and see
                                                                                                        us if you are having
  Our featured software program this month is                                                           problems with your
  Webshots - Webshots is                                                              computer or network.
  a small program that when installed on your                                                           Private Training on a
  computer allows you to download and install                                                           range of subjects
  professional photos to use a wallpaper on                                                             including Basic
  your computer for free.                                                                               Computers, Word, Excel,
                                                                                                        Power Point, Publisher
  You can also create and share your photos                                                             and more.
  with family, friends and the world.
                                                                                                        Business Services include
                                                                                                        a "virtual office", allow
                                                                                                        our staff to take your
  Upgrade your computer                                                                                 calls, produce
                                                   Come and speak to our trained and
  Adding RAM to your computer is one of the        qualified staff for more information or              documents, almost
  quickest and cheapest ways to upgrade your       advice.                                              anything - give us a call
  system or laptop.                                                                                     today.

  NCS has RAM available to suit most desktop
  systems and laptops, come in and see us
  about what you need to make your computer
  Windows 7 ready. The minimum
  requirements are

     •   1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit
         (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
     •   1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB
         RAM (64-bit)
     •   16 GB available hard disk space (32-
         bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)                     Windows 7 is due for release on
     •   DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM         October 22nd - are you ready?
         1.0 or higher driver

                                For more information, please visit:

                                                                Networx Computer Solutions
                                                                                       3 Fraser Drive
                                                                                   Horsham Vic 3400
                                                                               Phone: (03) 53 811091


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