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					                                                  The success of the RSPCA WA
                                                relies on the support of Members,
         FACTS THAT MAY SAVE                         Friends of the RSPCA and
           YOUR PET‛S LIFE.                                 Volunteers.

FACT – The temperature inside a car can
double in a matter of minutes.                   Please ask if you would like any
                                                further information about any of
FACT – A dog left in a car can die within                     these.
minutes as they are not able to sweat to cool
                                                                                                   Dogs Die in
FACT – A dog panting inside a car will raise
                                                                                                    Hot Cars
the temperature even more quickly.

FACT – Leaving the window down or parking
in the shade does little to stop the
                                                    RSPCA WA EDUCATION UNIT
temperature rising in the car.
                                                                                     RSPCA WA
                                                   Visit us at: 108 Malaga Drive,
FACT – All animals are affected by heat                                              Education
                                                                 Malaga, WA 6062
                                                   Phone:       9209 9325            inspiring
FACT – Short nosed dogs are more at risk.          Fax:         9248 3144            responsible
                                                                                     and caring
FACT – Dogs die in hot cars
                                                   WEB SITE:    behaviour
                                                                                                                         WHAT YOU SHOULD DO
                                                              As heat stroke progresses, the panting becomes
Are you guilty of leaving your dog in the car for 'just
                                                              excessive and laboured with the dog showing an             As a responsible pet owner you should always ensure
a few minutes' while you dash into the shops?
                                                              inability to breathe properly.                             your pet has access to clean, cool water and shade
How often do we see a dog waiting patiently on the                                                                       from the sun. It is particularly important not to leave
back of a ute, in scorching heat, for its owner to            The dog usually drools excessively and may vomit. If       your pet in a car, even on a moderately warm day its
return?                                                       the suffering continues, the dog will suffer               just not safe. If do you need to leave you dog
                                                              circulatory collapse, its gums will appear blue and it     unattended on the back of a ute, ensure that it is
An animal left inside a car can be dead in as little as                                                                  only for a short time, that your dog is correctly
                                                              will convulse or become unconscious.
six minutes. Leaving a window down and providing                                                                         tethered, and that it has adequate shelter from the
water is little help - heat stress kills, it's as simple as                                                              sun or from rain
that. Even on a relatively mild day, the temperature
inside a car can reach the extreme temperatures               The temperature in a parked car can quickly rise to        Make sure you keep the number of your nearest
On a hot day, you can fry an egg on the metal tray of         over 60 degrees Celsius.                                   RSPCA with you at all times - make a note and put it
a ute - imagine what that does to an animals paws.                                                                       in the glove box of your car. If you do see a pet left
                                                              Under these conditions a dog can quickly suffer from
                                                                                                                         unattended in a car and it appears to be suffering, do
                                                              heat stress resulting in an agonising death in as little
Heat stress                                                                                                              not interfere yourself, but call the local Police or the
                                                              as 6 minutes
                                                                                                                         RSPCA straight away. Don't hesitate to act
Heat stress or heat stroke occurs when animals are
confined in hot environments. Motor vehicles prove a          As a matter of urgency call your veterinarian.             Should your pet suffer from heat stress it is vital
real danger for animals locked in the sun where the           Transport your pet to the nearest veterinarian             that you take appropriate action immediately. It is
temperature can rise to lethal levels very quickly.           wrapped in soaking towels and keep ice packs on its        essential that your pet's body is cooled down as
                                                              head. The veterinarian may put your pet on a drip,         quickly as possible, especially the head. Place your pet
All animals are affected by heat stress, however
                                                              perform other emergency procedures and administer          in a tap water bath or hose your pet down. Make sure
dogs with short noses such as the Bull Dog, Pekinese,
                                                              medications to counteract shock and other disorders        its head and airways are not blocked. If available,
Pug, and Boxer are particularly at risk.
                                                              that occur in heat stroke.                                 apply ice to your pet's head.
When suffering from heat stroke, a dog will initially
show an increase in activity associated with panting
and vocalisation - usually barking or whining. The dog
will become agitated, often with a worried or
furrowed expression.

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