Fish Friday Brochure 2 by fdjerue7eeu


									                                                   F I S H F R I DAY 2 0 0 5 S C H E D U L E
                                                                 1st Friday                 2nd Friday
                                                                   Lunch                      Dinner

                                           January       7     Coola Fisheries       14
     The Harbour Light is                  February      4        Seafoods           11
                                           March         4      Fisheries Ltd.       11
        dedicated to the                                           Ocean
                                           April         1        Fisheries          8
       recognition of the                  May           6
                                                                  Deep Sea
                                                               Trawlers Assoc.       13
                                                                                           Berg & Company
                                                                                            Fishing Vessel
      dignity and worth of
                                                                Pacific Halibut
                                           June          3    Management Assoc.      10     Viking Sunrise

      people, where God's                  July          8
                                                              Canadian Groundfish

                                                                 Research and
     love is demonstrated                  August        5    Conservation Society
                                                                                            Pacific Halibut
                                           September     9       Fish Assoc.         16   Management Assoc.

                                                                                                                THE B.C.
       in a practical way
                                           October       7      River Seafoods       14

              through                      November      4
                                                              United Fisherman and
                                                              Allied Workers Union   11

       holistic programs
        that attend to the
                                           December      2      Port Fisheries

                                                                3rd Friday

                                                                                            4th Friday
        spiritual, social,

                                                                                                              GIVING BACK
                                           January       21    Coola Fisheries       28
           physical and                                       Canadian Groundfish
                                                                 Research and
                                           February      18                          25 Ocean Master Foods
          psychological                                       Conservation Society

                                                                                                                 TO THE
                                           March         18   Harvesters Assoc.      25
        well-being of the                  April         15      Fisher Bay          22
                                                                                           Fishing Vessel
                                                                                            Arctic Ocean
                                                                Pacific Urchins                Stanley
                                                                                                              COMMUNITY !
                                           May           20    Harvester Assoc.      27     Park Joggers
                                                                                           Fishing Vessel
                                           June          17       Seven Seas         24       Nemesis
                                                                 J.S. McMillan             Fishing Vessel
                                           July          22        Fisheries         29      Blue Waters

                                           August        19    BBQ in the Park       26
         The Salvation Army                                    Canadian Sable
                                           September     23     Fish Assoc.          30
     Vancouver Harbour Light                                                                J.S. McMillan
119 Cordova Street East, Vancouver, B.C.   October       21       Fisher Bay         28       Fisheries
 Tel: (604) 646-6822 Fax: (604) 682-1673   November      18    Ocean Fisheries       25

                                           December      16 Stanley Park Joggers 23
The Program
                                                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions:
It all began in 2002 when Barry
McMillan, president of J.S.                                                                           What if our company does not process fish or
McMillan Fisheries contacted                                                                          have access to the required fish? That's okay,
Doug March, of the Canadian                                                                           we can arrange the fish for you and your cash
Groundfish Research and                                                                               donation could be increased to cover the addi-
                                                                                                      tional costs (approximately $700-$1000)
Conservation Society (CGRCS)
with an idea to get the fishing
                                                                                                      What if our company does not have 6-8
industry involved in giving something back
                                                                                                      volunteers to help serve?
to the community. This idea grew into the
                                                                                                      That's okay, just let us know and we can
Fish Friday program at the Salvation Army                                                             provide volunteers to help serve the hot meals.
Harbour Light that has been both successful
and rewarding to all involved. The program                                                            What are the time commitments?
has expanded significantly from 5,600 meals                                                           The serving volunteers are needed at Harbour
served in 2002, to 19,200 meals served in                                                             Light on Fridays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
2004. Currently there are approximately 17                                                            (approximately 2 hours) as lunch is served from
different fishing industry organizations                                                              11:00 am to 12:00 noon.
involved in a myriad of ways.                                    Typical Commitment
                                                                                                      Are there other times available?
                                     The response   As many of the groups participating are           Yes, we are in the process of expanding the
                                     by the         involved in the seafood industry, the usual       program to include 4 meals each month.
                                     Salvation      donation is approximately 400 lbs. of portioned   Dinner is served from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm so
                                     Army is best   fish, $1000.00 to purchase the supplies for the   volunteers are needed from about 4:30 pm to
                                     summed up      balance of the meal, and 6-8 volunteers to help   6:30 pm.
                                     by Major       serve the hot meal to the approximately 800
                                                                                                      Where is the Salvation Army Harbour Light?
                                     Samual         people.
                                                                                                      119 Cordova Street East, Vancouver, B.C. (Main
                                                                                                      and Hastings)
                                     Executive                 Fish Friday meals served:
Director for Harbour Light, "What a partner-                       2002 - 5,600 meals;                Would our contribution be eligible for a tax re-
ship this turned out to be! I still recall the                     2003 - 9,600 meals;                ceipt?
excitement as a dozen volunteers from the                          2004 - 19,200 meals                Definitely, both the cash donation and the fish
Fishing Industry supplied the fish and then                                                           supplied for the meal is eligible for
served their first "Fish Friday" meal at the                                                          submission as a charitable donation
Salvation Army to 800 people. What a
change from the usual bowl of stew! It was                                                            "On behalf of The Salvation Army Harbour Light, I
a first class meal with all the trimmings! That                                                       want to express my sincere thanks and appre-
was 32 months ago...."                                                                                ciation to the fishing Industry for such a great
                                                                                                      partnership, a huge investment in the commu-
How can our company get involved?
                                                                                                      nity and time, cost and effort involved in this
The success of the program relies on many
                                                                                                      program. Your greatest thanks is
different levels of involvement. By
                                                                                                      knowing that your efforts are helping
contacting Doug March @ (604)-951-3667                                                                marginalized individuals feel like worthy
you can explore the opportunities that best                                                           human beings who are given a new start in life!"
suit your group’s expertise and available
resources.                                                                                            Major Samuel Fame, Executive Director
                                                                                                      Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light

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