Genoa Calander 2009 april by wulinqing



                                               Genoa Senior Center                                                                 Find a
            Genoa Senior Center                                                                  RAINBOW             Site Manager
               514 Main Street                   April Fools Day                                April Showers      Tammy L. Reichert
              Genoa, OH 43430                                                                     BRING…
                                                     Games 12:30                                                Lunch is served at 11:30
       419-855-4491 – Fax 419-855-3157
                                                                                                                 Monday, Wednesday &
                                                                          Wishing everyone a                             Friday
     Bingo 9:30-11:00                           Site Council Mtg. 10:30      Happy Easter       National
                                                   Nutrition Update
     Twinkie Day                                     Dar Mensing
                                                                          From Janie, Mary &    Siblings         Suggested Donation is
                                                OSU County Extension                              Day            $2.50 – 60 years of age
       Games 12:30                                  Games 12:30                                                         and older.
                                                                                                                $5.00 for those under the
                              Don’t forget          BP and Sugars                                                       age of 60.
      Bingo 9:30-11:00         2nd Annual      Riverview Health Care
     Can I eat Green?          Spring into                                                     Scrapbook
                                               Campus w/Lori Cecil                                                Call by 10am the day
    Coumadin/Vitamin K      Happiness Dance
                                                                                                  Day           prior to your reservation.
     Dianne Mortensen          @VFW in              Games 12:30
       Games 12:30             Oak Harbor                                                                         WEATHER CLOSING
                                Sunday,                                                                           Posted on Local TV
     Bingo 9:30-11:00       April 19th, 2009           Earth                                   Bake Sale @            Channels.
    Sky Awareness Week        Sponsored by
                             Walker Family
                                                        Day                                    Genoa Bank
       Games 12:30           Funeral Homes          Games 12:30                                   9-?
                                 2-5 PM
      Bingo 9:30-11:00                                America’s
                                                   L’il Sweetheart
       “Calculate It Day”                           w/Amy Laity
                                                 Genoa Public Library
        Games 12:30                                    Games 12:30

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