Proactive Showrooms by fjhuangjun


Ideas and inspirations for lighting showroom owners and employees.                                                          Aug./Sept. 2009

  Upcoming CLC Webinars                             Crown Supply Partners with Local Businesses to
                                                          Add Vignettes, Attract Designers
   Sept. 24 11 a.m. Central
     How to Sell Crystal for
        Maximum Profit                      S     ince Crown Electrical Supply Co. owner
                                                  William Donahue brought Abby Leavitt
                                            on board a year ago, the showroom manager,
                                                                                                  Levitt. “We network and help spread the word
                                                                                                  about each other.”
                                                                                                      The next step in Leavitt’s plan was to intro-
                                            buyer and marketing director has made it              duce Crown Supply to a list of interior design-
                                            her mission to update the lighting displays           ers, architects, builders, landscape designers
                                            and increase the mar-                                 and home and bath designers or showrooms.
                                            keting buzz for the                                       “We sent out a letter introducing Crown
   Oct. 22 11 a.m. Central                  company’s Providence,                                 Supply and telling our story so all would know
  LED and Solid State Lighting              R.I., location.                                       who we are and what we can do for their busi-
    Update: Time to Stock It                     “I like to come up                               ness,” said Leavitt. “Then we picked a date for
                                            with ideas for market-                                an After Hours networking and learning seminar
          and Sell It                       ing that will cost us                                 with a local architectural lighting designer as a
   SPONSORED BY:                            nothing or next to noth-                              featured speaker.”
                                            ing,” said Leavitt.                                       Crown Supply sent out 100 invitations, and
                                            “Business is weak for                                 30 guests came to check out the event.
Seminar instructor: Joe Rey-Barreau         every retail store, so I                                  “We had a happy hour where everybody
                                            thought if we changed                                 roamed the store and our staff greeted them,”
 Download registration forms from           the atmosphere of the showroom and made it            said Leavitt. “We also had name tags, passed             feel more like a home, customers could visual-        out information packets with a copy of this
           members.                         ize their own rooms and the result might be           year’s Lighting magazine enclosed and gave all
                                            multiple sales. Also, if our staff experts are        the attendees a T-shirt with our logo.”
                                            busy, this would hold the customers until we               “Another idea is to call your local newspa-
                                            could get to them.”                                   per and television stations to cover the event,”
               Size & Height                     Leavitt hoped that the merchandising in new      she says. “The PR is free and the news writers
               for Dining                   room vignettes would also attract interior de-        are always looking for a great story idea.”
                                            signers and establish Crown Supply as a show-             Crown Supply plans on having similar After
               Chandelier                   room with designing experts and flair — a place       Hours events every four months. “We have got-
                                            where interior designers, architects and others       ten quite a lot of business from the first event,”
                                            would proudly bring their clients.                    said Leavitt. “The buzz is out there, and other
When helping customers                           To accomplish this on a limited budget, she      companies have called to join in with this idea.”
choose a chandelier for                     began calling local businesses with products              The showroom also continues to form part-
their dining area, keep                     that could complement lighting.                       nerships with complementary local independent
in mind these general                             “We were given furniture to set up our living   businesses. For instance, Crown Supply will
recommendations:                            room vignette,” said Leavitt. “We added display       provide lighting for a nearby kitchen and bath
                                            lamps, clusters on the ceiling of different crystal   showroom with
Size. A chandelier should be about 12"      mini chandeliers and sconces on either side of        eight sample kitch-
narrower than the smallest dimension of     a real fireplace. We called an interior designer      ens and six sample
a rectangular table and 12" shorter than    to put drapery treatments on the wall and add         bathrooms.
the diameter of a round table.              pillows, and the final touch was to call a carpet         “We will supply
                                            company and have them give us large area              their lighting, but it
Hanging Height. For an eight-foot           oriental rugs.”                                       should come back
ceiling, the chandelier should hang              In the bathroom vignette, a bath showroom        to us when they
about 30" above the table. With taller      put up sinks to display bathroom lights and ac-       refer clients to us,”
ceilings, add three additional inches for   cessories. The dining room vignette included a        said Leavitt. “It’s
each additional foot of ceiling height.     table, tablecloths, chairs and display lighting. A    almost like having another Crown Supply loca-
                                            landscape designer helped create a mini gar-          tion covering a different area of territory.”
                                            den to display landscape lighting and outdoor             For other lighting showrooms looking to
       Tell Your Story!                     lanterns, and green plants and flowers were           market themselves on a budget, Leavitt’s ad-
  Has your showroom found a way to          installed. Even the paint for the walls was free.     vice is to think outside the box and not be afraid
                                                 “All this was given to us,” stresses Leavitt.    to fail.
  successfully increase sales? Let us
                                            “We didn’t have to pay a dime for anything we              “Just keep coming up with ideas and exe-
  know about it! Send tips & ideas to       used or asked for. All we had to do is put busi-      cuting them,” she said. “Nothing is a failure as         ness cards and proper signage out for each            long as you learn from your mistakes, BUT you
                                            company that helped us.”                              have to trust yourself, go with your gut and have
 Proactive Showrooms is a publication            Crown Supply also sends business to the          a passion for what you do.”
 of the American Lighting Association.      donor companies. “We all work together,” said

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