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					                                                         hope more riders will take the opportunity to
                                                         participate in future training days. It is such a
                                                         good experience to have a go at a dressage
                                                         test without the fuss of a competition. It just

            G& H E A
                                                         takes the pressure off!

                                                         Our April 5 Indoor Qualifier competition is

          DRESSAGE                                       nearly here! Marjory and Jill have done a
                                                         fantastic job organising the event so far.


        APRIL 2009


Hi Everyone,

Great to catch up with a number of members
at the March rally. Again we were blessed
with great weather!            Apologies for the                   This month’s Newsletter is an
incorrect inclusion of Wendy Barker’s name in                      omnibus. See inside:
the instructor list.           Although Di has
apologised, it was actually not her fault as she                   A First Aid Kit list compiled by Di
had sent me a correction email but                                  Colley.                      P.3
unfortunately it didn’t transfer to me actually
correcting the information. We are sorting out
                                                                   An update by our social
a list of instructors to include on the website so
                                                                    wunderkind, Jacqui Crossley.
that you can see who is available to coach at
future rallies. This will be done when Di
returns from her trip.                                              P.3

Another successful club event we enjoyed in                        An article by Jane McReady on
March was the first open training day of the                        riding as a guinea pig at the
year. We were so lucky to have Lesley,                              Richard Weis clinic.    P.4
Nathan and Yvonne take time out to judge on
the day and give feedback to riders.                               A new Handy Hints and Tips
Everyone appreciated the time, passion and                          Column for everyone to share
thoughtfulness that went into their feedback. I                     anything horse related. P.6
        APRIL 11TH RALLY
                                                           AM lessons; it is just not possible.

                                                           Please note if you really need an AM lesson,
          INSTRUCTORS:                                    you must state on your rally form why, so
                                                           therefore I can make that rider a priority for AM
          WENDY BARKER                                    times.

                                                           Otherwise you have all been so good about
          LIESL WILDING
                                                           everything and helping out with requested
          CHRIS SHARP
                                                           Of course setting up is the hardest in respect
                                                           that you need to be at the grounds by 8am to
                                                           start set up by 8.15 am. It really is a great
Marjory has managed to secure some                         learning curve to remember where the letters
tremendous sponsorship for the event which                 go around the arena and once you know what
means we will have a great array of prizes.                to do it really isn’t difficult. Once again
                                                           though, if you request and AM lesson, you will
Competing at familiar club grounds is always               be – but not every rally – put down for set up.
an advantage and great introduction to                     I try to share the chores so it is fair to all
competing if you have not had a go before.                 members.
Even if you are not competing PLEASE come
along and help out. Our club is well known for             Thank you to those ladies and gentlemen who
running well organised competitions so we                  supplied food for our canteen. It was lovely as
have a reputation to uphold. Please email                  usual and just takes the pressure off our
Marjory if you can help out.                               canteen lady, Gail Strain.

Jacqui Crossley has been busy collating the                Your instructors for April 11 rally are:
input from the social activities questionnaire
that members have sent her over the last                   Wendy Barker, Liesl Wilding and Mr Chris
couple of weeks. Hopefully very soon we will               Sharpe.
have a calendar full of social activities to join in
with.                                                      I will not be around for April’s rally, so please
                                                           note the following:
Look forward to seeing you all soon.
                                                           VERY IMPORTANT NEWS
Cheers, Shelley Kinsella
                                                           FOR APRIL 11TH RALLY YOU MUST
                                                           SEND YOUR RALLY FORMS, PHONE
                                                           CALLS AND EMAILS TO:
                                                           |Mrs Fiona Dudley Lot 219 Bunning Rd,
Hello Riders,

Well, firstly I would like to apologise for
misleading you all with the wrong instructors
for our March rally and would like to say a big
                                                           Ph: 95746513.       MOB: 0408746513
thank you for not complaining with whom I put
you. I realise not everyone gets what they
                                                           Email: fiomich@bigpond.net.au
want, especially when more than half request
Happy riding and see and hear from you in                 the Grand Prix horse, Victory Salute and would
May.                                                      be able to offer a wealth of knowledge to our
                                                          members. The response was quite positive
Cheers, Di Colley Rally Co-ordinator                      and committee has agreed to assist towards
                                                          the cost of indoor venue hire, so we are
If you do a direct money transfer for                     pursuing this further. Stay tuned for updates.
your Rally payment, Receipt Numbers
need to be given to the Rally                             Sonia Munroe
Co-ordinator, please.
                                                          TRAINING DAYS

                                                          The first in-house training day will be held on
                                                          May 16 at the Gidge grounds. The tests will
CLUB     INDOOR    QUALIFIER                              be the 2’s and each rider will have a 15 minute
COMPETITION   APRIL 5TH                                   session booked to give them time to ride the
                                                          test, discuss with the judge and perhaps
If you haven’t yet offered to help                        repeat a movement or two.
and would like to, please phone
                                                          Four training days have been booked for the
Marjory     (92951403)    or   Jill                       year:
(95721354).    Also, donations of
cakes, slices, quiche etc for the
canteen      would     be    much                              SATURDAY MAY16th

CLINIC UPDATE                                                  SATURDAY JUNE 20th

Our first clinic for the year is being held with
Leisl Wilding on Good Friday, 10 April at the                  SUNDAY AUGUST 23rd
Gidgegannup grounds. It is great to see some
new members putting their hands up to have a
go! Members not riding are also encouraged                     SUNDAY OTOBER 25th
to come along and watch the lessons. You
are welcome to bring your directors chair down
to the edge of the arena to be close to the
action.                                                   Sonia Munroe

We also have booked Dr Victoria Hamilton for
                    rd        th
a clinic on May 23 and 24 . This clinic will
be held at her property and gives riders the
opportunity to ride on an excellent surface with
mirrors at her very picturesque Sawyers Valley
property. We will begin filling this clinic in late
                                                          SOCIAL SEC’S REPORT
An expression of interest was sent out for
bringing across Brett Parberry from NSW for a             Hi Everyone,
                   th       th
clinic on June 27 to 29 . Brett is currently
                                                          Thanks for the wonderful feedback from the
listed on the national elite dressage squad with
social and informative survey which went out           First Aid: Basic everyday & travel kit:
recently. We now have lots more good ideas to
play with and organise fun things to                   Cotton wool/Gamgee roll (cottonwool
complement our rallies.                                covered in light gauze)
Leanne Sadlier has kindly offered to help me
                                                       Elastoplast Bandages 2-4 (7.5cm)
in putting together some of your suggestions,
so between the pair of us, we should be able
                                                       Plain crepe bandage 1-2 (7.5cm)
to get things rolling.
                                                       Blunt ended scissors (reasonable size)
One of the most popular requests was that
there should be more social get-togethers and
                                                       Bacterial Wash – Betadine
that BBQ’s and progressive dinners would be
something to look forward to.                          Solution/Chlorhex Solution or something
Some more hot topics were stud visits,
massage of the horse and how to get that               Betadine Ointment / White E cream
elusive extra mark in a dressage test. So stay
tuned to your newsletter and your computer             Water – 1-2 litres / Bucket clean (does not
screen for upcoming activities brought to you          have to be huge)
by a pair of party girls. Tee Hee.
                                                       Vets ph no. work hours & emergency, pen
We welcome your input, so any time                     and paper
throughout the year feel free to approach
either Leanne or myself if there is something          With all the above items you can treat the
you think would be fabulous for the club and           following either for basic injuries or major
its members to participate in.                         injuries. These can range from:

Cheers, Jacqui Crossley                                Cut or tear wound to the flesh; Over-reach
                                                       from hind leg to front; Major bleed from
********************************************           puncture wound; Eye trauma (bashed or
EQUINE FIRST AID KIT                                   something in it); Swelling of lower limbs.

                                                       Now that you have your essentials you can
We can have many things in our first aid kit but
                                                       build up your kit to be a lot more extensive if
I really want to cover the essential everyday
                                                       you feel it is what you want by adding some of
items that you will require and what you should
                                                       the following;
carry with you every time you take your horse
somewhere in the float, whether it be to a
                                                       FIRST AID KIT SUPPLEMENT
friend’s for a ride or competition, rallies and
clinics/lessons. Keep it simple and easy to
work with.

“Why?” you probably say.                               Stethoscope (simple type)

Surprisingly enough it is always the time we           Citrigen Spray or something similar
don’t expect something to happen when it
does and having the very essentials on hand            Yellow Lotion (great for proud flesh
could and can be life saving to your horse.            problems)

Epsom salts (for poulticing)                           would be voted out!! Lucky for us we were
                                                       chosen and it was a fantastic learning
Animal Lintex (simple easy poultice)                   experience.

Cooling gels (come in many forms)                      The seminar was based on the 6 German
                                                       scales of training: Rhythm, suppleness,
Syringes (different sizes)                             contact, impulsion, straightness and collection.
                                                       Richard Weis is a guru on position but is also a
Needles (18gauge)                                      very skilled horseman and has been travelling
                                                       regularly to Germany and Europe working with
Vitamin injection i.e. VAM (only get by                some great names in the dressage world. He
                                                       has a tremendous eye. But the most
Vets Advice)
                                                       important thing, he is very adept at getting the
                                                       rider to understand where the positional fault is
The list could go on but you must be sensible
                                                       and how to change it so the rider can be more
as one does not have to rush out and get
                                                       effective and harmonious with the horse.
every new item advertised as for one, are you
ever going to use it, if not then why waste your       I was the first cab off the rank with Rhythm.
money. Be sensible and start with good basic           For those of you that have seen my sitting trot
materials.                                             I look more like a belly dancer than a dressage
                                                       rider! I am sure all of us have tried all sorts of
You could all probably add something to my
                                                       fan-dangled ideas to sit still at trot, all of us
list which is great and if anyone needs to set
                                                       thinking that there must be some magical key
up a good First Aid Kit please contact me and I
                                                       to attain it.
will get you started.
                                                       Firstly Richard checked how strong my core
                                                       was by trying to pull me out of the saddle, I
WITH”                            by
                                                       passed front to back but not sideways. He
Di Colley                                              then adjusted my foot position by asking me to
                                                       place more weight on my big toe and to slightly
********************************************           turn my toes out. Success!! My leg became
                                                       very stable and strong. From there he asked
RICHARD WEIS SEMINAR                                   me to open my hips more (this can be likened
                                                       to sucking in the stomach from belly button to
                                   TH                  pubic bone and filling out the lower back). He
FOR NCAS               by Jane                         wanted me to imagine that during the trot I was
McReady                                                rubbing my back up and down a door which
                                                       ended up stabilizing my wobbly middle. The
Four people from our club attended the                 idea was that I would bounce the horse to the
seminar which was held by the NCAS                     rhythm I wanted and not the horse doing it to
(National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) for           me. I have to concentrate very hard whilst I’m
continued education of our coaches and                 riding but I am feeling so much more stable
anyone else who was interested in attending.           and part of the horse. The big thing is that my
They were Don Hawkins, Jan Campbell, Hazel             ankles are now much better at absorbing the
Hikins and myself.                                     movement rather than locking.

Hazel and I were asked to be guinea pig riders         Hazel’s scale was contact. She rode her
of which there were 8 but only 6 would be              young horse Zenny who doesn’t like to take a
chosen - a bit like “dancing with the stars”, 2        consistent contact and at times can shorten

the neck and contract the gullet. Her job was           was more important. We all got down into the
to carry her hands in the correct position and          arena to get closer and it was a testament to
push him more forward into the contact to               Tyana that she coped with us discussing her
open him out a little. Richard placed her               faults when obviously she’s achieved a very
heels lower and brought her lower leg more              high level on all the horses she’s owned and is
forward as she had a tendency for the legs to           an extremely talented rider, but in saying that if
come behind the girth. Richard also got her             we are ever to improve and reach our goals
inside leg to be more effective by getting Hazel        we must be open to constructive criticism and
to think of inside leg to the horses outside            not bury our heads in the sand.
shoulder. Success, Zenny started to bend his
body and fill up the contact.                           I have obviously given you the readers digest
                                                        version of this seminar but Don Hawkins took
Sharon Jenkins was the guinea pig for                   down a great deal of notes so if we all speak
suppleness. (I did not see this combo as I was          to him kindly he may photocopy them and
putting Bunyip away)                                    make them available to us (especially me
                                                        PLEASE Don).
Sonja Johnson was the demo rider for
impulsion. She was riding her lovely Olympic
horse (we         were in      very esteemed
company).Two major things that I got out of
this were the phrase “put more guts in the
tempo” for more impulsion and the body grows
taller and narrower the more collected the              NEWS AND NOTICES:
horse. For e.g. in piaffe the rider is almost
sitting on their crutch with their legs very long
                                                        OPEN TRAINING DAY
and upper body very tall. This was more
evident to actually watch so next time you are                                              st
                                                          Our Open Training Day on the 1 March was
watching someone in high collection such as
                                                        fabulous. Everyone that rode had terrific feed
piaffe stop and look at their body.
                                                        back from the three judges. The judges –
                                                        Lesley Smit, Nathan Riches and Yvonne Ong
Richard Rice rode his lovely chestnut hack to
                                                        -were more than generous with their time and
demonstrate straightness. This was a very
                                                        advice. Apologies to those riders that had to
open and funny session with the two Richards
                                                        wait a little, as we hadn’t factored in the extra
and Nadine (Richard Rices’ instructor)
                                                        time. The club made a tidy profit – a good
bouncing sarcastic comments off each other.
                                                        start to the year.
I must admit Richard Rice looked extremely
straight and is a very nice rider and as Richard
Weis reminded us, we must look after him as             PERTH DRESSAGE CLUB
“the male dressage rider ” is an endangered
species. The main thing about this session              At the recent Perth Dressage Club
was the necessity to ride the horse forward to          competition, Kathy Archer, Metter Wendler and
make him straight, to imagine a fire hose full of       Sonia Munroe rode. Our ex-president of the
water and how difficult it is to kink it.               club, Lesley Smit won the Advanced
                                                        championship. Well done, Lesley.
Finally Tyana Lawless was next on her lovely
chestnut    Inter1/Grand    prix   horse  to            CLUB MEETINGS
demonstrate collection.     However we got
sidelined as Richard felt that correcting               Club committee meetings are open to all
Tyana’s slight collapsed hip and crookedness            members. They are held every month on the

Tuesday   following the  rally at the                  around leg where swelling or heat is and
Gidgegannup club rooms, commencing at                  secure with bandage or float boot.
7.30pm.                                                – jill donaldson

CLUB ROOM’S PHONE NUMBER                               BANDAGING TIPS

The phone number of the club rooms at                  Always roll your bandages up firmly because it
Gidgegannup: 9574 6443                                 is easier to then place around the leg at the
                                                       correct pressure. And when you have finished
                                                       rolling your bandages, tuck the corner inside to
                                                       prevent them unravelling. – jane mcready
GROUP is having a workshop on presenting
horses and ponies for breed, hunter and show
                                                       HAIR REMOVAL
horse classes. To be held at Kemill Hill
Connemarra & Sporthorse Stud, The Lakes on             To get hair off a saddle blanket or inside a rug,
April 19 . Cost $10 to cover insurance and             use a rubber curry comb – gets it off really
includes 1 year’s free membership. More info           easily. –jane mcready
at: waagsecretary@hotmail.com
NORAN ARABIANS is holding an
afternoon with International judge Cindy Reich         If you have any Handy Hints or Tips that
(USA) on Saturday, 4 April at 2.30pm. More             have worked for you and you would like to
info at: www.noranarabians.com.                        share with everyone, please email to the
                                                       editor at: jdjillco@bigpond.net.au

                                                       Omission in the March Newsletter –
SOCK-MIT CLEANER                                       Catalyst Review was written by Jill
                                                       Donaldson and was her personal opinion
What to do with odd socks when the other               of the programme.
sock has gone to sock heaven: Use like a
mitten for cleaning gear. This came about
when I had chronic fatigue, little use of my           CLUB UNIFORMS
hands and couldn’t grip a cloth, but the sock-
mit was perfect. –jacqui crossley                      Club uniform: club shirt and beige, fawn,
                                                       cream or navy jodhpurs
[Amazing how every single brand of washing
machine has a secret portal for teleporting half       See Fiona Dudley at the rallies if you wish to
pairs of socks – Ed]                                   purchase new uniform.

RECESSION BUSTER ICE WRAP                              NEW STOCK

Cut an old towel in half, saturate with water,         Long sleeved shirts                           $37
squeeze out excess, fold and place in freezer.
To use, dip in bucket of water to soften, wrap         Short sleeved shirts                 $32
Vests with club logo         $57

Caps and bucket hats         $10

OLD STOCK                                                      CLUB CALENDAR
Green and white long sleeved shirts         5          APRIL     Club IQ Competition

$15                                               th
                                            10 APRIL             Liesl Wilding Clinic

White or green short sleeved shirts               th
                                            11 APRIL             Club Rally

$10                                         13 APRIL             Club Committee Meeting

STABLES – remember to clean                 9          MAY       Club Rally

out your stable after using it!             16 MAY
                                                                 Training Day
Also – no hay is allowed in                       rd     th
                                            23 &24 MAY Victoria Hamilton Clinic

Send any contributions to: