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					Features of Dos Amigos Del Sol


Landscaping and pasture:

Pond: A year round pond about 1.5 acres in size, depth up to 12 feet. It has a variety
of wildlife, Koi, frogs, native fish, ducks, geese and even a pair of swans visited last
year. Redwing Blacks and 3 species of swallows make this refuge their home. Pond
is completely balanced ecologically, remaining clear and fresh year round.

The Pond has one large island and 2 smaller ones.

Trees and shrubs: Approximately 6000 shrubs surround the land on the fence line,
turning the fencing into a hedge row. Approximately 700 trees of many varieties are
thriving here, of which about 300 are black walnuts now entering their nut bearing age.
In about 15 years the black walnut should have a value in excess of $1,000,000 rising
to about $3,000,000 while producing a cash crop in the order of $30,000 per year at
today’s prices. In addition to these deciduous trees an abundance of pine thrives here.

Around the house itself are sugar maples, maples, oaks, willows of various types,
grapes, English walnuts, cherry, apple, plum, and pear trees.

Fencing: The property perimeter is fully fenced and cross fenced with riding (bridal)
paths, and separation fencing from neighboring live stock. Shrubs have been planted
along all fence lines and are quickly developing into hedge rows. Fencing is suitable
for all types of livestock and will contain dogs as well. Main gate to the pastures is
electrically controlled with remote access.

Wildlife: It is almost impossible to list all of the wildlife that has been drawn to this
refuge. Deer, elk, hawks, snowy white owls, grouse, pheasants, partridge, redwing
blackbirds, herons, honey bees, swallows, and a host of other birds and small animals
call this farm home.

Irrigation: The entire property is plumbed with about 6,000 feet of buried 3 inch
schedule 40 pipe for main line water distribution to any point on the property. As all
trees and shrubs are self sufficient most of this line is not in use today but readily
brought on line as needed.

The front 5 acres or so surrounding the home is fully irrigated with an extensive buried
watering system, run on timers. The well (20 gpm+) readily handles the water needed to
keep the home green and fresh throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Cabin: a 12x16 fully insulated and powered cabin/studio built in tongue-in-grove knotty
pine inside and outside with an 8 foot covered deck. Located to over look the pond it is
cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Makes a great art studio, private
moment place and
guest accommodation.

Arena: a full size outdoor arena capable of supporting jumping or dressage, suitable for
covering with a structure.

Storage shed: a 16x20 steel storage building with flooring and power nestled in the
trees close to the house.

Stable and other: very large combination building suitable for equipment, hay storage,
R.V. parking and horse stable. It has a vet stall and an inclosed, insulated tack room
with bright windows. Snuggled in the trees, almost invisible to the casual eye, it is
close to the home but part of the pastures as well.

Home :

Built to exacting standards, this custom designed home sits comfortably in a tree
nestled high point of the land, designed to provide a panoramic 360 view of the
stunning open views around while ensuring complete privacy to the occupants.


It is an enormous 3 car garage with 2 conventional car bays with drive through doors,
and a 30 foot truck bay with an oversize door. The garage is plumbed for under floor
radiant heating and is floored with pavers. It has also been plumber for a full bath.


The property is served by underground utilities.

The utility/mechanical room is 12x20, tiled and decorated in a desert motif. It has a
shower pan with hot and cold water for cleaning of garden dirt or hanging wet clothes to
dry. The home is served with 2 large pressure tanks delivering water from a well
tapped into the St. Maries Aquifer producing over 20 gallons per minute using only a 2
h.p. pump. The water is extremely clear and sweet.

Water is delivered throughout the home using the advanced manifold system. In this
system each outlet is served by its own line, distributed from a central manifold.
Therefore any number of outlets may in service at one time without loss of pressure. It
is also possible to isolate any outlet or tap at the manifold as well as at the outlet. A
hot water circulator ensures that hot water is available on demand at the kitchen.
Heating is by radiant under floor heating. A Glycol /water mixture in the heating lines
ensures year round safety of the lines. The second story studio is heating by hot water
baseboard radiant heaters. The home has a number of thermostatically controlled
zones to maximize personal comfort. The system is powered by a 125,000 BTU high
efficiency boiler.

Hot water is delivered through a 125 gallon hot water tank powered by the boiler. The
power management system allocates all of the boiler’s energy to hot water when
demanded, ensuring an endless amount of hot water, regardless of the number of
users at one time.

There are 6 phones lines to the home. A microwave system provides high speed
internet (100 mps) access and satellite T.V. reception is excellent. Cell coverage is land
line quality through Sprint/Nextel and passable with other providers. A wireless
modem provides internet access throughout the home.

A cut over panel has been installed to safely ensure essential power in the event of an
outage with just the flip of a switch.

Electrical service throughout the home is upgraded, with separate lines to the top and
bottoms of electrical outlets (especially the kitchen) for more even and uniform power
distribution. Multi line/service co-ax has been installed in all rooms.

The home

Built in an authentic southwestern way, Dos Amigos Del Sol can be dressed up urban
sophisticated or enjoyed as a stylish, comfortable ranch home, or any combination

The are 2 main bedrooms in the home, with two more possible. The home is serviced
with 4 full bathrooms, one in the upstairs studio with a shower, one attached to the
guest bedroom with a tub/shower, and two attached to the master bedroom.          Each
bedroom and bathroom has its own temperature control for personal comfort.

The hers bathroom has a large built in closet, a custom half round shower with glass
block lighting to the eastern sun and stunning mother of pearl floor to ceiling tiles. A
corner, window framed jetted tub balances the separate toilet enclosure. A floor area
is substantial with soft carpeting throughout.

The his bathroom has a tiled walk through closet into a custom bathroom, built for
larger men. There is a combined shower/tub that is fully inclose able to allow for a
steam. The tub is a 7 foot long by 3.5 foot deep soaker fully insulated inside the
shower area. The shower tub area is fully tiled with custom benchers and glass blocks
for lighting.

The 880 square foot master bedroom has lots of windows allowing the morning sun to
naturally waken the owners, accompanied with stunning views of the surrounding
hillsides and horses in the pastures giving a feel like a resort in the Carribean. Facing
the foot of the bed is a pretty electrical fireplace, remote controlled and inset feature
display area. The fireplace is fully plumber and vented for gas if desired. Privacy is
ensured with massive double 8 foot doors matching the front entrance doors.

The main portion of the home is a stunning great room with 12 foot walls sloping to 8
feet, a enormous custom Italian tiled counter with a built professional range (double
over, 4 burners, grill and griddle). The vent fan (125,000 CFPM) is mounted on the
exterior roof for quiet operation. The counter sits 17 comfortably.

There is a custom corner double sink with garborators on each drain. The kitchen is
fully serviced with all appliances including a larger commercial built in fridge/freezer.

A large southwestern style wood burning fireplace anchors the room with a built media
The great room is designed for open sunniness and entertainment. A sunset room is
set on the west end.

The home is tiled throughout with original Satillo tile. The exterior is stucco covered
with a latex cement final coat for finish and quality. The roof is a combination of tile
and custom made tile look alike steel.

A full walk around 8 foot plus ground level covered wood deck balances the home with
the grounds. The southern deck covering has been to designed to allow the winter sun
to flood the home, while the summer sun never reaches the floor to ceiling windows. In
this way the summer in house temperatures remain about 20 degrees below outside
ambient and the winter sun raises inside temperatures 5 to 10 degrees.

Over the southern and northern decks there are vine covered trellises. Each vine is a
different variety of seedless grape. The home is set off with 6,000 square feet of
pavers, running under the front portico and making a picturesque courtyard and drive
through around the back entrance and garages.

The home is surrounded by roses, quaking aspens, fruit trees, pines and bushes of
various kinds. Floor to ceiling high end Milguard quality windows and sliding doors
makes every room in the home a view room with privacy and comfort.
There is a large walk-in pantry and a very comfortable back door foyer. Laundry
service has been elevated to allow access to the front loading washer and dryer without
bending over.

The 880 square foot second story studio has a full bath, an outside year round double
tub on the enclosed deck, and 2 inch laminated fir/maple floors, supported by a wood
burning stove. It may be readily used an office, studio, guest room or converted to a
full mini suite.

The stairs to the studio are made from the heart wood of a single piece of douglas fir.
An 8 foot solid oak and beveled glass door set into the stair entry provides a sound
proofing and beauty.

The tile flooring, and open kitchen allows the new owner to readily set their own moods
and tone with any paint theme. The current owners frequently change the schemes of
their home with the stroke of the paint brush.

Upgraded lighting fixtures and dimmer switches on all lights allow for precise lighting
effects and setting the right mood for the moment. A built in sound system services
both the outside and inside rooms with independent volumes controls.

Zoning and area :

The area is zoned exclusive agriculture, permitted for lot of a minimum of 40 acres.
This ensures that the area will remain private and land values will continue to rise due
to limited supply. The home is on a school bus route so roads are well maintained.

Centrally located on an effective apex, the home owner can access any point the
east/west axis of Spokane within 20 minutes, and without ever traveling on the freeway.
  Major lake areas are within 25 minutes, the airport is 30 minutes and downtown is
only 20 minutes.

The area is under renewal and upgrade as urbanization pushes out. New homes in
the area start around $400,000 and several multi million dollar estates have been, or
are being built in the immediate neighborhood.

Property taxes remain modest at the land is assessed as farm land, not residential.

Utilities are propane for heat and cooking, Inland Power Co-op provides electricity a
very reasonable rates, Qwest provides phones. Six lines have been provided to the
home. The property is in the County of Spokane, mailing district of Valleyford.

The property has been fully surveyed with a recorded survey in 2002 and again in 2008.
All exterior fences are within surveyed property lines by 6 to 12 inches.

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