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                                                                              May, 2006
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                   FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2006, 7 PM ONWARDS
                    [By the Executive Committee of the DSOBS]

 Masterpieces lined the walls of – and the lobby to – the                               All this was for a good cause. It was all part of an effort
 Royal Ball Room on the first floor of the historic Hotel                               to build a new Art School at The Doon. Our old Art School
 Imperial at Janpath, New Delhi. Spotlit works of Jatin Dass                            which stood facing the left wing of the Main Building
 rubbed shoulders with Annu Naiks, Balu Sadelges, Niren                                 (opposite The Sunken Garden) had been declared unsafe
 Senguptas, Laxman Gowdas, Suhas Roys, Bulbul Sharmas,                                  and had to be brought down. A new Art School has to be
 Dhiraj Chowdhurys, Surya Prakashs, Abani Sens, T.                                      built. This requires at least Rs.1.25 crores. However, the
 Vaikunthams, Rajesh Srivastavas and others. The center                                 DSOBS was not willing to allow this funding to come from a
 of the vast caverneous space of the Royal Ball Room was                                private donor, which would carry his name as a prefix to
 dotted with circular tables and chairs all decked in white                             the Art School for eternity. For the DOSCO, the Art School
 satin. Two lecterns stood at the podium end of the hall with                           was his ‘temple of creativity’, the shrine where he came
 mikes and a projection screen behind. Easels and stands                                to worship the Gods of fine art, the altar at which he came
 to prop paintings which would go under the hammer were                                 to unburden his creative soul. The DOSCO and DSOBS
 also at hand. Subdued lighting and floating candles lent a                             were not willing to let any individual name be prefixed to
 surreal aura to the entire setting.                                                    the Art School. They wanted the new Art School to always
                                                                                        remain what they had known it as, simply, ‘the Art School’.
 The spectacular brochure which preceded the Art Show and
                                                                                        Hence, the DSOBS Art Show and Ensemble Auction to raise
 Auction was a collectors’ item by itself. Copies of these
                                                                                        this much required Rs.1.25 crores to build a new Art School
 brochures were neatly stacked at the center of each table to
                                                                                        at Chandbagh.
 facilitate invitees to choose any ensemble which may not have
 already been underwritten. All the Platinum collections and                            The various eminent artists we named earlier, had been
 most of the Gold and Silver ensembles had been underwritten                            cajoled to unleash their heart and soul on canvas and paper
 well before the event. Donations for the Platinum, Gold and                            to provide us about 200 works at specially low rates (given
 Silver ensembles had been benchmarked at Rs.2.5 lakhs,                                 the charitable cause) to form part of ensembles or collages
 Rs.1.5 lakhs and Rs.1.0 lakh respectively.                                             created alongwith selections from 4000 odd paintings which
                                                                                        had accumulated in School over the past 70 years. Chosen
 However, these ensembles did not comprise paintings of
                                                                                        with great love and care by our Curators, Shail Singh
 famous artists alone but included atleast one or more
                                                                                        and Abha Kapoor and organized by E-paintings and the
 paintings by DOSCOs who had been to School since 1935.
                                                                                        Great Train Gallery of 7-A/1, Friends Colony, New Delhi,
 More importantly, 20 odd paintings of Old Boys and former
                                                                                        the ensembles were indeed creations to behold. Even
 Art Teachers were also to be auctioned that night. There
                                                                                        the brochures which displayed these ensembles were
 were Vivan Sundarams and Deepak Nirulas, there were
                                                                                        works of art by themselves and will become a collectors’
 Rathin Mitras and Anoop Bishnois, there were Sudhir
                                                                                        item over the years to come. It therefore, came as no
 Khastagirs and Khush Ahmad Mulks. Sentiments were up
                                                                                        surprise that most of these ensembles had already been
 for sale that night. Memories were to be auctioned and
                                                                                        underwritten well before the auction started that evening
 the alumni was there in full strength to try and bid for a
                                                                                        of March 10, 2006.
 piece of their childhood to cherish forever.

Anoop’s warm welcome to the gathering over – the rich                         Thanks to all your generosity and benevolence, the Art Show
baritones of Roshan Seth, 186-J ’58, (who played Pandit                       and Ensemble Auction was a runaway success. We will end
Jawahar Lal Nehru to Ben Kingsley’s Mahatma Gandhi)                           up collecting Rs.1.25 crores, including Rs.0.40 crores
and Romi Chopra, 312-J ’59, (who quipped that he was                          donated by the Class of 1980 (after having paid all the
ready to play Gandhi to Roshan Seth’s Nehru), filled the air                  artists, curators, the hotel and expenditures for the brochure)
as the auction got underway.                                                  which will be handed over to School for the new Art School
                                                                              project. Thank you one and all for making this endeavour
As we said before, it was memories and sentiments which
                                                                              an unprecedented success. Let the photographs recreate
were up for auction that night. The Vivan Sundarams, Sudhir
                                                                              for you the magic of that evening when memories and
Khastagirs and Rathin Mitras ofcourse fetched colossal
                                                                              sentiments of School and the love of art for art’s sake reigned
amounts, but the Bishnois, Nirulas and others were not far
                                                                              supreme and Doscos poured out their heart (and wallets) to
behind with Anoop’s masterpiece going for Rs.1.75 lakhs
                                                                              contribute for a cause so dear to them.
at the fall of the hammer. Such was the magic of that
evening when our alumni came in strength to pay rich                          Thank you one and all for your help, your generosity, your
tribute to the creativity and the artist within each Dosco                    benevolence and above all your love for art and your alma
and expressed their solidarity with their brethren in                         mater.
contributing towards a new Art School.

 The Lobby of the Royal Ball Room lined with paintings to be auctioned.                        The Ball Room with paintings lining the wall.

                                                 The Doon School lamp
                                                 created with the names
                                                 of Dosco artists whose
                                                 works formed part of
                                                 the ensembles

                                                                               Sanjiv Bathla with Mr. Aloke Tritha Bhowmik, School's present Art Teacher and
                                                                               School boys, prior to the auction.

Mr. Alok Tirtha Bhowmik
chats up the Curator -
Ms. Shail Singh

                                              Anoop Bishnoi & Roshan Seth with the boys

Anoop Bishnoi, President,
DSOBS (centre) warmly
hugs Roshan Seth (left)
and Romi Chopra (right)
                             Roshan Seth in conversation with Ms. Shail Singh and Mr. Aloke Tirtha Bhowmik

                                       L to R - Moin Qureshi, Vipin Malhotra and Vivan Sundaram

One of the Anu Naik's
which formed part of a
platinum ensemble

                            Sunil Kant Munjal with
                            Rajat (Tojo) Banerjee

Nitan Kapoor, our former President (center) with Roshan Seth (left) and Romi                              Roshan Seth with Sheel Vohra
Chopra (right)

Some young Doscos - Abhinav (Nikki) Gupta, Anant Tyagi, Justin Burrett and         Romi Chopra, Roshan Seth and Sheel Vohra sitting with Sanjiv Bathla and Aloke
Udit Sikand                                                                        Tirtha Bowmik standing

              Sunil Kant Munjal, Shail Singh and Lalit Nirula                                       Nandan Sawhney chats up Dhruv Sawhney

      Ajay Mehta, Nitan Kapoor, Sunil Kant Munjal and Dhruv Sawhney                                         The auction gets underway

The auction - well underway - with Roshan Seth to the left and Romi Chopra to                            Ajay Swarup bids for the 'Bishnoi'
the right

 ... but Surabhi Bishnoi standing with mother Roshni, outbids Ajay while our        Mr. Ashok Aggarwal looks on while Mrs. and Mr. Sri Gopal Gupta of the Gopal
  Vice-President, Gautam Chadha (bottom right) grins at the developments            Group leaf through the brochure. Incidentally, the Gopal Group have committed
                                                                                    Rupees One Lakh annually for the Best Artist's prize money.

                The gathering at the beginning of the auction                                      The gathering at the beginning of the auction

                                                            DID YOU KNOW...
  That the Art School was known as 'the Bug House' to earlier generations of Doscos since the Imperial Forest
  Research Institute (IFRI) kept their insect collection in this building. As a sequitur, the Art Teacher was called
  'the Big Bug'.

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Ashwath Khanna, Shiwani Khanna, Rashmi Dugal, Neenu Lahiri, Manoranjan                            Ajay Mehta makes a bid for one of the School paintings
Dugal, K.K. Lahiri, Haripal Singh and Abha Kapoor

The Rupees three lakhs bid for the 'Vivan Sundaram' which never materialized                               Kanwar Prem Lal graces the occasion

         As the auction warmed up-there was barely standing space                        L to R - Indrave Singh (Senior Regional Rep-Delhi) with Vipin Malhotra and
                                                                                                                    Anil (Paps) Malhotra

    Darshan Singh launches forth on the fine art of ............ well, art itself.       Vineeta, Ranjan (Itcan) and Vaarunya Bhalla catch up with Mr. Sheel Vohra

               A record bid gets a standing ovation                                        Anoop Bishnoi and Romi Chopra

                Anoop Bishnoi and Haripal Singh                            Romi Chopra and Dhruv Sawhney - Chairman, Board of Governors

Anoop Bishnoi, Sanjeev Ghai, Nitan Kapoor and Deepak Mansukhani       Nalin Khanna (Junior Regional Rep-Delhi), Asheet Lanba (Regional Rep-Noida)
                                                                      and Amitoj (Johnny) Singh

Vivan Sundaram, Roshan Seth, Ritu Kumar and                 Rahul Kohli and Anoop Bisnoi             Donny Singh, Aloke Tirtha Bhowmik and Vivek Seth
              Tarun Tahilyani

    Vivan Sundaram, Ranjan Bhalla, Haripal Singh and Nitan Kapoor                                  Roshan Seth and Nitan Kapoor

                 Nitan Kapoor, Ajay Mehta and his wife                               Anoop Bishnoi, Indrave Singh, Hemant Sharma and Vivek Seth

                                                     With compliments from
  R OYA L A C C E S S O R I E S                                                             and                   Lalit Bhardwaj
  4460, Willow Cove Ct, Orlando, FI 32835, U.S.A.
                                                                                                                    273-K ’64
    Anoop Bishnoi, Sanjeev Ghai, Vipin Malhotra & Moin Qureshi                           Roshan Seth, Lalit Nirula and Romi Chpora

   Rajeev Sharma, Hemant Sharma, Vivek Seth and Nitan Kapoor                Rajeev Sharma, Geeta Chadha, Sunil Chadha, Ajay Swarup and Vipin

  Indrave Singh Mann, Mrs. Mann, Abha Kapoor and Nitan Kapoor            Manoranjan Singh Dugal, Madhavi Swarup, Rashmi Dugal, Ashwath Khanna,
                                                                           Shiwani Khanna, K.K. Lahiri, Uday Sher Singh and Neera Sher Singh

Uday Sher Singh, Sunil Chadha and Rahul Kohli look on while Gautam         After the auction - Pritihvi Gill, Uday Bawa, Sheel Vohra, Anoop Bishnoi,
                         Thadani tucks in                                                Vipin Malhotra, K.K. Lahiri and Haripal Singh
                                      OLD BOYS (AND GIRLS) IN THE NEWS

   Our congratulations to Neerja Gupta (now Raman) 99-J                   almost no choice situation for the Royal College of
   ’64, daughter of Mr. K.C. Gupta (our former Chemistry                  Physicians but to appoint Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas as
   teacher), Director of HP’s Imaging Systems Lab who has                 the Regional Advisor since he is the only Neurologist who
   been selected as one of six inductees in the Class of                  is a fellow of all three Royal Colleges of Physicians,
   2005 – Women in Technology Foundation’s (WITI) Hall of                 namely, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Dr.
   Fame. The inductees were honoured at the 10 th Annual                  Krishnamoorthy Srinivas has also been elected as
   WITI Hall of Fame Awards event, held on December 8-9,                  Honorary member of the International Neuropsychiatry
   2005 in San Jose, California, U.S.A.                                   Association in India.
   Neerja, based in Palo Alto, was selected by an independent             Avinash Singh Alag, 160-H ’84 was honoured with a
   panel of judges for making several significant contributions           National Award on February 14, 2006 by the Independent
   to the advancement of science, invention and development               Schools’ Federation of India (ISFI) which is an Association
   of more than 100 state-of-the-art technologies.                        of over 800 schools, spread all over India. Each year, the
                                                                          ISFI presents National Awards to teachers/educationists
   The WITI Hall of Fame was established in 1996 to recognize,
                                                                          rendering distinguished services in the field of education.
   honor, and promote the contributions of women to the
                                                                          Avinash has been the Headmaster of Blossoms School
   scientific and technological communities that improve and
                                                                          since February 1996 and has brought up one of the finest
   evolve our society.
                                                                          Schools in Meerut from scratch since then. This is Avinash’s
   Our congratulations also to Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas                second National Award. Prior to this, on March 27, 2005,
   on being elected Regional Advisor of the Royal College                 he had been bestowed with a National Award by Siri Ram
   of Physicians of Edinburgh for Tamil Nadu. It was an                   Washeshran Devi Bhatia Memorial Charitable Trust.

                                            OLD BOYS (AND GIRLS) NEWS

   Varun Khanna, 481-T ’81 is based in Brisbane, Australia                       Australia. I travelled to every State except Tasmania.
   and wrote in on February 21, 2006                                             My mother, Rita Hensman, accompanied me and
                                                                                 spent most of her time with Noel in Auckland, NZ as
       "Hi! I am from the batch of 1993 ... Varun Khanna, 481-T
       and am based in Brisbane. Would love to meet any
       Doscos in Brisbane or traveling thru Brisbane, Australia.                 I had the joys of reconnecting with Bulbul (Vidhu
       Have set up a modern Indian restaurant and have a                         Kunzru) in Perth and Gem Ballantyne (Mrs. Gibbs'
       review link featured on"                                 daughter who resides in Perth now). What an amazing
                                                                                 reunion. My mother and she met after 43 years!!! I
   Varun Khanna can be contacted at
                                                                                 also met Anil Mehra, 1975-K(B) and family. We also
   Rishabh Mehrotra, 448-K ’87 was recently promoted to                          met several Cambrian Hall friends, Principals,
   President of SHPS, a $ 250 m Company focused on                               Families: The Doutres, Mainwarings and Tucks spread
   healthcare consumerism in the US. Prior to SHPS, Rishabh                      out over Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and
   was founder and CEO of Abilizer, a silicon-valley technology                  NZ..Perhaps, including relatives around 50-60 people
   start-up and a consultant with McKinsey & Co. Rishabh has                     from our days before!! What spectacular wildlife and
   an MBA from Harvard Business School and BSEE from Tufts                       scenery. I was out every single day and week-end
   University in Boston. He is married to Lopa and has two                       from sunsets to sunrises, bike rides and kayaking to
   daughters, Ariana and Ayala.                                                  tall ship cruises and snorkelling.. kangaroos,
                                                                                 echidnas, crocodiles, birds etc.. I have made many
   Jatin Bery, 233-K ’91 is moving to Ernst & Young (E&Y)
                                                                                 new friends, got very involved in all aspects of life in
   Corporate Finance in New Delhi from Langham Capital where
                                                                                 Adelaide and even played hockey for a team
   he headed the India Operations. Jatin can be contacted at
                                                                                 "Blackwood" women's team. Squash carries on.. I
                                                                                 attended music shows and concerts, theatre and much
   Shiranthini Hensman, 391-H ’73 [daughter of our former                        more.. I do miss my Dad a lot. I know he wished to see
   teacher and Housemaster of Kashmir (B), the late Viji                         Australia.. Well Noel and I carry him in our hearts.1
   Hensman] is currently in Canada. She wrote in on March 1,
                                                                                 Cheers Doscos.
   2006 to say:-
                                                                                 You can contact my mum and I at
       "Dear Doscos,
                                                                                 Box 2541, Smithers, BC, V0J 2N0 Canada
       I have recently returned from Adelaide, South Australia
       where I was on a one year teaching exchange from                          (250) 847-3914
       Canada. I am back now in Smithers, BC at (250) 847-
                                                                                 With all good wishes,
       3914 and teaching Year 6.
                                                                                 Shiranthini Hensman"
       I had the most amazing 13 months.. sightseeing, visiting
       old friends, family, enjoying the many wonders of

1. So do we Shiranthini. We were as much – his boys. By the time you read this, his birth anniversary on May 06 would have passed. I never
   forget his birthday – he was my Housemaster for four and a half years – Editor.

                                                    FOR THE RECORDS

MARRIAGES                                                                    Our heatiest congratulations to Aneet and Sanjeev (Bittu)
   Surya Sen, 483-T ’94 was married to Sanchita Sen on                       Kassal, 295-T’74 on the birth of their second daughter
   November 27, 2004. Our heartiest congratulations. His new                 'Zara', in Washington, on November 25, 2005.
   address is:- 46/1, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Jadavpur,                OBITUARIES
                                                                       •     Rafique Saigol (131-J, 1945 to 1947) expired on the 10th
   Our heartiest congratulations to Gaurav Agarwal, 560-K                    of December 2005 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our heartfelt
   ’94 who was married to Diksha on September 14, 2005 in                    condolences to the bereaved family.
   New Delhi.
                                                                       •     Shrivindu Mehta, 65-J ’74 expired in the early hours of
   Rahul Aggarwal, 138-K ’90 (Class Rep) married Rasika,                     February 23, 2006 (IST). ‘Shiv’ to all and ‘Bugsy’ to some,
   daughter of Udayaan Lall, 140-J ’67 on December 28, 2005                  succumbed to a massive heart attack while holidaying in
   in New Delhi. Our heartiest congratulations.                              Hawaii. Shiv leaves behind his wife – Apsara and their
BIRTHS                                                                       two daughters, Pavi (Pavitra – who just turned sixteen)
                                                                             and Avani (who is twelve and will turn thirteen in
   Surya Sen, 483-T ’94 and Sanchita were blessed with a
                                                                             September).     Apsara      can      be     contacted    at
   baby girl – ‘Sumedha’, on September 21, 2005. Our heartiest
                                                                    Our heartfelt condolences to
                                                                             Avani, Pavi, Apsara and all members of Shiv’s family.
   Our congratulations to Captain Roli Chauhan and Major
                                                                       •     Chandra Shekhar Singh, 666-K ’95, met with an accident
   Manoj Singh 349-H ’92 on the birth of their son Pradumn
                                                                             and expired on March 24, 2006. Our heartfelt condolences
   Singh Raghuvanshi. Incidentally, Manoj’s current address
                                                                             to the bereaved family. His family can be contacted at C/o
   is 5 Mtn Div Ord Unit, C/o 99 APO.
                                                                             Mr. R.B. Singh, Govind Niwas, Civil Lines, Sirmaur
   Our congratulations also to Gaurav Saklani, 472-K ’87 and                 Chauraha, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh-486001.
   his wife, Richa, who were recently blessed with twins,
                                                                       •     Our heartfelt condolences to the family members of Lt. Gen.
   Gayatri and Dev. Gaurav can be reached at
                                                                             Gurbir Mansingh, 70-T’46 who passed away on May 2,

                              SHRIVINDU (SHIV) MEHTA, 65-J(A), 1974
                              November 29, 1957 to February 23, 2006
                                  [By and from the Class of 1974]
 In the early hours of February 23, 2006 (IST), the Doon School            are concerned – it is not ‘good bye’ Shiv – but only ‘Au
 community in general and the Class of 1974 in particular                  revoir’ – for we will all certainly meet again in a happier and
 lost a gem of a DOSCO, a dear classmate and an invaluable                 more peaceful world.
 friend – Shrivindu (Shiv) Mehta, 65-J, 1974.
                                                                           IN GRIEF – THE CLASS OF 1974
 ‘Shiv’ to all and ‘Bugsy’ to some, succumbed to a massive
 heart attack while in Hawaii. It is so unfair that some of the
 best human beings are snatched away from us in their prime
 and much before their time. Shiv was one such human being
 – the best of the best. He brought so much of warmth, love,
 fun and laughter wherever he went that it is hard to imagine
 that this ray of sunshine incarnate is no more.

 Shiv has been in New York for many years and was currently
 heading ING’s asset allocations business. One of our Wall
 Street DOSCOS – Shiv was academically bright and had
 been a brilliant debater through School and thereafter. Shiv
 leaves behind his wife – Apsara and their two daughters,
 Pavi (Pavitra – who just turned sixteen) and Avani (who is
 twelve and will turn thirteen in September).                              ONE OF SHIV’S LAST PHOTOGRAPHS – TAKEN IN HAWAI
                                                                           DURING THAT FATEFUL HOLIDAY IN FEBRUARY, 2006
 Our heartfelt condolences to Avani, Pavi, Apsara and
                                                                           IN THE RED CONVERTIBLE HE HAD RENTED
 other members of Shiv’s family. Do join us in praying that
 Shiv’s soul finds eternal peace. As far as we (his friends)

                                     My Friend – SHIV ‘BUGSY’ MEHTA
                                        (29 November 1957 – 23 February 2006)
                                             [By Sanjiv Swarup – 298-H, 1974]

SHIV (Shrivindu) MEHTA, was a true friend. He always came               one, he took the opportunity to go to New York in 1992, to work
across as a epitome of decency – always, willing to listen to           for HSBC.
your viewpoint before giving his clear and objective opinion –
                                                                        It took Shiv about four months to adjust to the change in working
but only when and if asked for.
                                                                        environment but with APSARA by his side he converted his
He was a tremendous son to Prem and Kamla Mehta, two                    chance into a success, bringing in NRI accounts of almost $ 25
hard working people who came from West Punjab & Sindh, to               million – a lot of money in 1992-93, for INDIA, which was on the
start Delhi's BEST AUTO ACCIDENT WORKSHOP at                            verge of default.
SCINDHIA HOUSE which later went on to become PREMNATH
                                                                        From Hong Kong Bank, he joined other big names on Wall
MOTORS. Shiv did his parents proud by providing for them in
                                                                        Street like J.P. MORGAN, CREDIT SUISSE, FIRST BOSTON
their twilight years and looking after them like a true INDIAN
                                                                        and finally became the HEAD OF ASSET ALLOCATION at ING,
                                                                        A DUTCH FINANCIAL POWER HOUSE.
Shiv or ‘BUGSY’ was one of the sweetest guys, I have ever
                                                                        Shiv’s trust and implicit faith in me was only a small aspect of
come across. He loved the DOON SCHOOL, JAIPUR House,
                                                                        our friendship. The bigger aspect he leaves us to deal with is
his school friends, his College friends, his BAJAJ friends and
                                                                        the void his departure leaves behind. It is a black hole – that
his colleagues. In short, he loved all those whose lives touched
                                                                        stares us in the face – and yet within I see light – I see Shiv’s
his – and he loved life itself. I became his friend in Mr. U.C.
                                                                        face – his infectious smile – his sparkling eyes – and I hear his
Pandey’s English Class. He liked me and helped me with
                                                                        resonant, debating voice boom across this void, saying – I have
English Literature. Our living and bonding continued through
                                                                        not gone, my friend, I’m still there, with all of you – always.
our years at SRI RAM COLLEGE of Commerce, Delhi from
                                                                        That was SHIV – IS Shiv. He’s not dead – but resting. He’s not
which both of us graduaded with B’ COM (Hons) between 1975
                                                                        dead – for he still lives on – in our hearts – in our memories
and 1978.
                                                                        – forever.
We spent our carefree college days in each other’s company.
                                                                        We have lost SHIV at an inappropriate time in his career, when
I realized that SHIV made friends easily with everybody. He
                                                                        he was at his peak, traveling to INDIA (as recently as in
had a GANG of friends in Defence Colony (Def Col – the
                                                                        November 2005) with his VICE CHAIRMAN, RICK NELSON, to
watering hole for the young in our time). No one had a bad
                                                                        sell our great country as a better option than the People’s
word for him. He loved to joke but not at anyone’s expense.
                                                                        Republic of China.
SHIV went from Shri Ram to Bombay to do an MBA at BAJAJ.
                                                                        GOD, has been very cruel to SHIV’s family – APSARA, his
That is where he met APSARA, his wife. From there, it was only
                                                                        lovely, decent and courageous wife and his two wonderful
a hop-skip-and-a-jump to his becoming one of the WALL
                                                                        daughters PAVITRA & AVANI. May God give them the strength
STREET DOSCOS based in New York.
                                                                        to overcome this loss.
SHIV, was a guy who thought clearly. Realizing that his career
                                                                        APSARA, PAVI & AVANI we are all with you – always.
with HONG KONG BANK was a long but not a very profitable

                        CLASS OF ’74 NEWS - 'THE BOSTON BAMMI'
                                                  [By K.K. Lahiri, 30-K ’74]
 I managed to break Bammi's barrier of silence - stoically maintained over the
 better part of three decades - in 2004. Since then, I have remained in e-mail
 contact with Jawahar Raju Bammi, 286-KA, 1974, who has now been in Boston
 for a decade and a half.
 It was therefore, terrific to personally meet up with him and spend time over a
 fortnight between April 01 and 17, 2006 while I was visiting Cambridge,
 Massachusetts, U.S.A. Bammi really pulled out all stops and looked after us as
 if we were royalty. He did more than we can ever possibly do for him.
 To add to the gaiety (no pun intended) - our School Captain, Rajiv Sarin, 44-
 HB'74 made it a point to take a weekend off and fly down to Massachusetts
 from Washington to spend time with us. It was great fun.
 Bammi is the same as ever, cherubic - jovial and ever smiling. He fondly
 remembered his Kashimr-A friends (FATSURD) Manoranjan Dugal and
 Rajendra (Raju) Prasad, to whom he spoke over the telephone while I was there. He also fondly remembered his Stage Committee
 and Film Society friends, Raghu Nayyar, 287-JB'74 and Veenu Caprihan. 336-JB'74 aptly named 'fiddly' and 'farty' because of
 their penchant for 'fiddling and farting' with every piece of equipment the Film Society or the Stage Committee possessed.
 After school, Bammi went on to pursue his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at BITS, Pilani, after which he studied for his
 Masters, M. Phil and Ph. D. at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio. He also taught at AT&T Bell Labs in Columbus, Ohio for
 several semesters. He was, till three years ago, with Cadence, but left to start his own organization. An Engineer and IT genius, he
 remains in the IT business. Bammi's company specializes in providing security software for banks, financial institutions, etc. Bammi's
 organiztion is recruiting and growing rapidly. I was also tempted to join since he throws in a Cellphone and a Laptop as a part of the
 joining incentive. Inspite of his hectic schedule, Bammi finds time to teach once a week and pursue his passion for photography. He
 can be contacted at
                                                                   — —
                                               GURU VISITS OMAN
                                                 [By Deepak Atal, 130-J, ’68]

Mr Gurdial Singh visited Oman after the DSOBS Dubai Summit
and the old boys in Oman were fortunate to have an opportunity
to spend some time with him.
During his stay in Muscat, the old boys hosted a reception at
the Sheraton Oman Hotel on 20 th December where Guru
addressed a large gathering on the “Siachen Conflict”. Deepak
(Pongo) Atal introduced Guru and the Doon School to the
guests which included Indian, Pakistani, Italian, English and
Canadian expatriates who were interested in hearing about the
Himalayan exploits of Guru and the Siachen Glacier. Guru
informed those present about the political background to the
conflict in the region and its impact on the environment. The
presentation included some truly magnificent and rare slides of
the Siachen Glacier and of the Ladakh landscape. Guru’s memory
was as sharp as ever and he described each slide without any
                                                                                 ‘GURU’ addresses the Muscat audience.
                                                                        notes, naming and recognising each peak, valley and village
                                                                        and regaling the audience with details of various expeditions,
                                                                        and the exploits of the people who have made these mountains
                                                                        their own. At the end, Rajsekhar Singh (727-J, ’80) thanked
                                                                        Guru for yet another brilliant Geography lesson and presented
                                                                        him with a book “My Beautiful Oman” – a pictorial depiction of
                                                                        the enchanting landscapes of Oman – the vast mountain
                                                                        ranges, colourful deserts, lush oasis settlements and dramatic
                                                                        A dinner hosted by Deepak and Padmini Atal on 21st December
                                                                        was attended by a number of old boys and their wives as well as
                                                                        parents of old boys. As usual, the conversation with Guru centred
                                                                        on school memories relating to mid-terms and mountaineering
‘GURU’ at the dinner hosted by Padmini & Deepak (Big Pongo) Atal        expeditions; however, the talk eventually moved on to the more
L-R – Rajesh Singh (579-J ’80), Arjun Raha (180-T ’68), Arun Mehra      interesting topic of the merits and demerits of the various single
(120-K ’66), Guru, Deepak Atal (130-J ’68), Vikas Koshal (268-H ’70)    malts being imbibed by those present. The wives, quite aware of
and Rajsekhar Singh (727-J ’80).
                                               the lack of talent of their spouses, were
                                               thankfully spared renditions of school
                                               songs by the Old Boys.
                                               During his stay, Guru visited the ‘Grand
                                               Mosque’ (which houses a stunning 14-
                                               meter long Swarovski crystal chandelier
                                               illuminating a single, hand-made, Persian
                                               carpet consisting of 1,700 million knots. It
                                               is one of the largest hand woven carpets
                                               in the world, measuring about 77m x 66m,
                                               woven in several pieces and assembled
                                               on-site), the Al Bustan Palace Hotel
                                               (reputedly one of the finest hotels in the
                                               world) and other tourist sights of the
                                               beautiful capital, Muscat. Guru also
                                               enjoyed a day’s outing to an island off the
                                               coast of Oman with Arjun Raha and
                                               Rajsekhar Singh as his hosts. He was
                                               unable to venture into the desert and
                                               mountains of Oman – but has promised
                                               to return!! We look forward to his next
  ‘GURU’ visits the ‘Grand Mosque’             visit.                                          The 14-meter long, Swarovsky crystal
                                                                 — —
                                                                   — —                         chandelier at the Grand Mosque

    With compliments from the
    Oman Chapter of the DSOBS                                                     Deepak Atal, 130-J, ’68

                                       REUNION: THE BATCH OF 2001
                                                          [By Vir Mehta, 597-T]
                                                                                     I jest. Fine futures have been forged. Some promising ones, lost. Advice,
                                                                                     a mainstay of young professionals everywhere, seems here to flourish
                                                                                     unnaturally. It is given, received and cheerfully regurgitated (with careful
                                                                                     additions, of course). The weighty wisdom of some twenty-two years
                                                                                     backs this deluge of opinions, and is treated accordingly.
                                                                                     Seventeen of us have gathered here this night, seventeen members
                                                                                     of a band that will withstand the test of time and location, as we
                                                                                     remain today and forever ‘The Batch of 2001’. Some have kept in
                                                                                     touch, going to college together, others through infrequent emails and
                                                                                     chance meetings, kept abreast of the developments of each others
                                                                                     lives. Yet today we fill in the gaps, trading stories of the events that have
                                                                                     filled these past few years. Some ventured to the far reaches of the
                                                                                     globe, others took long road trips with friends; all fulfilling dreams, enjoying
                                                                                     the freedom to do so. We build a patchwork of a picture of our batch.
                                                                                     Piece by piece we discover a part of the whole story, as the absent
                                                                                     members are remembered and their locations shared and exchanged. A
                         CL ASS OF 2001                                              meeting halfway across the world, on a day trip to an unexpected city
                    GET-TOGETHER ON 27-12-2005                                       informs us of one, a blurb in the Weekly tells the tale of another. Those
                                                                                     that are present shout the never-forgotten cheers of “GO DOSCO!”
                                                                                     as we take pictures, commemorating the event. Smatterings of

   t is a cold December night, with a chill in the air and dense fog all
   around. My vision is clouded, the shapes around me indistinct, as if              inter-house rivalries flare up, only to be defused by the next cheer
   my brain is reluctant to bring the world into focus. A door looms up              of another house, of another cup won long ago.
ahead, defiant of the blur that surrounds me; I stand frozen before it,
unable to push my way in. I am strangely reluctant, though I know it is a
night for abandonment and rejoicing: it is my five year reunion.
I did not know what to expect from the upcoming evening, of friends
forgotten, classmates not seen or heard from. “Has it really been five
years?” my brain screams at me. It just doesn’t seem possible. In the
span of a lifetime, five years is but a speck of time. But for me, indeed for
all of us, five years represents a quarter of our young lives, and it is a
period of immense change, as we shape and plan our futures.
I retreat into my more comfortable denial, of mischief done a half-decade
back, seeming only yesterday. Yet here I stand outside, in a foggy
driveway, before a stubbornly clear door that beckons me in, five years
hence. I am frozen between the contradictions of the vast amount of time
it represents to my short life, and the immediacy of my memories that
defies that gap. I submit to the reality, that five full years have passed           "The Four Rogues of the Class of 2001" Anil Kamat (567-JB), Abhimanyu
since that fateful day in 2001, when I walked out beyond those imposing              Munjal (612-J), Rohaan Kapoor (488-JA) and Aditya Lall (538-HA)
gates that had sheltered me for over seven years, and had enclosed my                The evening fast approaches the enjoyable stage of the ‘three-drink-
home.                                                                                minimum’. Everyone seems to have complied, some more than others.
Reluctantly, I close the door behind me, which had, only a few short                 Warm, fraternal feelings hang thick in the air, a nearly palpable sensation
seconds before, served as my sole bulwark against the unknown, now                   of joy as the discomfort of early meetings dissolves into the relief of our
acts to cut short any thoughts of retreat. I peer forward, nervous of                discovery that while we are all changed, we remain the same. Yet the
the first encounter. The unmistakable sounds of Dosco’s reveling                     gathering remains incomplete; too many are missing, the current
in joyful reunion filter around the blind corner, down the corridor,                 of their lives carrying them to places beyond our reach. We miss
and into my fast warming heart. A solitary figure stands at the far                  them, from the moment of short disappointment when we walk in
corner, under the illumination of a single light, intent on a conversation           and note their absence, to the bitter-sweet farewell at the end
with his phone. He turns… his eyes light up; I see the quick reconciliation,         when we remember them with regret. Regret that they did not
the merging of the figure of a boy, etched five years ago into his mind’s            enjoy in this night of reunion, this vital renewal of commitment to
eye, with the image of (I hope) the young man that stands before him.                all things Dosco. But there will be other reunions, other
A smile splits his face.                                                             opportunities and occasions for catching-up with lost friends,
                                                                                     and disappearing acquaintances.
                                                                                     Till then all I can say is farewell. And keep in touch.
The phone forgotten, the quick calculations of the brain complete,
a long hug is exchanged. Ever so macho, but unashamedly glad.                        See you all next year!

It has been too long. Much too long.                                                 The reunion for the batch of 2001 was held on the night of December 27
Walking into the living room, my step light, my eyes eager, I stand for a            2005, at the house of Nitan Kapoor, 151-J '66 whose son Rohaan Kapoor,
moment gathering in the faces, duplicating the calculations I had so                 488-J '01 is the batch representative. Mr. Kapoor himself was present at
recently observed in another. Each one reminds me of a moment, of                    the gathering, joining in all the merriment and reminiscing, and kindly
anger, of laughter. I am late. Some would have remembered to expect                  taking all the pictures so that none of us would be excluded. The evening
that, in tribute to the days when such things were known of all those you            was a huge success, not only because of the impressive turnout of 17
lived with, you ate with, you played with. A chasm exists in the long                members from the Batch of 2001, but also due to the Rs. 20,000 that
history of our knowledge of each other. There was a time we were                     was raised for the DSOBS.
aware of all the annoying idiosyncrasies of our classmates. Now we                   Note to all classmates: A kitty has been started for our batch for future
remain wary, unsure of the breadth of that void, of the depth of change              reunions (hopefully to be held yearly). Anyone wishing to contribute
the short years would have wrought on us.                                            should contact Rohaan Kapoor at
With a loud cheer of recognition I am called into the room, greeting                 Those present at the reunion were: Aditya Lall, 538-H, Abhimanyu Munjal,
everyone, slapping backs and laughing. We stand together, sharing                    612-J, Parivesh Goel, 526-J, Anant Prasad, 556-H, Anil Kamat, 567-J,
in our past, and a present still being forged. Everyone describes a                  Ankur Jindal, 617-K, Cabir Maira, 572-J, Karam Thapar, 540-H, Karan
beginning, a new job, a move to a new city, country, continent. “I’m going           Sidhu, 582-H, Maneet Agarwaal, 83-O, Nishant Bachkeji, 541-H, Rohaan
to be working at a bank” seems to be a popular reply. Rejoice you fine               Kapoor, 488-J, Rohit Vats, 78-H, Sahil Kapur, 547-K, Samvit Chopra,
institutions of finance and money, while you still remain free of this group         93-H, Vinayak Raturi, 75-J, Vir Mehta, 597-T
of louts that I once knew. They shall infest you shortly.

                                                       [By Apurv Kumar, 638-J, ’79]
    The Doon School Old Boys Society's Rajasthan Chapter's meet was a grand success on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at Hotel
    Clarks Amer, Jaipur. The meet was hosted by Apurv Kumar, 638-J ’79 of the Rajasthan Chapter. All DSOBS members from 1936
    to 2000 were present, making the occasion a memorable and well attended one.
    Mr. R.D. Singh gave a very positive talk of his experiences on the Dubai trip with the DSOBS. Mr. Yogendra (Yogi) Durlabhji and
    Mr. Pramod Sharma, Principal Mayo College, Ajmer also shared their experiences in and emotions for the Doon School. Mr. N.N.
    Atal, 131-J ’36, the seniormost Old Boy present at the meet, gave a speech on his experience on the DSOBS, which was cherished
    by all. Maharaj Jai Singh, 127-J ’45 and Mr. Gajendra Singh, 89-J ’74 (Minister of Power, Government of Rajasthan) also graced
    the occasion.
    Mrs. Asha Bhargava, 269-K ’51, Dr. Avinash Bhishol, 215-H ’70, Mr. Udaijit Singh, 379-__’ 86, Mr. N.N. Atal, 131-J ’36, Mr. Ajai Atal,
    137-J ’60, Maharaj Jai Singh, 127-J ’45, Mr. Khem Singh, 742-H ’80, Mr. Bhadur Singh, 187-J ’54, Mrs. Nirmala Durlabhji, Mrs. Rani
    Govind Singh, Mr. Indrajit Singh, 807-H ’81, Th. Shivraj Singh, 25-H ’49, Mr. Dheeraj, 487-J ‘2000, Vibha Rana, Mr. Rajeeva
    Swarup, 6-H ’76, Mr. Manish Tiberwal, 551-H ’87, Mr. Sudhanshu Bhushan, 299-T ’74, Mr. Saumya Dev Singh, 266-H ’85, Mr.
    Sahdev Singh, 905-H ’82, Mr. Gajendra Singh, 89-J ’74 and Mr. S.D. Srivastav, 454-K ’74 were present and many attended with their
    better halves.
    The next meeting of the Rajasthan Chapter of the DSOBS was proposed to be held in March 2006 with Mr. Sudhanshu Bhushan,
    299-T ’74 volunteering to host the same.2

            L-R – Sanjay Singh, 25-K ’49 and N.N. Atal, 131-J ’36.            THE RAJASTHAN CHAPTER WITH THEIR BETTER HALVES

                          THE GATHERING OF THE DECADES – AT PUNE
                                                        [By Donny Singh, 878-T ’82]

    It was an evening of all age groups at Mr. Deep Narain’s              batches. Deep and his wife the gracious host and hostess,
    residence on February 6th, 2006. Since a number of Dosco’s            began the evening with drinks and appetizers. Sandeep, as
    were in Pune, a gathering was inevitable. The people present          usual, brought up the rear (at around 11:30 p.m), Most of the
    were                                                                  people present were from out of Pune. For instance, Donny
                                                                          had come from New Delhi and Sandeep had come from
    Deep Narain, 342-H ‘68
                                                                          Bangalore. As we were all in Pune, we decided to jumpstart
    Shivendra (Dicky) Singh, 261-T ‘69
                                                                          the Pune chapter and have gatherings more often.
    Rishiraj Singh, 338-T ‘74
    Sandeep Vij, 941-K ‘82                                                As usual, the evening included talks regarding school and how
    Donny Singh, 878-T ‘82                                                the scenario is today as compared to our respective times.
    Shiv Sapra, 408-J ‘99                                                 Since some of us were unable to attend the Executive
                                                                          Committee meeting which was to be held at New Delhi on the
    The evening started by 8:30 pm, when Deep began the
                                                                          17th of February, we discussed amongst ourselves as to what
    introductions as people did not know those from different

    Editor’s note – What happened at this meet, Sudhanshu? Do write in with news and photographs.

the minutes of the previous meeting were and some of us
also gave our valuable opinions as to a few things that ought
to be discussed at the EC Meeting.
The evening went into higher spirits once Sandeep and
Donny began sharing their various experiences both at school
as well as outside. Deep and his wife were excellent hosts.
Though there were people from all age groups (from the batch
of 68 to the batch of 99), but as usual it seemed like a gathering
of old friends. Once we were introduced to each other, age
and time held no barriers and the evening was thoroughly
enjoyed by one and all.                                                      L to R - Shiv Sapra, 08-J'99, Sandeep Vij, 941-K'92, Deep Narain, 342-H'68,
                             — —
                              — —                                            Dicky Singh, 261-T'69, Rishiraj Singh, 338-T'74 and Donny Singh, 878-T'82

                                  GOLDEN JUBILEE - BATCH OF 1955
                                                    [By Ashok Mehta - 295-H]
It was difficult to believe that we had left school 50 years ago. It        the 50’s & 60’s. The Dancers could not hold back and the revelry
felt as if it was only the other day. A record twenty eight of our          continued late into the night. Instead of listing all those of our
batch and seventeen spouses converged in Dehra Dun from                     class and their spouses who attended – I will let the photographs
October 21st to 23rd, 2005 to celebrate our Golden Jubilee and              and captions speak for themselves.
participate in the School’s Founder’s Day celebrations. Some of             Thank you everyone for making our Golden Jubilee Get Together
us were meeting for the first time since leaving school and came            so joyous and happy. A special “Thank you” to Headmaster,
from all over the country - Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi                Kanti Bajpai for taking such good care of us and to everyone who
and Raipur – in addition to the Dehra Dunwallah’s. It was fantastic.        helped to make this celebration so successful. After three days of
Sadly, nine of us (Anil Gupta (54-H), Ashok Atal (246-T), Badan             nostalgia, bonding and companionship, we undertook to meet
Singh (128-T), Hardyal Singh (191-K), Henry Khadimali (211-                 again in Dehra Dun for the “Platinum”Jubillee - 2015, Here We
H), Keshab Chowdhury (144-K), Mohanbir Bedi (109-K)                         Come!
Premendra Maliah (64-J) Sidhartha Sen (237-K). have moved
on to greener pastures. We missed them and our thoughts went
out to their families.
We certainly had a hectic schedule. The celebrations kicked off
with lunch at the elegant new home of Neelam and Moni Ghai at
Pleasant Valley in Rajpur on Friday, October 21st. This was
followed the same evening by a dinner hosted by the Headmaster,
Mr. Kanti Bajpai at his home in Chandbagh.
On Saturday, Oct. 22nd, we were invited by the Headmaster and
his wife Roberta King to the Founder’s Day Lunch at the
Triangular Park opposite the HM’s residence. Needless to say,
throughout our stay, we strolled around the School reviving old
memories, participating in the numerous activities that the School
puts together and meeting old friends. How little has really                Ten from "Jaipur" - L to R : Yeshwant Bhide, Pushpendra Maliah, Anil Puri,
changed and all of us firmly believed that School is as good as             Ashok Kochar, Pritam Singh, Kamaljit Chaudhri, Pronobendra Deb, Narinder
ever. Some of us have had no contact with the School since we               Kandhari and Narsingh Bahadur (Missing) Rajendra Khosla
left. Others have been more frequent visitors having had children
and grandchildren studying there.
The finale of our celebrations was the Saturday evening bash at
Mohini and Pushpendra Maliah’s lovely home on Rajpur Road.
We were indeed fortunate that Head Masters Gulab
Ramchandani, Shomi Das and Kanti Bajpai joined us. It was
amazing to be able to meet our masters ; Mr. Gurdial Singh, Mr.
Hari Dutt Bhatt, Mr. Sheel Vohra and Mr. S. D. Singh. Thank you
for making the effort to attend the party which made our
celebrations even more worthwhile.
The evening commenced with the gathering standing in silence
to honour the memory of our departed classmates. Then, as can
be imagined, the party got underway and was soon in full swing
with excellent liquid refreshments, sumptuous dinner and
entertainment by a brilliant Jazz Band which played music from                                       Dancing on the Lawns

With the Compliments of
                        THE GOLDEN JUBILEE BATCH OF 1955
                    WE NOW LOOK FORWARD TO "PLATINUM – 2015"

                                                                     'THE GOLDEN GIRLS'
                                      Back Row (L to R) - Usha Ahuja, Ila Singh, Ammu Puri, Vyjayanti Bhide, Mano Singh
                            Middle Row (L to R) - Anjali Hari, Pat Yadav, Ruth Mehta, Hanne Goyal, Neelam Ghai and Geeta Bahadur
                            Front Row (L to R) - Asha Chaudhri, Geeta Khosla, Heather Singh, Mohini Maliah, Mary and Saroop Malik
                                                      Not in Photograph - Neela Reddy and Shubh Chopra

                                                              BATCH OF 1955 - 'THE GOLDEN MEN'
Back Row (L to R) - Jagadish Reddy (199-K), Shivdevinder Siongh (96-T), Kamaljit Chaudhri (48-J), Narsingh Bahadur (25-J), Yeshwatn Bhide (132-J) Narinder
                                               Kandhari (121-J), Ashok Mehta (295-H) and Manmohan Ghai (262-K)
 Middle Row (L to R) - Behman Daver (220-H), Homi Parakh (205-H) Ashok Kochhar (266-J) Probhash Chawla (290-T), Pushpendra Maliah (63-J), Vijay Kohli
                                                      (175-T), Ajay Malik (259-K), Pronobendra Deb (119-J)
 Sitting (L to R)) Satyajit Majithia (202-K), Shiv Goyal (301-H), Jagatjit Jaiswal (147-H), Pritam Singh (229-J), Arun Hari (251-K), Baljit Malik (73-K), Srikrishan
                                                   Ahuja (177-K), Anil Puri (180-J) and Rajendra Khosla (318-J)
                                  Not in Photograph - Rajivranjan Chopra (221-K), Jaivir Singh (248-T) Om Prakash Yadav (III-K)

                                                    NEWS OF THE ’62 BATCH
                                                    [By Darshan Singh, 90-T, Class Rep]
On Sunday, 12th February 06, the ’62 Batch held a Get-together in                      Nirmal Gaur, 281-H, starts his day in the office in Noida at 7.00 a.m. He
Delhi, hosted by 3 or 4 persons from the Batch. To enhance the fellowship,             arrived to a lazy Sunday at 11.00 a.m., still one and half-hours ahead of all
this time invitations were extended to all possible in the ’61 and ’63 Batches.        the others.
It was a wonderful Get-together. 11 Old Boys from the ’61 Batch, 16 Old                Hardev Singh Akoi, 127T, and his Dosco sons have restored an old
Boys from the ’63 Batch, 24 from the ’62 Batch and one Old Girl [Amita                 Jaguar and we do hope they drive to the next Get-together in it; And, they
Moudgill, nee Kapur] most of whom came with their spouses. Board                       all shunt between farms in the Doon and the Aravalis with occasional halts
Members, former Board Members, President DSOBS, Past Presidents                        at Laksar.
and Masters who taught the Batches were invited. We had the pleasure
                                                                                       Arvinder Singh Hora, 210-J, has retired and lives in Kanpur. He is willing
of Harpal Singh, Kanwar Prem Lal and two Staff Members, Padmashri
                                                                                       to render liaison and support to Doscos in the Kanpur area.
Hari Dang and Sheel Vohra.
                                                                                       Nani Javeri, 337-K, recently received an Award from Kamal Nath [366-H]
Six Bagpipers and a Band that played music from the ‘50s and ‘60s
                                                                                       for great successes as CEO of Birla Sun Life Insurance.
alternated to ensure joie de vivre. By the end of the day, thanks to
Bacchus, there was great bon homie all along. The lunch function went on               Harish Jain, 367-H, is the ‘Brick’ that every Batch should have to ensure
for some till 7.00 p.m. So far, the feedback from all those that attended is           strong foundations.
positive, and so we hope to put together a repeat performance next year.               Sanjiv Lal, 340-H, works as hard as a bee, silently but effectively, to
This success has emboldened us so much that there is talk of inviting the              ensure, among other things, the success of such Get-togethers, in which
’61, ‘62 and ’63 Batches of Welham Girls with their spouses! (Ms Jyotsna               the efforts of Haru Jain and Nimbu Gaur are the ‘team work’.
Brar, the Principal, will hopefully not object to such a ‘Social’.)                    Charanpal S. Mann, 002-T, is still trying to return to India from Bangkok.
Tara Gobinder Singh, Aditi Basu and Tutu Darshan Singh added to the                    Reliable information indicates that each time he threatens to leave, the
flavour through a spontaneous quarter-hour of hectic dance steps, varying              owners double his salary!!
from the Greek Topkapi ‘Zorba’ to the Scottish Sword Dance. The weak                   Amita Moudgill (nee Kapur), 263-J, has now shifted to Gurgaon and is
area was the amateur attempts at photography; nevertheless, some                       a most welcome regular at our Get-togethers, along with her husband,
photographs were taken to record the event. They accompany this write                  Rajan.
                                                                                       Rupi Mukherji, 342-H, has now the option of riding either a new or an old
The ‘locale’ sported some old cars, which were driven by Rati Puri, Indrave            Harley Davidson motorcycle. What a good life!
Mann and a few others while a 1943 Harley Davidson was ridden by a duo
of Indian Braves, Rupendra Mukherji and Prabir Basu. All this added to                 Dayalan Rajes, 093-T, is busy farming at Yercaud and is also busy with
the colour and ambience of this occasion.                                              wife Hema, who is the Chairperson of Inner Wheel 298, which Dr. J.
                                                                                       Jayalalithaa has also graced.
I will not go into more details as Gautam Vohra has promised to write in his
inimitable style on this Get-together3. So, at this stage, I will switch to            Udayan Sen, 079-H, is a successful Cardiologist in Kolkata. He has
some news on a few of those in the ’62 Batch.                                          unfortunately strained his lower back and we wish him a speedy recovery.
Ashoke Aggrwal, 073-H, is still learning to swim in the ocean of the ‘Who-             Kabir Seth, 199-J, continues to be a successful actor on the stage in
is-Who’ of Mumbai. If he can (swim) complete a “Length”, he will be going              Kolkata. He is as “true as (TATA) steel” though he never went to Tata
great places himself, particularly as he has no shortage of goodwill.                  House.
Prabir Basu, 138-T, and his wife Aditi are doing a great job at Welham                 Vijay K. Srivastava, 174-J, got inspired and now plans to restore an old
Boys’ School. It did not take too much persuasion to convince Prabir that              and valuable Lincoln. Recently, he was seen in the company of the
after tax-free salaries at the United Nations, the time had come to give               Countess Albina of Monaco.
something back to society. He agreed and Welham Boys’ School, also his                 Lt Gen Deepak Summanwar, 160-K, is doing “some” important work for
alma mater, is all the better for it.                                                  the Army.(Sssh!) His unbounded friendliness is infectious.
Gautam Berry, 170-H, has discovered that long journeys and weddings                    Gogi Sandhu, 305-K, often emails some thought-provoking messages.
do mix.                                                                                Here is the latest:-
Anand Bhatia, 070-T, is back in circulation. In spite of some reluctance,                 “Don't delete this because it looks wierd. Believe it or not, you can
he had to be torn away from the Golf Course and all the others in the ’62                 read it.
Batch were delighted to have his company. We hope to see more of him                      I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.
in the future.                                                                            The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a
Lt Gen T.P.S. [Tippy] Brar, 231-J, the ever-smiling and brave General                     rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer inwaht oredr
still goes out of his way to attend all ’62 Batch Get-togethers.                          the ltteers in a word are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and
Daleep Singh, 224-H, has 100% attendance and comes whether it is                          lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you
from Kota or London. He could be taken on as a Consultant by the ’61                      can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid
Batch.                                                                                    deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig
                                                                                          huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt!
Mike Dalvi, 370-T, has made it clear that he would be a happier person if
he could also be a contributor to the funding and logistics of these Get-              WOW …….!!!!!!”
togethers. Next time, it could be his chance!                                          More in future. The latest details on the ’62 Batch have also been circulated
Gandaditya Sinhji Gondal, 252-H, now has a home in Delhi also. He                      through mail to DSOBS.
promises Royal Hospitality at : 33, Anand Lok.                                          — —
                                                                                       — —

    This write up by Gautam captioned ‘Tall Tales & other misadventures’ follows – Editor.

    With Compliments from :
                                                    Darshan Singh
                                            90-T, CLASS REP - BATCH OF 1962

                                  '61 Batch                                                             '62 Batch

                                  "63 Batch                                                      Some of the better halves

L to R- Mr. Amitava Bose, Mr. Nirmal Gaur, Mrs. Darshan Singh with Mr. Darshan        Rupendra Mukherjee on his 1943 Harley Davidson
Singh standing behind, Mr. Harish Jain, Mrs. Urmi Lanba and Mike Dalvi

                             Some of the Ladies                                                     More of the Ladies

                            TALL TALES & OTHER MISADVENTURES
                                         (By Gautam Vohra, 154 H, Class Rep ’63)

Who tells the best stories at Dosco get-togethers? The sober                Film Festival. As for the Class of 61, this was apparently their
ones, you would expect. Except they often provide re-runs of the            first major gathering in a long while.
‘same old ones’. In our class the wives steal the show. As was
                                                                            From time to time our classmates settled in the US have visited
the case during the party hosted by Anu Kohli at the Golf Club.
                                                                            us : Vijay Singhal, Vijay Sehgal, Unni Nair, Harijivan Singh
Vijay, prior to her diplomatic assignment in Spain, was the                 Malik. This time round we were able to meet up with Harsh
second in command at our Embassy in Kabul. To enable                        Vardhan, his wife and son. While returning from their family
Afghanistan to recover from its war ravaged state, various                  home in Patna, they stopped in Delhi and we caught up with
governments are providing assistance to it. But the aid does                Harsh’s life as a tenured professor in Purdue University. He
not always reach its destination; or very little of it does for             has given up Engineering and teaches Science. Before
middlemen of various hues siphon off a major portion of it.                 accepting the academic life, he did a stint with NASA. His wife
                                                                            teaches at a Montessory School (the Italian and American
To check this trend Vijay decided to deal directly with the ‘parties
                                                                            methods). Ajay, Sumanjit and Harsh posed for a special
concerned’. She established links with them so the buses
                                                                            photograph with one space left for Navzar Taraporewala (living
reached the recipients without any intervening agency’s ‘help’;
                                                                            in Singapore), as this was the their mid-term gang that tromped
the medical equipment got to the hospitals, the food packages
                                                                            all over the hills during the four day adventure break.
to the needy…. And so on. Hence India has now been
recognized as Afghanistan’s major donor, second only to the                 Shortly, the photo albums were pulled out, and there we all
United States.                                                              were in the play “Tiger at the Gates” adopting various poses for
                                                                            the camera, including Navin Patnaik, our Chief Minister of
Another heartening story was related by Mike Dalvi, at
                                                                            Orissa, who I bumped into at the Oberoi foyer, where I had
another venue : the Class of 61, 62, 63 bash. It was hosted
                                                                            gone to attend a St. Stephen’s lunch and he assured me he
by Darshan Singh, Harish Jain, Nirmal Gaur and Johnny Lal
                                                                            would join us at the next get- together of the Class of 63.
with a pop group singing our favourite numbers — Ashok Sapra
displayed his talents with the drums— and an army band that                 In fact, the Dosco-St. Stephen’s connection is a strong one : in
played the pipes even as it weaved its way through the                      the Class of ’67 do of St. Stephen’s I met the sister of Basant
assembled throng. To enable the wild pheasant population to                 Sharma, who along with Chandu, was part of our mid-term
increase, Mike has been paying the villagers living around his              gang. She is married to a Stephenian in the police force and
farm to collect pheasant eggs and give them to him. They are                we reminisced about Basant, his thespian abilities and his
hatched and only when the young ones are able to take care of               desire to break into the Bollywood scene, which several
themselves, are they released into the forest. In this way, the             Stephenians have done successfully.
number of Kaleej, Monal and other junglee murgis have
                                                                            From Bollywood to the private sector with Raghunath Rajwade,
multiplied. I am on my way to Mike’s place to check this out.
                                                                            my room-mate during my last term in School. He has served in
From saving the fowl to saving human lives — Doscos are                     the private sector and his observation was that hardly any
involved. At a function to combat AIDS, to which us NGOs were               Dosco family-owned business had prospered. They had
invited, President Clinton praised the role played by Ranbaxy               bifurcated and their performance was anything but remarkable.
and other companies for making cheap drugs available. His                   The only one to have done well is Eicher; Vikram Lal is also a
speech was followed by lively presentations by Harpal Singh                 strong supporter of NGOs. Shomie Das , who joined our table
and Shekhar Bajaj and two honorary Doscos, Kapil Sibal and                  at the India International Centre, said he was setting up a school
Yaqub Quraishi, our classmates in St. Stephen’s. But there                  for the poor, supported by Eicher, that used computers as a
was a less edifying tale : Harpal informed us around the table              major tool of learning and suggested that the DRAG school in
about the data that had been collected on female foeticide.                 Mohan Garden be part of the process. Well, we can’t really, for
The illiterate and superstitious were not in the forefront of this          the simple reason that the electricity supply in this corner of
malpractise; far too often educated women are involved.                     West Delhi is uncertain, and will continue to remain so in the
                                                                            foreseeable future.
Even as we wondered at the dilemma this created, Amitava
Bose joined the party. He had travelled from Calcutta to                    Raghu, whose tennis exploits are constantly being referred to
participate in the combined bash. He expressed his sadness                  in the Gymkhana Club newsletter, however, did not mention
at Siddharth’s untimely death and recalled the last time the                that in the health care sector, the Dosco industrial brigade is
three of us had wandered the forest adjacent to our river camp              doing well. And new entrepreneurs have emerged in the print
during the fortieth anniversary of the class.                               and electronic media. In the small-scale sector too there have
                                                                            been successful Doscos. At a get-together in Mumbai, school
They were happy to hear about his daughter Madhvi who I met
                                                                            swimming champ Sanjiv Mukherjee, spoke of the six garment
recently at the 125th anniversary of St .Stephen’s where she is
                                                                            export factories, set up by Ravi Katari, in and around Chennai
teaching Physics .The younger daughter Ketaki is a keen potter.
                                                                            that were doing roaring business. And how could I forget Ajoy
For the combined bash, Anil Aggarwal came from Mumbai. He                   Bhandare, with whom I went sailing down the Serpentine and
leaves for Agra to buy another hotel there. But Ganaditya Sinhji            listened to the speakers at Hyde Park on countless Sundays.
(Ganu) has shifted to Delhi from the commercial capital for                 He has set up a number of contact lens / eye clinics in
good, like I did over a decade ago. He said he had purchased                Maharashtra and was in Delhi recently to open one here.
a house in south Delhi and on his birthday in March he would
                                                                            The winter months meant a number of Dosco weddings : the
have his house warming party to which all of us were invited. I
                                                                            more recent ones were that of Harish Nayar’s son and those of
remarked that I too was March born, to which his perceptive
                                                                            the daughters of Anu Kohli and Sheel Sharma. It was at
comment : all great men….. You got it right first time.
                                                                            Yashdev Inder Singh’s son’s marriage that I was reminded of
All in all 25 of us from the Class of 63, wives included, attended          the ferocious boxing bouts between Woody and Khalid Ali
the combined party. The best turnout, not surprisingly, was                 Baig who too was in attendance. The other hard - hitter was
that of the Class of 62, though Gautam Berry was not present;               Inderjit Jhala: the sound of their punches would reverberate
I last met him at a Chinese feature film shown during the Asian             across the open - air theatre.

These were massive ‘ slug fests’, the opponents evenly                           season, the others were little more than side- shows, however
matched, and each giving as good as he got. During the inter-                    unfair that sounds. For here we confronted fighters with a heart:
house boxing competition, whenever Woody faced Jhala, or                         fearless, tough, relentless. Later, I was to view the movies
the latter took up his stance against Khalid, absolute silence                   Raging Bull, and thereafter, the Rocky series. And I would say
would envelope the spectators. For this was the match of the                     to myself, I’ve seen better.

Bhartendra Baswan, Amitava Bose, Priya Sen and Sheel Sharma. In the                         Gautam Vohra, Raman Virmani and Sumanjit Chaudhry
background, Ashok Bajaj (Guttu)

The Generals - Tipi and Deepak, outflanked by Rati and Raman: Filling the                                Pramila, Anu, Mini and Vijay
Dosco Record form at the Class of '61, '62, '63 get-together.

               The three lions: Harpal, Haripal and Darshan                        Promod Mehra with Hardev Singh (Glogi) on his right and Johnny Lal on his

  With the Compliments of :
                                               MOIN QURESHI
                                                                467-K, 1975
           DOON vs SANAWAR - Old Boys Cricket held on December 3,2005
                              [By Donny Singh, 878-T ‘82 & Nalin Khanna, 563-H ’80]

Sometimes matches are won before they actually start. The                 Nischay (2 for 13) and Gaur (1 for 7) opened the bowling.
annual Doon vs Sanawar Old Boys cricket turned out to be                  They were right on the spot and gave nothing away. With the
one such event. In a practice game, Vipin Malhotra hit the                quick fall of wickets, the Sanawarians found themselves under
strike bowler of Sanawar for four 4’s and a six. As part of the           severe pressure. Vinit Khanna, coming in all the way from
opening ceremony the DSOBS President (Anoop Bishnoi) sent                 Philadelphia, fielded ala Jonty Rhodes. Donny came on first
the stumps of the Old Sanawarian Society President (Omar                  change and had a haul of 7 for 19. Vij was simply brilliant
Abdullah) cart wheeling with an off-spin that would have done             behind the stumps, effecting 3 stumpings. Shobit put in a steady
Harbhajan proud. It appeared that the captains of the two                 spell and Medi also chipped in with 1 for 6. Finally, the
DSOBS teams (Donny Singh & Nalin Khanna) took a cue                       Sanawarians were bowled out for 69 in the 18th over, giving
from Anoop’s bowling and between them accounted for 13                    us a comprehensive victory.
Sanawarian wickets at a cost of 34 runs.
                                                                          Match Summary
Match I - DSOBS ‘A’ vs SANAWAR ‘A’
                                                                          DSOBS “B” 283 FOR 6 - Raghav 105, Donny 49, Pepe 27
Arun Khanna won the toss and shrewdly put Sanawar in to
                                                                          Sanawar “B” 69 all out - Vinayak 12, Sandeep 11, Donny 7 for
bat. Asheet Lanba struck in the opening over getting Kim
                                                                          19, Nischay 2 for 13, Sanjay Mediratta 1 for 6, Gaur 1 for 7
Sinha LBW and had the batsmen hopping with balls rearing
like bucking broncos from a length on a placid wicket. Mohit              Thanks to the efforts of Asheet Lanba and the Malhotra clan
Bawa supported him ably and only 28 runs came off the first 9             (Vipin and Vikram), the event was well funded by ABN Amro
overs. Manas and Sahil Vohra (who flew in from Bangalore)                 and DAKS. The next major cricket event was the DSOBS Inter
swung the ball like yo-yo’s. Manas took 3 wickets for 34 - of             House on Feb 25, 2006. That report follows in this issue.4
particular note was a brilliant leg side stumping by Shashi Vaish
off a wide delivery. Ambuj and Nalin kept the batsmen on a                                                  — —
                                                                                                           — —
tight leash. Asheet Lanba led the fielding effort with a brilliant
one handed diving catch. As if taking a cue from Asheet –
Dhruv Rathore (coming specially from Mumbai) made difficult
catches look easy on 2 occasions. Inspired ground fielding by
Arun Khanna and Pranav Sahai ensured that the Sanawarians
got only 6 boundaries. Nalin was a chief beneficiary of this
effort and his 6 wicket haul off 15 runs ensured that the Sanawar
team scored only 136 runs.
The DSOBS reply was swift and sharp. Dhruv Rathore fell
early after 2 Inzimam type hits to the fence but Johnny Singh
and Arun Khanna made the game look as if they were playing
on Ground No.4. Johnny’s 48 off 43 deliveries and Arun’s 44
off 39 deliveries ensured that the game was over in the 16th
over (before Mohit Bawa or Ambuj could finish their beer).
Pranav sat outside, with his pads on, demanding a stronger
opposition the next time.
                                                                           The Start
Match summary                                                              Omar Abdullah facing Anoop Bishnoi, Gautam Chadha ready behind the wickets
                                                                           with Donny, Vipin, Shashi & Indushekhar waiting for the bat-pad catch.
Sanawar ‘A’ 136 all out - Rohit Roy 33, Manpreet 31. Nalin
Khanna 6 for 15, Manas Aggarwal 3 for 34, Asheet Lanba 2 for
DSOBS ‘A’ 137 for 2 - Johnny Singh 48 n.o, Arun Khanna 44 n.o
Match II - DSOBS “B” vs SANAWAR “B”
Donny won the toss and elected to bat first. Vipin Malhotra
(who is in rousing form, scored 16 of 21 balls) and Pepe Dugal
(27 of 20 balls) opened the proceeding with a run rate of 8 per
over. Unfortunately, Vipin had to retire hurt, going for a cheeky
single (Imagine the swiftness !!!). Uday Bawa came in and
scored at run a ball (17 of 15 balls). Donny (49 off 34 balls) and
Raghav Mallik (105 off 48) put together a good partnership for
the 4th wicket, laying the foundation for a formidable score.
Raghav went ballistic with 16 boundaries and 4 sixes. Sandeep
Vij (all the way from Pune), Indushekhar, Vivek Seth, Sanjay
Mediratta and Jayant Gaur, all chipped in with useful
contributions, to get us to 283 in the allotted 30 overs.
The task of chasing this mammoth score proved beyond the
                                                                               The Execution
                                                                               DSOBS President, Anoop Bishnoi bowls to Sanawar President, Omar

    5th DSOBS Inter-House Cricket - pages 35 & 36 of this issue.
                                                                               March 29, 2006
                                                                               Dear Members,

                                                                                            Sub: Nomination of Vice President
                                                                               As resolved at our 65th Annual General Meeting on October
                                                                               17, 2004, I hereby announce the vacancy – for the post of
                                                                               the Vice President of the Society – that is going to arise in
                                                                               October, 2006, when, as per the convention laid down, I
                                                                               shall be handing over the charge of President to the
                                                                               present Vice President.
                                                                               As per the Resolution proposed by Mr. Baljit Singh Malik
                                                                               (73-K ’55) and duly seconded by Brig. B.N. Singh (76-T
                                                                               ’54) – based on the recommendations of the “Selection
The Aftermath                                                                  Committee”, and passed by the House unanimously at
Anoop being congratulated for bowling out Omar Abdullah                        the last AGM –the following guidelines were proposed:
                                                                               Approximately 6 months before the vacancy arises for the
                                                                               post of Vice President, the President will seek nominations
                                                                               from the DSOBS fraternity through the Rose Bowl & the
                                                                               Website plus the Executive Committee members. The key
                                                                               parameters to be borne in mind for the nomination of the
                                                                               Vice President are:
                                                                               a) He should have commitment to the objectives of the
                                                                               b) be able to devote time to its functions;
                                                                               c) have a good standing in Society;
                                                                               d) reached a certain level of achievement in his
                                                                                  profession; and
                                                                               e) Membership of the (present / past) Executive Committee
                                                                                  of the Society would be desirable, though not
                                                                               Once the nominations for the post of Vice President are
Some from the DSBOS teams with DSOBS President and Vice President              received by the President, he would convene a Meeting
                                                                               of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee
                                                                               would then deliberate on the nominations received by the
                                                                               President and then, based on convention of consensus
                                                                               by majority, select one name for approval at the Annual
                                                                               General Meeting. However, in case of a divided House,
                                                                               the Executive Committee would present up to 5 names at
                                                                               the AGM for the House to make a selection.
                                                                               In light of the foregoing, I would like to invite Nominations
                                                                               from the DSOBS fraternity for the said post.
                                                                               These Nominations should be sent in writing, latest by
                                                                               June 30, 2006, to the DSOBS Secretariat:

                                                                                            The Doon School Old Boys’ Society
                                                                                          1007 Bhikaiji Cama Bhawan, 10th Floor
                                                                                        Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi–110 066
                                                                               The Nominations should include brief profiles of the
                                                                               candidates concerned, and the envelopes should be
                         DSOBS Teams 'A' & 'B'                                 super scribed: “Nomination for Vice President”.

                                                                                                                           Anoop Singh Bishnoi
                                                                                                                               President, DSOBS

   With Compliments of :                   GLOBUS AGRONICS LTD.
                                                          Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Ethyl Alcohol & Allied Products
   Corporate Office : C-631, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110 065           Works : Village Shyampur, Tehsil Behror, Distt. Alwar, Rajasthan
   Ph : +91-11-26822805, Fax : +91-11-26839016, e-mail :        Telefax : (01494) 220141, 230906, 220460

                                              CHANDBAGH VISIT
                                            [By Aminuddin Khan, 22-K ’48]
I spent the morning of 13th November 2005 at Chandbagh, having returned after a lapse of thirty years. I don’t know whether
I have unwittingly set some sort of school record for posterity, but what an emotional and thoroughly enthralling experience it
proved to be! First, the entry itself, through the Hyderabad Gate (?) which, for me, was the materialization of a proposal we
used to talk about at DSOB dinners in Saam Chinoy (205-J’s) house in Tarbund, years ago. Next, being asked by Security to
enter my name in a register maintained at the imperious gate. My hand shook perceptibly. This is the closest you have come
to signing the Honours Book, I reminded myself. Do it manfully. And then began my dream-walk round the estate. Fortunately,
I had Khalid Baig (86-H) with me as guide.

Khalid took me past the Science Labs, Mr Khastgir’s house, the Art School, and the Headmaster’s residence to the spanking
multi-purpose hall with its marvelous facilities. Behind it lay basketball courts and the superb structure of the new Foot House.
A cricket match was in progress on the main field between the School and a team from its clone, the Chandbagh School in
Lahore. Outside the Radha Mehta pavilion I met the Headmaster, Professor Kanti Bajpai, not for the first time. He had visited
Hyderabad some years ago. I was introduced to Mr Shiel Vohra, the enigmatic “Bond” for hundreds of DSOBs. I was also
introduced to the masters and boys from Pakistan. How many of them are descended from old friends of the 1940s, I
wondered. What a bonus this is.

I stepped into Kashmir House with utmost reverence, Khalid and Arijit Banerji (196-K) with me, the latter now settled in Dehra
Dun and a regular visitor to Chandbagh. I first peeped into the Common Room and what remains of the Dining Hall, half of it
transformed into a dorm. I looked at the Notice Boards. No more hand written stuff I noticed. They are using computers now.
(I recalled the time when Saroj Mehera, 122-K was Secretary of the House Committee and how I invariably gaped at the
perfection of his hand written minutes when they appeared on that board.) Then I went straight to the room in which I had spent
my first term in 1943. It is just as it used to be. But the wooden cots have gone, to be replaced by steel beds. The bathrooms
are swankier, and the hot water boiler a much larger unit than it had been in the war years of 1939-45. Behind Kashmir House
the panorama changed altogether - an array of courts for tennis and basketball, a spanking new swimming pool, squash
courts, and the charming Oberoi House, sitting at the end of lower Skinners, where the cricket nets were sited in the old days.

On the way back I realized that the subordinate staff quarters had all gone, but a large dining hall had arisen in the middle of
the estate, the amaltas trees still grew beside the old tennis courts, and the ivy-covered school building was as stately as ever.
The new Music School is a joy to behold and the Martyn House block that has come into being where ‘Chestnuts’ once stood
is a real beauty. But for me, the big reward was the School Library. What a lot of love must have gone into making it what it is
today. I walked round in wonder and immense pride. One day, I hope, my novels will also find a place on those shelves.

The Chandbagh estate is more than eye-filling. The trees have grown, and the bajri still makes a crunchy sound beneath
one’s feet. How well kempt and sparkling everything looks. Through the courtesy of friends and the ROSEBOWL, I had kept
up to date with the improvements that were taking place at the Doon School, but there was always a doubt at the back of my
mind. How were they going to find place for all the wonderful things they intended to do? How would they find room for all the
extra boys they were taking in? Now I know. It has all fitted in very neatly, like a jigsaw puzzle falling into place.

Many lovely memories came back. But much more important, I was suddenly aware that I was actually witnessing evolution
in the making -over 500 students, a large team of teachers - some of them women - new buildings, new facilities, a new mood,
new ideas, a healthy pulse. There is tremendous potential here, I thought. This place is poised for even more progress. This
is surely one of the centres of excellence in the world where the future is developing inexorably all the time. It is a rare
privilege to belong to such a family.

I came to the Doon School straight from Welham Preparatory School, just short of my eleventh birthday. I left after the
cataclysm of Partition in 1947. Today, I am almost 74. Fifty eight years have passed. My visit was akin to a refresher course.
I felt vitalized, in body and mind. Once again I sensed the ‘glory and wonder’ of my school days. I delight in the fact that
Chandbagh still has so much to offer the young.

        AT 11.00 A.M. ON SUNDAY THE 23rd OCTOBER 2005.
PRESENT : The President - Mr. Anoop Bishnoi, Mr. Mahesh Sahai - Chartered Accountant, Dr. Kanti Bajpai - Head Master, the
              Executive Secretary and 127 Members including various Executive Committee Members.
The Meeting was called to order.
I. The President welcomed all Members present to the 66th AGM of the DSOBS. He informed the General Body that the President’s
report has been circulated in advance to all Members, which would give them an idea of what the Society had done during the past
year and that he would only highlight some of the salient points.
II.(1)He then requested the Members to inform him if any name had been missed out from the List of Members mentioned in the
President’s report as having passed away during the period October 17, 2004 to October 23, 2005. The House furnished names
of two Members who had passed away but whose names were not in the list.
(2). A condolence resolution was passed and two minutes silence was observed in respectful remembrance of the following
departed members of DSOBS: -
1.        Mr. Uma S Bajpai IFS (Retd.)                    (Ex   041-H)            Class   of   1937
2.        Mr. A. N. Haksar                                (Ex   049-K)            Class   of   1940
3.        Dr. M.K. Senapati, FRCS                         (Ex   219-K)            Class   of   1941
4.        Mr. Jai Krishna Garg                            (Ex   064-T)            Class   of   1942
5.        Mr. Bansi Lal Dhar                              (Ex   231-T)            Class   of   1943
6.        Lt Col Satish Chandra Rai (Retd.)               (Ex   273-K)            Class   of   1946
7.        Lt Gen F N Bilimoria (Retd.)                    (Ex   076-K)            Class   of   1948
8.        Mr. Debi Prosad Tribedi                         (Ex   217-K)            Class   of   1948
9.        Mr. Hasan Saif Tyabji                           (Ex   183-T)            Class   of    1950
10.       Mr. Birendra Singh                              (Ex   136-J)            Class   of   1953
11.       Dr. Parash Moni Das IPS                         (Ex   298-H)            Class   of   1969
12.        Mr. Paramjeet Singh Grewal                     (Ex   555-J)            Class   of   1980
III.      Mr. Baljit Singh Malik (73-K ’55) requested that he be                 Meeting, of which 3 Meetings have been held in
          permitted to read out a Prayer for Chandbagh, which                    February, May and September. These quarterly
          was agreed to by the President and Members. Mr. Malik                  meetings with Class/Regional Reps. aim primarily
          then proceeded to read out the prayer to the House.                    at discussing issues for a better working of the
                                                                                 DSOBS at the Regional and Class levels, to make
IV        (1)   The Minutes of the 65th Annual General Meeting,
                                                                                 the fraternity aware of all the events / issues
                which had been circulated to all Members at the
                                                                                 pertaining to the School and the Society through
                commencement of the meeting were tabled before
                                                                                 their respective Representatives and to bring
                the House for discussion and confirmation.
                                                                                 within our “active” fold, more and more of our
          (2)   The following points arose from the said minutes                 brethren. We have also completed two major
                for discussion during the meeting.                               events for fund raising during this period and
                                                                                 have paved the way for a few more in the next
                (a) Mr Raj Bir Singh (4-H ’54) stated that the
                                                                                 couple of months.
                Minutes of the 65 th Annual General Meeting
                should have been printed in the first issue of Rose        (2)   I would like to summarize the activities of the
                bowl after the AGM, as per the general practice to               Society, including the excellent work done by the
                which the President stated that this will be                     various sub-committees, each of which is headed
                complied with in future.                                         by a member of the Executive Committee. Many
                                                                                 members of the fraternity, outside the E.C., have
          (3)   With the above clarification, the Minutes of the
                                                                                 also contributed their valuable time and efforts
                65 th AGM was proposed for approval and
                                                                                 and I wish to record my thanks to one and all.
                confirmation by Mr. Raj Bir Singh ( 4-H ’54),
                seconded by Mr. Jaspreet Singh ( 285-T ’76)                (3)   Before I commence reporting on the work
                and confirmed and approved by the House.                         undertaken by the various sub-committees, I wish
                                                                                 to briefly inform you of some of the important
V.        Annual Report by the President: -
                                                                                 milestones achieved by the society:
          A.(1) The year, Oct. 2004 to Sept. 2005, has been an
                                                                           B.    Rose Bowl Extension at the Doon School
                eventful and busy one. The Executive
                Committee of the DSOBS, apart from meeting 6               (1)   This beloved womb of the Doon School is over
                times in the past 12 months, also initiated the                  65 years old. Its capacity requires to be increased.
                Quarterly Regional/Class Representatives                         It requires to be modernized to meet the demands

       With the Compliments of :
                                          MOIN QURESHI
                                                          467-K, 1975
      of modern theatre productions and musical                          (5)    I wish to record my sincere thanks to the entire
      performances even in an open air theatre. Hence,                          Dosco Fraternity for their generous contributions
      the DSOBS organized a fundraiser i.e. The Doon                            and their support to our various Projects. I would
      School Choir and Orchestra Ensemble tours to                              also like to thank everyone for their involvement
      Delhi and Dubai between April 2-5, 2005, for the                          and assistance. At this point, I would like to
      renovation of the Rose Bowl which has witnessed                           mention that, as our Society’s goal is not limited
      many great men and produced great actors, public                          only to the well-being of our brethren but also to
      speakers and above all – great Indians.                                   being empathic, sensitive and helpful to all
                                                                                Indians and humankind, we have commenced
(2)   For the Rose Bowl extension/renovation, we have
                                                                                providing Relief to the Earthquake victims of J&K
      collected about Rs. 25 - 30 Lacs by way of
                                                                                through the Indian Army.
      advertisements in the Souvenir, which was
      brought out on the occasion of the Doon School                     (6)    Our eventual goal is to channelise the funds
      Orchestra/Choir Performance on 2nd April, 2005                            available into a more structured format:
      in Delhi and on 4th April, 2005 in Dubai.
                                                                         a)     To contribute to identified re-construction/
(3)   The Doon School Orchestra / Choir Performance                             rehabilitation projects in the aftermath of
      in Delhi and Dubai gave us an opportunity to                              disasters like Tsunami, Earthquake in J&K.
      present the musical talent of the School, by giving
                                                                         b)     To build a Corpus of funds, which will be readily
      valuable exposure to young musicians. The
                                                                                available in times of natural calamities and
      response was overwhelming at both the places.
      The School Boys gave outstanding performances
      and were the toast of all. The School Boys,                        c)     To essentially support DSOBS’s efforts to be more
      besides getting excellent exposure to various                             reactive, sensitive and proactive to the needs of
      audience(s), really enjoyed their trips to both                           our fellow citizens.
      Delhi and Dubai.
                                                                   A write up on “NAVODAYA” – A new Dawn, has been circulated
(4)   The budget for this project has, however, gone               earlier.
      up to about Rs. 50.00 Lacs as the School wants
                                                                         D.     Acknowledgements:
      to build offices in a part of the extension i.e. the
      basement. The DSOBS has agreed to fund about                       1.     Our congratulations to the Class of 1980 who
      Rs. 30.00 Lacs for the renovation of the Rose                             celebrated their Silver Jubilee this year. I have
      Bowl and the balance amount would be funded                               the pleasure of informing you that they have
      by School as they would be obtaining office                               collected over. Rs. 40.00 Lacs for this occasion.
      space.                                                                    Apart from the jubilee celebration, which they had
                                                                                on a grand scale, they will be donating Rs 40.00
C.    Tsunami Relief / Rehabilitation Work:
                                                                                lacs to the DSOBS to be utilized as a part of the
(1)   When disaster struck in Dec. 2004, the Society                            initiative to rebuild the Art School. For this, a room
      plunged into Relief work. We managed to collect                           in the New Building will be specifically dedicated
      Rs. 29.78 Lacs. We have spent a total amount of                           to the Class of 1980. I thank all Old Boys of the
      Rs. 27.20 Lacs and the balance amount of Rs.                              Class of 1980 for their efforts and their generous
      2.58 Lacs will be used as a base for ‘Navodaya –                          contributions and hope that future Classes will
      A New Dawn’, which would be readily available                             emulate this immense effort during their
      in times of similar emergencies / disasters. From                         respective jubilee years.
      the above collections, 2/3 rd have come from
                                                                         2.     I also wish to thank M/s Tishy, Vinit, Dhruv and
      Doscos and 1/3 rd have come from Friends of
                                                                                Nalin Khanna for their contribution of   Rs.10.00
                                                                                Lacs towards construction of the Pavilion at the
(2)   More than 1 million liters of clean drinking water                        School, for which they have underwritten the entire
      have been supplied to the inhabitants of the                              cost.
      affected areas, along the coast of Tamil Nadu,
                                                                         3.     The Society’s Regional Chapters have held get-
      which was part of the immediate relief
                                                                                togethers in various parts of the world including
      programme. A few truck loads of relief
                                                                                USA, Singapore, U.K, Dubai, Hong Kong,
      materials were also sent to the affected areas in
                                                                                Australia and many cities in India. These
      Tamil Nadu.
                                                                                interactions of Old Boys gives an opportunity for
(3)   On the Rehabilitation front, 5 water treatment                            a much larger body of the fraternity to be actively
      plants have been set up in 5 villages of Tamil                            involved in the society’s affairs and progress. I
      Nadu with the help of Pentair Water Systems                               am sure that members of our fraternity have been
      Ltd. in which regard Gautam Khanna ( 436-T ‘87)                           following these events through the website and
      and his colleagues have put in sustained efforts.                         the Rose Bowl.
      Assistance with reconstruction of a village well
                                                                         4.     The other forthcoming Events/Projects of the
      in Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu was also
                                                                                Society are:
      given; this was with the efforts of Ajay Pratap Singh
      ( 214-H, ‘66) and his colleagues.                                  a)     Dosco Summit 2005 in Dubai in December, 2005.
(4)   Further, based on the discussions with Mr. Mani                    b)     Art Show – Auction Ensemble, in February-March,
      Shankar Aiyar ( 55-T ’57), 289 kits of sporting                           2006 and
      equipments (donated by friends of the school,                      d)     Dosco Record 2006, for which the questionnaire
      the Indian Women’s Association of Singapore),                             has been circulated.
      were provided to schools/schoolchildren covering
      all Divisions of Mayiladuturai Constituency in                     5(i)   DOSCO SUMMIT-2005 For the 3 day Dosco
      Tamil Nadu and 500 bicycles (out of which 300                             Summit 2005 scheduled from Dec. 17th to 20th,
      were donated by Star TV India) were also                                  2005 at Dubai, we are trying to ensure that Doscos
      distributed in the affected area.                                         from all Regions and all Classes from across the
          world attend. We have chalked out a very well                       to select works (with the assistance of established
          deliberated programme / package. Besides                            Curators) from the school’s vault; in fact, our effort
          interaction between our fraternity, there would be                  has resulted in obtaining about 110 works from
          recreational activities and excursions, designed                    School (which are free of cost, except what we
          specially for the families. Please ensure that                      incur for restoration and framing). We have also
          people who are interested in registering, do so                     been in contact with eminent artists to obtain their
          either by themselves or through their Class /Reg.                   paintings at substantial discounts. By end Oct, we
          Representatives by 15th November 2005, for the                      should have about 300 paintings; which will be
          Summit and by 31 st October 2005 the                                structured into around 85-90 collages of 3-4
          transportation to Dubai. The latest issue of Rose                   paintings. A brochure of which will be circulated
          Bowl gives details of the Summit. Block bookings                    by end December. DSOBS has also managed to
          have been made on certain flights where again,                      ensure participation of 35 patrons who have
          we have got very attractive rates.                                  underwritten for the collages (valued at approx
  (ii)    Our aim is to have a minimum of 100 – 125                           Rs. 2.5 lacs each). At least another 45-50 patrons
          Members attend this meet, of which, we hope, at                     are necessary to ensure this fund-collecting
          least 75 should be from places other then Delhi.                    endeavor is entirely fruitful.
          We have received confirmations from about 70               (vii)    We have requested and have got a tacit assurance
          Doscos; of these, twenty are from the Class of                      that the School / IPSS will limit the contribution of
          1975 alone. Let’s try our best to get maximum                       DSOBS (of which Class of 1980 have played a
          participation of our brethren from all batches and                  most important role by committing Rs 40.00 lakhs)
          from all over the world.                                            to Rs. 1.25 crores; anything above this, they will
  6.      THE DSOBS         ART    SHOW      &   AUCTION                      fund themselves. The Class of 1980 will have a
          ENSEMBLE -                                                          section in the Art School in their name. We need
                                                                              to put in all our efforts towards this endeavour to
  (i)     A Fund Raising Endeavour for the Art School                         make this a success.
          Rebuilding: Another essential Project for school
          was the rebuilding of the Art School. The IPSS/            (viii)   Some of our contemporaries have suggested that
          Board of Governors were hard-pressed to                             we should not sell the original paintings but take
          undertake this expeditiously and scouted for                        out prints and sell them. I would like your views
          prospective donors. Once again, DSOBS has                           on this.
          undertaken to completely underwrite the cost and           7.       DOSCO RECORD 2006 - As regards the Dosco
          thereby avoid a situation where the school may                      Record, this “decadal” publication will bring in
          have had to allow the renaming of the Art School                    detailed information of the Member, his career,
          with the Patron’s/Donor’s name as a prefix.                         family and many other details. This time we
  (ii)    In consonance with the tone and theme of                            propose to include photographs of the Member
          magnanimity and philanthropy set by our                             also.       We want the Class/Regional
          fraternity, we humbly embark on this noble                          Representatives to follow up with everyone and
          venture. A fund raising endeavour to rebuild our                    to send the Questionnaire duly filled in to enable
          Art School … tentatively titled “THE DSOBS ART                      to process this to our satisfaction.
          SHOW-AUCTION ENSEMBLE”.                                    E.       I would now like to briefly report on the various
  (iii)   This envisages collecting upto Rs. 125.00 Lacs                      sub-committees and their activities over the
          required for the Art School’s rehabilitation… In a                  past 12 months:
          manner typical of our demeanor and desire to               1.       FUND RAISING SUB COMMITTEE:
          acknowledge and enrich the inherent aesthetics
          and cultural sensibilities within us, manifested in        (i)      This Sub-Committee chaired by Gautam Chadha
          the patronage of the fine arts, we hope to design                   and assisted by Gurmeet Singh, Raj Nath
          and execute our venture to so capture the spirit                    Khosla, Kishore K Lahiri and Moin A Qureshi,
          required.                                                           have focussed on the efforts to raise funds for the
                                                                              Art School and the Rose Bowl extension, both of
  (iv)    The USP would be to ensure that the pricing of                      which are projects that the DSOBS has committed
          eminent artists’ works would be much below the                      to undertake.
          normal market price; clubbed with the opportunity
          (and unabashed sentiment) to possess exemplary             (ii)     It is also proposed that to meet ongoing
          works of Doscos done over the years.                                operational and administrative costs, a formula
                                                                              be evolved and agreed upon by members of the
  (v)     The balance paintings would form part of a gallery                  society, i.e. that a percentage of all receipts during
          viewing where prices would be placed                                the year be set aside for this purpose. As members
          accordingly.                                                        must be aware, the DSOBS has no ongoing source
  (vi)    We are glad to inform you that work on the Art                      of funds. For example:-
          show for Art School Rebuilding is also progressing         (a)      Every issue of the Rose Bowl, costing
          well. After obtaining consent from our most helpful                 approximately Rs 1.20 Lacs, has to be
          H.M., Dr. Kanti Bajpai (264-T ’72), we were able                    self financed. This does not include cost of paper

With compliments from:
                       CAPITAL SPONGE IRON & POWER PVT. LTD.
                        1205-Chiranjeev Tower, 43, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110 019
                                 Tel: 51674080, 51674180; Fax : 26839016

             which has been donated. Each quarter we look                             ranging from the batch of 1939 to 2004. This
             for willing advertisers - donors!                                        year’s winners were H – House.
     (b)     The website plays a critical role in our ability to              5.      We have also started an Inter House Soccer
             “keep in touch” with members of our fraternity.                          tournament. Our 1st tournament was held at the
             The ongoing development, maintenance and                                 American Embassy grounds under floodlight on
             continuous upgrading of the website will need                            the 15 th – 16 th of October 2005. Our thanks to
             funding.                                                                 Pushpinder Singh Dhillon (Ex 070-K, ’72), who
                                                                                      like the prodigal son, returned to India to serve
     (iii)   We purchased our present office premises i.e.
                                                                                      as First Secretary of the Embassy of the United
             the Permanent Secretariat in New Delhi from the
                                                                                      States of America in India and facilitated the
             donations received from 20 well wishers. We
                                                                                      holding of this event.. We had approximately 120
             thank them for their support without which this
                                                                                      old boys participating in this inaugural event
             acquisition would not have been possible. The
                                                                                      which I am sure will grow in the coming years. It
             left over sums (after capital costs involved) is
                                                                                      was a nail-biting final between Tata House and
             proposed to be invested in a fixed deposit and
                                                                                      Kashmir House which ended with both Houses
             interest earned would be used to fund some of
                                                                                      sharing the trophy inspite of the game having
             the administrative and staff costs. With decreasing
                                                                                      reached ‘sudden-death’.
             interest rates, increased costs and increasing
             activity levels, we are being challenged to make                 (iii)   I would at this stage like to mention that at the
             ends meet! We have written to individual donors                          start of the calendar of events held, we had a
             for their consent to transfer this surplus to a                          surplus in the Sports account of Rs. 4.00 Lacs
             Corpus for this purpose. More or less each person                        approximately. We have during this year
             has responded and given his /their consent.                              increased this surplus to Rs.10.00 Lacs. This
                                                                                      would not have been possible without the support
     (iv)    It is therefore proposed that a token/fixed
                                                                                      of a number of old boys, from all over the world,
             percentage as may be decided i.e. 3-4% of all
                                                                                      who took time out and made sure that we could
             monies received, on whatever account and for
                                                                                      continue with our efforts in making our society
             whatever purpose, be allocated towards the
                                                                                      more vibrant and energized.
             DSOBS meeting its operational and
             administration costs.                                            (iv)    As in previous years, this year too the sporting
                                                                                      events were excellent.
                                                                               (v)    On behalf of the Society, I wish to record my
     (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Gurmeet
                                                                                      thanks to the Sponsors - Western Union,
             Singh and assisted by Ranjan Bhalla, Vivek
                                                                                      Cholamandalam Investments, EID Parry –
             Narain and Justin R Burrett.
                                                                                      Murugappa Group         and Tiger Sports
     (ii)    The year 2004 - 05 has seen a lot of activity under                      Management for organizing the events so well.
             this sub-committee.
                                                                              (vi)    To sum up, this year has also been an active year
     1.      We began the calendar with the 3rd Annual Gibson                         on the sports front and this Sub-Committee has
             Cup for Golf between Mayo & Doon. I am pleased                           excelled in its efforts. Our appreciation to both
             to mention that we had 54 golfers representing                           Gurmeet and Ranjan for giving us such great
             Doon School and we won the Cup for the first                             events.
             time. In the previous 2 years, the Cup had been
                                                                         3.   CREDIT CARDS
             shared by both Schools. The 4th Gibson Goodwill
             Golf Tournament will be held on 10th December,                   (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Ravibir Singh
             2005.                                                                    and assisted by Vivek Narain. Presently, the
                                                                                      society has Affinity Card programmes with Citi
     2.      Next up was the 3rd Annual Inter House Cricket
                                                                                      Bank for the Diners Club Card and Standard
             tournament played at Delhi, which has grown from
                                                                                      Chartered Bank for a Visa/Master Card. At
             strength to strength. This year, the tournament
                                                                                      present, we have a total of 705 cardholders, which
             was managed by Nalin Khanna (563-H ‘ 80),
                                                                                      is less than 20% of the Dosco OB’s community
             Asheet Lanba (528-T ‘ 87) and a number of other
                                                                                      within India.
             old boys from all the houses. The winner this year
             was H – House. The tournament was followed by                    (ii)    The focus of the Credit Card Sub-committee this
             a well-organized Delhi Chapter dinner, which was                         year has been to locate & introduce a new Credit
             attended by a large number of the fraternity                             Card with widespread acceptability & exposure.
             including many Members of the Board of                                   For this reason an Agreement has been reached
             Governors, the IPSS and DSOBS Executive                                  with ICICI Bank for issuance of a DSOBS-ICICI
             Committee                                                                Bank co-branded Credit Card. This addition is
                                                                                      being considered mainly as ICICI Bank has
     3.      After an exciting Cricket event, it was time for the
                                                                                      adequate exposure in terms of having branches
             9th Annual get-together at Agra, with ITC Mughal
                                                                                      all over India and thus allows for usage by
             Sheraton playing the perfect hosts as usual. We
                                                                                      maximum Members of our fraternity, who earlier
             had a flurry of sporting activities, which included
                                                                                      had not been able to take advantage of the Dosco
             Cricket, Football, Water polo and the Bar !!
                                                                                      Credit Card as they were located in places where
     4.      The 8th Annual Inter House Golf Tournament was                           the issuing bank had no branches.
             played at the ITC Classic Golf Resort, Gurgaon in
                                                                              (iii)   The proposed features of the credit card as under:
             mid September 2005 which had 134 old boys tee-
             off !! We subsequently had the prize distribution                a)      Card will be Life Time free
             and dinner the following evening which saw a
             record 305 people attending. The tournament and                  b)      Will be given on data base provided by Alumni
             dinner was enjoyed by a cross section of Old boys                        Society and will be subject to credit conditions.

     c)      Platform will be Gold.                                                 interest alive. All new items have been on a
                                                                                    limited release basis and efforts are being made
     d)      0.3% of the total spends will be given to the                          to constantly change Styles/Designs & products.
             Alumni Society.
                                                                            (iii)   We also ran a SUMMER SPECIAL SALE, which
     e)      Every Rs. 200/- spends will get one reward point                       elicited a good response from Doscos.
             and will be separate from Alumni share.
                                                                            (iv)    In view of the approaching Winter, (and the good
     f)      Alumni will have an option to redeem the points                        golfing associated with it) we propose to    add
             in favour of the Society,   subject to minimum                         Golf Ball Sleeves, Woollen Jumpers, Beer
             500 points.                                                            Glasses (new designs), Golf Shirts etc. which
     g)      Additional Free Petro Card will be given with                          should see another spurt in Memorabilia sales.
             Rs. 100.00 preloaded.                                          (v)     In order to get fresh ideas as well as to
             Market price is Rs. 250.00 for the same.                               standardize Logos etc., we propose to expand
                                                                                    the Memorabilia Sub-Committee shortly.
     (iv)    The main advantage of this card would be that                          Volunteers for Memorabilia Sub-Committee are
             maximum numbers from our fraternity can avail                          most welcome.
             this card as ICICI has branches spread all over
             the country. ICICI Bank will also give a firm                  (vi)    I would request Old Boys to buy memorabilia
             commitment for some of our advertisements,                             regularly and wherever possible use these as
             sponsoring of our Sporting events, Founder’s Day                       corporate or personal gifts.
             dinner, etc.                                              6.   COMMUNICATION –
     (v)     The Agreements with Standard Chartered and                     DSOBS WEBSITE:
             Citibank would continue to be in place and those
             using these cards may continue to do so. These                 A(i).   This sub-committee is chaired by Sharad C
             agreements are functioning smoothly.                                   Sharma. The Society has arranged a contract
                                                                                    with an old Boy, Mr Hemant Sharma (459–JA
     (vi)    However, we would encourage all alumni to                              ‘87) of Trisoft for Website. The DSOBS website
             subscribe to the ICICI Bank Card as well. This                         is undoubtedly the most powerful medium of
             will also facilitate better negotiations for                           communication for all members of the fraternity.
             sponsorships, etc.                                                     It is therefore the endeavour of the society to keep
4.   BURSARY –                                                                      improving this facility so that our widely spread
                                                                                    fraternity can be in touch with activities of the
     (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Haripal                               society and be able to share information on a
             Singh Gill and assisted by Jayant Sahai, and                           daily basis. Being an interactive medium there is
             Raj Nath Khosla. This year DSOBS awarded                               tremendous potential to make this site more
             bursaries/scholarships to 10 Old Boys’ children                        dynamic.
             amounting to Rs. 2,95,000/- and 10 bursaries
             amounting to Rs.40,000/- to The John Martyn                    (ii)    A proposal to make our site more interactive has
             Memorial Trust, which runs Salangaon Primary                           been put in motion, which shall ultimately make
             School. The total sum disbursed was                                    full use of the medium. The proposal includes:
             Rs.3,35,000/-. The Bursary Corpus Fund needs                   •       Rework the layout of the website (navigation /
             enhancement and we hope to increase this to                            graphics)
             Rs. 40.00Lacs I would urge all Old Boys to
                                                                            •       To generate revenues by way of providing
             donate as much as possible towards this Fund.
                                                                                    advertising banners for sale
     (ii)    The Society has an amount of Rs. 7.92 Lacs lying               •       To provide a password and user ID to each DOSCO
             with it which the Singapore Doscos had collected               •       To put in place systems that enable fast and
             and sent for Bursary. On their choosing a                              efficient updates of personal details, articles,
             candidate, the Bursary would be given from 2006                        coverage of events etc.
             onwards, from that amount.                                     •       To ensure that each batch rep, regional rep
     (iii)    Further, there have been cases, where people                          regularly contributes to its content
             have asked for Bursary, when they are actually                 •       To provide a home page for each DOSCO with
             not in need of Bursary. May I request applications                     photographs
             only genuine persons, who are actually in need                 •       To provide a home page for each BATCH with
             of Bursary, to apply.                                                  sections such as photo albums, messaging and
                                                                                    interaction (as opposed to Yahoo groups)
                                                                            •       To host BLOGS and live CHAT ROOMS which
     (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Jayant Sahai                          are facilitated by unique user ID’s
             and assisted by Ranjan Bhalla. Dosco                           •       To plug in e-commerce components for
             memorabilia is available from the Secretariat, at                      memorabilia and shipments including donations
             School and on-line through In the 6                         to DSOBS
             months from 1st April, 2005 to September, 2005                 •       To be able to conduct surveys on a more detailed
             Memorabilia Sales have been about Rs. 3.10                             level with instant results
             Lacs i.e. averaging over Rs. 50,000/- per month.
                                                                            •       To provide an elaborate career section for job
     (ii)    In the past year several new and interesting items                     seekers and potential employers, complete with
             were added, which included Swim Shorts, Soft                           resumes and job profiles
             Poly Cotton Play Dry Basketball Shorts/Vests,
                                                                            (iii)   To ensure ‘in house’ development of the above,
             Play Dry Polos, Waffle Tees, Boxer Shorts,
                                                                                    donations and resources shall be required and
             Overnight Bags etc. The idea was to inject
                                                                                    the process for the same has been set in motion.
             dynamism in the product range and keep buyer

     (iv)    The website is being constantly redesigned to                                Kishore K. Lahiri. Keeping in mind that the year
             meet current needs but a lot more work needs to                              2010 marks 75 years of School - Platinum Jubilee
             be done. The Doon School directory has been                                  - the DSOBS is examining the possibility
             integrated with the website and an online search                             of commissioning a project to record the history
             facility is available using either the name, roll                            of The Doon School since its inception.
             number, batch , city etc. The Rose Bowl is also
                                                                                  (ii)    Preliminary work has been initiated towards
             added to the site almost simultaneously when the
                                                                                          ascertaining the requirements to implement such
             publication is mailed to members. To increase
                                                                                          a project, including identifying an author and/or
             revenue for the Society we could advertise on
                                                                                          a team of contributors, costs, and other related
             our website. All members are requested to please
                                                                                          issues. Anyone who has valuable information in
             make a note of this and give advertisements in
                                                                                          this respect will be of great help.
             our website. Suggestions for improvements of
             this are most welcome.                                         9.    ADMISSIONS ADVISORY
ROSE BOWL                                                                         (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Gurmeet
                                                                                          Singh and assisted by Moin A Qureshi and
     B(i)    This sub-committee is chaired by Kishore
                                                                                          Gurpreet Singh.
             Kumar Lahiri whose work is well-reflected in the
             quality and content of the publications. This year                   (ii)    In the year 2004, we had 27 old boys’ sons who
             we have already published 4 issues, which is an                              took the entrance exam. Of these 27 boys, 23
             achievement by itself. You may have noted the                                passed the written exam cut – offs and were called
             gradual but evident changes in the format and                                for the interviews. We had made the effort of
             content. Old boys from far and wide have been                                calling up all these Old Boys, to help in informing
             encouraged to jot down their thoughts and                                    them of the procedure and areas of emphasis
             musings and write in – making the Rose Bowl                                  during the interview. We are happy to inform you
             more broad based. We have replaced the                                       that out of the 23 boys who took the interview, 21
             President’s letter with a write up from the                                  boys got admission. The other 2 were put onto
             Executive Committee as it is the EC as a whole                               the waiting list and one of them has also been
             which works for our Society. Further, the ‘Letters                           taken in.
             to the Editor’ section and ‘From the Editor’s Desk’
                                                                                  (iii)   This year, we have had a record number of Old
             have been given increased importance to make
                                                                                          boys’ sons/grandsons sitting for the examination.
             the Rose Bowl more inter-active and to give Old
                                                                                          They were above 40 in number and we do hope
             Boys a forum to express their thoughts and views.
                                                                                          that Old boys/parents have prepared the children
      (ii)   Our sincere and continued thanks to Mr. Gautam                               well for the written examination. We shall continue
             Thapar ( 200-H ‘79) for his generous contributions                           to monitor the progress - and closer to the time of
             of high quality paper for publication of the Rose Bowl.                      interviews, we shall make the necessary calls for
                                                                                          updating the parents about the procedures etc.
     (iii)   Each issue of the Rose Bowl is financed (printing
                                                                                          Many Old Boys have contacted the Sub-
             and postage costs) by means of strip ads and I
                                                                                          Committee for help and guidance with regard to
             would urge members of our fraternity to come
             forward with ads and more importantly send in
             articles/photographs to the editor. I wish to thank                  (iv)    We have not been receiving the list of names of
             those who have contributed towards                                           Old Boys’ children (sitting for the Entrance Exam)
             advertisements in the past year and others who                               from the School, as the School’s privacy policy
             may come forward. As you all may already know,                               restricts such disclosure. Ironically, it is those
             a copy of the Rose Bowl is mailed free of cost to                            Old Boys whose sons have not made the
             all members of the society whose addresses are                               interview/admission list, who approach the
             current and updated. This requires a lot of funds                            Society. Thus, they and School should have no
             apart from a lot of hard work. Therefore, assistance                         reservations about disclosing names. We hope
             from the alumni in this area would be greatly                                that with our continued efforts, the School will
             welcomed.                                                                    commence giving the list to us.
7.   The DOSCO REGISTER/RECORD                                                    (v)     Another point to consider is about children
                                                                                          leaving School after the 10th Class i.e. A form. I
     (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Lalit
                                                                                          would like to mention that over the last 10 years,
                                                                                          93% of the boys leaving School are not those of
     (ii)    The last Dosco register was published in 2002                                Old Boys’. Only about 7% of Old Boys’ children
             and the Record in 1996. The work on Dosco                                    leave School after the 10 th Class/A Form. This
             Register would commence in 2006.                                             can be cited as a point to give preference to Dosco
     (iii)   Our sincere thanks to Mr. Vikram Lal ( 198-K ‘57)
             for his involvement and assistance in ensuring                       (vi)    I would like also to mention that this
             the publication of the forthcoming Dosco Record                              SubCommittee cannot assure admissions, but
             2006. I request you all to fill in the Questionnaire                         can only help by giving out information and
             and send the same to the Secretariat, along with                             providing past test papers etc. However, it cannot
             a copy of the photograph by the due date, to                                 interfere with the Board/IPSS/School on
             ensure publication and distribution on time.                                 admissions. The responsibility rests entirely on
                                                                                          the parents to prepare their wards well, so that
     (iv)    Any member wishing to sponsor the above would
                                                                                          there are fewer disappointments.
             be most welcome.
                                                                            10.   POST SCHOOL EDUCATION/JOB PLACEMENT:
                                                                                  (i)     This Sub-Committee, headed by Haripal Singh
     (i)     This sub-committee is chaired by Gautam
                                                                                          Gill would help in Higher Education/Training/
             Chadha and assisted by Sharad Sharma and
                Placement for those boys passingout of School.                     relationship between the Fraternity, Class /
                Many Old Boys are not able to meet the expenses                    Regional Representatives and Executive
                of higher education. We therefore, wish to impress                 Committee Members. A Relationship Sub-
                upon Members that the Society wants to support                     Committee is proposed to be formed, which can
                these Doscos for higher education, by providing                    take up the following:
                Scholarship/Stipends/Assistance to deserving
                                                                           a)      The Problems / Issues of the Fraternity to be
                candidates, for Under Graduates / Post Graduate
                                                                                   addressed on a pro-active basis from time to time,
                studies, which will be need based.
                                                                                   rather than limiting these to Annual General
        (ii)    Our aim should be to have a corpus of at least Rs.                 Meetings and EC Meetings.
                50.00 Lacs, which would provide a budget for
                                                                           b)      Lay   down    guidelines   for   promoting
                assistance. Ad-hoc donations and annual grants
                                                                                   communication between Class / Regional
                would supplement this budget. Everyone can
                                                                                   Representatives with EC through designated
                contribute towards this. We have set a target of
                                                                                   number of EC and though Website.
                Rs. 25.00 lakhs to be collected within the next 2
                years and another Rs. 75.00 lacs by 2010. We               c)      To propagate interactive sessions to encourage
                currently have only Rs. 5.00 lacs towards the                      feedback, information flow for connectivity /
                corpus. Ad-hoc donations/grants received                           bonding amongst the Fraternity.
                annually could supplement this budget.
                                                                           d)      A three pronged approach by which the
        (iii)   The possibility of giving Education Loans for                      Fraternity / Class /Regional Reps and EC can help
                higher studies on returnable basis is being                        each other by motivating Members to participate
                considered by the Society. We are considering                      in events / get-togethers and suggest regular
                the need to give assistance to needy students for                  meets / events to enable fraternity to benefit from
                further education beyond school by providing                       such events.
                interest free loans from the ‘Post-School
                                                                           e)      To encourage, motivate and energize members
                Education Assistance Corpus’ but with the
                                                                                   to participate in event/ get-togethers; and
                proviso, that once they start working, they would
                                                                                   recommend/suggest advise Class/Regional
                repay the amount.
                                                                                   Representatives organizing the same to formally
11.     Proposed RELATIONSHIP SUB-COMMITTEE                                        structure events/meets etc. with content (outside
                                                                                   resources etc.) and format (with added emphasis
        (i)     During our first, quarterly, Regional/Class
                                                                                   on social & demographic issues/causes) to
                Representatives Meeting, the primary focus was
                                                                                   enable the Fraternity (and its family members) to
                on one and all striving towards providing/
                                                                                   benefit/derive substance from such events/meets
                facilitating for an effective and on-going multiway
12.     During this year (2005) the following DSOBS Representatives have been appointed:
                a.  Sanjiv Bathla                         (158-T ’84)       - Chandbagh Representative.
                1.   Asheet Lanba                         (528-T    ‘87)    -    Regional Representative for Noida.
                2.   Lokesh Chugh                         (125-K   ’90)     -   Regional Representative for Singapore.
                3.   Gautam Khandelwal                    (575-H   ’80)     -   Jr. Regional Representative for Maharashtra.
                4.   Raiyan Shahriar Islam                (510-K   ’00)     -   Regional Representative for Bangladesh.
                a.   Sumant R. Dewan                      (   47-H ’83)     -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   1983.
                b.   Shekhar Swarup                       (   165-J ‘04)    -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   2004.
                c.   Vikram Kalia                         (   422-H ‘70)    -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   1970.
                d.   Jagdeep Rangar                       (   256-K ’71)    -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   1971.
                e.   Abhinandan Sekhri                    (   362-O ‘92)    -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   1992.
                f.   Vikas Attri                          (   150-H ’84)    -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   1984.
                g.   Puneet Sardana                       (   78-T ’95)     -   Class   Representative   for   the   Class   of   1995.
I would like to welcome the new representatives and wish them the very best for the future. Their role in arranging get-
togethers and generally motivating camaraderie is the underlying strength of our fraternity.
13.     Regional get-togethers were held in Delhi, Agra, Chennai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ooty, Bangalore, Kerala , Singapore,
        U.K., USA, Australia, Hong Kong and UAE.
14.     Class get-togethers of the Classes of 1955, 1963, 1966, 1969, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1980, & 1985 were held during the
        course of this year.
        We would request the Class Representatives to keep the Secretariat informed of all such occasions with write-ups and
        photographs to enable publication in the Rose Bowl And to increase participation and attendance

                                                With compliments from
         O Y A L A C C E S S O the
      R With compliments fromR I E S
        Oman Chapter of the DSOBS
                                                                                    and                   Lalit Bhardwaj
      4460, Willow Cove Ct, Orlando, FI 32835, U.S.A.
                                                                                                            273-K ’64
15.   I would like to congratulate the following classes who                  for the Executive Committee vacancies that come up
      celebrate their respective Jubilees this year – Class                   from time to time. You must understand that all
      of 1945 – on their Diamond Jubilee, Class of 1955 –                     recommendations/suggestions that you give are taken
      on their Golden Jubilee, Class of 1965 – on their 40th                  up seriously as every name proposed is, in most ways,
      Year jubilee, Class of 1975 – on their 30th Year Jubilee,               sacred to us. Everyone should adhere to the cut off date
      Class of 1980 – on their Silver Jubilee, Class of 1985                  as this provides some finality as well as gives us
      on their 20 years jubilee and Class of 1995 on their 10                 adequate time to consider the candidate. Withdrawing
      years jubilee.                                                          a name, once proposed, should be avoided as far as
                                                                              possible, as this causes a sense of discomfort.
16.   During the previous year (2004, the DSOBS & Old Boys
      have contributed Rs. 17.00 Lacs to The Doon School                      1.     The President informed the House that in
      and over the past 10 years the total contribution to the                       accordance with convention and the Rules of the
      School has been Rs.2.10 crores. This is besides the Rs                         Society, the following members of the Executive
      30.00 Lacs raised and collected for the Rose Bowl                              Committee are retiring from the Executive
      Renovation/Extension which is currently lying with us                          Committee:-
      (DSOBS).                                                                       a. Mr. Lalit Badhwar      - Member
17.   The Board of Governors have established a Fundraising                          b. Mr. Jayant Sahai       - Member
      Committee under Bhai Analjit Singh       ( 132-J ’71) to                       c. Mr. Gurmeet Singh - Member
      raise funds of approx. Rs. 18.00 crores for various                            d. Mr. Sharad Sharma - Member
      development Projects at The Doon School. This is a                             e. Mr. Justin R. Burrett - Member–Univ.
      very onerous task which needs to be addressed very                                                         Rep- Resigned
      seriously and I would call upon all members of our
      fraternity to come forward and donate generously.                       2.     In accordance with convention and the Rules of
                                                                                     the Society, the following members of the
18.   DSOBS MEMBERSHIP Subscription:                                                 Executive Committee are eligible for re-election.
       (i)    It has been agreed to increase the one time                            a. Mr. Anoop Bishnoi
              membership subscription fee from Rs. 3000.00                           b. Mr. Gautam Chadha
              to Rs. 5000.00 from this year.                                         c. Mr. Raj Nath Khosla
      (ii)    I request all Members to contribute generously to                      d. Mr. Ravibir Singh
              the Society, which will be exempt from Income                          e. Mr. Kishore K Lahiri
              tax.                                                                   f. Mr. Ranjan Bhalla
                                                                                     g. Mr. Vivek Narain
      (iii)   Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a privilege
              and pleasure to be the President of DSOBS. This                        The House unanimously resolved that all the 7
              is a great institution and I am sure that all old                      (seven) Members named above should be re-
              boys, EC members and invitees as also all Vice                         elected for another year [proposed by Mr.Jayant
              Presidents and Presidents of the future will                           Hari Har Lal ( 404-H ‘69) and seconded by Mr.
              continue to maintain the high standards and take                       Gautam Bery (.170-H ’62)].
              the Society from strength to strength.
                                                                               3.    Election of New Executive Committee
      (iv)    I would like to thank all Regional and Class                           Members:-
              representatives, all EC members and invitees for
                                                                                     The President, Mr. Anoop Bishnoi had received
              their inputs and support. I would in particular
                                                                                     the following names for nominations to the
              like to thank all past Presidents, our Vice
                                                                                     Executive Committee:
              President, Gautam Chadha, our Executive
              Secretary, Ms. Geeta Bhaskaran and Mr. A.P.                            Age Group 50 and above – one vacancy:
              Narayanan for their assistance in helping me                           Received 3 nominations as under:-
              discharge my obligations and duties to the Society                     1. Indrave Singh Mann      ( 65-T ’61)
              and the General Body.                                                  2. Nirmal Gaur             ( 281-H ’62)
      Thank you.                                                                     3. Raj Bir Singh           ( 4-H ’54)
V.    Approval of Accounts as on 31st March 2005: -                                  Age Group 40 – 49 years - one vacancy:
                                                                                     Received 2 nominations as under:-
      (i)     The Accounts for the period ending 31 March
                                                                                     1. Vivek Seth              ( 915-J ’82)
              2005 have been circulated and any questions/
              comments/suggestions would be most welcome.                            2. Somesh Mehra            ( 131-H ’84)

      (ii)    Mr. Mahesh Sahai, Chartered Accountant,                                Age Group 30 - 39 years –two vacancies:
              informed the House of the reasons for showing                          Received 6 Nominations as under:-
              excess of expenditure over income of Rs. 2.77                          1. Sanjay Datta            ( 205-T ’84)
              lacs. This was due to low interest rates,                              2. Asheet Lanba            ( 528-T 87)
              depreciation of fixed assets and by reducing value                     3. Ajay Mehta              ( 102-J ’89)
              of publications due to unsold / old stocks of                          4. Hemant Sharma           ( 459-J ’87)
              Memorabilia items.                                                     5. Raghav Mallik           ( 133-K ’84)
      (iii)   Mr. Ajay S Shriram ( 161-K ’70) proposed and Mr.                       6. Rajat Banerji           ( 135-T ’84)
              Raj Bir Singh ( 4-H ’54) seconded and the House           During the Executive Committee Meeting held on 30 th
              unanimously resolved to approve the Accounts.             September 2005, the following names/persons were selected
VI.   Election/Re-election of Office bearers: -                         for ratification at the Annual General Meeting.
      The President stated that one of the many                         Age Group 50 and above –
      responsibilities of Regional/Class Representatives is
                                                                        Keeping in view our endeavor of ensuring that the EC nominee
      recommending names of Members from the fraternity
                                                                        is near 60 yrs of age or above and being fortunate enough to
have received proposals catering to this and at the same time,          Age Group Up to 30 - 39 years - Rajat Banerji (135-T ’84)
while keeping with our tradition of respecting our “Seniors”, we        •                                Hemant Sharma (459-J ’87)
avoided deliberations on the names of the 3 gentlemen
proposed and set about ensuring that the Society could utilize          Mr. Nikhel Kochhar ( 41-K ‘73 ) proposed and Mr. Gurpreet
the services of all 3. Therefore, we proposed Mr. Indrave Singh         Singh ( 325-T ‘75) seconded the election.
Mann as the Senior Delhi Rep, Mr. Raj Bir Singh as the Senior           University Rep. –
Dehra Dun Rep and finally, Mr. Nirmal Gaur to be selected
as Member the Executive Committee. Further, Mr. Nalin                   Mr Justin Rahul Burrett (60-JB ’02) has stepped down and he
Khanna ( 563H ‘ 80) was proposed as the Junior Delhi Rep.               has recommended Mr. Amitoj Singh ( 285-H ‘04) in his place
                                                                        as University Rep.
Mr. Sunamjit Chaudhry ( 7-J ‘63 ) proposed and Mr. Satinder
Puri ( 49-K ‘52) seconded the election.                                 Mr. Haripal Singh Gill ( 328-H ’66) proposed and Mr. Ranjan
                                                                        Bhalla ( 368-J ’72) seconded the election.
Age Group 40 – 49 years – Vivek Seth ( 915-J ’82)
                                                                        The House unanimously approved the above resolution.
Mr. Gurmeet Singh ( 883-T ‘82) proposed and Mr. Jaspreet
Singh ( 285-T ’76) seconded the election.
After elections, the Executive Committee for the year 2005-2006 was declared constituted by the President, Mr. Anoop Bishnoi
as under :
1.     Mr. Anoop Bishnoi                  (112-J)             President                -                    -
2.     Mr. Gautam Chadha                  (389-H)             V President              -                    -
3.     Mr. Nirmal Gaur                    (281-H)             Member                   A            Above 50 Years
4.     Mr. Raj Nath Khosla                (349-K)             Member                   A                  -do-
5.     Mr. Vivek Seth                     (915-J)             Member                   B             40 - 49 Years
6.     Mr. Kishore K Lahiri               (30-K)              Member                   B                  -do-
7.     Mr. Ranjan Bhalla                  (368-J)             Member                   B                  -do-
8.     Mr. Hemant Sharma                  (459-J)             Member                   C             30 – 39 Years
9.     Mr. Rajat Banerji                  (135-T)             Member                   C                  -do-
10.    Mr. Ravibir Singh                  (19-K)              Member                   C                  -do-
11.    Mr. Vivek Narain                   (564-K)             Member                   D            Under 30 Years
12.    Mr. Amitoj Singh                   (285-H)             Member                               (University Rep.)
VII.    APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS                                                      and that in future the Report should be circulated
                                                                                     Well in advance to obviate a detailed reading.
        Mr. Darshan Singh ( 90-T ‘62) proposed and Mr. Ajay
                                                                                     The President, Mr. Anoop Bishnoi confirmed that
        Shriram (161-K ’70) seconded and it was unanimously
                                                                                     from the next year, the President’s Report will be
        resolved that M/s. V. Sahai & Company, Chartered
                                                                                     sent to all well in advance of the AGM or printed
        Accountants, G-68 Connaught Circus, New Delhi – 110
                                                                                     in the issue of the Rosebowl preceding the AGM,
        001 be and are hereby reappointed as the Statutory
                                                                                     thus giving all concerned at least one month’s
        Auditors of The Doon School Old Boys’ Society for the
                                                                                     advance notice and reading time.
        Financial Year 2005-2006 on an Honorary basis.
                                                                                (ii) Mr. Malik also stated the Mr. Gibson never played
VIII.   New Membership:
                                                                                     Golf as per his knowledge and therefore, queried
        a)    Arun Ahuja’s ( 206K ’85) request for DSOBS                             as to why the Cup should be named after him.
              Membership was agreed to by the EC Members                             Mr. Raj Bir Singh (4–H ‘54) and other Members
              during EC Meeting on 20th May, 05 – and put up                         answered by stating that the cup was named after
              today for ratification at the Annual General                           him because Mr. Gibson had been a teacher at
              Meeting. (he was in school for 1 year and 5                            both Doon and Mayo and therefore, no better
              months, from April 1985 to August 1986).                               name could adorn the trophy to promote goodwill
        b)    Tarak Sood’s ( 147-T ’92) request for DSOBS                            between these two premier institutions.
              Membership was agreed to by the EC Members
                                                                                (iii) He further, stated that many friends in BOG/IPSS
              during EC Meeting on 30th Sept., 2005 and put
                                                                                      talk about contributions to the School. According
              up today for ratification at the Annual General
                                                                                      to him, contributions could be both by way of cash
              Meeting (he was in school for 2 years and 4
                                                                                      or kind. He stated that his nostalgia for the School
              months, from April 1990 to August 1992)
                                                                                      is not one of a five star kind but that of walking on
              It was resolved that Membership for the above                           the rough pebbled path of Chandbagh
              two will not be granted for now, as they do not
              fulfill the condition of the time spent at School,              C)     Mr. Satinder Puri ( 49-K ’52) wanted to place on
              which is a pre-requisite for granting DSOBS                            record, the excellent efforts of the Class    of
              Membership                                                             1980 by collecting approx. Rs. 40.00 lacs during
                                                                                     their Silver Jubilee celebration year and hoped
IX.     Any other business with the permission of the Chair.                         that this would serve as a benchmark for the
        A)    The President, Mr.Anoop Bishnoi on behalf of                           Classes in future.
              everyone present, congratulated Mr. Dhruv M.
                                                                                     He also commended the Sporting Committee for
              Sawhney ( 37-K ’59) on being granted The
                                                                                     organizing events so splendidly, where everyone
              Chevallier de la Legion d’Honneur (Knight of
              the Legion of Honour) by the French
              Government for his talent and remarkable                        D)     Bhai Analjit Singh ( 132-J ’71) stated that the
              contribution to Indo-French relations.                                 budget for the Art School could be around Rs.
                                                                                     150 - 200 Lacs and with Rs. 40.00 Lacs from
        B (i) Mr. Baljit Singh Malik ( 73-K ’55) suggested that
                                                                                     Class of 1980, only a part/or section of the Art
              the format of AGM be changed; that too much
                                                                                     School could be in their name.
              time is taken up by the Report of the President
     He informed the House that he was very                                   fees has been deliberated upon by the BOGs on
     disappointed with the location/environment of the                        a 3 yearly cycle based on flows of cheque,
     DSOBS’ Secretariat at Bhikaji Cama Bhavan. He                            contributions etc This, said Dr. Bajpai, was, a
     said that Bhikaji Cama Place was fine for office                         trivial issue and the School was answerable to
     premises, but the building and the 10th floor of the                     the IPSS. This was a matter for the Board to
     building were absolute disasters. He suggested                           decide after taking the views of the various points
     that with the surplus fund of approx. Rs. 35.00                          of the School.
     Lacs with the Society, we could go in for a better                       He informed the House that the School was over
     office space at a better location. He also felt that                     70 years old and large amounts of funds were
     due to lack of optimum facilities, the DSOBS Office                      required for renovating various School buildings,
     was not being put to optimum usage.                                      providing additional facilities to the Students, etc..
     The President Mr. Anoop Bishnoi in reply                                 We have now hit that time, based on the reports
     informed the House that the DSOBS did not have                           from Structural Engineers from reputed institutions
     its own office premises or a Secretariat till last                       when funds are required to upgrade the facilities
     year. We were accommodated and are grateful                              provided. Teacher’s wages have to be kept at
     to Mr. Arun Bharat Ram of S.R.F. Ltd for giving                          par with other institutions, as otherwise the
     us space in their office for so many years.                              turnover of teachers are enormous.
     Unfortunately, three years back they informed us                         From time to time, the question was raised as to
     that they would be moving out in a few month’ s                          why one generation had to pay for the capital
     time and that necessitated our search for DSOBS’                         expenditure for the next generation. Every
     office. We did not have funds then. However, we                          generation, makes way for the future generations
     managed to collect about Rs. 1.00 crore . We are                         as otherwise things will deteriorate or come to a
     really grateful to the Donors for their generous                         stand still. If we have to be one of the best, we
     contributions. We had the option of going in for a                       have to provide the children with the best
     very nice flat in a nice location but unfortunately                      available, in the present scenario.
     they were all far beyond our reach and they were
                                                                              Dr. Bajpai informed the house that decisions as
     mainly in residential areas. We, being a Society,
                                                                              to such increases in fees were taken only after
     had apprehensions about such locations.
                                                                              great deliberations and keeping in mind the fund
     Further, given our the financialconstraints, we
                                                                              flow situation.
     could go in for this only. However, he stated that
     with more funds in the kitty, we could look for                          Dr. Kanti Bajpai ( 264-T ’72) thanked the DSOBS
     some other office space, in a better location.                           fraternity for their contributions on various issues
                                                                              and appreciated the various Fund Raising
E)   Major Navtaj Singh ( 350-T ’69) suggested that
                                                                              Projects, the Society had undertaken.
     the School should provide a vehicle for disabled/
     handicapp persons, who wished to come and                                Bhai Analjit Singh ( 132-J ’71) informed the house
     attend the Founders Day Functions. Many older                            that approx. Rs. 25.00 crores were needed for
     Doscos are not able to come, due to this reason                          the various Projects in the School. As per real
     and opined that a vehicle should be dedicated                            terms, fees should have gone up by 33% And
     for this reason.                                                         that there was a lot of catching up work to be
                                                                              done in the future.
     The President, Mr. Anoop Bishnoi stated that this
     matter will be taken up with the School. The HM,                         Sumanjit Chaudhry ( 7-J ’63) stated that most
     Dr. Kanti Bajpai informed the House that a shuttle                       parents were concerned about the educational
     service of vehicles (like golf carts) will be                            quality of the School and competitiveness of the
     providedin future.                                                       children in the context of Universities. If we
                                                                              wanted a Mercedeslike education, we must allow
F)   Mr. Anil Malhotra ( 505-H ’75) congratulated the
                                                                              the Board to move with the time and be realistic
     President and the EC Members for the excellent
                                                                              in fees. He said that we should be supportive ofthe
     work carried out by the DSOBS but suggested
                                                                              Board in itsendeavors.
     that the AGM should be moved from Sunday to
     Saturday for better attendance.                                          Mr. Dhruv Sawhney ( 37-K ’59) Chairman of the
                                                                              BOGs informed the House that the Board was very
     Mr. Anoop Bishnoi informed the House that he
                                                                              conscious of the fees and it was not that the
     had broached the subject with the HM      – Dr.
                                                                              Board did not feel the effect of the increase in
     Kanti Bajpai and the School could look into this
                                                                              fees on parents. He mentioned that the scenario
     from the next year onwards.
                                                                              of education has changed with time. He said that
G)   Mr. Gulab Ramchandani ( 225-T ’42) former HM,
                                                                       a)     We are trying to be one of the Best and we should
     suggested that a corpus be formed for helping
                                                                              be the Best. The demands of teachers are
     out needy School Teachers/Staff on their
                                                                              different. To attract good talent and preserve them,
     retirement, for their immediate needs.
                                                                              we have to be in line with the best institutions. All
H)   Some Members suggested that the President’s                              this required funds.
     Report /Accounts be circulated to all Members by
                                                                       b)     What is happening in education is, it is becoming
     e-mail/post well in advance, which can be the
                                                                              publicized. We are giving preference to Old Boys’
     base for discussions during the AGM.
                                                                              children for admission and certain amount of
I)   Mr. Gurpreet Singh ( 325-T ‘75 ) stated that the                         privacy has to be maintained in our working. The
     major concern for young Old Boys is the                                  School cannot divulge all information.
     phenomenal increase in fees in the last few years,
                                                                 With a vote of thanks to the Chair by Mr. Darshan Singh (90-T
     which he had already taken up during the EC
                                                                 ’62), the Meeting came to an end.
     Meetings too, but he had not received any
     satisfactory reply on this count.                                                                      (Geeta Bhaskaran)
     The HM - Dr. Kanti Bajpai ( 264-T ’72) informed                                                       Executive Secretary
     him and the House that the issue of increase in

                                                    Our revered Sheel (Bond) Vohra was today (May 02, 2006)
                                                    successfully operated upon by Dr. Sanjiv Marya, 415-T '74 at
      STOP PRESS                                    Analjit (Manu) Singh's, 132-J '71 Max Hospital, Saket. Sanjiv
                                                    replaced Bond's hip joint with an uncemented hip joint. All Doscos
       'HIP, HIP,                                   will be delighted to note that the surgery went off successfully
                                                    and Bond is recovering and well. All "get well soon" messages
                                                    may be sent to Bond at Max Hospital, Saket C/o the Orthopaedic
       HURRAH!!!                                    Department. They may be marked to Mr. Girish Joshi, Secretary
                                                    to Dr. Sanjiv Marya. People who wish to get telephonic news of
                                                    his progress may call Mr. Girish Joshi at 98-710-35987

5TH DSOBS Inter House Cricket- another year, another inter-house, different colors,
            same result - By Vivek Seth, Donny Singh & Nalin Khanna
On a perfect March morning about 60 Old Boys trundled on to              in to bat. Uday Bawa’s unusually sedate innings of 36 runs in
the Central Secretariat grounds for the 5th Annual Inter House           54 balls and Bharat Singh’s 36 runs off 27 balls were the only
cricket event. Mr. Vohra did the customary toss for both                 two knocks of any substance. Vivek Seth (ala Dhoni) once
matches in the presence of some senior cricket pros like Sheel           again finished with a flourish after Anirudh Chaudhry,
‘Shorty’ Sharma, Shivinder ‘Dicky’ Singh (all the way from               Sandeep Chandra, Anant Tyagi, Kunal Sharma and Yudhister
Bangalore), Ranjan ‘Itcan’ Bhalla and Arun ‘Ghori’ Khanna.               Kapoor all added to the total to get J house to a score of 122
                                                                         for 6 in their alloted 20 overs. The T house bowling and fielding
                                                                         was very tight, led by Jayant Gaur and Asheet Lanba, allowing
Arun Khanna beat Sheel Sharma to the toss and put Kashmir                J house to get only 43 for 2 in their first 10 overs. Sidharth
into bat on a perfect ‘patta’ wicket. Mohit Bawa got Vivek Narain        Singh 2 for 13, Naved Farooqui 1 for 21 and Donny Singh 2
LBW in his first over before Raghav Mallik and Shashi Vaish              for 21 chipped in with the wickets.
unleashed some powerful strokes. Ensuring that his good
                                                                         The T house batting was spearheaded by Dicky Singh 38
looks matched his performance on the field Nishchay got rid
                                                                         runs off 34 balls. Pepe Dugal, Jayant Gaur, Asheet Lanba
of both Raghav and Shashi. Credit must be given to both the
                                                                         and Donny Singh all chipped in with useful contributions to
catches taken by Nikhil Poddar who kept up the cricketing
                                                                         get T house to a comfortable win in the 17th over. J house had
standards that were probably honed at the LH Sugar Factory
                                                                         a mystery bowler in Yudi Kapoor 1 for 17 in his 4 overs (even
premises. Nikhil’s catches turned the game H house way (no
                                                                         he didn’t know which way his next ball would go). Bharat
wonder H house bullied Nikhil to come all the way from
                                                                         Singh had a good spell of 2 for 24. Tata won easily by 7
Kolkota for this game). Manu Saxena's flighted leg spin
                                                                         wickets with more than 3 overs to spare.
accounted for Manas though his brother Rahul and Dhruv
Dhawan staged a minor recovery. Dhruv was brilliantly                    Brief scores:
stumped by Anil ‘Paps’ Malhotra (even veteran keepers like
                                                                         Jaipur 122 for 6: Uday 36, Bharat Singh 36, Vivek 14, Donny
Mr. Vohra and ’Tishi’ Khanna applauded the effort from the
                                                                         2 for 21, Siddhart 2 for 13
outside). Udayan and Nalin then accounted for the wickets of
Sheel Sharma and Arjun with Suraj Nangia left holding one                Tata 124 for 3: Dicky 38, Jayant 22 n.o, Bharat 2 for 24, Yudhi
end.                                                                     Kapoor 1 for 17
The K house total of 117 (in 20 overs) put no pressure on the            JAIPUR vs. KASHMIR
H house openers. Vipin Malhotra and Amitoj ‘Johnny’
                                                                         It was like a replay of the previous year, Jaipur and Kashmir
Singh led the way with a 70 run stand till Vipin got out the
                                                                         fighting for the 3rd and 4th position, while the cup match was
only way possible - run out for 32 of 27 balls. Nikhil flashed at
                                                                         being played between Hyderabad and Tata.
the 3rd ball he faced from Manas only to see the ball carry to
about 6 feet away from Sheel Sharma fielding at slip. As if to           The clash began with K winning the toss and electing to bat.
discount his stature, Sheel’s outstretched hand held on to the
                                                                         After Sheel Sharma reminded us all that he still had it in him
catch. It was easily the highlight of the day. Johnny proceeded
                                                                         and showed us all why he was considered one of the best
to his fifty when he retired to let Arun & Pranav Sahai wrap
                                                                         sports men school had produced (29 of 13 balls) it was Manas
things up for H house with 5 overs to spare.
                                                                         who went all out to impress the lot of pretty girl’s who stayed
Brief scores:                                                            back to watch this match. After scoring 53 of only 18 balls,
                                                                         which included 6 fours and 4 sixes. He had to retire .—thank
Kashmir House 117 for 9 in 20 overs: Dhruv Dhawan 21,
                                                                         god for these rules. Arjun too had a good outing with 34 of
Shashi Vaish 16, Nischay 2-17, Mannu 2-28, Nalin 2-16
                                                                         only 18 balls as did Raghav Mallik scoring 19 of 9. We were
Hyderabad House 118 for 2 in14.1 overs: Amitoj 50 retired,               lucky to have got him cheap, else K would have scored another
Vipin 32                                                                 20-30 runs over the 200, which in 15 over was anyway an
                                                                         impossible target. Less said the better about the bowlers,
                                                                         except Ankit who got 2 wickets in his two overs.
On Ground 2, last years “runners up” Tata House led by Donny
Singh beat Sandeep Chandra to the toss and put Jaipur House

Jaipur fought back gallantly and tried what all international            Tata 154 all out; Jayant 56 n.o, Nischay 3 for 22, Manu Saxena
teams try when faced with such an uphill and hopeless task,              3 for 32
—sent in the pinch hitter (Vivek Seth). As it rarely works there,
                                                                         FINAL RESULTS: 1. Hyderabad 2. Tata 3. Kashmir 4. Jaipur
here too J got similar results, with Vivek Seth getting clean
bowled after hitting Manas for a four and a single in the very           The event received good sponsorship support from Society
first over. Jai Bawa and Sekar then steadied the innings;                General Private Banking, U.K Land and Investments Group,
however the asking rate kept going higher & faster like a                Leisure Hotels, Daks, Hedges & Butler and the Apavou Group
Bombay taxi meter (courtesy Mr. Navjot Sidhu). Kunal Sharma              of Hotels. Each House contributed its share though a special
tried his best scoring a precious 77 of 38 balls, which was              thanks must go out to Moin Qureshi and Vipin Malhotra.
also not enough when the need was beyond 20 runs per over.
                                                                                                           — —
                                                                                                          — —
Much hope was pinned on Uday Bawa, one of Jaipur’s new
recruits this season. After scoring 7 in 4 balls, Uday decided
to take a short walk and was stumped. Finally J finished with
a fighting 172 losing by 28 runs and again bagged the coveted
4th spot (just one away from a bronze—not bad??)
Brief scores:
Kashmir 200 for 6: Manas 53 retired, Arjun 34, Sheel 29, Ankit
2 for 11,
Jaipur 172 for 5: Kunal 77, Ankit 21, Dhruv Dhawan 3 for 12
Arun beat Donny to the Toss and given the Kathi Kababs,
Biryani and beer down everybody’s gullet, Arun decided to
send T house to field. Johnny and Nikhil opened for H house
(Vipin was kind enough to give the juniors a chance or was                                    5th DSOBS Inter House Cricket
he celebrating his first match effort with Mr. Vohra in tow).                                 All participants with Mr. Vohra
Nikhil opened with two flashy boundaries before Asheet
Lanba’s pace cleaned him up. Johnny Singh retired after
his 50 of 31 balls (means that Johnny was unbeaten all day)
whilst Arun blasted 27 off 18 balls before Naved trapped him
lbw. Pranav Sahai and Nalin took off from where they left
and in the 45 balls they faced between they scored of all but
8 deliveries. Donny very wisely rotated the bowlers but could
do very little as his fielders dropped catches. As if to respond
to Asheet’s fiery spell, Dhruv Rathore (arranged his business
meetings in Delhi to co-incide with the event) smashed 22 of
12 balls including a 6 that would probably have gone into H
house if the game was at the main field. 23 extras only added
to T house woes as H house rattled up 198 in their allotted 20
Dicky and Pepe came out with a ‘true as steel’ attitude but
Pepe fell to Mohit Bawa- caught by Vipin in the covers
(something that rubbed salt into the wounds of the T house               MEN IN BLUE
                                                                         Winners-Hyderabad House Standing L to R - Anil Malhotra, Kapil Bhalla,
fielders). Rumors’ doing the round was that Vipin was being
                                                                         Manu Saxena, Arun Khanna, Vipin Malhotra, Dhruv Rathore, Mohit Bawa, Amitoj
hired as a fielding coach for T house next year. Dicky cracked           Singh, Nalin Khanna, Pranay Bahl, Pranav Sahai, Nikhil Poddar
2 boundaries before Nischay struck in quick succession
getting rid of him and Donny. But the never say die attitude of
T house came into the fore with Jayant Gaur cracking an
unbeaten 50. Asheet showed what the spirit of the event was
all about, by batting with a fractured finger. Nischay got rid of
Asheet as The T house score mounted. Manu then accounted
for Indushekar and Sanjay Mediratta. Aijaz Ilmi showed his
old class with the long handle as he and Jayant rallied for
Tata. H house fielders panicked momentarily before some
spirited fielding by Kapil Bhalla (including using his shin to
stop a certain boundary), Pranay Bahl and Udayan Singh
kept the game for H house under control. Anil’s flashy stumping
to get rid of Aijaz drove the final nail in the coffin of the T
house chase. H house won by 44 runs.
Brief scores:
Hyderabad 198 for 4: Amitoj 50 retired, Pranav 49 n.o, Arun
27, Dhruv Rathore 22 n.o, Asheet 1 for 23                                5th DSOBS Inter House Cricket - pre match discussion with Mr. Vohra
                                                                         L to R - Arun Khanna, Anil Malhotra, Mr. Vohra, Dhruv Rathore (background),
                                                                         Nalin Khanna, Sheel Sharma

                                            LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

Lalit Mathur, 27-H ’51 – December 17, 2005                                   I sincerely hope that the various items we have been sending to
                                                                             the affected people of TN & J&K, were confirmed as “useful items”
“Subject: A word of thanks – The DSOBS Kashmir Earthquake
                                                                             before they were actually despatched. Having to use sanitary
Relief Efforts.
                                                                             napkins (used or unused) as pillows, is a ghastly thought even for
Dear Executive Committee                                                     people struggling to survive a natural calamity!! We old DOSCOs,
                                                                             must make sure that our relief priorities are never misplaced.7
Thanks for this really well written piece which brings out your
highly motivated and thoroughly dedicated endeavours in such                 Warm regards and a Happy New Year.
an extremely transparent manner. Very well done and thank
                                                                             Lalit Mathur, 27-H ‘51"
you for taking so much trouble to explain the situation so lucidly.
I am a man of humble means and advancing years, content to
manage life within the limits of my pension. Though my heart bleeds
                                                                             K.P.S. Menon, 215-J ’45 – January 9, 2006
for those unfortunate people whose needs are greater than mine,
my contribution towards improving their lot is regrettably restricted        “Sir,
by my own financial status. The way in which you have expressed
                                                                             I think it an excellent idea to start a “Down Memory Lane” column.
your appreciation of my miniscule contribution, has warmed the
cockles of my heart and encouraged me to continue adding my                  I do not know whether what I write now will qualify for it, for it is only
microscopic bit to the overall DSOBS effort in the future too.               a small, little bit. It was given to me by a Dosco, eminent at the
                                                                             School and in later life, now, alas, no more, Mr. R.D. Sathe.
Notwithstanding what I have said, I fail to understand why we
DOSCO Old Boys call ourselves Ex DOSCOs?!! 5                                 The masters, J.A.K. Martyn and J.T.M. Gibson, were in chase of an
                                                                             errant cat. The cat entered a drain-pipe. Martyn went down to one
The acronym DOSCO was coined by Mr. S.C. Agarwal (Ghasthi),
                                                                             end to peer through it; Gibson shot with an air gun from the other.
our Chemistry teacher when I was at school in the 40s/50s. Under
                                                                             The cat escaped unscathed but Mr. Martyn’s face was not quite
his guidance and instructions, we boys used to make various items
                                                                             the same for some time.
in the chemistry lab such as boto polish, tooth powder, cold cream,
hair oil etc. etc. These items made by the boys were proudly sold to         Yours faithfully
parents at Founder’s Day. Though these products were packed in
assorted old jars, bottles and tins, Ghasthi did not know what trade         K.P.S. Menon, 215-J ‘45"8
name should be written (later printed) on the containers. That is the
time when the acronym or trade name of DOSCO was coined to
mean “Product of The Doon School”.6 With time, not only boot polish          R. Vijit Singh (187-H ’69) – January 11, 2006
and cold cream made in School but also all students produced                 “Editor K.K. Lahiri:
there were stamped as DOSCOs. So, with this explanation, I hope
all human products of The Doon School will continue to take pride            I extend my congratulations to you and others for the excellent
in themselves as DOSCOs, particularly after becoming Old Boys.               work in keeping the print version of ‘The Rose Bowl’ alive and
Actually, strictly speaking, we become DOSCOs only after passing             well. The photo on the mast head never fails to remind me of my
out from School —— why then do some of us call ourselves EX-                 own ‘salad days’ and that my father (Rajkumar Jayvant Singh/
DOSCOs? I have taken up so much of your time with this                       180-H ‘ 45), was part of the group of boys that helped build ‘the
explanation, simply because you too are guilty of this heinous crime         bowl’. While I am a proponent of reducing the use of paper on a
in the message under reference !!! DOSCOs we are and DOSCOs                  personal and professional level, I must admit that there is (a deep?)
we will always be, wherever we may be. Keep up the good work.                psychological satisfaction in reading and re-reading the words
My best wishes will always be with you.                                      and scrutinising the barely recognizable faces of friends. In fact, if
                                                                             I did not see some of them in the Rosebowl from time to time, I
Cheers,                                                                      would find it hard to recognize them on meeting!
Lalit Mathur, 27-H ‘51"                                                      Sadly, it was my only communication (Bharat Swaroop 312-H
                                                                             ’69/ “P.M. Das, My Friend’) about the untimely passing of my
                                                                             onetime roommate and friend, Parash Moni Das (298-H ‘ 69) or
Lalit Mathur, 27-H ’51 – December 20, 2005                                   ‘Naga’ as he was nicknamed affectionately by some of us. I
“Dear Executive Committee                                                    have a wonderful memory of meeting him unexpectedly at an
                                                                             evening theatrical play in 1981, while I was visiting Jullundar after
Further to my forwarded mail, a news item titled “Thank you, but             many years. He was on official duty at the time as the ADC
that was no help” which appeared in the Hindustan Times of 20                accompanying the Governor of Punjab. I spotted him across a
Dec 05, got me thinking about the various items the DSOBS has                crowded hall as he was the only person wearing an old boys
been sending to affected parts of TDN earlier and now J & K. The             blazer! Nevertheless, when I called out to him, he came right over
news item talks of post-tsunami days when NGOs from all over the             and we warmly greeted each other. My lasting memory of him is
world sent thousands of packets of sanitary napkins to Nicobarese            that he was a helpful and warm human being.
tribal women which were of no use to them. I quote —
                                                                             Comment: I am happy to see the reference made by Headmaster
“Nicobari women do not use sanitary napkins, “says Sameer                    Bajpai in his Founder’s Day address regarding the addition of
Acharya, Secretary, Society for Andaman and Nicobar Ecology.                 ‘Environment Education’ to the subjects being taught in school. It
                                                                             would be a positive learning tool if you were to introduce readers
“When thousands of packets were reaching them, they didn’t know
                                                                             to the recycled (paper) content of the Rose Bowl publication, and
what to do. Since there was a water problem immediately after the
                                                                             state it at the bottom of the front page or last page of each
tsunami, some intelligent tribal suggested that the napkins could
                                                                             subsequent edition. I would be happy to exchange/share
be used as toilet paper. With the supply of sanitary napkins
                                                                             information (if needed) about true recycled content that is typically
continuing all through the year, the men decided it was a great
                                                                             measured by the ‘post consumer’ content of paper being used.9
material to make pillows.”
                                                                             Thank you for a great publication.

DSOBS Memorabilia Subcommittee (Messrs. Sahai & Bhalla):                        I must say this that Shyama bent himself backwards to ensure
                                                                                harmony and goodwill and Randhir being the suave gentleman
How are you Jayant? Are we overseas OBs’ (in the USA) still
                                                                                cricketer that he was, never ever uttered even a distant note of
excluded from ordering Memorabilia? If not please let me know
                                                                                discontent. It might interest you to know gentle reader that when
as it is not stated on the order form. If not, may I respectfully
                                                                                Shyama Prosad Mookerjee left school and in the last assembly of
suggest adding Fedex or DHL (and any other) as carriers and
                                                                                that term the Meadmaster described him as the best school
letting us know what the charges would be. Thanks!
                                                                                captain so far !! A huge certificate to have in the then 24 years
Address Change (for future Rosebowl mailing):                                   of the school history.
Please add this information to the Dosco Register and also                      Well, that’s what happened 50 years ago and I am glad that I
provide to my (1969 batch) Class Rep.: Sanjiv Kapoor (312-H                     rubbed shoulders with two of the greatest sons of our alma mater
’69):                                                                           – perhaps through their contributions to my life I too had the honour
                                                                                of becoming the school captain the following year.
R. Vijit Singh (187-H ‘ 69)
                                                                                Oh and by the way, how does one describe the job of a school
P.O. Box 121532
                                                                                captain ? Before I end, let me recall something that could well
Arlington, TX 76012                                                             come close to it. Shortly after leaving school, my niece who was
                                                                                then 5 or 6 years old blackmailed me into taking her and 6 of her
USA                                                                             friends of the same age group to the Calcutta zoo. Those three
Email:                                                          hours we spent there I shall not forget for the rest of my life.
                                                                                Handling 7 tiny incarnations of you know who was a nightmare.
                                                                                But then what saved the day was when the next morning I got a
Contact with State of Texas Regional Rep.:                                      card signed by all the seven visitors to the zoo which read
                                                                                something like this “mamaji, we loved all the animals in the zoo
Please put me in contact. If you do not have one, then I wish to                but you were the best.”
volunteer for the post. Texas is part of the “South Western States”,
and a distinct region (such as the East Coast and the West Coast)               Thank you dear reader,
in the United States. I live in the City of Arlington, and a few minutes        Ashim Kumar Mukherjee
from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), that has probably
the largest contingent of students (from India) studying science                44-T ‘58"
and engineering. I would hope some of them are Doscos?
Cheers and thanks for your help!                                                Mahinder Lall, ex-J120 – April 24, 2006.
Vijit”                                                                          “The Editor,
                                                                                The Rose Bowl.
Ashim Kumar Mukherjee, 44-T ’58 – February 20, 2006 -                           It was delightful to read the special edition covering the Dosco
“Dear Sir                                                                       (Dubai) Summit, Dec.12th - 20th, 2005, and to see so many
                                                                                faces from my years in School - Shiel Vohra, Guru, Jamsheed
School cap unplugged                                                            Marker, Minoo Marker and many others. Jamsheed was a
I read with a great deal of nostalgia the school captain’s interview            classmate of my elder brother, Surender Lall (Bandy) and Minoo
by Saurav Sethia and Sahurya Kuthiala in the 11th Feb issue of                  was a close friend of my younger brother, Roopinder Lall (Rupi).
the weekly. It brought back a few memories, which I thought I                   As for the Marker Cups, we remember them well as Bandy won
would share with all of you.                                                    the General Proficiency Cup; I won the Science Cup and Rupi
                                                                                won the English Language Cup.
The year was 1958 and we were readying for the announcement
of the school captain in the 1st assembly of that term. I might add             I am glad that Masood has cleared the air regarding the origin of
that in those days such appointments were not arrived at through                the acronym ‘Dosco’. He is perfectly right that S.C. Agarwal
voting, as it now seems to be. Instead the Headmaster and the                   (Ghashti), coined the word as a label for the products made by the
Housemasters along with a few senior masters decided the matter.                boys, including myself, in the chemistry labs during the war years
                                                                                - perfumes; creams; boot polish; phenyl; ink and so many others.
There were two contenders for the job – Shyama Prosad                           We were all products of The Doon School.
Mukherjee, ex 172H, Class of ’57 and Randhir Singh ex 304 T
also Class of ’57. Both were outstanding students, brilliant in                 Mahinder Lall, ex-J120.”
their own ways. Always the 1st division type, you know what I
mean. But if at all there was a favourite between the two, it was
Randhir. If Shyama was School Football Captain, Randhir was                     Lalit Mathur, 27-H ’51 – April 23, 2006
Captain of both Cricket and Boxing. Very often many of us felt that             Dear Kishore,
if he had seriously pursued cricket he could well have been an
international player, and I mean it.                                            Congratulations for an excellent Special Commemorative
                                                                                Edition of Rose Bowl dated March 06.It provided interesting
Both of them were very popular with the boys and masters but in                 viewing even for people like me who were not involved with the
the final analysis Randhir stood a wee bit taller than Shyama.                  Dubai Summit 05. Other than Mr Gurdial Singh, Sukhbir Grewal
Therefore when Mr. Martyn (the then Head Master) announced                      and MCT Muthiah, I could not spot any others with whom I shared
that Shyama Prosad Mookerjee had been appointed the School                      associations of School. Nonetheless, I enjoyed browsing through
Captain, most, if not all, were a trifle taken aback.                           all the fine photographs, so laboriously picked by you and the
There was an awkward pause, if only for just a few seconds before               very fine written content.
the clapping erupted and combined feelings of joy, surprise and                 As I flicked the pages, I wondered as to what really made the
disappointment prevailed what followed were the obvious,                        Dubai Summit click and why were our normal get togethers at
handshakes and still bear hugs with the two best boys of our time.              Founder’s not such great hits? I think, one reason could be that
After the initial back slapping was over, everyone settled down to              when Old Boys get together at Founder’s, they interact only briefly
their tasks but in retrospect I think many even outside of Yata                 at the AGM and the evening social party. Most of the time they are
House were not entirely convinced.

left to themselves to figure out how they can best relive nostalgia           activities—— could all be stage managed to bring more genuine
of their respective times in School. The situation gets confounded            nostalgic joy to an OB. The nitty-gritty of such an annual exercise
when they cannot readily identify with anybody or anything and                could be worked out by the HM’s team and the DSOBS. All
they feel they are coming in the way of the current students. An              expenses incurred could be shared by attendees and my guess
Old Boy yearns for reliving some of the events of his past in School          is that they would not be more than what we spend in Agra/
and not finding this possible at Founder’s, he withdraws into his             Jaipur. If such an event, totally dedicated to Old Boys at School
own shell. A few years ago, this need for reliving the past in                were to become a reality , and wives being accomodated in the
typical School settings was somewhat met by the introduction of               scheme of things, I foresee very memorable and enjoyable times
the summer week end get-aways to Agra and Jaipur, where quaint                for our fraternity.The first few get togethers are bound to have
little memories of Chota Hazri, Dames, House Masters, Inter House             teething problems, but I am confident that with time, as we improve
games, Golden Nights etc etc were artificially re-created. A lot of           from lessons learnt, such get togethers will really become worth
us enjoyed behaving like school children during those two or                  while for all ages of OBs. I am not aware of any other institution
three days in air conditioned comfort—— but yet, that all compelling          that holds similar get togethers in situ. Perhaps we DOSCOs can
motivating force was still missing. Boys of varying age groups                achieve yet another FIRST to our credit.
found it difficult to genuinely identify with each other under make
believe settings, more so as there was an unrealistic equation of             I know many things are easier said than done, but I do honestly
time and space with the actual. So, what can be done to minimise              feel that this suggestion of mine, if tackled in the right spirit, has
this lacuna? Though my suggestion may have been discussed at                  the potential of becoming very popular. Nostalgia in original
some time and forum, I feel that providing OBs a stage as close to            settings will attract OBs of all ages and provide motivation for
the original of their times as possible, so that they can relive their        class mates and House mates to meet in “good old“ situations.
memories realistically, would be the ideal thing and can be                   DOSCOs by and large feel that any function without the blessings
discussed again. Instead of cramming OB activities into Founder’s,            of dear old Bacchus, is incomplete and a waste of time. The Tuck
we can think of enjoying them exclusively during summer or winter             Shops of yore could be mobilised to fulfill this essential
vacations. At that time boys would be away from School, normal                requirement to everybody’s satisfaction !!
activities closed and minimal disturbance to the administration               Kishore, I know that a lot of fellows will think of my suggestion as
would take place. Just as we plan get togethers in Agra/Jaipur,               unrealistic/impractical/absurd—— but then no harm will be done
we could do likewise in School itself and relive old memories                 if this is discussed at one of your Executive Committee meetings.
under more realistic settings. If the School authorities are prepared         Undoubtedly, the first and biggest hurdle to cross would be the
to cooperate, we could request them to provide skeleton staff to              Head Master—— but Kanti being an OB himself, may see reason
make this drama work. Living in our respective Houses, realistically          in the suggestion and lend us his support. Go ahead and take a
adhering to meal timings with the School bell, being mothered by              shot at the Committee—— nothing to lose!!!10
Dames, sitting at our toyes, attending Assembly, eating food
normally served to boys, Prefects dishing out Blue Cards, naughty             Warm regards,
Old Boys being awarded Yellow Cards by the HM in his office,                  LALIT.
Inter House games on original sports fields, functions in the Rose
Bowl, music sessions in the Music School, Inter House debates                 23 April 2006
and all those myriad other chracteristically special DOSCO

                                    BATCH OF 1956 - GOLDEN JUBILEE
     Calling on all Doscos who did their Senior Cambridge in 1956 to contact Sushil Dubey (ex 30-T)
     regarding our “Golden Jubilee” celebrations during “Founder’s Day” in Dehra Dun from Friday October
     27 to Sunday October 29, 2006.
     Please confirm whether you, along with your spouse, will be able to participate in these celebrations.
     The program will be sent to you shortly.
     Kindly communicate your current postal and email addresses, along with your telephone and mobile
     phone numbers to: Sushil Dubey, A - 11, West End, New Delhi - 110021.Tel. no. (011) 2411-2550,
     email address:
     Please also copy your emails to Ashok Shrinagesh (ex 278 - H) at :

     I agree Lalit. Haven’t you noticed that the Rose Bowl never uses the ‘Ex’ word – whether for Doscos or for numbers?
     Lalit – Mr. Faroukh Captain told us at Dubai that the trade name given was the ‘Doon School Company’ which became ‘DOSCO’ as an
     acronym in the Weekly. Is that correct???
     Lalit – We can assure you that we checked before dispatching relief material – whether to Tamil Nadu or J&K.
     Brilliant one, Mr. Menon! Keep them coming.
     Sir We would be grateful for any advise you can give us in this regard. We would certainly like to take steps in becoming as eco-friendly as
     we can.
     Lalit – you may not believe this - but the Delhi Chapter is already thinking on these lines - especially after the recent Jaipur do.

      With compliments from :
                                           THE CLASS OF 1956
                                              FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK
My three cardinal sins                                                           into lakhs and here I just have a few thousands and the trickle
                                                                                 has virtually stopped.
No! I am not talking about the Cardinal Sin from Singapore who was a
contestant for the Papal throne but the sort which requires confession           Ofcourse, we have had some support from people like Deepak (Big
and forgiveness. So, here I am seeking the forgiveness of those who I            Pongo) Atal, 130-J ’68 who has not only promised to send money for
may have damned.                                                                 the corpus but has also promised corporate sponsors for some ads in
                                                                                 the future Rosebowls. He has also promissed half or full page ads
My first cardinal sin was making our Headmaster, Dr. Kanti Bajpai, 264-
                                                                                 which we have now decided to take on to keep the Rosebowl in print
T ’72 a Prime Ministerial candidate by spelling his surname as ‘Bajpayee’
                                                                                 form going.
at page 12 of the December 2005 issue of the Rosebowl. That was a
typo. Do continue to read Kanti’s name as Dr. Kanti Bajpai, 264-T ’72,           I have another request to the Dosco readership. You will notice in this
Headmaster, the Doon School. Kanti did gently point out this error during        issue that most of the write ups of various batches have been sponsored
the Dubai Summit but I had then brushed this aside as an error in the soft       by that batch or Chapter. For instance, the write up on Guru’s visit to
copy which came from School. However, I must now admit that the error            Oman at page 13 has been sponsored by the Oman Chapter. The
was entirely mine. Sorry, Kanti. My heartfelt apologies.                         Class of 2001 whose write up you find at page 14 had sponsored a
                                                                                 Rs.20,000/- strip ad in the previous Dubai Summit issue. The Rajasthan
The second cardinal sin was my sending Nitan Kapoor, 151-J ’66 to
                                                                                 Chapter has sponsored a strip ad at page 15 while the Golden Jubilee
Hyderabad House in the Dubai Summit Edition of March 2006. For some
                                                                                 batch of 1955 have sponsored an ad at page 16. The forthcoming
reason in the captions to the photographs (e.g. see cover page or page
                                                                                 Golden Jubilee batch of 1956 has sponsored a strip ad at page 39 while
5, etc.) he was always shown as 151-H ’66. Even I didn’t notice it till one
                                                                                 the Class of 1962, whose write up is at pages 18 and 19, have also
of his batchmates pointed it out and wrote to Nitan which he copied to
                                                                                 sponsored a strip ad. This greatly helps in keeping the Rosebowl going.
me. Amazing how civilized Nitan is, considering that he had noted the
                                                                                 You would realize that once again instead of an usual 16 page issue,
blooper but never considered embarrassing me till one of his batchmates
                                                                                 you have a whopping 40 page issue. Therefore, the costs are bound to
pointed this out. Nitan is very much 151-J ’66 and has neither temporarily
                                                                                 be well over the usual Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1.25 lakhs. Unless I get help like
nor permanently migrated to Hyderabad House. Tough luck ‘H’ House
                                                                                 this, it would make things very difficult. I therefore, appeal to all you
and sorry! Nitan.
                                                                                 Regional Reps, Class Reps, Silver and Golden Jubilee batches to
My third cardinal sin ofcourse was to misplace the Class of 2001’s write         please come forward and send strip ads with your write ups or
up for which I had tried to atone by putting in a hastily scribbled piece        news. It is still Rs.10,000/- a pop and would greatly help things.
then captioned 'Of bottles Empty and Ashtrays full'. Thankfully, Vir Mehta,      Infact, in the last EC meeting it was suggested that the Silver Jubilee
574-T '01 located his original write up which you now see at page 14.            batches should be requested to do one strip ad for each of the four
Therefore, apart from a few days lost and a few days of anxiety - no real        issues that year ending with the issue after Founder’s which will carry
damage was done. My apologies Class of 2001 and thanks once again                the report of their celebrations. The same could be done by the Golden
for your generosity.                                                             Jubilee batch but we do not want to put too much pressure on our
Confessions made and (hopefully) forgiveness granted, let me turn to
matters concerning the Rosebowl.                                                 I hope I will have some response to these appeals.
Broadbasing the Editorial Board                                                  The minutes of the previous AGM
These cardinal sins and similar bloopers led me to realize that I just           All those who attended the last AGM on October 23, 2005 would
cannot continue to do it alone. I have pulled through for one and a half         remember Mr. Raj Bir Singh’s, 4-H ’54’s suggestion that the minutes of
years but it was now time to get others onboard. With this in mind, I first      the 65th AGM should have been printed in the first issue of the Rosebowl
roped in Govind Dhar, 192-T ’97 to volunteer followed closely by Gautam          after the AGM. The President had stated that he would revert to this
Vohra, 154-H ’63. Govind will be our Middle-East correspondent while             earlier practice. We could not print such lengthy minutes either in the
Gautam’s eloquent style will leave him free to write whatever his heart          December 2005 issue or in the Dubai Special edition but have printed
desires. Nalin Khanna, 563-H ’80, Donny Singh, 878-T ’82 and Vivek               them in this (May 2006) issue. I am sure that receipt of the minutes, five
Seth, 915-J ’82 would primarily be sports correspondents but would also          to six months before the next AGM should give adequate time to the old
be free to report on other matters particularly since Vivek and Nalin are        boy community to read the minutes of the previous AGM.
great pillars of strength to Indrave Singh Mann in organizing Delhi get-
                                                                                 Letters to the Editor
togethers, the nearby dos at Jaipur, Agra, etc. while Donny Singh seems
to float all over the world initiating Regional get-togethers (e.g. see pages    Last but not the least is this most encouraging trend of a phenomenal
15-16, the Pune get-together). You therefore, have an Editorial Board            increase in the number of letters written to the Editor. It is amazing how
now spanning over three decades from 1963 to 1997. I am sure that this           well a Dosco communicates in writing. I wish I could print all the letters
wide spectrum of youth, age and experience would ensure coverage of              I receive. They all make fascinating reading. They deal with varied
events and views from all groups and classes of the DSOBS. I am still on         subjects but as much as I want to print all of them, constraints of space
the lookout for more volunteers. So, if any of you out there are willing to      prevents me from doing so. We are now trying to tie up with our website
take on the task of regularly writing in from your (different) region(s) do      to see whether we can put up all the letters on the website atleast.
give me a shout. You are all welcome onboard at any time.                        Thanks guys (and girls) for being so proactive and such prolific
The omnipresent demon – strip ads, funds and 'The Rosebowl
Corpus'                                                                           ‘That is all folks’! Happy reading. Have a great summer vacation.
                                                                                 I will see you all in July with another edition of your favourite newsletter
Sanjiv Swarup’s, 298-H ’74’s Rosebowl Corpus idea proved to be the
                                                                                 – the Rosebowl.
most popular suggestion and money did start coming in from
generous souls but unfortunately, it started and ended as a trickle.             K.K. Lahiri
I had not expected a deluge but certainly expected some flow.                    30-K ‘74
Guys! I need all the help I can get to build a corpus which is to run  

Editor – K. K. Lahiri- 30-K ’74
Editorial Board –K. K. Lahiri- 30-K ’74, Gautam Vohra, 154-H ’63, Govind Dhar, 192-T ’97, Nalin Khanna, 563-H ’80, Donny
                 Singh, 878-T ’82, Vivek Seth, 915-J ’82
Publisher – The Doon School Old Boys’ Society                                                          Place – New Delhi


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