Fader Condenser Microphone Control Room Fade Dynamic Microphone by fdjerue7eeu


									definition test #3                                               Name: ____________________________________

        Fader            1. A microphone whose diaphragm consists of a condenser plate that vibrates with the
                            sound pressure against another fixed condenser plate, called the backplate.
        Microphone       2. A room adjacent to the studio in which the director, the technical director, the audio
                            engineer perform their various production functions.
        Control Room
                         3. A microphone whose sound pickup device consists of a diaphragm that is attached to
        Fade                a movable coil. As the diaphragm vibrates with the air pressure from the sound, the
                            coil moves within a magnetic field, generating an electric current.
        Microphone       4. The gradual appearance of a picture from black or its disappearance to black

        Feed             5. A sound-volume control that works by means of a button sliding horizontally along
                            a specific scale.
                         6. Signal transmission from one program source to another.
                         7. Piercing squeal from the loudspeaker, caused by the accidental reentry of the
                            loudspeaker sound into the microphone and subsequent over amplification of sound.
                         8. The portion of a scene visible through a particular lens.
                         9. Additional light on the opposite side of the camera from the key light to illuminate
                            shadow areas and thereby reduce fall off. Usually done with floodlights.
                        10. Lighting instrument that produces diffused light with a relatively undefined beam
        Frame               edge.

        Impedance       11. The smallest picture unit in film, a single picture. 30 per second.

        Generation      12. Continuous replaying of a single frame.

        Field of View   13. level of amplification for audio signals.

        Fill Light      14. The number of dubs away from the original recording.

        Gain            15. The space left between the top of the head and the upper screen edge.

        Headroom        16. One of the three basic color attributes; it is the color itself—red, green, blue, yellow,
                            and so on.
                        17. Type of resistance to the signal flow.
        Knee Shot
                        18. Device allowing a high-impedance mic to feed a low-impedance recorder or vice
        Jump Cut
                        19. Used by all production and technical personnel for communication.
                        20. Frame-by-frame advancement of videotape with a VTR.

                        21. Cutting between shots that are identical in subject, yet slightly different in screen
                            location. The subject seems to jump from one screen location to another for no
                            apparent reason.
                        22. Framing of a person from approximately the knees up.

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