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					                                                            Autumn— March 2008


                       President’s                You could encourage your friends            Sally Bell (Claremont) was also fare-
                                              who are not Masters swimmers to par-        welled at the AGM also after completing
                         Piece                ticipate as volunteers with you.            3 years as Director of Marketing. Sally
                                                                                          brought her promotional experience and
                     SHARE THE                    From my involvement in previous
                   EXCITEMENT OF                                                          expertise to this role providing our mem-
                    THE 2008 FINA             World and international swimming            bers with a new-look website and other
                   WORLD MASTERS              events I know our Western Australian        promotional achievements. Thanks once
                     SWIMMING                 volunteers have earned a wonderful
                   CHAMPIONSHIPS!                                                         again Sally.
                                              reputation for their professionalism and        State Officers were thanked for their

   A      pril this year offers a unique
          opportunity for all of us to par-
ticipate in a World Championship, as a
                                              friendliness. I am confident that will be
                                              the case for this event. What a great
                                              experience to be part of that.
                                                                                          ongoing efforts and subsequently agreed
                                                                                          to continue in their volunteer roles for
                                                                                          2008 - which were ratified at the AGM:
swimmer or a volunteer or in both ca-             If you want further information or      ♦       Robert Birch (Belmont) – Book-
pacities in our own fantastic city.           you want to enter as a swimmer or reg-              keeper
   We’ve been talking about it for            ister as a volunteer go on to the web-      ♦       Jane Laws (Carine) – Different
months and many of our members have           site, www.2008finamasters.org.                      Strokes Editor
been working hard on the organising               As they say in the classics, “Just do   ♦       Lillian Hadley (Stadium Snap-
team for even longer to ensure it will be     it!” and help this 12th World Masters               pers) – Records Officer
a memorable event. We are now at the          be an amazing and memorable event           ♦       Judith Crawford (Somerset) –
business end. The first swimmers hit the      for you and everyone else involved.                 Technical Officer
water on 18 April at Challenge Stadium.        Jack Busch                                 ♦       Robyn Wilson (Stadium Snap-
     Have you registered yet to swim?                                                             pers) – Swim Meet Coordinator
It is not just for prospective World cham-      Changes to the Board Team                 ♦       Gail Parsons (Stadium Snappers)
                                                                                                  – IT Support
pions. Check the qualifying times and
you may be surprised to find that you
really can swim a qualifying time or two
                                              M     asters Swimming WA conducted
                                                    its Annual General meeting on
                                              February 19 2008 with some appoint-
                                                                                              Subsequent to the AGM we are
                                                                                          pleased to announce that Veronica
and enjoy the experience in the pool.         ments and changes at Board level.           Jeffery (Somerset) has been appointed to
                                                  Lynne Malone (Carine) ~ reap-           the Director of Marketing position.
    All of us as Western Australians en-                                                      Veronica brings with her an enor-
                                              pointed for another two-year term as
joy welcoming people to our wonderful                                                     mous amount of expertise in the promo-
                                              National Delegate to continue her ex-
State. Competing and meeting in the pool                                                  tional area and we look forward to her
                                              cellent contribution at National level on
and out of it (there will be great social                                                 contributions.
                                              behalf of WA members.
facilities for the event) and getting to                                                  Wendy Holtom, Executive Officer
                                                  Sandra Mutch (Swan Hills) ~ re-
know visiting swimmers from elsewhere
                                              appointed to the position of Director of
in Australia and a wide variety of over-
                                              Recording to which she brings a wealth
seas countries promises to be very, very
                                              of experience along with her excellent            Contents At A Glance
                                              hands-on approach.
    Entries close on 23 March. Don’t              After completing his two-year term        President’s Piece      Page 1
leave it to the last minute. This is a        Neil Sutherland (Claremont) retired as        Board Team changes     Page 1
World event and I strongly suggest you        Director of Programs where he pro-            MSWA contacts          Page 2
get your entry in NOW!                        vided experience and expertise in lead-       Calendar of Events     Page 2
                                              ership along with his business acumen         Front Desk             Page 3
    Alternatively if you want to be a part
                                              at Board level. At an operational level       Technical Desk         Page 3
of the Worlds but are not able to, or
                                              Neil achieved much in this short time         BACC Awards             Page 4
would prefer not to be a swimmer, there
                                              specifically, balancing the annual pool       News from clubs    Pages 5 to 8
are many opportunities to be a volunteer.
                                              events calendar to try to ensure fairness     Sponsors               Page 8
You could for example be a timekeeper
                                              of event allocations and lessening the        Number Plates          Page 8
or a runner, or you could be an official
judging turns or be an inspector of turns.    load for officials. We will miss him.

                                                                                                                     Page 1
          Masters                         From the Editor                      Calendar of State, National &
       Swimming WA                                                           International Masters Swimming

         Branch Office
 Suite 7, WA Sports Lotteries House
                                                T      his issue has con-
                                                       tributions from
                                                 thirteen clubs and I
                                                                                Events March to May 2008

                                                                                      Western Australia
          Challenge Stadium
            Mt Claremont
                                                 thank all who took the      9th Mar. Australand Coogee Jetty to Jetty
            Postal address:                      time to send in articles
                                                                              15th March Geraldton Pool Event
               PO Box 57                         and photos. I have had
         Claremont WA 6910            fun with the challenge of fitting      16th March Midwest Toyota Ocean
          Tel: (08) 9387 4400         in as much as possible from all                 Mile Geraldton
         Fax: (08) 9387 4411
                                      contributors. It is great to have     22 March City of Albany Harbour Swim
                                      so much variety so please keep          29th Mar. Dale Alcock State OWS
                                      them coming for future editions!       Coogee Beach (MSWA swimmers only)
       Different Strokes:               It is pleasing to hear that many
                                                                                   6th April Melville BACC
dseditor@mastersswimmingwa.asn.au     clubs are experiencing an in-
                                      crease in membership. And the         17th—24th April FINA World Masters
     2008 Board Members                                                        Pool Events Challenge Stadium
                                      excitement surrounding the
             President                FINA world Masters is certainly       19th April Channel 9 Musselfest Mile
            Jack Busch                rising.                                           Rockingham
            9433 3151
                                        I hope you enjoy the Autumn         25th April FINA World Masters OWS
      Director of Swimming            edition of Different Strokes.                    Barrack St Jetty
       ‘Tricia Summerfield
            9387 7124                  Jane Laws                             17th May Stadium Snappers 1500m

      Director of Marketing                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                            National:
         Veronica Jeffrey                      Deadline for the                        March 2008
            9355 2484                            next Issue:                 33rd AUSSI Masters National Swim
     Director of Development                 Friday 23rd May 2008
          Peter Maloney                                                          For all information about the
            9457 7785                            Ph: 9448 2065                   X11 FINA World Masters
                                                  Email to:                         Championships 2008
       Director of Programs
                                      dseditor@mastersswimmingwa.asn.au                      go to:
          Position Vacant
        Director of Finance            info@mastersswimmingwa.asn.au
           Lynne Duncan                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                Masters World Top 10 available at
            9293 3041                                                        http://www.fina.org/rankingshome.html

       Director of Recording
           Sandra Mutch
             9295 0502

         Executive Officer
          Wendy Holtom
            9387 4400                           COACH REQUIRED: SUPERFINS WA INCORPORATED
                                        A suitably qualified person is wanted for this long established
     National Board Member
          Lynne Malone                                     swimming club (est 1985).
           9245 1779                     Superfins caters for swimmers with a disability interested in
                                                    recreational and competitive training.
                                          We are looking for an enthusiastic person with vision and
                                           commitment for this rewarding and satisfying position.
                                         ♦       3 x 2 hourly sessions per week at Challenge Stadium
                                         ♦       Monday & Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings
                                                 ♦     Separated into Junior and Senior squads
                                                          ♦      Hourly rate negotiable
                                                      Enquiries: contact Rob Beckett
                                         Ph: 08 9235 9160 or email robert.beckett@watc.wa.gov.au
                                            Closing date for applications: Friday March 28th 2008
                                                                                                        Page 2
                                                From the Front Desk
                                  Wendy Holtom ~ Executive Officer Masters Swimming WA
                                              2007 Official of the Year Award                         Confederation of Australian
                                                  We are thrilled                                             Sport Awards.
                                              to announce that                                     Congratulations to Claremont’s

   S    o much has been happening in
        the run-up to the Worlds!
                                              Belmont’s Hilary
                                              Arber has won this
                                                                                                Sally Bell for being nominated by
                                                                                                our National body and subsequently
                                                                                                being named a finalist in the Masters
    2007 BE ACTIVE Novice Ocean               award which will
                                              be presented at the                               Category. Unfortunately Sally did not
Swim – successfully held on Sat 1
                                              Annual Awards                                     win but we are very proud of her and
December at South Beach with 58
                                              function in May.                                  her achievements in and out of the
registered participants, a similar
                                              Hilary has now                                    pool.
number to 2006, even with the indif-                                  Hilary Arber
                                              been nominated for the National                      2008 Dale Alcock State OWS.
ferent conditions. Thanks to Freman-
                                              award with the winners announced                     This will be held Sat 29 March at
tle Masters for their great work in ac-
                                              at the presentation function after the            Coogee Beach, entries now available
commodating this event with their
                                              National Swim in Melbourne this                   on-line or through postal entry form.
promotion and on-line entries.
                                              month.                                            With this being the last OWS event
    Ford & Doonan/Bill Kirby                                                                    before the Worlds we are hoping for
Coaches Workshop – an excellent                                                                 a bumper number of participants in
session was conducted in November                 2008 Awards Function – as                     both the championship 2000m event
by Olympian Bill Kirby with a repeat          mentioned we will be conducting                   and the non-championship 1000m
of this first workshop sponsored by           this annual function on Sunday 4                  event. The water at Coogee is calm
Ford and Doonan is planned for Sat 8          May as a brunch at a venue to be                  and ideal for those members who en-
March 2008. Coaches and trainee               confirmed. We look forward to                     joyed the BE ACTIVE Novice Ocean
coaches are invited to gain some last         seeing as many of our members at                  Swim in December at South Beach,
minute tips for your members in the           this function, especially after the               just a little further!
                                              Worlds – we will need to celebrate
lead up to the Worlds.
                                              a job well done!                                      Wendy

                          From The ‘Techo’ Desk                       Judith Crawford ~     ~
                        Technical Officer and member of the National Technical Committee.
                                              use Timekeepers, Clerk of Course,                        tumble turning.
O     pen Water Swims have been suc-
      cessful with greater numbers swim-
ming, and generally enjoying excellent
                                              Marshals and Inspector of Turns.
                                              Log on and volunteer individually or as
                                              a team from your club. We have to
                                                                                                       There is a single downward dol-
                                                                                                       phin kick in the Breaststroke pull
                                                                                                       out – not a double.
conditions.                                   roster officials for the Indoor 8 lane            ♦      If starting a Relay in water, must
The Pool Calendar is underway – If            and Outdoor 10 lane pools for both                       secure with hand.
Newman Churchlands BACC event is an           morning and afternoon sessions!                       Registering for the OWS qualifies for
indicator we are in for a super pool                          Rules -                           relay swims.
swimming year – 170 swimmers enjoyed          The last issue of Different Strokes indi-             A flyer detailing these changes will
the great conditions and positive officiat-   cated a few rule differences to be clari-         be sent to all clubs.
ing.                                          fied this issue. Although still to be rati-           Referees have been implementing the
Technical accreditations – Thank you          fied, as a follow up, procedural differ-          differences to reduce chances of disap-
to those giving time to attend a course       ences to AUSSI Masters rules are -                pointment . There is one event left to
and log accreditation hours, resulting in a   ♦       Age 25 years and above.                   highlight (DQ) any errors and that is the
larger team of officials and trainees pre-    ♦       No Medical Disability allow-              Melville BACC Sunday 6 April!
paring for the World Swim, which is                   ances (non manifest only).                    Those who have volunteered for the
now less than six weeks away. Look out        ♦       The start procedure (as used at           World Swim should diarise that a Work-
for training sessions in March. Dates for             past 3 BACC events).                      shop for all roles, will be held 17th April.
March early April, to be confirmed on         ♦       No wearing of watches.                    Please diarise and await your confirma-
the Swimming WA website.                      Stroke considerations are                         tion letter and advices. Oh - when volun-
The Worlds preparation - Great to see         ♦        Backstroke turn – once on the            teering make sure you fill in your shirt
volunteers going to http://                           breast you can’t stop the                 size for the uniform.
www.2008finamasters.org/ to volunteer                 ‘continuous stroke action’ by                 Swimmingly technical…
their services – The Rosters could still              touching the wall. e.g. stay on           Jude
                                                      the back to touch unless you are
                                                                                                                             Page 3
                       Presentation of the 2007 BE ACTIVE Awards

     2007 BE ACTIVE                       2007 BE ACTIVE Club Challenge Series winners.
   Spring into Swimming                                   Kay Cox presented the
    Membership Project                     BACC Series awards which are named after Life members.
         Winners.                                Frank Mongan Award ~ winner ~ Swan Hills
 The winner of the medium to large                  (Points scored per registered members).
   club category was Claremont.              Kerry Hutchison received the award on behalf of the club.
Lynne Malone presented the award to
     President, Jill Wordworth.

                                                  David Cummins Award ~ winner ~ Somerset
                                           (for the runner-up) was presented to Phil Power of Somerset.
                                                   Fred Johnson Award ~ winner ~ Carine
  Winner of the small club category         (Improvement factor) presented to Kaye Harvey of Carine.
    was Riverton. Lynne Malone
  presented the award to Treasurer,
           Graeme Pow.

                                                      Kay Cox Award ~ winner ~ Riverton
                                            (for the runner-up) presented to Graeme Pow of Riverton.


   The Heart Foundation                  Finding your thirty minutes          Being active is not only
recommends that you find 30           every day doesn't have to be        great for your physical health,
minutes or more of moderate           difficult. Going for a brisk 30     it’s also good for your mental
physical activity on most or all      minute walk is a great way to       and social health. To keep
days of the week for good             be active. Other good ways to       stress at bay, find 30 minutes a
heart health                          be active include swimming,         day of physical activity.
                                      cycling and gardening.

   Be Active                              If you find it
every day in as many ways as          hard to fit in 30
you can. Make a habit of walk-        minutes of moderate physical            Make your thirty minutes
ing or cycling instead of driving     activity every day, the good        every day a social event by be-
short distances in the car and        news is you don’t have to do        ing active and having fun with
you’ll not only improve your          it all at once. Three ten min-      friends or family. You are
health, but also save yourself        ute sessions can be just as         more likely to stay active with
some money                            good for your heart health.         the support of others.

                                                                                                Page 4
                                                    News from the Clubs
Albany ~ Tony Stanton                                       sound coaching and dedication.
                                                                Congratulations to Leanne Whee-
                                                                                                       the Swim and raised over $6000. We
                                                                                                       rejoiced when Natalie Roberts completed
N      umber 10 was significant for the
       Club in the last quarter of 2007 and
in the first quarter of this year.
                                                            lock and Heather Adams who entered
                                                            the Rottnest Channel Swim and fin-
                                                                                                       the Busselton Ironman Triathlon,
                                                                                                       emulating the feat of her husband Chris
                                                            ished – which is a great achievement.      from the previous year.
The 10th                                                    Well done to them both.                        Recently we held a very successful
City of Al-                                                     Busselton Jetty OWS was our            coaching clinic focusing on starts, turns
bany 4 km                                                   ‘away from home’ event this year. We       and relay changeovers.
Harbour                                                     had a great attendance and all our
Swim is on                                                  swimmers completed the event. If             Claremont’s swim-
Easter Sat-                                                                                                  mers at the
                                                            smiles were anything to go by, they           Bill Kirby Team
urday 22nd                                                  were all very pleased with themselves.          Sprint Cup.
March.             Swimmers take to the water in the 2007   It was Gemma Jones’ first Busselton
Entries close           Albany Harbour Swim.
                                                            swim. Her biggest fear was the sting-          On Sunday 10 February we entered a
on Friday                                                   ers which she managed to avoid and         team of eight, four ladies and four gents,
March 14th. You can swim in a team                          did a very good swim. Well done to all     in Bill Kirby's inaugural Team Sprint
(Duo or Quad); in a wet suit, if you are                    our competitors and commiserations to      Cup. We gained a creditable third in the
worried about the cold, or be a hardy                       Steve McGregor who pulled out due to       very competitive 320+ Mixed Team race.
solo swimmer.                                               a leg injury sustained whilst gardening               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    It is also the 10th anniversary of the                  (a dangerous pastime it seems). A          Inglewood~Noelle James
WA State Masters Games, which run                           BBQ at the Sandy Bay Resort on the
from April 19th through to April 27th.
Albany AUSSI runs the swimming over
                                                            Saturday night was enjoyed by all.
                                                                Commiserations to Yvonne Love-
                                                                                                          O       ur 29th Birthday was celebrated
                                                                                                                  at the Edgecombe Winery in the
                                                                                                       Swan Valley. We tasted 6 different
the long weekend of 25th-27th April with                    grove who unfortunately broke her leg/
the innovative open water event on Sat-                                                                wines and then decided which to pur-
                                                            ankle and won’t be in the pool for         chase to go with the meal. It made for a
urday 26th at Middleton Beach. There is                     some time. We wish her a very speedy
also a program of pool events.                                                                         very pleasant day enjoyed by all. Pres-
                                                            recovery.                                  entations of the Club Person and the
    Another 10. Last November, Albany                           With summer coming to a close we
AUSSI member Ben Kagi & ex-member                                                                      President’s Trophy were made to Noelle
                                                            will soon be at St Brigid’s, Lesmurdie     James and Wendy Whittome, respec-
Andrea Butler entered the Lake Burly-                       for winter training. We look forward
Griffin 10 km swim in Canberra in                                                                      tively. Christmas was celebrated with a
                                                            to the interclub series swims and best     dinner at Chatters Restaurant and lunch
preparation for their 2008 solo attempts                    of luck to all swimmers.
in the Rottnest Channel swim. There was                                                                at Toni Morris’ place.
a sewerage spill into the lake so race                                                                     The AGM was held at the Inglewood
organisers transferred it to the 18C Lake
                                                            Claremont~Sally Bell                       Hotel and we enjoyed a meal before the
Ginninderra. Ben & Andrea were placed
4th & 3rd respectively, in their groups.                    W       ith so many of our swimmers
                                                                    gearing up for the Worlds in-
                                                            April, we couldn't afford our usual
                                                                                                       meeting. We have one new member on
                                                                                                       the committee, Nathan Walker but we
                                                                                                       are still without a President.
    WA swimmers who are training for
the FINA World Masters, spare a thought                     Christmas break. We had two weeks              The Most Improved Swimmer for the
for your Albany counterparts. Our re-                       of "late start" training sessions that     Year was Ruth Andrew, who also won
stricted pool area was closed on the 14th                   were well attended and kept everyone       the Aerobic Top Points with 360 points.
January to allow for pool renovations.                      fighting fit over the festive season.          The men’s Aerobic Top Points was
The pool is not expected to re-open until                       Our AGM formalised our name            awarded to Hugh Smith.
the first week in April. Our swimmers                       change to drop the AUSSI acronym -             Quite a few of our members have
hoping to enter the World Masters have                      we are now officially known as Clare-      been competing in the Open Water
limited training choices, one of which is                   mont Masters. In late January we con-      Swims, which is very good to see. Toni
Emu Point in the company of a large                         ducted our open water swim, the Jubi-      Kerr was the only member who swam in
friendly Diamond Ray which swims                            lee Mines Swim Thru Perth. We intro-       the Rottnest Channel Swim this year.
across the lanes on the bottom, about one                   duced a shorter 2.2km solo swim in             Our lane hire fees have increased to
metre below the swimmers! Swim                              addition to the traditional 4km distance   $5.10 per hour this year, which is caus-
Training is Hell, but this is ridiculous!!!!                and the 200+ swimmers enjoyed the          ing some concern.
                  ~~~~~~~~~~                                new concept.                                   With the Small Equipment Grant we
                                                                We had a number of swimmers            received from the Government, we pur-
Armadale ~Sue Minson                                        compete in and win their categories in     chased new flippers, pool buoys and

T    he season has been very successful
     with regards to attendance and en-
thusiasm. We gained many new mem-
                                                            open water swims. Congratulations to
                                                            our two first-time Rottnest solo swim-
                                                            mers, Jill Woodworth and Mark Henry,
                                                                                                       watches. We invested in the Team Man-
                                                                                                       ager programme which our recorder
                                                                                                       Irene Dembo has mastered.
bers whom we welcome and who are                            who made their crossings in style!             Our aerobic swims have started off
enjoying the benefits of Masters Swim-                          Several members competed in            very well with some of the eager mem-
ming. The increase in membership has                        teams, including the boys from the         bers doing their first swim on New
increased our coach, Heather Adams’s                        "Albion Swim Club", also Claremont         Year’s Day.
workload. She’s ably assisted by Pam                        members, who ran a fundraising Quiz        Club news continued next page…...
Badani and we thank them both for their                     Night for two worthy causes prior to

                                                                                                                                        Page 5
                                           From the Clubs contd.
                                                   Award. She completed the Rottnest                    go to our dedicated team of coaches,
Gosnells ~ Ron Gray                                Channel Swim with young Alana Coo-                   under the direction of our Fitness Direc-
I   would like to give a huge vote of
   thanks to our Coach, Heather Adams
(Armadale AUSSI). Over a number of
                                                   per and they came first in their age
                                                   group in a time of 5hrs. 51mins. Club
                                                   Person of the Year was Lynne Duncan
                                                                                                        tor Jean Armstrong, who give so freely
                                                                                                        of their time and expertise to train, en-
                                                                                                        courage and support all our swimmers.
years Heather has given up a great                 who is a Life Member of Maida Vale.                       Congratulations to our “star” swim-
amount of her time to help us but unfor-                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                                                        mer Heather Whitehead who came in
tunately she is unable to continue in              Melville~
                                                   Melville~                                            12th in the solo female swimmers in the
2008. We will all miss her excellent ad-                                                                Rottnest Channel Swim and to our other
vice and encouragement from the edge of                    Michelle Lanigan
                                                                                                        members James Kent, Andrew Neal,
the pool.
    The Club in general is going well              86         swimmers successfully com-
                                                             pleted The Resolve River
                                                   Swim (Bicton to Bridges and Back)
                                                                                                        Steve Bourke and Dean Parker who com-
                                                                                                        peted in various teams.
with potential new members hitting the                                                                       Socially we enjoyed a lovely wild-
water on a regular basis. There is even a          this year, despite the threat of stormy
                                                                                                        flower walk in Wongan Hills in Septem-
chance my daughter may join us for                 weather. Thanks to the visiting offi-
                                                                                                        ber, a picnic and a visit to the Tractor
2008. Many of our long serving members             cials who helped out on the day.
                                                                                                        museum at Whiteman Park in October.
have returned to the water after the               Thank-you to our event sponsor Re-
                                                                                                        A great night was had by all at our an-
Christmas break.                                   solve Financial Solutions Pty Ltd for
                                                                                                        nual Christmas Party and Presentation
    Our main objective is to recruit a new         their support.
                                                                                                        night at Claremont Yacht Club.
coach so if anyone can assist please let               From the profit we made on this
                                                                                                             As well as our hard working commit-
me know. We swim Monday and                        swim we recently purchased a stainless
                                                                                                        tee and coaches we are fortunate to have
Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to                  steel aquatic wheel-
                                                                                                        people in our Club who do those extra
around 8.30pm. We only need the Coach              chair for $1500. We
                                                                                                        little jobs behind the scenes to make sure
one night a week. The pool is a 25 metre           donated the chair to
                                                                                                        our Club members do swim for fitness,
indoor pool at Gosnells Leisure World,             the Melville Aquatic
                                                                                                        friendship and fun.
Thornlie. With 3 dedicated lanes we                Centre, to allow peo-
                                                                                                             Best wishes for PB’s and lots of fun
have swimmers who are "just swimming"              ple who have difficulty
                                                                                                        to everyone swimming in the World
to those who are "very keen to win Rott-           walking to access the
nest solo” swimmers. Many members                  pools, gym, change                                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

are relatively new to AUSSI.                       rooms and other facili-
                                                   ties independently and safely.
                                                                                                        Stadium Snappers ~
    Congratulations to Lyndal Tudehope
on her Solo swim to Rottnest.                          We celebrated our 30th Birthday in                        Merilyn Burbidge
    The committee this year consists of
several "New AUSSI's" and their input is
                                                   style on 10th February at the Swan
                                                   Yacht Club. It was great that so many
                                                   past mem-
                                                                                                           F     or Snappers, 2008 began with
                                                                                                                 new members bringing new en-
                                                                                                        thusiasm to add to the spirit of our older
very exciting. The Club has a very posi-
tive future. Go the Gozzy Gators !!!               bers at-                                             members. Training for the Worlds is
             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           tended and                                           well advanced. Those who have chosen
Maida Vale ~                                       joined in                                            not to swim but still want to be part of
                                                   the cele-                                            the action are registering as volunteers.
        Robyn Schroeder                            brations                                                 Early in 2006, we set out to Swim

M      aida Vale AUSSI continues to en-
       joy a lot of laughter as well as
swimming. Any time members get to-
                                                   with cur-
                                                   rent mem-
                                                                 Melville members, past & present
                                                                        celebrate 30 years.
                                                                                                        Around Australia, returning by the start
                                                                                                        of the Worlds. As a club, we are tallying
                                                                                                        distances swum in training, at meets, etc
gether, whether for club nights, training              The summer months have been                      and yes, we did swim in the cold waters
or even our AGM, there is always lots of           busy with our traditional New Year’s                 south of Tasmania! We have now
laughter and chatter to be heard. Our              BBQ swim, Rockingham Memorial                        reached Cape Leeuwin, leaving time to
AGM in February was very well attended             Swim, Open Water Swims and training                  frolic at Rottnest before the final burst!
with the formal part of the night over in          for World Masters. Amanda and Felic-                     Speaking of Rottnest, we congratulate
an hour. Those attending enjoyed a large           ity Smith successfully completed the                 our only entrants this year, a duo, Gail
spread of food and a drink or two. The             Solo Rottnest Swim and Dave Rey-                     Parsons and David Corney, on their suc-
committee will stay mostly the same for            nolds was successful with the Dave                   cessful crossing.
the next year with just two slight re-             Reynolds All Stars Team. Congratula-                     Our annual 25 metre ‘Sculling on the
arrangements.                                      tions!                                               Back’ contest, held in January, was won
    Well deserved awards were presented                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                                                        by one of our Club’s twelve over-80
at our Christmas party in December.                Osborne Park~ Mary Heath                             year-olds!
Captain, Claire Ware continues to lead
                     by example and was
                     the obvious person to
                                                       T     here is great excitement and
                                                             much hard training going on at
                                                   Ossie Park at the moment with the
                                                                                                            Socially, we enjoyed Breakfast at
                                                                                                        City Beach in February. If you’ve ever
                                                                                                        played mini golf (with tennis balls) in the
                     receive the Club              FINA World Masters Championships                     sand, you’ll know how hard it is to score
                     Swimmer of the Year           coming up in April. We are finding                   a hole in one, yet it happened.
                                                   several past members re joining the                      We’re looking forward to our favour-
                          Clare Ware and Alana     club in order to swim at Worlds and it               ite Be Active Club Challenge on 24 Feb-
                          Cooper at the Rottnest
                                finish line.       is great to see them back. Huge thanks               ruary run by Newman Churchlands.

                                                                                                                                                       Page 6
                                                 From the Clubs contd.
                                                    ♦Doubling our membership                         National and State Records, has been an
Westcoast ~Viki Shelver                             ♦Gaining continued support from                  invaluable relay member and part of
T     he year started with the election of
      our new committee. A big thank
you to Geoff Potts, Alli Glennister, Dan-
                                                    Whitford Tavern, for which we are
                                                    extremely grateful.
                                                                                                     teams that have broken many National
                                                                                                     and State Records. Joyce has innumer-
                                                    ♦Robin Eattell finished his qualifica-           able Top 10 listings (often in the number
ielle Cox, Donna Branson and Kim                                                                     1 position), and numerous age group
                                                    tions for his coaching certificate
Burkett who leave and welcome to John
                                                    ♦Gerry Romeyn, who was totally new               wins in open water swims. She is as
Bryan, Narelle Davey, Maria Benic,                                                                   strong today as 25 years ago, still picking
                                                    to the sport, completed the Rottnest
Rhonda Sales and Alan Penny who join                                                                 up National Records.
                                                    Thompson Bay Swim.
the 2008 Committee.                                                                                      Joyce was the second Club member
                                                        Congratulations go
    The new social committee has been                                                                to be awarded Life Membership of the
                                                    to Zy Phillips who
busy planning ahead and we can look                                                                  Club in 1992. She continued her interest
                                                    completed the Rottnest
forward to a Supa Golf day in the Swan                                                               in the Club and, 15 years after receiving
                                                    Channel Swim after
Valley, a movie night, Christmas in July,                                                            Life Membership, the Club chose to rec-
                                                    months of hard train-
an Olympics                                                                                          ognise Joyce as a “Living Treasure”.
                                                    ing. Easily recognis-
celebration                                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                    able in his Zinc Cream,
and paddling
                                                    he finished the swim in                             Carine ~ Jane Laws
and cycling
along the
Swan River.
                                                    6 hours 46 minutes and
                                                    43 seconds.                    Zy in Zinc           W       e were very pleased to have
                                                                                                                over 270 swimmers in our an-
                                                                                                     nual Australia Day Swim this year.
    The open                                            It was a great achievement consid-
                                                    ering his support boat experienced dif-          Numbers were expected to be down as
water season        Some of Westcoast’s new                                                          the day was not a Public Holiday and
                                                    ficulties in the large swell and south-
has contin-           committee members
                                                    erly winds. It got stuck in 3rd gear and         there was another OWS at Scarborough
ued and                                                                                              shortly after ours. So it was a pleasant
                                                    the Zodiac guiding him sprang a leak
many members were involved in the                                                                    surprise to see so many take part. Our
                                                    then ran out of fuel.
Rottnest Channel swim both as swim-                                                                  new PA system, purchased with a Small
mers and as support crew. Our solo                      I think I can say on behalf of the
                                                    Whitford family of swimmers that a               Equipment Grant from the Government,
swimmers all completed the course, ex-                                                               proved to be a great asset. Swimmers
                                                    good year was had by all. Thank you
cept poor Mike Stewart who had trouble                                                               sang ‘Advance Australia Fair’ before
                                                    Wendy and the crew at Masters Swim-
with his boat and did not start. Well                                                                leaping into the water and battling a
                                                    ming WA. for your support without
done to Steve Wilson, Arron Robertson,                                                                               slight swell and breeze
                                                    which I am sure we would flounder.
Jason Snell, Selwyn Jellie, Tony Parbery,                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                                                                     over the 2km course. All
Ryan James, Cherie Ebsworth, Lyn
Bradley and Sue Oldham.
                                                    Somerset ~ Jeremy Allen                                                        swimmers
    We have a core of swimmers prepar-
ing for FINA Worlds, hopefully by the                  S     omerset AUSSI
                                                             has bestowed
                                                    upon Joyce O’Farrell the                         seemed
time entries close we will have 25 plus                                                              pretty
swimmers involved. Regular time trials              title “Living Treasure of
                                                    Somerset AUSSI”.                                 happy at the finish line!
and race specific training sessions have                                                             Many thanks to Jude
been set up by head coach, Caryn Kiellor.                Joyce was talked into
                                                    joining the Club in 1982                         Crawford and her team; Scarborough
    We were very disappointed when our                                                               SLSC and the Perth Kayaking Club for
open water swim event was cancelled in              by Somerset AUSSI’s         Joyce O’Farrell,
                                                    first Life Member                                their assistance with water safety.
November and look forward to hosting a                                                                   At the recent Council of Clubs meet-
bigger and better BACC in June. We                  Maxine Hill, who herself is still a very
                                                    active member of the Club.                       ing our, President Kaye Harvey was pre-
hope to see many of you taking part!                                                                 sented with the Fred Johnson Award
                                                         Joyce is mentioned twice in the first
                                                    official record of Somerset AUSSI, the           (Improvement Factor) which reflected
 Whitford       ~ Jeff Byrne &                      Annual Report for 1982 and is ac-                our improved results during the 2007
                                                    knowledged, not only her cakes, pot              BACC series.
           Lexie Barker                             plants and home grown donations to
W      elcome to all our members old and
       new. We have started 2008 with a
new committee and many innovations,
                                                    the club but more significantly for her
                                                    artwork. Joyce drew a number of sea
                                                    creatures and the seahorse was selected
the most noticeable being the Coaching              as club mascot from these drawings.
Roster. Jim Mac is our head coach and                    She was the first Publicity Officer             Celebrating the BACC Award win.
he is encouraging some of our more ex-              for the Club from 1983 to 1987 and
perienced swimmers to act in the coach-             became the inaugural editor of the Club              At the Newman Churchlands BACC
ing role. It’s good to see Jim back in the          newsletter in 1984 continuing in this            we were placed 5th with 120 points,
water too.                                          role until 1987. Joyce also illustrated          which was a good result for our club.
    In 2007 we spent our first full year            “The Seahorses of Somerset 21st Birth-               We have a few members swimming
back at our home pool after completion              day Book” published in 2000.                     at the World Championships s and sev-
of renovations at Craigie Leisure Centre.                Her swimming performances have              eral are able to act as volunteers at the
Other highlights of the year include:               been amazing. She has held numerous              event.
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                             SWIM Number Plates
  10 good reasons to buy a SWIM                                           MASTERS SWIMMING WA
          Number Plate                                                  NUMBER PLATE ORDER FORM

                For your new car
               A Birthday present                          Club:……………………………………………………………..
             A Mother’s Day present
              It’s easy to remember                        Address:………………………………………………………….
     You're competing in the World Masters
           An Award for club member                        ……………………………………………………………………
    You’ll never need to change your number
      Express your passion for Swimming
               Dare to be different                        …………………………………………….Postcode…………...
                 Reward yourself
                                                           Telephone:…………………………                (h)
 Payment must accompany your order to secure
            your chosen number.                            …………………………………………… (m)
       Complete order form & return,
     together with a cheque for $140 to:                   Plate Number Preference #1:……………….
           Masters Swimming WA,
                 PO Box 57,                                Plate Number Preference #2:……………….
              Claremont, 6910
           (Cheques made payable to                        Plate Number Preference #3:……………….
           Masters Swimming WA).
                                                                 Please enclose payment of $140 and post to:
                                                               Masters Swimming WA, PO Box 57, Claremont 6910

Masters Swimming WA acknowledges the wonderful support provided by our partners.
                   Please support them wherever possible.

               Major sponsor and
               partner—support in
              governance, coaching        New partner supporting club
                                           initiatives to enhance club                Naming rights sponsor of
               & in regional areas                                                          BE ACTIVE
                 through Sports           coaching expertise through
                                        technical support & professional            State Swim and other projects
                Lotteries Funding                                                             including
                                                                                     BE ACTIVE Club Challenge

         Patron and naming rights
          sponsor of both annual
         State Open Water Swim
                                         Major supporter through monthly
         Open Water Swim Series
                                      publication and sponsor of Special Club       Sponsor of annual Open Water
                                       Relay event at BE ACTIVE State Swim                Swims calendar

                        Supplier—KC Sports                                             Major supporter of Masters Swim-
                  Preferred sponsor for swimwear,                                       ming and sponsor of the annual
                     clothing & corporate gear                                           Open Water Swims calendar

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