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                   Lighting Factory
                      Since 1910

“FUENTE DE LA LUZ” from our custom factory collection, “IL ROTOLO.”
 Hinkley’s Lighting Factory

             here are not many businesses                saw something special in Michael, and always
             that are truly unique, but                   hired him back. After graduating from high
             Hinkley’s Lighting Factory is                school, Michael worked his way up through the
             the exception. Hinkley’s                           warehouse ranks. He went from cleaning,
             nearly 100-year rich                                  to deliveries, to service, and finally to
history predates statehood, and                                      warehouse manager.
its reputation for delivering one-                                      Michael jumped at Mr. Hinkley’s
of-a-kind designs with outstanding                                offer to take a sales position. After all, he
customer service is why it continues                           knew Hinkley’s products and services inside
to thrive today.                                                 and out and this was a chance to get involved
   Hinkley’s has been a family                                     with the front end of the business. He
business since 1910 and it                                            became the top salesperson, out selling
remains so today, but with                                              the entire sales team and was soon
Michael                                                                                      promoted to sales
Jackson as its                                                                                manager.      Mr.
driving force.                                                                                Hinkley would
The Jackson                                                                                   quip, “Michael,
family                                                                                         you will own
owns and                                                                                         this     place
operates                                                                                           someday!”
Hinkley’s                                                                                              Michael
and                                                                                                 did such an
maintains a                                                                                       outstanding
close relationship                                                                           job in sales as
with Bill Hinkley,                                                                     well as managing the
who still has a seat on its Board                                                  sales staff, that Hinkley
of Directors.                                                          promoted him to general manager,
   Michael Jackson, a native                                          and eventually vice president. He
Phoenician, at age 14 was hired by                                 advanced to president in 1998 when he
Al Hinkley who was married to his                                 acquired the business from Bill Hinkley.
older sister Theresa. His career                                  He continues to be their top salesperson
with Hinkley’s Lighting Company                                  today!
on Central Avenue began while                                        Michael married his high school
attending Central High School across                              sweetheart, Karen, and today she works
the street.      When he wasn’t playing                    with Michael as Hinkley’s CFO. They have
football or basketball, he was sweeping                    two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica. Jessica is
up in and around Hinkley’s after school.                 project assistant to Shannon Ross, Hinkley’s
Michael says he was a bit clumsy as a teenager and       senior lighting designer at the Scottsdale factory
he was fired three times for breaking light fixtures     and design center. Jennifer gets the iron woman
while cleaning them! Evidently Mr. Hinkley               of the year award. She is carrying a full load

                           “LA CENA” from our custom factory collection, “IL ROTOLO.”
                  — a family affair!

Hinkley’s is now owned and operated by the Jackson family. From the left: Jessica Jackson, project
assistant; Shannon Ross, senior designer; Karen Jackson, CFO; Michael Jackson, president and
Jennifer Jackson, lighting consultant.

as a marketing major at ASU, while working at        most unique lighting fixtures she and her
Hinkley’s full time as a top salesperson at the      clients could imagine. When architects
Central Avenue showroom.                             and builders want distinctive lighting for
   Karen’s niece, Shannon Lee Ross, is Hinkley’s     their homes, they seek out Shannon.
Custom Projects Manager and senior designer.         Her designs combine the flavor
The Ross family moved to Arizona from New            of the architecture and interior
Jersey when she was only two, almost making her      furnishings of the home with a style
a native. Michael recognized Shannon’s artistic      and creativity to suit any client.
talents during her high school years. He asked          The entire Jackson family will perpetuate
her if she would be interested in creating some      this one-of-a-kind business with a passion
designs for the company. With those humble first     for customer service and love of lighting.
sketches began an exciting journey to create the     n
Photography by Shell Photographics

                                                                                                                                      Design by Judy Fox Interiors

                                     Elegant chandelier with down light exemplifies form and function in this dining room’s design.
                                      Hinkley’s Lighting Factory
                                      displays over 3,000 lighting
                                      fixtures at its showroom
                                      on Central Avenue south
                                      of Camelback Road plus
                                      a never ending selection
                                      from hundreds of catalogs.
                                      Hinkley’s experienced lighting
                                      professionals will assist you
                                      with the selection of fixtures
                                      that meet your expectations.
                                      Hinkley’s represents more
                                      than 400 major domestic
                                      and international lighting

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Mark Boisclair Photography
                                      Hinkley’s has many resources
                                      for locating antique lighting
                                      fixtures        from
                                      castles,      villas,
                                      old estates and
                                      temples from all
                                      over the world.
                                      These        unique
                                      fixtures of the                                                   The dramatic torch chandelier lighting the entry way of this home is only
                                                                                                        the beginning of its lighting magic. Exterior wall sconces and indirect
                                      18th and early                                                    lighting produce an evening glow that is rich and inviting to visitors.
                                      19th      Centuries
                                      are available to
                                      you refurbished or
                                      modified to fit your
                                      desired décor.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Tony Hernandez Photography
Photo by Tony Hernandez Photography

                                                                                                              Hinkley’s Lighting creations are found at homes on Arizona’s most
                                      The example below of architectural lighting manufactured by Hinkley’s
                                                                                                              prestigious golf resorts and in their clubhouses.
                                      Lighting Factory shows the vast diversity in product expertise and
                                      knowledge of application of Hinkley’s sales professionals.                  Photos compliments of interior design firm, EST EST Incorporated - 480.563.1555
                                            Shannon Lee Ross
                                            Lighting Designer

              hannon       began      her
              professional career as a
              designer while in high
              school. Michael Jackson,
              her uncle and owner of
              Hinkley’s Lighting Factory,
knew Shannon was an aspiring artist.
He asked her if she would help him with
a design project and she agreed to give
it a try. The client loved her designs
and Hinkley’s got the business!
   She continued to work part-time
at Hinkley’s and upon high school
graduation began course work in
graphic design and art history. College
was interesting but not very challenging.
When Uncle Mike asked her if she
could design full time for Hinkley’s
she jumped at the opportunity. After
all, the only way to learn how to design
light fixtures is Experience 101.
   That was seven years ago and she has
been growing and improving Hinkley’s

                                     unique custom lighting ever since. Her designs can be seen in some of
                                     the Valley’s most prestigious homes, restaurants, hotels and country
                                     clubs. The skills Shannon has honed over the years are exemplified in
                                     a portfolio of hundreds of designs.
                                         Not every fixture design will start from scratch. Hinkley’s carries
                                     the products of over four hundred lighting manufacturers. Some
                                     clients may like a particular feature of an existing light fixture, but
                                     they don’t like the color or want to add crystal. This is an easy fix and
                                     an inexpensive way to get a one-of-a-kind fixture. Shannon can assist
                                     with these fixture upgrades or she will take design elements of several
                                     fixtures a client enjoys to come up with a final design that combines all
                                     of their favorite elements. Michael Jackson’s business philosophy is
                                     to work with the customer until they are completely happy with their
                                     lighting. A Hinkley’s client will rarely hear the word “no.”
   When working with clients, Shannon will
typically start sketches to show them her ideas for
the perfect fixture. Once everyone is on the same
page the ideas start to flow. Upon client approval,
fully specified production drawings are completed and
passed on to Hinkley’s artisans. This design process
normally takes 2-3 weeks.
   Production time can vary, and is often dictated by
the complexity of the fixture and materials used. When
asked if there is a lot of back-and-forth consultation on the
drawings with the client, she said, “No, not really. They
usually approve them the first time.” This is remarkable
and pays tribute to Shannon’s versatile talents. She is
always available to Hinkley’s craftsmen should they require
explanations of shape, finish or final assembly to fully achieve
her design concept.
   With the responsibility of designing and consulting on all of
Hinkley’s custom projects, Shannon can get a little swamped.
Jessica Jackson is Shannon’s full-time project assistant. Jessica is
instrumental in keeping Shannon organized and assists her in many
ways. At job sites Jessica takes copious notes such as dimensions,
fixture locations and relevant client comments. It is Jessica’s job
to maintain the details of her projects. This allows Shannon to
focus on the client’s lighting ideas and vision of the desired
ambiance for their home.
   Shannon finds the challenge of designing a fixture that
has never been seen before very exciting. She especially
enjoys working with a group of accomplished
artisans to bring her designs to life.
Shannon works with
many leading Valley
architects and designers
on a regular basis.
These         professionals
want luxurious lighting
to enhance their projects.
Hinkley’s exquisite lighting
designs are found in several
states     throughout        the
country in luxury homes,
country clubs, resorts, fine
restaurants, casinos, schools,
churches, hospitals, retail stores
and office buildings. n
              metal lanterns
              grace the
              entrance to this
              Tuscan styled
              “Old World”

Unique lighting
designed for your
home or office will
give visitors the
impression of regal
ambiance, grace                  Lighting fixtures
and warmth.                      complete the elegance
                                 of this richly appointed
                                 powder room.
                                              Lighting brings out the
                                              very essence of a home
                                              and your friends will feel
                                              a certain glow when they
                                              gather there. Hinkley’s
                                              means getting exactly
                                              the lighting you desire
                                              achieving your vision!

Photos compliments of Chrystle Luxury Homes

             If you can dream it, w
             install it! Hinkley’s
             and flawless execution

We will create a design
with you from scratch,
                          ANILLO DE ANTORCHAS
use elements that you
like from another light
fixture in your design
or customize an off-
the-shelf fixture for
you to coordinate with
your architecture and

               Call (480) 948-8799
ng Factory
e 1910

 we can design, build and
’s means custom lighting
on of your lighting needs!

                 We love a challenge. Come up
                 with ideas for lighting you have
                 seen elsewhere or perhaps in your
                 dreams. Our factory and design
                 center in Scottsdale fabricate
                 exclusive custom designs from
                 conception to installation. Hinkley’s
                 Lighting Factory represents over 400
                 lighting sources from contemporary
                 designs to vintage fixtures, including
                 antiques from castles and villas
                 from all over the world. We offer
                 significant discounts to the trade.

 for a factory tour!
“ARBOL DE LUCES” at nine feet high by seven feet across is one of Hinkley’s newest creations in the “IL ROTOLO” collection.
It means “tree of lights” and was designed for a client in Utah.
IL ROTOLO collection is hand
forged by Hinkley’s Lighting
Factory and is a striking 6’ 8”
in height.

                                                     Brass cut-crystal chandelier typifies the
                                                     many antique fixtures from castles and
                                                     villas around the world.

             This black crystal chandelier is a
             unique design for that special decor.
                                                                                                                                              DLB Custom Homes

                                                                    Clockwise: Upper left; “saddle” dining room fixture; exterior doorway
                                                                    sconce influences rustic design throughout; “saddle” fixture adds early
                                                                    American flavor to country house dining; pot-rack fixture over island;
                                                                    study’s wood tones glow under double French scavo-glass pendant.

Photography by Shell Photographics   Design by Judy Fox Interiors
Bathroom and powder
room lighting sets the
mood in these richly
appointed spaces.      All
lighting    is   designed
to enhance the décor.
There is a certain
atmosphere of softness
that the lighting lends to
this peaceful sanctuary
from the day’s trials and

                                        Hinkley’s Lighting Factory proprietary design “Iron Star”

       Design by Judy Fox Interiors
   Photography by Shell Photographics
                                                                                         A hand painted iron and crystal chandelier is the
                                                                                         perfect compliment to this luxurious dining room.

Tiffany billiard lights are a thing of the past. Mediterranean          Even in this highly styled study, the perfect chandelier is the
hand-blown glass is just the touch needed to combine form and           best way to pull all of the decorative elements together.
function in this elegantly appointed game room.
                                                                  LUXURY     HOMES

                                                   Photos provided by Rowland Luxury Homes
                                                                        A wrought iron lantern is the perfect accent
                                                                        to this elegantly rustic wine room.

Lighting gives your
home personality
and is a very
important element in
your design choices.
Are you happy with
your lighting choices
or are you settling
for something less?
Hinkley’s Lighting
means never having
to settle.

Iron and mica pendants are
a unique addition to this
beautifully finished powder

                                            LUXURY     HOMES

                              Photos provided by Rowland Luxury Homes
                                       Photos provided by Rowland Luxury Homes
Intricate detail
combines with heavy
iron in this large
two tier chandelier
to accentuate the
homes architecture
and furnishings.

Our highly skilled
craftsmen take pride
in every fixture they
make. Every detail
is carefully planned
and hand applied to
these regal lanterns.

These fixtures
manufactured by
Hinkley’s Custom
Lighting right here in
This rock crystal chandelier, by Schonbek Worldwide Lighting, transcends time as an elegant addition to your dining room or foyer.

                                            Schonbek Worldwide Lighting, Inc.
A 2006 First Place ASID award
winner, this remodeled kitchen
was brought to new heights by
the custom sculptural lighting. “A
collaborative effort, the lighting
design brought new emphasis to the
ceiling – a frequently undervalued
‘wall.’ Decorative and architectural
lighting are compelling design
tools to manipulate space and
visual perception.”
Eric Berkey, Hinkley’s Lighting
Designer, General Manager
Sherry Hauser, ASID
h.H.h. Inc.
Interior Designer
                                                         Since 1910

                                                        Lighting Factory

                                                                                           Two Valley

                                                                                           Hinkley’s Lighting Factory
                                                                                           Main Showroom
                                                                                           4620 N. Central Ave.
                                                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85012

                                                                                           Phone: 602.279.6267
                                                                                           Fax: 602.279.7963
Photo by Scott Sandler Photography

                                                                                           Hinkley’s Custom Lighting
                                                                                           Factory & Showroom
                                                                                           15023 N. 73rd Street,
                                                                                           Suite 101
                                                                                           Scottsdale, AZ 85262

                                                                                           Phone: 480.948.8799
                                                                                           Fax: 480.948.8850

                                                                                           Hours of operation:
                                                                                           9 AM - 5:30 PM Mon - Fri
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