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									                      Explosion Gymnastics
                              Programs & Prices
Romper Gym
This program is designed for the “At Home” parent or Dayhome provider with busy
kids! Children ages 5 and under are able to come and play in a safe, fun, and positive
environment. This is a great option for those yucky winter months or gloomy rainy
days. This program runs 10 am to 12 pm weekdays
Cost                                              Day Home/ Family Rates ( 3 or
Children under 3 years - $3.50 each/hour          more children)
Children 3 years & over - $4.50 each/hour         Children under 3 years -
Punch Card Rates (10 times)
Children Under 3 years $30.00
Children 3 years & over $40.00
Family Pass (2 or more children) $65.00

Please Note:
We are only able to accommodate a maximum of 20 children at one time.
 To make the most of your time, please plan to come at 10am or 11 am; this way you
                   will be sure to get in and have your hour of fun!

Birthday Parties
This is the perfect solution to hosting a Birthday party without all of the mess in your
own home!
The gym is set up in a party atmosphere with all of the romper gym equipment
arranged and tables with table coverings for your cake, drinks, and food. An
Explosion Gymnastics staff is on hand to lead games and/or supervise the kids playing
while you sit back and watch the festivities!
The booking is for 2 hours, which allows tons of time for food, presents, and play.
Bookings can take place on Saturday afternoons or anytime on Sunday.
2 hour bookings are $100.00
This cost covers insurance and fees for up to 10 children. Parties with more than 10
children will need to pay $100 for the first 10 children and $5 for each additional child.
A Non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of booking.

Please Note: Bookings of more than 2 hours can be accommodated, but are not
recommended - as after 2 hours, the kids are played out!
Recreation Gymnastics
This program is designed for children ages 3 and up to experience gymnastics at a
recreational level. Registrants of the Recreation Program learn the Dominant
Movement Patterns under the philosophy of Gymnastics Canada - Fun, Fitness,
This program follows the CanGym Program which allows children to learn the sport of
gymnastics at a safe level of progression and allows them to receive badges that
signifies their level of achievement.
This program is ran from September to May-offering 15 week and 30 week programs
to fit the needs of your extracurricular schedule. 15 week sessions start in September
and January.
Registration may take place up to the 4th week of classes

Ages 3 to 5 - 45 Minute Program              Ages 6 and Up - 1 Hour Program
15 week ..................$175.00            15 week ........................$200.00
30 week .................$300.00             30 week ........................$350.00

Competitive Gymnastics
Our Competitive Program has been developed to provide more training time to those
who show an interest, posses the talent and are willing to commit the time to being a
competitive gymnast.
This program solely focuses on the development of the strength, flexibility and
endurance that is required to perform the skills that are necessary for competitive

Training takes place on 4 levels:
Gym Cat Beginner (Ages 4-6)                  Gym Cat Intermediate & Advanced
3 hours/week                                 (Ages 7 & up) 4 - 12 hours/week

Provincial 1 & Up
12 hours/week

Gymnasts of this program are typically invited. The invitation process is one of the
coaches identifying the talents and abilities of the athlete and consulting the parent as
to their eligibility. At that point, the parent and the athlete decides whether this is an
option for him/her.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Address 2501 50 Avenue Unit B
                            Lloydminster, Sk
                            S9V 2A8
                     Phone#: (306)825-5359

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