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					                                                                                                                                         AP Society Newsletter #11

                                              The Anthony Powell Society                               delegation agreed that meeting Lord
                                                                                                       Jenkins would have been a highlight for
                                                                                                                                                          monograph, by former Congressman John
                                                                                                                                                          S Monagan, concerning his long
                                                                                                       them.)                                             friendship with Powell. This entertaining
                                                                             Newsletter                                                                   recollection of the unlikely bond between
                                                                                                       We then heard a funny and candid opening           an Irish-American politician of
                                                                  Issue 11     Summer 2003       50p   keynote from James Tucker, author of one           Democratic affiliation and a British writer
                                                                                                       of the pioneering critical studies of Powell       of Tory leanings provided thoughtful post-
                                                         with Tony Robinson, a Keble alumnus           in the 1970s. Jeremy Warren followed               conference reading for many delegates.
    CHARITY                                              who did yeoman work in setting up the         with a talk on the Poussin painting which
                                                                                                       gives its name to Dance, revealing among           The next day saw two concurrent
                                                         dinner. Keble, whose architecture was
  REGISTRATION                                           more Gothic and flamboyant, than the          other things that the sources of the dance         workshops, containing both formal
                                                                                                       of time motif go back to the late antique          presentations and freewheeling
   GRANTED !                                             understated assemblage of buildings at
                                                         Balliol, also contains, in its chapel,        author Nonnus. The first session                   contribution from the floor. Obviously, I
                                                         Holman Hunt’s Light of the World, at          concerned Powell at Oxford as well as the          could only attend one of these, though I
        More details in                                  which we took a brief glance. The dinner      Oxford passages of Dance. We then heard            heard the workshop on teaching Powell
  “From the Secretary’s Desk”                            drew thirty-five or so people. It was         from noted critic and biographer DJ                went well. The one I attended, on Powell
                                                         lavish, festive, and, in every sense, fully   Taylor as he revealed new aspects on the           and Waugh, was very illuminating. As the
                                                         satisfying.                                   Powell-Orwell relationship. The next               speakers compared Waugh’s romantic and
            Conference Report                                                                          keynote was by Alan Judd, on the war               lyrical view of Oxford with the acerbic
                                                         The conference proper began the               trilogy. This talk was a particular hit, and       and understated tone of Powell’s Oxford
               by Nicholas Birns                         following morning. Keith welcomed all of      the American delegates, who, by and                scenes, I realized that the opening
                                                         us, and also made a statement of regret on    large, were not familiar with Judd’s work,         paragraph of Brideshead Revisted is,
Yes, I actually went to this conference.                 the loss of Lady Violet Powell, whose         were motivated to seek it out.                     paradoxically, Arnoldian. It is resonant
Instead of an air flight from New York                   early support meant so much to the                                                               with appeals to “the best that has been
followed by a rail trip from Paddington to               Society, as well as one on the untimely       After lunch (where I gazed on the portrait         known and thought” in a way that
Slough (which, in reverse, was the first                 death of Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, who        of Lord Curzon, mentioned, of course, in           explained why Brideshead Revisted was
train ride Queen Victoria ever took) the                 had been scheduled to deliver a keynote       Infants of the Spring in connection with           precisely the success in American
2003 conference involved the same air                    speech. (Many of the American                 Oxford), we broke into concurrent                  middlebrow circles that Dance, ultimately
flight followed by a somewhat longer, but                                                              sessions where delegates could choose              for its own literary good, never was. This
still very brief, journey from Paddington                                                              between papers directly on Dance itself            insight would not have occurred but for
to Oxford. Upon arriving at Balliol, I                                                                 (including a dissection, though not a              the stimulating conversation at this
found that the “in relative terms” luxury of                                                           simulation, of Widmerpool’s speech in              symposium.
my room explained why Stringham had                                                                    The Acceptance World) or those
consented to spend a year at Oxford before                                                             illuminating other aspects of Powell’s life        The conference was an incredible success.
heading down to London, Donners-                                                                       and work; both sessions were pretty much           It simply could not have gone better.
Brebner, and dissipation. In wandering                                                                 equally attended. A final session on               Keith, Noreen, Tony, Stephen Holden,
around the vicinity of Balliol I                                                                       teaching Dance and on “manners” in the             Christine Berberich (who did much of the
encountered Keith and Noreen Marshall,                                                                 sequence wrapped things up nicely. After           refereeing of papers for the conference),
already on their way to Keble to help                                                                  the reception and auction, a group of us           and Sue Frye (whose diligence was an
facilitate Sunday night’s dinner at the                                                                found a restaurant which one of our                absolute prerequisite for the conference’s
High Table. Shortly thereafter, we met up                                                              number dubbed “Foppa’s”. And we had,               success) did a first-rate job of organizing
                                                                                                       at two separate tables, a splendid meal.           the conference and smoothing over the
            Registered Charity No. 1096873                                                                                                                inevitable difficulties. The camaraderie
 © The Anthony Powell Society, 2003 and the individual
          authors named. All rights reserved.
                                                                                                       The Monday also saw the launch of The              and good feeling among the eighty or so
      Published by The Anthony Powell Society.                                                         Master and the Congressman, a                      delegates was evident from the start. The
    Printed by Express Printing, Peterboro ugh, UK.
                                  AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                         AP Society Newsletter #11
atmosphere of Balliol and the                      A Few Words to the Dinner Guests               executive force to tell them what to do.          where we saw the BBC video of Dance
cooperativeness and friendly demeanour              The text of a talk delivered at the Keble     Slime mould goes ahead on its own and             which has not appeared on US television
of the Balliol staff made a perfect                  College dinner preceding the Oxford          carpets the forest floor; harvester ants          so far. We’re working on that. So,
backdrop for the delegates to share their                          conference                     create colonies; city people create               considering all of the above, one might
enjoyment of this so frequently-enjoyed                                                           neighbourhoods; simple, pattern-                  think of our Society as a patch of activated
author. (Balliol’s hospitality started from               by Leatrice Gilbert Fountain            recognition software learns how to                slime mould moving across a forest floor,
the top with the Vice-Master and Archivist                                                        recommend new books, which is the                 or perhaps a thriving colony of harvester
of Balliol, Dr John Jones, who arranged a          In his book Emergence; The Connected           system uses. But … the                 ants, or merely a conglomerate of noisy,
special exhibition of Powell-related               Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities and Software,    conditions for growth must be exactly             highly articulate nuts. You may call us
manuscripts and memorabilia which                  author Steven Johnson recalled that Alan       right before EMERGENCE can happen.                what you will, but I suggest we are
showed, for one thing, that Powell’s letters       Turing, the brilliant English code breaker                                                       Emerging, and I think we’re here to stay.
arranging his matriculation at Balliol at          from World War II (who also helped             I propose that the Anthony Powell Society
the age of 18 had nearly the exact tone of         invent the digital computer) in one of his     is one more example of Emergence in
the last Journal entries from the early            last papers demonstrated mathematically        action. This is not in any way to discredit
1990s.)                                            how a complex organism could assemble          or detract from the heroic labours of our
                                                   itself and take action without any master      founder and web master, Keith Marshall.
Academics and non-academics, American,             planning in evidence to call the shots, a      On the contrary, Keith so loved Anthony
British, and continental European                  process known as morphogenesis. This           Powell that he devised the ideal conditions
delegates got along swimmingly. People             was a startling, enigmatic precedent. It       for other, like-minded readers to find each
came from as far away as Budapest on the           had been assumed till then that someone        other, to communicate freely, and                 Tony Robinson incanted the Keble
one hand and Vancouver on the other to             or something up on top was needed to           eventually to grow and increase in wisdom         College grace before the pre-conference
attend the conference. Beyond our shared           direct the action. But Turing said this kind   and numbers, even to move great                   dinner:
interest in Powell, many of us found we            of cellular change was not dictated from       distances. Look at us. Here we are! First
had other literary interests in common, and        the top down, it could only come from the      came the web site, then the ineffable List,         Oculi omnium in te sperant, Domine: et tu das
this made for stimulating and congenial            bottom up. His new hypothesis was              followed by the triumphal meeting at Eton           escam illorum in tempore opportuno. Aperis
conversation throughout. The workshops             quickly taken up by micro-biologists who       College, subsequently spinning off two              tu manum tuam: et imples omne animal
on the second day were excellent in that           were studying slime mould, an                  new groups in America, first in New York,           benedictione tua. Miserere nostri, te
they allowed non-speakers to participate in        aggregation of individual cells, acting        then Chicago. Another may be forming in             quaesumus, Domine. Tuisque donis quae de
the dialogue on equal terms. Another               together by communicating through their        the Boston area, and there is a possible            tua benignitate sumus percepturi benedicito;
pleasant feature was the auction after             own pheromones. This concept was               renewal of a lapsed group in Toronto.               per Jesum Christum Dominum nostrum.
Monday’s activity, which not only raised           enlarged further to include a study of         [And not to mention the London group. –             Amen.
money for the society but allowed us to let        harvester ants in California, then to the      Ed]
off steam after an exhausting day.                 actions of cells in a human brain. Along                                                         This is translated as:
                                                   the way it was found that the same process     New people appear, topics of conversation
At noon on Tuesday, we all dispersed.              could be applied to the growth of city         shift and change, meetings occur, while             The eyes of all wait upon you, O
Some of us went to London for Tom                  neighbourhoods in medieval Florence, the       Keith remains at the home base holding              Lord: and you provide their food in
Courtenay’s one-man show about Philip              Italian hill towns, and others in more         things together, observing while these              due season. You open your hand and
Larkin, Pretending to Be Me, followed by           modern times. New fields of study are          individual cells evolve into the familiar,          fill every living creature with your
a late supper at the Garrick Club, and, for        opening continuously.                          organized chaos we seem to need for our             blessing. Have mercy on us, we
some of us, a quick return to the daily                                                           Society to grow. We read aloud, we argue            beseech you, O Lord. And bless your
routine of life and work. The next                 One might ask what peculiar features do        over the characters, their acts and                 gifts which we are about to receive
conference, a centenary celebration of             such dissimilar systems share? In simplest     motivations. (We’ve had a splendid time             from your kindness: through Jesus
Powell to take place in London in                  terms, they direct their own actions by        lately with Pamela Flitton Widmerpool).             Christ our Lord. Amen.
December 2005, is eagerly awaited by all.          drawing on a mass of seemingly dull            Last winter Tom Wallace arranged two
                                                   elements instead of waiting for a single       meetings at the Century Club in New York

                                               3                                                                                                4
                                   AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                          AP Society Newsletter #11

      The Widmerpool Award                         present him with its inaugural                         East US Coast Meeting                        gracious, perceptive, and well-read, and
                                                   Widmerpool Award. Named after                                                                       all of whom share common interests.
As reported in the last Newsletter, the            Powell’s pompous fictional creation,                        by Nicholas Birns
Society decided to inaugurate an annual            Kenneth Widmerpool, the award                                                                       The attendees were: myself, Leatrice
Widmerpool Award, for the public figure            recognises Irvine’s credentials as, to         The atmosphere of our March 15 (Ides of              Fountain, Bill and Arete Warren, Jonathan
who most embodies the characteristics of           quote one summary of Widmerpool’s              March!) meeting at the Silvermine tavern             Kooperstein, Keeley Schell, Ed Bock, and
Kenneth Widmerpool. The award will                 character, “a sad, over-ambitious grafter      in Connecticut was rife with anticipation            John Gould. Our next meeting will be in
take the form of an engraved “wrong kind           who inexplicably rises to high office”.        of the Oxford conference in April, which             June in another corner of Connecticut –
of overcoat”, purchased by the Society (at         Irvine’s “victory” was achieved, says the      nearly everyone there planned to attend.             details to follow on APList.
no small expense) from some local flea-            society’s secretary, Keith Marshall, on        Since we tend to get lost on the way to the
market or charity shop. Among the                  “the overwhelming recommendation of the        Silvermine, I had boasted to Leatrice
nominations received were ones for                 members”.                                      Fountain that, like the resourceful Captain                  Meet the Committee:
George W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld,                                                                   Gwatkin, I would bring a map to guide us                      Prof. Ian Young
Michael Portillo, Neil Hamilton, Lord                                                             there. However, on the morning of the
Radice, and a certain Sheriff Michael                 Powell’s Bibliographer Bound                day I got occupied in reading the Saturday           Ian Young was born in Belfast in 1961
Sheahan of Cook County, Illinois.                               for Texas                         papers and forgot to bring the map, thus             and grew up in Belfast through the worst
                                                                                                  more or less replicating the job Gwatkin             of Northern Ireland’s “Troubles”. He
However, the most popular nominee by far           Dr George Lilley, author of Anthony            did with the company under his command.              graduated in Biochemistry and then
was Lord Irvine, the Lord Chancellor.              Powell: A Bibliography and co-editor of        Fortunately, Jonathan Kooperstein, in a              Medicine from Queen’s University
One nomination referred to his                     the Eton conference proceedings, has been      moment of Kedwardian inspiration, had                Belfast, and is now Professor of Medicine
“unabashed exercise of the powers and              awarded a Research Fellowship (one of          brought a map and he guided us to the inn.           at Queen’s and Consultant in Clinical
privileges of his office without care of           only 30 awarded world-wide) to the Harry       There, we had a hearty lunch, or, as                 Biochemistry to the Royal Group of
public opinion.” Therefore, the Society            Ransom Humanities Center at the                Powell would want us to say, luncheon,               Hospitals, Belfast. He has published
had no hesitation in awarding the first ever       University of Texas, Austin. George            and genial discourse on a variety of topics          extensively in scientific journals, mainly
“Widmerpool” to Lord Irvine.                       Lilley (Senior Research Fellow of the          Powellian and non-Powellian.                         in relation to aspects of nutrition and
Coincidentally, the character of                   Department of English at the University of                                                          cardiovascular disease, and has lectured
Widmerpool is widely believed to have              Wales, Lampeter) recently gained his           The near-impossibility of finding an apt             widely on these topics.
been based upon Sir Reginald                       doctorate with a thesis on Powell.             character model for Gwinnett was
Manningham-Buller, known at the bar as                                                            discussed, and, in general, Temporary                He was introduced to the writing of
“Bullying Manner”, who became Lord                 George says, “I must have begun reading        Kings emerged as a focus. Gwinnett                   Anthony Powell by a fellow-medical
Chancellor in Harold Macmillan’s                   Dance when I was about the same age as         struck people very differently, some                 student while queuing for lunch in the
government, having been elevated as                the central characters at the beginning of     seeing him as, despite his eccentricities,           spring of 1983, and subsequently read
Viscount Dilhorne.                                 the story, and I’ve been hooked ever since     when the chips are down, a good fellow,              Dance for the first time that summer while
                                                   by its dry wit, elegance of style and clear-   others viewing him as a far more                     pretending to work in Edmonton, Canada.
The award was reported in the British              sighted human observation.”                    malevolent, gothic entity.                           The fellow medical student has no
press, including this article in The Daily                                                                                                             recollection of the conversation (or of ever
Telegraph on 16 April 2003:                        He hopes to visit Texas in the spring of       The extensive discussion of Pamela on the
                                                   2004. The Harry Ransom Center is                                                                    reading any of Anthony Powell’s books!)
                                                                                                  APList was also followed up slightly;
        Irvine lifts a ‘Widmerpool’                especially rich in research materials          interestingly, the emphasis was more on
                                                   relating to 20th century literature and he                                                          When not working, Ian’s main interests
Derry Irvine - Lord Chancellor and Baron                                                          the literary character-models for Cosmo              are spending time with his family (a wife
of Lairg - hardly needs any further                hopes that the unpublished archival            Flitton’s daughter than on Barbara
                                                   materials at the Center will help him to                                                            and two children) and book collecting,
honours, yet still they come rolling in. His                                                      Skelton, et al. The conversation was                 with several areas of interest apart from
latest gong, though, could be seen as              discover more about Powell’s relations         exhilarating as it is so rare to be in a group
                                                   with literary agents and publishers on both                                                         Anthony Powell. If there is any time left,
something of a mixed blessing. For the                                                            of people, each of whom is intelligent,              he loves to fish in the many lakes and
Anthony Powell Society has decided to              sides of the Atlantic.
                                                                                                                                                       rivers of Northern Ireland.
                                               5                                                                                                   6
                                   AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                             AP Society Newsletter #11

  Maclaren-Ross Defends Himself                                                                             Letters to the Editor
                                                    The second incident took place in the                                                                 I have recordings of the interviews and
               by Tom Miller                        same shop. Maclaren-Ross was carrying a       Mortimer Singer                                         features mentioned and of some of the
                                                    book, identified by a bookplate, that he      Leatrice Fountain received the following from her       novels-as-plays. I’m seeking especially to
The information supplied by Paul Willetts           had borrowed from someone else; he was        friend Roy Herbert of New Scientist (for many           complete my radio Dance and would be
                                                    however accosted by “a boy of repellent       years author of their column “Ariadne”) who             very pleased to hear from any Society
(Newsletter, Spring 2003) about Julian
                                                                                                  actually remembers the singing lady on the crutch
Maclaren-Ross, the original of X Trapnel,           aspect, barely above school age, but                                                                  member who might be able to help. I
                                                                                                  outside the Mortimer.
sent me up to the attic to refresh my               wearing nevertheless a green assistant’s                                                              could perhaps offer a quid pro quo.
memory.                                             badge”, and taken to see the detective; but   This is the further part and you might find
                                                    he was released when his friend confirmed     it of interest to your Powell chapel. We                Details of the radio plays are as follows:
Sure enough, within the pages of The Pick           that Maclaren-Ross had indeed borrowed        have discovered little about the singer
                                                    the book.                                                                                               Venusberg 3 January 1956
of Punch 1954, I found two pieces by                                                              except that her name was Bridget and she                  Another production? 4 February 1963
Julian Maclaren-Ross himself. (It is hard                                                         was Irish. My friend Joan Bailey (London
to recommend the book. Though there are             This unpleasantness did not stop              Library) who knew the police at the                       What’s Become of Waring?
contributions from such luminaries as               Maclaren-Ross from making further visits      nearest station in Soho, Vine Street, went                20 February 1956
John Betjeman and Noël Coward, it seems             to the shop, but I was not surprised to       along there and asked about her. They
that the English of half a century ago were         learn that on these excursions he was                                                                   From a View to a Death 7 August 1971
                                                                                                  said that anyone who knew more would be
easily amused.)                                     followed about by “sullen-faced female        dead by now. She asked in cafés around                    A Dance to the Music of Time
                                                    adolescents”, and watched by “pimply-         that that’s how we know those slim facts.                 Books 1-3 from 21.7.79 (6 episodes)
In one article, Maclaren-Ross makes                 faced youths” through “steel spectacles.”     A young waiter had heard someone                          Books 4-6 from 12.7.80 (6 episodes)
heavy fun of his failure to get a film script                                                     talking about her several years ago. I                    Books 7-9 from 14.6.81 (6 episodes)
accepted, despite his kind response to              The implication from what we know about       don’t remember her singing Pale Hands I                   Books 10-12 from 18.7.82 (7 episodes)
appeals from producers to serious writers           him is that Maclaren-Ross was properly        Loved Beside the Shalimar, but popular
to send in material. (His script came back,         interrogated, but that his mother-wit kept    arias from opera. Her voice was as                        Agents and Patients
we are told, stained with tea and lipstick,         him out of trouble …                          powerful as Ethel Merman’s and could cut                  21 December 1985
and without its spring-binder.)                                                                   through traffic noise and any other noise               For anyone interested my contact details
                                                                                                  in the streets. I think I recall that she               are: Barry Pike, 42 Scarborough Road,
The second piece is more telling.                                                                 didn’t have a bottler to collect money, but             London E11 4AL. Phone: 020 8556 5243
Maclaren-Ross reports that he has been                                                            had a bag on her crutch, though I might be              [Dance was actually 26 episodes and is currently
wrongly accused, twice, of shoplifting in a                                                       entirely wrong about that. She seemed                   being repeated on BBC7, see page 11. Full
bookshop.                                                                                         ageless to me.                                          details are on the website. – Ed]
                                                                                                                       –––––                                                 –––––
In the first of these incidents, which he
                                                                                                  Anthony Powell on Radio                                 Calthorpe
dated 1947, the injured author just                                                                                                                       Sir, An article I was reading about Iraq
                                                                                                  Sir, I’m interested to establish the details
happened to carry two novels that he had                                                                                                                  said the man who accepted the armistice
                                                                                                  of Anthony Powell’s contribution to radio,
acquired the week before back to the shop                                                                                                                 from the Ottomans on behalf of the British
                                                                                                  whether as the subject of features and
in which he had bought them.                                                                                                                              in 1918 was Admiral Calthorpe. I wonder
                                                                                                  interviews or as author of works adapted
Unfortunately, the store detective became                                                                                                                 if this could have been the source for
                                                                                                  for the medium. I know of two interviews
suspicious and Maclaren-Ross was forced                                                                                                                   Powell’s use of it in the school scenes of A
                                                                                                  and three features (but have no
to explain, with success, the                                                                                                                             Question of Upbringing? Since the senior
                                                    Uncle Giles’ untiring gyrations before the    transmission dates for them). I know also
circumstances, though, since the manager                                                                                                                  Jenkins was posted in Mesopotamia
                                                                altar of the Trust                of adaptations as radio plays of sixteen of
was not in the shop, he was unable to                                                                                                                     Powell could have read up on the subject
                                                                                                  the novels, all but Afternoon Men and the
corroborate Maclaren-Ross’ claim that he                                                                                                                  or just have known the name by the way…
                                                                                                  two late titles. These I do have dates for –
had purchased the books on the earlier                                                                                                                    Nicholas Birns
                                                                                                  see below.
                                                7                                                                                                     8
                                 AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                        AP Society Newsletter #11

      Anthony Powell Mention                              Powell First Editions                                                                    conference to coincide with their planned
                                                                                                                                                   Anthony Powell centenary exhibition.
Society member, Prudence Raper, spotted          Society member, Trevor Winkfield,
the following mention of Powell in a             noticed the following Powell books for                   Conference Corner                        The Centenary Conference dates have not
recent report of the England vs Scotland         sale (at a staggering $50,000 for the set) at                                                     yet been fixed but it will almost certainly
rugby match by Simon Barnes, chief               James S Jaffe Rare Books, Haverford, PA:         2003 Conference Declared a Triumph               be towards the end of 2005, the more
sports writer for The Times. The report,                                                                                                           nearly to coincide with Powell’s
headlined “Robinson stars in tale of the           A set of inscribed first editions of          There is a report of the Oxford conference        centenary. And the conference will be
unexpected”, mentioned that the said               Powell’s first four novels:                   on page 1 of this issue. Suffice it to say        organised by the winning team who
Robinson (“a man worth the admission               Afternoon Men … inscribed on the              here that some 75 delegates enjoyed a             brought you the Oxford Conference.
money on his own”) evidently achieves              front free endpaper: “For Bobbie              highly successful couple of days. Many
his results by doing unexpected things.            Bevan who wears his learning as a             thanks to all those delegates who returned        Members have an opportunity to influence
This led Barnes to write:                          guardsman his bearskin, from the              evaluation forms which are immensley              the precise timing and the shape of the
                                                   author Tony Powell , October 6th              helpful in planning 2005. The delegates’          conference via the enclosed survey form.
“There is a story about Anthony Powell,            1932.”                                        satisfaction measure rose from 77% for            Please tell us what you would like – while
when approached about a television series          Venusberg … inscribed on the front            the Eton conference to a stunning 83%,            we can’t guarantee to satisfy your every
of A Dance to the Music of Time, his great         free endpaper: “For Bobbie with the           with comments such as:                            wish, if we don’t know your preferences
cycle novel. He wanted closer                      author’s warm regard, and in the                                                                then there isn’t much we can do!
involvement than the television people             hope that the new year will prove a             I congratulate you on an
were keen on. He was asked what he                 good one, from Tony Powell, Dec.                immaculately organised conference               This will be a regular Newsletter column,
thought he would contribute. He replied:           31st 1932. ‘I love little pussy, her            … attended about 200 in my time and             so watch this space for more news as it
‘The unexpected.’ And so Robinson                  coat is so warm.’”                              this was one of the best.                       becomes available.
predictably contributed the unexpected to          From a View to a Death … inscribed
England’s performance.”                            on the front flyleaf: “For Bobbie,              Thank you for organising such a
                                                   who covers the water front but isn’t            terrific conference … a magnificent
                                                   always watching the sea, from Tony              team of speakers … a great success.                Why Not Advertise Here?
                                                   Powell, Feb. 13th 1935.”                                                                                            ***
                                                   Agents and Patients … inscribed on              … how much I enjoyed the                                   Display Advert Rates
                                                   the front flyleaf: “For Bobbie, from            conference … have come away full of
                                                                                                                                                                 Full Page: £30
                                                   the author Tony Powell. For purity.             new perceptions and ideas.
                                                                                                                                                           ½ page or full column: £20
                                                   April 19th 1936.”
                                                                                                                                                           1/3 page (horizontal): £15
                                                 Robert Bevan was, apparently, the scion                                                                     ¼ page (½ column): £10
                                                                                                 2005 Conference Early Announcement
                                                 of a family of painters, and was a                                                                        1/6 page (1/3 column): £8
                                                 legendary advertising executive who for         Members will not need reminding that                   Flyer inserts: £10 per A5 sheet
                                                 many years ran SH Benson and Hedges             2005 sees Anthony Powell’s centenary, so                     B&W line art only
                                                 (which later merged with Ogilvy and             needless to say the 2005 conference will                            ***
                                                 Mather).                                        be a centenary celebration.                                      Small Ads
                                                                                                                                                           Free to Society members
                                                 Do any Society members know anything            The Centenary Conference will be in                     Others 10p/word, minimum £3
   Sillery was a mysterious, politically         further about Robert Bevan and his              London (Anthony Powell was, after all,                              ***
minded, cardinal of the academical world,        friendship with Powell?                         born in Westminster) and we are delighted
  never taking tea without an intrigue                                                           to announce that the Society has accepted             Contact the Hon. Secretary or the
                                                                                                 The Wallace Collection’s offer to host the                Editor for further details

                                             9                                                                                                10
                                  AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                        AP Society Newsletter #11

    Dance Radio Dramatisation                            Vice-President Monagan                      From the Secretary’s Desk                      whose work on this has now just begun:
      on BBC7 Digital Radio                                                                                                                         he has the unenviable task of putting the
                                                   We are delighted to announce that John S     This April was not just a month of sweet            required accounting and taxation
Many members will have spotted that the            Monagan (“The Congressman” of                Chaucerian showers but also one of sweet            processes in place to ensure we fulfil out
BBC’s radio dramatisation of Dance from            Powell’s Journals) has been appointed the    successes for the Society. Within a few             legal obligations and reap the benefits.
the late-1970s/early-1980s has recently            Society’s first Vice-President. This         days at the beginning of the month we
been repeated on BBC7 digital radio.               appointment is in appreciation of “The       achieved three major milestones.                    Members will find a Gift Aid Declaration
Unfortunately we didn’t know in time to            Congressman’s” long-standing support for                                                         form enclosed with this Newsletter. If you
be able to mail everyone with the details!         the Society, his memoir of Powell, The       Firstly our first non-conference                    are a UK taxpayer, please complete and
                                                   Master and The Congressman (available        publication saw the light of day. The               return the form as this allows us to reclaim
At 26 episodes there are two episodes per          from the Society), and his contribution to   Master and The Congressman is a short               the tax you have already paid on your
book with Books Do Furnish a Room and              the wider understanding of Powell’s life     memoir by John S Monagan (“The                      subscriptions, donations, etc. – at current
Temporary Kings getting three episodes             and works.                                   Congressman” of Powell’s Journals) of               UK tax rates this is worth an additional
each. Frederick Bradnum’s dramatisation                                                         his several visits to Powell and Lady               28p for every £1 you give us!
is excellent – for my money far superior to                                                     Violet at the Chantry. Partly in
the Channel 4 films, good though they are.                                                      recognition of this John has been                   For the record we are Registered Charity
Bradnum really does capture the whole                                                           appointed as the Society’s first Vice-              No. 1096873.
ethos of Dance despite the inevitable                                                           President.
omission of some good scenes. This is
helped by the division of Jenkins’s role                                                        Secondly the long awaited Oxford
into two – Jenkins the protagonist and                                                          Conference, of which there is more
Jenkins the narrator, played by different                                                       elsewhere in this Newsletter, was a
actors.                                                                                         resounding success.

At the time of writing about one third of                                                       But thirdly, and most significantly, we had
the 26, one hour, episodes have been                                                            confirmation that our application for
broadcast; the plan is that we record them                                                      charitable status had been approved and
                                                                                                that the Society is now a charity registered        In addition there have also been a number
all for the Society’s archive. We are in                       Local Groups                                                                         of minor successes …
discussions with the BBC in the hope that                                                       in England and Wales.
we may be able to make a copy of this              NE USA Group
                                                                                                While this does put some administrative             Earlier in the year we were asked by Book
dramatisation more easily available to             Area Covered: NY & CT area, USA
                                                                                                burdens on us it should have significant            & Magazine Collector (a UK monthly) to
members, or perhaps cajole them into               Organiser:    Leatrice Fountain
                                                                                                benefits, not least financially, and is             submit an article on the history and
releasing the radio plays on tape or CD.           Email:                                                           activities of the Society to kick-off a new
                                                                                                recognition of the value of our aims.
                                                                                                                                                    series they are running on literary
[Please do NOT ask us to send you tapes,           Great Lakes Group
                                                                                                This has taken about 18 months hard, and            societies. The article, written by the
CDs, MP3 files, etc. of the plays unless we        Area Covered: Chicago area, USA
                                                                                                at times dispiriting, work – mostly                 Society’s Hon. Archivist, appeared in the
announce here that they are officially             Organiser:    Stephen Pyskoty-Olle
                                                                                                answering the Charity Commission’s                  June issue of Book & Magazine Collector,
available. Apart from the huge amount of           Email:
                                                                                                seemingly interminable questions. While             which is now in full colour! The article is
work involved, the dramatisation is
                                                                                                none of the committee have been                     reprinted elsewhere in this Newsletter.
subject to UK copyright law and to                 London Group
circulate it in any way without the BBC’s          Area Covered: London & SE UK                 untouched by the work I would
                                                                                                particularly like to thank Tony Robinson            And finally, in March we enrolled our
permission would very clearly be illegal.]         Organiser:    vacant
                                                                                                who patiently and expertly guided us                200th member.
                                                                                                through the application process. I must
                                                                                                also thank our Treasurer, Ian Young,                We really have had a good few months!

                                              11                                                                                               12
                                  AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                    AP Society Newsletter #11

          Members’ Survey                                 Dates for Your Diary                 Annual General Meeting 2003                      trustees under English law and a majority
                                                                                                                                                of the Executive Committee must, in the
Now that charitable status has been                      Saturday 2nd August 2003           Notice is hereby given that this year’s             Charity Commission’s words “be
achieved the Executive Committee would               London Group Pub Lunch Meet            Annual General Meeting of The                       ordinarily resident in England and Wales”.
welcome members’, and non-members’,                    Venue: The Anchor Bankside,          Anthony Powell Society will be held on
thoughts on the development of the                    34 Park Street, London, SE1 9EF       Saturday 20 September 2003 at The                   Motions for discussion at the AGM must
Society. Please spend a few minutes                       Time: 1230 to 1530 hrs            Albert Public House, Victoria Street,               also be submitted to the Secretary no later
completing the questionnaire enclosed               By popular demand a repeat informal     London, SW1H 0NP commencing at                      than Monday 28 July 2003. They must be
with this Newsletter.                              lunchtime meet at this historic London   1430 hrs.                                           clearly worded, proposed by at least two
                                                             riverside hostelry:                                                                members and contain a statement in
This is a good opportunity for you to                 good beer, good food, good chat       It is hoped that the meeting will be                support of the motion which will be
influence the direction of the Society and                                                  followed by a guest speaker and a short             published to members.
the shape of the 2005 Centenary                       Saturday 20th September 2003          walk to Powell’s birthplace which is
Conference. It is also an opportunity for                      Society AGM                  nearby. Refreshments will also be                   The agenda for the AGM will include a
you to offer to help us. So please tell us           Venue: The Albert Public House         provided.                                           motion to make a small amendment to the
what you want!                                      Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0NP                                                           Constitution which has been requested by
                                                               Time: 1430 hrs               Nominations for the three Executive                 the Charity Commission. This will clarify
All questionnaires received by 31 July                 Details elsewhere in this issue      Officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer)           the size and composition of the Executive
2003 will be entered in a draw for a                                                        and Executive Committee Members must                Committee and if passed will mean that up
year’s free membership of the Society.                                                      be received in writing by the Secretary no          to six committee members (in addition to
                                                                                            later than Monday 28 July 2003.                     the three officers) may be elected.
All the information is provided in
confidence and your identity will not be                                                    Maggie Noach, our current Chairman, has             The formal agenda for the meeting,
disclosed outside the Secretary’s office.                                                   indicated that due to pressure of work she          together with proxy voting papers, will be
                                                                                            wishes to stand down. Consequently a                sent to all members in early August.
We will aim to report back at the AGM                                                       vacancy exists for a new Chairman to                Proxy votes must reach the Secretary no
and in a later copy of the Newsletter.                                                      share and enhance our vision and guide us           later than Monday 15 September 2003.
                                                                                            through this new and exciting phase of the
                                                                                            Society’s development.
                                                                                                                                                        Membership Renewal
     Contributions to the Newsletter                                                        All nominations must bear the name &
     are always welcome and should
                                                                                                                                                         Second Reminder
                                                                                            signature of two proposers and the
               be sent to:                                                                  signature of the candidate accepting the            Members are reminded that subscriptions
                                                                                            declaration (shown on the form below).              were due at the end of March. Those
   Newsletter Editor, Stephen Holden,                                                       Electronic signatures will be accepted in           whose subscription has now expired will
     The Anthony Powell Society                                                             the form of e-mail(s) from the                      find a renewal reminder enclosed with this
        76 Ennismore Avenue                                                                 proposer(s)/candidate to the Secretary.             Newsletter.
               Greenford                                                                    Normal mail and faxes (preferably using
        Middlesex, UB6 0JW                                                                  the form) will also, of course, be accepted.        It would be appreciated if members would
                                                                                                                                                renew their subscriptions promptly – it
                                                                                            Please note: The members of the                     only causes embarrassment, expense and
          Fax: 020 8864 6109                                                                Executive Committee (the three officers             unnecessary work if we have to send out
      Email:                                                           and the committee members) are the                  reminders.
                                                                                            Society’s legal trustees. This means those
                                                                                            elected must not be barred from being
                                             13                                                                                            14
                                  AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                             AP Society Newsletter #11
                                                                                                    when he eventually created his web pages,             words ‘Gone away’ on a returned letter
      The Anthony Powell Society – Officer/Committee Proposal Form                                  especially as it soon became apparent that            make the narrator think of a fox? Even
                                                                                                    there was nothing else Powell-related on              those who had most detested this kind of
 We the undersigned nominate _______________________________ for the post of
                                                                                                    the Web. Initial interest in this section of          exercise in English lessons at school
 ________________________________                                                                   the website was boosted with the 1997                 hurried to explain and even to look things
                                                                                                    dramatisation of A Dance to the Music of              up. The appeal of AP’s writing lies partly
                                                                                                    Time for Channel 4, starring Simon                    in his accurate ear for dialogue, his
 Proposer:______________________          Signed:_________________ Date:_______                     Russell Beale and Miranda Richardson.                 characterisation and his wit; he also
                                                                                                    That interest increased when fellow                   evokes a setting so convincingly that the
 Seconder:______________________          Signed:_________________ Date:_______                     Powell enthusiast Julian Allason contacted            reader can, as it were, go and spend a
                                                                                                    Keith Marshall to discuss the possible real           weekend there.
                                                                                                    life sources for some of Powell’s fictional
 Candidate’s Declaration                                                                            characters. Powell himself detested this              The final catalyst for the founding of the
 If elected I agree to serve as _______________________________ and to act at all                   sort of thing (although he was a keen user            Society was Powell’s death in 2000 at the
 times in the best interests of the Society. I am not barred from acting as the trustee of a        of real life incidents and remarks), but it           age of 94. The sheer volume of tributes
 charity under the laws of England & Wales. I am/am not* resident in England or Wales.              continues to fascinate his readers. In                paid to him on both sides of the Atlantic
                                                                                                    particular, who can possibly have been the            made the APLIST members realise that an
 Name: ________________________           Signed:_________________ Date:_______                     model for the character who is arguably               international conference was needed to
                                                                                                    Powell’s finest creation, Kenneth                     celebrate the man and his work. So the
 * Please delete as necessary                                                                       Widmerpool? Answers on an e-postcard                  Society came into being for a purely
                                                                                                    began to arrive, the website section                  practical reason – to organise the first
                                                   probably the first literary society to           expanded, and the e-mail discussion list              Anthony Powell Conference. Having
 The Anthony Powell Society: the
                                                   emerge from an Internet discussion list.         (APLIST) began in mid-1998.                           started on the Internet, one of the first
History of a Twenty-First Century                                                                                                                         options considered was to have the
           Organisation                                                                             Most people, including many Powell fans,              conference there, too – but it was soon
                                                   It all began when Dr Keith Marshall, now
                                                   the Society’s Hon. Secretary, was                assume that such a very ‘English’ author              realised that a ‘virtual’ conference was
             by Noreen Marshall                                                                     will attract readers only in this country.            going to be difficult to do well; it would
                Hon. Archivist                     recovering from glandular fever back in
                                                   the early 1980s. A friend suggested that         But there are Powell enthusiasts all over             also have excluded Powell devotees who
                                                   he might enjoy reading Anthony Powell’s          the world, and the APLIST meant that                  did not have Internet access. One of the
The Anthony Powell Society was formally                                                             they could constantly talk to each other by           conference team then discovered that Eton
founded on 1st June 2000 in the elegant            12-volume novel A Dance to the Music of
                                                   Time (often referred to by its fans simply       e-mail at negligible cost. And as they are            College was keen to host the event, and
surroundings of 7 Ormonde Gate, London,                                                             a wonderfully mixed bunch of academics,               that was an offer no-one wanted to refuse.
by a handful of enthusiasts gathered               as Dance). By the time his recovery was
                                                   complete, he had not only read and               enthusiasts, journalists and students their           Eton is not only Powell’s old school, but is
beneath the rather severe gaze of Tsar                                                              discussions have been equally full of                 also the thinly-disguised setting for A
Peter the Great, whose portrait hung in the        enjoyed all twelve books, but Powell was
                                                   one of his heroes. This was not just the         variety. Hymns, steam trains, cocktail                Question of Upbringing, the first volume
room. Its aim is “to advance for the public                                                         ingredients and the hanging of peers have             of A Dance to the Music of Time.
benefit, education and interest in the life        admiration that many of us have for a
                                                   particular personality, but a recognition        been among the elements which have
and works of the English author Anthony                                                             recently contributed to the e-debates on              So the Society’s first biennial conference,
Dymoke Powell”. So far, so traditional.            that here was someone who was a skilful
                                                   writer and literary critic – and with a circle   characters, locations, real life parallels and        Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of A
But its roots and much of its working are                                                           AP himself. APLISTers also found                      Dance to the Music of Time, took place at
in the Internet, where for some time it had        of friends and acquaintances which
                                                   included many of the twentieth century’s         themselves helping with some of the more              Eton College on 23rd April 2001, opening
existed in all but name as an informal                                                              obscure details for a translation of the first        with a message from Powell’s widow, the
group which discussed Anthony Powell               great writers and characters such as
                                                   Evelyn Waugh, Osbert Lancaster and               four volumes of Dance into Dutch: what                writer Lady Violet Pakenham. Delegates
(AP) and his work by e-mail. It is not                                                              exactly is a regiment of the line? What are           came from all over the world, and listened
only a modern organisation, but also               George Orwell. So to Keith it seemed
                                                   only natural to include a section on Powell      co-respondent shoes? Why would the                    to a fine variety of papers, among them

                                              15                                                                                                     16
                                  AP Society Newsletter #11                                                                                 AP Society Newsletter #11
one by the intelligence historian Nigel            greatest interests) at the College of Arms,     friendship with Anthony and Violet                           Officers & Executive Committee
West on Powell’s possible connections              led by Patric Dickinson, Richmond               Powell spans twenty-five years and is
with Bletchley Park during World War II,           Herald, who also happens to be a member;        gently humorous. As a member of the                                 Patron: John MA Powell
and journalist Simon Barnes’s analysis of          and dinner and a talk by Hugh                   Alliance of Literary Societies, the
the consumption of alcohol in Dance. The           Massingberd at his and AP’s London club,        Anthony Powell Society hopes to achieve                           President: Hugh Massingberd
Society also welcomed Anthony Powell’s             The Travellers’.                                recognition for AP’s work much as some
younger son John as its Patron, and the                                                            of the longer established groups have for                               Vice-President:
writer and Powell family friend Hugh               The Society also has three Local Groups         other authors from Lascelles Abercrombie                             John S Monagan (USA)
Massingberd as President. This first major         organising events for members in their          to Charlotte Yonge. The continued
event was much enjoyed by all who came             area: the NE USA group, covering New            availability of many authors’ books for                            *Chairman: Maggie Noach
to it, and the proceedings published by the        York and Connecticut; the Great Lakes           new readers to buy and to collect will
Society. The second conference has just            group, based in the Chicago area, and the       almost certainly depend on interest shown                     *Hon. Secretary: Dr Keith Marshall
taken place at Balliol College, Oxford,            London group, for London and SE                 in their work by academics and
                                                                                                                                                                           *Hon. Treasurer:
where AP read History in the 1920s. This                                                           enthusiasts, and the Anthony Powell                                Prof. Ian Young (N. Ireland)
time the topics included the Poussin                                                               Society plans to go on growing and
painting A Dance to the Music of Time                                                              progressing, and providing an enjoyable                             *Committee Members:
which inspired the title of the sequence;                                                          resource for its members.                                           Dr Nicholas Birns (USA),
Powell’s acquaintance with George                                                                                                                                      Leatrice Fountain (USA),
Orwell; and the ‘Oxford effect’ on various                                                         A slightly edited version of this article first
                                                                                                                                                                           Stephen Holden
writers. The overwhelming verdict from                                                             appeared in Issue 231 of Book and Magazine
                                                                                                   Collector published in June 2003. It was                                 Tony Robinson
delegates was that they had enjoyed this
                                                   England; other groups seem likely to            commissioned as the first in a series of articles on
conference even more than the first. Work                                                          UK literary societies. The Society is grateful for             Newsletter Editor: Stephen Holden
has already started on the 2005 conference         emerge. The American meetings have
                                                                                                   permission to reprint the article.
in London, to tie in with the Wallace              done rather better than the English ones at                                                                     Hon. Archivist: Noreen Marshall
Collection’s proposed exhibition to mark           leading structured discussions of various
the centenary of Powell’s birth. Several           AP-related subjects, such as the                                                                               PR/Media Adviser: Julian Allason
venues are already ‘bidding’ to host the           prevalence of art in the first three books of         Newsletter Copy Deadlines
2007 conference.                                   Dance, whereas the English members                                                                                2005 Conference Committee:
                                                   seem to prefer to come along to the pub or      The deadlines for receipt of articles and                         Dr Keith Marshall (Chairman)
                                                   bistro for wide-ranging conversations           advertisements for the Newsletter are:
The APLIST is particularly well suited to
those who want to access and take part in          which drop in and out of Powell’s world.                                                                    * Members of the Executive Committee
                                                                                                   Issue 12, Autumn 2003                                       who are the Society’s trustees.
discussions about Powell from a distance,
                                                   In its three years of existence, the Anthony    Copy Deadline: 15 August 2003
and e-mails and telephone conferencing
                                                   Powell Society has certainly exceeded its       Publication Date: 5 September 2003                          All officers are resident in England or
are widely used in the Society’s work, but
                                                   original aim of staging a conference. It                                                                    Wales unless stated.
real events are very much what the
                                                   has over two hundred members, has just          Issue 13, Winter 2003
members want. One of the earliest was an                                                                                                                       Please send all correspondence to:
                                                   been granted charitable status, and is          Copy Deadline: 14 November 2003
invitation to a group of Society members
                                                   beginning to build up an archive of AP-         Publication Date: 5 December 2003
to attend the dedication of AP’s memorial,                                                                                                                                 Hon. Secretary
by the sculptor Richard Kindersley. This           related material for the use of researchers
                                                   and enthusiasts. It has also just launched      Issue 14, Spring 2004                                             The Anthony Powell Society
was followed by tea at the Powells’ house,                                                                                                                         76 Ennismore Avenue, Greenford
                                                   its first non-conference publication, The       Copy Deadline: 13 February 2004
The Chantry, with Lady Violet. Other                                                                                                                                  Middlesex, UB6 0JW, UK
                                                   Master and the Congressman, a                   Publication Date: 5 March 2004
events have included lunches at the
Wallace Collection (handy for viewing the          monograph by former US Senator John S                                                                              Phone: +44 (0)20 8864 4095
                                                   Monagan (nicknamed ‘The Congressman’            Issue 15, Summer 2004
Poussin painting already referred to); a                                                                                                                               Fax: +44 (0)20 8864 6109
                                                   in Powell’s Journals). His account of his       Copy Deadline: 14 May 2004
session on genealogy (one of AP’s                                                                                                                              Email:
                                                                                                   Publication Date: 4 June 2004
                                              17                                                                                                          18
                                   AP Society Newsletter #11

         Society Merchandise                        Audio Tapes of Dance. Copies of the                                                      The Anthony Powell Society
                                                    following audio tapes of Simon Callow                                                                                  Registered Charity No. 1096873
The Master and The Congressman                      reading (abridged) volumes of Dance:
A 40 page monograph by John Monagan                 A Question of Upbringing
describing his meetings with Anthony                The Kindly Ones                                                                                                  Membership Form
Powell. A small treasure for all collectors         The Valley of Bones                                      Member Information                                   Payment Information
of Powelliana.                                      The Soldier’s Art                           Type of membership (please check):                    Total amount payable :           £ __________
Price: £5 (post free to all members)                Price: £2.50 each (postage rate C)          ¨ Ordinary Member – £20 a year.                       (No. of years x membership rate)
                                                                                                ¨ Joint Membership – £30 a year.                      ¨ I enclose a sterling cheque drawn on a UK
Society Postcard                                    Newsletter Back Issues                        Any two persons at the same address.                  bank. Please make cheques payable to The
B&W postcard of Powell with his cat                 Back numbers of the Newsletter are sold     ¨ Gold Member – £30 minimum a year.                     Anthony Powell Society.
                                                    out, with the exception of issues 1, 6, 9   ¨ Student Member – £12 a year.
Trelawney. Picture on page 13.                                                                                                                        ¨ Please debit my Visa / MasterCard
                                                                                                  Please send a copy of your student card.
Price: £1.75 for 5 (postage rate B)                 and 10.
                                                                                                ¨ Organisation – £100 minimum a year.                    Card No.:
                                                    Price: 50p per copy (postage rate B)
Wallace Collection Postcard                                                                     Subscriptions are due on 1 April annually. If            Valid from:             Expires:
                                                                   –––ooOoo–––                  joining after 31 December membership includes
The Wallace Collection’s luxurious                                                              following full subscription year.                     Name & address of cardholder (if different from
postcard of the Poussin’s A Dance to the                                                                                                              above):
Music of Time. Picture on page 13.                  Postage. All Society merchandise is post    Full Name:
Price: £2 for 5 (postage rate B)                    free to members in the UK. Regrettably      Address:
                                                    we have to ask overseas members to
**NEW** Wallace Collection Poster                   contribute to airmail postage using the
The Wallace Collection’s 48.5 x 67.5 cm             following rates:                                                                                  I agree to the Society holding my information on
(half life-size) poster of the Poussin’s A                                                      Postcode/Zip:                                         computer.
                                                         Rate      UK     Europe    World
Dance to the Music of Time. Mailed in a                   A        free    20p       50p
poster tube. As we don’t know how well                    B        free    30p       85p        Email:                                                Signed:
poster tubes will survive air mail handling,              C        free    50p        £1        Number of years membership being paid:
mailing outside the UK is at buyer’s risk.                D        free    70p      £1.40
                                                                                                         1 / 2 / 3 / more (please state):             Date:
Picture on page 13.
Price: £5.75 (postage rate D)                       Non-members will be charged postage &
                                                    packing at cost.                                  Gift Membership Information                                 Gift Aid Declaration
Society Bookmarks                                                                               If this is a gift membership, please enter the name   I want the Society to treat (please delete as
Price: £1 for 5 (postage rate A)                                   –––ooOoo–––                  & address of the recipient:                           appropriate):
                                                                                                                                                      • the enclosed donation of £ __________
Eton Conference Proceedings                         Ordering. Post, phone or fax your order                                                           • all donations I make from the date of this
                                                    to the Hon. Secretary. Payment by cheque                                                              declaration until I notify you otherwise
Limited edition of 250 numbered copies                                                                                                                • all donations I have made since 6 April 2000,
each signed by the Society’s Patron.                (UK funds drawn on a UK bank), credit
                                                                                                                                                          and all donations I make from the date of this
Price: £15 (post free to all members)               card (Visa or Mastercard) or cash.                                                                    declaration until I notify you otherwise
                                                                                                                                                      as Gift Aid donations.
Eton Conference Delegates Book                       Hon. Secretary, Anthony Powell Society
                                                       76 Ennismore Avenue, Greenford                                                                 To qualify for Gift Aid:
The book given to delegates on the day of                                                                                                             • you must be a UK taxpayer, and
the conference. Final remaindered copies.                  Middlesex, UB6 0JW, UK               Where shall we send the membership?
                                                                                                                                                      • what you pay in income tax or capital gains t ax
                                                                                                ¨ Direct to the recipient
Price: £1 (postage rate C)                                                                      ¨ To you to give to the recipient personally
                                                                                                                                                        must at least equal the amount we will claim in
                                                            Tel: +44 (0)20 8864 4095                                                                    the tax year.
Oxford Conference Delegates Book                            Fax: +44 (0)20 8864 6109            Please send the completed form and payment to:
As given to delegates at the conference.                                                        Hon. Secretary, The Anthony Powell Society                                  Phone: +44 (0)20 8864 4095
Price: £1.50 (postage rate C)                                                                   76 Ennismore Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 0JW, UK                        Fax: +44 (0)20 8864 6109