Excellent Cows 2007 1_Belcher Jed Quita Sired by Juniper Rotate by fdjerue7eeu


									Excellent Cows 2007                   4) Crasdale Triumphant Lustre
1)Belcher Jed Quita                     Sired by Renaissance Triumphant
  Sired by Juniper Rotate Jed           Owned by Crestomere Holsteins
  Owned by Morsan Farms               Sponsored by Abel Custom Silaging

Clarkview Caleb Renee                 5)Crestomere Cousteau Leanne
  Sired by Locust-Ridge Emory Caleb      Sired by Silky Cousteau
  Owned by Morsan Farms                  Bred and Owned by Crestomere
Cobequid Spudmantes                     Sponsored by Genetic Ventures
 Sired by Cobequid Spud
 Owned by Morsan Farms                6)Crestomere Gibson Fragrance
                                        Sired by Silky Gibson
Sponsored By West Country Dairy         Bred and Owned by Crestomere
Supplies                              Holsteins
                                        Sponsored by Pioneer Vet Services
2)Tomalynn Leduc Della
  Sired by Lystel Leduc               7) Crestomere Juror Lovebug
  Owned by Morsan Farms                  Sired by Ked Juror
                                         Bred and Owned by Crestomere
Wedgewood Hally Champion              Holsteins
 Sired by Calbrett IHH Champion          Sponsored by Purple Springs Hay
 Owned by Morsan Farms
                                      8) Dendra Lunar Z Gillian
Wedgewood Lilac Gibson                   Sired by Independent Lunar
 Sired by Silky Gibson                  Owned by Mike Wildeboer
 Owned by Morsan Farms                  Sponsored by Alta Embryo Group

Sponsored by Genervations             9) Dendra Lunar Z Gillian
                                         Sired by Independent Lunar
3)Marleon Linjet Moonbean                Bred by Dendra Holsteins
 Sired by Sunnylodge Linjet              Sponsored by Alta Embryo Group
  Owned By Morsan Farms
                                      10)Hunter Leduc Spritz
Wedgewood Royal Jane                     Sired by Lystel Leduc
 Sired by Wedgewood Royal                Bred by Hunter Holsteins
 Owned By Morsan Farms                   Sponsored by The Cooperators

Kallanda Astronomical Eva             11)Hunter Lee Velvet
 Sired by Oseeana Astronomical           Sired by Comestar Lee
 Owned by Morsan Farms                   Bred By Hunter Holsteins
Sponsored By Ponoka Co-op Oil LTD       Sponsored by Crestomere Vet Clinic
12) Marsfield Lee Jane
    Sired by Comestar Lee             18)Roneamar 224 Lakeside Laura
    Bred By Marsfield Dairy           Sired By Rosebett Lakeside
    Sponsored by LyleLink             Bred and Owned by Roneamar Farms
Hooftrimming                          Sponsored by VJV Dairy Sales

                                      19)Southrise Leduc Rena
13) Marsfield Lee Jane                Sired By Lystel Leduc
    Sired by Comestar Lee             Owned By Mosnang Holsteins
    Owned by Wendon Holsteins         Sponsored By Alta Genetics

Wendon Leduc Jade
Sired by Lystel Leduc                 20) Thornspyc Locklee Alma
Bred and Owned By Wendon Holsteins    Sired by Lystel Locklee
                                      Bred and Owned by Thornspyc Dairy
                                      Meinema Custom Farming
Wendon Storm Rea
Sired by Maughlin Strom
Bred and Owned by Wendon Holsteins

Sponsored by Janssen Energy

14)Lacross James Betsey
Sired by Shoremar James
Bred and Owned By Lacross Holsteins
Sponsored By Nutri-Source

15)Narcis Lee Robyn
Sired by Comestar Lee
Bred and Owned by Anthony
Sponsored by No Tilt-Hooftrimming

16)Narcis R M Fiesta
Sired by Indianhead Red Marker
Bred and Owned by Anthony
Sponsored by DH&P

17)Ord Lee Victoria
Sired By Comestar Lee
Owned By Mike Wildeboer
Sponsored by Rimbey Implements
Production Awards
                                    CAHC 2007
1) CAHC 2007                        Highest Lifetime Production
   Highest Yearling                 Dewitts Debbie
   Bryhill RMH R Lucinta            159,146 Kg’s Milk
   361M 324F 323P                   Owned by Wendon Holsteins
   Owned by Morsan Farms            Sponsored by Westgen
   Sponsored by Chinook Dairy
   Supplies                       8) CAHC 2007
                                      Highest Production
2) CAHC 2007                          Earnewald Farms
   Highest 2Yr. Old                  810 Kg’s Fat and Protein
   Morsan Blitz Speckles             Sponsored by Central Vet Clinic
   386M 366F 320P
   Owned by Morsan Farms          9) CAHC 2007
   Sponsored by Vertech Feeds        Most Improved RHA
                                     Lac La Nonne Dairy
3) CAHC 2007                         68 Points
   Highest 3Yr. Old                  Sponsored by CIBC
   Morsan Lyster Heidi
   475M 419F 388P
   Owned by Morsan Farms
   Sponsored by TD Bank Lacombe

4) CAHC 2007
   Highest 4 Yr. Old
   Shardawn Zicostar Mid
   399M 457F 380P
   Owned by Morsan Farms
   Sponsored by Royal Manure

5) CAHC 2007
   Highest 5Yr Old
   Clearfarms Dante Donnah
   414M 430F 384P
   Owned by Morsan Farms
   Sponsored by Catons

6) CAHC 2007
   Highest Mature Cow
   Wedgewood Lilac Gibson
   325M 309F 302P
   Owned by Morsan Farms
   Sponsored by E.P.G. Services
    Longtime Production Awards   Outstanding Achievement Awards

11)Wendon Holsteins                 1) Dewitts Debbie
159,146 Kgs Milk                       10,000Kgs Fat & Protein
5685 Kgs Fat                           5685 Kgs Fat
5118 Kgs Protein                       5118 Kgs Protein
Dewitts Debbie                         Owned by Wendon Holsteins

2)Hunter Holsteins                  2) Roneamar Seven Zero Seven
111,846 Kgs Milk                       Excellent 91 5E
3638 Kgs Fat                           Bred and Owned by Roneamar
3503 Kgs Protein                       Holsteins
Hunter Lieutenant Ellie

3) Hunter Holsteins
107,454 Kgs Milk                 Central Alberta Holstein Club Grand
3394 Kgs Fat                     Champion
3348 Kgs Protein
Hunter Skychief Fantasy
4)Lacross Holsteins              Mosnang White Goldwyn
107,622 Kgs Milk                 Exhibiter: Mosnang Holsteins
3876Kgs Fat
3316 Kgs Protein
Lacross Astre Deanne
                                 CAHC 1st place Milking 2 year old
6) Hylac Holsteins
101,840 Kgs Milk                 2007 Crestomere Champion Livia
4224 Kgs Fat                     Exhibitor: Crestomere Holsteins
3717 Kgs Protein
Hylac Valor Lynette              CAHC 1st Place Yearling

7) Westpride Farms               2007 Kloppenhof Spirte Parson 4
   106,614 Kgs Milk              Exhibiter: Kloppenhof dairy
   4131 Kgs Fat
   3244 Kgs Protein              CAHC 1st Place Junior Calf
   Westpride Dandy F
                                 2007 Altapple Goldwyn Polly
                                 Exhibiter: Sprucelane Dairy

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