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The Winning Splash by abstraks


									                                          experience for us all and
 The Winning Splash                       we all learned a great                       Useful Contacts
          November 2007                   deal. We spoke to several
                                          other teams there and they     President:         Bob Anderson
                                          said that it was the best
Aberdeen ASC & LTS News                   location for a training        Vice President:      ?????
                                          camp that they had been
   News from the Head Coach               to.
                                                                         Secretary:         Carolyn McLeod
10 Things All Swimming Coaches            We are well through the
   Would Love To See & Hear               term and are fast              Treasurer:           Gill Redman
                                          approaching Christmas.            
1. Fins and swim kit with names           Before then, we have 2
                                                                         CPO:                 Carole Simpson
permanently engraved on them.             main swimming activities,       
                                          our Club Championships
2. Self cleaning water bottles- please    on Sunday 2 December           Head Coach:       Alison Low
check your one!                           at Tullos at 4.00pm and      
                                          our trip to Stirling.          AAA Admin:       Roseanne Gray
3. Goggles that do not come off                                        
swimmers when they are tired and          All swimmers have been
are looking for a reason to stop.         entered for the Club           AA Coach:         Ian Benzie
                                          Championships and all
4. A swimmer metre sheet that             swimmers should already        AA Admin:       Gwen Sutherland
completes itself.                         have received information.   
                                          It is important that you let
                                                                         A Coach:            Sarah Sutherland
5. Swimmers who get in the water          your coach know if you are      
after being asked once.                   not going to be there.
                                          Please offer to be a TO,       A Admin:             Mary Bryce
6. Swimmers who streamline off the        especially if you are           
wall, every time and never have to be     looking for signatures. As     Beta League:      Amanda Powe
reminded to do so.                        we are applying for           
                                          accreditation, we need
7. Whiteboard markers which work          your help.                     Fundraising:       Roseanne Gray
when the board is wet.
                                          All the squad swimmers         Meet Entries:      Niki Anderson
8. Pool shoes that keep the coach’s       are invited to go on a trip    
feet dry and never get mouldy or          to Stirling on 22
                                                                         Membership:     Gwen Sutherland
smelly.                                   December, to train in a      
                                          50m pool. We have
9. Swimmers who dress warmly after        booked the lanes for 2 x 2     Metre Sheets:     Catriona Symon
training, especially when it is           hour sessions, but we do      
snowing!                                  not expect the younger         PB Sheets:         Rebecca Walker
                                          swimmers to train for all     
10. A swimmer who says, “I think we       this time. An e-mail has
only did 9x200, instead of 10x200.”       gone out from the squad        Shop:               Trish Holt
                                          administrators asking for
Our highlight of the year was our         names, so please reply         Sponsorship:
training camp in Cyprus during the        promptly. We will organise
October break. 19 swimmers and 6          a bus, so all you have to      TO’s:               Joan Gomes
adults went on the camp. The              do is turn up in plenty of
weather was hot (30 degrees), the         time with your kit, a          Website:          Tom Liversedge
food was abundant, varied and             packed lunch, plenty of         
delicious and the pool was idyllic. For   snacks and money to buy
                                                                         LTS:                Shona Butt
most of the time we had all 10 lanes      something on the way            
to ourselves. The swimmers all            home.
benefited from the training and came
home fitter than they went out to         After Christmas, we look
Cyprus. The lunchtime activities were     forward to hosting our own
a great success, as was the visit to      meet on Saturday 19 Jan
the local water park. It was a new        at Northfield.

   Fundraising & Sponsorship               members can all
                                           participate in some way to
                                           making this day a great                   Dates for your Diary
Unfortunately our Craft Fair had to be                                      Dec:      2nd Club Champs
postponed, but keep Saturday 23rd          success. Details to follow
                                                                                      16th Social Event
February free for the one planned for      soon……………..
                                                                                      22nd LC training at Stirling
                                           Thank you to all those who
then.                                                                                 31st Bag Pack
                                           continue to support
100 club-
                                           fundraising efforts - It’s all
Winners for the last 2 draws of the                                                Meets (subject to change)
                                           going swimmingly well!
2006/2007 membership were as                                                Nov:      29th      Time Trials
follows:                                                                    Dec:      2nd       Club Champs
                     st                    Roseanne
 August           1 Milne Family                                                      8-9th     ND AG Meet
                  2 Ruth Anderson
                  1 Amanda Powe            The committee agreed
                  2 Nancy Adam             that entry fees for
The first draws of the 2007/2008           swimmers racing at the                        The Club AGM
membership have taken place and            nationals will come from
the winners were:
                  st                       Club funds, as will the          This is your club, so please came
 October         1 Gemma Sutherland
                     nd                    fees for swimmers racing         along to the AGM. Date: Tuesday
                  2 Brown family
                  1 Alison Low             at the ND Meet in                4th March, venue TBC.
                  2 Alastair Osborne       Inverness in September.                            Club Kit
There is still a chance to buy a           The younger, less
number for the remaining draws. This       experienced swimmers             If you want a hoodie, please contact
is now £11 for the rest of the year. If                                     Trish Holt.
you would like to buy a number
                                           do not pay entry fees to
                                                                                         Social Events
please contact myself or your squad        race at the Beta League
administrator.                             matches. This is all             Our final social event of 2007 will be
                                           possible due to your hard        a stovies night, held on 16

Smartie Challenge-                         work fundraising.                December at the squash club.
£256 was collected. Thanks to                                               Service medals and club
everyone who participated.                                                  championship medals will be
                                              Technical Officials
                                                                            presented at this, so keep the date
Bagpack - Saturday 25 August 2007                                           free. Tickets will be available through
– NEXT ONE – HOGMANAY!                     Joan organised a Club
                                                                            the squad administrators.
This was an immensely successful           Timekeepers’ course on
fundraiser with our biggest ever total     15 September and we
                                           now have new Club                              Scott Neyedli
raised for a bag pack, £1094.39. Can
we top that? Our next bag pack takes       Timekeepers in the Club.
place on Hogmanay at Sainsburys,           The new system for judges
GARTHDEE. We will be looking for           is now in place. It has
lots of help with this one so please try   been agreed by the
                                 st        committee that all new
and keep some time free on 31
December. A busy day is forecast but       club timekeepers will
all squads can get involved and adult      receive a white polo-shirt
help would be greatly appreciated.         from the club. We look
                                           forward to seeing them
Cyprus Fundraising                         being worn on poolside!
Successful fundraising and                 We will take a photo of all
sponsorship has paid for tshirts, anti-    our TO’s at the Club               British Ironman Champion 2007
glare goggles, bottled water and a trip    Championships, so come
to the waterpark. We are extremely         prepared!                        Congratulations to one of our supply
grateful to all our sponsors from the                                       teachers, Scott Neyedli who recently
race night held in June and more                    Training                won the GB Ironman Championship.
recently donations from Dolphin                                             Scott started his sporting career as a
Drilling,Graham Strathdee-plumber,         The Christmas training           competitive swimmer and took part in
Linda Barclay and Ian Benzie.              timetable is out. Please         his first triathlon in the early 90’s
                                           check carefully for when         when on a training trip abroad. He
Spring Fair planned for Feb/March,         you have training and            took up triathlon competing more
preparations are already underway          when you do not!                 seriously in 2004, when he was 26
for this event where AASC and ALTS                                          years old. Scott trains himself and

bases his training on the swimming           Swimmers > 3              their respective age groups.
training principles from his youth,             million
spending between 20 and 40                                             The final Open Water competition of
hours/week training. On average, his     Francesca Walker              the season was the North District
weekly metrage for swimming is 20K,                                    Championships on 15 September at
for cycling, 400-700K and for running,                                 Loch Oich. Again, our swimmers
80-130K. When competing as an            Swimmers > 2million           raced well and came home with many
amateur, Scott became the 1 Scot to                                    medals.
go under 9 hours, achieving this at      Danielle Peddie, Blair
the Switzerland Ironman competition.     Bellamy, Rachael Gray,        Four of our swimmers were invited to
At the famous competition in Hawaii,     Allison Redman                attend a LC training day at Stirling in
the World Championships, Scott was                                     November and 2 swimmers accepted
awarded the Bronze medal in his age          Swimmers > 1              the invitation.
group and was placed 47 overall,                million
and this was in a field where 200                                                  Cyprus Shots
professionals were competing! Since      Katrina McLeod, Alisdair
turning professional, Scott has gone     Holt, William Walker, Lucy
from strength to strength, culminating   Liversedge, Alison Symon
in his performance at the British
Championships. Scott is the 1
British person to win this                   Regional Squad
championship and he set a course
record of 8 hours 35 minutes and 53
seconds. Scott is the 1 Scottish         The final training day
person to win an official Ironman        for the Regional
competition and the 4 British            Squad members is
person. We wish Scott all the best in    Saturday 15th                       Water park here we come
his future training and competing in     December. On this
this grueling event. He is an example
of a person with great determination,    day, A Squad trains
a hard work ethos and total focus on     from 12.15-1.15pm
his sport.

If you think your company would be       Open Water Swimming
interested in sponsoring Scott, please
get in contact with him through his
                                         A group of AA and AAA
                                         squad swimmers had a
                                         trial Open Water swim at
      Swimmers’ Section                  Knockburn Loch in August.
                                         Seemingly the water was
                                         much colder than usual, so        Land training with a difference
           Mega Metres                   do not let that put you off
                                         next season!
  We are still looking for sponsors
 for some of our distances. Please       The North District
ask your company if they would be        sponsored a team of
    willing to donate something          swimmers to attend the
   towards our Distance League.          ASA Championships in
    Details can be obtained from         Nottingham. The team
          Catriona Symon.                were second placed in
                                         Britain. Well done to those
 Please remember to send in your         who competed there.
 metres at the end of each month.
                                         Katherine and Peter had
     Swimmers > 4 million                excellent swims at the
                                         meet in France on 3
Katherine Simpson, Peter Anderson        September, with Catherine
                                         winning a gold medal and                Cyprus Swimmers
                                         Peter a bronze medal in

                                         Shona to learn about           changing cubicles and take them to
Learn to Swim News                       everything, as it is a large   reception. All swimmers should have
                                         scheme to administer. We       received a information slip regarding
                                         are purchasing new             this.
                                         software and that should
                                         make us more efficient.                      Promotions
 The e-mail address for LTS:
                                                    Caps                The teachers have sent in the list of                                        swimmers being promoted and
                                         Please accept our              swimmers will all receive either a
  The telephone number to                apologies for the delay in     report or a certificate at the end of
      contact the LTS                    getting new caps this term.    term. If you do not receive your fee
   Administrator, Shona:                 We have had so many            note for next term by Christmas,
                                         new swimmers, the              please contact Shona, otherwise you
        01224 319004
                                         demand exceeded our            may lose you place.
                                         supply. Please try to
  The telephone number to                remember to take your cap
  contact the Head Teacher,              every week.                               L6 & 7 Swimmers
        07967 199276                              Goggles               At present, we are victims of our own
                                                                        success and we currently have over
                                         Teachers of Level 1 and        60 swimmers at this level. We have
                                         Level 2 swimmers have          introduced a couple of new slots,
        Bigger & Better                  requested that these           although we realise that they are not
                                         swimmers do not wear           ideal. Hopefully in the future we can
Our LTS is growing all the time and      goggles. We do not allow       obtain more pool time.
we now have around 570 swimmers          swimmers to wear goggles
in the scheme. The majority of our       when they jump in, for         On 27 November, we held a mini
classes are full and we are trying to    safety reasons and we do       gala for our L6 & 7 swimmers and we
find more pool time. We have             like our swimmers to be        hope they had a fun time. All the
increased the number of assistants in    able to go under the water     swimmers who participated received
the water, so L3 classes now have 2      without goggles.               a medal. At this gala, the swimmers
assistants. We feel that we offer the                                   were introduced to the idea of a
best teacher/swimmer ratios in this          Changing Rooms             warm-up and they learned the
area and hopefully your children are                                    starting procedure for a race. This
benefiting from this. Thank you for      Some swimmers are              means that the 1 time they go to a
your support and for promoting the       having difficulty getting      meet, they will understand what is
scheme to your friends.                  space to change in the         happening. Some of the swimmers
                                         family changing room. If       were rather apprehensive at the start,
If you take your child to the pool       you use a cubicle to           but were very happy by the end. I am
regularly, please talk to the teacher,   change in, please do not       not sure if the swimmers or the
so that you can reinforce what the       leave your clothes there       parents were more excited.
teacher is concentrating on…or else      while you are swimming,
just go for fun!                         but instead, use the           Some of the teachers from the rest of
                                         lockers. That way              the LTS cam to help with organising
                                         everyone has a chance to       and timing the swimmers and their
        Goodbye and Hello                                               help was greatly appreciated.
                                         use a cubicle. The family
                                         changing room gets very
We were very sorry to lose Melinda       crowded, so boys 8 years       Letters will be going out offering
as our LTS Administrator. Melinda        and over should use the        promotion to the competitive club for
was with us for a short time, but was    male changing room and         some L7 swimmers. If parents of L7
very efficient. We wish her all the      girls 8 years and over         swimmers have any queries about
best in her Post Graduate Teaching       should use the female          moving up into A Squad, please call
Course. Her sense of humour will be      changing room. Your help       Alison on 01224 322348. There are
a great asset when she is teaching!      would be appreciated.          no early morning sessions for A
We would like to welcome Shona Butt      RGU has had so many            Squad swimmers and it really is a
as the new LTS Administrator. Shona      complaints that they have      small step up form L7 work wise.
has a son in the Club and a son in       decided that they will
the LTS. It will take a wee while for    remove clothes left in

              Tullos                                                             Teacher Talk
                                           Message from
Some parents may not be aware                                         The new UKCC courses are
that we run LTS classes at Tullos
                                                                      now up and running. If you are
in the teaching pool on a Sunday                                      over 18, please consider doing
from 4.00-7.00pm. This is for L1 &       No parents on poolside
                                                                      a L2 course. If you will be 16 in
2 swimmers and for Breast Stroke        No outdoor shoes in the
                                      shower areas or nearer the      the first part of 2008 and you
kick lessons. If your teacher
                                        pool – this area becomes      would like to do your L1
advises going to the Breast
Stroke class, please take up the          very dirty during the       course, please let me know.
offer. It is easier to sort out the   lessons. Please wait for you
Breast Stroke kick the younger            child in the changing       We have several new
the swimmer is. This is an ideal                  rooms.              assistants, so please make
teaching pool.                         Boards are in place to help    them feel welcome and show
                                         remind you about this.
                                                                      them the ropes. Please try and
                                                                      use some of the supply
             Website                    Dates for your LTS Diary      assistants who do not have a
                                      Last Week: Wk commencing 10th
                                      Dec (17 week term)
                                                                      regular slot, so that they can
Aberdeen ASC will have a new                                          get some experience.
website soon and there will be        Next Term Starts: Mon 7th Jan
information about the LTS on it.      2008                            I am still keen to organize
                                                                      some CPT training, but need to
Please have a look at it and                                          know what you would like for
give us some feedback. This                                           the topic.
website is being set up to try
and improve communication                Goggles & Caps
                                      Alison is carries goggles
between the Club, LTS,                and caps to LTS, for those
swimmers, parents, teachers           who wish to buy new ones.
and coaches. If you would like        Caps can be bought on           Contributions for the newsletter
something added, let us know.         poolside for £4.                should be sent to Alison:
Pictures always make an               We keep a stock of white
                                      caps on poolside for
article more interesting but we       swimmers coming in for an
are aware of Child Protection         assessment; however,
issues. There will be a new           they keep going missing. If
addition to the membership            your child has a white cap
form, where you have to opt           or any other Aberdeen
                                      ASC cap, apart from the
out of agreeing to have your          red LTS caps, will you
child’s photo on the website.         please return it to their
No LTS photos will be on the          teacher
site until next year unless we
have specific agreement from             All the teachers
parents. There will never be          hope that you have a
photos of swimmers out of the         great Christmas and
water unless it is a portrait or       we look forward to
they are clothed and names             seeing you all back
will not be beside swimmers’            at LTS in the New
photos.                                        Year.


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