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					                      THE LARGER VIEW
First Presbyterian Church                                E-Mail:
8737 Delaware Avenue                                                Fax: 219-838-0827
Highland, IN 46322                                     Church Building: 219- 972-7765
Office: 219-838-6850                                     Website:
                                  AUGUST 2007

             is a congregation committed to “Being Disciples, Making Disciples.”
        We know that the past cannot be changed, the present is given to us as a gift,
          and we work in positive and constructive ways to promote a trust in God
                                 to guide us into the future.

AUGUST 5                   Heritage Worship at 9:30 AM
                           Communion will be served
                           Eucharistic Ministry
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM
                           Communion will be served

AUGUST 12                  Heritage Worship at 9:30 AM
                           Theatre Outing – 2:30 PM
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM

AUGUST 19                  Heritage Worship at 9:30 AM
                           Budget & Finance – 10:30 AM
                           Akaloo – 5:00 PM
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM

AUGUST 26                  Heritage Worship at 9:30 AM
                           Baseball Game – 2:00 PM
                           Akaloo – 5:00 PM
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM
             8/1:    Vince Catania             8/19: Bonnie Byham
                     Murray Faris                    Cara Scott
                     Jody Gordon               8/20: Nikki Haluska
                     Jean Rudnickas            8/21: Lee Mann
                     Yvonne Suroviak           8/23: Andrew Janett
             8/4:    Marjean Reed              8/24: David Derengowski
             8/6:    Steve Auld                      Will Kerber
             8/7:    Mary Callaway             8/25: Royce Coulson, Jr.
                     Bette Smith               8/26: Peter Churitch, Sr.
                     Judy Toren                      Phyllis Laurencell
             8/8:    Mike Peterson             8:27: Cheryl Haluska
                     Marie Smith                     Jesse Kikkert
             8/11:   Nancy Ashton              8/30: Shannon Churitch
                     Comfort Bonu                    David Coulson
             8/13:   Suzanne Goldsmith               Michelle Hall
             8/15:   Trish Mosny                     Lewis Owen
                     Treva Sheets              8/31: Denise Hedrick
             8/16:   Barbara Gordon                  Sandy Letts
             8/18:   Tim Nolen                       Marjean Reed
                      * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * *

We are planning a trip to see the Railcats play on SUNDAY, AUGUST 26th at 2:00 PM.
See George Griner for ticket reservations, or call him at 865-0959. Tickets are $9.00
per person, and parking is still free.
     I was reminiscing recently with an old friend about the days we spent along baseball
diamonds, watching our kids play games. As our sons learned a whole new language that let
them learn to strategize and follow the coaches‟ shouts while they were on the field, we
moms holding down the bleachers picked up the language too. We could cheer and groan
from the sidelines because we knew how the game was supposed to be played and what
rules would trip us up.

   At the top of our Session agendas, newsletters and in the bulletins, we say that we are
“being disciples, making disciples”. Someone mentioned a few weeks ago that when we first
began running this statement it didn‟t make sense to everyone, because it wasn‟t clear
what a disciple is. Like any sport or business, we are guilty of using lots of „insider‟
language in the church. Disciples are people who follow Jesus on a regular basis, with the
goal of doing it 24/7.

    Disciples do the same things that kids learning to play baseball do. They practice and
practice and practice so they can be in the game. Christian disciples practice for the
game by:
setting aside private prayer time to share our thoughts with God (I talk to God the most
before I get up in the morning, when I feel overwhelmed and when I‟m happy)
belonging to a small group where the big issues of life can be openly discussed with
others on a regular basis (this doesn‟t have to be a „church‟ group – just a group where
honesty and vulnerability can be the order of the day!)
service to others (reading in classrooms, tutoring, cooking for the shelter, shopping for a
friend, cooking for someone after surgery, the list is endless)
Sunday worship We‟re really blessed in this congregation that we have volunteers who
have created a two new services in the last two years - a Sunday evening offering at 6:15 –
same message, more relaxed environment and a Friday evening meditative experience that
lifts you right us right out of whatever has us snagged down. Do we need something at
another time as well?

   When we are being disciples by consistently doing the four practices listed above,
others will be drawn to the enthusiasm and excitement we have to share. I have been
amazed at the people in this congregation that can speak deeply and clearly about their
faith and yet there is always more to be learned. Step by step, day by day. Be a disciple.
Follow Jesus.


Rev. Laura

                          * * * * * * * * * * * * *

       YOUTH GROUP NEWS                         Bill Zuke, Sam Zuke, Kelsey Helmer, Adam
          Reported by Dave Gibbs                Johnston, Arletta Schaefer and David Gibbs
                                                had a great experience on this mission of
       SUMMER MISSION 2007                      service to God. We blended so well with the
                                                youth group from Valparaiso that the youth
                                                are already talking about things they can do
Actually, nobody and no “thing” got smashed,
                                                together this year. Our thanks go to this
but everything went swimmingly. Yes, we did
                                                congregation for supporting this mission
swim, but what I am trying to say is that we
                                                experience and the youth program.
had a tremendous and powerful experience
                                                        YOUTH WORSHIP on July 8th went
at Camp Westminster.
                                                very well. The youth from Valpo came and
                                                helped us worship God in sharing the story
We arose every day at 6:00 AM and worked
                                                of the mission experience. Many commented
8 hours. In the evenings the youth
                                                on what a fine service it was and how good it
challenged themselves on a climbing wall, low
                                                is to hear young people share from their
ropes course, high ropes course, sailing and
kayaking. Yes, everybody slept well!
                                                        JULY 10TH SOUP KITCHEN - The
                                                youth served at the soup kitchen at First
The camp leadership was gushing with praise
                                                Presbyterian in Hammond. It was a great
for our group and had to scramble to keep
                                                experience to feed God‟s children. We
enough materials on hand so we could keep
                                                served 104 people that day. Everyone
working! I could not be more proud of our
                                                should give this ministry a try at least once
youth. Here is a list of their
                                                in their lives.
                                                        POOL PARTY & PLANNING
Primed and painted the interior of a 20x40‟
                                                SESSION for the 2007-08 year at the
dormitory, including the high ceiling.
                                                Parker‟s was great fun and very productive.
Fixed the leaky roof on that dorm.
                                                A great big “thank you” goes to Rick and
Fixed the drywall damaged by the leaky
                                                Sandy for being such great hosts. Thank
                                                you for being such a blessing to the youth.
Sanded the furnishings of this dorm.
                                                We hope to have a finalized calendar for the
Painted bunk beds and windows.
                                                Fall sometime soon.
Repaired several screen doors.
Fixed or replaced the wiring in 4 buildings,
including mounting new fixtures.
                                                  YOUTH SCHEDULE SUMMER 2007
                                                August 16-17 OVERNIGHT AT DYE CABIN
Repaired some tipsy benches.
                                                             More details will be sent out
Primed another dormitory, just because we
were so good at it!                                          as we get closer to the date.
                                                August 19    5:00-7:00 PM
                                                             Youth Group begins
           SALE OF ANNEX                                DEACONS’ DOINGS
        Reported by Dr. Lowell Steen                     Reported by Judy Toren
                                                The Board of Deacons again wishes to thank
Session appointed a Market Task Force to        all who have provided member profile
manage the sale of the Annex. The               information. If you haven‟t had the
members of the Task Force are Robert            opportunity to respond yet, there is still
Abernethy, Patricia Bannon, and Dr. Steen       time to return your form. Your information
(chair).                                        is important and will help FPCH streamline
                                                its ministry, administration and planning.
On Wednesday, July 12th, a contract was
signed for the sale of the building. The sale   Deacon Hospitality Hosts continue to be at
price was $235,000.00. The buyer has 45         their posts each Sunday meeting and
days in which to secure a mortgage following    greeting visitors. You can assist in this
which our attorney will obtain a clear title,   important mission by letting the host know
and the deal will be closed.                    if you think someone has been missed. Any
                                                visitor may be a potential new member so we
We have negotiated a 60 day period from         all need to work together to help them feel
the time of closure to vacate the premises.     welcome and comfortable as they
In the event that we have not completed our     experience worship at FPCH.
move, we will incur a rental of $25.00 per
day for each day over and above the 60          In August a representative from Life Touch
days.                                           Church Directories and Portraits will be
                                                meeting with the Deacons to discuss plans
Buyer has agreed to honor our rental            for the 70th Anniversary Picture Directory.
agreement with the Church of Christ             Members will be contacted be their Deacons
Scientist, and has covenanted that we may       to schedule appointments for photo sessions
remove the decorative lamp posts and the        to be held on September 27, 28 and 29th.
sign at the corner of Delaware and Ridge        Please mark your calendars!
                                                Eucharistic Ministry will be offered on
Attorney Suzanne Goldsmith is kindly            Sunday, August 5th. If you are interested in
handling all the legal work relative to the     having home communion on that date, please
sale as a contribution to the church. We        contact your Deacon or the church office.
extend our most sincere thanks for this
                                                August Deacon Assignments
generous gift.
                                                Chancel Flowers: Bonnie Fitting
                                                Devotions: Debbie Catania
                                                Hospitality Host: Bonnie Fitting
                                                Rides to Heritage Service: Bonnie Fitting

                                                 Kerber, Donna Helmer and I helped out the
                                                 St. Joe Soup Kitchen by preparing a full
                                                 meal for the luncheon on July 10th. It was
                                                 an obvious success since 27 pounds of meat
                                                 and all the side dishes were served by our
                                                 youth and enjoyed by the clients numbering
                                                 approximately 115.
                                                 Many thank you‟s and praises came our way,
The next Blood Drive will be held on             and I think we all felt good about ourselves
Wednesday, August 15th from 3:00-7:00 PM         after many HOT and SWEATY hours in the
in the Fellowship Hall. We encourage             kitchen. Again, thanks to all of you for your
everyone to “lend an arm” and donate blood       efforts. I know Rev. Skaggs sends her many
to benefit patients in our community. Please     thanks along with mine.
call Lois Fozkos at 923-9211 to make an
                                                 On Thursday, July 12th, Bill Holmes and
appointment or sign up in the Fellowship Hall.
                                                 Lillian Speroff took our goodies over to the
                                                 shelter to once again add to the meal from
NEWS FROM THE KITCHEN                            St. Margaret‟s.
Reported by Cheryl Steen
                                                 On Saturday, July 14th, some members of
It is that time of year when Arletta, our        Eric Parker‟s All-Star baseball team made
able bodied kitchen angel, takes off for the     short work of preparing the sandwiches,
summer and leaves me some large shoes to         chips, veggies, hard-boiled eggs and yes,
fill in her absence. Fortunately I have been     they even frosted the cupcakes that were
blessed with some GREAT helpers.                 lovingly prepared by Marjean Reed and
                                                 Arlene Diekman for the Shelter meal. Also
On Thursday, June 7th, we sent off Kathy
                                                 assisting in the preparations were Philip and
Parker and daughter Nichole to serve. They
supplied some extra goodies to go with the       Collin Parker, Ed Stowe (president of
food prepared by St. Margaret Hospital.          Highland Babe Ruth) and his son, Josh.
Milk, bread and butter, dessert and fruit        These needed and worthwhile projects could
are always welcome additions to any meal.        not be accomplished without the help of all
On Saturday, June 9th, while I was visiting      of you. I appreciate the time and effort you
our daughter in California, Judy & John          give to help make meals available for the
Toren, Irene Calvin, and Jeanne Nestor took      less fortunate.
over the reins, and prepared and served the
meal to the hungry bunch.
During July our kitchen was really hopping
the week of the 9th. Barbara Dye, LeaAnn
HAVEN HOUSE                                     Rick & Sandy Parker
Reported by Tracy Oprea                         Rev. Laura Reason
Mission received a recent request from          Cindy Rosa
Haven House for laundry detergent because       Calvin & Kris Scott
they are a full capacity – and have been for    Dennis Sheets
quite sometime – and they just can‟t keep up    Jay & Jean Smith
with all the children‟s laundry. On July 11th   Marie Smith
Cheryl Steen donated her time and went out      Cheryl Steen
to Costco and purchased ten huge containers     John & Judy Toren
of powder laundry detergent, totaling $105.     Janet Vargo
On July 12th I delivered it to Haven House,
and they were great appreciative. In all my     THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
visits to Haven House, I have never seen so     Reported by Cheryl Steen
many children there at one time. I was so       What a wonderful surprise to walk into the
relived that Mission was able to assist         kitchen pantry where the shelves had been
Haven House with this recent request.           bare, and find them overflowing with food!
                                                Our generous and busy elves – Fred and
PARKING LOT PROJECT                             Carol Callaway – have filled the shelves with
By Tracy Oprea                                  more food than even our wildest dreams
A special THANK YOU goes out to all the         could anticipate.
wonderful volunteers who helped with the
Parking Lot Fundraiser Project. Without you     The food will not only be enjoyed and
the fundraiser would not have been such a       appreciated by the clients who stop by our
huge success. Thank you to:                     office for assistance, but will also be used
Bob & Charlotte Abernethy                       when we cook for the State Street Shelter.
Comfort Bonu
Bonnie Byham                                    Our good fortune abounds! We have also
Irene Calvin                                    been the recipient of seven bags of canned
Brandon Chong                                   goods from Habitat for Humanity. Every
Jim & Ede Corten                                volunteer who works on one of the building
Ruth Dekker                                     projects is asked to bring canned goods in
Barb Dye                                        order to help supply area food pantries. As
Jill Elman                                      a result of our volunteer work for Habitat
Eason Engle                                     we have been placed on their list of food
Don & Bonnie Fitting                            pantries.
Peggy Fozkos
Suzanne Goldsmith                               We thank Pam and Chelsea of Habitat for
George Griner                                   helping us to help those who need our
Bill Holmes                                     assistance. This is a great example of how
Kay Johnson                                     volunteer groups can work together for the
LeaAnn Kerber                                   good of the community.
Kelly LaFlech
Lee & Linda Mann
Paul & Sandy Nicholls
Dennis & Nancy O‟Donnell
Jan Oprea
FAIR HAVEN                                       George Brant
                                                 Ted and Clara Brendel
                                                 Millie Brown, aunt of Charlotte Abernethy
We will be “adopting” some children from
                                                 Laura Burgess, friend of Trona Wilson
Fair Haven in August for the purpose of
                                                 Vicky Callaway
purchasing school supplies. Fair Haven will
                                                 Charlene, Marilyn Metzger‟s sister
supply lists for us, which will be identified
                                                 Chuck, brother of Pat Bannon
by a code number, gender, and grade of
                                                 Bob Churitch
student. These lists will be available in the
                                                 Peter and Helen Churitch
church office. Once you have made your
                                                 Ede and Jim Corten
purchases, the list should be attached to
                                                 Dorothy David, Fish‟s daughter
the bag to help with identification purposes.
                                                 Don and Mary Davison
Supplies need to be turned in to the church
                                                 Don, brother in law of Mary Jo McGee
office by August 15th. This is a great
                                                 Donna and Phil
project to help prepare these students for
                                                 Brad Farnsley, friend of the Kings
the new school year.
                                                 Georgia Fitzwater
                                                 Anthony and Lula Frey
         * * * * * * * * *                       Margaret Goral
                                                 Robert and Marian Gregory
                                                 The Gyure family
AUGUST PRAYER LIST                               Joanne Hankel
The Prayer Circle meets every Monday at          Jack and Marty Hess
8:30 a.m. in the Study of the main church        Irene, Sandy Parker‟s sister
building. We pray for the people on this list,   Al Jackson
for current concerns and for the continued       Marge Jent, Carol Peterson‟s mom
leading and renewal of our congregation by       Julia, friend of Sandy Buono
the Holy Spirit. Please join us whenever         Julie Johnson, granddaughter of Davison‟s
possible, and include the persons listed here    Sharon Johnson, daughter of Davison‟s
in your daily devotional time. Thank you.        Marian Kukral
                                                 Kyle, Ruth Sfura‟s great grandson
Mary Anne Ahlborn                                Bill and Sharon LaFlech
Allene, aunt of Treva Sheets                     George Lesnick
Louise Allison                                   Lisa, Barbara Dalton‟s daughter
Linda Armstrong, Arletta‟s daughter              David Madura
Larry and Marge Ashton                           Lee Mann
Don & Phyllis Auld                               Norah McFarland
Susanne Baker, daughter of Mike Peterson         Marilyn Metzger
Chuck and Florence Baudouine,                    Alfred and Nancy Mills
   parents of Carol Callaway                     Mabel Mullins, Winnie Owen‟s mom
Eddie and Norma Bauer                            Mike Nestor
John Beams, cousin of Louise Allison             Tony Nevers‟ dad
Blanche and Burl Biggs                           Dorothy Nolen
Bob, friend of Steve and Nancy Janett            Lois Norris
Bob, Bonnie Byham‟s dad                          Ray Norris, friend of Lois Norris
Bob, Bonnie Byham‟s uncle (Hospice)              Dan Novak, Dick Holck‟s brother-in-law
Millie Brant                                     Nyeita, Bette Smith‟s sister
Chris, Dennis, Jason and Nancy O‟Donnell      For those in the military
Mary Oprea                                    For the prayer shawl ministry
Tracy Oprea and Brandon
Suzanne Owen                                  Our prayers of Christian sympathy are
Rick and Sandy Parker                         extended to Carol Callaway on the death of
Beverly Perotti, friend of Jan Oprea          her friend, John Palisti, on July 13th.
Carol and Mike Peterson
Gloria Ptacek                                 Our prayers of Christian sympathy are
Inez Putnam, Judy Toren‟s mom                 extended to Suzanne Goldsmith and Dennis
Gladys Ratke                                  Serafin on the death of Dennis‟ mother,
Gaye Reinhardt, daughter of Georgia           Clara, on July 13th.
Rita and Lynette                              Our prayers of Christian sympathy are
Faith Reynolds                                extended to John & Judy Toren and Ron,
Rita, friend of Marilyn Metzger               Cathy, Jake & Jamie Toren on the death of
Ron, Treva‟s friend                           John and Ron‟s aunt, Mildred Haley, on July
Andy, Cindy, Danielle and Jean Rudnickas      14th.
Phyllis Sancya, sister of Dr. Steen
Bernie Schuster                               Our prayers of Christian sympathy to Peter
Sebastian, 5 yr. old cousin of the Churitch   & Helen Churitch and Peter, Gale, Shannon
family                                        and Ashley Churitch and their families on
Debbie Severson, Eric‟s mom                   the death of their son and brother, Michael
Daisy Shires, mother of Sandy Nicholls        Churitch, on July 19th.
David Sikes, friend of the Nicholls
Molly Sleeman, Cal‟s granddaughter            Our prayers of Christian sympathy to Alice
Jeff Small, friend of Lee and Linda Mann      Massa and her family on the death of Alice‟s
Marie Smith, Bette‟s mother-in-law            husband, Silvio, on July 19th.
Sam & Marie Smith
Steve, brother-in-law of Peggy Fozkos         Congratulations and best wishes to Patrick
Mike Street, friend of Debbie King            Edger and Emily Yannuzzi, united in marriage
Bonnie Sutton, mother of Bonnie Nolen         in our Sanctuary on Saturday, July 21st.
Elsie Szekely, sister of Olive Lehmker
Tom and Betty, friends of Jill Elman          Due to federal regulations about privacy, we are
Velinda                                       no longer called by hospitals about patient
                                              admissions. If you or your loved one would like a
Vicki, Treva‟s cousin
                                              visit while hospitalized, please call the church
Virginia, Peggy Fozkos‟ mother
                                              office or Rev. Laura on her cell phone at 815-
Sr. Helen Watkins, friend of Cheryl Steen
                                              822-0557 (this number is also in the church
Ollie Wingate                                 directory). Thank you!
Lynn and Veda Young                           _________________________________
Richard Zyp

For Akaloo and Heritage, Taize and GodTime
For the Session, Deacons, Trustees

Tickets have been reserved for the 2007         Thanks to Arletta Schaefer for sharing the
session at The Theatre at the Center in         Sunday bulletins from the First
Munster. Tickets are $25.00 each, and all       Presbyterian Church of Three Rivers,
shows are on Sunday at 2:30 PM. Upcoming        Michigan, where she worships while spending
dates and shows are:                            the summer at her Michigan home.
   August 12 – Cats (few tickets available)
   October 21 – Hello Dolly                     “CREATING THE CHURCH OF
   December 2 – Scrooge – The Musical
                                                THE FUTURE”
If you wish to reserve tickets for any of
                                                Sign up through the church office to attend
the shows, please contact Kelly LaFlech
                                                “Creating the Church of the Future” on
at 924-6983. Payment must be received
                                                Saturday, August 25th at Geneva Center.
within one week of request.
                                                The workshop encompasses a wide variety of
3-D MOVIE NIGHT                                 issues and is designed to benefit anyone
Come join us for DINNER, DESSERT and a          involved in stewardship, church school, and
DVD on Friday, August 17th at 6:30 PM.          other leadership roles in the church. It will
Dinner will be held prior to the showing of a   help nurture skills and abilities in the area
popular movie. Be sure to sign up in the        of stewardship and mission. It‟s a fast-
Fellowship Hall. It will be a fun night of      paced workshop and extremely interesting.
great food and fellowship!                      There is no charge – but you must register
                                                by August 15th. Register in church office.
“I am happy to report that my surgery is        FINANCIAL REPORT
over and I am now at home. I would like
to thank everyone for their prayers and                       JUNE          YTD
cards. Special thanks to Sharon LaFlech         Pledged       $15,432       $92,595
for the beautiful shawl she knitted for         Received      $14,253       $89,532
me. I ask for your continued prayers for
my daughter, Gaye. She is having chemo          Income       $16,417        $102,599
treatments and will have surgery in             Expenses     $16,380        $109,074
August, then more chemo. Your prayers           Please remember when you go on vacation,
and concern are greatly appreciated.”           the church‟s bills do not! Please keep up
/s/ Georgia Fitzwater                           your pledge during the summer months.
                                   AUGUST 5 – Winnie Owen
AUGUST 5                           AUGUST 12 – Murray Faris
     Ruth Dekker                   AUGUST 19
     Clare Stinarr                 AUGUST 26 – Fred Callaway
     John & Judy Toren

AUGUST 12                          HOSPITALITY HOST
     Rod & Peggy Fozkos            Deacon Bonnie Fitting
     Paul & Sandy Nicholls

     Oscar Nedberg
                                   CHANCEL FLOWERS
                                   Deacon Bonnie Fitting
     Lois Norris
     Pam Porter
     Cal Sleeman
                                   CHILD CARE
AUGUST 26                          AUGUST 5 – Bailey Parker
     Jill Elman                    AUGUST 12 – Kamri Nixon
     Winnie Owen                   AUGUST 19 – Bailey Parker
     Rick & Sandy Parker           AUGUST 26 – Kamri Nixon

Deacon Bonnie Fitting (923-3330)   AUGUST 5 – Karen Lounsbury
                                   AUGUST 19 - Quartet

AUGUST 5 – Louis Schumm
AUGUST 12 – Rick Parker

We are excited to announce that we have enrolled in the new Meijer Community
Rewards Program. This program helps raise funds for the church simply and easily
without burdening the people we serve.

When you join Meijer Community Rewards, all you have to do is shop at Meijer and
we will automatically receive cash rewards from your purchases. Joining the
program is FREE and can be done by filling out an application available in the
church office, or by going on-line at Once you are enrolled
you will receive your Meijer 1 Card and keytag (this is not a credit card). Then
when you shop at Meijer, just swipe the card and earn rewards for the church.
It‟s easy and free to enroll.

This program allows you to pay for your purchases by cash, a bank debit card, or
your Meijer credit card. (Personal checks and other credit cards are not eligible
for this rewards program.)

The enrollment applications are available in the church office. Be sure to pick up
your application soon!

Thank you!