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      Geoff Glaser, General Manager
        Jeff Commings, Manager

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Revised 1/07.               1
Dear Swimming Parent / Swimming Student,

Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy has a wide
selection of swimming classes designed to accommodate
you or your child’s learning needs. To learn more about
specific learning objectives for each class, click on our
SWIMMING LESSONS link found on our home page

This guide is designed to help you find the information
you need to understand how our swimming school works.
Sections on Policies & Procedures, Certificates, Required
& Optional Equipment, Special Learning Needs,
Evaluations, & Pool Rules / Etiquette are all included for
your personal reference. Please take the time you need to
review this valuable information.

At Dolphins of the Desert, we strive to provide the
highest quality swimming lesson value for your dollar.
You will find that swimming, when compared to nearly
every sport, is a very economical activity, one that you or
your child can do for a lifetime.

Swimming is beneficial to your health, is an important
safety skill, and something we take pride in teaching well
at Dolphins of the Desert. All of our instructors are
accomplished athletes and swimmers, and all have
extensive experience and expertise.

We hope that your experience at Dolphins of the Desert
Swimming Academy will be gratifying and that you will

Revised 1/07.                2
want to continue your learning well into the future.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions,
questions, or comments, at any time.


Geoff Glaser, Co-Founder and General Manager
Jeff Commings, Co-Founder and Manager

Revised 1/07.                3
Letter from the Founders                  2-3

Policies & Procedures                     5–7
   1. signing up & registration (p. 5)
   2. cancellations & refunds (pp. 6-7)
   3. make-ups for group lessons (p. 7)

Certificates                              8

Equipment Requirements & Options          8–9
   1. requirements (p. 8-9)
   2. options (p. 9)

Special Learning Needs & Disabilities     10

Evaluations                               10-11

Pool Rules, Safety, & Etiquette           11-12

Revised 1/07.              4
Policies & Procedures
       Signing up & Registration

Lessons are offered on a private, semi-private and group
basis. Private lessons have one person maximum; semi-
privates have only two or three persons. All lessons,
unless otherwise specified or arranged (e.g., adult group
lessons are 40 minutes), last 30 minutes.

Group lessons have more than three persons and require
that you fill out a Group Lesson Registration Form. You
can find these forms at Click on the
Swimming Lessons link and you will find a
downloadable form on that web page. Or if you prefer,
call 520-883-0151 and request a form be sent to your
home or business address. 1

If you are signing up for private lessons, you do not need
to register. Simply phone 520-883-0151 to find out what
private and semi-private lesson times are available.

Please Note: Lessons are not confirmed until prepayment
is made. You can easily confirm your lesson by paying with
a credit card which instantaneously confirms your lesson

 Group lessons have an annual registration fee of $14, but this fee can be
waived by visiting and clicking on
Swimming Lessons, then click on Coupons.

Revised 1/07.                         5
   Cancellations & Refunds

       Private/Semi-Private Lessons: A full credit or
       refund will be given for any private or semi-
       private lessons cancelled greater than 24 hours in
       advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours in
       advance, no credit or refund will be given except
       in cases of inclement weather or
       circumstances (e.g., death in the family or other
       disaster). You can cancel your lesson by phoning
       520-883-0151. Please note voice mail is
       electronically time and date stamped.

       Group Lessons: You must call Dolphins of the
       Desert if you want to cancel your group lesson
       reservation. This request must be made at least 2
       weeks in advance of the first day of the first
       lesson. If you cancel less than 2 weeks in
       advance, no credit or refund will be given except
       in cases of EXTRAORDINARY and
       UNFORESEEN circumstances (e.g., death in the
       family or other disaster). Phone 520-883-0151 to
       cancel your group lesson reservation. Please note
       voice mail is electronically time and date stamped.

If you have been properly credited for a cancellation, you
have six months to use your credit before it expires
(calculated from the scheduled lesson date). You can use
your credit for the dollar amount it is worth, so you can

Revised 1/07.               6
apply it towards private(s), semi-private(s) or group(s).
Upon your request, we will do our best to transfer you or
your child into another appropriate class, if one is
available and is amenable to your schedule.

However, if you choose a refund, you can request a check
be mailed to you or be cut and left in “will-call” at our
office location (3631 W. Avenida Obregon, Tucson). Be
sure to call 520-883-0151 to schedule your check pick up.

Unfortunately, you cannot have your credit/debit charges
reversed nor can we dispense cash for refunds.

       Make-ups (for group lessons only)

Unfortunately, missing any of your group lessons because
you or your child: were ill, sleeping, or had to go to the
dentist or doctor, or because you forgot, does not
constitute a make-up lesson credit. Only in the case of a
serious illness or catastrophic event will a special one-
time make-up be allowed. In this case, the student will be
placed in another group lesson for a one-time make-up.
Group make-ups are not private or semi-private in nature
and will not be treated as such.

To make further inquiries on make-up lessons, please call
our office.

Revised 1/07.               7
Swimming Academy Certificates

At Dolphins of the Desert, we believe every child enrolled
in the Dolphins learn-to-swim sequence deserves to be
acknowledged. As a result, we provide each child with
either a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of
Advancement at the completion of each 8-lesson series.

A Certificate of Achievement is an acknowledgement that
the child participated through the 8-lesson series. The
certificate also notes what skills the child still needs to
work on before advancing to the next level. The child
must complete the 8-lesson series to receive this

The Certificate of Advancement acknowledges that the
child is ready for the next level and has completed all of
the requirements for that particular level, to the
instructor’s satisfaction.

Private and semi-private lessons for children are handled
on an individual basis but with the exact same
requirements in mind.

Equipment Requirements and Options

The following equipment is required for every student.
These apparatuses are personal in nature and facilitate and
speed the learning process. They can be purchased at

Revised 1/07.                8
nearly every sports supply store (call before you go


       goggles (for younger children, there are children’s
       goggles [that the instructor can adjust]). Name
       brands such as Speedo, Nike and TYR will last
       longer than generic brands.

       swimming suit (polyester / lycra “jammers” for
       boys and lycra / polyester swimming suits for
       girls). No swim suits with pockets for boys or
       fringe, extra fabric bikinis for girls.

       cap (for girls or boys who have hair long enough
       to drop down into the eyes when wet). Latex or
       silicon are best. For latex caps, purchase baby
       powder and put it in the cap after each use, to
       prolong cap life.

   Options (instructor will recommend if necessary):

       nose clip. (for some, the use of a nose clip is
       temporary and for others, it is permanent due to
       anatomical reasons. Remind yourself or your
       child that Olympic swimmers have worn nose
       clips in Olympic competitions).

Revised 1/07.                9
Special Learning Needs & Disabilities

Some children (and some adults) have special needs and
deserve more individual attention from a swimming
instructor. In many of these cases, we recommend private

Private lessons provide exclusive attention from a
qualified Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy
Instructor and maximize the student’s progress through
the learning sequence.

We never give up on a child or an adult who truly wants
to learn how to swim. We believe that everyone can learn
how to swim, including persons with disabilities, and we
will do everything we can to provide accommodation
where necessary and feasible.

Please feel free to contact us and fully inform your
instructor of any health issues, including psychological,
that may affect your or your child’s swimming progress.


At Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy, we strive
to provide the highest quality swimming lessons in
Tucson. In order for us to provide this service, we need
your help.

Revised 1/07.               10
At the conclusion of each 8-lesson group series, you are
welcomed to fill out a customer care evaluation form.
This form can be obtained by asking your instructor.
After you have filled out your form, please mail it to:
Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy, LLC, 3631
W. Avenida Obregon, Tucson, AZ 85746 or simply place
the completed form in an envelope and write Management
on the front. Return the envelope to your instructor.

We appreciate your suggestions and your feedback.

Pool Rules, Safety & Etiquette

   1. All students are required to follow any posted pool

   2. Parents, unless otherwise invited by the instructor,
      are to stay in the designated observation area
      during the lesson. Any suggestions, comments or
      concerns can be communicated to the instructor
      before or after the lesson.

   3. Children who are unruly, cruel, disrespectful,
      disruptive, or in any way place others in danger
      will be reassigned to a new class and instructor or
      offered the opportunity to find another swim
      school better suited to their needs.

   4. Safety and security are our main concern. At
      Dolphins of the Desert, all instructors are trained

Revised 1/07.              11
       in Water Rescue, CPR, Rescue Breathing and First
       Aid. Some of our instructors have further
       certifications in Lifeguarding, AED and WSI. All
       instructors are highly skilled swimmers and are
       familiar with a safe pool environment.

       In addition to instructors having proper
       certifications, our students learn basic water
       rescue skills that will increase safety awareness
       and skill.

       No swimmer should ever be considered drown
       proof; instead, swimmers should be considered
       water safe after they successfully completed
       Dolphins, Level IV. Regardless of level, no
       swimmer should ever swim alone.

Revised 1/07.               12

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