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Choose the best answer to each q by fjhuangjun

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									Choose the best answer to each question and write the appropriate letter
in the space provided.
1) Compared to the speed of light, sound travels __________.
A) faster.
B) at about the same speed.
C) slower.

2) Sound waves are produced by __________.
A) soft objects.
B) radio stations.
C) objects under pressure.
D) vibrating objects.
E) none of the above

3) Sound waves in air are a series of __________.
A) periodic condensations and rarefactions.
B) periodic disturbances.
C) high- and low-pressure regions.
D) all of the above
E) none of the above

4) Which of the following would be most likely to transmit sound the
A) Water in a swimming pool
B) Water in the ocean
C) Wood in a cabinet
D) Air in your classroom
E) Steel in a bridge

5) A sound wave is a __________.
A) standing wave.
B) longitudinal wave.
C) shock wave.
D) transverse wave.
E) none of the above

6) Sound waves cannot travel in __________.
A) air.
B) steel.
C) a vacuum.
D) water.
E) Sound can travel in all of the above.
7) The speed of a sound wave depends on __________.
A) the air temperature.
B) its wavelength.
C) its frequency.
D) all of the above
E) none of the above

8) Sound travels faster in air if the air is __________.
A) neither warm nor cold.
B) cold.
C) warm.

9) If the sounding board were left out of a music box, it would
A) make little "plinks" that you could hardly hear.
B) sound the same as usual.
C) not sound at all.

10) Resonance occurs when __________.
A) sound changes speed in going from one medium to another.
B) an object is forced to vibrate at its natural frequency.
C) the amplitude of a wave is amplified.
D) sound makes multiple reflections.
E) all of the above

11) A tuning fork of frequency 200 Hz will resonate if a sound wave
incident on it has a frequency of __________.
A) 100 Hz. B) 400 Hz.
C) both A and B D) none of the above

12) The singer Caruso is said to have made a crystal chandelier shatter
with his voice. This is a demonstration of __________.
A) beats.
B) an echo.
C) sound refraction.
D) interference.
E) resonance.

13) Sound waves can interfere with one another so that no sound results.
A) False B) True

14) When the handle of a tuning fork is held solidly against a table,
the sound becomes louder and the length of time the fork vibrates
A) remains the same.
B) becomes longer.
C) becomes shorter.

15) In which one of the following does sound travel the fastest?
A) Water
B) Steam
C) Sound travels at the same speed in each of the above.
D) Ice

16) The phenomenon of beats results from sound __________.
A) interference.
B) reflection.
C) refraction.
D) all of the above
E) none of the above

17) Beats can be heard when two tuning forks __________.
A) have the same frequency and are sounded together.
B) have almost the same frequency and are sounded together.
C) are sounded together.
D) all of the above
E) none of the above

18) A 1056-Hz tuning fork is sounded at the same time a piano note is
struck. You hear three beats per second. What is the frequency of the
piano string?
A) 1056 Hz
B) 2112 Hz
C) Not enough information given to determine
D) 1053 Hz
E) 1059 Hz

19) An explosion occurs 34 km away. Given that sound travels at 340 m/s,
the time it takes for the sound to reach you is __________.
A) more than 20 sec.
B) 0.1 sec.
C) 1 sec.
D) 20 sec.
E) 10 sec.

20) Xenon has atomic number 54, and krypton has atomic number 36. Given
that both gases are at the same temperature, in which medium does sound
travel fastest?
A) A mixture of both gases
B) Krypton gas
C) Sound travels at the same speed in either gas.
D) Xenon gas

21) A general rule for estimating the distance in kilometers between an
observer and a lightning bolt is to count the number of seconds between
seeing and hearing the bolt, and divide by __________.
A) 3.
B) 2.
C) 5.
D) 4.
E) none of the above

22) Compared to a sound of 40 decibels, a sound of 60 decibels is
A) 100 times the intensity.
B) 20 times the intensity.
C) 200 times the intensity.

23) Compared to the threshold of hearing, a sound level of 30 decibels
is __________.
A) 30 times more intense. B) 1000 times more intense.
C) 300 times more intense. D) 10 times more intense.

24) The speed of sound in dry air at 20 degrees Celsius is 340 m/s. How
far away is a jet plane when you notice a 2-second delay between seeing
the plane and hearing it?
A) 340 m
B) 6800 m
C) 40 m
D) 680 m
E) 20 m

25) A 340-Hz sound wave travels at 340 m/s in air, with a wavelength of
A) 1000 m.
B) 1 m.
C) 100 m.
D) 10 m.
E) none of the above

26) Beats are produced when two tuning forks, one of frequency 240 Hz
and the other of frequency 246 Hz, are sounded together. The frequency of
the beats is __________.
A) 240 Hz.
B) 6 Hz.
C) 12 Hz.
D) 245 Hz.
E) none of the above

27) How many times a minute will you be in step with a friend when you
walk at 80 steps per minute and your friend walks at 75 steps per minute?
A) 80 B) 155 C) 75 D) 0 E) 5

28) Two whistles produce sounds of wavelengths 3.4 m and 3.3 m. What is
the beat frequency produced?
A) 1.0 Hz B) 0.1 Hz C) 2.0 Hz D) 4.0 Hz E) 3.0 Hz

29) Suppose you sound a tuning fork at the same time you hit a 1056-Hz
note on the piano and hear 2 beats/sec. You tighten the piano string very
slightly and now hear 3 beats/sec. What is the frequency of the tuning
A) 1056 Hz
B) 1053 Hz
C) 1059 Hz
D) 1054 Hz
E) 1058 Hz

30) A sound wave that has a wavelength of 1 meter in room-temperature
air has a frequency of about __________.
A) 680 Hz. B) 1020 Hz.
C) 340 Hz. D) none of these

31) An oceanic depth-sounding vessel surveys the ocean bottom with
ultrasonic sound that travels 1530 m/s in seawater, and finds a 6-second
time delay of the echo to the ocean floor and back. The ocean depth there
is __________.
A) 1020   m.
B) 9180   m.
C) 2040   m.
D) 4590   m.
E) none   of the above

1)    Answer:   C

2)    Answer:   D

3)    Answer:   D

4)    Answer:   E

5)    Answer:   B

6)    Answer:   C

7)    Answer:   A

8)    Answer:   C

9)    Answer:   A

10)   Answer:    B

11)   Answer:    A

12)   Answer:    E

13)   Answer:    B

14)   Answer:    C

15)   Answer:    D
16)   Answer:   A

17)   Answer:   B

18)   Answer:   C

19)   Answer:   A

20)   Answer:   B

21)   Answer:   A

22)   Answer:   A

23)   Answer:   B

24)   Answer:   D

25)   Answer:   B

26)   Answer:   B

27)   Answer:   E

28)   Answer:   E

29)   Answer:   D

30)   Answer:   C

31)   Answer:   D

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