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					          Wayne County Historical Society
          PO Box 446, 810 Main Street, Honesdale, PA 18431
          570 253-3240, FAX 570 253-5204
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                                   2003 Annual Report
                                                  Board of Trustees
                                          Ann O’Hara - President
               Carol Henry Dunn - 1st Vice-President    Rodney Brown - 2nd Vice-President
                        Margaret Steffen – Secretary     Robert Knash - Treasurer

Juan Espino                     John Garrah                     Frances Gruber                  Elaine Herzog
Harry (Skip) Hillier            Jim Kundratic                   Linda Dix Lee                   Matthew Meagher
Marjorie Murphy                 Ann Schweighofer                Sally Eno Soden                 Gene Tagle
Wayne Wilcha

                                               Sally Talaga - Director
                                      Gloria McCullough - Research Librarian
                            Ron Brill & Ellie Larsen - Receptionists/Museum Shop Sales
                                             Marcia Austin – Custodian

Board of Trustees– Frank Barger, Linus Myers, and Dorothy Samson did not wish to be re-elected
in April. Juan Espino of Hawley, Matthew Meagher and Ann Schweighofer, both of Honesdale, were
elected to fill these vacant chairs. The Wayne County Community Foundation and Honesdale Lions
Club honored Robert Knash at their annual dinners.

Collections Committee - Marjorie Murphy, Chairperson
One hundred fifty-seven new accessions were received and processed via computer using the latest version
of Past Perfect. These included:
John Adamovich - two dioramas made by donor (types of early roads & canal/railroad)
Arlene & Frank Avery - 4 photos of HHS class of 1936; WW II inductees for March, August, & Sept. 1942 in front of courthouse;
framed print of the Stourbridge Lion
Jim & Dora Bader - H.H.S. 50th Class Reunion Program, 1953-2003; 13 b & w photos of The Wayne Independent’s operations in
the 1970's & donor’s father Edward F. Bader; 20 misc. photos; book: Monastery of Saint Tikhon, 75th Anniversary, Journal, May
Charles & Lorraine Bentley - Katz Bros. & Butler Bros, Honesdale gift boxes; David M. Boyd re-election memento; & The Wayne
Independent's 1940 calendar
George Box - metal container containing a sample of Dony's British Universal Salve, P.W.Lerch & Co., Honesdale, PA
Dorothea Bryant - book: Commemorative Biographical Record of NE PA
Louise Brennan - Lackawanna-Wayne Farm and Home News, Vol. 1, No. 7, May 1949
Edith Brown - photo of Brown School, Salem Township, 1976
Ross Brownscombe - hard covered book: The Brownscombes...past and present, by Audrey L. Quatrale
Marty Caldwell - photocopied diary of Daniel Orlando Brown, Hollisterville, Salem Township, PA, 1876; four generation chart; and
information on the descendants of John Brown
Bruce Campbell - hard covered book: Holt! T'Other Way!, by Leslie Wood
Eugene Cook - two documents: 1793 land transfer from Commonwealth of PA to Hans Ulrich Swingle & list of early settlers of
South Canaan as of 1786
John Creighton - capon display for Farm Museum
Elizabeth Dennis - three Beach Lake post cards
Franklin Dereamer - booklet: Dorflinger, 1828 - 1915
Alice Eno Dreyer - Peil's Drug Store bottle & A.M.Leine, druggist glass measure spoon
Carol Dunn - oral history about ice harvesting given by Carl Rickert on two audiotapes; books: Everyday Life of the 1800's and
Discovering Your Female Ancestors; D.M. Korba, Pleasant Mount Store's bills for 1920s'; IOOF Lodge 88, Minute Book, 1900-1903
and Dues Book, 1868-1899; 18 photos of the moving and installation in 2001 of Bethel School's replica outhouse
Alice Eno Dryer - oil painting by F. Breidenstein, 2 photos, & 6 post cards
George Fluhr - booklets: Rafting on the Delaware River, by William S. Lesh, reprinted from the Milford Dispatch and Pike County
Press, Nov. 1946, compiled by donor; Saint Ann's Parish in Lackawaxen & Shohola Townships, Pike Co. PA; Tom Quick, A Twenty-
First Century Perspective; Bill Quick – Father of Tom; A Very Questionable Tom Quick Legend, by donor; reprint from Harper's
New York & Erie Guide Book, 1851; antique Xmas post cards
Francis & Martha Franco - Garage Mix Legend, compiled by donors
Aileen Freeman - book: The Land No One Wanted, by donor
John Garrah - The New York Herald, April 27, 1851
Doris Goerlitz - various Wayne County school records 1913 to 1929, 6 digital photo reproductions of LaAnna & Newfoundland
Glenn Good - spiral bound volume: The Sodom Schoolhouse and Its Influence on the Foundation of American Education
James Ham - Capt. James Ham's (Civil War veteran) papers, spiral bound compiled by donator
Ruth Ann Hauth - photo of Beach Lake High School's graduating class; 16 issues (fall 1951-June 1956) of Spotlight, a publication
of Honesdale High School's Commercial Department
Carolyn & Hank Heitmann - photo: Honesdale Eagles, 1913; Berlin Township School District seal stamp, 1904; lease between
John Ferguson & J. W. Fergusen, both of Sterling Township; & PA Daily Legislative Record, 1861, No. 98
Merle Hunt - 8 digital reproductions of graduation classes & one-room school class photos
Jon Inners – set of posters entitled: Blasting Rock, Building Locks and Hauling Coal: Geologic Influences on the Construction and
Operation of the D & H Canal, NY & PA
John Johnson - slice from an oak log previously used as a water pipe in Church Street, Hawley
Mildred Kellam - photo of Sonny & Gene Moser, wedding photo of James Orchard & Betty Brill, & remembrance card for Wm.
Betty & Fred Kimble - walking spinning wheel, yarn winder, scythe, wedding outfit (skirt, top, and pantaloons) worn & made by
Bessie Rolston Eltz, three corset covers and camisole made by Octavia Rolston for her daughter Bessie
Chris Knash - copy (on 4 sheets) of a 1795? survey map of the line between Monroe, Luzerne, & Wayne Counties
Joe Kneller – booklet: Wildwood Park Outing Club, Inc. 100th Anniversary
Kay Crandall - soft covered book: Discovering the History of Your House and Your Neighborhood, by Betsy J. Green
Linda Dix Lee - 21 color photo of 2003 Farm Museum activities
Bernadine Lennon - copy of donor's research paper Thomas Burns, Sr.-The Potter and photocopy of page 171 of Second Geological
Survey of PA: Report of Progress, The Geology of Pike County on which Thomas Burks is mentioned
Alice Lenz - envelope and condolence letter from Judge Alonzo Searle
Carolyn & Bruce Mackle - sheet music: In Dear Old Wayne, by Joseph A. Bodie, Jr.; 9 photos
Carson Mader - part of an iron anchor bolt and nut from coal pockets behind WCHS
Patty Madigan - copy of a photo of the Beers School students about 1891
Bernard McGinnis - 3 copies of Tom McGinnis' oral history, framed photo of the Church Hill Gang Plus Two, 11 pages of info on
the same written by donor
Alva McLaughlin – CD: Swingle Genealogy (as of Aug. 2003)
Susan & Tim Moffitt - 11 color photos of the moving of the Torrey building on May 27, 1981, taken from roof of Honesdale Post
Betty Morris - two handled adjustable drill
Tom Nebzydoski - canvas feed bag from COOP. G.L.F. Mills, Inc. Buffalo, NY
Tim & Judy O’Connell - Souvenir booklet of Laurella School, 1899-1900
Ann O’Hara - 3 post cards of Damascus Inn, Beach Lake beach, O'Malley Cottage of Lake Como; books: Passenger Arrivals at the
Port of Philadelphia, 1800-1819 & The Cottage Histories of Lake Shehawken; 1920; The Great Migration, Immigrants to New
England 1634-1635, Vol. III, G-H & The Great Migration Newsletter, Vol. 6-10, 1997-2001; booklet: Merchants, Tradesman and
Manufactures Financial Condition for Wayne County, PA,
Paul O’Hara - soft cover book: Vintage Postcards of Historic Pleasant Mount, Wayne County, Pennsylvania, by donor
Ruth Avery Olver - Genealogy -- Families Of: Henry AVERY, Edward AVERY, William AVERY, Raymond AVERY, Ruth
Florence Peck - Wayne Hospital News, Vol. 17
Donald Pugh - digital photo of the hand colored print, Wall Street, New York, 1790,; colored etching: A Colonial Minuet, Bow to
Your Partner, by Jennie Brownscombe; auction catalogs: Skinner, May 8, 1998 & William Doyle Galleries, Inc., September 19,
1979; Life Magazine, November 23, 1942; books: Women Impressionists Poster Book & Tales of the Mayflower Children all of
which contain works by Jennie Brownscombe
Ab & Sally Rutherford - WW I poster, Seven Maples guest book 1948-1962, and brochure for the latter
Dorothy Samson - 2 oral history tapes taken by donor & given by Howard Day
Phil Schaltenbrand - soft covered book: Bigware Turners, The History and Manufacture of Pennsylvania Stoneware, by donor
Floyd Schnakenburg – booklets: PA School Journal, February & March 1924; 7 classroom wall maps with wooden case; 2 opaque
glass globes; programs for HHS class of 1920 commencement & class night
Lou Seelig - soft covered book: Need to Succeed by donor
JoAnn Seiler - 6 Lyric Theater Programs 1924 & 1925, photo of Pastor Walter Fredericks
Carlton Slater - copy of WCHS's 1930 Bylaws, Members & Gifts
Sally Eno Soden - oral history tapes & transcriptions of Kenneth Simons & Olga Moll done by donor
Florence Southerton - 4 photos of Tessie Maloney Lau
Ken Sproson - three digital reprints of Louis Hensel
Mimi Steffen – 2 photos of Poytelle School & 3 of former Leonardsville School taken by donor
Martha Storie – booklets: The Second Annual Report of the Young Men's Bible Society of Wayne County, 1824; Premium List for
the Wayne County Agricultural Society, 1864 & 1881; The Honesdale Democrat, Oct. 8, 1863
Florence Martin Stouber - various Wayne County documents from 1802 to 1853
Jodie Taylor – Jennie Brownscombe colored etching: Sunday Morning at Sleepy Hollow (Washington Irving)
William Theobald - photo of 513 Main Street, Honesdale, circa 1900
Walter Ungerer - 7 digital reproduction prints of Hawley scenes
John Van Horn - digital photo of the front of main museum, hard copies & on disk, summer 2003
Gail Wallat - three leather bags, baumanometer, and appointment books (1945-50) belonging to Paul F. Wallat, D.O. of Hawley
Richard Walter - 1947 photo of Pleasant Mount School and students

County of Wayne - 1859 Holy Bible with several signatures of Wayne County officials inside the covers & document entitled, List
for Commissioners to fix the Seat of Justice for Wayne County
Genealogy Group - CD's: Worden's Index to the NY Genealogical & Biographical Records 1870-1998, The New York Genealogical
& Biographical Record 1870-1899; book: Third Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700
Gouldsboro Area Foundation - booklet: Iron & Ice
Wayne Memorial Hospital - 3 copies of booklet entitled: Remembering "Doc" Propst

The wooden base of our Thomas Jackson tall case clock was repaired. Five samplers from our Textile
Collections were re-matted and framed using archival materials. Several items in our Ice Harvesting
Collections were loaned to the Lacawac Sanctuary for exhibit. Several metal parts of the Eclipse (D & H C.
Co.’s gravity passenger car) were borrowed to make a mold to manufacture parts for Waymart Area
Historical Society’s car 43.

Education Committee - Sally Eno Soden, Chairperson
For the sixth year the Society organized the Wayne County Heritage Trail project in which 194 fourth
graders of Lakeside School visited eight county interpreted historic sites in two days. A Wayne Highlands
School District eighth grade class taught by Dave Wacker and Priscilla Tagle were docents at the sites after
doing original research and preparing curriculum materials. Many volunteers again made this project

Filming and research for a documentary on the life of local artist Jennie Brownscombe by Donald & Ian
Pugh continued and included Barry Lewis’s (New York City architectural historian) visit to Honesdale for
two days in September. Wayne Highlands School District and WCHS signed a cooperative agreement
earmarking the profits from the sale of giclee prints of the district’s original Jennie Brownscombe oil
painting, Children Playing in the Orchard, for documentary production expenses. This totaled $6,633.50
for twenty-seven prints sold.

Last July WCHS helped coordinate and was a part of the local filming of the Arts & Entertainment
television network’s documentary on the Umstadter homicide case from. The case concerns the tragic
death of Honesdale High School student Kristen Umstadter in a DUI-related two-car crash in August 1986
on Rt. 652. Kristen was the President of the local SADD chapter and passenger in the car driven by Glenn
Evans. Her brother was convicted of the subsequent homicide of Evans. The documentary was aired on A &
E’s City Confidential series, Saturday, March 13, 2004 at 10:00 PM EST.

Farm Museum Committee – Linda Dix Lee, Chairperson
Wayne County’s former Penn State Extension Agent, John Creighton, donated a large capon display, which
was incorporated into the existing exhibit.

Major changes were made to the J. B. Park Farm Museum in time for the Wayne County Fair. These
included a new traffic flow, a live demonstration of a dog-operated treadmill, new sale items, and the
popular Dave Williams Show. In addition, members of the committee visited several farm museums to bring
back ideas for future and existing exhibitions.

For the first time, an award entitled People Who Make a Difference in Wayne County Agriculture was
presented to Marlyn Shaffer of Hamlin and D. Ellis Dix of Pleasant Mount. Both are long time Wayne
County dairy farmers and advocates of local agriculture. These honorees were recognized with a display in
the farm museum and during our annual fall dinner.

The Farmers’ Oral History/Photo Archives Project was begun. Four committee members began
conducting interviews and collecting photographs from farm family members to document their way of life
in Wayne County.

Chairperson Linda Dix Lee and Director Sally Talaga spent a total of 120 hours cataloging the contents of
the museum using Past Perfect software.

Finance Committee – Robert Knash, Chairman
As required by law ParenteRandolph reviewed the Society’s 2002’s financial records.

Endowment Account - $3,102.53 in interest was transferred to the 2005 Addition Account. By year’s end
the fair market value of the fund was $135,853.91 a 16.1 % increase from last year.

2005 Addition Account – By year’s end fair market value was $284,709.14 a 26.4% increase from last

A $10,000 bequest was received from the estate of Harriet L. Abbey of California.

Grants Received (not mentioned elsewhere in this report) – A $10,000 county appropriation was matched
by a $10,000 General Operating Support Grant from the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum

Fund Raising Committee - John Garrah, Chairman
This committee continued in this third of five years of fund raising to build an addition to the main
museum/library in 2005. Business and individuals donated a total of $19,097.50 and $26,160 respectively.
In addition, the following foundations contributed a total of $11,297.50:

         IBM, David Katz, John & Helen Villaume, and Wayne County Community Foundation

The following business & organizations:
Ashley Chev. -Cad-RV Center, Camp Shohola for Boys, Camp Watonka, Owl Chrysler Jeep, Inc., Freedom Lodge No. 88, Herzog
Trucking Co. Inc., Highhouse Oil Co., Inc., Highlights for Children, Honesdale National Bank, Narrowsburg Feed, PPL Services
Corp., Pleasant Valley Grange Community Hall Association, Top Notch Distributors, Inc., ReMax Wayne, Edw. J. Schwarz, Inc.,
Shehawken Tree Farm L.L.C., The Dime Bank, Varcoe Printing House, Inc., Wal-Mart, Wayne Bank, Woman’s Club of Honesdale,
Woodland Design Associates, Inc.

The following individuals:
Dr. James A. Alborano, Gary Beilman, Ron Brill, Kent L. Brown, Jr., Dr. Rodney D. Brown, Thomas F.
Burke Jr., Dr. & Mrs. John Burlein V.M.D., Fred C. Butler, Jane Treat Cable, Thomas N. Carney, B. Byron
& Virginia Crain, Maureen B. Crane, Lewis J. & Lisa Critelli, Carol F. Cunningham, Lester & Jeanne M.
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. William W. Davis, Jr., Howard E. Day, Bruce C. Dein, Jean L. Dennhardt, Carol H.
Dunn, Arthur & Eloise L. Fasshauer, Kim & Michael F. Fisch, Frances W. Fitzpatrick, M/M Frances
Franco, John A. Frei, Forrest Gager, Margaret M. Gartland, Sal & Judy Giglio, Frances S. Gruber, Marie
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hawley, Harry & Elaine L. Hiller, Atty. Lother C. Holbert, Herman A. Huber,
John Jubinsky, Patricia D. Kile, Mary Kipp, Robert Knash, Robert Kramer, Lou, & Fran Krasovic, Mr. &
Mrs. Richard Kreitner, Lewis B. & Linda D. Lee, Nelson Leet, Bernadine A. Lennon, Mr. & Mrs.
Wellington Lester, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Liptak, Graham R. Lobb, Joan Lonsdorf, Bruce & Carolyn T. Mackle,
William J. Mamber, Bernard W. McGinnis, Ann O’Hara, Beverly & Mill Olver, Judith Anne Poltanis,
Howard H. Raught, Alfred & Winifred Reeser, Sonya Reutelhuber, Edward & Maureen Rickard, Mr. &
Mrs. Russell L. Ridd, Diane Rohrbough, Ab & Sally N. Rutherford, Sherry Rutherford & Daniel Maltby,
Marjorie B. Schmidlin, Sandra Schultz, Ray & Florence Schweighofer, Sally Eno Soden, Mimi Steffen,
Gene Tagle, C.H. Teeple, Joseph Timko, Constance K. Tingley, Keith F. Vansant, Earl & Dorothy Wilcox,
George Williams, Jr., Elizabeth E. Wilson, Susan & Stanley Winters

This year the Signature Quilt Fund Raising Project chaired by Dorothy Samson, Genealogy Fair 2003
chaired by Ann O’Hara, Secret Garden Tour chaired by Jeanne Petta, Golf Tournament chaired by
Robert Knash, and the Antique & Collectable Auction chaired by Carol Dunn raised $600.00, $660.50,
$1,040.00, $1,341.00 and $8,426.41 respectively for the 2005 Addition Fund.

Historic Preservation – Juan Espino, Chairperson
In its eleventh year the Historic Preservation Awards program recognized the following
 St John’s R.C. Parish for the interior renovations of St. Mary Magdalen Parochial Residence, 414 Church Street, Honesdale
                       Donna & Dennis Corrigan for the restoration of the Major Elisha Strong House, Starrucca
     Sarah Corrigan & Michael Searls for the restoration /renovation of the Haggerty House, 529 Hudson Street, Hawley
  Christopher Hughes & Sheelah Kaye-Stepkin for the adaptive re-use of the First National Bank of Hawley, 302 Main Ave.,
                               William Amptman for preserving local history through his artwork
                 Shehawken Lake Association for their publication: The Cottage History of Lake Shehawken

Member Bernadine Lennon represented the Society in the mitigation discussions of the Haag’s Mill
bridge replacement by Penn DOT. Director Sally Talaga did the same for the 4th Street & Church Street,
Honesdale bridges.

Library Committee - Ann O’Hara, Chairperson
The Research Library kept pace with the demand of historians, consultants and genealogists, although that
demand frequently put a severe strain on our physical and technical facilities. Six hundred and twenty-seven
people recorded their use of the library, an increase of 14% from 2002. Filing, updating existing databases,
computer cataloging which include the scanning of images into Past Perfect, and transcribing Oral Histories
continued. The use of the Library Registration Cards, a more accurate method of counting patrons, went
into effect January 2003.

This year’s The Weekly Almanac newspapers were microfilmed. Microfilm of 2003’s The Wayne
Independent newspaper was purchased.

Genealogy Fair 2003 entitled, Motivation for Relocation: Why Our Ancestors Left Home, chaired by Ann
O’Hara, attracted sixty participants on June 14th.

Under the aegis of this committee the Wayne County Genealogy Group met monthly, January through
October. Attendance at the meetings averaged fifteen people. Ten people attended a Cemetery Crawl in
Northern Wayne County on May 12th.

Membership Committee – Matthew Meagher, Chairman
There were 72 new members. The following members donated a total of $3,520.25 beyond their annual
dues for general operating expenses:

Richard Adams, Edward Barnes, Elizabeth Baumann, Gary & Jean Beilman, Margaret Brunn, Richard
Bruns, William Burgemeister, Edwin & Lorraine Calkin, Patricia Christian, Kay Crandall, Edward &
Dorothy Dix, Walter Donachy, Vern Faatz, Errol & Mary Ann Flynn, Martha & Francis Franco, Bryan
Frantz, William Fuchs, Grant Genzlinger, Eugene Glantz, Albert D. Glover, Louis Frances Gruber, John
Gumpper, Arlene Hawker, Harold & Dorothy Hawley, Burton & Doris Henry, Mary Higham, Corinne
Hoexler, Jon Inners, John Jubinsky, Stanley & Eileen Krasovic, Doris Kretchmer, Nelson Leet, Bernadine
Lennon & John Tandy, Barbara Leo, Paul & Catherine Liptak, Douglas Logan, Bruce & Carolyn Mackle,
Carol MacMaster, Jack Martin, John G. Martinkovitch, George Murphy Jr., Joseph & Patricia Murray,
William Murray, Dorothy Norton, Paul Ramshaw, Bill & Doris Rogers, Louise Guanzini Roney, Marilyn
Smith, Wilson & Debra Smith, George Stanton, Charles Taintor, Joe Timko, Jane Varcoe, Pamela Vetere,
Jon Villaume, Nancy Vocci, Donald N. Wacker, Rich Wallace, Wayne & Maria Wilcha, Kenneth
Wilmarth, Stanley & Susan Winters

Oral History Committee – Sally Eno Soden, Chairperson
The committee continued to record, transcribe, and catalog oral histories for deposit in our Research

Outreach and Community Involvement
The Society was an active member of the Delaware & Hudson Transportation Heritage Council, which
is made up of sites/organizations along the former canal and gravity railroad.

Society Director Sally Talaga is a member of the Greater Honesdale Partnership’s Board of Directors,
meeting monthly with the purpose of revitalizing downtown Honesdale.

Our weekly WYCY-FM radio program on Sunday mornings, following the 7:00 AM news, continued
throughout the year with President Ann O’Hara as the host.

Personnel Committee– Rodney Brown, Chairperson
Receptionist Ellie Larsen joined the staff on April 9th replacing Jeanne McConnell who resigned the end of

Four informative issues of the Society’s newsletter were published with the editorial and layout expertise
of Trustee Gene Tagle. 2002’s Annual Report to the membership was published and mailed with the
spring newsletter.

For the eleventh year in a row, the Society chose sites, Marge Hook and Sally Soden researched and wrote
the text for the Honesdale National Bank’s historic calendar.

The book entitled Nomenclature of Wayne County, by Thomas Ham & compiled by George Fluhr was
republished with index by Gene Tagle. Gene also expanded his booklet The Early Irish of Wayne County,

Public Programs and Museums’ Exhibits
Librarian Gloria McCullough coordinated two bus trips, to Waterloo Village, New Jersey on June 1st and
Rondout, New York, on September 28th.
Sixty-five members and guests attended the Annual Fall Dinner on October 19th at the Honesdale Golf
Club. After dinner, the Historic Preservation Awards and the People Who Make a Difference in Wayne
County Agriculture Awards were given.

In January Gene Tagle organized a Speakers Bureau. Eleven speakers volunteered to speak on thirty-five
topics. By year-end eighteen programs were given to various groups.

The Society held an Exhibits Opening Party on March 28th, Stourbridge Lion Anniversary Open
House on August 8th, and Holiday Open House/Jennie Brownscombe Exhibit Opening on November

Three new exhibits were hung in our main museum during the year. They included Stitches In Time
(stitched handwork including several samplers), Weston Stoneware, and Jennie Brownscombe: Wayne
County’s Own.
A wooden model of a D & H Canal lock and base, both made by volunteer Bill Mamber, was added to our
existing D & H Canal Co. exhibit.

A total of 3,028 visitors (14% decrease from 2002) and 594 children in groups (11.2% increase from 2002)
toured the main museum during the year. This included twenty-one guided tours.

Bethel School, this circa 1870 one-room country school in Berlin Township hosted an Open House on the
first Sunday of June, July, August, and September, and also on October 12th. A teacher reenactment was
performed at each day. The site was included in the Wayne County Heritage Trail and was opened for
various other groups. Total number of visitors was 364.

Volunteers staffed the J. B. Park Farm Museum for eight hours a day during fair week and 3,410 people
(44% increase from 2002) toured this building located on the Wayne County Fair Grounds. This site is also
included on the Wayne County Heritage Trail, described above in the Education Committee section.

Shop - Ron Brill, Manager
New items in the Museum Shop were the 2003 limited edition 3-D brass ornament of the Silsby Steam
Engine; 2004 Honesdale National Bank/WCHS calendar; Giclee prints of four original works by Jennie
Browscombe; note cards of the front doors of Honesdale’s D & H Canal Co. Office; the following books: A
Pictorial History of Wayne County, Pennsylvania, Her People and Their Pride, Vol. 3; One Room School
Houses, Wayne County Pennsylvania; Vintage Postcards of Historic Pleasant Mount; History of the
Township of Mount Pleasant, Wayne County; Me, An Autobiography; Images of America, The Delaware &
Hudson Canal and the Gravity Railroad;, Hard Times; Bigware Turners, The History and Manufacture of
Pennsylvania Stoneware, 1720-1920; Wallenpaupack; Links to the Past, The Fairview State Hospital
Agricultural Complex; and several new consignment items.

Our on line shop was greatly expanded and improved.

Stourbridge Lion’s 175th Anniversary Celebration Committee – Rod Brown, Chairperson
August 8, 2004 will be the 175th anniversary of the first running of the Stourbridge Lion by the D & H
Canal Co. This committee worked on obtaining the following, necessary for our replica of the Lion to run
under steam on the anniversary: complete project budget; adequate funding and insurance; written
permission from Canadian Pacific Rail which owns the replica, to perform all testing and firing up; State
boiler certification; and purchase a low-boy trailer to transport the replica. By year’s end only the final item
was completed.

Other events for the weekend of August 7th & 8th where planned to date are:
     D & H Symposium III- speakers and venue secured
     Stourbridge Line rail excursion to Lackawaxen, PA with BBQ dinner and vignette by the Ritz
        Company Players, Train of Thought – A Lion’s Share of Pride
     Ab Rutherford’s first person interpretation of Horatio Allen, the Stourbridge Lion’s engineer

The Antique Dealers Association of Wayne, Pike, PA & Sullivan County, NY; Rodney Brown; Frances
Gruber; William Mamber; Kenneth Sproson; and an anonymous donor donated a total of $4,600 and $2,049
was spent on expenses for the celebration. An additional $1,000 was donated by the Wayne County
Community Foundation to the celebration committee.

Technology Committee – Carol Henry Dunn, Chairperson
A new laptop computer, hard drive for the Director’s computer, tape back up, & projector were purchased.
The laptop was used for cataloging the contents of the J. B. Parks Farm Museum.

Towpath to Trail Project - Grant Genzlinger, Chairperson
On June 7th & 8th, due to very heavy rain on the 7th, twenty-six volunteers donated a total of 137 hours
working on the grounds and removing the Rt. 6 side of the building’s porch. Before and after these dates
volunteers worked on cutting down trees in and around the bed of the canal north of lock 31 house.

The planning phase of this project progressed. A contract was signed on September 12th with historical
architect John Bowie to prepared the Historic Structure Report for Lock House 31 and Interpretive Plan
for the same. The Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority granted our request for $15,000 to match grant
funds previously awarded by Penn DOT for these plans.

Paperwork required by Penn Dot’s to contract a consultant to prepare the Master Site Plan for the 16 acres
owned by the Society and the Greenway Plan, which will study the feasibility of extending the
towpath/trail beyond what is owned by the Society, was worked on but not completed by year’s end.

Volunteers –
In addition to the Board of Trustees and staff the following volunteers recorded their donated time:

Chris Ahrens, Clifford Ammerman, Richard Anke, Tom Atkinson, Frank Barger, John Bartron, Jean & Peter Becker, Al Benner,
George Box, Samantha Branning, Louise Brennan, Dick Briden, Ronald F. Brill, Lois Brown, Ed Buckmaster, Ken Bunnell, Andy
Burr, Fred Butler, Paul Christopher, Carl Christopherson, Janet & David Churchill, Doris Cook, Kay Crandall, Terry & Julia
Crowder, Clayton Crum, Sarah & Tom Dein, Steve DeLuca, Elizabeth Dennis, Geralyn Diamond, Margaret Dickey, Kay Dillemuth,
Kate Doherty, William Dunn, David Dunsmore, Morgan Dux, Barbara & David Edwards, Richard O. Eldred, Paul & Loreda Everett,
Billie Fenwick, Harry Fenwick, Mollie Fenwick, J. Thomas Fives, George Fluhr, Gail Frisbie, Margaret Gaardsmoe, Wilsa Garbe,
Grant Genzlinger, Carol & Duane Giles, Harold Gilhool, Doris Goerlitz, Joan Goetz, Mark Grandjean, Mark & Sue Graziadio, Claire
Gregory, David Griner, Joseph Gruber, Ruth Ann Hauth, Arlene Hawker, Harold & Dorothy Hawley, Kay Heberling, Alana Henry,
Harry & Pearl Hochstadt, Opal Hocker, Calvin Holbert, Natalie & Roberta Holcomb, Helen Hook, Joe & Marge Hook, Elizabeth
Hopler, Thomas Howell, Tom & Karen Jackson, Gladys Jamieson, Jim & Sally Kerwin, Danielle Ketch, Dorothy Kieff, Harold &
Mary Kimble, Mary Kipp, Carl Klinger, Jim, John “Grower” & Judith Knash, Robert Kramer, Eugene Krause, Heinz Krause, Mr. &
Mrs. Richard Kreitner, Michael Krol, Julie Krug, James Kundratic, Robert, & Katherine Larsen, Nancy Leamon, Lewis Lee, Lorraine
Leet, Barbara Leo, Gus Leunes, Joseph Lindner, David Lindow, Paul & Catherine Liptak, Joan Litzenbauer, Joan Lonsdorf, Janet
Loring, Sally Love; Theodore & Linda, Bridget Malakin, William Mamber, Anna Marie Markle, Karen Martin, John G.
Martinkovitch, William McAllister, Cheryl McDonough; Kathryn & Paul Meagher Jr., Jet Mermell, Christopher Miller, Rolf
Moeller, Edward & Avis Moran, William & Joyce Morgan, Martha Mummert; Nick & Tom Nebzydoski, Chris, Nelson, Jane M.
Parrish, Georgette Pascotto, Jorge A. Perez, Jeanne Petta, Robert Powell, Stan Pratt, Donald & Ian Pugh, Paul Ramshaw, James
Richner, Edward W. Rickard, Earl Riefler, Mike & Mary Rivardo, Bill & Sandy Roberts, Sharon Robinson, James A. Rodda, Bill &
Doris Rogers, Louise Guanzini Roney, Albert G. & Bailie Rutherford, Herman Rutsch, Dorothy Samson, Christine San Jose,
Margaret Sandercock-Freeman, Dolly Schleiff, Warren Schloesser, Floyd Schnakenberg, Sandra Schultz, Alice Scott, Peggy Scott, Jo
Ann Seiler, Leslie Sikora, Eve Skier, Andrew & Cathy Smith, Donald Smith, Barbara & Rylee Smyth, Kenneth Sproson, Sue Spuhler;
Margaret, Peter & Pam Steffen, Richard & Nancy Sterck, Cynamon Stinnard, Dorothea Szczesniak, Joanne Tagle, Laura & Paul
Talaga, Paul Telerico, Andy Tierman, Marge Treat, Donald & Barbara Van Gorder, Shirley & Joseph Verrastro Jr., John & Michael
Visci, Donald Wacker, Joseph Washeleski, John G. Weidner, David Williams Jr., Clark Williams-Platko, Dorothy, Samantha & Mark

In-kind donations were received from the following businesses:

                                                  Beach Lake Mat Service
                                                Bulldog Maintenance Co., Inc.
                                                      Computer Works
                                                       Country Auction
                                               Dave’s Super Duper Supermarket
                                                        Day’s Bakery
                                                   Grandstyle Framing Co
                                                     Laurel Hill Designs.
                                                   Litzenbauer Enterprises
                                                    Rutherford Surveying
                                                  The deWit Media Group
                                                       The Settlers Inn
                                                    Varcoe Printing House

                                          Prepared by Sally Talaga, Director