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									          PRAYERS FOR TODAY                           REPORT FOR LAST SUNDAY (12/10/08)
       The Holy Catholic Church in Japan          7.30am (Contemporary Worship)
       The Diocese of Idah                        Male = 60 ; Female = 72 ; Total = 132                                     THE CHURCH OF
       The Diocese of JOS: Jos North                                                                                   ST.PIRAN ON THE PLATEAU
                                                   10.00am (Mattins)
         Archdeaconry: The Ven. C.O.G.             Male = 126 ; Female = 130 ; Total = 256                            (ANGLICAN DIOCESE OF JOS)
         Nlem, Archdeacon; Rock Haven                                                                                   INFORMATION BULLETIN
         Archdeaconry: Rev. Canon W.
         Sambo, Supervising Priest                                                                 Trinity 22                SUNDAY BULLETIN                        Date:
                                                      “MUST I GO AND EMPTY HANDED?” SS           Colour: Green                                             Sunday, 19th October 2008
Members;                                                & S 789 vs 1 and 4
Obi: Monic; Obichukwu: Godson,                                                                                                                     ARTICLES OF RELIGION
Kene, Uju, Ogo, Nne, Agozie, Nkoli;                   1. Must I go and empty handed?
                                                                                                  Order of Service                              This Article is received in this Church, so
Obionu: Joy; Odegbami: Afolabi,                                                                 Theme: Go and Make Disciples (Matt.28:18-20)    far as it declares the Books of Homilies to
                                                      Thus my dear Redeemer meet?               Topic: How can a young man makes his way        be an explication of Christian doctrine, and
Morenike, David, Grace; Odumosu:                      Not one day of service give Him,                      pure? (Psalm 119 vs 9)              instructive in piety and morals. But all
Rhoda; Odunaike: Anthony, Ayo,                        Lay no trophy at His feet?                10.00am (Combined Family/Young Adult Service)   references to the constitution and laws of
Olaolu, Ibukun, Tobi, Timi, Dara,                       Must I go and empty handed              Conductor: Prince K. Jineme                     England are considered as inapplicable to
Theresa; Ofoma: Benjamin, Esther,                       Must I meet my Saviour so?              Preacher: Curate                                the circumstances of this Church; which
Chike, Nkem, Uche; Ogedegbe: Evelyn;                    Not one soul with which to greet        1. Processional Hymn: AHB 265 CH                also suspends the order for the reading of
Ogezi: Emmanuel, Tina, Michael,                                                                     498 – All hail the power of Jesus’          the said Homilies in Churches, until a
                                                        Him?                                        name!
Florence, Eunice, Ori, Francis.                         Must I empty handed go?                                                                 revision of them may be conveniently
                                                                                                2. Introit: AHB 39 CH – God of the              made, for the clearing of them as well from
                                                      4. Up, ye saints, arouse, be earnest!         morning, at whose voice                     obsolete words and phrases, as from the
                                                      Up and work while yet tis day;            3. Call to Worship                              local references.
                                                      Ere the night of death o’ertake you,      4. Psalm 89: 1-18                               36. Of Consecration of Bishops and
                                                      Strive for souls while yet you may.       5. 1st Lesson: Ezek. 11: 14-21                  Ministers
                                                                                                6. Special presentation by the Praise           The Book of Consecration or Ordination of
           Collects for the Week                                                                    Team                                        Bishops, Priests and Deacons as set forth
                                                     Bishop:              Most Rev Dr B.A.      7. 2nd Lesson: Heb. 13: 1-21                    in the Book of Common Prayers of 1996,
                                                                          Kwashi OON            8. Hymn for Sermon AHB 333 CH 179
Let your merciful ears, Lord God,                    Vicar:               Ven. A. A. Akinyemi                                                   contain all things necessary to such
be open to the prayers of your                       Curate               Rev. C. Anukam
                                                                                                    – Thou whose Almighty word                  Ordination; neither has in it any thing that
                                                     Vicar’s Warden:      Mr. T. Miner          9. Sermon                                       of itself is superstitious and ungodly. And
people, and that they may obtain                                                                10. Creed, Collects and Prayers
                                                     Vicar’s Verger:      Mr. H.M. Pam                                                          therefore, whosoever are consecrated or
their petitions, make them to ask                                                                   Prayers- see back page
                                                     People’s Warden:     Mr. Mike Ndubisi                                                      ordered or ordained according to the said
such things as will please you;                                                                 11. Choruses - Collections/Tithes               Form, we decree all such to be rightly,
                                                     Choir Director:      Barr. I. Hamman       12. Thanksgiving by graduants
through Jesus Christ our Lord.                                                                                                                  orderly, and lawfully consecrated and
Amen.                                                Organist:            Mr. O. John Thomas    13. Thanksgiving by Young Adults                ordained.
                                                     Asst. Organist:      Mr. I. Umeoduagu.     14. Award Presentation                          The original 1571, 1662 text of this Article
                                                     Bible Study
                                                                                                15. Closing Prayers & Benediction               reads as follows. The Book of
                                                     Co-ordinator:        Prof. A.O. Malu       16. Notices                                     Consecration        of   Archbishops,    and
                                                                                                17. “MUST I GO AND EMPTY                        Ordering of Priests and Deacons lately set
                Venerable Dr. A. A. Akinyemi, -0803-589-8088,,
                                                                                                    HANDED?” SS & S 787 vs 1 & 4 –              forth in the time of Edward the Sixth, and
                                  Mrs. A. Akinyemi 0803-450-0169                                    see page 4 column 2                         confirmed at the same time by authority of
                 St Piran’s Anglican Church, 10 St Piran’s Avenue, P.O. Box 611, Jos            18. Recessional Hymn: AHB 383 CH                parliament, doth contain all things
                               E-mail:                                     387 – Alleluia,, sing to Jesus!             necessary to such Consecration and
                                                                                                                                                Ordering neither hath it any thing, that of
                                                                                                                                                itself is superstitious and ungodly.
                                                                                                                                                Continued in page 2 column 2
                                                                                              1.   Harvest 2008                                      Money received during the week
                Parish News                       ….ARTICLES OF RELIGION                           i. Family Harvest – in progress from              Pledges = N 13, 000
1. WELCOME: We welcome all those who                                                                      September 2008
                                                  And      therefore    whosoever       are                                                              FAMILY HARVEST
   are worshiping with us today. We pray                                                           ii. Adult Harvest – November 30, 2008
   God’s blessings upon you and your              consecrated or ordered according to                                                           1.   Today’s Group (19th October 2008)
                                                                                                   iii. Harvest Dinner – December 6, 2008
   family. Feel free in the Lord’s presence.      the Rites of that Book since the second     2.   C.A.N. National Women’s Wing: annual              1. Famuyiwa family
2. Week-Day Activities:                           year of the forenamed king Edward to             convention comes up from 23rd – 26th              2. Eguzode family
  Early morning prayer – 6:00 – 6:30am           the same rites; we decree all such to be         October 2008 in Asaba, Delta State.               3. Gofwen family
  Mid-day prayers daily – 12:00 –                rightly,    orderly     and      lawfully        Registration: N300.00 per person                  4. Gomwalk family
     12:30pm except Wednesdays.                   consecrated and ordered.                         Date of payment:         19th October 2008        5. Gotom family
  Wednesday Mid-week prayers at                  37. Of the Power of the Constitution             Those who wish to attend should inform            6. Gowon family
     5.00pm. Conductor: Mrs. Ogezi,                                                                Mrs. A. Akinyemi or Mrs. Hauwa Gofwen.            7. Gyang family
                                                  of the Nation
     Speaker: T. Miner –Topic: Swing The                                                           You can support by paying the sum of              8. Hallam family
                                                  The Power of the constitution of the                                                               9. Hamidu family
     Sickle, Text: Joel 3: 10-16                  Nation extends to all people, as well as         N300.00. Pray for a successful meeting.
3. Mission Team meets on Tuesday at                                                           3.   We Thank God: for the peaceful home               10. Hamman family
                                                  clergy as Laity, in all things temporal;                                                           11. Hart family
     4.00pm.                                                                                       call of our mother (Mrs. E.C. Ofoma’s
                                                  but has no authority in things purely            mother) Royal Mother, Odoziaku Mrs.               12. Ibrahim family
4. Prayer Band: meets every Wednesday
     at 4.00pm in the usual venue.                spiritual. And we hold it to be the duty         Juliet N.M. Oli, which occurred on                13. Idakula family
4 Men’s Fellowship: will have their               of all Christian people who are                  Saturday, September 27, 2008. Burial will         14. Idoko family
     fellowship on Friday at 5pm. The             professors of the Gospel to pay                  be at her residence on Friday, October 24,        15. Ifenkwe family
     activity for that day is prayer for Church   respectful obedience to the Civil                2008, at Agulu, Awka.                             16. Iheanacho family
     and Nation.                                  Authority, regularly and legitimately       4.   DVD – 18hrs – “UNDERSTANDING                 2.    Next Group (26th October 2008)
6. Youth Fellowship: meets every                                                                   THE END TIME” by Rev. Justice                     1. Ihegbu’s family
     Saturday in the Church at 3.00pm for                                                          Okoronkwo at N1000 only. Make your                2. Ihezie’s family
                                                  The original 1571, 1662 text of this                                                               3. Ihezue’s family
     their fellowship.                            Article reads as follows: The King’s             request through Mr. Udeozo or the office.
7. Young Adult Fellowship: meets every                                                        5.   Mr. Elvis Chukwu father’s burial 19th             4. Ikebuaku’s family
                                                  Majesty hath the Chief Power in this                                                               5. Ikeh’s family
     Friday at the Church School by 5.00pm.                                                        October. Please pray for the family.
                                                  Realm of England and other his              6.   Condolence: Mrs. Hallam’s brother died            6. Ikeobi’s family
8. Boys Brigade: meets every Saturday at
     the back of the Church for practice.         Dominions, unto whom the Chief                   and has since been buried. Pray for the           7. Inienger’s family
9. Women Fellowship: holds every Friday           Governor of all Estates of his Realm,            family.                                           8. Irivboje’s family
     at 5.00pm in the Church hall.                whether they be Ecclesiastical or Civil,    7.   Banns of Marriage: we publish the banns           9. Isichei’s family
10. Girls’ Guild: holds every Saturday at         in all causes does appertain and is not,         of marriage between Miss. Funke Adebo of          10. Janfa’s family
     2.00pm in the Church compound.               nor ought to be subject to any foreign           St. Piran’s Church, Jos and Mr. Jide              11. Jawfu’s family
11. Girls Brigade: the Girl’s Brigade meets                                                        Zedomi of Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos. If         12. Jebak’s family
                                                  jurisdiction. Where we attribute to the
                                                                                                   any of you knows any impediment that this         13. Jineme’s family
     on Fridays at 4pm.                           king’s Majesty the chief government,                                                               14. Johnson’s family
12. Girls over 15 years old: hold their           by which titles we understand the                two persons will not be joined together in
     fellowship at every Sunday.                                                              holy matrimony you are to declare it now.         15. Jones’s family
                                                  minds of some slanderous folks to be                                                               16. Kukoyi’s family
13. Bible Study: still holds every Sunday                                                          This is the first time of asking.
                                                  offended; we give not our Princes the       8.   Congratulations:                                  Please, pick your envelopes from the
     at 9.00am. All members should please
     take note.                                   ministering either of God’s Word, or                 Birthdays                                     West door. If you miss your day,
14. Website: send your anniversary pictures       of the Sacraments, the which thing the               Dooter Malu – 19/10                           please join others.
     and fellowship reports to the office for     injunction also lately set forth by                  Mrs. Eunice Ogezi – 21/10                3.   BIBLE SOCIETY OF NIGERIA
                                                  Elizabeth our Queen do most plainly                  Omotola Ojo – 21/10                           All members of the Bible Society of
     inclusion on website.
                                                                                                       Felicia Gana – 22/10                          Nigeria are requested to come to
15. Next Sunday Services: will be                 testify; but that only prerogative,                  Mr. Jonathan Janfa – 23/10
     Sectional: 7.00am Holy Communion                                                                                                                Church in their anniversary uniform
                                                  which we see to have been given                      Dr. L.O. Mgbojikwe – 23/10
     service and at 10.00am Mattins.                                                                                                                 on Sunday 2nd November 2008 to
                                                  always to all godly Princes in holy                  Mrs. Josephine Akande – 24/10
16. Condolence: Mrs. Fiebai on the death of                                                            Chidum Ihezue – 25/10
                                                                                                                                                     identify with our Trustee/Patron –
                                                  Scriptures by God himself;                                                                         Gen. Yakubu Gowon at his induction
     her son.                                                                                          Chikwe Ihezue – 25/10
                                                                                                       Wedding Anniversary                           in our Church.
                                                  To be continued next week                            Mr. & Mrs. G.B. Ojo – 24/10
2                                                                                                                                                                                      3

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