SPRING SHOW 97 _CopaCabana_ by abstraks


									                         Men with Clubs, Women with Balls
                         Juggling and other Improper Acts
                                   April 5, 1997

1. Prelude (Dave H & Matt)
2. Copacabana (Company)
3. Rico‟s Arrest (Dave C, Fran, Kenny, Dave G) – need whistles, etc
4. Flashback I –Lola‟s youth (Simone)
5. Flashback II – Lola‟s Rise to Fame (Jacob H)
6. Drunkard w/Spoons (Fran) – music?
7. The Condolence – (Kenny & Jacob H)
8. Rico in Jail/Prisoner‟s Challenge (Dave C, Niko) – what about cleanup?
9. Rumble Warmups (bartenders/ mafia)
10. Flashback III – Tony (Nate)
11. Final Warmups (bartenders/mafia)
12. The Rumble – Company
13. The Ghost (Jacob/Nate)
14. Copacabana (Reprise – Dave H, Jacob, Company)

Setting: In a bar (The Copacabana)
Mandatory Intro Announcement
(voiceover) Ladies and Gentleman, in the HIGHLY unlikely event of a fire, please exit
through the doors on your left. (Dave does fire thing simultaneously)

1. Prelude
[enter Dave H, Matt]
Scene opens in an empty club with a stage, bar, and 3 tables. Sitting on the stage are a
guitar player (the Narrator) and a harmonica player, playing the blues.
Play Blues Song (Matt and Dave H.)
[queue music for Copacabana (Barry Manilow, Track 1)]
Matt: This is a story. It‟s a story of love... a story of hate...
Dave: a story of a bunch of jugglers who get inspiration from Barry Manilow and other
great singers.
Matt: It‟s the story of 2 Rival Gangs. One gang is headed up by Rico, the evil mobster.
[enter Rico/cross arms/exit]
Matt: The other gang, the tribe of Dancing Bartenders is led by Tony, the heart of magic
at the Copacabana.
[enter Tony]
Dave: But this is Yale. We‟ve got violence, all we need is sex.
Matt: Here to oblige us is Tony‟s voluptuous girlfriend, LO-LA!
[enter Lola after two calls of LOLA!/do something sexy with Tony]
Matt: Our story begins in Tony‟s swank nightclub....
[exit Dave H, begin music]
2. Copacabana
[enter Jacob W, Dave G]
[stools are thrown in to Matt, Jacob, and Dave G and placed at tables]
[enter Nate, Eileen, Jenn, Kenny, Niko, who sit down at tables with Matt, Jacob, Dave G]
[enter Simone, Jacob H, Bella, start dancing]
[enter Dave H at start of first verse]
This is the big opener -- flash and juggling extravaganza for about 5 minutes.
Copacabana (Barry Manilow) is playing, Dave H is lip-synching (since it's a narration).
During the song, Jacob (Lola) and Bella & Simone (showgirls) are doing their thang,
Nate (Tony) is at the bar, Tony and Lola are in love. During the first chorus, all get up
and juggle, saying “CO!”, “here!”, and “CO!” in unison.
[enter Dave C at start of second verse]
Rico calls Lola over, Tony jumps over the bar to defend Lola, gets into a fistfight with
Rico behind a screen so that all you see is the shadows during the fight. Rico kills Tony
behind the screen, Lola witnesses this and goes into manic depression/shock/etc. There's
a juggling fiesta during the instrumental and then the music fades out and everyone sits
back down.
[queue Siren sounds]
[fade Copacabana, play Siren sound]

3. Rico's Arrest
Dave C: “Yo boys, kill the lights”
[lights black out]
[exit Jacob W, Jenn, Eileen, Dave G, Kenny, knocking over stools]
[play Siren sound#2]
[enter Fran with flashlight/blowing a whistle]
[queue “Bad Boys” (xxx, Track y)]
Fran shines the light around, shines it on Niko and Matt who then scatter away.
Light then shines on Dave C, who freezes in mid-stride in front of the screen.
[exit Niko, Matt]
[lights on]
Dave gets 3 clubs from behind the curtain, and overhand floats them at Fran who catches
them nonchalantly one at a time.
[begin “Bad Boys”]
[enter Dave G, Kenny]
Dave G: Man they made a mess of this place
Kenny: Hey Chief, is this our man?
Fran: yeah... it's not too clear what happened here, but it seems he killed the head
bartender because of one of the showgirls.

Kenny, Fran, and Dave G advance on Dave C with clubs in hand. He tries to fend them
off with a sweep (two back and forth), then drops the clubs to flee. The cops surround
Dave C and juggle an outside triangle around him while Dave C is juggling 5 stage balls.
When Dave C stops, cops finish patterns and lead Dave C to “jail”
[exit Dave G, Kenny, Fran, Dave C, Nate, Jacob H]
[lights dim]
[queue music for Simone]

4. Flashback I -- Young Lola
[enter Dave H]
[lights on Dave H]
Dave: It‟s hot in the city tonight. Quick recap. After a large scuffle in the club, Tony has
been bumped off. Rico, the murderer, has been arrested and thrown in jail. Tony‟s
girlfriend Lola is a depressed wreck. In her drunken stupor, she recalls what it was like
in the “good old days” of her youth.
[enter Simone, exit Dave H]
[lights back up]
[play Simone‟s music]
Simone does her diabolo act (since she bears such a close resemblence to Jacob =)
[lights down]
[exit Simone]
[queue music for Jacob]

5. Flashback II – Lola‟s Rise to Fame
[enter Dave H]
[lights on Dave]
Dave: After a few more drinks, Lola remembers the first “act” she ever performed on (I
mean for) Tony.
[enter Jacob H, exit Dave H]
[play Jacob‟s music]
Jacob enters on a unicycle, a wheel is lowered from the balcony, and Jacob does his act
Afterwards goes back to the bar.

6. Drunkard w/Spoons
Dave: But enough of the past. Back to the present. Sitting at the bar, Lola is drinking
away the heartache of her dead boyfriend Tony. He taught her everything she knew, he
made her feel like a woman, and he performed so well in...oh wait, here comes a drunk
[enter Fran]
        Fran plays a drunk who's humoring Lola. He hangs like 14 spoons at once on his
face and stuff.
[exit Fran]
Jacob: So that‟s what they mean by spooning!

7. The Condolence
[queue Charlie Brown]
[enter Dave H]
Dave: Tony‟s roommate Kenny finds out about Tony‟s murder at the hands of
Rico, and is enraged. Kenny was a childhood friend of both Lola and Tony,
and the three often participated in neighborhood initiation rituals together. Now, he
comes down to the bar to try and cheer poor depressed Lola.
[Lola at bar/Enter Kenny]
[start music]
Jacob and Kenny start with 3 clubs and build up to 6, end with Jacob in Kenny‟s arms
[lights down]
[exit Jacob H, Kenny]

8. Rico in Jail/Prisoner‟s Challenge
[enter Dave H to spotlight]
Dave: All this time, Rico has been rotting in jail (hold nose) for the murder of the magic
bartender, Tony. We now go to the prison, (which looks strikingly like the nightclub),
where Rico is being initiated by the prison guard.
[exit Dave H/enter Dave C, Niko]
[lights up]
[queue “O fortuna” (Classical Thunder, Track 12)]
Dave & Niko do their thing, challenge is Dave will juggle any 3 objects and if successful
gets out of jail free
[DAVE H‟s Speech]
[play O fortuna as Dave C is just about to begin his 1st attempt]
Dave “gets it” (hopefully) and gets out of jail
[exit Dave C, Niko]

10. Rumble Warmups
[queue Ride of the Valkyries]
[enter Dave H]
Dave: Time for another recap. Tony is still dead. Rico, his murderer, is now out of jail
and at large. In jail, his hatred grew to encompass all dancing bartenders. Meanwhile,
Kenny is preparing his own kind of revenge for Rico. Kenny will not rest until he sees
Rico‟s head on a platter. Things are really in heat (who the hell wrote these lines).
Kenny and Rico are arming their minions sides for the big rumble. Let‟s take a look at
the Rico‟s plans...
[play Ride of the Valkyries]
[enter Dave C, Jacob H, Fran, Simone, Matt]
the mafia does their solo bit (passing with cartwheels and tic-toc)
[exit Dave C, Jacob H, Fran, Simone, Matt]
[queue “that thing you do”]
[enter Dave H]
Dave: The mafia are doing well, but the bartenders have a few tricks of their own. Let‟s
see what‟s going on back at the bar.
[enter Kenny, Dave G, Jenn]
The bartenders do their shpeel (a sweep with “that thing we do”)
[lights dim]
[exit Dave G, Kenny, Jenn]
11. Flashback III – Tony
[queue Nate‟s music]
Dave: After all this intense warm up, the two gangs are getting ready to put themselves
on the line. But why such a ruckus over one person? Well, Tony was an extraordinary
man, very well endowed. In this next gratuitous scene, we flash back to Tony„s finest
moments. [Wayne‟s World flashback sounds]
 [enter Nate/exit Dave H]
[lights up]
[play Nate‟s music]
        Nate‟s contact juggling routine
[exit Nate]

12. Final Warmups
Dave: But no remembrance of Tony will bring him back to life and so his companion
bartenders are out for revenge. Rico‟s gang heads over to the bar where Kenny and his
bartenders are waiting
[enter Dave C, Fran, Jacob H, Kenny, Dave G, Jenn/exit Dave H]
(1) Kenny & Dave C back to back: Kenny feeding Dave G & Jenn, Dave C feeding Fran
    and Jacob
(2) Scuffle between Kenny and Dave C (their cohorts separate them)
(3) Pick up clubs and have extended W pattern with Jenn/Kenny/Dave G on one side and
    Fran/Dave C/Jacob on the other side
(4) Another scuffle between Kenny and Dave C
[enter Dave H, Simone]
All 8 ppl separate Dave C & Kenny
(5) 8 person rotating weave one around/double out. The middle 6 people turn around and
    all freeze

13. The Rumble
[queue Mortal Kombat]
Dave: FREEZE!!! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to fight night at Timothy Dwight
arena. This bout will consist of one round of all-out juggling combat. In the left corner,
standing at 6'1", with a combined weight of 612 lbs., from Cambridge, Massachusetts, we
have Rico and his evil mob. And in the right corner, standing at 5'11", with a combined
weight of 98 pounds, New Haven, CT, Kenny and his band of merry bartenders! Ladies
and Gentleman, LET‟S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!
[play Mortal Kombat/exit Jacob H]
The two sides go at it and all die except Kenny & Dave C.
(1) Kenny and Dave C do chops and insides facing each other, then back off.
(2) Dave C picks up a 4th club, and they juggle 7 for about 10-15 throws
(3) Throw away all but 2 clubs each. Fight and end in double suicide.
[enter Jacob H]
[queue Nate‟s music]

15. The Ghost
Lola (in shock): Tony?
[enter Nate]
[play Nate‟s music]
          At this point, Nate returns all in white amongst the dead, and does his rose
act....it's really cool...the rose floats around and ends with it bursting into flame and a real
rose appearing. The rose is left for Lola and Tony disappears.
[exit Nate]
[queue Copacabana, verse 3]

Dave Hurwitz – Narrator/bartender
Jacob Heitler – Lola/mafia
Nate Giraitis -- Tony
Dave Canes -- Rico
Kenny Wolf – Kenny/cop
Simone Davalos -- young Lola/showgirl/mafia
Bella Desai -- showgirl/mafia
Dave Gruber -- bartender/cop
Jenn Lanski -- bartender
Fran Favorini -- drunkard/mafia/lead cop
Niko Smrekar – mafia/jailkeeper
Jacob Wouden -- bartender
Eileen Krasowski -- waitress
Matt Hiller -- harmonica/asst. narrator/mafia

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