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Minutes                                                      Standing Advisory Council for
                                                                      Religious Education

                      Date    4 November 2009

                     Time     10:00am


     LEA Representatives      Councillor D Hando (in the Chair), B Poole, M Hussain

                   Officers   Mrs V Thomas (ESIS) Mr A Williams (Principal Advisor, Lifelong Learning &
                              Leisure), T Pead (Head of Service, GEMS) and Anne Jenkins (Democratic
                              Services Support Officer),

             Faith Groups     Mrs I Doull, Rev M Soady, Mr Aabid, Mr A Davidson

               Teachers       Miss H Vaughan, Ms J Crawley

    Apologies for Absence     Councillor P Davies, S Northcott, Catrin Roberts, Dr I Garrero

1       Time of Quiet Reflection

        Members took part in a period of quiet reflection.

2       Apologies

        As above

3       Minutes of the previous meeting of 10 June 2009


        To take as read and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 10 June 2009 as an accurate

4       Update on Matters Arising from the meeting of 10 June 2009

        Item 6: Assessment in RE at KS3
        V Thomas confirmed that the CD Rom for the joint RE Progress in Learning at Key
        Stage 3 for Torfaen Borough Council and Newport City Council was distributed to
        schools during the Summer term of 2009.
5   Membership Update

    Anne Jenkins informed those present that there were two vacancies which she had discussed with
    Rhian Linecar of Cytûn; these were the Evangelical Movement of Wales and the Baptist faith
    representatives. Rhian added the vacancies to her database which she was drawing up to send to
    the Free Church leaders. When she was in receipt of a comprehensive view of vacancies, which
    she was awaiting from all the SACRE clerks within Wales, she would be in contact.

    Letters were sent on behalf of Councillor Hando to the Shi’a and Sunni Muslim representatives
    who had not attended SACREs. A deadline date was given for the representatives to send a
    response, indicating whether they still wished to retain their membership. As there was no
    correspondence it was taken that the membership be cancelled. However, SACRE does have a
    representative of the Muslim community in Mr Aabid.

    The position of Vice Chair was due for renewal, and members were asked if those present would
    like to nominate or volunteer for the position.

    It was noted that Mrs N Baicher was currently the Vice Chair; members enquired whether Mrs
    Baicher would like to continue her position and if so was formally nominated. It was agreed that A
    Jenkins would contact Mrs Baicher in order to confirm whether she wanted to retain her post as
    Vice Chair. If this was not the case, Mr Davidson agreed to put forward his name.

    SACRE members were also informed of the recent passing of Mr Trivedi. The Chair suggested
    that a letter of condolence be sent to the family of Mr Trivedi.

    A Jenkins would make contacts regarding the Hindu faith vacancy.


      That the Shi’a and Sunni Muslim membership be removed.
      To confirm whether Mrs Baicher wanted to retain the position of Vice Chair
      That a letter of condolence be sent to Mr Trivedi’s family.
      To contact the Hindu community regarding the Hindu faith vacancy.

6   SACRE Annual Report 2008-09

    V Thomas briefly explained that it was a legal requirement to provide a report of our meeting which
    needed to be sent to DCELLS by 30 December 2009. The report gave information regarding the
    discussions and advice offered by SACRE in 2008-2009. In the executive summary of advice, it
    was noted that the agreed syllabus was in place and the teaching material distributed to all schools
    within Newport. V Thomas also briefly highlighted the training that had taken and how schools
    had been appropriately informed on issues regarding collective worship and the right of
    withdrawal. The report shows SACRE is a proactive committee, achieving our main targets.

    Appendix 1 Membership of SACRE would reflect the Membership Update as referred to in item 5.

7   SACRE Development Plan 2006-09: Progress Report

    V Thomas highlighted the aims and objectives for the development plan for 2006-09.

    The National Curriculum documents were in place and there was nothing more to do.

    The support materials had been electronically sent to all schools within Newport.
     V Thomas outlined Aim 4: Collective Worship. SACRE attended Millbrook Primary school in the
     Summer term of 2009 to witness their collective worship.

     Governors were also informed of Post 16 Guidance, ESTYN Guidance and DCELLS 14-19

     Presentations were received from V Thomas on 03.10.08 and 10.06.09 for SACRE members.


     That Members of the SACRE discussed and noted the content of the Development Plan and
     agreed it be sent to DCELLS.

8    SACRE Development Plan 2009-12

     V Thomas highlighted the aims and objectives of the new SACRE development plan to take
     SACRE through to the next three years. V Thomas gave a brief overview of what SACRE intends
     to achieve over the next three years.


     That schools be informed of appropriate websites to support them in planning and delivering
     collective worship in schools.

9    INSET Needs and Plans 2009-2010

     V Thomas informed SACRE of the in-service training provided for Newport Schools during the
     academic year 2009-10. South East Wales Consortia (Newport, Torfaen, Cardiff, Monmouth and
     Blaenau Gwent) offered a programme for Primary and Secondary schools. Primary courses
     offered this year were noted and secondary schools are currently in the process of WJEC
     moderation. It is hoped to continue KS3 moderation as a theme and schools involved will be
     asked to give feed back to colleagues in the next academic year.

10   Inspection Reports

     Mr Alun Williams, Principal Advisor, highlighted details of the report. Monitoring processes are in
     place and the Cabinet Member for Young Peoples Services is involved in the review of inspection
     reports, which made it a stronger feature. Newport had the best set of inspection grades within
     Wales. Bettws and Duffryn were re-inspected and positive comments were provided on their
     collective worship, which bodes well for collective worship in schools.

     The Chair thanked A Williams for his feedback and suggested a letter be sent out to schools
     repeating the congratulations from SACRE.


     That a thank you letter would be sent out to schools congratulating them on their recent inspection.
11   RE Survey Post 16 Provision

     V Thomas explained that the survey was in three parts to look at provision for statutory RE and
     AS/A level RS at KS5. There was a variety of ways to provide RE and the survey would identify
     the ways that Newport schools were meeting statutory requirements. . The second part of the
     survey was to examine provision, uptake trends and resourcing or staffing issues at AS and A
     level. It would also look at identifying how many pupils would sit A Level in Summer 2010 and who
     was going on to university to do Religious Studies. V Thomas therefore invited SACRE members
     to give their comments regarding the survey and whether they endorsed the sending of this survey
     out to schools. Feedback would be provided for a future meeting.

     A Williams informed SACRE that due to the recent swap incentive at schools, questionnaires have
     been withdrawn; therefore it might be refreshing and appropriate for SACRE to send this out to

     It is a statutory requirement to provide religious education and the DCELLS guidance identified 15
     different ways to provide for RE. Schools have already been informed of the variety of ways to
     provide for post 16 and the survey would identify the provision being made. It was noted that sixth
     formers did have an option to withdraw from collective worship.

     A Williams also reminded SACRE members that this only affected schools and not colleges.


     That the survey be sent to schools to identify whether statutory RE at Post 16 and uptake for RS at
     AS and A level was improving.

12   RE Conference 2010

     A Williams informed SACRE that it was intended to hold a primary conference for RE towards the
     Summer 2010 term, therefore a date and venue was to be confirmed. It was hoped that it would
     be organised through the consortium, making it a cost neutral event. Tracy Pead, Head of
     Service, GEMS gave a brief talk on the planning of the event.

     T Pead mentioned that the theme would be ‘Valuing Diversity’. Chris Myer would be asked give an
     introductory speech. The GOT Project funded by WAG to take to Newport secondary schools
     provides a powerful model of how a community and partnership based approach can encourage
     community cohesion. It can be developed in order to combat prejudicial attitudes based on
     race/ethnicity/faith and to promote tolerance and respect.

     The project would be broken into four workshops, including ‘Islands of the Imagination’. Young
     people from various schools were asked to develop a civilization including geographical layouts,
     cultural and language diversity, industry etc. This was an extremely useful vehicle for looking at
     challenging stereotypes and prejudice. Rogerstone, Pill and Maindee schools have taken this
     forward and this has been an integral part of their work.

     Another workshop would include Holocaust Issues with feedback from HMD 2010. Feedback on
     the workshops involving children from a cluster of schools based on themes of HMD would be an
     element of this workshop.

     Chris Myer would also be asked to chair a panel. UWIC campus would be approached as it would
     provide space suitable space for the workshops.
     T Pead also mentioned the work of a Pastor of a local Pentecostal church who was facilitating a
     group of 255 worshippers of whom were travellers. She suggested he would be an interesting
     person to invite along to a future SACRE meeting to give a presentation on his work.

13   HMD 2010: Update from Planning Group

     M Soady recently attended a workshop in Bath where the spokes person was a holocaust survivor,
     literally, as a two month baby. He told the story of this survivor whose mother was requested by
     the Police to attend the local Police station. As a young mother she asked the elders of the
     community to look after her child, however they refused. Fortunately one Policeman took pity on
     her with her child and she was sent home. She later found out that those persons attending the
     Police station were then taken to trains and onto concentration camps. She had survived.

     A Brustad has worked with M Soady and has asked St Julian, St Woolos, Hartridge and Newport
     High Schools to give readings. Pupils from Millbrook School have been invited to arrive with
     candles. Formal invitations were due to go early November 2009 to schools with a CD copy of
     music to be sung at St Woolos Cathedral.

     Councillor Poole found the events surrounding HMD 2010 incredibly interesting and hoped that the
     children of Newport would appreciate this.

     M Soady would also try to invite a holocaust survivor to attend the Cathedral to speak of their own
     personal experience.

     Members were informed that the Anne Frank exhibition was running in Cardiff museum from 4-29
     November 2009 and schools would be informed. This could also be added to the website for
     schools on HMD.

     The Chair suggested passing on thanks to the Cathedral on behalf of SACRE.


     Schools be invited to the HMD service and also informed of the Anne Frank exhibition.


     The Minutes of the WASACRE AGM which took place on 24 June 2009 were attached. Those
     who were able to attend on 13 November at Tonypandy were asked to contact A Jenkins for the
     papers. The Chair agreed to attend, if commitments allow.


     The meeting of the next SACRE was due to take place at the new Newport High School in Bettws
     at 10am on Wednesday 3 February 2010.

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