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                       ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11

                                            ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11             N4735
                                                                                           May 2002
Source:      HoD
Title:       Guide for WG 11 meeting hosts
Status:      Approved at 60th WG 11 meeting
Purpose:     Information

1.     Meeting rooms, equipment and support
MPEG meets, in general, for 5 days. Usually a Monday through Friday. In addition, adhoc groups
(AHG) approved for meetings at MPEG‟s prior meeting may hold those meetings on the Saturday
and/or Sunday prior the meeting you will be hosting. Meeting hosts should consult the list of AHGs
formed (see document n + 2 where „n‟ the WG11 document list from a meeting) in order to
determine the potential for such meetings.

Ideally all meeting rooms should be co-located with the hotel accommodations. The hotel rooms
should offer the delegates the ability to hook their computer system to the (analogue) telephone
system. It is likely that meeting rooms and the computer room will be required to be open and
available on a 24 hours a day basis, particularly later in the week. At least the availability should be
guarenteed from 7 AM to midnight.

1.1   Meeting Rooms
Meeting room setup -
      The larger rooms should be setup classroom style with tables and electrical outlets (to
      the local standard) and the smaller rooms in "U" or circular style with tables and
      electrical outlets for portable computer users.

       At a minimum the subgroup meeting rooms will be needed from 8AM until Midnight
       everyday that WG 11 meets. The breakout rooms can be scheduled daya-by-day if it
       effects the cost associated with the facilities fees.

       Specifically meeting rooms are needed for -

           GROUP                 CAPACITY                         Notes
Plenary                         325              Mon –(0900-1400); Wed- (0900-1100)
                                                 Fri- 1400 to midnight)
Requirements                    80               Can use Plenary meeting room or
Video                           40
JVT                             70               Can use Plenary meeting room when it
Audio                           40
Systems                         40
MDS                             50

SNHC                            15
Test                            15
Implementation                  10
Liaison/Chair/HoD               25              Also on Sunday PM prior to meeting for
                                                Chairman's Meeting

Breakout Room Capacity
Breakout rooms provide each of the subgroups with the ability to form smaller break-out groups.

          10 rooms accomodating 10-25 persons.
          Additionally, a large open area, with chairs an tables, for smaller group meetings between
           4 and 10 people.

1.2    Support rooms
        Computer room
        Secretariat (office)

1.3    Equipment
             Tables holding the PCs should have space (50cm/18 inches) on both sides for
               delegates work area.
             There also need to be additional positions for laptop “touchdown”. These
               positions should have both electric power and the loose telephone lines
               accessable trough RJ11 plugs. In the case of the meeting being co-located with
               the guest rooms only 4 to 5 of these positions are required. In the case the
               meeting location and guest rooms not being co-located 10-15 of these positions
               are recommended. Dialing codes may be restricted to local, toll free, or credit
               card access.
                   4(or more) - IBM PC Compatibles with a minimum
                           Pentium based-500MHz or greater
                           32Mbytes RAM
                           SVGA 15" display or larger
                           24X CD ROM
                           Network card on all systems – 10/100Mb ethernet
                   NETWORK ACCESS
                            Ideally a Broadband link (1.5mbps or higher) or mulitple ISDN
                            All PCs and laptop interconnected on a single LAN
                            (2 or more) Printers may be network attached (preferred) or on a
                               print sharing device for direct laptop or PC plugin
                   2(or more) – PCL (HP compatible) printers capable of 10-12 ppm
                   NOTE: printers may be country specific with respect to language. It may be
                   necessary to make available the printers drivers for such printers or to obtain
                   printers that operate with the ENGLISH language version of the operating
            Operating System (English Version only)

                  LINUX or Windows 98/XP/2000/MEL
          Applications Software(English version only)
                   UP-TO-DATE Antivirus software, such as the NORTON anti-virus
                      facility, capable of detecting and removing viruses.
                   MS Word version 8 for WIN98,
                      or MS Word for Windows 97 SR-2.
                   MS Excel 5.x or higher for WIN98.
                   Network Software
                   Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher
                   Internet Access
                           Net Browsers (Netscape 4.7 or Explorer 5.x or higher)
                           FTP and TELNET capability with TCP/IP
                           e-mail service
                   PKZIP/UNZIP
                  Spare toner cartridges for printers
                  A4 paper (100 reams)
                  A4 foils able to be used in printers (1500)
          Electrical power and Air conditioning
                  The room should have sufficient electric power plugs and be able to power
                  the computers without causing electric power failures. Likewise, the room
                  should have sufficient air conditioning so as to be comfortable for delegates
                  to work long hours.
           Copying machines should be located in a different room from the computers to
           reduce electric power demands and to reduce noise so delegates can work efficiently.
           2 - medium speed self-service copying machine in computer room for low
              volume paper and foils
           High volume copying capacity (200+ ppm) or fast turn around copy service.

Note: you can expect to have to produce in excess of 25 000 pages during the course of the
   meeting. Often very large copying jobs will be needed on an expedited (2 hour
   turnaround) basis. This may require facilities outside of the local arrangements.


      Equipment, such as video and audio, may also be required for the successful conduct of
      AHG meetings. This information should be provided by AHG chairs or obtained from them
      in sufficient time to provide needed equipment.

         PLENARY ROOM
              Amplification including floor microphones, preferably wireless.
              VIDEO PROJECTOR capable of up to XGA (1024x768) resolution with
                multiple connection points for multiple PCs.
              One overhead projector (with extra lamps).
              Power strip distribution for up to 2/3 of the seating for running portable
         Subgroup rooms
              Amplification, preferably wireless, in all subroup rooms.

                  VIDEO PROJECTOR capable of up to XGA (1024x768) resolution
                  Power strip distribution for up to 2/3 of the seating for running portable
            Breakout rooms
                 Video projector availability preferred.
                 Power strip distribution for up to 2/3 of the seating for running portable

              Registration materials (table, badges, sign-up sheets, delegate lists, etc.)
              Fax capability is desirable but not required. If the meeting venue is in the hotel
                then FAX capability is usually available in the hotel. When the meeting venue is
                not in the hotel, hosts should consider providing fax capability. A suggestion
                would be to have a computer (can be one of the 6 in computer room) based
                machine with a printer for in-bound faxes and limited out-bound faxes based on
                word processing capability. Out-bound faxes via a standard machine is also
              Telephone service - a bank of 2-3 phones with some measure of privacy for use
                by delegates.

         AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT - specific for each meeting needs to be
           checked/confirmed with Convener.
               D1 tape machine and at least 2 high resolution monitors (check with Video
                 Subgroup chair – Gary Sullivan (, beforehand
               Audio reproduction equipment, e.g. DAT players and loudspeakers Audio
                 sibgroup chair Sky Quackenbush – (

1.4      Support
          Receptionist / registration
          copy machine operator(s) (except on any self service machines)
          equipment maintenance on 1 hour call out
          amplification operator for plenary PA
          coffee / tea / soft drinks mid morning and mid afternoon
          map, opening hours and rates for nearby copying centers (if required)

2.      Accommodation
Ideally co-located with the meeting rooms.
 Single rooms for 250 people and double rooms for 50 in main hotel
 Single rooms for 50 people and double rooms for 10 in secondary hotels (ideally within walking
 List of low-cost restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner near the main hotel/meeting place

3.       Travel Information
     Airport information (airport transfers to hotel with cost and transit times)
     Departure tax requirements (if any)
     Car rental availability and representative price
     Detailed map and directions for self-drive to hotel and meeting rooms
     Train / subway information if appropriate

    Visa requirements (check with your corporate travel agent or the appropriate consulate nearest
    Vaccination requirements
    Time zone and change for summer (if any)
    Average weather conditions
    Drinking water warnings (if any)
    Local currency information
           exchange rate
           currencies accepted
           service fee information for banks, hotels, currency exchange centers, etc.
           availability of cash using credit cards
           acceptability of credit cards in general
           availability of ATM machines, especially 24-hour service

4.      Social
    Neighborhood information; restaurants, bars
    Pre- and post-meeting sightseeing/vacation opportunities
    Customary Wednesday evening social event
    Cultural opportunities
    Sports facilities
    Available tours etc. for accompanying persons
    Shopping opportunities, especially local bargains

5. Registration and facilities fees

     Prior to arrival of delegates
              Preprinted name badges for each delegate including
                     1. Delegate Name
                     2. Affiliation (company or organization)
                     3. National Body/Liaison Affiliation

           updated list of registered delegates

Where facilities will be requested -
       List of acceptable forms of payments - including credit card types.
       Ability of delegates to prepay facilities fee to reduce 1st day congestion

It is essential that information regarding the meeting you are hosting be made available as
soon as possible via the use of the WG 11 ftp site. Once uploaded, and verified by a download
check performed by you, a note should be sent out on the WG 11 reflector
( informing the membership that the meeting information is
available. Hosts are kindly requested to repeat the message several times over a period of
several weeks after the document is uploaded.


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