Messages of Condolence from Howard Uptons colleagues and friends by abstraks


									            Messages of Condolence from Howard Upton’s colleagues and friends
                               at the City of York Council.

Message from City of York Council

It w as with great sadness that I learned today of the death of your father. How ard> '> s extraordinary and selfless
commitment to the Council over many years of service was well know n and rightly earned him the respec t and
appreciation of those of us fortunate enough to w ork w ith him. But it w as his warmth, humour and ready
friendship that secured his place in our affections and for which he w ill be remembered. We have lost a v alued
colleague and a dear friend.

Please accept my most sincere condolences, and those of the Council, for your loss. If there is any help the
Council can offer you at this difficult time I hope that you w ill let me know .

With all best w ishes

David Atkinson
Chief Executive

From:          Wiles, Simon
Sent:          02 April 2007 08:37
To:            Resources - All Staff
Subject:       How ard Upton

Dear all,
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad new s, but sadly How ard (our telecoms/netw ork manager) died on Satur day after
a very short illness. He w as diagnosed w ith cancer very recently and took an unexpected turn for the w orse at the
end of the w eek. It has been a great shock to his friends and family, especially his tw o daughters Sarah and Katie.

Roy Grant w as with him in hospital w hen he passed away. Roy w ill have details in a few days of funeral
arrangements and has the address to send cards etc, so please contact him direct.
Could the non Resources staff that I have circulated this to please let relevant staff in their departments who knew
How ard know what has happened.

From: Grant, Roy
Sent: 02 April 2007 07:31
Subject: How ard Upton

I'm sorry to have to tell you this but How ard sadly passed away on Saturday night, his illness w as more advanced
than w e'd been made aw are of until very late on Friday.

As ever was protecting everyone and didn't let us know how bad he w as and we all thought he w as starting
chemotherapy treatment on Friday. He didn't suffer for long (which is w hat he would have w anted) but his heart
couldn't' cope w ith the strain of the cancer on his lungs and other areas.

His daughters are called Sarah and Katie and if people w ant to send a card and I can provide you w ith How ard's
address along w ith letting you know where/when the funeral is to take place once the details are know n

take care for now


From: Hindhaugh, Neil
Sent: 02 April 2007 09:01
To:    Grant, Roy
Subject:      How ard

Shocked and very sad to hear the news of How ard's death. He w as a very nice guy, very helpful and a bundle of
positive energy. He w ill be greatly missed


From: Atkinson, David
Sent: 02 April 2007 09:23
To:    Grant, Roy
Subject:      FW: How ard Upton

How ard was a real good bloke, totally reliable and committed. Would like to know whether there's any chance of
attending the funeral (but I'm going to be aw ay from this Wednesday evening until Monday 16th). Thanks for the
obvious support you gave How ard. I didn't know he w as ill. Could you please let Sandra Herbert know the address
to send cards for circulation in the CE's Dept.


From: Baxter, Deborah
Sent: 02 April 2007 09:44
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard Upton

Dear Roy

Thanks for taking the trouble to write personally w ith such sad, sad news. How ard w as such a dear man.
Please do send me contact details for How ard's daughters and details of the funeral arrangements as they
become know n.

Subject: RE: Sad News re How ard Upton
From: "Gour lay, Alistair"
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 09:45:46 +0100
To: "Conkar, Laura"


I am shocked at the new s. Whilst I know he could be a difficult man at times I w as really quite fond of him in an
odd sort of way. He w ill be missed and local government is a sadder place w ithout people like him.


From: Grant, Roy
Sent: 02 April 2007 09:46
To:    Atkinson, David
Subject:      RE: How ard Upton

Thanks for your kind w ords David, How ard was one of the nicest people that I've know n and worked w ith, and as
you say totally reliable - he'll be very sadly missed.


From: Edw ards, Cath
Sent: 02 April 2007 09:50
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard

Dear Roy

I am so sorry to hear the new s both for How ard and his girls. I w ould like to send a card as they can be a great
comfort later. Know ing How ard he has protected his daughters to the end - such a nice man, I'll miss him. Please
let me have the address to send a card and let me know about the funeral.

Cath Edw ards

From: Julie Jevins
Sent: 02 April 2007 09:51
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard

Hi Roy

David had passed on the sad news to us this morning, I believe Mark Laslett had a call on Saturday informing him
of How ard's death. It w as of course a terrible shock - know ing that How ard was on long term sick leave but not
realising the seriousness of his illness. I am sure that people w ill w ant to send cards and if you could provide his
address I w ill pass on to all w ho knew How ard.
I w ould also offer my condolescences to you and all w ho w orked closely w ith How ard at the council.

From: Davis, Brian []
Sent: 02 April 2007 11:15
To: Grant, Roy; Jefferies, Tracy
Subject: How ard

Hi Roy, Tracy,

I’ve just heard about How ard.
Sad news, and a shock.
I’m sure he has lot’s of close friends at York being such a nice guy.
I’ll miss bumping into him on his fag breaks, w ith his dow n to earth view of project issues!
Condolences to you all.

All the best

From: Grant, Roy
Sent: 02 April 2007 11:39
To: 'Bob Currie'
Subject: RE: How ard

thanks Bob, he touched many people both in/outside of CY C
alw ays there when the stuff hit the fan


From: Ellis, Elizabeth
Sent: 02 April 2007 11:41
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard


I am so very sorry to hear this new s - I only heard at the end of last w eek that How ard was ill and had been taken
into hospital.

He w ill be a great miss not only to his family but to everyone in CYC - he w as so reliable and alw ays there to help.

Thank you for letting me know

From: Conkar, Laura
Sent: 02 April 2007 11:53
To:    LCCS All Users (inc. schools)
Subject:     FW: Sad News re How ard Upton

Dear All

Sadly How ard Upton the Council's Telecoms and Netw ork manager passed aw ay on Saturday. Many of you w ill
remember How ard for his determination in pushing through telecom and netw ork projects w ithin the Council,
regardless of whether it was a small project such as a new phone system for a school or w hether it was a large -
scale project such as the roll out of Voice over IP across the Council netw ork. How ard alw ays gave a 100% and
anecdotally w e all agreed that How ard w as the Council's secret w eapon in getting major national telecoms
providers to respond quickly to service requests. He w ill be missed not only because he w as the key to the
success of many projects but also because he w as a good friend. Our thoughts are w ith How ard's family and
friends at this time. God bless and rest in peace How ard.

From: Stew art Almond
Sent: 02 April 2007 14:57
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: FW: How ard Upton

Dear Roy,

Many thanks for letting me know the sad news about How ard, I'm really gutted as I felt I knew How ard as a friend
rather than a customer.

I have many happy memories at York and it must of hit you all at York very hard so please accept my heart felt
sympathies. I w ill make an effort to attend How ard's funeral, w hich Alan has said is on Thursday 11am.

Kind regards and best w ishes


From: Moores, Daw n
Sent: 02 April 2007 14:59
To:    Conkar, Laura
Subject:     RE: Sad New s re How ard Upton

Hi Laura

I w as only thinking on my to w ork that I hadn't been in touch w ith you for ages - and now it is in such sad
circumstances. I only really got to know How ard recently and appreciated his commitment to Castlegate as w ell as
his dry sense of humour. I honestly don't know how CYC w ill manage w ithout him.

Thank you for keeping us up to date w ith the arrangements. I w on't be going to the funeral but I w ill be thinking of
him and his daughters. How ard and I had a good natter about w hat he was cooking for the Christmas dinner for
the family this year ( he w as obviously a very good cook) after one of our meetings around that time. He was
obviously very committed to his family.

Daw n
From: Barry Beckw ith []
Sent: 02 April 2007 15:09
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: How ard

I am so sorry to hear about How ard. I w as not aw are at all that he w as ill, and therefore very shocked that this has
happened. I w ould of course like to send a card and w ould like the details of the funeral. He has been a driving
force behind the development of telecommunications and netw orking for many years, and the CYC w ill find it
difficult to replace his expertise and know ledge.

From: Roger Hutchinson
Sent: 02 April 2007 16:51
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard


I w as shocked to learn that How ard had passed away as I had no idea that he had been ill.

How ard had worked at the Council for many years so it must be very sad at this time amongst his colleagues. I
know that Katharine w as also shocked w hen I told her and she w ill be emailing you separately.

I w as in York only recently and meant to call in to see you all but ran out of time. I w ill make time w hen I next in
the area. In the meantime our thoughts are w ith his immediate family, friends and all his w ork colleagues.

Kindest regards, Roger

Subject: RE: Sad News re How ard Upton
From: "Conkar, Laura"
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 15:04:53 +0100

To: "Moores, Daw n"

HI Daw n

I think How ard would appreciate how many people have been thinking about him fondly today. It w ould be nice to
catch up w ith you sometime after Easter.

From: Katharine Cable
Sent: 02 April 2007 17:23
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: Sad New s


Thank you so much for making us aw are of the very sad news about How ard.

I’m sure you must all be in shock at the moment and I know that this w ill leave a big hole in the department.

I have happy memories of w orking w ith you all and getting to know the department and the city and Howard w as
such an irrepressible character and great source of information about the Council services. I agree that he w ould
not have w anted to be ill for long, but it feels very cruel for something to have been so fast and final.

Please pass on my best w ishes to his friends, family and all in the department at this difficult time.



From: Stuart_Aldridge (Mitel)
Sent: 02 April 2007 18:07
To: Davis, Brian
Subject: Re: FW: Sad news

I am really sorry to hear this, I met w ith How ard a few times and alw ays found him to be a very nice gentleman,
flexible in his approach to the CY C project w ith Mitel and alw ays very helpful. I am shocked to hear of the sudden
change in his health and w ould ask you please pass on my w ishes to his family and colleagues at CYC for their

Kind regards
Stuart Aldridge

From: Law rence, Elene

Sent: 03 April 2007 13:32
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard Upton

Typical of me - been busy elsew here. Just picked this up.

Thank you for e mailing me personally - How ard w as a very special person and in the old fashioned sense of the
word "a good man ".
My sincere regards


I w ould like to send a card to How ard's daughters, would it be possible for me to have an address please.
How ard was one of the best worker's I have had the pleasure to w ork w ith and a really nice person - I w ill miss
him very much.

My regards to you
Many thanks


From: Roger Hopew ell (Affiniti)
Sent: 11 April 2007 17:42
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: How ard


I’ve just come back from holiday to hear the sad and shocking new s of How ard’s death.

I just w anted to pass on my condolences to you and the CYC team, my thoughts are w ith you and his family.

He w ill be much missed.


From: Shearston, Hugh
Sent: 12 April 2007 10:38
To:    Grant, Roy
Subject:      SAD NEWS


Terribly sorry to hear about How ard, I have been on holiday and only just found out. A sad loss to the Council and
after so many years working together a sad loss as a friend


From: Roger Hopew ell (
Sent: 12 April 2007 17:43
To: Grant, Roy
Subject: RE: How ard


He sure w ill – alw ays there to help me out of a hole, w e shared many a conspiratorial w ink…..

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