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Messages Of Condolence
6 September 2001

The following messages have been received following the fire in Kruger:

Graag wil ek en my familie ons innige simpatie aan die familie oordra wat in die vuur om gekom het. Julle is almal
in ons gebede.

Dit is met skok dat ons verneem het van julle verlies, en weet net dat ons almal weet wat 'n wonderlike werk julle
almal doen om ons park te beskerm, partykeer ten koste van julle eie lewens.

Baie liefde
Liesel, George, Clinton & Candice Crofton
Pretoria en Komatipoort

Thank you for your press release on the Kruger fire - please pass the sincere condolences of the KZN Wildlife
media section to all concerned - I am sure that I do in fact speak for our entire organisation. We have one of
our rangers in intensive care following a fire in one of our parks - so we sympathise deeply.

Best wishes
Jeff Gaisford, Media Liaison Officer, KZN Wildlife

It is with great saddness that we heard about the tragic loss of the lives of the people and the rangers in the bush fire.
Our deepest sympathies and commiserations to all the families.

Van and the rest of the Gillessen family

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the Park and the victims families.
It is a great loss to the Park. It never-the-less shows the extent of dedication the Park's staff have.

Zane Thackeray

The tragedy that has befallen the Kruger Park with regard to the fire has been noted with great sadness and a deep
sense of disbelief. We regret especially the loss of precious lives in the death of the Park's game rangers and its
community members as well as the sad destruction of one of the country's most treasured assets.

On behalf of the Board, we wish to convey our deepest condolences to you and your colleagues and to the family
members and associates of those whose lives have been so tragically cut short.

Yours faithfully
John E. Miller, Marketing Director, AST Group

We, as lovers of, and frequent visitors, to your magnificent Kruger Park - wish to extend our deepest
sympathy to the families and acquaintances of all the people that died in yesterday's dreadful fire.

Our prayers are for the speedy recovery of those that were injured too.

With best wishes
Mc Bride family

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Ek het gisteraand van die vreeslike brand in die Kruger Wildtuin, en veral by die Napi Spoor, gehoor. Namens Delta
Motorkorporasie, wil ek ons innige simpatie aan die families van die oorledenes, en aan die staf van die Parkeraad,
veral dié van die Kruger Wildtuin, oordra.

Tony Wellington, Manager, Corporate Services, Delta Motor Corporation

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