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Energy Conservation Energy Efficiency


									                                    Your green living one-stop-shop
                                Serving both residential and commercial customers

   What Green Pathways will do after conducting an Energy Use Evaluation

                       Energy Conservation
        Outline next steps - Green Pathways will prepare a conservation
  program for you: improving the sealing and thermal conductivity of your
  premises, replacing your light bulbs, reducing the temperature on your water
  heater, and more.

        Green Pathways will identify the conservation tools and devices that will
  help you achieve your conservation goals, together with their procurement.

                         Energy Efficiency
     Identify items, appliances, and systems that could be replaced by more
energy efficient items

      Prepare a plan – a pathway – to fit your particular situation and
circumstances allowing you to become more energy efficient

     Assist in the acquisition of energy efficient devices, appliances and
systems, and provide post installation support

   Your first step begins with a Green Pathways Energy Use Evaluation

                 Contact Green Pathways at 519-942-2414
            Located at: 400 C Line, Orangeville, Ontario L9W 2Z7

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